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Title: Please Dont Leave Me
Keywords: mF, mdom, inc, mom, son, humil
Author: Caesar

Please Don't Leave Me

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:27 $
"I met someone else."

Her eyes immediately started to water as she stared at the flower and
vase between us.

I had picked this restaurant because I knew she loved it, good food,
quiet and intimate, and for my sake, cheap. Though the place was
dark, dim, and with the round tables well spaced, I looked around to
ensure no one was paying us any attention. There wasn't.

I passed a napkin across the table and shoved it into her hand. More
of a silent request at decency and discretion. She took it and held
it palm up in her hand, now staring at the bright red cloth.

Another reason I told her his in public, hoping she would not make a
'scene'. It that not the cliche of all breakup's?

She had to know this was coming - our home has been stressful and we
have argued much more in the last year.

Yet, I did love her. Never doubt that!

She had always been the most important woman in my life and to hurt her like this was painful, for the both of us. Yet I can not stop how
I feel about Trish - a girl I met in my Advanced Economics class at

I was trying to be honest here - to pretend otherwise, to love two
women was being dishonest to both. And since I had to chose, I had
come to the decision that I wanted to be with Trish. It was the only
logical path.

The pain I saw across the table, in my mothers eyes, crushed my heart
and I felt lower than dirt. I knew this was not going to be easy, but
I never conceived how painful it was to see the pain on my parents face.

After a very long pause and then a fateful deep breath, mother spoke
up, "What is her name?" Her voice almost cracked with emotion.

I didn't want to tell her - feeling this was some type of betrayal,
but then I realized that it could not hurt. Could it?

"Her name is Trish."

Mother simply nodded. Perhaps it was 'real' when a name was attached
to this moment. Did mother hate this woman she had never met?

Mom dried her eyes with the cloth napkin and then looked up at me.
"What was it - why is this happening?"

There was no answer... or many. I gave a very unsatisfactory
response, I shrugged.

"Is she pretty?"

It was my turn to stare down at the checker-patterned table-top before

"I suppose she is younger than I?"

I heard a sob and looked up to find mom trying very hard to still the
emotions starting to surface.


Her watered blurred eyes looked into mine, "What is it James... what
do you want me to say?"

Did she really want an answer to this question? "Nothing mom... there
is nothing to say." I wanted to say that I was sorry, but of course I

"I think we should go now." I couldn't agree with her more and caught
the attention of the waiter.


Mom and I became lovers when I was fourteen. Dad had left us nearly a
year before that and the emotions of that abandonment still echoed
through us.

It was actually rather anti-climatic in that we were two lonely people
that naturally sought each other out for friendship and understanding
when, completely unintended, we became lovers.

At the time I thought I was the luckiest guy alive. How many other
guys have regular sex at that age - well some, but not nearly as many
as some may think. I did though... under mothers terms of course.

She would come to my room three times a week, on average, and lay
naked with me beneath the covers, stroking me to hardness, kissing
passionately. I always slept naked after we became lovers. Then she
would either straddle my lap or pull me above her and we would 'make
love'. That is what she called it, what she demanded I call it - it
was 'crude' otherwise. It always started out slow and smooth - and
speed up as the minutes past. Only infrequently did it get so wild
that our bodies slap and those liquid sounds emulated from between our
joined bodies. Though, each time it reached such heights of passion,
I found extreme pleasure every time.

When it was over, mother liked for me to lay with her, my soft penis
still within her body, our lips seeking each other. It was that time
that I often enjoyed her breasts and nipples - taking time to savour
the taste and feel of them while mother lay in her glow of bliss.

The next morning it was like nothing had happened, I was again the
teenage son with the stern mother. Sexual contact or advances were
forbidden - our roles had been defined long before we became lovers,
and they stayed that way.


Mom ignored me throughout the ride home, looking out the rained
blurred window of her car as I drove.

When we entered the house, she quickly stripped off her jacket and
strode down the hallway to the kitchen. Anxious, I'm sure, to be away
from me.

Perhaps I should stay at Trish's tonight? We had never spent the
whole night together, but should would not deny me could she?

Then I heard mothers stomping feet as she stroke down another hallway
to her bedroom and slammed the door.

As you can tell, it was a little tense.

Sighing, I took my jacket off and went to my own room.



I was drawn out of my slumber to look up at the shadow over my bed, it
was mom of course. "Mom?" I rubbed my tired eyes.

The tension in the room was high, and I knew immediately that she had
not come here to 'make love', as was our customary way.

I heard a sob and realized she was crying quite heavily.

"You can't leave me baby."

Slowly I sat up, leaving my blanket covering my lap - I was naked, as
some things are ingrained into us through time.

The strange thing about her last statement was that it wasn't a
question - she simply told me this. Did she think me a child, a
teenager still?


She interrupted gently, "Let me finish please."

I didn't know she hadn't.

Mom leaned down and felt in the darkness of my room for the edge of my
bed, finding me closer to the centre, she slowly sat down.

"I had always known you will meet someone else someday baby." I felt
her cool hand find mine in the darkness and she held me in a tight
grip. "I knew that a mother and son... well, could not live forever
as we had been doing."

I wanted to tell her that I was no longer a boy, but a man and living
in her home under her strict rules was no longer what I wanted. The
words did not come out.

"You are my son... you will always be my son. I had ignored what the
future must hold for me - that you will leave me alone." She let go
of my hand. "I knew you would meet someone else... a girl half my

Mom stood again, and I felt, rather than saw her in this darkened
room, her tears and pain.

"If there is anything I can do James... and I mean anything!" She
said that last word with so much passion that I doubted her not.
"There is no one else for me James, and I can not bear to be alone."

"Mom...?" I was about to tell her that I would visit after I left
home, that she would meet someone else.

She interrupted again, impassioned in getting her point across, "I
know things can not stay the same in our home, that your turning into
a man... but I am still a woman and I know I can make you happy."

Oh god, she was here to prostitute herself to me - for me to change my
mind about Trish. In my wildest thoughts I never imagined she would
'lower' herself this way, act totally out of character.

In the last three months mom hasn't come to my room and so we had not
had sex in that time. The months before that, our nighttime sexual
escapades were simply a physical release for the both of us while our
days became more strained. Did mother simply think all that could be

I saw her shadow lower and realized that she was getting on her knees
beside my bed. What the hell?

"Baby... give me a chance okay... I'll do anything... please?"

Mother was begging for me not to leave her? Oh god, why did she have
to go and make this so god damned difficult?

Strange that anger should come to me at that moment rather than
empathy or pity, the state of our relationship I suppose.

I opened my mouth to tell her to get the hell out of my room but the
words never came. Instead, a thick tension had filled my bedroom and
I could hear mothers heavy breathing and could almost feel the ripples
of the air as she trembled with emotion.

What the hell does she want from me any ways? To live like a boy with
him mom for the rest of my fucking life? Hell, I get my degree in a
few months and will probably start a job right after that. Am I
supposed to live at home like her little boy forever?

I threw off the covers from my body and rolled so that I was now
sitting up on the edge of my bed directly facing mother. I had
thought to escape from this situation - maybe to go to the basement
and work out or to the kitchen for something to drink, anything to
escape the impossible situation that mother had put me in.

