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Pleasure Dome 2


Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults. Due to strong sexual content, you must be at least
eighteen years old to read it.

If you have not read "Pleasure Dome, Chapter I", then I recommend you read this first! If you
are not sure where to find a copy, you can either email me at or visit my

This is a "jdw" proof read!
"Pleasure Dome, Chapter II." by JR Parz

A mere second after Ashley Starr woke, she screamed out as she felt her body
explode with a wonderful orgasm! "God YES!" she proclaimed while wrapping her
powerful thighs around the gorgeous girl between them. This was the third
morning since she graduated and just like the previous two mornings, she woke
to find a different female beauty licking her newly shaved pussy. Ashley
noticed this girl was much younger than the two other girls were...but like
the other girls, she was breath taking.

"Hi...ah...thank you...what...what's your name?" asked Ashley.

"Hi Ashley...I'm Tina."

Ashley smiled as the girl settled down along side of her. Her innocence made
her look all the more beautiful. Ashley could see her come juices glistening
off Tina's lower lip, so she reached over and kissed her...making sure to lick
up the leftovers from Tina's soft lips. "Mmmmmm." Ashley reached down to
cup Tina's left breast and sighed. 'Very sizeable and very firm.' She thought
to herself, while playfully squeezing the girl's tit. Ashley continued
playing with the young girl's breasts and asked; "How old are you, Tina?"
Tina, who had just moved her hand down between her legs to masturbate,
stammered; "I... I'm...ah...I just turned seventeen last Sunday...I've
been...aahhh ...assigned to you today."

As Ashley continued to caress the girl, she found her body getting aroused
again. Ashley remembered Doctor Sanderson told her that she'd have to get
used to would be like this all the time. When the feeling did hit
her, Ashley felt every pore in her body scream with sexual desire, while her
mind focused on relieving the ache between her legs. "You will constantly
crave sex...and bask in the pleasure you feel." Stated the Doctor during her

Ashley vividly recalled her graduation night with the Doctor, who until that
particular night conducted himself with the utmost professionalism. Ashley
remembered how Doctor Sanderson merely told her to assume THE POSITION, and
how the words alone made her wet with need. Without really understanding how
she knew, Ashley got down on her hands and knees, making sure her rump was
thrust up provocatively...Ashley still blushed when she recalled how she must
have looked...both crevices brazenly displayed and open for the taking.
Ashley could feel her juices slowly leaking out of her newly shaved pussy and
running down the insides of her thighs. While she waited for the Doctor to
fuck her, she couldn't get over how aroused and lewd she felt and when she
felt the first stroke penetrating her wet sex, she screamed out in pleasure!
The Doctor proceeded to slide in and out of her like a piston all night, and
Ashley remembered having multiple orgasms throughout the night... The next
thing she remembered was waking up the next morning in her bed...not knowing
how she got there, but not caring, either. When Ashley looked back at that
memory, she blushed at how feminine she felt, how weak she felt and how every
thrust into her sex felt so incredibly wonderful.

Ashley's memory made her suck Tina's tits with even more passion, and as she
did so she found herself wishing she possessed a pair that size. Ashley
pouted at her handful sized was funny how her priorities had
changed. She remembered rationalizing prior to her enslavement why her small
titties were much better than a large set, but now she felt quite the
opposite. "You have such beautiful tits." Ashley remarked out loud while
nibbling on Tina's nipple. Tina was still finger fucking herself, but still
managed to get out a response between moans. "Tha...thank you Ashley...they
weren't always this...ungghh.. big. I had small ones like yours when I first
got here...mmmm... but over...mmmmm...but over one weekend during my first
month, they grew three cup sizes!" Ashley smiled; realizing that she just had
to be patient. Tina, still panting with need and lust, spread her legs open
and begged Ashley to go down on her. Ashley shifted her body around and
positioned herself in between Tina's open legs...her sex smelled heavenly.

