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Please Daddy (Mf,MfF,Cons,Inc,Teen,Spank,,Rel)
By davidb234

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Please Daddy
By davidb234
I guess it all started when Sam was about five years old. I'd
been stuck with babysitting one Saturday and had missed a good
deal of the ball game I was trying to watch on tv because I kept
my eye on her so diligently. I had to do this of course as she
was my only daughter, and the apple of my eye, and to be honest I
didn't really mind sitting for her as it meant I got a lot more
of her time. All of a sudden I heard her yell a little louder
than usual, and jumped up to find her laying on the floor holding
on to her knee and crying with pain.

Quick as a flash I scooped her up into my arms and returned to
the sofa where I'd been sitting. There I laid her across my lap
and inspected her legs to see what injury she had sustained. When
I found nothing I surmised she had just bumped her knees hard and
was reacting to the shock rather than to any specific pain. I
smiled down at her and said "No real damage baby, shall I kiss it
all better for you?" Sam looked up at me through her tear laden
eyelashes and said softly "Please daddy". I bent my head, touched
my lips to her knees one by one, then gently stroked my hands
over the affected area as I smiled down at her. "All better now?"
I asked with a loving smile, and she grinned up at me and nodded,
"Yes thank you daddy." The next think I knew, she rolled off my
lap, landing on her knees on the carpet then scampered away to
resume playing whatever game she was involved in before her

Kids learn very quickly, and Sam was no different to any other
girl of her age. The one thing she learned fastest was that she
could get virtually anything she wanted from me just by standing
in front of me, looking up into my eyes and saying "Please
daddy." About the only exception was if her mother had already
said 'NO', then I stuck to our agreement not to undermine each
others parental authority. This meant that Sam never got to the
stage where she could ever play one of us off against the other.
This was a good thing especially when it came to me finding my
wife in a compromising situation with a family friend. I came
home early from an out of town meeting, due to the fact there was
a power failure in the building we were in, and the company
called it off until another date. I walked into the house and
went straight upstairs to shower and change for when the wife
would get home with Sam, only to find she was already there, in
our bed, getting herself well and truly fucked silly. That she
had one of her co-workers, who was also our oldest friends cock
firmly lodged in her cunt didn't make me feel any better. I
showed my appreciation of the situation by grabbing a handful of
his hair, pulling his head back as far as I could and smashing my
fist into the middle of his face with all my might.

I felt so good about what I'd just done I didn't feel the pain of
my broken finger for almost half an hour, by which time he'd
scrambled into his pants and shirt. He'd then dashed out into the
street carrying the rest of his clothes and clambered into his
car which was parked halfway down the block. He then drove away
like the hounds of hell were chasing him. In a way he was right;
as I'd allowed him to escape from the house without further
injury I told him in no uncertain terms what would happen to him
if ever I saw him again, anywhere, any time. By the time I got
back upstairs my wife was dressed and sitting on the bed in
complete silence. I'd rather expected her to be screaming and
shouting at me for what I'd just done to her lover, but I think
she got the message I was pretty pissed off with the two of them
and it wasn't in her best interest to say very much. I spent half
an hour trying to discover what had made her do such a thing,
then ending up asking her politely if she wouldn't mind packing
her things and leaving the house while I went and collected Sam
from school. By the time I returned she was gone, having left a
note on the kitchen table saying she would send for the rest of
her things when she had somewhere to stay on a long term basis.

I spent the rest of that afternoon and evening explaining what
had happened to Sam, most of the time being spent with her in my
arms crying as I tried to comfort her. Sam was ten at the time,
and really felt the loss of her mothers presence in the house,
especially for those things a girl needs to talk to a mother
about rather than a father. The one thing I was glad of was the
fact that Sam has started her periods a few weeks ago, having had
two monthly cycles, and being almost an expert in looking after
herself with regard to her sanitary arrangements. All I was going
to have to do was make sure she didn't run out of the towels she
was using, and everything was going to be OK! HA HA HA, just how
naïve can a guy get? I suppose it was about twelve weeks after
Sam and I were alone that I had my first inkling of what was to
come, and I didn't recognise it for what it was, or I'd never had
done what I did. I'd just been told by my lawyer that I would
finally be divorced by the end of the following week, and that I
would be granted custody of my daughter. As this was the only
condition I placed on my soon to be ex-wife for me not making it
very messy and extremely embarrassing for her, she agreed not to
get us involved in a painful custody battle. She would have as
much access to Sam as she wanted, so long as Sam also wanted it
too. There was to be no fixed access schedule, all that would be
needed was a telephone call giving a couple of days notice and
they could have as much time as they wanted. Sam was happy with
this, and as she was just coming up to her eleventh birthday she
felt she was being given a little 'Big Girl' responsibility for
her own actions.

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was laid out on the sofa, a beer
in my hand and a packet of manufactured junk food on the floor
beside me as I settled down to watch my favourite team play ball.
Sam came into the living room, sat beside me and said in a hushed
voice "My tummy hurts could you make it better for me please
daddy?" I looked up at her and saw she had tears running down her
cheeks as she cried with the pain she was in. I immediately put
my beer down, pulled her down to lay beside me on the sofa and
held her to me, her back pressed up close against my front.
"What's the matter Sam darling?" I asked, suddenly worried as I'd
never seen her like this before. "It's my periods daddy,
sometimes they hurt so much I don't know what to do." Not knowing
what on earth to do, I placed my hand on her abdomen and held her
tight for a moment or two. As I felt her give a deep sigh I also
felt her press back slightly as she said "Will you rub my tummy
better please daddy?" and she then lifted her T-shirt up,
allowing me to be in contact with the naked flesh of her abdomen.
As requested I began to move my hands in circles over her tummy
until I realised she had drifted off to sleep in my arms. Giving
a sigh of relief I covered her up once more, reached for my beer
and turned the volume up slightly so I could catch up with the
action. To my amazement Sam slept right through the game, only
waking up when I was forced to move to relieve the pressure that
had built up on my bladder due to the beer I'd consumed during
the game.

That was the start of what was to become a regular event, and
over the next three years I got used to having Sam come up to me
and giving me the 'please daddy' routine when she was having
period pain. Despite my fears Sam didn't take advantage of me, at
least no too much. As far as I could work out, she only came to
me for a treatment when she actually had a painful period, and
she never tried to get one just for the pleasure, which I know
she derived from having it done. I got so relaxed about it that
the first evening she came into my bedroom holding her tummy and
saying "Could you make my pain go away please daddy?" I simply
pulled back the covers and allowed her to snuggle up to me as I
stroked my hands over her soft smooth abdomen. As I lay on my
side, Sam cuddled up close to me with her back against my front
and my arm over her side I suddenly felt her relax and her
breathing slow right down as she drifted off to sleep. I leaned
down, pressed my lips to the cheek and said "Come on Sam darling,
you can't sleep here you know, you have a bed of your own to go
to." Sam wriggled round until she was facing me, smiled up at me
and said softly "Can I sleep here tonight please daddy, I feel so
comfortable now all my pain has gone away." I grinned, kissed her
tenderly on the forehead and said in a firm voice "No darling,
you're too big to sleep with daddy now you know. If the pain
comes back in the morning, come and see me and I'll rub it better
for you, OK darling?" she pouted a little, and pleaded with me
one more time, but in the end she shuffled across the bed, got
out and went back to her own room after wishing me goodnight.

For some reason I had difficulty sleeping that night, but
eventually drifted off into a fitful sleep that gave me no rest
whatsoever. When I did wake properly I went to the bathroom to
relieve my morning erection, then came back and lay back down
until it was time to get up for breakfast. That plan was thwarted
by Sam knocking on the door and coming in looking like death
warmed up as she clutched her tummy once more. A moment later and
she was cuddled up to me, my hand on her tummy and her low moans
of pleasure coming one after another as I stroked away her
misery. "That better darling?" I asked softly, and got a low
"Mmmm.. thanks daddy, it feels wonderful now." I just lay there,
Sam cuddled up in my arms as she slowly drifted off to sleep once
more, with me following close behind her. How long Sam slept, I
don't know, I do know she woke before me, but how much before me
I never discovered. When I did wake up it was to find Sam still
cuddled up close, with her hand holding mine in very close
contact with her right breast. It wasn't the feeling of my hand
on her small mound that woke me, it was the fact that she was
moving my hand over her hot swollen breast and having her hard
nipple scraping against my palm. The first Sam knew about being
caught was when my hand stopped moving under hers, then her
feeling it being pulled away from her body to lay behind my own.

"And what do you think you were doing young lady?" I asked as
sternly as I could manage. Sam blushed fire engine red, averted
her eyes and said "Sorry daddy, but my boobies were hurting and I
wanted to see if I could rub the pain away like you do with my
tummy." She was silent for a brief moment, then, before I could
say anything she looked me in the eye and said "It was working
too daddy, until you took your hand away. I don't suppose you
would do it for me would you please daddy?" I smiled lovingly at
her, gave a tiny shake of my head and said softly "No darling,
that's one thing that daddies definitely don't do for their
daughters, otherwise they can get into a lot of very serious
trouble." When she glanced up at me with a most forlorn look on
her face I chuckled then said "Just think of it as growing pains
darling, all girls get them, and boys get other sorts of pain
too, so you're not alone my love." That seemed to do the trick,
and I heard no more from her about the subject for some months
during which time I'd forgotten all about the incident. Things
came to a head one Friday evening when Sam came home late after
going to a movie with her mother. As usual she returned full of
the film, as well as all the junk food she'd been able to get
inside her, the only thing was she didn't look quite as happy as
she usually did after such events. As she made no vocal complaint
I didn't say or do anything apart from giving her her usual
goodnight kiss before she went to bed. I suppose I'd been in bed
for half an hour, and was just beginning to drift off to sleep
when I felt the bed move and opened my eyes to see Sam climbing
in beside me. "What's this then young lady?" I asked quietly.

Sam jumped, gave a gasp of surprise and said "I'm sorry daddy, I
didn't mean to wake you. It's just that I'm in a lot of pain and
I was hoping I could snuggle up to you and try to make it go
away." It was then I noticed the tears filling her eyes, and
being unable to resist offering to help her I threw back the
covers and allowed her to fall into my open arms before I covered
us up once more. "Where's the pain baby?" I asked, and she
blushed before saying softly "It's my boobies again daddy, I know
you wont rub them for me but mom said it might help if I could
press them against your back just like she used to when she was
carrying me." I couldn't help smiling when she said this, as it
was her mothers favourite pastime, getting me to stroke her tits
when they began to hurt during her pregnancy. If I was asleep she
would press them against my chest or back and gently move around,
rubbing them against my warm skin. That's when I made the most
momentous decision of my life; "Is it really that bad darling?" I
asked gently. Sam nodded, and again I saw tears forming in her
eyes. "Well, OK my love, lets see if I can do something about it.
There's just one thing though darling, and that's that you must
never tell anyone what I'm doing, especially not your mother,
otherwise I'll be going to prison and you'll be taken away from
me and never be allowed to see me ever again. Understand?"

Sam looked up into my eyes, nodded and said "Yes daddy, I
understand. I just don't understand why." I grinned ruefully then
said "Well darling, many people think that if a daddy is touching
his little girl in a certain way, he's going to be hurting her.
They take the daddy away so he can't hurt her again." Sam looked
at me, frowned and said, with all her years of worldly wisdom,
"But that isn't what you're going to be doing for me daddy,
you're going to be helping me, not hurting me, so it doesn't
matter, does it?" I gave her a kiss and a hug, "No I guess not
baby. But I still don't want you to tell anyone about it. Let's
keep it our own special secret shall we?" Sam stretched up,
kissed me on the lips and whispered "OK daddy, it's our special
secret and I wont tell anyone, not even Mom." With that she
turned on to her back and opened her pyjama jacket before taking
my hand and placing it on her left breast. As soon as my
fingertips touched Sam's breast I could feel how hot they were,
and looked down to see that they were suffused with blood. This
flush was what was making them hot, and probably caused the pain
as pressure was placed on the mammary tissue. Whatever, I gave
Sam a shy smile and began to gently caress her breast mound with
my fingertips, working in a spiral from the base up to her
suddenly hard swollen nipple. I grinned inwardly as I saw she had
puffies, stroking her aureole as it slowly swelled up making a
cone shaped topping to her breast. It was all I could do to stop
myself from lowering my head and taking her nipple between my
lips and sucking it to a new rigidity. I only managed it by
imagining what Sam's mother would say if she knew, and what my
cell mates would be likely to do to me when they found out what
I'd done.

Despite these thoughts I continued to caress Sam's breasts one by
one, both with my fingertips and with the palm of my hand,
despite them only being the size of a large Lemon. With a little
shuffling about Sam was very soon laying with her head on my arm
that I'd slipped under her neck. This gave me access to both her
breasts and I was able to caress them together, my idea being
that I could get this over and done with in half the time. A fine
idea, but not quite as clever as I'd thought. Even when I stopped
for a moment to ease the position my arm was in, with her head
laying on it, all I could hear was gasps of pleasure issuing from
between Sam's tight clenched teeth. All of a sudden she gave a
long low groan and a tremor rippled up and down her tender young
frame; the little minx had had an orgasm. I lay there, completely
stunned, and wondering if she knew what had happened to her, and
why it happened. By the time I'd convinced myself that Sam didn't
really understand what had gone on I found that she'd recovered
and had turned on to her side, pressing her breasts against my
chest, one arm thrown over my chest and her legs wrapped round my
thigh as she made herself comfortable before drifting off to
sleep. Not wanting to disturb her, and inwardly enjoying the
position we were in I lay quite still and very soon followed her
example by going to sleep myself.

