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Playing for Keeps

By Alecia D <> for story comments

(c) copyright 2002, Alecia D

"I'm not going to sit here completely nude while the rest of you laugh
at me. You can just forget it." That was two weeks ago and it's even
worse today. Maybe I should go back to when it started.
Jenn and Annie are my best friends and have been since elementary
school. Even after the three of us got married we still managed to see
each other on a regular basis. These days we take turns having the
other two couples over where we do the usual, a few drinks, a few
laughs and maybe a little fresh behavior just for fun. The guys all get
along and there never is a problem.

About a month a go we were at Annie and Jeff's place. It was a typical
evening and around midnight things seemed to have slowed down to a
crawl. I don't know who started it, but somehow we decided to play
strip poker. I pretended I didn't want to do it at first. Well I really
thought it would be fun, but I didn't know what my husband, Bob, would
say if I acted too interested.

"Come on, Patty, everyone else is going to play, so don't be a spoil

That's what I was waiting for. Now no matter what happened, it was my
husband's idea.

"Okay, let the games begin."

When I lost the first hand, I tried to take off my glasses, but the
rest of the people weren't going for that. It had to by a piece of
clothing. Well I made a little fuss, but took off my shoe anyhow. A
couple of other shoes came off and then I had a run of bad luck.

I lost two hands in a row and had to take off my other shoe and my
belt. Someone else took off a shoe and then I lost again. I was in big
trouble. Usually we don't dress up for our get togethers. I was only
wearing a tank top, denims and no underwear at all. I like to do this
sometime to keep Bob on his toes. I make sure to whisper "I'm not
wearing underwear" in his ear several times during the course of the
evening. It does wonders for our after party activities.

Everyone was watching me to see what I was going to do. I could tell by
the look on Bob's face that he didn't think I was going to strip.
Actually I was just trying to decide what I was going to show off
first. I settled on my top. I pulled it over my head and when my
breasts were bared I could feel them jiggle up and down to the
amusement of my audience. Well, the guys pretended that it was just
part of the game, but I could tell they liked getting a look at my tits
up close and personal. Bob sat there like a Cheshire cat with a big
grin on his silly face.

Someone lost another shoe and then I lost again. I was already sitting
there topless and now I was going to have to take off my pants. I could
feel five pair of eyes on me as I sat there and let my impending nudity
settle in.

"Take it off! Take it all off!"

That was my husband and when he started up the other two guys got right
into it. I decided to get it over with and stood up as if I did this
sort of thing everyday. My denims were a little tight so it was a
struggle to get them off. I got to hear a few rude comments while I
pulled my pants down and revealed my lack of underwear. Jenn and Annie
were laughing at me and probably relieved that it wasn't one of them
putting on a striptease show for the boys.

I was standing there wearing nothing but my glasses and listening to
the guys making remarks about my body. They were all positive, but I
acted like I was getting upset and they stopped.

It was so embarrassing having my best friends laughing at me and three
guys watching me take off all my clothes. I was hoping for someone else
to have to strip off, but no one else was even close. What made things
worse was Jeff deciding it was time for a fresh round of drinks which
stopped the game. The rest of the people were almost fully dressed but
I was sitting in the middle of the living room nude with everyone
checking me out. Quite a different experience.

We all got our drink refills and I was ready to see who would be
joining me next. Was I pissed. Jenn said she was tired and thought they
might be going home. Somehow the game ended then with me being the only
one who got naked. I objected, but the rest of them just laughed and
that was that. I had to put my clothes on in the living room with
everyone watching. Bob got to hear about it all the way home, but I
guess it didn't bother him much. He was like a 15 year old boy when we
jumped into bed. He got off in about three minutes and good thing he
was ready to go in another three minutes, because the whole evening
really got me hot.

Which brings us to two weeks ago.

"I'm not going to sit here completely nude while the rest of you laugh
at me. You can just forget it."