Then I felt her old small hand fumble between my strong thighs and I
froze for just a second. Long enough for her hands to find my soft
member hanging down past my balls aiming to the hardwood floor below.
Expertly, with much experience I may add, she squeezed and stroked me.

What the hell was she doing - did she think rolling me on top of her
for a tumble will change my mind about Trish? Hell, Trish was a
better lover than mom easily. And embarrassing as it is to admit, sex
was one of the prime motives for choosing my girlfriend over my
mother. Hell, I had never heard a woman scream till Trish!

Then mom crawled on the hardwood floor toward me and leaned in. I
felt her warm wet tongue lick my circumcised penis head.

I was stunned - we had been lovers for nearly seven years and never
once had she done this!

Her warm lips took my soft cock to the root and suckled me.

I groaned with the virgin pleasure of it and my cock quickly hardened
within mothers sucking mouth.

Her head bobbed before me, my cock, now rock hard, moving in and out
of her wonderful mouth. Though I may look back and realize that she
was as awkward and inexperienced as I was at that moment, it still
felt exquisite.

Only yesterday I had sex with Trish - so I was able to enjoy this
momentous occasion for a rather long time. Minutes meant nothing in
the darkness but it must have been fifteen or twenty minutes before I
felt the familiar tightening of my balls and the tension deep in my
gut. Did mother realize what was about to happen, should I warn her?
I could feel, rather than see, her weary movements and sore jaw and
tongue, but could also feel her resolve to keep sucking upon me till I

I began to orgasm into her mouth, mother had stopped bobbing her face
and only held the sensitive head of my prick between her lips, she
swallowed every drop of my essence loudly.

Mom always knew when I was about to orgasm. Perhaps it was the sounds
I made, or maybe my dick got larger or something. But before today,
whens he rode me, she always controlled when I orgasmed by her
movements and hidden inner muscles. We had often came together, in
the darkness.

She sat back and I could hear her licking her lips. Did a drop of my
sperm cling to her lips or chin? The thought of it excited me rather
violently, to my surprise.

"Get out mom."

I'm not sure what she may have thought she was going to accomplish by
sucking me off - and I certainly enjoyed it - but I had not changed my
mind about Trish. It was a decision I had made a month before and it
could not lightly change.

Mom crawled from the floor and I heard her sobs of grief as she half
ran down the hallways to her room.


I slept in on purpose, so as to miss mom that next morning - it would
be an awkward encounter, I imagined. Her schedule was always precise
and mother was out the door and on her way to work at seven thirty
each and every work day. Without fail.

Besides I had spares in my class schedule till one in the afternoon.

So it was a surprise when I came down the stairs to find her in robe
and bare feet in the kitchen at nine in the morning.

Her head turned and she smiled brightly, "Hello James. Bacon and eggs
or pancakes?"

I must have stood there with my mouth open, caught unprepared by her
appearance. Thankfully I had slipped on an old pair of running shorts
before descending.

Slipping into a chair in the kitchen nook, I mumbled, "Pancakes." She
turned back to the counter, where, I saw, she had all the ingredients
for both orders laid out and prepared. I could not tell you the last
time she had made me breakfast - not even to the year.

I just had to ask, "Why aren't you at work mom?"

With her back to me she shrugged and calmly said, "I called in and
told them that I quit."


She turned her head and our eyes met, "Your more important than
anything else in my life James!" I thought she was going to start to
break out crying but the moment passed and that foreign glow returned
to her face.

Though I was never privy to her financial situation, I knew we had
never had any need or want for anything that money could buy. I
suppose you could say mom and dad were upper middle class - with many
assets and a large disposable income. Other than her driven and
energetic character and the fact that mom had always 'worked', I
suppose she did not have too if she did not want too.

"Oh, I wanted to get your opinion?" She licked a drop of batter from
the tip of her finger then pulled two single pages of paper from the
counter and brought them to me. Slowly she laid each out, next to the
other, before me.

I stared down at the torn out pages of a lingerie magazine. "Do you
think I would look good in that...?" She pointed at a young model wearing stockings, a garter and a teddy with heels - all black.
"...Or that?" The other had a tall pretty young woman wearing white
lace of a thong bikini and bra, the shade of her pubic and nipples
easily seen, she also wore white thigh-high stockings.

It was shocking, and so out of character, that I simply sat there
looking at each picture and back up to mother for a couple of minutes.
Mother stood next to me, ignoring my surprise and waiting for an

I had to give some response, and mumbled, "Both."

Her smiled widened, "Perfect. I'll get these while your at school
today." She retrieved the pages and returned them back to the
counter. "If you wish, I will model these for you tonight baby?" She
did not wait for a response and continued with making me breakfast.


It had been a strange, alien even, morning. mother rushing about
preparing me breakfast, while not eating a thing herself. Then
rushing abut to clean up. About that time I had noticed her robe had
loosened enough for me to see that she was naked beneath - she caught
me looking and instead of the cold look I would have gotten the day
before, smiled almost invitingly toward me. I rushed out of there and
up to the bathroom for a shower - anxious to escape.

I thought she may have come in to the bathroom - I was ready for
anything at that point. But she had let me soak for twenty minutes
when I came out of the steaming room to find clean clothing laid out
upon my bed for me.

This was getting fucking strange.

Mother had always stated she wanted me to be able to take care of
myself - to the point that we each did our own laundry, usually ate
separate meals and other than the housekeeper coming in twice a week,
did chores about the house.

I dressed in what was laid out - why shouldn't I, it was exactly what
I would wear anyway! Jeans, white socks and one of my favourite

Hearing her in her own room, I tactically snuck out of my room, down
the hall and stairs and quietly through the back door. It was still
two hours till class, but I would rather be waiting in a lounge on
campus than sitting in my home with the strange vibes that came from


I even got home late.

"Hi baby!" mom came rushing around the corner from the living room,
wearing a loose skirt and blouse. She rushed right up to me and
hugged me firmly - I never reciprocated and so she disengaged quickly.

She stood back a meter and smiled up toward me, "How was classes?"

"Fine." I guess.

"I'm glad your home?"

Why, so she can model lingerie designed for a woman and body half her
age? I was rather sullen as you may tell.

I dropped my bag of books and jacket by the door and looked to see if
mother would protest - she always disagreed with leaving my things by
the front door. mom didn't even seem to notice.

Mom's mood could not be quelled, and she grabbed my hand and dragged
me into the living room. I half expected to see lingerie laid out
ready for a 'show'. But all I saw was a book, upon the couch and the
fire roaring away.

Gently she pushed me down to the couch, moved the book and sat right
next to me, with one ankle under her ass as she faced me.

"Is there anything you want to do tonight baby?"

What did she mean - like telling her I wanted only to be left alone?"

For the first time I looked into her eyes - they held a foreign
perkiness and a hint of... fear perhaps.

I never said a word and mother purposely let her eyes down down to my
lap before returning to stare at me. I never said a word, not sure
what to say. Then both her hands reached out and she unbuckled and
unzipped my jeans, yanking them down enough so that my soft member
tasted the chill night air.