Ashley and Tina, both wearing a satiated look, laid back and discussed how
they came to be here. It was strange, Ashley commented, how she remembered
everything about her previous life, but felt no emotion or personal attachment
to it. Being a Pleasure Dome girl was her life now and she felt fortunate to
live a life of pleasure. Tina told Ashley that she had been here for nearly a
year now, and how they had abducted her right out of her home after school one
day. Tina stated with glazed eyes; "The next thing I knew, I was waking up in
a strange bedroom...and feeling really horny. I...I...was a virgin, but
remembered feeling so horny that I would have begged the first man I saw to
fuck me." Ashley told Tina how she remembered jogging that morning, and
feeling horny, but nothing more. Had it only been two weeks ago? Another
thing they talked about was how they had both been heterosexual before their
enslavement. Why were they now extremely attracted to other girls? Ashley
told Tina that she wouldn't have been caught dead kissing a girl on the lips
before, never mind the thought of making love to girl! Tina giggled and
agreed she had felt the same way. Now, they lusting after each other, lusted
sex, and the thought of licking each other's pussy elicited incredible arousal
in them. The thought that their conditioning had turned two perfectly normal
heterosexual girls into lesbians...or at least bisexual, did not concern them,
but the desire flooding their pussies at the moment, did...and they again made

An hour later, Ashley laid back and tried rationalizing. She knew that she
should feel disturbed that her life was totally altered...but it was as if the
emotion had been taken away from her. Ashley found she couldn't even feel
sadness at not seeing her family or friends. It was as if everything about
her previous life had happened to someone else. Ashley then reflected on her
reaction during her orientation, when the Doctor told her she only stood 5 1/2
inches tall. Not only did she not have a problem accepting the statement as
truth, but the statement didn't even alarm fact, she thought it was
pretty cool and giggled. Ashley was told that she would eventually meet the
giants in the Pleasure Chamber, but that wouldn't be until the end of the

Ashley was scheduled to go outside the palace today...and she was getting
anxious to start the day. This would be a first, and she found her
anticipation, exciting!

"Time to get up Tina. Remember, today I'm scheduled to go outside!"

Tina's eyes opened, and then she smiled and jumped out of bed. Ashley giggled
and also sprang up out of bed. Tina said "Let's go jogging!" Ashley jumped
with joy but then released she didn't have a sports bra. "You mean go jogging
like this?" indicating her nudity and naked titties.

"Yup, we aren't allowed to wear clothes, remember. Anyway, the grass is
really soft, so you don't need tennis shoes...and your tits are small enough
that they shouldn't bother you too much."

"But...what about yours?" exclaimed Ashley, gazing at breasts that could
easily fill a "D" cup.

"My tits may be big, but they are firmer than's part of the
transformation. You'll notice when it happens to you, that your tits will
become firmer as they grow bigger. I've never worn a bra, or felt a back ache
in all my time with big boobs."

Ashley smiled at Tina with envy..."I can't wait until mine grow."

Owen Marshal, Field Director for the Agency and Chief of Pleasure Dome
Operations, headed towards the Pleasure Dome Briefing Room for an important
meeting with Doctor Sanderson. After a long meeting with the Security Panel,
Owen had made a it was time to implement it. The Security
cameras had picked up unusual activity in the west sector of the Dome. They
showed him footage of two girls carrying another girl for a distance before
disappearing outside of the camera's boundaries. The Panel and Owen concluded
that some of the girls must have somehow broke free of their conditioning.
The Panel asked Owen to send someone in and Owen had just the agent in mind.

Owen was convinced Leena Porter was involved. Leena had been an assistant to
Doctor Sanderson before the Pleasure Dome project had started. Originally,
Leena had been sexually enslaved to the Doctor thanks to an invention
involving microcomputer chips. At the time, Sanderson had been employed by
the Thorn Scientific Research Facility in Southern California. The Doctor
discovered that Leena's 'pleasure chip' had malfunctioned during the shrinking
transformation. When the Doctor informed Owen about Leena's condition, he
also insisted that Leena wouldn't require new artificial means given her
existing devotion and loyalty to him. Initially, the Doctor was skeptical,
but as time went by, Leena ended up epitomizing the ideal Pleasure Dome Girl,
therefore Owen figured that the girl must simply be in love with the Doc.

Owen took a seat inside the private room. The Doctor...all of six inches,
stood behind a lectern. It didn't matter how many times this scene played
out; it never ceased to amaze Owen.

"How is the new girl, is she acclimating?" Owen asked.

"Fine sir, just fine. She'll make a great addition." responded the Doctor
into the microphone.

Owen looked forward to a visiting the girl inside the Pleasure Chamber. "I
concur...the girl is very beautiful..." Owen paused for a few seconds. "How
about yourself, are you doing?"

"Sir, it's like I've died and gone to heaven. I'll never tire of this life."
stated the Doctor.

"Great...anything I can arrange for you?"

"No Sir."

"Well...okay, but if there is, you just let me know. You've been with the
Dome since the beginning...and your value to this program is without equal.
If there is anything at all...just ask me."