When I opened my eyes once more it was morning, the sun was
streaming through the partially opened drapes and I could feel a
soft warm body snuggled up against mine. This time though we were
laying on our sides, my arms were wrapped round Sam's front and
my hands were cupped over her firm young breasts once more. After
the previous evening that didn't really upset me, what did though
was the feeling I suddenly had of my hard throbbing cock being
pressed between my daughters upper thighs. Knowing it was
unlikely to have got there by accident the thought occurred to me
that maybe Sam had engineered the position we were in. As gently
as I could, trying hard not to wake her, I moved my hips back and
began to draw my cock from the soft warm haven in which it was
laying. What happened next gave me pause for thought; as soon as
she felt my manhood moving Sam clamped her thighs together as
tight as she could and moved her tight young butt back towards
me, holding tight, unwilling to let me go. "Sam darling" I said
softly "We have to talk, let me turn over please darling, I need
to go to the bathroom before we start." "Right'o daddy" she
murmured and slowly opened her thighs, allowing me to roll out of
bed to go and relieve some of the pressure on my bladder. When I
returned it was to find Sam sitting up in bed, naked to the
waist, and from what I'd felt, below it too. I had to admit, much
to my own chagrin, that Sam did have a very nice pair of tits.
They stood firm, with none of the sag that would very likely
overtake them in a few years time, especially if she took after
her mother and ended up with the same 38DD. I got back into bed
as quick as I could, not for any venal purpose, just so I could
hide the erection that was rapidly returning, from Sam's sight.

Even with the cover of the robe I'd put on in the bathroom, I
wasn't too successful, and I saw Sam grin as I shuffled back
under the covers, sitting as far away from her as I comfortably
could. "What are we going to talk about daddy?" said Sam, as she
turned to face me, pointing her nipples at me like artillery
pieces. "Just exactly what you're doing right now darling" I
replied, "It really isn't a very good idea for you to be sitting
like this especially in my bed." "But why daddy?" she said softly
"You're not doing anything I don't want, you're not doing
anything to hurt me, and I'm certainly not going to be telling
anyone that my daddy made me have an orgasm when he was rubbing
my painful boobies." SHIT!! That blew my theory that she didn't
understand what had happened. "Err.. well yes darling, that's
something else I have to say. I shouldn't have done that, and if
that's what happens when I try to take away your growing pains,
I'm afraid I won't be doing it any more." While I expected an
argument, and eventually a heart rending appeal, I got neither.
All I got was tear filled eyes and a quiet acceptance as she said
"I understand daddy, and I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, but will
you still rub my tummy when I have painful periods, please

Seeing her sitting there like that almost broke my heart. I held
out my arms to her, and a moment later she was sitting on my lap,
wrapped in my arms, with hers tight round my neck, kissing me
over and over again as she pressed her naked body to my chest.
What also happened of course was that my bathrobe had fallen open
as she straddled my lap, and with her being naked it meant that
her soft warm hairless pussy was suddenly pressing down on my
hard throbbing manhood. It wasn't that I didn't notice what was
happening, I just wasn't paying attention. Sam was however, and
as she laid her head on my shoulder she began to move her hips to
and fro so gently that it took me a moment or two before I
noticed what was going on. That's not quite accurate; what
actually happened was that Sam was rubbing her clit against the
underside of my erection long enough for her to climax once
again. That was immediately followed by my own orgasm as I shot a
truly massive amount of semen against both our abdomens before I
could do anything about it. I was truly mortified by this and
threw Sam off my lap, wrapped my robe round me and dashed to the
bathroom where I ripped the robe off my back and got under the
shower before I turned it on, disregarding the icy cold blast
that hit me as I tried to scrub myself clean.

I stood there for a long time, the water from the shower head
washing away my tears of shame, and I was so deep in
concentration I didn't hear the bathroom door open. The first I
knew of Sam's presence was when she said "Are you going to make
me have a cold shower daddy. Maybe I should get in with you while
there's still some hot water left" and before I could reply she
was standing between me and the water jet washing herself clean
of the drying cum that coated her lower abdomen. When that was
done Sam turned round to face me, pressed her wonderful naked
body close to mine and reached up to kiss me tenderly on the
lips. "I think we need to have a little talk about what has just
happened, don't you daddy?" she said softly, and when I nodded
dumbly she gave me a loving smile, turned off the shower and
reached for a towel. I just stood there while she patted me dry,
back and front, ignoring the erection that had re-appeared as she
knelt in front of me drying my legs. When I was dry she did the
same for herself, hanging the towel on the heated rail when she
was done, then taking hold of my hand as she led me back to my
bedroom. Somehow I allowed her to push me down on the bed so I
was sitting with my back against the headboard, completely naked.
To make things worse, for me at any rate, Sam sat in front of me,
Indian style, with her hands on her thighs. This of course
displayed her wonderful smooth, almost hairless pussy to it's
very best advantage, as well as allowing her breasts to stand
proudly as she held her shoulders back, and her back up straight.

"I guess from what you did, that you didn't feel too comfortable
about what happened, did you daddy?" she said softly, and with a
tiny smile on her lips. I just shook my head, still unable to
bring myself to speak to her. "Hmm.. I didn't think so" she
continued, "I suppose I should apologise for what I did. It
wasn't very nice of me to take advantage of you like that,
especially when you had been so good to me. I'm sorry daddy, but
I didn't really expect to have quite that much of an effect on
you." I shook my head, "No Sam darling, it wasn't your fault, it
was mine. I should have been able to control myself better, and I
promise it won't happen again darling, no matter what." Sam sat
there, her original grin slowly fading as she realised what I'd
just said. She frowned for a moment as if she was thinking hard,
then she smiled and said "Daddy, how old am I?" "Well baby, I'm
quite sure you know it's your birthday in a weeks time, and that
you'll be fourteen. Why do you ask?" She shook her head slowly
"Oh, I was just wondering if you thought I was still a little
girl that needed protecting from learning about sex, that's all
daddy." I blushed at this reminder of what had happened, and Sam
grinned as I said "Well, as far as I'm concerned darling you are.
The one thing I have to do is protect you until you're able to do
it for yourself." "But who are you going to protect me from
daddy, no you surely?" "Yes, if necessary, even from me. I'm the
one person that you should always be able to trust to look after
you, not have to watch out for so you don't get abused."

A broad smile spread over Sam's face, and she unwrapped her legs,
crawled on hands and knees up the bed until she was once more
straddling my thighs and sat down firmly on my slowly swelling
manhood. When I went to push her off she resisted, saying "Daddy,
let me sit here while I say something, please daddy." I nodded
resignedly, and allowed her to sit on my erection, once more
feeling the length of it pressing against her warm wet pussy
lips. "Now then daddy" she said "What you have to understand is
that despite me only being fourteen, I do know what sex is all
about, at least I think I do, never having experienced it yet.
Not only do we have sex-ed at school, a number of my friends have
lost their cherries, and are enjoying themselves on a regular
basis with their boyfriends." She smiled at the look of horror on
my face then said in a whisper "Don't worry daddy, I'm still a
virgin, in fact I haven't even let any of the boys at school get
their hands inside my bra, let alone my panties." My relief was
so visible that Sam burst into a fit of the giggles, and this
somehow lightened my mood for a moment or two. "The thing is
daddy, that you've been giving me orgasms for a long time,
especially when you were rubbing my painful boobies for me." She
grinned as I nodded my head in acknowledgement of the fact, then
continued, "Well, don't you think I might have enjoyed being able
to do the same for you, even if it was so very quick, and I
didn't even get to see what it looked like, or how it happened?"
Sam paused for a moment, then she hit me with it, "The thing is
daddy, I really would like you to teach me all about sex, at
least the bits I don't already know. I'd like to see what a mans
penis looks like close up, and I'd like you to show me what it
feels like to be made love to by the only person that I know
really loves me."

"I can't darling" I said in a whisper, "Surely you'd rather have
someone your own age show you that sort of thing?" Sam shook her
head, "Not if my friend Melissa is anything to go by daddy. I saw
her in the shower after gym one day, and she had bruises all over
her boobs, and scratches on her thighs. When I asked her what had
happened she told me her boyfriend got a bit too enthusiastic on
their last date. Daddy, I don't want that to happen to me, I'd
much rather have you show me how it should be done. Besides" she
said with a grin "I know it's going to be a lot more comfortable
here than in the back of a car or out in the woods somewhere." At
that point I said that we had to get up and have breakfast, and
that we could continue our discussion later. In fact Sam was
bombarding me with arguments all morning, and when we were
sitting down after having our lunch I decided to tell her a big
lie for the first time in my life, hoping it was going to be the
one thing that closed the subject. "I'm sorry Sam darling, but
even if I agree with everything you've said I still can't help
you out for medical reasons." "Oh, what's that then daddy?" she
asked suddenly confused. "Well darling, it seems I'm allergic to
something they use to make condoms, and we can't take the risk of
you getting pregnant, can we?" "Oh, damn" said Sam under her
breath, but not low enough for me not to hear. I smiled inwardly
as she looked up at me and said "Is that the reason you can't do
anything for me daddy?" I nodded once, and she continued "But, if
that wasn't a problem would you do what I asked?" I may as well
have hung myself, but I just nodded and said "Yes darling, I
would, after all you are a very desirable young lady, and I agree
that you might get hurt doing it with an inexperienced boy."

"Would you even have popped my cherry for me on my birthday?" she
persisted, and like a fool I smiled lovingly at her and said "Yes
of course I would my love. I do think it might be a good idea to
stop talking about it though, don't you darling, I'd hate for you
to feel bad about not being able to go any further." Sam nodded
slowly, "Well OK daddy, it is a bit of a bummer, I don't suppose
there's anyway we can not get me pregnant so you don't have to
use a condom, is there daddy?" I shook my head "No sorry darling,
I'm afraid there isn't. If there was I'd start showing you right
now." "Is that a promise daddy?" Sam asked with a cheeky grin
spreading across her face. I nodded "Yes darling, it's a promise"
I said, and sighed as she slid off my lap and kissed me tenderly
on the lips. "OK daddy, just wait a moment, I have to go to the
bathroom, I won't be a moment." With that she dashed out of the
room, and up the stairs making as much noise as a herd of
Elephants. Less than two minutes later Sam was standing in front
of me, her hands behind her back and a big grin on her face
"Daddy, I think the expression is 'Read them and weep' isn't it?"
she asked and brought her hand from behind her and handed me a
flat strip with days of the week printed by each bubble. SHE WAS
ON THE PILL!! "How.. When.." was all I could get out before Sam
leaned over and kissed me passionately on the lips.

"Mom got me started on them almost a year ago daddy. She thought
I might have some trouble with boys, and wanted me to be safe in
case I got outnumbered. You see daddy, we don't just go to the
movies when I see her, we also have nice long girl to girl talks
about all the things girls need a mother to talk to about."
Having never consciously broken a promise to Sam I got very close
to it now, but stopped myself and resigned myself to the
inevitable. "I don't suppose you want to wait until tonight, do
you baby?" I asked with a grin on my face. "Not a minute longer
than necessary daddy, I've worked too hard to get this far, I'm
not going to let you find an excuse to change your mind." With
that she grabbed my hand, pulled me to my feet and almost dragged
me up the stairs to my bedroom. I was about to start removing my
clothes when Sam stopped me, took hold of the buttons on my shirt
and said "Let me do this please daddy, I've waited long enough."
My shirt pants and shoes came off in a flash. Sam then knelt down
in front of me, her face inches away from the bulge in my shorts
as she looked up into my eyes and smiled. Having hooked her
fingers in the waistband she began to pull downwards very slowly,
enjoying watching every inch as it was uncovered. When my pubic
bush was in view she paused as she ran her fingertips through it
say in hushed tones "WOW, I didn't know it was so hard, almost
like wirewool, doesn't it scratch you at all daddy?" "No love, it
just soaks up a lot of perspiration when I get hot" I said as I
gently ruffled her hair. By now I had a stonking great hard on,
and Sam had to pull the waistband out as she pulled my pants down
further so she could free it from it's confines.

As my cock flew free and gave a couple of bounces Sam knelt there
enthralled, still holding on to my shorts which were only half
way down my thighs. "Oh, WOW, it's massive" she gasped, not true,
as I'm only of average size, but if it was her first look at a
male member anything is likely to look impressive. After a moment
staring she remembered what she was doing and whipped my shorts
down my legs and off my feet as I lifted each one to assist her.
"Can I..?" she started, then grinned as she decided the answer
was going to be 'Yes' anyway, and wrapped her hands round my
shaft, holding it quite still and also quite firmly. I would have
to show her just how gentle she will have to be in future, I
thought, but for now I just enjoyed the feeling of her soft warm
hands as they held on for grim death.

Slowly Sam removed one of her hands from my cock and I saw her
touch one fingertip to the tip, then felt her rubbing round and
round the head as if finger painting. I opened my eyes which I'd
closed in ecstasy, and saw that she was spreading the oozing
drops of pre cum all over my glans. She then took me by surprise
by opening her mouth and engulfing my cock in a single motion,
almost making me cum as I felt her tongue lapping it's way all
round the head. After a moment or two I touched her head and
gasped "Not too much darling, I don't think I'd last very long,
and we have so much more to do." She pulled her head back,
smiling as my cock left her mouth with a loud 'plop', then she
stood up and pressed her body close to mine and said in a whisper
"I've waited so long to do that daddy, it's one of the things me
and mom talked about. She said most men and boys liked it, and it
was one of your favourite ways of being aroused." Oh god, she'd
been discussing our sex life with my ex wife for fucks sake. I
suddenly wondered what else she'd been instructed in.

"Do I have to undress myself daddy, or are you going to do it for
me?" Sam's voice brought me from my reverie, and I grinned at her
saying "Sauce for the Goose baby" and began to remove her T-shirt
from the waistband of her Levi's as she lifted her arms above her
head. As this brought her breasts into focus, and slightly closer
to my lips I paused as the hem of the garment reached her wrists
and she was now naked from shoulder to waist. More importantly
for me, her breasts were inches from my face, and all I had to do
was lean forward so I could take one between my lips and suck it
into my mouth. I thought for a moment that Sam was going to
collapse. Her knees suddenly relaxed so I had to release her arms
and grab her by the waist to stop her falling over. As this also
removed my lips from her nipple I made sure she wasn't going to
do it again and spun her round, laid her on the bed and quickly
stripped her clothes off, throwing them on to the floor out of
the way. Remembering what had just happened, and how much she
enjoyed it, Sam held her arms above her head once more, bringing
her breasts into profile once more, and making them both
available to my lips and fingers. As I took one in my mouth again
I trapped the other nipple between finger and thumb and began to
gently tweak and roll it, as I suckled and tongue lashed the
other one. I didn't know if this was part of her mothers course
of instruction, but I do know that Sam enjoyed what I was doing.
So much so that, after just a few minutes, and only one change of
nipple by me, she was suddenly crying out in ecstasy as her
latest male induced orgasm exploded inside her, sending ripples
of pleasure out to every nerve ending in her tender young body.

