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Archived Sex Stories

Pleasure Chips



While Carla Thompson leafed through a magazine in the reception area,
she was surprised to find herself with a few butterflies this morning. She
was well aware that this interview with Damien Thorn was a formality and
that she had already been selected for the internship, but the fact that
her meeting was with the president of Thorn Scientific Research, made her
feel a little nervous.

Carla occasionally glanced up at the beautiful young receptionist she
met upon her arrival. Carla smiled at the girl. She had introduced
herself as Heather with a soft sweet voice. The girl possessed a youthful
innocence, long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Heather was absolutely
breath-taking, not looking a day over eighteen. Carla wondered why she
wasn't swooped up by some modeling agency. Carla always appreciated the
beauty in other girls, and having been approached herself for modeling, she
knew the girl could make it in this business. Maybe she was an intern?
Carla would ask her when the time was right. As Carla waited, pretending
an interest in her magazine, she took the opportunity to compare her own
beauty with Heather's. They both sported a perfect figure, although
Heather's breasts were very large. Carla always appreciated the effect big
breasts had on a woman's figure, and how big chests always managed to
attract the opposite sex, but she preferred her small shapely breasts.
Carla had to workout to maintain all the right curves and wondered if
Heather was one of those girls that didn't have to worry about what she
ate. Carla knew that looks played a major part in career opportunity. She
also knew that she was here right now for that very reason. Mr. Perkins,
who was the career advisor at Sterling University, had a list of several
qualified candidates. Mr. Perkins took a mere day to contact her for the
position. Carla was a little surprised when she was told of the company's
physical and mental examinations prior to starting. She remembered the
Doctor smiling at Carla; "It'll be over before you know it." Carla didn't
feel comfortable exposing herself like this, but she kept on reminding
herself that there were major advantages to landing this internship. She
had one more year before graduating with a Master's in Chemistry.

"Excuse me Ms. Thompson, Mr. Thorn will see you now." said a soft
voice to Carla. Carla couldn't help but smile at the girl, who moved
around the office with the grace of a high school cheerleader. Carla
followed her inside Mr. Thorn's office. Upon entering, Carla noted the
tremendous size of the place. Then a young man came out from behind his
desk to meet her.

"Hi Ms. Thompson, I'm Damien Thorn, very nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, sir. Thank you for this opportunity."

Carla was shocked and she prayed that it didn't show on her face. Mr.
Thorn couldn't have been much older than herself. He stood about six feet,
and although his looks were pleasant, they weren't striking. He did appear
very fit, though. Mr. Thorn smiled at Carla and then gestured towards the
couch; "Please, take a seat."

Mr. Thorn went over to a table, poured two glasses of water and handed
her one of them.

"Thank you". Carla watched Mr. Thorn place himself on the couch next
to her. He purposely sat back far enough not to invade her space, but yet
close enough to give the atmosphere a hint of friendliness. This put her
at ease. She also appreciated having the glass of water in case her
current nervousness took a turn for the worse.

"Well Ms. Thompson, I've reviewed your file and I'm very impressed.
When I take on a student for my intern program, I'm always looking beyond
their initial year, and if you perform anywhere near expectations, I
believe you could be a great asset to our company."

"Thank you sir."

"Please tell me a little about yourself."

Carla had rehearsed her response to this question countless times in
front of her mirror and knew exactly what she wanted to say. It would be
brief but informative. She told him about her aspirations to become a
chemist in a place such as this and touched lightly on her fascination with
chemistry ever since she was a little girl. She skipped over her academic
accomplishments, knowing that he already possessed this knowledge. When
she was just about to talk about her commitment to physical fitness, she
felt it. Arousal. The feeling took Carla by surprise as a warmth grew in
her lower region. Not understanding why all of a sudden she was horny,
Carla took another sip of water, but the feeling wouldn't go away.
Instead, Carla's breathing increased and she couldn't help squeezing her
legs together.

"Ms. Thompson, are you alright?"

