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Pleasure Palace 2


Pleasure Palace II

(Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and only fiction and along
with it goes all that legal mumbo jumbo. Also, this installment starts
slowly but “heats up” soon enough) Chapter 3

The next morning, my son Jack and I were just about to sit down and have
our morning coffee when Jackie, dressed as Jack joined us. He had packed
away Jackie and was going home. He wanted to thank both of us for the best
day of his life and was looking forward to another family outing. With
that, he kissed Jack on the cheek and came towards me. After the last
time, I just turned kiss my cheek to him but instead, he kissed me on the
lips, sticking his tongue down my throat. Breaking the kiss, he whispered,
“Love you, Daddy” and then he was out the door.

As we drank our coffee, I told Jack of my plans for the store and that I
would need his powers to implement them. I told him of my experiences in
other porn stores; that they were dark, dirty and always smelled like cum.
I wanted our store to be different. It was a place where people would feel
comfortable and not have to slink around, pretending that they didn’t see
what others were doing and that interaction with other patrons was to be
promoted. I wanted him to somehow change peoples’ attitudes and behavior
as soon as they walked in the door. I went on to say anyone who didn’t
have the slightest inclination toward the gay lifestyle should be made to
feel uncomfortable as soon as they entered and feel the need to leave the
store immediately. In essence, I didn’t want straight people coming into
the store but at the same time, I wanted the “possibly gay” people to join

I could tell he was intrigued and told me he would think about a
solution. Then he mentioned that I was getting a belly and should start
working out. The thought of joining a health club immediately popped into
my mind and I knew that he had put it there. Later that day, I joined the
local health club.

Chapter 4

It had take 6 weeks to remodel the store but we almost ready to open.
During that time I spent all my time, either working out and getting the
store ready, Jack and I had little time for each other. I had lost the
belly and my muscles now rippled

. It was time for Jack to do his thing. He had come up with a solution
and today was the day. I dropped him off at the store and was told to come
back in two hours. When I returned as soon as I crossed the threshold, I
felt all different. All the tension in my body fell away and I felt very
relaxed. I knew immediately that he had done it! I asked him how but he
wouldn’t say except that he needed to repeat the process every week. We
had decided that we needed do a test. Jack knew two perfect subjects, two
football players that he had befriended. They were always picking on the
weak kids. He expected both of them to bolt. Jack called them and said
that I was giving away free samples and each had been chosen. It was
agreed to meet at the store the next day.

At the appointed time, I met the boys at the store. I unlocked the door
and entered, turning on the lights. The two boys started to enter but one
of them immediately stopped upon crossing the threshold. He made some
excuse that he had to be somewhere and left. I just looked at Jack and
just smiled. Jack’s expression was one of shock. He had expected both
boys to bolt. I introduced myself to the remaining teen who said his name
was Billy. He was about 6’ tall, with broad shoulders and a body built for
football. I asked him what position he played and he replied, “tight end”.
Both Jack and I laughed. Billy asked what was so funny and we just told
him it was a private joke. I told him to walk around the store and pick
any items he wanted. As he wandered around, Jack told me that he stunned
and that he wanted to get Billy into our play room.

Meanwhile, Billy had picked a few magazines and came to thank me. He
mentioned that the majority of the magazines and videos were geared toward
gays. (He had picked a few girly magazines, from the small area, I had set
up for appearances sake.) I just shrugged my shoulders and said it was
leftover from the previous owner. He seemed to accept the explanation.
But what he said next, floored me. He mentioned that even though he dated
girls, his best orgasms where masturbating to the fantasy of fucking his
dad. He went on, that in his fantasy he bound his father to the bed and
fucked him for hours. Jack just looked at me and grinned. I knew what he
was thinking. He wanted to watch his father get fucked by this muscle
bound teen. The idea excited me and made hard. We talked a little more
and offered to help play out the fantasy. After a little more talking and
a “nudge” from Jack, he agreed.

As we moved the playroom in the back of the store, we set up some ground
rules. I would play the part of his dad. There would be no physical
violence, but spanking was ok and that at anytime I wanted to stop, I was
to say “football”. Jack would help with the binding but that was all.

Entering the playroom and Jack hit a button on the wall. A 4 ft
horizontal bar with padded cuffs attached to it, ascended from the ceiling.
Billy looked at me and said “Strip to your underwear” which I did without
hesitation. By now the bar was just above my head. Each of the boys took
one arm and fastened my wrists securely. Jack raised the bar high enough
so that my heels were slightly lifted of the floor. Billy and Jack huddle
together whispering while I just hung there.

Then Billy attacked. He kissed me forcefully, forcing his tongue into
my mouth as his hands grabbing and kneading my asscheeks. My cock sprang
to life, making a tent in my shorts. Breaking the kiss, Billy moved behind
me and ripped my shorts off my body and thrust a meaty finger up my ass. I
let out a grunt and move my legs to better accommodate the intruder. “I’ve
been waiting a long time to get even with you dad. I’m going to enjoy
this” ramming his finger as far up me as he could. My cock got rock hard,
my hips bucked and l started leak precum. He added another finger to my
ass and fingerfucked me violently. It felt so good to be full again. My
mind replayed images that Jack fucking me and my hips bucked even harder
against his fingers. I was panting like the bitch in heat that I was.
Then he found my nipples. He twisted and tweaked them shooting pain and
pleasure thru my body. I came. The gooey fluid shot out of my cock
landing far across the room. Billy just laughed and fingerfucked me even
harder.” So you like that, Daddy bitch” At those words, my cock, instead of
deflating got even harder. Billy had added a third meaty finger and
continued abusing my nipples. He was talking but I didn’t hear him. My
mind was focused on the intruders in my ass. I felt like a large pipe had
been shoved up my ass and I wanted more! My hips thrust back trying to
capture more of the intruders. When he added a fourth finger, I bucked
back against his fingers even harder. I was delirious. Somewhere along
the way Billy had added is thumb, so that his whole hand was inside me. He
had stopped his fingerfucking and let me fuck myself on his fist. My hips
were like pistons pumping back and forth to a rhythm of their own. In the
background, I heard a voice say. “Jesus, Jack, my whole hand is up your
dad’s ass.” With that I came again my asscheeks clenching, my cock, spewing
the remnants of body fluids onto the floor in front of me. I was drained.
My knees buckled and if I had had my wrists secured I would have fallen
into heap.

