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Pleasure Dome 1


DISCLAIMER: This story is for adult reading. It has sex and you must be at
least eighteen years of age in order to read it. If you are offended with
stories possessing explicit sex then you I recommend you refrain from
reading this.

Author's Note: This is the first chapter in several I have planned in
the Pleasure Dome World. Although this isn't the first story where I have
"shrunk a girl", having done so in my WishCraft story, it is the first time
where my story has "shrinking women" as the main theme. I dedicate
Pleasure Dome to all the fans of shrinking woman genre. Whether you are an
artist, a picture taker, a writer, or reader...enjoy!

I extend a "Special Thanks" to the author Sally Reynolds, who inspired
me (through her own writing) to write this story. The very first great SW
story I read was "A Little Stage Magic", and then on Dream Tale's website,
I read "Slumber Party"... From that point on I was hooked!

Final Note: I've written approx twenty stories...most of which entail
Mind Control. I've touched on Age Regression, Magical Transgender, and the
Supernatural... If you would like to see more, please visit my own
website: or you can visit BEarchive
Stories or Erotic Mind Control stories archive. Both archives carry lots
of my stories.

Pleasure Dome #1 by JR Parz


It was Saturday and much like every day of the week, Ashley Starr woke
up early. She slipped on her spandex jogging outfit and ran her usual
course of five miles. After her jog, Ashley treated herself to a long hot
shower. With her roommate Laura sleeping in this morning, Ashley took
pleasure in the fact that she would have a few hours of peace and quiet to

After Ashley made herself a cup of tea she retrieved her homework
assignment. Ashley glanced down at the paper... How many times would she
have to read this before she was satisfied with it? Proof reading a paper
on early literature sure could get tedious... Not to mention outright
boring. This would be the fourth time, and every time prior she'd find a
minor error somewhere. Nothing could be worse than turning in a paper with
grammatical errors.

Ashley sat down on the couch to read the paper while taking sips from
her tea... She thought it tasted bitter, but not enough to be distracted
from her paper. While reading she suddenly felt sleepy, and caught herself
reading the same sentence over twice. What was going on? Ashley never
felt like this after a jog and shower, but she found herself yawning
anyway. Ashley felt strange as she stretched her lithe body in an arch,
extending her hands high above her head. When she noticed her small
breasts flatten up against her chest, she giggle at their disappearance.

Ashley glanced towards the hallway. She wanted to make sure Laura
wasn't up yet, and once she was satisfied, she leaned back on the couch.
Where were these feelings coming from? She broke up with her boyfriend
over a month ago...maybe she just needed 'some'? But why did she feel so
horny now? Ashley brought her hands up to cup her breasts. They were
small enough where her hands easily covered them. They were also really,
really sensitive. Ashley smiled closing her eyes. She lightly brushed her
index fingers against her nipples and the contact sent a rush of pleasure
straight to her groin... Yes, she did need 'some'.

Ashley fondled her tits and pinched her nipples, basking in the pleasure
she felt from her manipulations. Her own moan jarred her back to reality
and she quickly glanced back towards the hallway. Still clear... Ashley
smiled, feeling an even greater arousal from knowing she could get caught
in an embarrassing position. Ashley quickly unbuttoned her jeans, and slid
her right hand down inside, and underneath her panties... God she was wet!
Ashley inserted one finger...then another... The desire for more made her
squirm on the couch. Ashley rubbed her clit...and moaned even louder. She
was so close to getting herself off...just a few more seconds. Then a
noise from the hallway made her jump! With her hand still inside her
panties, Ashley peered back towards the hallway... Nothing. Was she
imagining these noises? Ashley decided not to take any more chances, and
reluctantly slid her sticky fingers out of her damp crotch area. Ashley
decided to go to her bedroom.

When Ashley tried lifting herself up off the couch, she felt a wave of
dizziness hit her. Wow... She must really be out of it...then she
giggled, falling back down on the couch. She felt strange. What was it
that made her so sleepy and so...horny?

What Ashley wanted to do now, more than anything, was crawl into her
bed...close her eyes and... she giggled at the thought. Ashley knew she
was never going to make it to her bedroom, so she once again stretched back
out on the couch. Ashley didn't even glance towards the hallway as she
slid both hands down to her crotch area. She squeezed..."Ohhhhhhhh.". God
I'm so horny. Ashley closed her eyes, and within seconds, and with a smile
on her face, fell into a deep sleep.