Yes, it was another party and everyone was still talking about my
exhibition at our last get together. I wasn't going to go through that
again and told them so. We agreed on a new set of rules and I finally
said I'd play. Well, to be honest, I kind of knew we would play again
and I was ready this time.

The winner of a hand decided what item of clothing the loser would have
to take off. The game wouldn't end until everyone agreed that it should
be over. Anyone who didn't have something to take off would have to pay
a one minute penalty. I couldn't get them to let glasses count, but it
really wouldn't matter because I was wearing a lot more than last time.
I noticed the other women were also wearing more so it looked like
everyone knew we would be doing this again.

The new rules changed the game from strip poker to strip tease poker. I
didn't lose a hand for the first seven deals and when I finally did,
Jenn just had me take off my coat. No big deal. Annie had already taken
off her blouse by then and everyone was getting a look at what an
uplift bra can do for well formed C cup boobs.

Larry had to take his pants off and then his briefs when he lost the
very next hand. I tried not to laugh when his dick popped up as he
pulled down his underwear. He had an impressive boner and everyone
pretended not to notice although it was quite obvious.

I had to take off my blouse and that's when everyone found out I was
wearing a full slip. I'd have to take my skirt and slip off before I'd
be showing anything. There was a bit of grumbling over that, but we
soon got back into the game. I got to watch Annie take off her bra, Bob
lose everything but his boxers and Jenn strip down to bra and panties.

There was a commotion when I finally took off my slip as the rest of
the folks realized I was wearing high heels, a garter belt and
stockings along with panties and bra. I had a long way to go before I'd
be stripped down to my skin. I wasn't smug for long though. I lost two
hands in a row and had to take off my bra and then my panties. I still
five items of clothing on, but they weren't doing much to cover me up.
Annie was a lot worse off though.

Annie lost every piece of clothing she was wearing and then lost
another hand. I was the winner and that meant I was supposed to devise
the penalty. We never discussed what penalties might be and everyone
just said it was up to me to decide. I knew they wanted me to come up
with something really sexy for Annie to do.

"Okay, Annie, I want you to give Jeff your best kiss for a minute."

I thought it would be safe to have her kiss her own husband and she
didn't waste any time. Annie really put on a show and when the minute
was up she was still going at it hot and heavy. She didn't stop until
she heard a few remarks from her audience.

Jeff was doing a good job controlling himself up till then, but during
her kiss, he developed quite a nice looking bulge at the front of his
briefs. He also looked real cute trying to pretend it wasn't bothering
him. I think the red blush gave him away though.

Strip poker no longer seem important and it wasn't long before we all
just stripped off the rest of our clothes. Now it was just for

Jenn played with her tits for a minute. Bob had to give himself a hand
job without coming. I had to lick Jeff's cock for a minute. It was fun
listening to him make those moaning sounds. I knew he wanted me to suck
him off, but all I did was lick.

I couldn't believe it when Larry told Jenn she'd have to go down on me
for a minute. I'd never had a woman do anything like that to me before
and I was pretty sure it was the first time for Jenn. She finally got
brave and pushed me down until my back was on the floor. She lay down
in the opposite direction so she could get at my pussy. I was so wet
that it was quite easy for her to get her tongue inside of me. She
seemed to know what she was doing even though she started slow. I could
tell she was trying to get me off and I found myself writhing around on
the floor. There wasn't a sound in the room other than the animal
noises I was making.

When Annie made me fuck Bob, it opened the flood gates. Everything
happened next. Blow jobs. Fucks. Sixty nines. Hands jobs. And several
girl girl scenes that really got everyone going.

Bob raised the bar another level when he had the chance to make me pay
the penalty. He had Larry lay on the floor and I had to get on top of
him and pull his dick inside of me. He was ready to go and started
fucking me as soon as his dick slide into my pussy. Bob pushed me down
so my ass was quite prominent and told Jeff to ease his cock into my
asshole. I thought he wouldn't get me open at first, but once I relaxed
he was able to slide in and get into a rhythm with Jeff. Bob pulled my
head up and next thing I knew his erection was in my mouth.