" mean I don't know....I....I don't feel right. Can I use a

Carla couldn't understand what was happening to her as she followed Mr.
Thorn. If Carla's mind wasn't distracted as much as it was, she would have
noticed that she was exiting a small door behind Mr. Thorn's desk. The
intensity of her desire was making every step painful. Carla knew, if she
didn't relieve herself immediately, she'd be begging Mr. Thorn to take her
right here in the office. Carla didn't even notice that she passed through
a bedroom to get to the bathroom. Carla quickly stripped out of her skirt,
pantyhose and panties, and shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy.
Within seconds, her self pleasuring brought her an orgasm. Carla came all
over her hand as she floated on the intensity of her experience. This was
unbelievable! How! Carla thought hard and quickly concluded that there
must have been something in the water. The thought angered her, but the
anger was quickly swallowed up by another emotion. Desire. Carla wanted
to touch herself again, and bring herself to another orgasm. The desire to
do this was making it difficult for her to think of anything else. She
hoped, prayed, wished with all her heart that by fingering herself until
she got off, she'd regain some sanity. She knew enough about chemistry to
know that she had been slipped an aphrodisiac. It had to be in the water.
Carla cleaned herself up and as she buttoned up her skirt, she was feeling
embarrassed. Then angry. She could still feel arousal, but now it was
manageable. Carla knew that she couldn't stay in the bathroom all day.
She had to get out of here as fast as she could. She slowly opened the
bathroom door, and stood stunned. A bedroom. She felt a little
disoriented. Sitting down on the edge of a king sized bed with a huge grin
on his face was Damien Thorn.

"How dare you! I'm going to the police and you won't get away with it."

"Oh, I don't think so......especially after we spend the afternoon

Carla's eyes lit up with anger. Then all of a sudden, her entire body
felt on fire with intense sexual desire. Her previous feelings seem like
teases compared to this new state she was in, and this time the focus of
her desire was centered on the very man sitting on the bed.

"What's the matter Carla......I thought you wanted to leave."

"I.....I don't understand what you've done to me.....I....I need
you.....please..I need you to make love to me!"

" look so sexy panting like this in front of me. I'm not
sure about this......hmmm.........maybe if you strip for me, I'd be able to
make up my mind as to whether or not you meet my standards."

Carla was internally seething, but she couldn't help herself. The
desire was becoming unbearable, and she needed this man desperately. Carla
took but seconds to strip naked and show herself to this man. Mr. Thorn
motioned for her to pirouette in order to see her ass.

"Why really are a beautiful girl..........I guess you
really do meet my standards..............although your breasts are on the
small need to worry though, they will be nice and huge in no

Carla was having a difficult time concentrating on what Mr. Thorn was
telling her. Her breathing had increased even more. Her body was
squirming where she stood. Her nipples and clit couldn't have been any
harder than they felt right this second. Carla could feel her juices leak
down the insides of her thigh.

"Please.......Mr. Thorn......please.....I need you inside me."

"Well Carla......If you lay back on the bed, spread your legs real wide
for me and say pretty please......just maybe I'll fuck you."

Carla quickly did as instructed, hating her body for being in a grip of
passion she didn't understand, nor could resist. Her hate of this man went
beyond seething, but she assumed the position that he wanted her in and
timidly said the magic words. Carla prayed he would fuck her.

Damien took his time stripping, letting Carla see his 7" member standing
completely at attention. He crawled between her thighs and entered her
soaking cunt. The second Carla felt him go inside her, an orgasm shook her
entire body. Damien then proceeded to fuck her again, then again and even
more, eliciting moans and whimpering from Carla. In less than an hour,
Carla passed out.

Damien smiled down at the sleeping beauty. Jack Perkins must be
commended. Carla Thompson was absolutely breath-taking. Damien buzzed his
secretary: "Heather, please contact Dr. Sanderson and tell him I'm ready
for my new toy to have her injections."

What Carla wasn't aware of, when she underwent her physical examination
a few days ago, was that she was slipped a sedative. While she slept,
Doctor Sanderson and a young nurse by the name of Leena, stripped Carla of
her clothes, leaving her stark naked on the examination table. The naked
girl, oblivious to how she looked, laid there unconscious. Doctor
Sanderson gazed at the stunning sight in front of him.

Carla Thompson would be the third girl to receive a set of Doctor
Sanderson's Pleasure Chips. While the Doctor studied his subject, he
reflected on his invention. It took him three years to develop them, but
it was well worth the time. Mr. Thorn had provided all the money. Six,
highly sophisticated computer chips. Inserted into four specific areas of
the woman's body. Each chip's primary function was to act as a receiver. A
transmitter, either by a computer or a mobile activation devise, sent
specific frequency waves to the receivers. The receivers picked up the
signal and initiated the micro-computer chips program. The specific
frequency waves were determined by the individual's own brain waves, which
would then be loaded into the main frame computer.

