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Ponygirl Express


*This story stemmed in my head after reading trilby else's 'Recovery'.

This story also has elements that are similar to Alphax's 'Presents'.

Thank you to trilby else and Alphax. And to (My) Cat's sara, without
whom this story wouldn't have happened.

This story copyright cat_slave 2000*
*********************************************************************** THE

The song cut off, an operator taking the place of John Lennon's voice.

"Good afternoon, sir. Thank *you* for taking the time to call *us*.
How can we help you?"

He pointed his finger at the picture in the catalog. The picture he'd
been staring at for hours. *It was worth the thirty-minute hold.* "I'd
like to order item number 26-3169."

The voice on the other end of the line sounded more than pleased.
"Excellent choice, sir! Would you care to have that gift-wrapped?"

"No. Don't bother."

"Very good, sir. I'll assume by your tastes you'll want the deluxe

A pause. "What does that come with?" *I shouldn't have asked.*

"Everything, sir." The happy voice chirped on; after all, it was her job
to push sales. "Including a lifetime warranty, and full membership access
to our warehouse, anytime you have need of it."

He sighed, exasperated. He *hated* tempting pitches like this,
especially when they put such a large hole in his wallet. *Damn them.
They know their clientele too well.* "*Fine*. Go ahead. Bill me for that,
too. Nothing else. I've already spent more than I planned."

"Oh, of course, sir. Your package will be delivered as soon as the
order is processed. It usually takes two to three days. And then one day
for shipping. Thank you for shopping with us, sir. And if you ever have
any questions, my name is Madeline. Feel free to call."

He hung up the phone, and smiled. *This is going to be a great
birthday, after all.*

Hannah walked quickly down the street, trying hard to hurry, and yet not
get knocked down by the enormous rushing river of people that she was
swimming against, most of whom were bigger than her. She was a little
thing, barely a hundred pounds, even when soaking wet.

She was going to be late for work. Again. Her boss was going to *kill*
her. Clutching her satchel close to her breast, she ducked, and swerved
around the oncoming pedestrian traffic. At least she was in good shape,
and she was making good time. *Maybe I won't be late after all. Maybe all
that time at the track will pay off.*

A flash of silver caught her eye. It looked vaguely familiar, for some
reason. She paused, and glanced at it in a completely human manner.

*The buzz of noise around her slowly filtered itself out, into a soft
whisper of buzzing static that caused her mind to whir. Time slowed, the
people around her coming to a slow stop, as if their batteries were dying.
She was floating.

The silver flashed again, the source of it an ordinary woman. Except
for the fact that she moved at normal speed in a world where time was dead.
Her lips drew back, giving Hannah a bright smile. Hannah felt her thighs

The woman gestured down to her own feet... that weren't feet at all.
Cloven hooves, elegant and bright silver took the place of her feet. She
stamped her hooves, as a beautiful melodic sound reverberated through
Hannah's mind. Then the woman galloped off.*

Hannah paused, trying to figure out why she'd stopped in the first
place. *Christ, girl. No time for daydreams. Get going, before you lose
your job, you silly cunt.*

She picked her pace back up, running with all her might, ducking and
weaving with intricate skill against the pouring masses, only to end up
being five minutes late for work.

That was late enough for Mr. Brandt. Her heart fell into her gut, when
she saw him sitting leisurely on her desk, waiting for her. She attempted
a heartfelt smile, trying not to look guilty as sin.

"Hello, Mr. Brandt. How are you today?" She bounced on her heels, to
show her exuberance for him, toying with the notion that a little
flirtation never hurt anybody.

Mr. Brandt appreciated the gesture, and showed his gratitude with a
small smile. "I'm well today, Hannah. Thank you." Hannah beamed at this,
and moved to settle in at her desk.

He began to stride away, then turned back to her. Paused.

Her heart sank.

"But," he added in afterthought, "I'd be better, if my employees could
make it to work on time." He frowned, then put both his hands on the desk.

She sighed, and bit her lip. Hard. *Here it comes.* At first, she
didn't look directly at him. She already knew what he was going to say.
It wouldn't be the first time she'd heard it. *But, it might be the last.*

"This is really getting to be a problem, Hannah. I need to know if
you're going to be able to make it to work on time, on a consistent basis.
I let it go for the first few times, even the first *month*. And damn it,
you *are* a good employee, but we can't run this ship with tardiness as
it's fuel...."

A flash of silver caught Hannah's eye. She rubbed her eyes, as Mr.
Brandt bent out of focus. His mouth slowed down movement, and his voice
droned on as if he were a record player set on the slowest setting. The
hustle-and-bustle of the office faded off, as employees seemed to move at
too slow a speed to really even see their motion at all. She felt her
nipples tighten beneath her cotton bra.

