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Poem The Woman In The Mirror


On a ordinary night in an ordinary town,
In my ordinary bedroom and ordinary gown,
I was overcome with pleasure, and paralyzed with fear
And learned about myself from the woman in the mirror.

On a lonely weekend night I was curled up and alone,
As I watched the fire dance in the fireplace in my home.
I was startled back to consciousness by a crazy noise;
Coming from my darkened bedroom came a woman’s whispery voice.

My ordinary slippers making friction on the rug,
My ordinary lamp lit when I gave its cord a tug.
Creeping as I listened, sure that nothing would appear,
Till I stood upright in front of Grandma’s wooden floor length mirror.

At first I noticed nothing, just my ordinary life,
Hand me down belongings and a hand me down Ex-wife.
Then subtle changes in my glum reflection I espy,
A brilliant blue replaced the normal color of my eye.

The vision altered further; next her frown became a smile,
The kind that melted peoples hearts, and could their will beguile.
She stood with straightened posture like she didn’t have a care,
And pulled her nightgown up and off, and shook her lustrous hair.

Her fingernails lengthened, and became a crimson red As she kicked her slippers in the air and perched upon the bed.
Her panties were the next to go, and Wal-Mart’s cheap brassiere,
She posed, as if to say, “Behold, the woman in the Mirror.”

My frightened mind in shock implored me to get out of there,
My transfixed body though was stiff, so I kept watching her,
As she turned and gathered up a pile of garments from behind.
I glanced and upon my bed was clothes-my ordinary kind.

My body felt a tingling like it never had before,
As I raised my ordinary gown and cast it to the floor.
The apparition waited till my clothing disappeared
And once again I looked somewhat the woman that I mirrored.

Her hands slid up her slender frame and settled on her chest,
She waited till I also placed my hands atop my breasts.
Massaging, milking, tickling, I gasped and followed her,
My blood and brain caught fire when I heard the mirror purr.

Her right hand started travelling my own hot on the chase
And both dug in and nestled in the same soft tender place.
Her hand led mine, my hand obeyed, as both began to rub
And both our heads flew back and gasped as fingers found the nub.

My eyes were closed my hands still driving me to ecstasy
When a second pair of small soft hands began stimulating me.
My eyes sealed shut, I couldn’t move, A mix of lust and fear
The hands that squeezed my butt were from the woman in the mirror!

Her hands then roamed my nakedness but I no longer cared,
My loneliness abated as my nudity I shared.
Her finger circled parted lips and slipped into my mouth,
My knees relaxed and widened as her other hand slid south.

My arms fell to my sides as hers took over pleasuring me,
I sighed in blissful rapture as I thanked the Powers That Be.
She pushed and rubbed, she pulled and nudged she angled me and pried
In every subtle instance my entranced figure complied.

Her hands slid down my leg and lifted gently in due course
Like a master rider checks with care, the shoes upon her horse.
She slid a garment over my foot; I felt its silky hem,
Then lowered my foot to the ground and alternated them.

She posed me once again in prance; I wondered what to do
When firmly she positioned on my tiny foot a shoe.
My eyes snapped open moments later and to great appeal
I saw she’d dressed me in silk panties, hose and three-inch heel!

Her smooth warm hands came from behind, covering my gaze,
I closed them and inhaled, I swooned in perfumed daze.
My hands were lifted skyward and I posed for her again
While a silky top with spaghetti straps floated down my skin.

I felt her placing jewelry on my fingers and my wrist,
A necklace draped my slender neck, my trembling lips she kissed.
My earrings in, my arms relaxed, she tended to my head
With brushing and a curler, then she walked back to my bed.

I heard a zipper then a snap, then shuffling on the floor,
Her sweet intoxicating fragrance wafted by once more.
I pried my eyelids open and blinked my sleepy eyes
And shuddered in orgasm as I saw her sweet surprise.

I wore a tight black miniskirt as shiny as my heel,
And matching shiny babydoll of black with silky feel.
Crimson lips and fingernails, and sexy lingerie,
Beautiful and dangerous, and ready to go play!

My doppelganger smiled and cried, so glad that I approved,
And then I realized she wore the clothes that I removed.
She gestured and she posed in my old gown I’ll never miss
Miming “Babe, we’re beautiful, why did we wear this?”

I knew I would not spend another night alone and chaste,
I’d dance and share myself and wake in someone’s sweet embrace.
She smiled once more and faded out, I waved and shed a tear
So thankful I had now become the woman in the mirror.


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