Doctor Sanderson looked down at the young beauty and could understand
Mr. Thorn's decision to own her. The girl reminded him of his lovely
nurse, Leena. Leena Porter had been a young college intern during a
project he had been working on. She was beautiful and full of energy. In
addition to graduating college this year, she was also marrying her college sweetheart. Doctor Sanderson decided she was far to pretty not to make her
his first test subject. That was only one year ago.

He picked a Saturday, given that she was scheduled to work a full ten
hour shift. He slipped her a sedative in her morning coffee and Leena was
soon sleeping like a baby. He carried her over to a table, slowly stripped
off her clothes and found it hard to control his breathing at the sight of
her nudity and sexiness. His erection was uncomfortable inside his pants
and his desire to fuck this girl now was making it hard to concentrate on
his task. He first inserted a chip in each nipple. Then spread her legs
and inserted a chip in the tip of her clitoris. Flipping the naked lovely
over on her stomach wasn't as easy as he thought it would be, but he
finally managed, then moving her up onto her knees so her behind was
upthrust. He inserted a chip right inside her anus. The procedure was

When Leena woke, she found herself strapped down on a table and
completely naked. The Doctor turned on the transmitter and watched for a
reaction. The shock of her situation quickly gave way to a new sensation
flooding her body. Acute sexual arousal. So intense, that Leena squirmed
against the straps. She no longer cared about her nudity. She only cared
about relieving the sudden sexual desire overriding every other emotion.
Doctor Sanderson spent the next hour putting Leena through a Pavlov Theory
of conditioning, training her body to respond not only to his touch, the
sound of his voice, and the sight of him, but also to certain words that
would trigger the right responses. By the time Doctor Sanderson was
finished, Carla was painfully in lust with him.

Doctor Sanderson unstrapped Leena and led her to a couch in his office.
Leena whimpered and begged for him to take her. Waves and waves of arousal
rattled her body. Doctor Sanderson quickly stripped and proceeded to shove
his dick deep inside her cunt. Leena cried out in pleasure while the
Doctor moved in and out of her in rapid movements. When the Doctor was
done, Leena laid motionless, sexily sprawled out on the couch. She smelled
of sex and had a dreamy spaced out look on her face.

Doctor Sanderson instructed her to get dressed and provided her a set of
instructions. The first order was that she had to be quiet about their new
relationship. Leena wanted to go to the police, but found herself craving
his body and presence with intense hunger. If she went to the police,
would this mean that she wouldn't be able to be with him anymore? Her need
to be with him was making her painfully uncomfortable. She decided to do
what he instructed. She mustn't upset him.

The next day, Leena was told to document every feeling she was
experiencing since yesterday's awakening. Leena knew that he had done
something to make her feel this way, but knowing her feelings were
generated through science or whatever didn't seem to change her condition.
Leena wrote down how her first night without the Doctor was the most
difficult night of her life. Despite her session with the Doctor that day,
and the soreness of her cunt, she couldn't stand the intense horniness she
felt, and masturbation didn't alleviate the feeling, but instead increased
her desire. In a desperate move, she called her fiancee' over. As soon as
he walked into her apartment, she attacked him and they ended up screwing
on the living room floor. They fucked for hours! Her fiancee' couldn't
get over his lover's unsatiable passion, and wondered what brought it on.
When Leena's fiancee' left the next morning, Leena cried in frustration.
Not one orgasm. No relief at all. It was the longest night of her life.
When the Doctor called her later on that morning, she trembled at his voice
and her desire for him pitched forward to even greater heights. She drove
over to his house, and the second she saw him standing at the door, her
feelings of lust soaked her panties. Her only thought centered between her
legs. She begged for him to fuck her and for the next couple of hours,
they did just that.