After we had been going at it for awhile, Annie and Jenn decided to
"help out" and started playing with the boys. It only took a finger in
an asshole here or a little squeeze of some balls there and the guy
came in a flash. I don't know how long it took for the scene to end
because no one was keeping track. It seemed like no time at all before
I had cum in my mouth, pussy and asshole. I came with the most powerful
orgasm I ever experienced and I made the secret sounds only Bob heard
before that minute. I just loved it.

Well, it wasn't even a game after that, just people making each other
feel good and trying everything they could think of to get off. A lot
of fantasies were played out and I had a chance to see what everyone
wanted to do in their secret worlds. I had a chance to experience a lot
of it as well. Kind of nice to be wanted and even better to be wanted
by five people at the same time.

Once I was over the thought of having sex with a woman, I got into it.
It was quite nice making love with my best friends. The guys seemed to
like watching us get it on and they were rejuvenated after two or three
of the girls did each other.

I can't remember how many orgasms I had that night. It seemed like I
was living out all my sex fantasies and got to enjoy every minute of
it. It was wonderful playing games with me friends and I could tell
everyone else felt the same way. We continued on until it was morning
and no one had the energy to do much more that lay on the floor with a
smile on his or her face.

Which brings us here.

There was another party tonight and we added a rule to make it more
interesting. Jeff and I lost.

We kept track of who lost each hand. The guy and girl with the most
losses were the grand losers and had to pay a major penalty. Before we
started playing, each person wrote down a fantasy for two people. The
grand losers had to draw one of these from a bowl and whatever it was,
they had to do it.

"Drive downtown where the girl will give the guy a blow job on the City
Hall steps." I could hardly believe what I read. Who would want someone
to do this. I realized who when I saw the big smile on Bob's face.

We didn't see any cars as we drove downtown. It was about 4 AM so not
too many people were out, but it would have been embarrassing if we did
run across anyone since we weren't wearing clothes. Jeff parked on the
side street next to City Hall and turned off the car lights. We waited
for awhile and didn't see anyone so we decided to get it over with.

The shadows near the building gave us some protection but we found
ourselves under the lights when we got to the building steps. I looked
around and was thankful that we were alone. Jeff was hard the whole
trip downtown, but now he was as limp as a wet noodle. I started
sucking his dick, but it didn't seem to do anything for him at first. I
made sure he had a good view of me putting my hand between my legs and
when I started giving myself a hand job, I felt his dick come to life
in my mouth and he soon got into it. I started playing with his balls
and occasionally let a finger touch his asshole. I heard him make some
interesting sounds and he came in my mouth with an explosion of sperm.
I was amazed that he had so much left after the night of non-stop sex
we just concluded. His cum was quite tasty so it didn't really matter.

I licked him clean and we got up and started running for the car.

"Hold it right there and don't make any sudden moves."

There were two policemen and they both had their flash lights pointed
at us. We stopped in our tracks and realized we were in a whole bunch
of trouble. There was no way to explain what we were doing except to
tell the truth.

"We were playing a game with some other people and we lost. This was
the penalty we had to pay."

The cops tried to look serious at first, but finally ended up laughing
their asses off.

"You're damn lucky that no one else is around or else we'd have to run
you in. You better get back into your car and get out of here before
you end up in jail."

My heart was pounding as we drove back home. I could just imagine what
our neighbors would think if we ended up in jail and the story got in
the newspaper. Well, we were just a couple of minutes away from safety
and I started to relax when I realized we made it home safely.

We had to tell everybody what happened of course. In fact, I think we
went through the whole story three or four times before people stopped
asking questions.

Bob couldn't wait to get me into the car and head home. I knew we'd
have a hot time in the old bed as soon as we got there. We were both
quiet on the way and I guess he was thinking about was he was going to
do with his own personal sex fantasy wife once we got home. I was
thinking about things, too. Yes, I was wondering what would be a fun
penalty for the next time we played the game. I had some real good

The End
By Alecia D <> for story comments

(c) copyright 2002, Alecia D


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