When Billy pulled his hand from my ass, I groaned. I felt empty. “How
was that Dad”. I weakly smiled and said. “I gotta piss.” He moved out of
my line of sight, returning with a container which he placed at my feet.
Taking hold of my now limp dick, he said “let’er fly.” I was humiliated
that someone else needed to aim my cock to piss but I had to go. So I did.
Jack aimed my cock at the container and I let go of my bladder. Jack’s aim
was good and I hit the container. As I pissed, Jack stoked my cock, making
me occasionally miss the bucket. When I was done, he shook my dick a few
times and let go. Jack went to talk with Billy letting me hang there. My
knees were still weak putting pressure on my bound wrists. I thought about
the fisting that had just occurred, replaying the scene over in my mind. I
couldn’t believe. I had let a teen age boy force his whole hand up my ass
and let me fuck myself on it. And that I loved it. My hips involuntary
bucked and my dick stirred.

The images were interrupted when I saw Jack and Billy pushing a padded
table towards me. I had thought we were done but they had other ideas.
The table had various straps along the edges. They lifted me onto it but
didn’t release my arms. It felt good to relieve the pressure on my wrists.
Billy, still playing the role, “Dad, I want you to know that I take no
pleasure in what I’m about to do but I must.” He had removed his shirt exposing his broad shoulders and chest. His muscles rippled as he unzipped
his pants, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock was monstrous. It
was not as long as Jacks but it was thicker. I didn’t think I come close
to getting my fingers around it. I now understood why I had been fisted.
If I hadn’t been loosened up he would have ripped me apart. Staring at his
boy cock, I got hot all over again; my asshole spasmed in anticipation.I
felt the pressure on my arms lessen. Jack had lowered the bar and was
releasing my wrist from their bonds. “Lie back,” he whispered. I felt the
pad against my back, but there was no support for my head. I felt the
table being moved and my legs lifted. They were cuffing my ankles to the
bar. The bar was raised so that my legs were stretched up straight. When
they were done, they moved to the sides of the table and secured my arms
with straps. They secured straps across my chest waist and arms. I let my
head fall back and just waited. I wondered what I looked like. I imaged
something out of a horror film; my upper body strapped to the table, my
raised legs spread in a “V” being held in place by cuffs.

I felt, rather than heard Billy step between my legs. I tensed as the
head of his dick touched my hole. He was unsure of how to continue. With
a little encouragement from Jack, he forced himself into me. I groaned; it
felt like a baseball bat had been shoved up my ass. I felt completely
full. Any strength and willpower had left me so I just lay there and let
him ram his cock in and out of me. There was, however, enough strength in
my cock to come to life. All of a sudden, Billy tensed and I could tell
that he was going to cum.

cried, but it too late. Billy thrust one more time coating my bowels with
his boy seed. “NO, DAMMIT, TO SOON, TOO SOON,” I wailed.

He pulled out of me, mumbling over and over again, “I’m sorry” I heard
Jack console him, then the rustling of clothes “Dad, I’m just going to let
Billy out and be right back” The playroom door open and close. I just lay
there, frustrated. I wanted to be fucked, I needed to be fucked. Angry, I
struggled against my bonds, trying to free myself but I was held tight.

I heard the door open and then “Dad, Billy’s sorry and wants you to
punish him,” momentarily pausing, “next time,” emphasizing the words next
time. I heard the rustling of clothes. My dick sprang to life, my Jack
was going to fuck me. My cock started leaking again.

Jack’s voice got near, “I never would have thought Billy was gay, and
his cock, it was huge. Just looking at it got me hard.” Unprepared, Jack
entered me. My cock shot its third wad of the day, covering my chest with
my seed. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and fucked me in easy
strokes. He was talking but I wasn’t listening. I was in my own world. I
was his fuck bitch and loved every inch of him. There was no better
feeling than his strong hard cock in me, fucking me, making me his bitch. I
would always be his bitch and nothing in the world could or would match the
feeling. His fucking picked up speed and when he was as deep in me as
possible, he would flick his hips, forcing every bit of himself into me. I
loved it. I tried to raise my hips to meet his fucking but I was held
firmly in place by my restraints.

WITH YOUR HARD COCK! I kept talking, spurring him on. It worked. He was
ramming me with all his might. My head rolled from side to side. “THAT’S
out of my mind with lust. My mind was building to a meltdown. “THAT’S IT,
him over the edge. I felt his cock thicken slightly and spit his boy cum into me. I felt it coat my innards and I orgasmed for the fourth time. A
warm glow flowed over me. Like all the other times he shot his spunk into
me, I truly felt I was his bitch, his fucktoy. All he had to do was ask
and I would spread my legs anytime, anywhere. He had pulled out of me, and
moved away, making me groan. I felt so limp that I couldn’t move. Jack
had returned and was tenderly wiping up the cum spilling out of my hole.
Before freeing me from my bonds, he wiped my chest and kissed me. He
helped me get dressed and we headed home

The store was ready for business!

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