The next day, she broke off her engagement and became the Doctor's
live-in lover. She finished up her final year of college, but only because
the Doctor told her to. She turned down career opportunities to become his
personal assistant, and quickly adjusted to her new role in life as Doctor
Sanderson's personal servant. Nothing mattered other than the Doctor
satisfying the constant cravings of her body. Leena quite literally became
the Doctor's sex slave and had no ambition to do otherwise. When Leena
assisted him with Heather's turning three months ago, she had confessed in
her journal that knowing how she became the way she did still didn't change

The Doctor had kept Leena's level of her arousal at a five setting
throughout the first few months of her enslavement. Using Pavlov's Theory,
the Doctor hypothesized that Leena's body was to far in her conditioning to
resist, so, he reset the level to a two setting. He was correct, and the
lower setting had no bearing on Leena's dependence for his touch. She
would do everything and anything to have it.

Doctor Sanderson did a final inspection on Carla and began the
procedure. Carla Thompson would be Damien Thorn's new sex toy. The doctor
inserting the needles into her most private and treasured anatomy,
methodically embedding his newly improved micro-computer chips in the
girl's nipples, her groin, and her anus. Unlike Leena, who completely
understood the whole procedure and the effects of these chips on girls.
Carla would never know why her body reacted the way it did. Damien Thorn
had already made him a multi millionaire, bringing a smile to the doctor's
face as he meticulously but quickly worked his magic. The doctor then went
over to the computer, punched in a sequence of numbers and activated the
designated frequencies. The doctor punched in Mr. Thorn's brain waves, a
far more sophisticated procedure than his Leena received. The new
procedures allowed for Mr. Thorn's brain waves to act as a transmitter,
eliminating the need of any devise or manual computer entries. Carla, just
like Heather, would find her body responding to his brain wave signals

Damien grinned down at Carla, soaking in her nakedness. Although her
breasts were shapely, they were way to small for his preference. A knock
on the door told him the Doctor had arrived.

Thorn Scientific Research had discovered a way to enlarge female breasts with a simple chemical injection. No surgery and no side effects. The
procedure was simple, painless, precise and took less than twenty-four
hours to reach their desired size. Mr. Thorn had no desire to make this
procedure public. Especially given his new business relationship with
Doctor Sanderson. The Doctor opened a box containing a couple of syringes,
and reconfirmed Mr. Thorn's specifications.

"You still want her to have 38DDs?" The Doctor asked.

"Yes, Heather's are 36D and look wonderful on her, but I'd like Carla's
to even be bigger. I want her to know that her tits are for my pleasure.
Every time she walks, I want her to jiggle. Every time she looks at
herself in the mirror, I want her to be reminded of who's property she is."

The Doctor performed the procedure quickly and left. The injections
would work like magic and the transformation would be completed by tomorrow
morning. He remembered Heather's happy reaction when her's grew, but
seriously doubted the same reaction from Carla. Damien smiled at the
thought of transforming Carla's body for his pleasure. Damien wanted to
compare Carla with his other sex toy, so, he paged Heather to come to his
bedroom. Heather looked down at the sleeping beauty, and couldn't help
feeling a touch of jealousy.

"Heather, I'd like you to strip for me.....and lay along side of Carla
on the bed."

Heather didn't like the idea of being naked along side the pretty girl,
but she knew that she had no choice. Damien was everything to her, and if
this is what he wanted, she would do it. Heather quickly stripped then
crawled on the bed beside Heather. While Damien watched he sent Heather a
jolt of arousal, making the young blond beauty groan. He also sent the
sleeping Carla a jolt, and chuckled as the girl moaned in her sleep,
shifting her legs provocatively.

The sight of these two together like this was highly erotic. He wanted
them to make love to one another, and although he knew he could order it,
their natural heterosexual ways wouldn't allow them to really truly enjoy
one another. He wasn't mean, he wanted them to desire and enjoy each

"Heather.......I want you to stay here so Carla sees you when she wakes
up. She's going to be very confused and probably angry. She will also
have a tough time with the fact that you and her are naked in bed together.
Tell her you made love to one another after I left. She won't remember
anything, but she will probably believe you given her memory of me and her

Heather placed her arm around Carla, sliding up close in a spoon
fashion. Heather wasn't tired, but she closed her eyes, in hopes that she
could fall asleep.

Damien called Doctor Sanderson on the phone.

"Doctor, activate the transmitters in both Carla and Heather's chips. I
will continue being the dominant frequency, but I'd like these two to have
a real feeling for one another. Damien specified that he wanted Carla to
respond sexually to Heather and vice versa. It didn't matter that the
subjects were completely heterosexual, once the commands were entered into
their program, they became real, and their body would be a slave to it.