Laura Sanders could not get over how erotic Ashley looked. Laura had
taken advantage of Ashley's time in the shower to hide in the hallway
closet. She watched Ashley drink the potion spiked tea, and then saw how
her beautiful college roommate fell under the potion's effects. As Laura
watched Ashley masturbate on the couch, she was surprised at her own
response. A hot tingling grew deep inside her groin. Laura wasn't ready
to accept her feelings, so she ignored them, but the more she watched, the
hornier she became, and it was impossible to sit still. Laura tried
shifting around, but when she did, she ended up knocking something over
causing a crash. Laura thought for sure that Ashley heard her, but when
she saw Ashley fall back down on the couch in a failed attempt to get up,
Laura couldn't help giggle. Laura waited until her roommate was sleeping,
before climbing out of the closet. Step one was complete... Two more
steps to go.

Laura's mission sounded simple enough. Slip her target a potion and
transport her to the Dome. It didn't take the Field Director, Mr.
Marshal, more than a few seconds of reviewing Ashley Starr's photo before
he gave Laura the green light. Ashley would make a beautiful addition to
the Pleasure Dome Palace. So, Laura went back to her room to retrieve a
special box. The box that would transport Ashley from their apartment to
Pleasure Dome.

Laura placed the box on the coffee table next to the empty tea cup, and
turned back to look at Ashley. Laura had approximately five minutes to
strip Ashley of her clothes. It was still mind staggering to believe in
minutes, that Ashley would be transformed into a living doll. The thought
alone was affecting her like an aphrodisiac.

Laura quickly stripped off Ashley's shirt. Her roommate didn't wear a
bra, she didn't need to. Laura glanced down at her own ample pair. Laura
wondered if Ashley ever wished for bigger tits? Soon it wouldn't matter
what Ashley wished. Laura climbed on the couch and straddled Ashley's
thighs... Ashley still wore her panties and teddy, so the contact of her
own horny crotch against Ashley's body sparked even a greater level of
desire. Laura paused for a few seconds before pulling Ashley's jeans down.
In the process, Ashley's white panties also slid down and both articles of
clothing were stripped off of the sleeping beauty. Laura gazed at Ashley's
nudity completely entranced. There was no mistaking the feelings now...
Laura was attracted to her roommate, and more than anything, she wanted to
make love to her. Why she wondered? Why did she feel this way now? Laura
had seen Ashley come out of the bathroom naked on several occasions... Why
didn't she feel any sexual desire then? Laura felt a temptation to reach
down and kiss Ashley's pussy. She could smell her roommate's arousal, and
the aroma was making it hard for her to stay focused. Laura's own right
hand slipped underneath her own panties...she herself was wet. "No" she
said out loud. Laura resisted her body's desires and in doing so, she
slowly climbed off of Ashley. Laura just looked down at Ashley in a daze.


While Laura gazed at Ashley, she reflected on her new position with the
Agency. Laura wasn't naive, she knew damn well the only reason she landed
this field recruiter position was due to her Uncle. He was a big shot with
the Agency. A member of their Board of Directors, and a major stock
holder. Laura wasn't oblivious to the magnitude of Pleasure Dome. She knew
her own looks made her a likely candidate. She knew that they would love
to add her to their collection of pleasure dolls...and the thought
frightened her. It also did something altogether different, which she
refused to acknowledge...but the feeling coursed through her body
nonetheless. Enough so, where it left her wet.

Laura had been to the Agency's main facility three times, but it was
only in her last visit, where she was she allowed to view Pleasure Dome.
The Dome was located inside a huge room that measured forty feet in
diameter. In the center of the Dome stood a Palace. According to the tour
guide, the palace held over five hundred different bedrooms, and at
present, the palace was less than ten percent filled to capacity. An
innocent viewer would think the Pleasure Dome Palace was the ultimate doll
house, and the Dome itself, the ultimate doll world. The dome's exterior
and the Palace outer walls were made of a special see through glass
substance. Laura vividly remembered feeling three very acute emotions when
seeing it for the first time... Awestruck... Fear... and... Arousal.

The tour guide who escorted Laura around happened to be a good friend of
her uncle's. He provided Laura two options. First, she was offered an
experience in the pleasure chamber. Laura quickly declined, not even
waiting for an explanation. Then she was offered her own viewing room on
the South side of the palace. Laura accepted and then escorted around the
huge dome and into a private room. The guide told her that he'd be back in
a half hour.

Never in her wildest imaginations did Laura think that she'd ever be
seeing what she saw. Her mind reeled in a million different directions, as
her eyes roamed throughout the Pleasure Dome Palace. Laura jumped from one
bedroom to the next... Some girls slept by themselves, others together. A
few rooms showed three and four girls on the bed. Some rooms displayed
girls making love with one another. In every case the girls were naked and
not one of them was more than six inches tall!