After a few minutes of laying quite still, gasping for breath Sam
opened her eyes, turned her head to look at me and said
breathlessly "God, daddy, that was the most awesome thing I ever
experienced, can we do it again please?" I reached over and
kissed her tenderly, "Of course we can darling, but I thought we
might try something different first. When we've done everything
once then we can start repeating ourselves. What do you say?" She
said nothing, just nodded her head vigorously, then rolled on to
her side and pressed her firm naked breasts against my side. This
of course made my cock twitch as it lay against her hip, and she
giggled as she looked own, saying, "Does that thing have a will
of it's own daddy?" I grinned and nodded, "Oh, believe me
darling, it does. You can be sure it'll find a way to embarrass
me every opportunity it can. You just think back to when I used
to give your tummy a rub to get rid of your period pain. Better
still, think what happened when I used to rub you breasts when
they were growing." Sam smiled at me, then she blushed prettily
as she said "Oh, believe me daddy, I do, quite a lot. In fact
that's one of the things I think about when I try to get myself
off at night." She paused for a moment then said softly "What I
can't understand daddy, is why you never did anything else. After
all most men would love to get their hands on a pair of boobs
like I had, and all you did was rub them 'til the pain went
away." "Because I was your father darling, and even though I
didn't dislike what I was doing, I certainly wasn't going to do
anything else to you in case I caused you to feel abused."

Sam giggled into my chest, then looked up, smiled at me and said
"Well daddy, the only way you could abuse me now is by saying you
won't carry on with what you're doing. What do we do next?"
"This" I said, and rolled her off me. Laid her on her back and
began to kiss my way down her face, over her chest, round each
breast and down her abdomen until I came to her firm swollen
mons, and the tiny patch of soft golden fur that was sprinkled
over it. Almost instantly Sam spread her thighs and bent her
knees as she opened her sex to me. I spent a moment or two
kissing and licking my way up and down each soft tender thigh,
only stopping when I was an inch away from the centre of her
femininity. The odour of her secretions was driving me mad with
lust, and I had a hard job forcing myself to take my time. In the
end though I had to do it, and slowly I lowered my face until my
lips were touching her pussy, and my chin was getting soaked with
her female emissions. The instant my tongue touched Sam's pussy
lips she screamed out loud and tried to clamp her thighs
together, being stopped only by my arms that were placed each
side of my head. I'd been trapped there before, and almost lost
an ear once as a girl with strong thighs almost crushed my skull.

Over and over again Sam cried out as orgasm after orgasm hit her.
Eventually it was all too much for her and with a final withering
cry of ecstasy she slowly collapsed into a limp panting heap. It
was some time before Sam was able to take notice of what was
happening around her, and by that time I'd been to the kitchen,
made myself a cup of coffee, and fetched her a soda. By the time
Sam was half way down the bottle she'd recovered enough to speak,
and her first words were "Can we do that again please daddy?" I
grinned and nodded, "Of course darling, just as soon as you
like." In a flash she put down her drink, slid down the bed and
opened her thighs as I shuffled down the bed and lowered my lips
to her sopping wet pussy. This time I pressed my tongue as far
into her love tunnel as I could, pressing the tip of my middle
finger to her tight puckered rose hole. This made her gasp, but
she didn't stop me, mainly I think because she was enjoying what
I was doing to her pussy. There I was moving up her slit,
pressing my tongue between her labia, and wiping the flat of it
against her sex. When I reached the top of her slit I began to
flick my tongue against her suddenly hard pulsating clit. It
wasn't long before I felt her tense up as she reached her climax,
and just as she began to cry out once more in ecstasy I pressed
my finger through her tight anal pucker and as deep as my hand
would allow. This took her one step above ecstasy, and once more
she passed out with sensory overload.

I'd managed to clean us both up by the time Sam opened her eyes
again, this time she saw me leaning against the head of the bed
looking down at her as she slept. As she lay there in silence I
bent down, placed my lips on hers in a soft tender loving kiss
and said softly "Well, darling, how do you feel now, well rested
I hope?" Sam sighed, smiled and said "I feel wonderful daddy, a
bit tired, but wonderful nevertheless. I guess it's my turn to do
the same to you, isn't it?" I grinned and shook my head, "Not
necessarily baby, this isn't something you have to repay you
know, it's done because you want to do it, and because it's
something you enjoy doing." I chuckled softly "I guess you know I
enjoy eating you out, don't you?" with a shy giggle Sam said
"Well, I did sort of get that idea daddy, was this something you
and mom did a lot of?" Before I could answer Sam was sitting up
on my lap, her arms round my neck and her lips next to my ear as
she said "Don't answer that daddy. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have
ask so stupid a question especially right now." Suddenly she gave
a wiggle of her butt and said "Damn, look what I've done with my
stupid mouth. I better see if I can do something about it before
it goes to sleep permanently." With that she rolled off my lap,
lay on my legs and took hold of my flaccid cock between finger
and thumb.

As Sam touched her lips to my cockhead it began to swell once
more, and as she kissed and licked her way up and down the
growing shaft it got longer and harder, until at last it was at
it's fullest length, and was throbbing in her hands to the beat
of my heart. Opening her mouth wide Sam engulfed my cock and
wiped her tongue round the head as she closed her lips behind the
ridge and began to breath through her nose. After a short while
Sam came up for air, still not having mastered the art of
breathing through a half blocked air duct. As she lay there I
slid down the bed, making her turn round when she went to
continue with her task. That's when I surprised her and lifted
her hips over my shoulders, placing her knees either side of my
head. In a flash she understood what was happening, and dropped
her head over my cock again, this time only holding the head in
her mouth sucking like a Hoover as I attached my lips to her
pussy. With all the stimulation I'd received, almost coming to
climax twice as Sam exploded, it wasn't long before the sight,
taste and smell of what was just above my face took it's toll,
and I was suddenly crying out "I'm cumming Sam darling, I'm
cumming nooooow.." and I exploded in orgasm before she had a
chance to remove my cock from her mouth.

It turned out she wouldn't have done that anyway, but even though
she was aware of what was happening, she just wasn't prepared for
the flood of hot sticky semen that erupted into her mouth. Before
she knew what was going on the first wad of cum spattered against
the back of her throat making her start to gag, then swallow as
the next, and the next, followed up in quick succession. Time
after time she gulped down a mouthful of my seed laden semen,
only stopping when she felt nothing more shooting from the end of
my throbbing penis. With a final slurp Sam drew her head back,
releasing my cock, before licking up and down the shaft as she
found where some had leaked out between her lips and trickled
down my cock. As I lay there totally spent I felt Sam roll off me
and sit by my side as she reached over to snag the rest of her
soda. I opened my eyes and smiled as I watched her rinse it round
her mouth before swallowing, wondering if it was the taste or
texture she wasn't sure about. She must have seem me out of the
corner of her eye, because she turned to face me, grinned
sheepishly and said "What! I'm just finishing my drink, your cum
seems to make me thirsty, just like it did Mom." Once more she
blushed at her faux pas, and I smiled up at her as I said "It's
all right baby, I understand. I guess you spend a lot of time
talking about sex when you're together." Sam giggled, shook her
head and said "Well, not really daddy, just when I see or think
of something that makes me curious, that I don't feel I can ask
you about" she smiled wickedly, "I don't think that's going to
happen in the future is it daddy, at least I won't be shy asking
you anything about sex from now on."

For the first time in hours I looked at the clock by my bed, and
saw it was almost six in the afternoon, time for our evening
meal. Despite all the exercise we'd both had, we didn't feel like
eating too much so settled for a well filled Salad sandwich.
While I was putting them together Sam made a pot of coffee, and
we took them both into the living room and pigged out on the
sofa. I have to say that we were both dressed, and in a way that
very soon became the standard for the times we didn't intend to
leave the house at weekends. I had on a set of sweats I'd been
using when I had a jogging fad, while Sam just wore a short skirt
and an undersized T-shirt. The thing about her skirt is that if
she stood still, or sat with her knees close together, it looked
perfectly respectable. If, however, she turned too quickly, bent
over with her legs straight, or sat with her thighs relaxed and
knees open, I was given a wonderful view of her soft down covered
pussy. This of course became her standard way of getting me
aroused, and I always knew if she was horny because she would
come down from her bedroom wearing it, and with a cheeky smile on
her face.

This first evening though all she did was snuggle up close to me,
my arm round her shoulders and my hand resting lightly on her
firm breast. After a while Sam slipped down my body and lay with
her head on my thighs, her legs hanging over the arm of the sofa.
My hand followed her down, and ended up resting on her tummy
where she held it for a moment before lifting the hem of her T-
shirt out of the waistband of her skirt and pulled it up to her
chin. This exposed her breasts once more, and she smiled as she
gently pulled my hand up to them and pressed it firmly on her
nipple. "Do I take it you'd like me to caress your breasts Sam
darling?" I asked with a smile on my lips. Sam nodded, smiled and
said in a soft sexy voice "Please daddy." What else could I do? I
actually spent the next hour caressing her breasts, rolling her
nipples between finger and thumb, and rubbing the palm of my hand
over the tip of each hard pulsating nipple turn and turn about.
All this time Sam just lay there with her eyes closed, and gasps
of pleasure coming from her open mouth as she enjoyed the
sensuous feelings my actions were engendering.

As I caressed her breasts I also noticed that Sam's knees were
starting to bend, and her skirt was slipping up her thighs as
they got higher and higher. Eventually it was laying in a bunch
across her hips, displaying her hot swollen pussy lips laying
glistening with her sexual emissions between her wide open
thighs. Before she knew what is was doing I'd moved my hand from
her titties and had placed my palm over her vaginal mound,
pressing my middle finger between her lips and rubbing the side
of my thumb against her swollen clitoral bud. Moments later her
back arched, she went rigid as a board and she cried out loud as
a massive orgasm exploded inside her. I watched carefully for
when Sam recovered and opened her eyes again, taking it as a sign
for what I did next. That was to run my index finger around her
cum soaked pussy lips and then wipe it clean on her hard
pulsating nipples. As she watched what I was doing I saw a
mystified look on her face, until I lowered my head and covered
each one with my lips, sucking them both clean, and flicking them
with the tip of my tongue.

Sam just lay there, her tender young frame quivering with
pleasure as echoes of her orgasm rippled up and down her body,
reaching out to the furthest extremities and returning to the
core of her sex. After a few minutes she struggled to her knees,
with which she straddled my thighs, settling her sopping wet
pussy atop my hard throbbing erection still contained inside my
loose pants. Despite what I expected, Sam just sat there, resting
her head on my shoulder, gently rocking to and fro rubbing her
pussy against the length of my hard cock. "Come on baby" I said
softly "I think it's time for bed, I'm tired even if you're not."
I chuckled as Sam moaned "Noooo.. I'm too tired to move, I want
to stay here all night. Can I please daddy?" "Not when there's a
perfectly good and comfortable bed upstairs my love" I replied
and wrapped one hand under her almost naked butt, and the other
round her back, then standing upright in a single surge of
effort. Instinctively Sam wrapped her legs round my waist and
held on tight with her arms round my neck as I carried her
upstairs to her bedroom. With her still holding on tight as a
limpet I bent over, turned her bedclothes back and tried to lay
her down. When she refused to let go I whispered "Samantha my
love, if you don't let go by the time I've counted to five, I'll
take you into the bathroom and hold you under a cold shower,

Sam shook her head as she giggled, then I started to count
"One... Two... Three" "OK daddy I give in" she cried, knowing in
her heart I would do as I said. I stood upright, looking down at
her as she lay with her skirt up round her hips, and her T-shirt
rolled above her breasts, completely unable to prevent my
erection from appearing and causing a bulge in my sweats. "Right
then baby" I said softly "I want you undressed and in bed by the
time I've been to the bathroom. If you are, I'll give you a
goodnight kiss and tuck you in like I used to when you were a
little girl. OK?" "Yes daddy" she said with a beautiful smile on
her lips, and I turned and stepped quickly out of her bedroom and
headed for the bathroom where I had a hard job emptying my
bladder due to the strength of my erection. I managed it
eventually and slowly returned to Sam's room where I found her in
bed, the covers up to her neck and a smile on her lips. I sat on
the edge of her bed, bent over and touched my lips to hers in a
soft tender loving kiss. "I love you Sam darling," I said softly
as I looked lovingly into her eyes. "I love you too daddy, I just
wish, sometimes that it wasn't just the two of us though, and
that mom was back with us." I winced at the thought, then said in
a whisper "Well that's all very well my love, but if mom was
still with us, none of what we've done recently would have
happened. You'd also have gone for a very long time having to put
up with painful periods and painful boobies when you were growing
up." Sam grinned, took her arms from under the covers, showing me
her naked breasts once more, then pulled me down into a hard
passionate kiss. "I guess you're right daddy, but it's a nice
thought anyway."

As I was about to leave the room Sam called me back and said
softly "I don't suppose you would consider popping my cherry
tonight, would you daddy?" I grinned at her across the dimly lit
room, "I don't think so my love, I think it best of we leave it
until you're birthday next weekend, don't you?" Giving a sigh of
resignation she grinned up at me and said softly "Oh, I guess so
daddy, it's just that after this evening I can't wait to see
what it feels like to have you deep inside my body, filling me up
with your penis and squirting me full of your hot creamy cum."
With a final chuckle I closed the door behind me and made my way
to bed. I suppose what happened next was inevitable, and I should
have tried to prevent it. As it was I didn't, and things began to
happen far quicker than I really wanted them to.