"Do you wish for one to be more dominant in their relationship?" asked
the doctor.

Damien thought about it for a moment. Heather's personality was
naturally passive while Carla's was much more aggressive. It would be a
kicker if he had these two switch roles when it came to their sexual play.
Damien knew that Heather didn't indulge in sex with other females, and
doubted Carla did either.

"Make Carla the more submissive of the two."

"Not a problem, sir. I'll activate their frequencies and modify their
trigger responses. They'll immediately have a real passion for one
another, but their role in their own sexual relationship will take a little
while before they understand them."

Damien knew in time, that Carla would bask in her submissiveness. She
would ultimately turn into Heather's pleasure slave, unable to resist the
feelings that her submission would give her. Of course, Damien could
override these emotions through a simple mind push. But why would he want
to do that, he thought. He pictured Carla performing as Heather's slave
and looked forward to it.

When Carla woke, the first thing she felt was arousal. 'I can't believe
how horny I am.' she thought to herself. The second thing was the memory
of her fuck session with Mr. Thorn. The third came when she turned her
head to see the pretty young receptionist laying next to her. And she was
stark naked!

"Your breathtaking Carla." Said a voice across the room.

Carla sat up, turning towards the voice. She quickly crossed one of her
arms over her breasts, and the other hand covered her thick forest below;
"How could you do this? Why is Heather here.................and why is she

Heather had fallen asleep, but woke up at the sound of Damien and Carla
talking; "Oh......hi everyone................Carla, I really enjoyed you are so passionate.....I just loved making it with you."
Blushed the young girl. Carla joined her in the blush. While both girls gazed at each other, not able to help take in their nudity, Carla's eyes
lit up, shocked. She was turned on. The sight of Heather's body was
getting her aroused all over again. She turned back to Damien, in a
defeated tone; "Wha...What are you doing to me?"

Carla couldn't stop her body from reacting to Heather's closeness. Her
desire for the girl continued to grow. Carla gasped when Heather reached
over to caress her right breast. Her mind acknowledged a slight soreness.
Her breasts. She momentarily ignored the lovely blond beside her to cup
her breasts. They felt different. They felt fuller, and she wondered why?
Heather reached over to spread Carla's legs. Carla let her, feeling a
desire to let Heather take control. The second Heather's soft tongue
touched her wet lips, sparks of pleasure flooded her groin. Carla felt
delicious letting this girl seduce her. The thought confused her.
Everything that was happening to her was confusing, but the pleasure
swallowed that feeling up, and it faded away.

Damien was really turned on with the two girls, and then directed
another comment to Carla, who was basking in the pleasure her new lover was
giving her; "Your breasts are going through a transformation, Carla. Just
like we did with Heather. Lets see now." Damien reached over to the floor,
picking up her old bra; "You were wearing a............34B cup."

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss." Carla replied without really focusing on what was
being said.

"Well, this bra is no good to you anymore. When you finally leave here,
you will have to go purchase 38DD's cups."

Carla again was stunned, momentarily breaking the spell. She didn't
want bigger breasts, she liked hers just fine. She giggled while
remembering how one of her earlier boy friends suggested breast enlargements to her. She dropped him from her life in a heart beat. This
had to be some sort of nightmare. Quickly these memories became a blur,
and she only cared about Heather.

Heather was surprised at her own feelings for this girl. She was
shocked to find herself turned on by her, knowing that she hadn't felt the
slightest bit aroused earlier. Somehow she knew that Mr. Thorn had done
this to her. Carla also seemed to be in this grip of passion for her. She
was very pretty. Heather turned her body around, positioning herself in a
'69'; ""Lick me, Carla. Lick me real good." Whispered the young innocent
blond while lowering her pussy on Carla's face.

Carla responded by passively doing just as Heather commanded. She
didn't question her reasoning. She just wanted to please this girl and the
thought of pleasuring her was making her hornier and hornier. Carla loved
the taste of the blond girl's pussy, and hoped that her pussy tasted as
sweet as Heather's. She wanted to please Heather. Both girls moaned in
response, and both girls found their body responding to each other in the
most erotic way imaginable.