Mom bent at the waist and her mouth opened.

Just before my cock was engulfed, for a second time in less than
twenty-four hours, I stopped her.

She sat back up, her face red. Was it embarrassment or shame - I
could not tell? Her eyes though, looked from my soft exposed penis to
my eyes, and back.

Then a single tear ran down her left cheek and her voice cracked as
she lost her self control, the perkiness was gone, "Give me a chance
James - I will do anything to make you happy!"

I had made my decision weeks before and only yesterday had I the nerve
to tell her that decision. I understood that she was a desperate
woman, feeling rejected most certainly, and fearful perhaps of being
alone. Yet, I would never have guessed that desperation would drive
her to this.

Mom slipped off the couch and onto her knees before me. "Remember
what you told me years ago, that 'every guy thinks about fucking their
mother' but you get too?" She deftly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled
it aside to reveal her naked chest beneath. "I know I have been
selfish baby but that is going to change." With the blouse forgotten
upon the thick carpet beside her, she unzipped the rear zipper and
wiggled out of the skirt - it lay around her knees - she had not worn
panties either.

"Give me a chance and I'll be the woman you need."

This time when she leaned forwards, I did not stop her.


The movie ended and I reached for the remote to shut it off - it had
been a 'guy flick' and mother had again surprised me by sitting
quietly through it.

Mothers head lay upon my shoulder and she wore only a soft smile -
nothing else since she disrobed kneeling before me a couple of hours
before. The half-eaten bowl of chips lay next to the empty can of pop
next to my arm. She sat up and stretched, her head turning to me for
a wide smile.

Mom stood up and reached for the bowl and can but I spoke up stopping
her, "Leave those mom."

She immediately seemed to forget what she had been reaching for, "Of
course baby." She stood there naked and patient before me.

It was like looking upon her for the first time - seeing her standing
silently there as I starred openly at her nudity. I took in every
inch of her body, seeing it in detail like I had not seen it in years.
She had aged since our first night we had been intimate years before,
but I had to agree there was a supple eroticism about a mature woman
as attractive as my mother. "Turn slowly for me mom."

Given free reign, it felt natural to direct my desire to her.

She whispered, "For you baby." I could almost feel the tension in the
room rise, and her barely contained pleasure at this first action on
my part for what she hopped and begged for.

Mom turned slowly and paused with her back to me. I always enjoyed
her ass, full and soft - a generous handful - but perfectly
proportioned. She was like some Italian Renaissance woman in a

Finally she was again facing me. Waiting.

The minutes slowly passed and the silence seemed to multiply the
tension. Did she imagine that by loosing her inhibitions about sexual
contact outside our midnight encounters to be enough to change my

Yet there was the dark brown curls between her legs. Naturally formed
in an inverted triangle, and with a generous growth. I've never
really looked at that part of her before - never been allowed too.

Nothing, seemed, to be forbidden any longer. In fact, I guessed
mothers desperation could give me more power in our relationship than
I ever thought possible.

My hand slipped out and I heard mothers gasp as she held her breath.
The hand, palm up, slipped between her soft smooth thighs and lifted
upwards to cup her sex.

I've felt her with my hands many times, sometimes even using my
fingers on her clitoris to bring her to conclusion. Rarely had I been
allowed to do what I was about to do.

Something had changed between us - and I don't just mean the blow
jobs. mother and I had always been respectful of each others pleasure
- my hard cock her wet pussy. Every midnight visit she would ensure I
orgasmed and I had learnt, that if she did not orgasm at the same time
as I, then I would use my fingers to complete the job. These visits
were about pleasure after all.

Yet, now, we had changed.

The proof of that was that I did not check to see if mothers sex was
wet before I slipped my middle finger deep into her.

She sighed and stiffened.

I was surprised to find that her sex was indeed wet, not as wet as she
got when we had sex but definitely wet enough to take my finger.

I looked up at her, "Is this what you want mom - for me to use you?"
My finger was now moving in and out of her roughly.

Her eyes came to mine and she smiled, "Oh yes baby... I can think of
nothing else that I want more!"

What the hell did that mean?

I'm not sure why, but I was getting angry. "Pinch your nipples mom."
I have never talked to her this way before! Treated her this way.

It felt good!

Her hands immediately came up and cupped each of her 'B' cup breasts,
each thumb and forefinger squeezing her dark brown nipples.

Mom's eyes never left my face - while I now looked up at her abused

This was a new woman - her desperation had changed her. I hate to
admit it but it was exciting.

Her sex was getting wetter and I saw her nipples harden under the
abuse. When I looked up to her face I saw that she wore a little
smile... happiness.

Mother honestly thought this was the way to keeping me.

I had an idea and slipped my finger from her body and slowly brought
it up to her chest. mom watched as I coated the tip of each of her
hard nipples, thrust as they were between her thumb and finger, with
her juices. Then I ordered, "Feed me your tits mom." I had never
called her breasts 'tits'... ever.

Her smile widened and she leaned over to bring me her breasts. First
one, cupping only the underside to aim it perfectly, the hard damp
nipple slipped between my lips. I tasted her and felt the wrinkled
hardness of her excitement. It wasn't the first taste of her sex, as
I had sampled it from my fingers in the past, but the first time with
her present. And most certainly the first time tasting it directly
from her person.

She watched me silently, her breathing rapid and hash. mom moaned as
I sucked roughly on the nipple for a minute before teasing it with my
tongue and lips for another minute. When I lifted my face from that
teat she immediately shifted and brought me the other.

This time when I disengaged from her teat, she stood upright and
waited patiently for my next request. It was not long in coming.

There is something I've always fantasied about with mom - something
that I've never seen her do. "Your turn mom...!" Did she understand?

She looked at me blankly - I could see the desire within her to do
what I asked but she had no comprehension for what that was. I felt a
smile, perhaps nerves, as I added, "... get those nipples wet." Her
smile turned sly and I saw the twinkle in her eye that she understood
what I was asking.

One breast fell back to her chest as the hand slide down past her soft
stomach and into the bush between her legs. mom squatted lewdly
before me and I watched the knuckles of her hand move between her
thighs. A sigh of pleasure echoed through the room at the actions of
her own hand. She did this for perhaps thirty seconds before slowly
removing her hand.

Mother held up her hand with two very wet slimy fingers between us -
evidence of her actions to my command. Then she brought those slimy
fingers up to her chest. Holding up the generous soft teat in one
hand she coated the hard dark brown nipple - one finger per.

Again holding both breasts up and forwards, mom leaned in and again
fed me one at a time. For some reason they tasted better now that her
juice had come from her own fingers.

As I sucked, licked and nibbled on mothers breasts my hand had
returned to between her legs. The middle two fingers began to frig
her frantically.

Soon she was moaning with pleasure and moving her hips up and down in
time to my fucking fingers.

When I pulled back this time, I disengaged my mouth and my hand. I
looked mom over and saw that her brow was wet with sweat and inside
her thighs with pussy juice. mom was still holding up her tits,
perhaps to steady them for me to again coat with my slimy fingers -
but I had other ideas.