I slept well that night, and, not having to get up early the next
morning drifted off to sleep thinking about how I would be able
to enjoy a lay in. I was used to waking up with a boner, usually
because I had taken too much liquid on board the previous
evening. This morning was no different, apart from the fact I'd
not drank very much before going to bed, therefore my erection
must have been of a sexual nature. This wasn't too surprising
considering what had transpired over the past few days. What was
surprising was the feeling of having my cock squeezed in a hot
wet tubular vice. I opened my eyes and gave a loud yell of
"Noooo..", then bucked hard as I tried to dislodge Sam from her
position seated on my hips, by cock buried deep in her tight
virgin pussy. This of course was pretty stupid of me, as all that
happened was that I drove myself deeper into her that I already
was, if that was possible, considering where she was sitting to
begin with. When I tried to push her off with my hands I found I
wasn't able to move them more than a couple of inches. She'd tied
them to the bed, my feet too, as I found when I tried to move

One thing my old granddad taught me was not to fight the
inevitable, and bide my time when wanting revenge as my turn
would come sooner or later. Most of this was a load of garbage of
course, but as I didn't want to hurt myself by fighting the ropes
that held me, I decided to relax and see what Sam was going to do
next. What she did was cum. Almost as soon as I stopped trying to
buck her off me, she settled down with my cock buried balls deep
inside her and suddenly screamed out loud as her climax overtook
her, and she collapsed on to my chest totally spent and gasping
for breath. Being unable to do much else, I lay there enjoying
the feeling of having her firm breasts, with their hard nipples,
pressing into my chest, and the pulsating aftermath of her orgasm
massaging my still hard throbbing cock. It took some few minutes
for Sam to recover, and that had given me time to work out my
response to her unseemly actions. It wasn't the fact that she was
no longer a virgin, nor the fact that I hadn't been aware of her
having destroyed her maidenhead on my cock. It was the fact that
she thought it necessary to prevent me from refusing to help her
do it all, by lashing me to the bed. I knew what I planned was
going to be difficult for me to carry through, and would also be
painful for her in the short term, but I felt I had to make a
very serious point to her, for her own long term good. I'm sorry
if that sounds a little pretentious, but that's the way my mind
was working; father Mode, in overdrive.

As Sam slowly pushed her hands against my chest and sat upright,
she looked down at me with the most beautiful look of ecstasy on
her face. I doubt if she had ever, or would ever, feel quite as
good as she did just at that moment. What she didn't know was
that her moment was going to be shattered, and really quite soon.
"Oh, WOW daddy, that was simply the most amazing thing I've ever
experienced. If I'd realised having sex was going to feel that
good I'd have done something about it years ago" she said ending
with a giggle. I looked into her eyes, my face as blank as I
could make it, then said softly "Well Sam darling, I'm glad you
enjoyed it so much. I'm just so sorry you felt you had to rape me
now, instead of waiting for a few more days when I was going to
make love to you as a special birthday treat. Still, I guess it
was your decision, and I'm afraid you're going to have to live
with the consequences for a long time." Sam froze for a moment,
then her face dropped and I saw tears appear in her eyes. "What
do you mean daddy, I didn't rape you, this was just a bit of fun
for you to wake up to, that's all." "Oh" I said softly, "I see.
Well do you think you could complete the fun part, then untie me
please. I have to go to the bathroom."

Getting untied would have been really great under normal
circumstances. What Sam did was shuffle herself up my body, her
thighs still straddling me. Then lean over to reach for the ropes
as she undid the knots. This of course meant that her newly
violated pussy was being held a few inches away from my face, and
I almost succumbed to temptation and reached out with my tongue
to lick at her glistening pussy lips. I didn't, but determined to
remember this as something to try at some later date. As she
moved back down, having freed my hands, I could see Sam wasn't
looking too pleased with herself. In fact she was looking pretty
miserable, and close to floods of tears. She also wasn't thinking
too clearly, as shown by the way she turned round to face the
foot of the bed and crawled on hands and knees down the bed to
get to the ropes holding my feet. This gave me and even better,
if different, view of Sam's pussy, and seriously tempted me to
get to my knees behind her and take her doggie style. I managed
to resist, but again held on to the memory for future reference.
By now I was able to sit up, and when I did I looked at Sam as
she sat back on her heels at the bottom of the bed and said
"Right Sam my dear, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll see you
downstairs for breakfast in a few minutes." With that I rolled
off the bed, found my bathrobe and walked slowly out of the
bedroom, quietly closing the door behind me.

By the time I'd finished my morning ablutions and returned to my
room, Sam had gone, and I heard the shower start up again as I
passed the bathroom on my way down to the kitchen. It was half an
hour later that a very subdued daughter joined me for breakfast,
so subdued that she hardly spoke a word all through the meal. The
only words she uttered were a soft 'please' and 'thank you daddy'
when I offered her something she was reaching across the table
for. Breakfast over I loaded the dishwasher, cleared up the
kitchen and made my way to my den to catch up on my e-mail, and
put some time in on a project I'd brought home from work. I
suppose it was a couple of hours later that I had to go to the
bathroom again, and as I passed the door to Sam's bedroom I heard
what sounded like her crying. I forced myself to resist the urge
to go and comfort her, feeling the need to have her come to me
and talk the problem over. Returning past her room on the way
downstairs I heard the sobs had ceased, and walked past, down to
my den, once more immersing myself in work, in an effort to hold
on to my resolve. This was hurting me, even after so short a
time, and I knew Sam wasn't feeling any better.

I was about to close down and go and do something about lunch,
when there was a knock on the door and Sam came in carrying a
tray with a pot of coffee and a plate of sandwiches, obviously my
lunch, and an attempt at a peace offering. "I thought you might
be hungry by now daddy" she said softly, "So I made you something
so you wouldn't have to stop working for too long." "Thank you
Samantha my dear" I said, "That was very thoughtful of you" and I
placed the tray on my worktable and began to eat my lunch in
silence. I saw the look of horror on Sam's face as I thanked her,
knowing I'd been far more severe on her than she ever imagined I
ever could. I'd called her by her full name, rather than the
diminutive version her mother and I had used since she could
talk, let alone walk. The only other times it had been used was
when we had been so angry with her she'd actually been spanked.
That had been almost eight years ago, yet she still held on to
the memory of that day. What had happened was that we'd been out
on a trip to a nearby Forest Wilderness Park, and allowed Sam to
run free on the understanding that she didn't stray from the
marked pathway. As might have been expected she got so excited
she forgot what had been said, and she suddenly decided to dive
into the underbrush beside the path. What she didn't know was
that there was a deep drainage ditch covered by underbrush, and
she started to slide down the bank as soon as she pushed through
the first few bits of vegetation. I caught hold of her just
before she hit the stagnant and very unsavoury, slime that half
filled the ditch, and dragged her back up by her T-shirt
scratching the two of us in the process.

Before she knew what was happening I'd knelt down on one knee,
laid her over the other one and given her four firm spanks on her
tiny Levi covered bottom. She was so shocked at what happened she
forgot to cry, not that I'd meant to cause her any pain, just
show her how angry I was that she'd disobeyed my instructions,
and put herself in danger. I'd explained all this later that
evening when she was put to bed, and I'd gone to give her her
customary good night kiss. "Why did you beat me daddy?" she asked
in a tiny voice as I sat beside her "Don't you love me any more?"
I smiled lovingly down at her and said "Of course I do darling, I
guess I spanked you because I love you so much, and I don't want
you ever to put yourself in danger again by disobeying something
I've told you to do, understand?" Sam looked at me for a moment,
frowning as she tried to reconcile a beating with me loving her.
She then gave a shake of her head and said "No daddy, how can you
punish someone, and still love them?" God I hate smart kids,
especially when they question something I consider simple. "Well,
try to think what would have happened if mommy and I hadn't been
so close, and you'd have slipped down into all that sticky smelly
mud. That was so deep I may not have been able to reach you
quickly, and you might have died." Apart from turning pale at the
thought, for a moment Sam didn't move or say a word. "I bet you
think mommy and me are pretty rotten some times, don't you" I
continued gently. "Especially when we wont let you do something
you want to do." She grinned slightly and nodded, "Well, what you
have to realise baby, is that all we're trying to do is keep you
safe, and stop you getting hurt." I grinned down at her and said
"We are so old that we have done everything you want to do, and
sometimes got hurt when we didn't do as our mommy and daddy told
us. That's why we know what can happen, and try to make sure you
don't do the same as we did."

"Did you fall into a ditch like I did daddy?" Sam said, her eyes
popping out. "Well, not quite like that" I replied with a smile,
"I fell down a high bank and into a river because I didn't do as
my daddy told me." I chuckled for a moment as I recalled that
day, then said "And I got a good licking from him too, harder
than I spanked you today, because I was a lot older, and should
have know better. I never did that again, and always did as my
daddy told me afterwards." This was probably the first lie I'd
ever told her, but thought it justified under the circumstances.
Sam sat up, put her arms round my neck and pulled me into a big
kiss for a six year old. "I'm sorry I didn't do what you said
daddy, and I promise I won't do it ever again." I laid her back
down, kissed her tenderly on the forehead and said softly "OK
baby, you're forgiven, please don't make me worry about you any
more." By the time I'd finished speaking she was asleep, gently
snoring as she slept the sleep of the innocent and the just. That
was the last time I'd laid a hand on her, and not because of any
ideological reason, but because she never gave me cause. Now she
was giving me cause, but the last thing I intended to do was
spank her, ideologically because of her age, and her blossoming

Sam came and cleared away my empty plate etc. leaving the
unfinished pot of coffee, and closing the door as she left the
den. I didn't see her again for the rest of the afternoon, and
then only to ask what she wanted for supper. With her lack of
interest, and my unwillingness to soften my demeanour I phoned
out for a Pizza, the two of us pigging out in the kitchen rather
than getting comfortable in the living room as we usually did.
Later that evening I locked up, poked my head into the living
room where I'd heard the tv was on, and said a stilted goodnight
to Sam, quickly closing the door and going up to bed. I'd had my
shower, and heard Sam climbing the stairs as I went into my room,
deciding to throw the lock on the door to ensure I wasn't
disturbed during the night. About an hour later I heard the door
knob rattle as Sam tried to open the door. I then heard her sobs
as she obviously leaned against the door. She stayed there for a
few minutes than I heard her own door close, shortly after which
I fell into a very disturbed sleep. I hardly slept at all that
night, and Sam was the same if the way she looked next morning
was anything to go by. Sunday we both got up early, it being one
of the days Sam was going to spend with her mother.

We had breakfast at seven, Sam still in her night things and
bathrobe while I'd showered and dressed already as I'd been awake
since five, and needed a cup of coffee. Seeing no sense in
getting up twice I decided to make an early start waking Sam up
at six thirty. By eight I was on my own, and immersed myself so
deeply into my homework I didn't realise what the time was until
Sam returned home just before seven o'clock. It was a good job we
had a routine whereby Sam brought home a takeaway of some sort
when she visited with her mother at weekends, otherwise we
wouldn't have eaten that day, until very late. As it was we sat
opposite each other at the kitchen table, Sam telling me what
she'd done all day, albeit in a slightly more subdued manner than
usual. I had to admit she did seem a little more happy than when
she'd left that morning, although she still wasn't her usual
bubbly self. We cleared away the trash, having finished
everything down to the last grain of rice, and I'd made a pot of
tea to take into the living room while we allowed our meal to go
down. By the time I was sat down with a nice fresh cup of tea I
began to wonder if Sam was going to join me, or if she'd gone to
bed already.

I soon got my answer when Sam came into the living room wearing
her summer dressing gown, a flimsy thing that displayed what she
was wearing underneath it if not what was under that layer. In
total silence, and with a very shamefaced look, she came and
stood in front of me for a moment, then she dropped slowly to her
knees, resting her clasped hands on mine, and looking me directly
in the eyes. I saw that hers were close to overflowing as she
said softly "Daddy, I'm so very sorry I abused your trust
yesterday. I have no excuse for what I did, except to say I was
impatient to experience what happened, and didn't stop to
consider the consequences of what I was doing." She paused for a
moment, and couldn't prevent the tears that started to stream
down her cheeks, tears that two days ago I would have leaned over
and kissed away for her. Now I sat there quite still, and
completely silent, watching her quietly crying, probably the
hardest few moments of my life. Sam wiped her eyes with the backs
of her hands, took a deep sobbing breath and said "I know it's
going to be very difficult for you daddy, but will you please
forgive me for what I did, if I promise never to do anything so
awful ever again, please daddy?" That was below the belt, I
thought, and fought hard to stop myself smiling down at her.
"Since you ask Samantha my dear" I said softly "Yes, I will
forgive you for what you did, and accept your word that you will
never repeat what happened." I helped her to her feet, stood up
myself and said "I'm off to bed my dear, do you want me to lock
up, or will you do it?"

"You do it please daddy" she said softly, and turned and walked
from the room, climbing the stairs so slowly I was following her
before she reached the top. As she stood with her hand on the
door handle Sam watched me walk along the passage, saying, as I
came up to her "Daddy, will you tuck me in tonight please?" I
thought for a moment, then nodded "OK dear, are you ready now, or
do you want to wait until I've had my shower?" "Now please daddy"
she said eagerly, and she opened her door, turning to make sure I
was following her into her bedroom. Almost without a pause Sam
whipped off her dressing gown, showing me she had on one of her
shortest nighties, and also that she'd left off her panties.
Quick as a flash she was in bed, having given me a flash of her
pussy, then she snuggled down under the covers, pulling them up
to her chin as she lay looking up at me expectantly. I tucked the
bedclothes under the mattress sat on the edge of the bed and
leaned over, giving her a chaste kiss on the forehead before
wishing her goodnight. Realising this was something more than
she'd had the previous night Sam said nothing about they way I'd
acted, just saying "goodnight daddy" as I walked slowly out of
the room, closing the door gently behind me.