"Yes Sir."

"I know you haven't complained about your size, but maybe you need a breather
from being all of six inches. Does it bother you?"

"No sir. In here, size isn't an issue. Out there, of course, it would be a
different matter altogether. As far as taking a breather, I would assume that
my status hasn't changed."

Owen knew the Doctor was referring to his status in the outside world. "No
change. You are still amongst the Most Wanted of the OSI, FBI and CIA...but
I'm sure we could arrange something when the time comes."

"Well Mr. Marshal, that would be great...but I'm fine for the time being., what's on your mind? I know you well enough to know that this
meeting isn't routine."

"Yes Doctor...we do have a slight problem. A security issue out of the
ordinary has come up. What I'm about to tell you is no reflection on anything
you did or didn't do, so trust me when I say we are not pointing fingers."

"Yes Sir."

"I'm implementing Operation'll receive a file tonight that will
outline everything."

The Doctor's eyes lit up for a second, then he replied; "Yes Sir, I

"Included in this file will be a list, based on computer probability, of who
we suspect is involved. Additionally, we'll be sending in a new girl tomorrow
evening. Her orientation will be modified under the plan as outlined by
Operation Cobra. I trust everything will proceed without a hitch."

Yes Sir. I guarantee it."

"Good. Then like usual, I'll count on it and talk to you later." replied

The meeting came to an end, and Owen headed back to his office. Owen really
wanted to discuss the operation in more depth with the Doctor, but security
measures wouldn't allow it through these means of communication. Owen had the
utmost trust in the Doctor and remembered personally recruiting him. As Owen
sat down in his office chair, he reflected on how he obtained the Doctor's

On his urging, "The Agency" first approached Doctor Sanderson when he was
employed with Thorn Scientific Research. The usual incentive package of
female slaves didn't work with the Doctor, given his invention of "Pleasure
Chips". Owen didn't like Damien Thorn, who owned and presided over Thorn
Scientific Research. However he wasn't about to go recruiting the Doctor
behind his back, so he put Doctor Sanderson's recruitment on hold. Then in a
stroke of luck, Owen discovered that the Government's Office of Scientific
Intelligence (OSI) was investigating Thorn.

Owen had "The Agency's" top operatives contact a retired OSI director and they
provide him enough information to ignite an investigation. The OSI responded
while Owen was maintaining tight surveillance on the Doctor. When the raid of
the facility did go down, "The Agency" was able to get both the Doctor and his
assistant, Leena Porter, out of the facility. All that had happened nearly
three years ago.

The Doctor was a genius in the field of mind control, and when they teamed him
up with Tom Cyr, their subliminal wizard, they were able to develop brand new
technology. With Doctor Sanderson on the team, Owen didn't hesitate to use
the Doctor's reputation to rally support for his newest project...The Pleasure

The shrinking of human beings was right out of a science fiction novel.
Simply put, these things just didn't happen in real life...or so one would
think. Owen couldn't understand it himself, and he knew enough not to get
involved in the science of how the serum worked, but to just concentrate in
making this discovery work for "The Agency". The cost to make Pleasure Dome
happen was right around one billion dollars, and more importantly, Owen's own

As an executive officer of the Agency's Board of Directors, Owen was able to
enforce some very strict guidelines. The first thing he did was to limit the
access to Pleasure Dome. Only high-ranking members with a need-to-know were
allowed access, and all the clients had to possess not only money but loved
ones. Owen felt that if a client had more to lose then their own life, then
they would be more apt to abide policy which included, absolute secrecy. Owen
knew that it the government ever discovered the Dome's occupants were
miniaturized female pleasure slaves, that all hell would break loose.

As Owen reflected on the Dome's birth, he started shuffling through the
pictures of next month's candidates. Owen had agents working as scouts at
various colleges throughout the country, which allowed for so many beautiful
girls to choose from...and he had to admit that his agents had a real knack
for landing the most beautiful of them. With the exception of three girls,
each girl was college age. The few teens that did exist inside the Dome were
either hand selected by a high ranking board members, or deemed security
risks. The buzz from his intercom interrupted his thoughts..."Yes." Owen
responded with authority.
"Mr. Marshal, Miss Sanders here for her appointment." said the soft sexy voice
on the other end.

"Send her in...and hold all my calls for awhile, alright Holly"

"Yes Sir."

Owen looked up from his desk as Laura Sanders walked in.

"How are you Laura?"

"Fine Sir..."