*A lovely girl, no older than twenty slid into the office. Her skin was
golden, and slick, covered in a sheen of sweat that only made her that much
more erotic. A dribble of it fell off an engorged nipple, a nipple pierced
with a small tiny bell that chimed with each step she took with her long,
black legs. Encased in leather.

Hannah felt her pussy clench in jealousy, and lust. She never knew just
looking could be this hot.

The girl's eyes were hazy, and a pleasurable orgasmic smile was on her
lips, as she stroked the reigns that had somehow appeared on the harness
that covered her waist, cinching. Tightening. Confining. Biting into her
pussy. She slowly, slowly, slowly began to pull the cart, the harness
snapping to attention. Each domesticated, obedient step leading the girl into a pool of deeper and deeper arousal. Until she drowned in it.

Hannah's dripping cunt opened up, trembled, and gushed.*

"Hannah, are you *listening* to me?"

Her mind snapped back, her face flushed as her body tingled in the
aftermath of ... orgasm? "Yes, sir. I *promise*," she managed to
stammer, "It won't happen again."

Brandt sighed, "Yes, it will, Hannah, yes, it will. But you *are* a
hard worker. I'll give you one more chance. If you come in that door even
one minute late, for the rest of the month, I will have no choice but to
terminate you. Prove you can make it here on time, and you won't have to
worry about it."

She nodded glumly. *Well, at least he didn't fire me.* Feeling dismal,
and yet oddly satisfied, Hannah turned to her computer, and began the day's
work. She paused before starting. Suddenly, the peaceful ocean sunset
didn't seem like such a good desktop theme.

She clicked on her Explorer, and quickly found another, more suitable
picture. Smiling, she nodded in approval at the mass of dark stallions and
mares stampeding through the open terrain. *Much better.*

The rest of the day passed slowly, but she didn't mind that. She'd
debugged programs for so long, her mind almost drifted on automatic as she
scrolled down through the enormous amounts of code, checking for errors and
trying to figure out where the problem for the new payroll program was.
Almost unknowingly, she slipped into a pleasant daydream of heading off
into rolling hills, and running with the wild horses that seemed to live
and breathe on her desktop.

*The horses suddenly were alive. She could feel the thunder of their
hooves rattling her desk, her chair. The power made her tremble, rising up
in her prickling skin like a geyser. Exploding.

Behind the herd, a young woman ran after them, trying to catch up with
them, something odd in her hands. She waved to them, but the thunder of
the herd was slowly dying off in the distance. The woman turned the thing
over in her hands--it was a tail. Beautiful, and golden, rich as silk.

Bending over, the woman's face was overcome with a whirl of pleasure.
She stuck the end of the tail in her ass, and Hannah came in synch with the
trembling girl on her desktop.

It looked so right on the girl. Hannah felt an emptiness in her own
ass, and she found that she wanted a tail... wanted it *so* badly. She
wanted, she *needed* to be as glorious as the girl, who now ran with the
strong herd, welcomed by them as one of their own.

Her nether regions ached with jealousy.*

"...You going to leave, miss?"

Hannah looked up from the desktop, and blushed. The lights were out,
and the night janitor was looking directly at her as if she didn't belong.
"I can come back," he muttered, grumbling. Obviously, he didn't want to.

She sighed, cursing herself for losing track of time, downloaded the
program onto a disk to work on at home, and shook her head. "No. Sorry.
I'll get out of your way."

She slid out from behind her desk, leaving him to his job, and bustled
home, her eyes cast down on to the street all the while. By the time she
got back to her apartment, it was nearly ten o'clock.

Chiding herself, she muttered, "All right, Hannah. Get this program
done tonight, and you'll be *ahead*. And we'll get to work early tomorrow.
We've *got* to show Mr. Brandt we're capable, don't we?" Answering her own
question, she grinned at herself, "Damn straight."

She put on 'Let It Be', one of her favorite albums into the CD drive
turned up the music to keep herself awake. Then, started up the program,
promising herself to fix it perfectly.

As Lennon started to sing, "I Dig A Pony," she glanced through the code.
*No.* She shook her head, immediately finding something wrong with the
simple program. *That's definitely not right. Why in the hell would they
even put this in? Damn programmers.*

Frustrated, Hannah set about fixing everything that was wrong with the
program. She was too focused to notice that the song was on repeat.

"I dig a pony," Lennon told her again.