This time as I lifted them, I ignored her thrusting nipples and held
it centimetres from her lips. "Its good mom - taste."

I saw a spark of surprise in her eyes and a little of the mother I
knew, perhaps this could be interpreted to be disgust. But it lasted
a brief second before she leaned her head forwards, opened her lips,
and took one of my fingers to the third knuckle and sucked fiercely.
She sucked that for a brief moment then did the same to the other.
Finally, seeing that I had not removed my fingers from before her
face, she took both digits in her mouth and began to fellatio them as
she had done with my cock twice in the last day.


She lay upon the low coffee table and had her eyes closed as she
stroked the slit between her legs. "Squeeze your tits." She brought
one hand up to squeeze her generous flesh globes.

I was enjoying commanding mother - finding her a perfect receptacle
for a desire I never even realized existed.

At first I had sat at the foot of the coffee table and watched her
masturbate - this being what I had always fantasied about. But soon I
was walking about the table slowly, taking in the sight of her
pleasure from every angle.

"Rub your clit again mom." The hand that had roughly fondled her
breast slipped back down between her thighs. The other hand was
plunging two fingers in and out of her body while the other rapidly
fondled the red enlarged clitoris.

I leaned down and spoke right next to her ear, "Is this what you want
mom - to do everything I tell you?"

Without stopping or opening her eyes she gasped out with much passion,

I stated the unspoken, "Do you think becoming a... slave", the word
just fit, though I would never have thought it of my domineering
parent before that moment, "... a sex slave will get me to dump

Her fingers never paused but mother never said a word. There really
was no need - the answer was obvious.

Had she thought that her wish to please her only son would lead her to
the path of a sexual servant? I would never have guessed such a thing
and a large part of my consciousness still doubted it.

I knelt next to her head and held my hard cock firmly, while looking
down at what my mother and my lover had become, all in the need to
keep me for herself, I began to stroke myself.

Her eyes finally opened, and they looked both sad and excited as they
intensely watched my hand move up and down my hard shaft. If this was
the game she was willing to play - to use her body, her... submission,
to excite me... to bind me to her, she will have to take it full

Mothers passion was rising, the familiar sounds of her pleasure
echoing through the room and the sight of her was of a woman in
obvious heightened pleasure. My own was gaining on her - perhaps with
the anticipated pleasure in what I was about to do.

"Come for me mommy!" I was impassioned as well - I never called her
'mommy'. Especially while we were intimate.

Moms back arched upwards on the table and a scream started low down in
her chest and rose both in volume and location as mother began to

It was the first time I heard her scream out with orgasm - even after
the years of orgasms spent together.

It was almost as if I had set off her orgasm by my instruction and
that was enough for me to start to come as well! The first blast
splatted against the side of her face, her cheek, nose and jaw. The
second and remainder of my spend pumped out upon her closest breast.

Never before had I shot upon her face or bosom before - though had
imagined it.

Mother gasped in surprise or maybe in disgust, at least that would be
the reaction I would have guessed her to have, and watched my cock
pump and jerk its contents upon her body. If anything I was surprised
at how long her own pleasure lasted and when my dick stopped jerking
she was clenching every muscle in her body and squealing with pleasure
for at least another thirty seconds.


I saw the disappointment when I had told her to go to her own bed and
I will retire to my own. It had been a long day and I had enough of
these games from mother. Besides, I was sated.

Did she think a few orgasms from me will entice me to change the path
that I've chosen for myself?

But, I realized, it may be something else other than simply my dick -
her submission. Could it be that deep?

I lay in bed for at least two hours, remembering the new-found
pleasures that I had enjoyed in the last day and alternating between
anger and lust toward my mother.


Saturday morning was uneventful - as if the 'old' mother than I had
always known had returned. She ran around the house, doing the
laundry and vacuuming, in old sweat pants and a baggy tee-shirt. I
did notice her sideways glances at me throughout the day - but I
ignored her as best I could.


The stress of remembering how mother and I had fornicated without
borders only yesterday had built up within me till just before
lunchtime where I found mother in the kitchen chopping lettuce for a


She turned immediately and her eyes seemed to become brighter and most
certainly more attentive. "Yes Baby?"

Suddenly I lost my nerve - I wanted to have her strip and kneel on the
tiled floor so I could fuck her. But that would be weak, and
dishonest as well - as I had no intention of dumping Trish for my own
mother. Instead I stumbled my words and asked, "What's for lunch?"

Some of that spark disappeared from her eyes. "Tuna salad."

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, some dark place in my
heart forced the following words, "How does it feel to be a slut mom?"

I instantly regretted my words. If I had no intention of staying with
mom, why torment her like this?

Her gray-blue eyes watered immediately and she took several quick
gulps of breath as if to steady herself. With a trembling voice she
finally answered, "You tell me?" Her eyes, though blurred, were
glaring at me - a spark of the mother I had always known.

I forced a smile - I had started this verbal war and had no intention
of loosing it, regardless of how much I regretted it. "I like
it... but its not working mom."

She just stood there staring at me and I thought she was going to
raise her voice, yell and maybe even swear, which she does only when
she got incredibly angry. No, instead she took one long breath and
let it out slowly before replying, "What else can I do to convince you
not to leave me?"

It was obvious from the look on her face that she was very serious.

I stumbled - as I had no idea what to say. So, after an awkward
pause, I said the first thing that came to my mind - "You can throw
out those ugly sweats for starters."

Mother looked down with a surprised blank expression at her aged gray
sweat pants. Before she looked back up to me she quickly hooked her
thumbs into the elastic waist-band and shoved them down her legs and
quickly kicked them over to the other side of the kitchen. mother stood in her plain cotton panty and mid-thigh length worn tee-shirt.
She looked back up at me as if to ask if there was anything else?

It felt as if I should say something, "You have wonderful legs mom -
you should show them off more." She merely nodded and bit her bottom
lip with her teeth - it was one of her nervous habits.

My hand lifted slowly and moved toward mothers chest and suddenly
paused inches from its destination. In the past, such touches outside
the confines of our mid-night rendezvous were taboo. I saw that she
was watching my hand anxiously and when I again looked down to her
shirt, her nipples had hardened to obvious points beneath the thin

With added strength my hand moved the last few inches and I cupped her
one beast in my open palm. mother sighed as soon as I touched her and
I felt her gently press her torso toward and against me.

Barely a minute of roughly squeezing her one breast, I withdrew my
hand and ordered, "Take off your tee-shirt mom."

Immediately she lifted it over her head and threw it behind her,
already forgotten most likely.

"I think you should shave your pits too." mother frowned for only a
couple of seconds then nodded her acceptance. Since mom had sparse
hair, below her head, she never saw the need to shave the hair beneath
her arms. It had always disgusted me a little.

Mother had not worn a bra, rarely does when she worked around the
house, and so now stood with only her big ugly cotton panty and short
white socks.

Her dark brown nipples were rock hard and looked almost painful.

I reached out to one of her soft hips this time, my thumb hooking on
the bottom of the elastic band of her panty. I yanked it up so that
the side of her white cotton underwear gathered together. "I always
liked your figure mom - you should wear panties that don't hide your
curves." She just looked at me as I withdrew my thumb from her
under-garment. "Take it off."