Once more I slipped the latch on my bedroom door, and once again
I heard Sam come and try it, crying softly as she returned to her
own bed for a lonely nights sleep. Monday morning saw the start
of the last week before the spring break. There was to be no
school for a month starting Friday, and Sam had made plans to see
her mother on that day so they could celebrate her birthday
together, albeit a day early. By Wednesday Sam had come to accept
our new relationship, and even stopped trying my bedroom door,
knowing it was going to be locked, and she wasn't going to be
able to come in. Friday came, Sam and I met at the breakfast
table where we were polite to each other as we had been for the
past few days. When the kitchen was cleaned up Sam went to her
room to change for her day out with her mother, coming down after
an hour looking as beautiful as she had ever been. She came to me
in my den to tell me she was off, and I smiled at her and said
"Have a nice day my dear. Will you be home for supper, or will
you be eating out with your mother?" "I don't know daddy, I'll
ask mom when I meet her and phone you as soon as I can, is that
OK?" I said it was, then got up, stepped over to her and gave her
a chaste peck on the cheek saying "Well, off you go, you don't
want to keep your mother waiting, do you? You know how she always
hated that." "Bye daddy" she said with a wan smile, and turned
and walked out of the house.

It was about midday when Sam phoned, "I will be home for supper
daddy, what would you like me to get?" "Your choice baby" I
replied, "Just don't get too much, I don't want to go to bed on a
full stomach if you get home late. OK?" "OK daddy, see you later"
she responded in a far brighter way that I'd heard her speak for
almost a week. I turned back to what I was doing and once more
lost myself in my work. I suppose I did things like go to the
bathroom and get myself the occasional drink, during the
afternoon. The one thing I didn't do though was to stop for a
meal of any sort. It wasn't until about ten o'clock when I heard
the front door slam, that I looked up to see what time it was,
and suddenly realised I was very hungry, and also in need of a
nice hot cup of tea. Winding up what I was working on, then
closing down my computer I realised I was feeling very stiff and
stood up to do some stretching exercises before going to see what
Sam had brought home for supper. When I was loosened up I went to
the kitchen to find her laying out a bucket of fried chicken and
fries, not what I'd have chosen for a late evening meal, but I
did say it was Sam's choice, so decided not to say anything that
might upset her. As we sat munching our way through the meal Sam
was talking in a very animated way about her day, showing off the
really nice set of pearl jewellery that she'd received,
consisting of necklace and ear drops, with the pearls being in a
brilliant silver setting that must have set her mother back a lot
of money. What pleased Sam more than anything was that it was her
first real piece of 'grown up' jewellery, and something that she
would treasure for the rest of her life.

After supper I went and sat in the living room, watching a little
TV while I allowed my supper to go down. Sam came to join me
after getting changed into her night things, sitting close to me
as she watched the film with me. After a few minutes she began to
lean over, doing it slowly until she was finally laying with her
head on my chest, having snuggled under my arm after passing it
behind her neck. As she lay there she was holding on to my hand,
pressing it against her side, just inches away from the swell of
her naked breast which I could see through the almost transparent
materiel of her nightie. I lay my head back, and closed my eyes,
enjoying the feeling of her almost naked body pressing against
mine, and wondering how I was going to get back to the way we
were a week ago. After a short while, just as I was about to get
up and go to bed, Sam stirred, scrambled up on to my lap and gave
me a tender loving kiss, then said softly "Good night daddy, I'm
off to bed. It's been a very tiring day, and there's a lot to do
in the morning to get ready for the party." Try as I might I
wasn't able to prevent myself from responding to the feel of Sam
sitting on my lap, and of her soft warm lips touching mine. I
know Sam felt it too, because she gave me a tiny smile as she
slipped off my thighs. "Goodnight baby" I said, and gave her a
gentle pat on the butt as she turned to go to bed. It was obvious
that Sam was a lot happier tonight than she had been for a few
days, because she almost skipped out of the room, closing the
door quietly behind her.

I went to bed shortly after this, having locked up downstairs,
and taken my usual shower. It seemed like I'd hardly slept at all
when I awoke, and that was to the feeling of having someone climb
on to the bed beside me. I rolled over as I opened my eyes and
saw that Sam was kneeling beside me, wearing just her T-shirt
nightie, and nothing else. I knew this because I could see quite
clearly, the patch of soft fur that nestled between her thighs. I
glanced at the clock beside my bed, and saw it was just past
midnight. "Hmmmm.." I murmured, "I guess it's not too early to
say happy birthday, seeing as it's past midnight, so 'Happy
Birthday Samantha'." Sam grinned, bent over to kiss me and
replied "Thank you daddy." Before she could say anything else I
said "Right, now what's the idea of waking me up at this time? I
thought you had to get a good nights sleep as you were going to
be so busy today." Sam sat back on her heels, her knees still
open giving me a beaver shot. "Yes daddy, I am, but there's
something far more important that I have to do." She then clasped
her hands in her lap, looked at me and said seriously "I was a
very silly girl the other day daddy, and I now realise just how
much I hurt you by what I did. I know I did wrong, and I know
that's why you've been punishing me since that day, by keeping me
well away from you. I understand that I fully deserve to be
punished, but to be honest daddy, I don't think I can take any
more of what you are doing to me."

She paused for a moment, and I saw her eyes filling with tears,
she then took a deep breath and said "The last time I did
something very stupid you punished me by spanking me daddy. Will
you do the same thing now, so that my punishment will be over and
I'll know that you forgive me." She sniffed, looked down at me
and said in a soft voice "Daddy, I know what I did was wrong, and
I promise never to do anything like it ever again. The thing is
darling, I can't go on like this, with you not loving me any
more. Please spank me so that you can love me again, what you're
doing to me is killing me." I sat up, looked at her and said "Do
you really understand what you actually did wrong darling?" Sam
averted her eyes for a moment, then looked up and said "Yes
daddy. It wasn't the tying you to the bed, I know you actually
liked doing that with Mom. It was forcing you to have sex with me
when you'd already said you didn't want to do it until I was
fourteen." I nodded, "Just so long as you realise I'm not
spanking you for having sex with me my love, just FORCING me to
have it, against my will." Sam nodded again "Yes daddy, I
understand" she said in a voice so quiet I hardly heard what she

I shifted to the edge of the bed, spun round so my feet were on
the floor, then turned to my left a quarter turn, making quite
sure the covers were covering the tops of my thighs, and my hips.
"Come on then madam" I said firmly and Sam rolled off the bed,
ran round to stand by my right leg and before I could say
anything, stripped off her nightie so she was standing naked
beside me. A moment later she was laying across my thighs, her
hips on my right leg, and her breasts laying close to my left. It
just so happened that as she lay down she pushed the covers off
me so that she was laying on my naked thighs. it also meant that
my hard throbbing cock was pressing against her abdomen, and
there was no way she wasn't going to feel every time it moved
over the next few minutes. As I placed my hand on her naked butt
Sam moved her arms above her head and held on to a handful of
bedclothes. "How many do you deserve Samantha?" I asked as I
gently stroked her buttocks. "Ten please daddy, if you think
that's enough." "We'll see" I replied, and slowly lifted my hand
to shoulder level, holding it there for a moment while Sam
suffered the agony of waiting for the first blow to land. Holding
the rest of my body as still as possible I brought my hand
sharply on to the swell of her firm young buttock, quickly
repeating it while she felt the pain of the first one, and before
she could flinch in expectation of the next one landing.

After spanking her six times I paused for a moment and gently
stroked my warmed hand over her even warmer bottom. I'd made
quite sure that I only landed the blows on the meat of her butt,
not wanting to chance hurting her swollen pussy lips that I'd
seen peeping out from between the backs of her thighs. Now, when
my hand passed over the tops of her thighs, I felt the slickness
of a pair of aroused pussy lips, and quickly leaned over to see
that they were very swollen, and glistening with her juices. It
seemed that Sam was just like her mother, in that she always
enjoyed having me spank her prior to a very nice long session of
love making. As it was, Sam lay across my lap, her tender young
body quivering with anticipation as she waited for the final few
blows to land on her hot butt. I gave them to her, quickly, and
no where near as firmly as the previous six had been. When all
ten had been delivered, and her punishment completed, I spent
some time gently stroking my hand over her bottom, making sure I
caressed her pussy lips as much as I could. As I did this I
noticed that Sam's thighs were opening, and very soon I was able
to slip my hand between them, and cover her wet swollen pussy
with the palm of my hand. This made Sam gasp with pleasure, and
open her thighs even more, allowing me to move my hand along the
full length of her cunt, from anus to mons.

When I had the room I slipped my thumb between her pussy lips,
getting it well and truly coated with her lube juices. I then
brought my hand up so that I could slip two fingers into her
tight wet love tunnel, bringing a loud cry of pleasure from Sam,
and making her jerk her hips back as she tried to impale herself
deeper on to my hand. While she was moving about on my fingers I
touched the tip of my thumb to her tight anal pucker, and before
she could realise what was happening I pressed it through her
sphincter, going as deep as my hand would allow. "Aggghhhh..
Noooo daddy.." she cried as she felt my invading digit inside
her. The next thing she said was just the opposite as I began to
finger fuck her butt and her pussy at the same time. "Aggghhhh..
"Yessss.. Yessss.. Yessss..." she groaned over and over again,
until she suddenly arched her back and cried out as her first
orgasm for a week hit her like a freight train. It hit her so
hard she went limp as a dishrag, collapsing in a heap on my lap
as sensory overload took hold of her.

By the time Sam opened her eyes again I'd been and cleaned up,
and fetched us both a glass of water, sitting up against the head
of the bed sipping mine as she looked up at me. As she lay there
I smiled, then offered her my glass, which she took after sitting
up cross legged in front of me. "God, I needed that daddy" she
said with a smile as she passed the empty glass back to me. I
turned to place it on my night stand, and when I turned back it
was to find Sam was starting to straddle my thighs, ending up
pressing her naked body against mine, and her hot lips coming
into a long deep passionate kiss that seemed to last for hours.
When she finally pulled back fro the kiss Sam looked me in the
eyes and whispered "Daddy, I love you so much. I thought last
night that I'd never get your love back, that you'd never forgive
me for what I did." She smiled shyly, and I saw a flush covering
her from her cheeks down to the tips of her firm rounded breasts.
"Daddy darling, I know it might not be the right thing for me to
ask" she said softly, "But could I pretend that I'm making love
to you for the first time, the way I actually did it, I mean?"
"Samantha my love, you can do almost anything you like, so long
as you stick to the rules on consent. To be honest" I added with
a smile "I'd really love to watch you bring yourself to an orgasm
while sitting on my manhood" and without another word I slid down
the bed, carrying her with me still straddling my hips, and
holding on to my neck for grim death.

Almost before I'd stopped moving Sam was sitting up and reaching
beneath her for the shaft of my hard throbbing erection. As soon
as she found it she gave a big grin and held it still while she
sought for the right place to put it. The instant my cockhead
entered her body Sam closed her eyes and almost melted as she
groaned in ecstasy on feeling me fill her up. Once she was
sitting on my hips Sam began to flex her vaginal muscles, and
move her butt about in tiny circles as she explored every minute
part of my cock as it sat nestled in her tight passage. Slowly
but surely she began to move a little more in each direction,
doubling up where she felt a little more stimulation until she
was moving to and fro, rubbing her hard swollen clit against my
pubic bone, as if scratching an itch on my coarse pubic hair.
Suddenly this wasn't enough, and she started to use her thighs as
springs as she began to bounce up and down, clenching her cuntal
muscles each time she rose, then releasing them so she could drop
down fast, impaling herself on my cock. Each time Sam rammed
herself on me she cried out "YES.." and I suddenly noticed that
her firm young breasts were starting to move in sympathy with the
rest of her body. They didn't actually bounce, they were too firm
for that to happen. They just seemed to 'move', almost like a
well filled waterbed, or water filled balloon.

In the end all this was too much for Sam, and she suddenly held
quite still, her pussy lips clenched tight round the base of my
cock and gave a long loud cry of pleasure as she came to a
crashing climax. Eventually she stopped, then she reached out to
place her hands on my chest and very slowly fell forward until
she was laying on me, her firm breasts pressing their hard
nipples into my flesh as she lay gasping for breath, totally
spent. After a few minutes I felt Sam stirring, and she lifted
her head, looked me in the eyes and said in a soft voice "I love
you daddy, please don't punish me like that again. I'd rather you
spank me if I do something stupid." I pulled her up my chest,
enjoying the feel of her nipples rubbing against me, kissed her
lovingly and replied "That's a deal baby. I have to admit it hurt
me just as much as it hurt you, although I think you might do
something wrong just to get spanked as you seemed to enjoy what I
did in the end." Sam giggled at my pun, then she nodded "Well, it
felt strange to start with, but when I came it was the most
awesome feeling I ever experienced."

We lay there for a while, then Sam rolled off me and cuddled up
to my side, pulling the covers over us as we snuggled down in the
warm nest of my bed. It felt wonderful having Sam laying against
my side, her hard nipple topped breast pressing against my chest,
and her warm sticky pussy lips held tight to my thigh by her leg
which was passed over mine. Very slowly we drifted off to sleep
in each others arms and didn't wake up until well after seven
o'clock. At least I didn't wake up 'til then. Sam had obviously
been awake for some time because I opened my eyes to
consciousness and the wonderful feeling of something wet and warm
surrounding the head of my cock. When I looked down it was to see
Sam laying on my thighs, holding the shaft of my penis in her
hand as she licked and sucked at my glans. Things were made
better because as she licked me her hand was flexing in time with
the pulsating of my cock, while the other one gently rolled my
balls as they lay in their scrotal sac. This was so good, I
almost didn't have the will to tell Sam I was close to orgasm. in
the end I did though, albeit just by saying softly "Sam darling,
I'm going to cum, in cumming baby, I'm cumming NOOOWWW.." and
before she could, or would, move I shot a massive stream of hot
creamy semen at the back of her throat, taking her by surprise.
Surprised she may have been, but it didn't stop her from
swallowing every drop of my cum as it gushed into her mouth, at
times making her cheeks bulge, before she gulped each load down
her gullet.