Laura's eyes scanned the outer walls of the Palace, and saw a pond and a
park. Naked girls were seen jogging around a track, while others paired
off on a shaded hill and made love. Laura wondered why none of the
miniature girls seem to care that she gazed at them. None of them seemed
to be frightened of her. If she could see in, then surely they could see
out...or could they? Nonetheless, the two girls directly in front of her
were in a '69' position, with their arms wrapped around each others ass and
licking each other's pussy. Laura felt her arousal grow stronger as she
stood there witnessing the act.

When her tour guide returned, Laura was surprised at how quick the half
hour elapsed. Part of her wanted to stay a little longer, but the feeling
of fear was still there, and Laura followed the man outside the room.
Laura was escorted down a different corridor and into a different room...
the activity going on inside the dome was much different. Five glass
chambers lined up the West side of the Dome. Each chamber contained a
normal sized man, except the last chamber...which contained a normal sized
woman. Each person was completely naked and sitting Indian style...
Except the lady who kept her legs spread out.

Laura then gasped when she realized what was going on. Laura could see
each man's arousal pointing straight up and the lady appeared to be
breathing hard based on the pitching of her rather large breasts.
Surrounding the men were about three to four females, all of them in
various stages of sex acts. Some of the girls played with the man's
balls... Others licked the base of the man's cock... Some of them licked
the man's tip, capturing globs of precum. In the case of the woman, Laura
could see four girls lapping at the lady's pussy and appeared two of them
had hold of her clit. The lady was also using her tongue to lick another
girl, spending close attention to the girl's tits and pretty little ass.
The miniature girl appeared to giggle with each lick. Some men held a girl in their hand, and used their thumb to caress the girls. Laura peered
closer to look at the girls and she could see nothing but smiles on their
faces. They were all beautiful and naked. Didn't anybody inside this Dome
wear clothes?

Laura felt her own arousal at everything she had witnessed. This was
all so incredible. Laura didn't stop to analyze her own feelings, but the
question would plague her later. Was it arousing to see the men receiving
oral sex from a bunch of naked six inch girls? Was it the woman? Maybe
the idea of having all those naked girls ravish her? She wouldn't allow
her mind to consider she may be envious.


Laura looked down at Ashley... The transformation was beginning.
Ashley, who stood about five feet six inches, suddenly, as if by magic,
looked a lot smaller. Instead of her body stretching out over all three
squares on the couch...she now spread out over two. Laura couldn't see the
actual shrinking, just the the shrinking appeared to happen in

About a minute later, Ashley reduced even smaller and Laura could see
that the unconscious girl was feeling the transformation's side
effect...pure sexual need. Little Ashley squirm around from side to side,
burying her little fingers deep inside her pussy. The girl was a stunning
sight and Laura wanted so desperately to lick the little girl. Laura felt
hypnotized with the sight of Ashley moaning with passion. She squeezed her
own vaginal muscles for some relief while little Ashley continued to shrink
in size. She only took up one square now.

Laura remembered the words of Mr. Marshal. He specifically told Laura
that Ashley would stop shrinking at five and a half inches. Laura turned
her head for a moment to look at the special box. What looked like an
impossibility only a few minutes ago, now looked very real. This would
protect Ashley during her transport to Pleasure Dome. Laura quickly looked
back and was stunned. Ashley reduced down to a miniature doll in the short
time she wasn't looking. Now, the couch Ashley laid on was huge in
comparison! The process took less than three minutes to complete. Laura
pulled out a ruler and placed it along side Ashley... Ashley Starr was a
perfectly proportioned twenty year old girl only five and a half inches in
length. Laura smiled at the girl, who was still naked, still masturbating
and still making little squeaks of passion.

Laura carefully picked up Ashley, and could feel the heat emanating from
the girl's skin. Hot, horny and soft... Laura gave into the urge to lick
little Ashley, positioning her lightly against her open hand, while holding
her with a finger and thumb. Laura found this special moment really erotic
and moaned herself from the sight of her little roommate. Laura licked her
own dry lips to create some saliva...then she brought her roommate up to
her mouth...she tentatively used her tongue to touch the area between the
girl's legs. Laura quickly pulled back when she heard the girl cry out...
Laura looked closely, but saw that Ashley was still asleep... Laura
smiled, as she realized her little roommate must have experienced an
orgasm. Laura licked the girl's crotch area, licking all around little
Ashley's pussy, then licked her lips. Yep, Little Ashley had come and then
Laura blushed when she realized what she had just done. She looked back at
her little roommate and wanted more of her pussy juice... Not now.