Quickly she hooked her thumbs into her panties and as she had done
with her sweat pants, kicked them out of sight very quickly.

Now she stood breathing heavily before me wearing only short white

The silence, and my scrutiny, must have been too intense for mother,
breathlessly she asked, "Want me to take off my socks baby?"

I thought about it for a few seconds while admiring her lower
extremities. "No... shows off your small ankles and feet. Leave them
on for now."

Mother smiled shyly, "Yes baby."

I caught her eye and gave one more command, "Go finish my lunch for me

Her smile widened, the ageing creases at the corners of her mouth and
beneath her eyes, let me know that this was genuine.

Mom spun about and wearing nothing but short white socks finished
making my lunch. I sat at the breakfast table and watched her the
whole time.


I tried to tell myself that I had only been telling her what to do to
make herself more attractive. Since I was soon moving out - mother may want to try and find another man in her life.

Yet as soon as I thought of mom in the arms, wearing nothing but her
white socks as her son had taught her, of someone else - a man - I
crushed that thought with sudden jealous rage.

Mother had fed me lunch, then disappeared for a short while and when
she returned I noticed that the sparse hair beneath her arm pits had
been shaved clean. She went about her Saturday chores wearing a wide
shy smile and her socks - nothing else.

She may have an aged body but I spent much of my time that afternoon
watching her. I also spent much of my time feeling confused and
doubting what I had thought was the unshakable path that I had chosen
for myself.


When I opened the door to my darkened home I knew mother had waited up
for me.

The date with Trish had gone well, a movie and then back to her place
for a nice long fuck. It was, as usual, vanilla - with the beautiful
twenty year-old bouncing up and down upon my lap till I orgasmed
within her. She had come twice to my one.

It wasn't that I was thinking about mothers mature body instead of
Trish's - but I was thinking about what mother had promised
me... anything! I kept placing mother on my lap above me, bouncing
lewdly to some invisible tune, and thinking what I could have her do -
what I could command her.

Then there was the random feelings of guilt as Trish and I made love -
only yesterday I had experienced my first blowjob... with my mother.

Mother came to the foyer as I was taking my jacket off, she wore a
short silk kimono that I've never seen before and the same white socks
from earlier today. It was obvious that she was naked beneath the

She said nothing but glared at me, with her arms crossed over her
chest. mother knew where I had gone tonight and probably could even
tell I had had sex with my girlfriend not long before.

It was nearly two in the morning.

"Have fun James?" Her voice could have froze a cup of water into a
block of ice, it was so cold.

I hung my jacket up and smirked at her, "I did."

She gasped and spun about and stalked off, her heels thumping on the
hard wood floor.

Before she got too far I called out, "Mom? Stop!"

She did, turning back toward me, her arms again crossing before her.
There were tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I told you, you could not change my mind."

Mother never said a word.

I wanted to make amends - my point had gotten across and after my
initial negative response I had softened toward her - I wrapped my
arms about her shoulders and pulled her toward me for a sympathetic
and apologetic hug.

What I got in response was a cold shrug of her shoulders and she stood
back out of my arms reach. That red blaze of anger again fuelled up.
"I just don't fucking understand you mother!"

Her face took on an angry glare as well - it did not help calm my
current mood.

I reached out with both hands and grasped the top flaps of the silk
kimono and yanked it wide. Mothers arms were thrown wide and the silk
belt about her waist jerked open - leaving mothers nudity fully
exposed to me. She gasped in surprise at my sudden harsh movement and
stared at me what look light fright.

Shoving the flaps up over her shoulder the fabric of the kimono slide
silently down her smooth shoulders to land about her sock covered

"Get your ass up to my room slut!" I practically yelled and this
foreign person must have startled mother as she stood there nearly
naked with her mouth open and her tear-wet cheeks staring at me.
"Move!" I yanked her around by her shoulders and swatted at one of
her soft ass cheeks roughly. It landed with a loud splat and even in
the dim light I could already see my red hand print still upon her
white skin.

She ran into the darkened house, her sobs retreating from me.


Mother must have thought I had ordered her up to my room to mount her
in a hard fast fuck - it never crossed my mind. Yet I saw that
delusion of mothers disintegrate when I entered my own room and saw
her seated on the edge of my bed waiting for me.

"Get your fat ass off my bed slut." She froze for a brief second then
jerked up onto her feet. "And get those stupid socks off." I turned
around and emptied my pockets, as I always do every time I change my
clothing, onto the top of my dresser.

When I again turned back to my mother, she was standing where I had
left her but the socks were no where to be seen. "Now get your sorry
ass over to the corner." I nodded with my chin to the only clean
corner of my room.

Mother looked to where I was gesturing and then back to me, her mouth
open and her eyes cowering in fear and uncertainty. Then, after
almost a full minute for a pause, she shuffled over to the corner and
stood with her back to the corner.

"Turn around slut." She slowly turned till her ass was facing out.

"Now do not say a word or move from that spot till I tell you!"

Mother began to violently cry to herself, bringing her hands up to
cover her face. I barked in response, "Hands to her side slut! And
shut the fuck up!" She continued to cry but at a much reduced volume.

I disrobed slowly, watching mothers naked form stand humiliated in the
corner, shivering randomly and violently while her chest heaved in

"I'm going to have a shower - I expect you to do what I told you, even
though I'm not here. Do you understand slut?"

She could barely say, "Yes".


When I returned she was standing exactly how I left her, crying as
liberally as before. I lay naked upon the top of my bed and watched

In my twenty minute shower my anger had diminished but not the
malicious vengeful thoughts. I had one last instruction for my dear
sweet mother before I can release all my thoughts for sleep.

"Mother... can you hear me?"

She was able to say 'yes' more clearly this time.

"I want you to do one more thing for me tonight." I never gave her
time for comment. "I want you to get yourself off while you stand in
that corner."

There was a lengthy pause before her hands moved from their ordered
position by her side. One slide before her and the other reached up
to her chest region.

She sobbed loudly and froze, I knew she was having trouble with my
latest request. As I knew she would. "You said 'anything' mother -
so stop fucking around and do what I told you."

The long seconds turned to minutes and just when I thought it
impossible for her to find pleasure at a time such as this, I heard a
little sigh escape from her form. Facing away from me, I could see
very little, besides the quivering of her white mature flesh, but I
could see the little movements of her elbow and hips as she did as I
had ordered.

That first sigh seemed to be the catalyst for her excitement and
mother began to sigh more frequently and with more volume. Her hips
were squatting down slightly and I saw them moving quickly back and
forth to the hand that had to be between her legs. Her head was
rolling about upon her shoulders and her chest was heaving mightily.

Only yesterday had been the first time I had watched her masturbate -
in comparison that had taken relatively little time. When mother finally gasped out and froze in a half crouch and I knew her orgasm
was rolling out from that place between her legs, it must have been
nearly thirty full minutes since my order had been posted to her.

I let her breathing return to normal before giving her a new command,
"Get the fuck out of my room mom."

She sniffled and slowly turned about to walk upon unsteady feet out of
my room.