Damien stood watching this display of love, and all due to some micro
pleasure many more girls should he collect he wondered.
Damien stripped naked again, while watching his two pleasure toys make love
with one another. The sight was intensely erotic as he climbed on the bed.
Damien shoved his dick into the closest pussy near didn't
matter which one, as his mind pushed their desire up another level. Both
girls moaned.


Damien Thorn leafed through the report provided him by a Doctor
Sanderson. Carla had taken to the pleasure chips perfectly, and further
more, he was not only able to use her as his own personal sex toy, but he
was able to use her in her professional capacity as a chemist. He
remembered with fondness, her reaction when she woke up the next morning
with her new breasts. Thanks to his company's own discovery, he could
insert a chemical straight inside a girl's breasts, which over a
twenty-four hour period, would enlarge the breasts to the owner's
specifications. The most pleasant memory he had of Carla's transition from
career oriented lady to sex toy was her breasts growing from small perky
apple size to her current 38DDs. At first Carla screamed, cupping her new
heavy knockers in front of her. As time went on, she learned to manage.
Damien especially enjoyed watching Carla and Heather squish their huge
breasts together when they were making out. Carla was instructed to drop
by Mr. Perkins office to drop out of college. Damien was planning on
using Carla's knowledge in the Chemistry Lab, but before he told her this,
he toyed with her, telling her that he was going to release her. The
beautiful girl's huge breasts shook with every sob. Carla's fear that
Damien wouldn't use her, given her constant desire for him was real. Once
a girl was inserted with his pleasure chips, her body absolutely needed the
benefactor's touch, caress, and most of all, penetration.

Damien had debated several different options regarding what direction
Thorn Scientific Research should take with this proven technology. The one
direction he wouldn't take it, was to go public with it. The effects were
far to dangerous to package on the open market. Excluding the doctor and
himself, the only others to know of the operation were the subjects
themselves. One of the most appealing options was to run an elite slave
trade operation. The idea of showcasing the loveliest girls in America was
giving Damien an erection. He pressed the intercom; "Heather, step in my
office." He heard a soft voice reply; "Yes, Mr. Thorn, right away."
Heather was only eighteen. Her youthful high school face and dynamite
playboy figure, led to her transformation nearly six months ago. The only
physical attribute he had to alter were her breasts, and this was only due
to his fetish for huge knockers on gorgeous girls. Heather was his first
sex toy and he kept her nearby.....specifically for times like this. When
Damien didn't have time for Heather, he allowed her to use Carla. Both
girls were passionate lovers ever since Carla came here two months ago.

If he went with a Slave Trade, he could offer the client the flexibility
for any girl he or she chose. Abducting a girl would be easy enough. Then
insertion of the pleasure chips. Setting the frequencies. Adding the
trigger words and the girl would be the owner's pleasure slave for as long
as he or she desired her. The owner could also trade her in, simply by
changing the frequency. Once a girl was under the full affects of the
pleasure chips and trained with the appropriate trigger words, they would
be totally obedient and desire only to please.

Heather now stood patiently in front of Damien's desk. Her eyes and the
little things she did with her body gave her away. Damien saw the same
look in Carla and in Leena. The girl was under the full effects of his
chips. Sexual desire as strong as what Heather was experiencing, rendered
her a slave to his sex. Damien hadn't fucked Heather for nearly five hours
and the girl was definitely in need.

Heather stood expectantly in front of Mr. Thorn. Heather would have
never, in her wildest dreams, thought that her life would turn out this
way. She looked at Mr. Thorn expectantly and could feel herself dripping
wet, soaking her panties. She was always wet thanks to this constant state
of arousal she felt. Heather remembered her past life, her family, her
friends, her goals, but she did so dispassionately. The memories were
there but no longer held the emotional strings. She rarely thought back to
her previous life these days. Now, her only thought and desire was to
pleasure Mr. Thorn. She prayed that he would use her. Of course, if Mr.
Thorn didn't want her, Heather would call Carla up for a quick lick.
Damien gave Heather permission to call Carla anytime during the day.
Heather never thought she'd feel pleasure for her own sex, but ever since
Carla arrived a couple of months ago, she and her constantly took their
favorite position with one another. Of course, she preferred Mr. Thorn,
but Carla was able to alleviate some of the ache when Mr. Thorn wasn't
around. Not all of it, though, part of her wanted to be with Mr. Thorn
even when she was in the throes of an orgasm with Carla. She always had
the constant tug to be with Mr. Thorn. Heather just thanked her lucky
stars that she was pretty enough to be Mr. Thorn's secretary.