Oh boy, that had to be the best alarm call I'd ever had, and all
I could do after it was lay on my back gasping for air while Sam
lapped at my cock cleaning the final drips of semen that were
still leaking from the tip of my cock. As I lay there Sam crawled
up the bed until her head was level with mine then she kissed me
on the cheek and said "Thanks for that wonderful birthday present
daddy, it was the best thing I ever had in my life." She giggled
as she looked at me then I saw her face turn serious as she
continued, "Daddy, as it's my birthday, could I have a special
birthday treat. It won't cost anything, and we don't even have to
go out anywhere." I smiled at her, "Well, I don't see why not
baby, just so long as it's nothing too outrageous." She grinned
then said "Well, I know you were planning to make love to me
today as a special birthday treat, and I know I spoiled things
last week. I was just wondering if you would do for me what I did
to you. You know, tie me to the bed and make love to me." I
thought for a minute, then nodded my head, "I don't see why not
darling, it won't be as if I'm doing it against your will, will
it?" Sam blushed brightly as I said this, and shook her head. I
smiled lovingly at her and pulled her close so I could kiss her
tenderly on the lips. "Don't be ashamed of what you did darling"
I said softly, "You made a mistake, got punished for it, and now
it's all forgotten, OK?" she nodded her head, smiled wanly and
pressed her soft warm lips to mine once more. "Yes daddy, thank
you for being so understanding, I'll never be so stupid ever

We lay there for a few more minutes, then I gave her a loving pat
on the bottom, "Come on baby, I'm hungry. Lets shower then go and
get some breakfast." Moments later we were rubbing against each
other as we washed ourselves down in the shower, Sam offering to
do my back, and seemingly doing it by using her breasts as a wash
cloth. When she was done she offered her back to me, and I
obliged, making her giggle when my hands strayed round her front
to cup her wonderful breasts and play with her firm rigid
nipples. " Now, stop that daddy" she said as she squirmed from
the circle of my arms, "We have to get dressed and cook
breakfast, or I'm going to starve. I don't think your semen has
enough food value to keep me alive for very long, no matter how
good it may taste." I surrendered, and we were soon walking down
the stairs, hand in hand, both of us feeling so much better now
our relationship was back to where it used to be. Breakfast was
soon over, and when the kitchen was cleared up we went into the
living room and sat down with our cups of tea.

When we were finally snuggled up close, with Sam holding my hand
firmly in contact with her breast I slipped my free hand down
behind the cushion I was leaning against and pulled out a small
flat envelope which I handed to her saying "Sam darling, I didn't
know what on earth to buy you for your birthday. I wanted it to
be something different, but also something that would last a long
time. I'm afraid this is all I could come up with." "WOW, what is
it daddy, a tiny pocket calculator? I know they make them the
size of a credit card these days." I chuckled, "Well darling, I
have to say you're not too far away, it is the size of a credit
card. Why don't you open it and see?" A couple of quick tears and
she'd opened the envelope, leaving the contents in her hand, and
her mouth wide open in surprise. "DADDY!! IT'S A CREDIT CARD!!"
she screamed, twisted round so fast I thought she'd break her
spine, and straddled my thighs as she latched her lips to mine in
a hard passionate kiss. When she could speak again she sat back
on my thighs, looked me in the eyes and said seriously "Daddy, I
promise I won't go mad with this. I'll be really, really careful
what I spend the money on, I promise."

I smiled at her, "Yes darling, I'm sure you will, but to make
sure you do, I've given you a DEBIT card, that can only be used
while you have funds in the account it's drawn on, do you
understand the difference?" Sam frowned, shook her head and said
"No daddy, I didn't know there was a difference." I nodded, "Yes
baby, with a credit card, you borrow the money you spend, then
pay it back at the end of the month. With a debit card, you can
only spend the money you have to start with, sort of like a
chequebook account, but without the chequebook. Understand?" Sam
nodded, then grinned as she asked "How much is there in the
account now daddy, I've had my allowance this month, and there's
still over a week to go before it's due again?" "Well, as it's
your birthday, I put five hundred in to help you through to the
end of the month. From then I'll be paying your allowance
directly into that account instead of giving it to you in cash.
It's then up to you to make sure you don't spend more than you
have. If you do, whatever you overspend will be deducted from
your next months allowance. You will then get a reduced amount
until you have learned to manage it properly, OK?" "Yes daddy"
she said in a hushed voice, still not quite sure what was
happening. She then looked up at me, grinned and said "It seems a
bit harsh, but I guess it's my own fault if it happens, seeing as
I know what you'll do if I don't act responsibly."

I guess it was only natural that half an hour later I was being
dragged round the mall while Sam looked for something special she
could buy using her card. The look on her face when she actually
handed the card over, then signed the slip, was something out of
this world. I'd never seen her so happy, and when she met up with
some of her school friends she handed me her packages and dashed
off saying "Don't go away daddy, I won't be long." I continued
walking, slowly aiming for a café where I could get myself a cup
of coffee. That's where I found Sam and her friends, sitting in a
booth chatting nineteen to the dozen over sodas and doughnuts. I
smiled as I realised Sam had probably paid for them with her card
as she showed off her new present, just as if it was a new dress
or something. I got my drink and sat a couple of tables away from
Sam and her friends, not wanting to embarrass her, a thing all
fathers do to their teenage daughters if they're not careful.
After a few minutes I saw Sam get up, say a few final words to
her friends, then come and sit with me saying "Shouldn't we get
home daddy, there's so much to do before the party. Can Jenny and
Sue come and help please?"

It was bad enough driving to the mall with a very excited
daughter sitting beside me. Driving home was even more hazardous,
as I had three teenage girls in the car, all talking at once, and
all wanting to look at each other while they did so. In the end I
managed to get us home safely, and while I parked the car in the
garage the girls went into the kitchen and began to put together
the food needed for the party. By four o'clock it was all done,
and I drove Jenny and Sue home so they could change before
returning to join in the celebrations. By the time I'd got home
Sam was just getting out of the shower, and I caught her walking
naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. I guess it was a sign
of our relationship that all she did was look up at me, smile and
say with a soft giggle "Don't get any ideas right now daddy, we
don't have time, and I'm all clean ready for the party." I
grinned at her, put the tip of one finger beneath her chin and
lifted it so I could touch my lips to hers in a soft loving kiss,
"Samantha my love, I've always got ideas, right now most of them
are about how I can make you pass out when you have an orgasm, or
how much cum I'd be able to shoot into you when I'm making love
to you" I chuckled then continued "The only thing you have to
worry about my love, is when you're going to be available for me
to try them out." Sam looked up at me, her eyes filled with lust
as she said huskily "Daddy, ten minutes after the last guest has
gone, I want to be tied up, naked, on your bed, with you making
love to me any way you please. How's that for an idea?" I kissed
her warmly "Sounds good to me darling" I replied as I hugged her
naked body to me once more.

When I'd released her Sam smiled at me, took my hand and said
softly "Daddy, would you do something for me that might sound a
bit silly?" I lifted her hand, kissed it tenderly and said "Of
course I will darling, what is it?" She pulled on my hand and
almost dragged me into her bedroom where she had me sit down on
the edge of her bed. She then picked up her new sexy silk panties
she'd bought that morning at the mall, handed them to me and said
"Will you dress me please daddy, I know it sounds silly, but it's
something I've dreamed about for ages." She giggled then said
softly "Does that make me perverted daddy, most girls probably
dream about someone they love undressing them." I chuckled as I
shook my head, "No darling, you're not perverted. There's not
much that most people do sexually that is really perverted. Some
things might be strange, but most perversions happen between
small groups, and can be dangerous and cause people to get hurt.
Ordinary, consensual sex doesn't usually hurt anyone, because
it's happening between people that care about each other." By now
I was pulling her panties up, and smiling as I slipped my hand
between her thighs to make sure they weren't creased and likely
to rub against her pussy lips.

Sam smiled, and gave a little wiggle, pressing herself against my
hand, then leaned over to get her bra which she handed to me,
before holding her arms out in front of her. Again it was her new
sexy bra that matched her panties and when I'd fastened it behind
her I slipped my fingers inside it and smoothed it against her
breasts, making quite sure I stroked the backs of my fingers
across her suddenly hard pulsating nipples. "Careful daddy, do
too much of that and I'm going to be showing them off all evening
and someone might notice. Knowing some of my friends they're
going to get the right idea, and we don't want that to happen do
we?" I kissed her softly "No darling, we don't" I replied "OK
baby, I'll keep my hands to myself from now on" and immediately
cupped them over her firm rounded buttocks as I pulled her close
to me and kissed her lovingly on her soft warm lips. "Ohhh..
don't do that please daddy, or I'll be stripping these clothes
off and having you fuck me silly right now, and we really don't
have time darling, do we?" I grinned, shook my head and held out
her party dress for her to step into. She turned round to allow
me to button her up at the back, then gave me a quick twirl
saying "Well daddy, how do I look?" "Wonderful darling," I
replied, the words catching in my throat, "Simply wonderful."

Sam grinned as she came and sat beside me, then handed me a small
flat package saying "Not finished yet daddy, you still have to
put these on for me" and she shuffled forward until she was
sitting right on the edge of the bed, lifted her dress up as far
as it would go and stretched her legs out in front of her. By now
I'd opened the package and found it contained a pair of sheer
silk stockings that had elasticated tops to hold them up without
the need for garters or garter belt and suspenders. As careful as
I could I worked my hands inside the stocking, then gently eased
them on to her feet, up her calf and finally settled it on her
thigh about halfway up from her knee. As I did the same with the
other one I suddenly thought how it would look if she spun round
too fast and the hem of her dress flew up to reveal the expanse
of naked flesh between the top of the stockings and her panties.
I grinned as I recalled how that was the goal of every teenage
boy of my era, closely followed by getting a feel of the self
same piece of leg. My reverie was soon shattered by Sam saying
firmly "Oh, come on daddy, this is no time for daydreaming, I
have to get down to receive my guests, someone's bound to arrive

The rest of the evening went quicker than I'd expected. I spent
most of my time keeping out of the way, only making an appearance
every so often to go to the fridge and snagging myself another
beer. Only once did I have to come the heavy father figure, and
that was when one of the boys wouldn't take 'NO' for an answer
from a girl, and I had to ask him to behave or depart. Despite me
speaking softly, he saw something in my eye that said I wasn't
going to take any lip and said softly "Behave I guess." I
grinned, patted him on the head like a little boy and said "Good
answer" then went back into my den and left then to it once more.
In the end the party petered out as the guests all had curfews to
meet, or rides to catch, leaving only the two girls that helped
Sam get things ready, also helping to clear up most of the mess
left behind. Eventually I said "OK girls, I think that's enough
for tonight. Thanks for all your help, I think Sam can manage to
do the rest in the morning" this brought a howl of protest from
Sam, and a laugh from her friends. I was about to offer them a
lift home when a car pulled up and Jenny said it was her dad come
to pick her up. Sam and I went to the door with the girls and
gave them a final word of thanks, then waved them off before
closing the door for the last time that night.

While I went and checked all the door and windows on the ground
floor Sam disappeared upstairs. I found her laying on my bed,
stark naked and with her legs and arms spread out to the corners
of the bed as she waited for me to tie her to the bedposts. I sat
beside her, leaned over, kissed her tenderly and said in a
whisper "Do you really want me to do this Samantha my love?" She
looked up into my eyes, her own filled with lust as she nodded
once and said huskily "Oh, please daddy." Without another word I
reached over to my nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out a
set of bindings with which I tied her ankles and wrists to the
corners of the bed. As soon as she felt she was unable to do more
than move her hand and feet an inch or so Sam's breathing
changed, getting a little more ragged, as she began to get into
the mood of the moment. I leaned over and kissed her once more
saying softly "Remember darling, I'm not going to do anything
that might hurt you. If you want me to stop what I'm doing, for
any reason whatsoever, all you have to do is say 'Mommies
watching' and I'll stop what I'm doing, OK darling?" Despite her
high state of arousal Sam looked at me and tried hard to suppress
a giggle before saying softly "I guess that would be a worry,
wouldn't it daddy?" I shook my head, "Not really darling, after
what happened I don't think she'd be interested in anything I
did. Even if it was making love to you like this." As I leaned
over to kiss her, I saw a smile appear fleetingly on her lips,
only to disappear just as quickly.

As I was kissing Sam I was also reaching for a soft silk scarf
that I'd hidden under the pillows. Before she could complain
about it, I'd wrapped it round her head, covering her eyes
completely as I tied it in the front so that I could remove it
when necessary. I'd always taught Sam that a lot of the joy of
sex is in the anticipation, now I was going to prove it to her.
When I was sure that she couldn't see anything I worked my lips
down her naked body, from her firm upstanding breasts, over her
navel, and finishing with a swipe of my tongue across her hot
swollen mons. I then crept as quietly as I could out of the
bedroom and went to have a quick shower, leaving Sam to her
thoughts and memories of what I'd just done. By the time I
returned I could see she was getting very frustrated. Her mouth
was open as she fought for breath, her breasts and chest was
flushed and as hot as I'd ever seen it, and her pussy was hot,
very swollen and glistening with her lubricating emissions. She
was also rolling and humping her hips as she imagined what was
going to happen when I finally mounted her.

As I closed the bedroom door Sam jerked her head my way and
gasped "Daddy?" "Yes baby" I replied softly. "Oh, god, daddy,
please don't leave me like that again, I thought I'd lost you." I
knelt on the bed beside her, leaned over and touched my lips to
hers in a soft tender kiss. "No darling, I told you I'd never let
you go, didn't I?" "Yes daddy" she replied quietly "But you were
gone so long I thought you were never coming back." I touched my
lips to hers then whispered "That's the blindfold baby, it makes
everything seem longer, bigger, hotter, and sometimes even
harder, now, just relax and enjoy what's happening." As my lips
touched hers once more she pressed out the tip of her tongue,
meeting mine as it sought a way into her soft warm mouth, and we
spent far too long trying to suck each others deep into our own
maw, succeeding only in making each other breathless. While this
was happening I was tracing a trail with my fingertips, from the
base of her soft smooth throat, down her sternum then in a figure
of eight around and between the base of her hot swollen breasts.

