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Pleasure Palace 1


Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and only fiction. It is a
continuation of the story I wrote called “What’s your pleasure”, (which you
can find it out on the web, somewhere) but moves to a new locale, namely, a
porn store which the main character (Dad) has bought. For the sake of
reality, it should be noted that minors (no younger than high school age)
will be allowed into the store and various sex acts will take place on its
premises both of which are against the laws of the land. At the same time
Jack’s powers are pure fantasy. But this is a work of fiction and only
fiction, Right? Finally, the first installment cleans up some stuff that
was left over from “What’s your pleasure”.

As always comments/suggestions greatly appreciated

Pleasure Palace I

We didn’t have to wait very long at the restaurant and as the three of
us, me, my son, Jack and my “new daughter,” Jackie, walked to our table, I
noticed that Jackie turned a few heads. For her part, she carried herself
just like a teenage girl should have. The thought that Jackie was not a
real girl would have never crossed anyone’s mind. Because this was
Jackie’s first time out in public, she would probably want to talk about it
as soon as we got to the table. Getting to the table, I held her chair and
whispered in her ear, “We’ll talk about it when we get home.” She just
nodded, understanding exactly what I meant.

After we ordered, I expanded on my plans for the store which I had named
the Pleasure Palace. As I talked, I could tell that both Jack and Jackie
were getting excited. Then I got to the best part. Attached to the office
was a large store that was only be half used and I had planned to turn that
into a playroom for us. Jokingly, I said with Jack’s powers it would be
used a lot. Both Jack and I laughed, leaving Jackie confused. I explained
that Jack had the power, among others to “tweak” peoples’ minds so that
they were more willing to do things they might have thought of but would
never actually do. I didn’t tell her that Jack has used this technique to
fuck me the first time. Her only response was to ask Jack if he could help
get her a set of tits.

We spent the rest of the meal talking about the store. I mentioned that
school was out so and that they could work at the store during their summer
vacation and that I would pay them a good wage. They, both, jumped at the
chance. Finally, the check came and we left.

Walking home, Jackie was full of energy and again wanted to talk. “Wait
until we get home” was my response. She just took off and ran the rest of
the way to the house. Jack and I continued to talk about the store and
when we got home and entered, we found Jackie, figuratively, bouncing off
the walls.

We just took seats, me on the couch and Jack in a chair and waited for
her to come down. Occasionally we made comments but mostly waited in
silence. Finally, she ran out of energy and plopped down next to me,
laying her head on my shoulder. We sat in silence for a few minutes and
then Jackie said something that I never expected.

“Jack, since we’re family now, can I suck your cock?”

Chapter 2

You could have heard a pin drop. My initial reaction was one of
jealousy. Jack, my son, was my man and his cock was mine. But then I
realized that from our past fuck sessions, I had nothing to worry about.
Also, I realized that if my plans worked out for the store, I would be
sharing Jack with more than just Jackie. Instead of saying something, I
just waited for Jack’s response.

He simple stood up started taking of his clothes. He made a big show of
it. First he took of his shirt, his muscles rippling. Then very slowly,
he unzipped his pants. Turning his back to us, he let his pants fall,
exposing his taunt butt. My dick, by this time, was trying to make a new
hole for another zipper. Meanwhile, Jackie was rubbing her crotch and
licking her lips in anticipation. Jack had stepped out of his pants and
turned to face us. He stroked his cock, bringing it to full 10’ hardness.
I had to restrain myself from jumping him and engulfing the monster.

Sitting down and still stroking his meat, he nodded his head noting that
he was ready. Jackie was between his legs in a flash and had impaled her
mouth on his boy meat before anyone had a chance to breath. Her dress had
slipped up over her panty cover ass, her balls clearly outlined thru the
material. I couldn’t see her girlcock but knew that it was straining the
material on the other side.

Siding back, I freed my own cock and stroked it enjoying the show.
Jackie couldn’t get enough of Jack. Each time she released him from her
mouth, she would impale her mouth again on the monster.

“O, god, Jack you so feel and taste so good, I don’t want to ever let
you out of my mouth.”

I could feel the jealousy rising. I had to act. Instead of ripping my
rival off what I considered my property, I ripped her panties off her body
and plunged my steel harden cock into her boypussy and rammed her with all
my might. I grabbed her hips to force more of my raging cock all the way
into her belly. I was a madman. I wanted to hurt her, to let her know
that she was mine and I wasn’t going to let her have my Jack.

With my first thrust, Jackie’s head flew off Jacks meat and howled. “O
Daddy, you’re splitting me in two. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.” This just
spurned me on ramming her more violently than before. Meanwhile, Jack had
extricated himself from Jackie. In one swift motion, he moved behind me
and jammed his cock in my ass and started to fuck me with the same violent
motion that I was fucking Jackie.

“Now, Daddy bitch, fuck her with my cock”

I was once again his bitch, his cock pounding me like it was a piston.
It felt like his cock had gone thru me and into my own cock, making it even
harder has it pounded away inside Jackie. We got into a rhythm. As Jack
would pull back from me, I thrust forward; when he thrust into me, I pulled
back forcing more of him into me. Jackie was all but forgotten. All I was
aware of was his boy meat filling me. I was loving it.

After awhile Jack became very still, allowing me to fuck myself on his
pole. He kept his hand on my hips to make sure the aim was right but did
nothing else. This caused me to slam my ass against him, getting all of
this love muscle into me. This in turned pulled me back from Jackie. I
moved forward slower trying to keep Jack in me that much longer. To
Jackie, it must have felt the opposite. My cock sliding into her slowly
but being removed violently. I don’t know how long this went on, I was in
the zone. All my mind could focus on was the cock that was filling
violating me. I loved it! At some point, Jack started fucking me again
and I knew he was close. With one mighty thrust, he emptied himself into
me which caused me to shoot my seed into Jackie. I didn’t care whether
Jackie came or not. I was sated. My son had fucked his bitch again! With
a few more thrusts, Jack had finished coating my bowels and pulled out of

“I’m going to bed” he said, picking up his clothes and heading upstairs.
Beneath Jackie moaned and I realized that I had fallen on top of her.
Reaching underneath her, I stroked her girl cock. It had shrunk and my
fingers because sticky.

“Daddy, that was awesome. We’ll have to do that again” Pulling myself
out of her, I helped her to her feet and kissed her on the lips. “Let’s
clean up and go to bed.”

Getting into bed, she snuggled against me, her ass tight against my
crotch. Then we feel asleep.

(Next installment, the pleasure palace opens)


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