The memory of Heather's abduction and eventual transformation no longer
felt real to Heather. She remembered being at the mall. They must have
drugged her because one second she was walking and the next moment she woke
up totally naked. The room was bare and she was laying down on some sort
of operating table. The memories that followed were muddled. Waking up
naked embarrassed her, but when she tried to move, she found that her hands
and legs were tied by some sort of cloth. When Mr. Thorn entered the
room, of course at the time she didn't know it was Mr. Thorn, she tugged
against her restraints in an attempt to cover herself. She had no idea
that this man was to become her sole reason for living.

The man stepped over to the table and smiled at Heather. That was when
she felt her body do some strange things. Within seconds, she was so
turned on that instead of trying to cover herself up with her hands, she
wanted her hands free to touch herself. A throbbing heat enveloped her
groin and Heather was now begging the man to fuck her. The man merely
smiled, and placed his palm against her wet throbbing vagina. Heather
groaned while her body thrashed against her bonds. The man then shoved
three fingers deep inside her while she cried out climaxing, coming all
over his hand. When the man untied her, she cried for him to fuck her.
The man simply unzipped his zipper, freed his huge erection from his
trousers, and proceeded to fuck the hell out of her. Heather experienced
multiple mind shattering climaxes. Even when the man left her, Heather
continued to feel the need and found herself fingering herself until
exhaustion finally knocked her out. The next morning, Heather couldn't
fathom what happened to her, but she knew that she would give or do
anything to be with him again.

Now, nearly six months later, Heather stood still in front of Mr.

"Heather.........why are your clothes on?"

"I.....I'm sorry sir." Heather rushed, stripping off her clothes. She
couldn't help her ear to ear grin, finally stepping out of her panties.
Heather stood now anticipating what came next. He would make her perform
orally on him, and then he was going to fuck her. The mere thought alone
was enough to make her wet.

"Come here, beautiful bitch, you."

Heather rushed over to Mr. Thorn, assuming the position. Carla was
going to be so jealous.

Damien looked down at Heather as she position herself between his legs.
She was breath-taking. He didn't think he could ever tire of her. As nice
as Heather and Carla were, he had already selected another toy for his
collection. Her name was Tiffany, and she was being sent over by Jack
Perkins. Jack promised him that Tiffany's beauty eclipsed even Carla's.
With Carla dropping out of college, a new intern was needed. He remembered
the conversation on the phone; "'ve been loyal and I'm very
pleased with Carla. I have no doubt Tiffany will please me, also."

"Thank you sir. I aim to please my very best client."

"You do Jack, and for that, I want you to go out and select another
girl. This time, you will be selecting one for you."

"Really! Thank you Mr. Thorn!"

"Jack. Be very selective. Just like you are for me. Whomever you
choose will be your very own slave. Make sure you pick your dream girl."

"Thank you sir! I will."

Jack Perkins hung up the phone. He never questioned Mr. Thorn. He had
no idea how he was able to transform these career driven girls into sex
slaves, and he didn't want to. He just wanted to own one. His mind
wandered to the student teacher, that would be starting this Fall. Theresa
Barnes. Theresa oozed sensuality. Every guy in college would be hitting
on her. She was stopping by from time to time at the college, assisting
the summer program with any help they needed. Theresa had herself a
beautiful tan, so he imagined that she spent a lot of time at the beach.
Her breasts were her only flaw, as they barely pushed against the blouses
she wore. Jack knew that this flaw would be temporary, remembering what
Carla looked like when she stopped by his office to drop out of college.
When he had commented to Mr. Thorn about her new attributes, Mr. Thorn
laughed and told him that regardless how small they were, their breasts would be enlarged to his specific desire.


Heather smiled at the girl. She couldn't be much older than herself.
She was certainly lovely and wondered if Mr. Thorn would give her the same
attraction as he had given Carla. Heather also noted her small boobies and
giggled to herself; 'Not for long'. The intercom buzzed and she picked up
the phone. She listened, then responded; "yes sir." Heather turned to the
girl, smiling; "Tiffany, Mr. Thorn is ready to see you now." Tiffany
looked so pretty when she smiled.

The end....


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