Laura opened the box and peered inside. thick cushions lined up the
walls and Laura carefully placed the sated Ashley inside. Laura then
pressed a small button located outside the box and automatically, small
bands wrapped themselves around the miniaturized girl. Ashley was secured
in place for her transport to Pleasure Dome. Laura pushed another button
and fresh air circulated inside the box. Two steps down, one to go.


As Ashley slowly awoke, she found herself feeling very horny. Without
really realizing what she was doing, she brought her right hand down to her
vagina and found her clit. Ashley's eyes remained closed as her fingers
and thumb rubbed her clit... Within seconds, Ashley basked in an
incredible orgasm. Slowly, and several minutes later, Ashley opened her

What! This wasn't her bed! This wasn't her room! Ashley screamed out
and then...passed out.


Ashley woke again... This time, knowing instantly that she had somehow
been abducted. She realized that she had feinted earlier, but wasn't sure
for how long. She looked down to see her naked body, which quickly turned
chrism red with embarrassment. Anyone could have watched her get off. A
quick glance around the room told her there wasn't anything to wear. Even
the bed she laid on had no sheets. 'Where was she?!'

Ashley quickly bounced off the bed and ran to a bathroom. Not even a
towel. Ashley looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked the
same...but felt different. She wasn't sure why? Ashley walked over to the
door and tried the knob. Locked. Ashley was really starting to get

Ashley's attention turned when she heard the door open. Inside walked
two young ladies and a man. Ashley brought her hands down to cover her
groin area. The man wore a white jacket and carried a black briefcase.
She thought he must be a Doctor. The two girls smiled at her as they
positioned themselves on both sides of her. Just like her, the girls were
completely naked, but unlike her, they didn't seem to mind being naked.
Ashley couldn't help notice that the girls had no pubic hair. Why was she
and they naked? Why did the man get to wear clothes? What type of sexist
place was this? "Where am I and why am I here...and where are my

"Hi Ashley... I'm happy to see you are up. I hope your dreams were
pleasant." responded the man, who looked like your typical small town

Ashley again turned red, and wondered if the man had watched her
masturbate earlier. "What's going on here?"

"Consider yourself amongst the honored. Your beauty has landed you a
resident position inside this Palace."

"What!... What are you talking about!?! You let me

The man turned to the girls and nodded. Each girl took one of her arms
and sat her down on the bed. The girls sat with her. Ashley couldn't help
be taken with their beauty...and they looked so young. Ashley always took
pride in her ability to defend herself, having advanced to red belt in her
Kempo Karate classes, but for some reason she couldn't understand, Ashley
found she couldn't muster the energy when she tried to resist.

"Ashley, there's no sense in fighting it. The effects of your
transformation has pretty much zapped you out for awhile. It'll be a whole
week before you totally recover. In the meantime, we need to mentally
prepare you for your new role in life.

Ashley felt herself starting to cry. "Why are you... What do you mean,
transformation?" she sniffled.

The man looked at her and smiled; "Don't worry your pretty little
head... In awhile, you'll feel a lot better about your new life."

Ashley watched the man take out a strange looking device, and found
herself to weak to resist as it was placed over her head. Ashley felt fear
flooding her and wasn't sure what this device would do. The man attached a
plug to the headset and then went back to his briefcase, pulling out a

"Ashley, your new life will involve things that you currently can't even
fathom. What this highly sophisticated device does is bypass your free
will and send commands directly to your mental make-up. As a result,
you'll feel and desire what you are commanded to... Your brain pattern is
altered to our specifications. You'll still be you, but unable to help the
way you react to certain things. This little <he laughed for a second>
orientation we put you through will help you cope with this brand new
reality you'll be living." The man paused, then stated. "Okay girls...lay
her down...gently."

The girls easily drew her back on the bed and stretched her out. Ashley
felt a flood of embarrassment. With her legs slightly open, she knew that
she was exposing herself...but she was unable to do anything about it.
Ashley looked up to the Doctor who seemed to be busy typing. What was he
typing, she wondered. What was going to happen to her. Then she felt a
strange pleasurable sensation emanate from her pussy, and when she looked
back down her body, she saw that one of the girls had positioned herself
between her legs and was licking her. Ashley never realized how
pleasurable this could be when another girl performed it. As much as she
enjoyed the feeling generated in her lower region, she tried telling
herself that she should be disturbed and appalled. But her body and mind
said otherwise and Ashley moaned as her need to orgasm grew. Ashley,
finding it harder and harder to focus, looked over at the man. He was
still typing something on the keyboard...what was he typing?

The End of Chapter One...

Next Month - the Second Chapter in the continuing story of Pleasure


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