As she passed my bed, I saw her look quickly toward my nudity and to
my hard thrusting cock.


All was silent when I woke at eleven AM the next morning, not a stir
within the house. I lay in bed for some while remembering last night
- watching mom stand humiliated in the corner and masturbate - and
felt both disgust at myself and excitement.

Mothers door was closed but I did not bother to knock.

Things were changing between us; I knew it and she knew it. In fact
it was what she was counting on.

Mom lay beneath her duvet, with only her head exposed, her eyes open
and starring off into space. I came over and sat down on the edge of
her bed. "Mom?"

I wanted to say I was sorry - but did not want her to misunderstand
exactly what I was sorry for, not for having a date with Trish last
night that is for sure.

Her eyes slowly moved to lay upon me. They were dead in some way, as
if part of her was lost. It scared me just a little - as I had come
to enjoy that little spark I had seen within her in the last two days
- a spark that appeared when she was doing as I commanded.

Gently I pulled the duvet from about her neck. mother neither
resisted or even seemed to notice. She was still naked from our
encounter last night. I generously looked upon her mature flesh.

Some of the darkness disappeared from her gaze.

Usually I took a shower soon after waking - so that is how the thought
came to my mind. I grasped her hand gently and tugged, "Come on mom."
She slowly rolled out of bed and followed behind me, being lead by her

It was only a short trek, as I lead her to her large private bathroom.
Mom stood behind me as I turned the water on in her shower. Quickly
it heated up to the temperature that I desired and I quickly pulled
off my tee-shirt and shorts. I walked into the wide stall and turned
about facing the open doorway, the fine spray hitting my shoulder.

"Come on in mother."

Mom had a surprised but pleased look as she stepped into her shower
and pulled the glass door closed behind her.

In all our time as lovers, we had been only mid-night missionary-fuck
type of people. In the last couple of years, this had frustrated me
to think that mom was simply using me for her sexual release - like a
breathing dildo. Yet, I realized I was using her for the same thing.
Well, standing naked in a shower with her, it was one of those things
I had thought about, fantasized about. Her promising me 'anything'
had opened the possibilities of all my past thoughts and fantasies to
come true.

Already I felt my cock stir!

Mom took the bar of soap from the tray and turned toward me - I gently
reached out and took it from her. "You first mom." She gave me a
wide happy smile, the sadness not completely gone.

I turned her shoulder gently so that her back was toward me. She
placed her hands against the tiled wall and spread her legs a little -
I laughed silently at this foreign but sexy position.

Soaping up my hands I started at her shoulders and lathered up her
smooth soft skin. Spending a long time on her back, using my nails,
and rubbing vigorously, mom was lightly moaning with the pleasure of
it. Then I squatted down and began at her tiny ankles and began to
lather and clean upwards.

Eventually I reached her generous but attractive buttocks and
squatting behind her like that I was in a very advantageous position.
I lathered up both cheeks and began to stroke and paw the globes
generously, pulling them apart frequently which gave me an eyeful of
her wrinkled pink anus. I soaped up my hand and slipped it between
her cheeks to clean the crevice. mom arched her back out toward me
which caused her buttocks to naturally spread.

It was a delicious sight.

My finger came into contact with that hard donut of a muscle and my
hand paused as I touched her. mom moaned lightly again as my index
finger ring her ass hole and as it was relaxed and my finger wet and
slippery with soap it began to ease into her. It was amazing how
tight and warm it was!

I watched from behind as my finger slipped to the second knuckle
amazed and excited. The finger began to move in and out of her
slowly, as if it were a small cock, and mom reacted in kind by moving
her hips, thrusting in time.

With a little more pressure the finger slipped to the third knuckle
and mother sighed loudly. I held it there and twisted it around
within her body, exploring and learning this new part of my own

Finally I pulled it from her body and again added more soap to my
hand. This time when I aimed toward her slippery anus, the first two
fingers of my hand pressed into her. mom gasped and hissed as the two
digits slipped into her tight hole to the second knuckle.

I only left it within her for few seconds before withdrawing it.

"Turn around mom."

She did, a glassy-eyed happy gaze in her eyes.

I washed her feet and moved up to her thighs. Then I lathered up and
washed her pussy - till it was white with suds. Then I slipped my
hand between her soft wet thighs and without much preliminary, the
same two fingers slipped into her vagina. mom sighed loudly in

My other hand, slick with soap, went around mom's hip and between her
slippery ass. The finger pressed into her ass.

Now invaded from both directions I began to move my digits in time, in
and out slowly but firmly.

Mom moaned out loudly and sighed. I looked up from my work and saw
that she was half-laying against the tiled wall with her eyes closed
and both her hands squeezing her soft breasts. Evidently my parent
was enjoying our first shower together.

I continued frigging her for some while until it was evident that her
summit was approaching. I watched her face and the flows of pleasure
that were written there as the orgasm hit upon her.

It was a delightful sight.

When she opened her eyes and looked upon me with a dreamy happiness I
was standing again before her. I pressed the bar of soap into her

It took some time before mother had the energy to properly use her
hands to wash me - but she did, doing every inch of my body but the
crotch. She had even played with my ass hole, her touch alien but not
undesirable as she slipped her index finger into me to the first

Then I turned about, my hard cock inches from her face.

Mother wore a hungry and excited smile as both her soapy hands came up
and grasped my thrusting rod. They moved up and down firmly and I
could not help but thrust my hips, pumping myself in time.

My parent alternated from watching my excited member to looking up
into her son's excited face. I tried to watch her, but at times the
water or my excitement interfered.

I thought about stopping this play, to press my mother against the
tile with the both of us standing and fuck her senseless. That was
the normal result of all my fantasies about mother and I in the
shower. Yet, looking down at her expectant and happy face, to her
small hands moving vigorously up and down my hard cock to the
throbbing head of my prick - I came to a resolution, of sorts.

Reaching out I gasped the top of mothers head and brought her face
closer and a little below her moving hands. She looked up past my
dick and saw what I intended and blinked her submission.

Her hands were moving faster and I was thrusting my hips rapidly
between them. mother knew what I wanted, though I had never done it
before... like this. I saw the pleasure of this new experience in her
look, her hungry pleasurable look.

The first shot surprised her and it shot onto her forehead and into
her wet hair. The next, now that she was forewarned, aimed it down
and it splatted just below her eye on her cheek. The remaining sperm
rained down upon her face till it was spotted with the evidence of my

Mothers smile was was wide and she closed her eyes as I aimed the
spray at her face to cleanse her.


I had some hard thinking to do didn't I?

On the one hand I had my resolve, and may I add, my love for Trish.
The new woman in my life... beautiful, intelligent, vibrant. I wanted
to leave home and start my new life with that woman. In some ways it
represented me becoming a man... at least to myself.

On the other was my own mother - my secret lover for many years. She
had come to a resolution upon learning of Trish and had shown the
changes she was willing to do. In the last three days I had found
much excitement and pleasure in our little encounters. My thoughts
were awash with the possibilities that our new relationship promised.