It was when I began to trace a spiral up and around each of her
breasts that Sam stopped fighting my tongue, she was too busy
gasping for breath as waves of pleasure rippled up and down her
breasts, making her nipples begin to throb even before I'd
touched them. It was when I finally did that she vocalised for
the first time; her cries of pleasure echoed out round the room,
and I had to muffle them by attaching my lips to hers once again.
After a moment Sam quietened down, and I freed her lips as I
murmured softly "Shhhhh darling, or we'll have the neighbours
calling 911." "Sorry daddy" she whispered "I'll try to be a
little quieter, promise" then she went back to moaning with
pleasure as I returned to caressing her breasts and nipples.
Quick as I could I lay on my side beside Sam, holding my head up
on my arm, enabling me to look down on her soft tender body. I
leaned over and attached my lips to her right breast, taking her
left nipple between finger and thumb and beginning to roll it to
and fro while I sucked and nibble the one between my lips. This
brought a series of soft 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhhs' from her, most of
which suddenly changed to gasps of surprise as I moved my free
hand down her body directly to her swollen, soft fur spattered,
Mound of Venus.

The instant she felt my fingers stroking down her hot wet swollen
slit Sam gave a loud cry of ecstasy. When she felt me begin to
flick at her clitty with the side of my thumb she did the same,
only softer as she realised how loud she was before. Slowly I
pressed the tip of my middle finger between her pussy lips,
directly over the entrance to her tight vaginal passage. Just as
slowly I pressed that same finger as deep as it would go, sighing
as I felt the tightness of her love tunnel as she clamped her new
found muscles as tight as she could in an effort to keep me where
I was for as long as she could. While I was doing this I shuffled
round so I was able to lift my knees over Sam's arms and settle
down kneeling astride her head so I could get into the classic 69
position. I was already naked and, as I lowered my head between
her thighs to replace my finger with my tongue I lowered my hips
so the tip of my cock touched Sam's lips, and the drops of precum
that had started to ooze from the end got wiped across her closed

As soon as she felt what was touching her lips, Sam opened her
mouth and allowed my cockhead to slip inside. Once there she was
split between sucking on it and gasping with pleasure as she felt
my tongue begin to lash at her hard swollen clitoral bud that was
poking out from it's protective hood as her state of arousal got
higher and higher. Sam's scream when she came almost made me cum
too as it vibrated against my cock that was buried deep in her
mouth, almost gagging her, and certainly muffling the noise she
was making. On and on she vocalised, yelling and crying as I
lashed my tongue at her pussy and her clit, and pressing my lubed
up finger through her tight puckered rose hole half way through
her orgasm sending her to new heights before she could come down
from where she risen to. I expected Sam to collapse in a heap
after that, and reached back under my body to push her blindfold
off her eyes so she could see when she woke up. I was wrong, and
when she could see again she began to suck on my cock again,
lifting her head up and down as she tried to drive me in and out
of her tight clenched lips. Suddenly, almost without warning I
felt my cock spasm, and the first blast of semen surge through it
and out the end, aiming for the back of Sam's throat. As Sam
relaxed her suction to swallow I lifted my hips, pulling my
cockhead from her mouth, and bringing a cry of disappointment
from her lips.

The next thing I heard was a gasp of surprise as Sam watched what
was happening before her eyes. My cock was waving about, inches
above her face, each spasm spraying semen in ever decreasing
trails between her eyes and the swell of her breasts with every
jerk, until it finally came to rest above her lips where the
final few drops oozed from the tip and dripped slowly into her
open mouth. When at last there was no more to cum Sam lifted her
head slightly and sucked my now limp cock into her mouth and
licked it clean and dry before allowing herself to collapse into
a limp heap and lay quite still as she breathed hard and deep. I
rolled over and shuffled round so I was laying beside her,
finding that she was able to wrap her arms round my back and
snuggle herself up against me, wiping all my cum off her face and
into the hairs on my chest. After a few minutes when we'd both
regained our breath I said softly "I don't know about you
darling, but I need a shower. How about joining me?" "Please
daddy" she murmured, and I sat up and moved down to untie her
feet, kissing my way back up her legs from ankle to the top of
her wide open thighs, and ending up with my tongue buried deep
inside her hot wet tangy pussy. "Mmmm.. that's nice daddy, can we
do it again later on please?" Sam murmured. I chuckled "Not until
we've got cleaned up, and I've had a good nights sleep baby, I'm
pretty tired right now, and need to rest for a while."

Seeing as she didn't seem to want to move I scooped her up into
my arms and carried her to the bathroom. It wasn't far, but she
managed to snuggle her head down against my chest, and sigh with
contentment as she hugged herself to me. We showered quickly,
helped each other dry off and powder down, then walked arm in arm
back to my bed where we got in and immediately rolled into each
other arms. "I love you so much daddy, I never want to sleep
anywhere else but in your bed, and know I'm going to wake up
snuggled up close to the one I love the most." I kissed her
tenderly on top of her head, the only place I could reach without
moving, then whispered "I love you too baby, and feel the same
way about waking up with you in my arms." We soon drifted off and
slept the sleep of the just, if not the innocent. As I drifted
off to sleep, so I drifted into wakefulness, revelling in the
pleasure of feeling a soft warm naked teenage girl snuggled up
against me. When this hardened my already stiff penis it made me
smile inwardly as I remembered that the same thing used to happen
when Sam's mother was laying in the same place Sam was right now.
I often regretted being so angry when I caught her 'inflagrante',
and sometimes wondered how she was getting on on her own.

I was brought back to the here and now when I felt a soft warm
hand wrap itself round my shaft and a gentle voice murmur "Hmmm..
that's what I like to feel in the morning. A nice hard piece of
man flesh all ready for me to sit on." I opened my eyes and saw
her looking up at me, a wide grin on her face, and loads of love
in her eyes. "Don't be too long then baby" I said softly "I have
to do other things with it very soon, so you only have a couple
of minutes" Sam giggled as she scrambled to her knees and
straddled my hips. In a flash I was buried deep inside her as she
bounced up and down while I pressed the palms of my hands against
her nipples, making them rub hard each time Sam moved in either
direction. "Aggghhhh..." Sam cried out softly as she orgasm
overtook her, and she sat down hard on my hips as she worked her
hips to and fro, getting the most out of her climax as she rubbed
her clitty against my pubic bone and the coarse hairs that
surrounded the base of my slowly softening cock. "Oh, god, that's
soooo good daddy" she sighed as she sat there, head hanging, and
breast heaving, before she slowly collapsed forward on to my
chest, wrapping her arms round me and wriggling herself round and
round on my hirsute body. "Come on baby" I said as I rolled her
off me, "I've got to go" and I scrambled out of bed and dashed to
the bathroom where I stood over the toilet bowl and started to
release the pressure on my bladder.

I'd hardly started when I saw Sam standing there beside me, her
face flushed as she watched what was going on. When I was
finished I gave my cock a final shake, smiling as she giggled at
the action, then stood up saying "Well, curiosity satisfied
darling?" Sam looked up at me, still blushing and nodded her
head. She then took hold of my hand as she sat on the seat and
relieved herself too. As she reached behind her for a piece of
tissue I went to leave, but she held my hand, placed the wad in
my hand and said softly "Please daddy." I knelt down in front of
her, slipped my hand between her thighs and placed the wad of
tissue on her soft moist pussy lips. As I began to move my hand
forwards I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers in a soft
tender kiss. Suddenly Sam gave a shudder, and moaned into my lips
as she experienced a tiny orgasm. "Oh, jeez daddy, you have got
to that for me again, and soon" Sam gasped as soon as our kiss
was ended, and she stood up and melted into my arms, allowing me
to guide her towards the shower. For a change we had a quick,
business like shower, concentrating on getting freshened up
rather than having wet sex. It wasn't long before we were sitting
opposite each other at the kitchen table having a breakfast of
cereals and toast.

Being Sunday we decided to lounge around the house dressed in our
usual weekend clothes. For Sam this meant a tight T-shirt and
short skirt with no panties. For me it was an old set of sweats.
It also meant that everything was easy to remove if the need
arose. As it was I decided to lay on the sofa and try to relax,
after all, the past twenty-four hours had been pretty exhausting,
for me at least. I'd just got comfortable when Sam came and laid
full length on top of me, laying her head on my shoulder and her
legs outside mine. After a few minutes wriggling about getting
comfortable Sam said softly "Daddy, can we talk about an
uncomfortable subject please?" I opened one eye, looked at her
and replied "Uncomfortable for who?" She looked up at me, grinned
cheekily and said "Well, I suppose it'll be uncomfortable for you
actually daddy. That's if you even want to talk about it." I gave
a deep sigh, wondering what I was letting myself in for then said
"Well, OK baby, but if it gets too uncomfortable I'm likely to
bring things to a close, understood?" "Yes daddy" she replied,
then raised herself up on her arms which were pressing on my
chest, smiled prettily and said "I was wondering if you think
about mom at all, daddy."

I closed my eyes for a moment, almost knowing what was going to
happen, but deciding I had to tell her the truth, as any lie I
told was bound to come back and haunt me in the future.
"Sometimes baby" I replied, "Why do you ask?" "Well, I've always
wondered if you still love her now that you have me to love" she
looked me in the eye, grinned and said "You see daddy, I know
that you've been pretty short of sex since mom left. You never go
out with other women, you never bring any home, so I just thought
you might still miss Mom, and wish she was still around. That's
all." I chuckled to myself, wondering at the way Sam had been
keeping tabs on my love life. I suddenly wondered if she'd been
reporting back to her mother all this time. I lifted my head,
kissed her tenderly on the lips and slid my hands under her
skirt, cupping her soft rounded buttocks in my hand. This made
her forget what we were talking about, at least for the short
time she was wriggling her butt in my palms. "Mmmm.. that's nice
daddy" she gasped "But it doesn't answer my question." "Well" I
started, "I suppose if you've been keeping that close a watch on
me baby, you also know that I've been doing a lot of masturbating
in an attempt to release my sexual frustration. Satisfied?" Sam
grinned, wiggled her butt once more and said "Oh, I know that
daddy, you made quite a lot of noise sometimes. I couldn't help
but hear what you were doing."

This made me chuckle, and Sam smiled at me as she realised I
wasn't in the least bit embarrassed by what she'd said. "Why the
sudden interest in my personal sexual practices Samantha my
love?" I asked gently. "Oh, I was just wondering if you were in
the same state as mom has been, that's all" she replied. "How do
you mean, same state as your mother?" I responded. "Oh, well,
it's just that we sort of talk about how our love lives are
getting on, that's all" she said. "Just how much detail have you
been going in to darling?" I asked her, suddenly worried I might
be in trouble. Before she could answer I frowned, and added
"Samantha darling, I sincerely hope you haven't been telling your
mother all the things we've been doing. You did promise me it
would be our secret you know." Suddenly I was being looked in the
eye, and I saw a deep blush suffuse Sam's beautiful face. "Well,
actually daddy, I haven't really broken that promise, you see, I
didn't have to tell mom what I was doing because she was the one
that told me what I needed to get you to do for me. Like when you
did my first tummy rub when I had a painful period. I'd been
having them for a few days when I visited with Mom. I told her
what was happening, and she told me to see if I could get you to
rub my tummy for me."

An icy cold shiver ran down my spine when I realised what Sam was
saying to me. Thoughts of a deep dark prison cell loomed large in
my mind suddenly, and I felt the blood drain from my face as the
full import of her words hit me. Sam looked at me, suddenly
worried at the state I appeared to be in. she then leaned forward
and kissed me tenderly, saying "Don't look so worried daddy
darling, nothing is going to happen, I promise. Everything is
alright, honestly." I wasn't convinced, but I must have got some
colour back because Sam smiled at me as she continued, "I told
you how she suggested I rub my boobs against your back when you
stopped rubbing them better. We had a good giggle when she told
me how she used to rub against your back until she was too big to
get close enough to you. That's when she started to wake you up
in the middle of the night and ask you to massage her breasts." I
gave Sam a wry grin, "Well, it was a rotten job, but someone had
to do it I suppose darling" I replied, and she giggled into my
chest before placing a couple of warm wet kisses on my nipples.
"I suppose you getting your cherry popped was her idea as well" I
said somewhat ironically.

Sam blushed, "Oh, no daddy, that was my idea. Mind you, getting
you to spank me was her suggestion. You see darling, darling,
daddy, when I saw mom on Friday I felt so awful that I started to
cry almost as soon as I got into her car, and I didn't stop until
we got to her apartment. That's when it all came out, and I told
her what I'd done, and how I'd messed up, and how you didn't love
me any more, and how I wanted to go and live with her because I
couldn't stand having you hate me so much." By now Sam was in
tears, and I pulled her up a little higher and kissed them away,
before placing a tender loving kiss on her lips. "I never hated
you darling, it was just my way of showing how much you'd hurt
me, nothing else." Sam nodded, "That's what mom told me. She also
told me how stupid I was, and that I'd have been better off
seducing you and getting you to do it for me." She grinned when
she saw my smile, "I take it you didn't tell her I'd already
offered to be your first, but in my own time, did you?" Sam shook
her head, "Of course not daddy, I just asked her if I could ever
make you love me again, and what I'd have to do to get you back."