"Please take a seat. I called you for a couple of reasons...but first, I want
to thank you for the outstanding job you did in bringing Ashley Starr here.
She has made a fine addition to Pleasure Dome's population. Incidentally,
she's scheduled to go outside the Palace today. If you were to go to the
viewing room, you may catch a glimpse of her."

"Thank you sir I will...look, after you've dismissed me."

Owen smiled at the girl...was she blushing? "Anyway, as you know, The Agency
believes in providing the very best for our employees...especially when
someone does an outstanding job. Please arrange yourself a visit in the
Pleasure Chamber... I'm not sure what preference you have, but I'm told by
some of our heterosexual female clients that they can't resist the intense
pleasure our Pleasure Dome girls provide."

"Yes Sir." Blushed the girl...even more.

"You know Laura, you are the only Pleasure Dome Field Agent that is
female...we do have a few others working in various department's within "The
Agency", but not in my Department. Anyway, the powers to be have required
close monitoring of your actions, and thus far, you are exceeding their every
expectation. "The Agency" tends to treat their females less than equal. Not
because you girls aren't capable, mind you, but because we'd rather have you
spend your passion and energy inside a bedroom." Owen paused to watch Laura
blush again. "I'll be honest with you good an agent as you are, if
it weren't for the fact that you are the niece of one of our finer and more
popular board members, you would have joined Ashley inside the Dome."
"Yes Sir..." replied Laura...this time with fear.

"I have a new assignment for you..."

As much as Laura wanted to see if she could spot Ashley, she was too stunned
to stick around. She immediately left the office and drove home. All of this
was so very incredible. The mere thought of being reduced down in size to six
inches, and then parading around naked all day was mind-boggling. Laura also
realized that she'd be performing in a wide variety of sexual acts, and to top
it off, she'd be on display through see through glass. The Doctor would know
she was undercover and would only subject her to a modified version of the
orientation process, but still, there would be some alterations, and she was
afraid of how much of her mind she would lose with the effects. Once the
mission was a success, she'd be allowed to leave the Dome and return to normal
size...but what if she failed in her mission?

Laura walked into her apartment...still finding it strange without Ashley.
The police had quietly closed the case last week and it wasn't far fetched to
think that the Agency had something to do with it. As Laura sat down on the
couch, her mind flashed to Ashley's last time here. It was this very couch
that Ashley's transformation occurred. Laura's mind recaptured the memory of
Ashley shrinking...and masturbating. Laura had never felt sexually aroused by
another girl before that special morning with Ashley, but since then, she
couldn't get Ashley out of her mind. She missed her very much and part of her
wondered if they could get together while she was inside the Dome. Laura had
been planning on requesting a visit to the Pleasure Chamber and specifically
asking for Ashley. Now, with these new developments, everything changed.
Hell, part of her undercover work could possibly land her right inside one of
these chambers in the reverse role. She remembered how the girls swarmed
around the man's erection in obvious pleasure. She remembered how the girls swarmed around the lips of the lady's pussy with the same intensity. All
Pleasure Dome girls were turned into creatures of sex and rendered bisexual,
regardless of their previous preferences. Laura smiled at this knowledge.
She obviously had a much greater chance of making love to Ashley in the Dome,
than prior to her abduction.

This mission meant that Laura would become a Pleasure Dome girl and let the
rest happen by itself. According to the brief, a handful of girls were
suspecting of breaking free of their mind control conditioning. These girls had not only broken free of their conditioning, but were somehow able to free
other girls of their conditioning. Estimations indicated that at least six
girls roamed the Dome with the ability to act out on their own. Laura would
let herself be recruited, investigate their procedures, obtain their names,
and report her findings. If Laura succeeded, she would then leave Pleasure
Dome and be restored to normal size. Laura hated to think what would happen
if she didn't succeed.

Ashley, like all Pleasure Dome Girls, wasn't allowed to wear clothing. This
fact kept all the girls parading around inside and outside the Palace stark
naked. This kept Ashley perpetually aroused to the point that she would
gladly spread her legs for anyone making the slightest pass at her.

As Ashley jogged side by side with Tina, she couldn't get over how beautiful
it was outside the Palace. The grass couldn't have been any greener and the
trail they took circled a huge pond with sparkling blue water. Ashley noticed
a couple of girls skinny-dipping on the other side of the pond. 'Of course
they'd be skinny dipping' she giggled as her arousal continued to lick at all
her pleasure centers. Ashley also found herself totally captivated with
Tina's beauty...especially her lovely huge breasts. With every stride Tina
took, Ashley watched the teen's breasts jiggle. Just as they passed the
outside parameter, they stopped to take a breather...both their bodies
glistened with perspiration.