It was a tough puzzle and I was surprised that my mother understood me
enough to actually tempt me away from my future path with Trish. I
was also surprised that she seemed to find pleasure in her chosen
path. And though I doubted it not, that we were both virgins to the
roles of dominant and the submissive.

So I took a more dominant path with my parent that Sunday - having her
wear clothing only after I had agreed to the ensemble. mother stood
in a flowered summer dress that was open at the neck and came only to
her knees. Added to this was bikini satin panties and white
thigh-high stockings. She stood proudly and spun before me for my
final acceptance before leaving our home.

I drove the BMW and mother sat happily in the passenger seat. This
too was something new, never before was I allowed to drive her rag-top
over-priced car but instead allowed an older 'sensible' car she had
bought me when I graduated from high school a couple years before.

The top was down in the car and the sun beat down upon our faces, the
wind whipping mothers hair about behind her. I drove fast through the
country roads, happy at the seeming freedom of this drive. mother too
seemed to enjoy it, staying silent but I could see that she seemed to
be anxiously waiting for some command or statement from me.

Instead I revelled in the silence and perfection of the perfect spring
day. Beside me sat an attractive and available woman - her being my
mother did not seem to matter just then.


It was a turn-of-the-century home that had been converted into a
quaint but very nice restaurant. It only served tea and various
breads. mother had shown me a review of this place in the paper
nearly a year ago and I remembered her interest in it.

She practically glowed while seated lady-like across the intimate
small round table. I ordered for her.

"You are the most beautiful woman here Jane." Her eyes sparkled and
she did not even seem to take notice of me using her name for the
first time. If truth be told, she was possibly the youngest woman
here - but building up her ego made us both smile.

I reached across the little table and held one of her hands gently -
hers clung to mine.

"I wanted to tell you... Jane...?"

She leaned forwards intently, "Yes baby?" Everything else about us
already forgotten.

"... wanted to be honest and tell you that I'm starting to wonder
about... well you and I."

Her smile spread wide with pleasure at this news and her other hand
came forwards to hold my one. "I love you James."

"I love you Jane." She smiled sweetly at me, and I guessed that she
found pleasure in my use of her first name. "I also love fucking

A shyness invaded her mood but it barely shadowed the happiness that
was already within her - she nodded and whispered, "I know you do

I was not finished and I looked into her eyes intently, "And I love
you being my sex slave mother!"

She gasped, flushed and looked about if any of the other patrons had
heard my admission. No one seemed to be paying us any particular
notice. I felt my cock press against my jeans, possibly from the
intimacy and pleasure of the moment. Mother, after looking about,
again looked at me with a shy smile - she liked it too.


It was very awkward but I was able to slip between mothers spread
legs. The leather passenger seat set back to almost a full laying
position and mother lay beneath me breathing rapidly and deeply. She
kept trying to stretch her neck to see if anyone was within viewing
distance of us - there wasn't.

Her skirt was about her waist and her panties were grasped in my
fisted hand - they were rather moist and very warm. Otherwise, both
of us were still fully dressed.

Mothers soft smooth thighs were spread as wide, which was not very, as
the car would allow. One of her knees was hooked over the stick

It was comical as we got into this position, legs and arms hitting the
other, our movements desperate for this union. Yet I desired it, if
only to defile something that had been hers - something forbidden to
me... and I'm talking about the car!

Finally the stage was set and mother reached between us - for her
familiar guiding of my hard soldier to her ready entrance. Before she
reached me I grunted an order, "Hands above your head!" She jerked
her hand from between our clothed bodies and grasped the leather
head-rest above and behind her.

It was something else I always wanted to do - such a little thing
really, but still a fantasy - to enter her with no guidance, to even
see if I could.

Well it was as if the two were meant to be joined as the head of my
cock found her entrance ready and panting for me. I pressed forwards
so that the head was inside my mother before stopping.

Mother gasped at the desired intrusion and opened her eyes wide in
surprise when I stopped advancing. We shared a moment, where she was
panting and begging me with her eyes to enter her and I was all hard
cock and the self-assurance of pleasing this woman.

I rammed it into her without warning and mother stifled a scream. The
sound was music to my ears.

There was no one around, I had pulled down a dirt road and backed into
a grass knoll in a copse of trees. The sun was beating down on us, as
the soft top of the car was down, and the leaves were rustling in the

I began to fuck my mother with a purpose - ramming repeatedly in and
out of her. Mother's eyes were opening at times to stare at me as if
I was a stranger to her - as I never 'made love' like this ever

She was bouncing upon her chair, the expensive car was rocking as
well... and I felt like a god.

I rubbed my hands along her sexy legs and enjoyed the new feel of her
stockings. I've infrequently felt mothers thighs and calves when she
wore waist high nylons, but there is something erotic and very
stimulating in touching a nylon leg to find it abruptly end and be
left touching soft flesh of a thigh. As well, it simply looked

We fucked for a long while - me ramming in and out of her body and
mother alternating between enjoying and staring at me as if she did
not know me. She was building up to a strong orgasm - all the signs
were there - and I smiled at the feeling of power that coursed through
my veins.

Mother never held back the sounds of her pleasure, and she was yelling
out with pleasure but when her orgasm hit she began to scream... very
loudly. It seemed to echo off the trees towering over us and I saw
birds take flight and the wind seemed to die down in majesty of that


"Get out of the car mom."

Werry, but with anxious pleasure written upon her face, she complied.

I stood in three foot tall grass with my pants around my ankles and my
cock hard and jutting out from my body. It glistened in the sun -
evidence of mothers pleasure. I pointed at my cock, "Kneel before
me... clean me with your mouth mother."

She didn't hesitate.

Mother knelt upon a bed of cool thick grass and simply moved her face
forwards, mouth open. She took the head of my hard dick between her
lips and I felt a hot tongue teasing me.

"Just clean me Jane... my next load is for your cunt!" I felt
invincible and strong, my use of the forbidden word 'cunt' seemed to
echo off the tree wall as if it were a stadium. mother removed her
lips from the head of my dick and proceeded to lick every inch of my
manhood - making no indication that she had anything negative to say
about that word I used indicating her vagina.


Like animals we rutted beneath the level of the grass. I could see
the trees towering over us but the car was gone within the ocean of
green. mother knelt obediently before me, her skirt about her waist,
and her ass pressed high and toward me. I was grasping her hips
possessively and driving myself mercilessly in and out of her body.

The sounds coming from us were not edited and our coupling was
prehistoric in ferocity.

I fucked her like I never fucked her before but mother no longer
starred at me like I was a stranger - she had accepted this new person
who took her so passionately.

I loved Jane like no other time in our lives - she was mine and I was
using her how I saw fit.

If her body was any indication, she found raw pleasure in our coupling
- her sex was as hot and wet as any time before. She was becoming a
receptacle for my pleasure - it was what she offered just days before
and not until this moment did I truly see and feel the pleasure to be


I drove calmly back home - with mother seated in the leather seat
beside me, her tired gaze looking upon me with new-found love
and... maybe desire.

Randomly I would steal a hand to her warm stocking clad knee and trail
my fingers up to her warm exposed upper thigh - mother would sigh
every time but not take her eyes from me.