She typed furiously, all the while glancing at the clock. *This day has
just slipped right past me. If I can just get this done, I'll show how
valuable I am. Everything will be all right. If not, girl, you're

Finally, the program was done.

"I dig a pony," the CD droned on, as she put her head down to rest.
*Yes. Ponies*, she agreed, sleepily. *Dig them.*


The alarm buzz instantly woke her up, causing her to bang her forehead
on the head of the bed, hard. Swearing profusely, she slid out of the
waterbed, and was glad to see she was going to be early to work. Early
enough to make sure the program was going to work.

She turned on the computer, and strode into the bathroom. *I've really
got to redecorate this place. A nice pony would look lovely in here.
Maybe some stallions, in the bedroom.* She nodded to herself in

The computer greeted her with its new start theme. "Stage One," Paul
McCartney said, "In which Doris gets her oats."

She giggled at that. It had always seemed so silly. That was part of
the reason she had always liked The Beatles. But oats *did* sound lovely.

She put off her momentary hunge... after all, she had to make
absolutley sure the program worked.

Eagerly, she hit the 'Run' button.

"I dig a pony," Lennon sang to her.

*Yes,* she easily agreed.

A flash of silver burst across her screen, as a heavenly voice reached
through her speakers, past Lennon. Past everything.

*"obey work pull nuzzle cum lick fuck anything owner wants"*

*Hannah shuddered, as the dream-like pictures weaved their way across
her mind. Hooves, and tails, and harnesses, and bits. She was way past
Stage One. Doris wanted her harness. Doris wanted her bit. Doris wanted
pretty pony hooves.*

*"obey work pull nuzzle cum lick fuck anything owner wants"*

Doris, once named Hannah, was too busy to notice the men in plain
uniforms who came into her apartment, uninvited, and unquestioned. One,
with a nametag that read "Dave" embroidered on it, pointed to Doris and
informed his partner, "Everything should be ready. Why don't you call
base, and let them know our estimated delivery time?"

His partner nodded, setting down the small box, heading back out to the
closed trailer.

*"obey work pull nuzzle cum lick fuck anything owner wants"*

*Doris was really digging ponies. Doris wanted to be at Stage 10, if
this was just Stage One. Doris wanted more than her oats. Whatever that
was. Doris was a horny pony. Doris wanted to fuck something.

A pretty sheen of sweat and lust coated her body. She knew she was a
pretty pony, and just listened to the sweet voice, that told her how good
ponies behaved. She wanted to be a good pony.*

*"obey work pull nuzzle cum lick fuck anything owner wants"*

Dave chuckled, as he cut off Doris' clothes with a pair of shearing
scissors and strapped her into the harness, then put on her bit and hooves.
Lastly, of course, came the tail. Fine horsehair wound and grafted into a
sensual buttplug.

Doris orgasmed. They always came when he gave them their tail. Not
that she knew she did; she was too busy being mindfucked by the very
program which she had 'fixed.'

Dave glanced at the screen. *Now that's the most creative use of a Do
While Loop I've ever seen.* He grinned again, and pinched Doris' nipples
just for the hell of it.

*"obey work pull nuzzle cum lick fuck anything owner wants"*

He turned off the computer abruptly, and Doris' eyes glazed over. Doris
was *so* happy, she whinnied prettily at Dave. He took her reigns,
smiling. "Don't worry, lovely pony," he told her comfortingly. "You'll
have an owner soon enough."


He heard the truck drive up, and grinned. His package had finally
arrived. He'd been keeping an eye on the window ever since they called to
let him know his delivery time.

The simple white-sided truck pulled into the driveway, and came to a
halt. He watched with perverse eagerness as the men got out of the truck,
walking past an emblem of a young pony playing with a girl and cursive text
inscribed in an arc below that read, "The Pony girl Express."

Out trotted lovely Doris, pulling a brand new cart for her owner. She
strained against it, digging her new hooves into the earth with, eyes
shining in lust and pleasure.

He signed for her eagerly, and thanked the men. Waiting until they
drove off, he pulled the small instruction booklet off of her harness,
glancing over it. Pausing only a minute, he smiled at her and spoke with a
firm kindness.

"Welcome home, Doris," he said.

Doris stomped her hoof happily in response, and nuzzled his outstretched

"I dig a pony," Mr. Brandt said, reading from the sheet.

Doris reeled in orgasm as she bonded permanently to her new life, new
Master and Owner. The shiver made her skin sweat and glisten.

Her thighs trembled as he mused, "I can't wait to break you in, Doris."

*obey work pull nuzzle lick cum fuck anything owner wants*

No other thought was possible.


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