Ashley was extremely horny and wanted Tina. It didn't matter that they were
outside...and it didn't matter that other girls would see them. Ashley wanted
to ravish the pretty teen on the spot. Tina must have noted the look in her
eyes because the next thing she knew, they were both sprawled out on the
grass, '69'ing each other. Ashley loved the musky scent of Tina's pussy.

Tina stabbed her tongue deep inside Ashley's pussy, making sure to graze the
girl's clit along the way...Ashley responded by licking all around Tina's wet
hole. Both of them came with a shudder. Tina knew that Ashley wasn't aware
that they were making love outside the boundaries, and Tina felt that she
could plead innocent love play if someone of authority spotted them. Tina's
goal was to get Ashley behind the bushes fifty or so yards away, but right now
she was powerless to resist the build up of passion. Sexual desire controlled
her now, and until Ashley could relieve Tina's ache, she was as much a
prisoner as Ashley was. Tina basked in the feelings Ashley provided her, and
although she was well aware that these feelings were being generated
artificially, she couldn't suppress them.

Tina was the youngest girl in Pleasure Dome...but despite her age, she was
second in charge of the Rebellion. Leena Porter was the leader, and Tina knew
that Leena and another girl would be waiting for them behind the bushes. From
there, they would escort Ashley to the rebellion's hide away and there they
would de-condition Ashley.

Leena had been a pleasure slave of Doctor Sanderson's for many years before
Pleasure Dome, but it was her earlier conditioning that made it possible for
her to learn. Like the good Doctor, Leena specialized in the Bio-Tech field.
She learned a lot more from the Doctor during her captivity, than when she was
a college student. It was Leena's knowledge in this field that allowed her to
create a device to combat the conditioning.

When Leena first used the device on Tina, Tina remembered crying for hours.
In fact, Tina resented Leena's intentions and wanted to be left alone. She
loved the constant sex and the intense was so much easier being
a Pleasure Dome Girl. But when Leena finally broke through her conditioning,
Tina found she craved the same thing Leena craved...freedom.

Although Leena had broken Tina free of the mindset the conditioning
established, it didn't release her from her sexual slavery. The one thing
that Leena hadn't been able to alleviate was the constant ache she and the
others felt between their legs. The drugs that were fed to them during their
orientation seemed to permanently alter their libido. So, although they would
be of their own mind, they couldn't resist sex...and this put them in constant
need of one another. Leena, on the other hand, wasn't under the same
conditioning, so it allowed Leena to spend a lot of time working on inventions
to combat the conditioning.

Tina now lay there feeling totally exhausted. Ashley lay there in a daze
herself. Tina struggled up to her feet and looked down at the beautiful girl.
There was something special about Ashley...and she felt fortunate to catch her
this early in her program. Tina sprinted over to the bushes without saying a
word, then when she got there, she called out to Ashley " cute.
Ashley, you just have to see this!" Tina watched as Ashley struggled to her
feet and made her way over there. Tina noticed Leena's smile. This was going
to be easy.

"Sir, I am reporting as ordered." stated Laura with a firm voice.

"Super. Please...take a seat on the couch." replied Mr. Marshal.

"Ah...thank you sir." Responded Laura.

Mr. Marshal walked over to his desk and retrieved a small bottle. "First you
strip, then you drink up, lay back and wait... As you know, one of the
potion's side effect will sexually arouse you...but unlike the potion I had
you give Ashley, you'll find that you'll be able to stay awake for your

Laura felt a little shy about stripping naked before this man...but figured in
a few moments, she'd probably be masturbating uncontrollably in front of him,
and saw how silly being shy was. Laura quickly took off her clothes. Then
she took the bottle from Mr. Marshal. She paused for a second, then swallowed
it all down.

Laura just watched as Mr. Marshal pulled up a chair and sat down in front of
her. Laura blushed when she realized he was inspecting her naked body. "You
are such a lovely girl, Laura." he said.

"Thank you sir..." she said a mere second before the first sensation hit
her... incredible arousal.
The end of Chapter 2.
Next month, read the exciting 3rd chapter! In the 3rd chapter, Laura watches
with awe as her body is reduced to six inches in height! Ashley is awakened by
Leena Porter; Ashley and a girl named Jessica are summoned to the Pleasure
Chamber - and find themselves performing for a female client; Laura finds her
orientation affecting her in more ways than expected.


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