"That's why I came home and begged you to spank me for being so
stupid last week. The thing is daddy, mom asked me to call her
and tell her how everything turned out, but I didn't want to do
that until you said it was OK." I took a deep breath, held it for
a moment then let it out in an even deeper sigh. "Well baby,
since you seem to have told your mother all of our secrets
already, I don't suppose this one will make very much difference.
After all if she intends to get me put away, she's had plenty of
time to do it." Sam smiled, "Oh, that's the last thing she wants
daddy. You see darling, she still loves you. She knows how much
she hurt you, and wishes that she'd told you why it happened when
you asked her. It's just that she couldn't bring herself to tell
you the truth at the time." "What do you mean, tell me the truth.
Isn't that what she told me when I asked her why she'd done what
she did?" Sam shook her head slowly. "No daddy, you see what
happened was that Mark came to her one day and told her that
there was going to be an audit that would show that she'd taken a
lot of money out of the company. He told her he could put things
right but that it would cost her. mom checked through the
accounts, and found that there was over ten thousand dollars
missing, and that it was in accounts that she administered.
Rather than cause a fuss she decided to take the easy way out,
knowing that you'd never know about it because you were out of
town. The trouble was you came back early and caught them in

Sam giggled then said "You should have seen moms smile when she
told me how you smashed your fist into Marks face, and the lovely
sound his nose made when you broke it." I grimaced, then told Sam
how I'd broken my finger, but it still felt good to me too. "Well
daddy, a few days after mom moved out the auditors came in and
she told them what had happened, and that Mark had left town with
the money after putting the blame of her. The thing was daddy,
they already knew what was happening, which is why they were
there. You see, they'd been tracking the money as it was taken
out over a number of weeks, and had traced the one that was
stealing it through the records on the computer network. There
never was a case against Mom, but she didn't know that until it
was too late and the damage was done." I lay there, almost unable
to think straight. After a while I said "Samantha my love, are
you telling me that your mother knows that we're involved in a
sexual relationship?" She grinned and nodded, "Yes daddy, where
do you think I got all the ideas from?" "I still don't understand
why this house isn't being invaded by hordes of police wanting to
bang me up for life?" I said, still slightly shocked. Sam leaned
forward, kissed me and said in a whisper "Shhhhh, don't tell
anyone daddy, it's our special secret, no ones supposed to know
about it."

"Are you saying to me that you'd like for your mother to come
back and live with us again?" I asked. Sam nodded vigorously "Yes
daddy, I'd like that very much. I know mom feels the same, but
she's frightened to ask you in case you turn her away again. That
would destroy her." "There's something that would be destroyed if
she came back my love" I said, Sam looked at me, frowned and said
"What's that daddy?" I took her cheeks between my hands, kissed
her tenderly and said "Me and you, laying like this, and you
sleeping in my bed. Not to mention the wonderful sex we've been
planning, or at least I've been planning. You do realise all that
will have to stop if your mother is back in the family, don't
you?" Sam suddenly looked serious; "Daddy darling, if missing all
that means that you and mom will get back together, then I guess
we'll have to find some other way for me to get some regular
loving" she grinned, then continued "Daddy, I love the feel of
your penis inside me, but I'd sooner have moms arms round me
every day, and I'd much rather have the two of you keeping me
awake at night with her screams of pleasure every time you make
her cum." That made me chuckle, and she giggled at the same time.
"Well, OK darling, I'll see if I can think of some way to get her
to come and see us that won't put her off. I'd rather not push
things too hard, in case something's let slip about us." Sam
kissed me passionately, "Thanks daddy, I knew there was a reason
I loved you so much. I don't suppose you'd let me try to get you
back together and talking to each other, would you?"

I suddenly realised just how much this was meaning to her. I
didn't know she missed her mother quite so much, and I suppose
that was because she had such a lot of contact with her. It
struck me then, that that contact wasn't quite the same as having
a mother living at home, and that a father, no matter how good
and loving, could never take the place of a mother, no matter how
hard he tries. "Well, OK darling, I don't see why not. Just
remember not to try to force her to come. I'll go along with
anything you set up, so long as it happens here at home, and we
don't have to meet in an unnatural situation, understood?" "Yes
daddy, at home, doing what we normally do. I can live with that,
and I'm sure mom will too." Sam then sat up on my hips, smiled
lovingly at me and said "I guess it's OK for me to call mom and
tell her everything's OK between us?" "Yes of course it is
darling, and there's really no need to lie to her, especially if
she already knows what's going on" I replied, and a moment later
I was back to laying on my own, once more trying to relax after a
busy day in bed.

"Daddy" said Sam as we lay naked beside each other; we'd gone to
bed early at her behest, I supposed so that she could get in as
much love making as possible before her mother came to see us.
"Yes baby" I responded gently, as I ran my fingertips up and down
her soft smooth abdomen. "You know what you did to me yesterday,
tying me to the bed, and blindfolding me. Well, you said it would
be OK if I did it to you sometime, didn't you?" I grinned,
knowing what was coming. "Yes my love, I did say that, why?" Sam
rolled over and lay across my chest, looking me in the eye and
said "Can I do it tonight please darling? It felt so wonderful
when you made me cum, especially after everything else you did. I
just want to see if I can make it as good for you by doing the
same sort of thing." Knowing how much I used to enjoy just this
sort of thing with my ex wife I couldn't see anything wrong in
agreeing to what Sam wanted. Besides, as she said, I'd given her
the thrill of it the previous day, why shouldn't I have the same
today? "OK baby" I said softly "So long as the same rules apply
for me as for you." Sam kissed me, smiling broadly as she said
"Of course daddy, and why don't we use the same safe word as I
had?" I chuckled, "Well, I don't know Sam darling, it might have
been something that would make me stop, will it have the same
effect on what you're doing?" After kissing me passionately Sam
said in a soft voice "Daddy, I promise it will have a very great
deal of meaning for me, and will definitely affect my actions all
the time we're making love tonight."

Ten minutes later I was tied to the bed, my arms straight above
my head, and my feet at the bottom corners. Sam drew the sheet
over my naked body as she lay beside me, kissing my tenderly.
"Right daddy, time for the blindfold I guess. Then the fun
starts. Like you said to me darling, I'm going to do nothing to
hurt you, but you can stop me doing anything by using our safe
word, OK?" I looked into her eyes, smiled and nodded "Yes
darling, I trust you, just like you trusted me." With that Sam
covered my eyes with the soft silk scarf, passing it round the
back of my head and tying it at the front ensuring my complete
lack of vision for the next few minutes, or perhaps longer. I'd
already anticipated what Sam would do first, and that was to
leave the room and go to the bathroom for some reason, just as I
had the previous day. Despite my foreknowledge it still seemed a
long time before Sam returned, and I put it down to a long time
since this had happened, rather than to her stretching it out too
long. After all, she wanted to make love to me as much as I
wanted her to do it to me. I sighed as I heard the door open and
sensed Sam's presence next to me when she touched the edge of the
bed. The next thing I felt was the sheet being yanked off me,
baring my naked body to her view, and actually making her issue a
soft gasp as if it was something unusual.

Very gently a body sat on the bed beside me, and a soft warm hand
began to trace circles across my chest, flicking my nipples, and
scratching at my coarse hairs. That this also started to fill my
cock with blood made her giggle softly, and I felt her fingertips
move quickly down my abdomen until they were combing through my
coarse pubic hair and gently stroking at the suddenly hard
throbbing shaft of my now erect cock. After spending a few
minutes caressing my genitals her hand came up my body once more,
and I felt her soft warm lips attach themselves to my nipples,
turn and turn about, until the were as swollen and engorged as
hers would have been under the same treatment. On and on it went,
kissing, stroking, pinching and flicking at my nipples, then
moving back down to my cock which she quickly took in her mouth
and began to suck on like a Hoover. Not wanting to cum in her
mouth, knowing it would take me ages to get back to some sort of
potency, and thus spoiling the rest of the evening for her, I
decided to try to get her to stop. The only way that would happen
was if I used the safe word, so I decided to do it, not knowing
if she would actually obey it. "No Sam, 'Mommies Watching'" I
gasped, and sure enough I was free from her sucking maw in a
moment or two. The next thing I felt was a tight, warm and very
wet vaginal sheath engulfing my recently abandoned cock, and a
loud gasp of pleasure being uttered as I was taken to my full
length inside her.

That's when I began to panic, as I felt someone climbing on the
bed beside my chest, then felt and smelled a hot wet pussy being
lowered on to my protesting mouth as Sam gasped "No daddy, mom
isn't watching, she's joining me on your cock while I get eaten
out by your expert tongue." Seconds later I was unable to make
any protest as I was gagged by a swollen and sopping wet teenage
pussy that just demanded to be eaten, and I decided that,
whatever else was happening I was going to concentrate on doing
just that. It didn't take long for Sam to reach her climax. I
guess the fact of having her mother sitting behind her impaled on
my hard throbbing cock, had something to do with it, but I also
knew that she was extremely horny from all the touchy feely we'd
indulged in during the day. I wasn't therefore surprised when Sam
suddenly exploded in orgasm, her cries of ecstasy loud enough to
wake the dead let alone the neighbours. Her orgasm was the
trigger for mine, and as I was receiving a flood of her orgasmic
juices in my mouth, and over my chin, I gave a loud cry,
effectively muffled by her pussy lips, and began to shoot a
massive stream of hot sticky semen deep into my ex wife's
receptive body. This of course caused a cascade of orgasms, and
as the first of my wads of cum spattered against her cervix Trish
screamed out as her own climax overtook her senses, making her
collapse against Sam's back, almost knocking her over, and off my

After a few moments Sam scrambled from off me. And from under her
mother, allowing Trish to lay full length on my body, and letting
my slowly softening cock to slip from the tight sheath of her
pussy as she slid off me and lay by my side. I then felt the soft
touch of Trish's lips as they attached themselves to mine in a
soft warm passionate kiss, closely followed by a short session of
having my chin and cheeks licked clean of Sam's orgasmic
effusion. "Mmmm, I didn't realise Sam would taste quite so
wonderful Jack darling" she said softly, then I gasped as I felt
Sam's tongue begin to work it's way up and down my flaccid cock,
as she cleaned up her mothers and my combined cum. "And I never
knew just how tasty daddies cum would taste if it was mixed with
yours, either Mom" Sam replied from behind her mother, who was
now laying across my chest as she looked down into my eyes. Trish
smiled at me as I looked up into the depths of her beautiful blue
eyes, almost losing myself as I remembered what it used to be
like when I did this every morning. "I don't suppose this would
be a good time to ask you to forgive me for being so stupid all
those years ago Jack darling?" she said softly, "You see darling,
I was so ashamed of what I'd done to you, and of what was
happening to me at work, I just couldn't tell you about it. I
didn't want you two to be dragged into the humiliation I was
going to be experiencing when I was put in prison for stealing
the companies money. I guess I was just too stupid to realise
nothing was going to happen to me until it was too late, and we
were actually divorced."

I smiled lovingly up at her, "That's very easy for me to do Trish
darling" I said softly "The one thing that does bother me is how,
what Sam and I have been doing, is going to affect your wish to
come back home?" By now Sam was laying beside me, her head
resting on my arm, which she'd untied as I was talking to Trish,
and she began to giggle as she turned on her side to snuggled up
close to me. "Oh dearest, darling Jack" gasped Trish as she also
giggled into me chest "Where do you think Sam got all her ideas
from?" I shook my head slowly as I said "I just thought she'd
been listening to her friends at school, and wanted to try things
out. Apart from the tummy rubbing, and rubbing her sore boobies
when she was younger." Trish placed another soft sweet kiss on my
lips, "Well, of course she did darling, but she always talked to
me about what she heard at school, and I told her what really
happened, or how something really felt, then I got her to ask you
to show her. After all darling, we both knew that you'd never do
anything to hurt her, no matter how much she got you to do for
her." "And you never did daddy" put in Sam as she pressed her
naked breasts against the side of my chest. "In the end" said
Trish, "It became a bit of a game to see just how far Sam could
get you to go before you felt enough was enough." Trish looked up
at Sam and smiled, "Then of course, the silly thing went a little
bit too far, and almost lost you. You wouldn't believe how hard I
had to work to get her back in your loving arms. What happened
yesterday morning was the result as you know. And me being here
now is a result of what the two of you did."

I smiled at this, "Yes, well, I suppose I should have seen
something like this coming, even if only from the way Sam was so
eager to agree to the conditions I laid down. I can't even say
she did anything wrong, because she only did as I said, assuming
you take my words at their loosest possible meaning." Sam giggled
into my chest "To be honest daddy, I had to think long and hard
to come up with this plan. And it seems I got it right first
time, didn't I?" "Yes you did my love" I said softly, "The only
thing that is going to bother me is what happens with you and me
if your mother comes back. I'm not really happy with your early
suggestion, it wouldn't be fair to you, now would it?" Sam looked
up at me, tears filling her eyes, as she said "I told you daddy,
I don't care about that, so long as mom and you get back
together. I can always go and find a guy from school, there's
plenty of them been trying to get into my pants for ages. I'm
sure I can find one that I can teach to be as good a lover as you
are." "That's just it darling" I said softly "The reason you got
me making love to you in the first place was so you didn't have
to take that sort of risk. Even being on the pill won't be any
sort of protection, especially if one of them gets a little over
eager one night."

"What on earth are you two talking about?" put in Trish as I
paused for a moment. Sam looked at her and said "Well Mom, daddy
said that we'd have to stop making love if you came back, and I
told him that it didn't matter, because I'd rather have you back
than keep on sleeping with him." Trish looked at me, then at Sam
and said "I don't suppose anyone thought to ask me what I
thought, did they?" and before either Sam or I could answer she
continued "Jack darling, I'm afraid that if you made that
decision, I'm going to have to tell you I won't be coming back.
It wouldn't be fair on Sam, or on you, if my presence was to
bring your lovemaking to an end, especially as I'm the one that
got the two of you started in the first place." Trish looked at
me, she kissed me, then said softly "I'm serious Jack darling, if
you have me back, it's on the understanding that Sam sleeps in
the same bed and makes love to you at least as much as I do." She
grinned, then added "At least, she'll probably make love to you
more than me because she's so much younger and fitter than I am,
and also probably gets horny far more than I ever will, being a
teenager and all."

I looked at Sam as she lay beside me. "Well Sam darling, I guess
it's up to you. Is that what you'd like to happen my love?"

Sam looked at me, her eyes misty with tears as she said "Please


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