I began to believe her, that there was nothing I could not do with

I flipped up the edge of her skirt so that we drove the rest of the
way home with mothers pussy fully exposed.

It was bawdy - it was exciting...


I missed a date with Trish that Sunday night - rather, staying home to
enjoy a nice long loving couple with Jane, my mother. It was
reminiscent of the pleasures found in the previous years of our
enjoyment rather than the new raw pleasures of the last couple of

Mother could not be happier.


The week went by with a blow job and a fuck per day. I barely noticed
Trish about school as I was walking on a cloud of content pleasure.

About the house mother had taken to wearing lingerie or absolutely
nothing. And when ever I was about, she would make sure she was close
and always available for me.

She had to know that though I was enjoying our new relationship that I
had yet to give up my demand to leave her for Trish. I was honest
enough, though, to reveal that I was starting to be swayed.

Mother knelt at my feet, her head upon the inside of one of my knees
looking up to my eyes or down to my soft content cock. I was stroking
her hair gently and thinking - it had been a good week. She wore a
soft smile and nothing else.

In only a short time I will graduate and had planned to find work and
leave home. Continuing to be mothers lover had not been part of my
plan. Trish had been the one I desired to join with me, to trek off
into the wilds of my future.

Now I was starting to be swayed, or rather manipulated, by the woman
kneeling before me. It was impossible - it was time for me to leave
home! A part of me was bitter at the knowledge that my dick and my
mother were leading me away from the path that my mind and heart had

"Would you really give up everything mom?"

Her eyes, which had been looking lustily at my soft member, slipped up
to my own. "Yes baby, anything."

"I wanted to get a job and move to one of the cities on the coast."
She never moved or blinked. "Trish wanted to come with me." mother took a gulp of air, as if to hold back her emotions. "We were going
to start fresh - becoming 'adults'." It had been one of moms
favourite phrases, back when I was in high school.

Mother nodded, as if she understood. Her eyes stated she was starting
to fear my next words, as if the end of her world was coming, and that
she understood nothing.

It was the wise thing to do right? Leave this immoral and illegal
relationship, move to a healthier and more emotionally constructive

Yet, I could not come out and say the words that would destroy my own

"These last few days have been wonderful mom." She smiled bravely,
but I wasn't fooled, her fear was still strong and pervasive.

This was the first moment that I wondered what it would take for me to
stay with mother and so I asked, "And I have been wondering what life
would be like if... well?"

She nodded more enthusiastically, one hand coming up to wipe the tears
from her eyes. mother sat straighter before me, squaring her
shoulders and lifting her face proudly. This lifted her breasts and
my eyes could not help but trail down to their dark brown nipples -
mother saw my lustful gaze and smile almost sadly.

"Things are great right now - but what about latter, if I stayed with
you rather than move in with Trish?"

Mother frown, probably not understanding my rambling question.

I wanted some assurance, something to prove that what mother promises
now will now revert back to our midnight, missionary-style,
clandestine fucking. As well, I needed something to help me make my


Mother was biting her bottom lip nervously, as she often does, when
Trish and I returned to the curb and the taxi.

Mom shuffled over on the bucket seat and did not turn her head our
way. I sat in the middle.

When we were all in, I gave the driver directions.

Though Trish and I had been together many months, she had never met my
mother - I think it may be due to my embarrassment at our secret
liaisons. Yet, she knew I had an older lover whom had initiated me
into adulthood - she had no idea it was my own parent.

The air in the taxi was chill, as the two ladies sat rock still and
stared straight ahead.

The fifteen minute ride felt like hours.

It was a small and intimate pub, discrete and dark. Our table was
positioned perfectly near the rear, in a darkened corner with only a
single candle to shed light upon our conversations. The tall thin
waitress, as well, knew to give us privacy.

Trish growled, as she gets aggressive and nasty when angry, "So Jane,
did James tell you he and I are moving in together?"

The hairs on mother back could have raised and her nails turn to claws
at the verbal challenge. With a witty smile that I gave credit to
mothers perseverance she parried, "I think James is smarter than you
give him credit for my dear."

A chill actually ran down my spin at the cold words that shot out of
each mouth.

Trish had agreed to this meeting only because I had told her that I
needed help in convincing Jane that it was over between us.
Reluctantly my girlfriend agreed.

Mother, on the other hand, did not so much agree as simply not deny me
this order. I had told her how I had Trish agree to the meeting and
that she did not know of our true relationship. I also revealed that
she had to do any and everything at this meeting. It was no need to
reveal that the future of our relationships was at stake at this
meeting - and thus I knew mother would hold back nothing.

Trish's round face turned white and she paused before continuing, "Why
don't you go find someone your own age 'dear'!"

"Age has nothing to do with this my Trish... simply who James loves

Ouch, low blow mother!

"Listen you old cow, James and I want you to go away. Just fuck off

Mother turned red and I thought she was going to blow with contained
anger. "Trish...?"

My twenty year-old girlfriend turned her normally sweet and innocent
eyes upon me, but all I saw was ugly rage. I reached my hand out to
hers but she yanked it back beneath the table - instead I moved it
across to hold mothers trembling small hands.

Her rage turned toward me, "Why did you bring this cow here James?"

I felt my face flush and I looked dumbly between the two, only mother was staring blankly down at the slate table top. Why had I put this

"She is not a 'cow'." Even to my own ears it did not sound very

Trish looked disgusted and stared down at where I held mothers hand.
"So its her instead of me is it?"

Mothers head jerked up and she suddenly stared intently at me.

Truthfully I had no idea what woman would warm my future bed, but I
think my decision was going to be made for me very soon.

"You don't understand Trish."

"What don't I understand?" She was practically yelling.

"Jane is not my girlfriend..."

"...she is just some ugly old cow you fuck!" A few heads turned our
way at the shriek of my once-beautiful girlfriend. Anger has a way of
showing the real nature of a person - and I was learning more about my
girlfriend by the second.

What was I about to say; that mother was my parent or my slave.

Then it hit me, the decision that I had been working toward. "Do you
really want to know why I brought Jane here Trish?"

She crossed her arms over her near-flat chest and glared at me, "Yea."

"To show you what a real woman looks like." Trish's small petite mouth dropped open. "She is not only beautiful and intelligent, she
is also a wonderful lover." It was true after all.

I stood suddenly and mother followed suit. Trish still had her mouth
open and her wide eyes followed as I made our way out the pub.

As a parting gift to my ex-girlfriend, I lifted the rear hem of
mothers skirt to her waist, revealing her naked bottom. For several
steps, Trish could see the curvy soft ass as I fondled it even as I
left her without a backwards glance.

Just outside, the street was dark and quiet. mother leaned against me
and just before her lips find mine whispered, "I need you inside me

Both my hands grasped her ass and pulled her body against my own, as
our tongues duelled and my thoughts were thinking about dragging this
willing woman to the dark alley across the road.

Locked with arms and lips, we awkwardly crossed the street.

There will be time tomorrow to explain to mother the rules that she
must accept. Trish may be out of the picture but I still intended on
moving to a big city on the coast and if mother did not want to
accompany me, I'm sure there were many willing ladies for my choosing.


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