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Pool Alert Or Girlpower 1989


Pool Alert Or Girlpower 1989:It was not very often that I got invited to
parties really, you see I was and still am painfully shy. As Morissey sang
with the Smiths in the 1980s, I am the son, and the heir, of a shyness that
is criminally vulgar a song that sits well with my character. Anyway, it
was deepest Summer in my home town in the year 1989. Those that live in
the U.K. might recall that 1989 was not a great Summer, but this story unfolds, quite truly, on one of those rare, hot and sunny days. One of my
greatest schoolboy crushes, came during my third year of secondary
education, making me fourteen years of age when this all happened. Her
name was Carly, a gorgeous blonde hair, blue-eyed babe with astoundingly
fit legs. In my eyes, she was perfect, and to top it off she had that
naturally dark olive skin complexion. I had fancied her for the last year
and a half from when she first joined my school. So much in fact that I
fell from being top student in my French class to number four, I was
looking at her so much!! I think she knew I liked her, but knew she could
have any boy in our school and obviously held out for the best one she
could find. With my hormones running wild, as they do at fourteen, and
having spent well over a year fantasising over her and hoping that she
would speak to me in a more than friendly way, I decided to make a move.
It was the last day of the school year, and if she agreed to be my
girlfriend, we would have the whole summer together, no mean length of time
at fourteen either. Our uniforms consisted of brown trousers, cream shirt with brown and yellow tie and brown jumper for the boys, whilst the girls wore a brown skirt (sometimes short!!) with a cream shirt and same tie.
They would wear a brown jumper or cardigan too. Fortunately for me, she
did not take a bus home from school, but instead walked home via the same
route as me. Nervously I walked up behind her just outside the gates and
said: "Errrm, Carly, excuse me?" My shyness was apparent, and as she turned
round and saw me blushing and biting my lip, she knew what must have been
coming and gave a small smile and blinked those blue eyes at me. "Yes,
David?" Carly spoke with a slight Somerset accent, her origins, and to
those U.S. readers that is a very rural and loveable accent. "Errrmrm, I
know what your answer is going to be, b-b-but would you go out with me?"
God I felt awful, my face was on fire. Giving me hope, there was a pause,
but then Carly pushed her lips together and let out that smacking noise
that kids do. "I am sorry David, but no. It would be best if we just
stayed friends." And with those haunting words, she turned and left me
rooted to the spot like shell shocked soldier. That was it, summer was
already over. Incidents like this made me sad for weeks. What would
happen now? I had been rejected by one of the most gorgeous girls I had
ever seen. That alone was humiliation enough for me. Writing this in the
year 2000, it is easy for me to see that such events and indeed the
following paragraphs have made me so shy and afraid of asking girls out,
for it has happened to me several times. But we digress, and on with the
show. About three weeks into the summer holidays, now late July, I
received an invitation to a party at Carly's house for her birthday in the
first week of August. The invite mentioned that if it was sunny we would
spend the afternoon in and out of her parent's swimming pool and have an
evening barbecue. If it was a dull day, we would go tenpin bowling and
watch videos in the evening. A message at the bottom of the invite ordered
me to notify her of my attendance A.S.A.P. So I picked up the phone a rang
her. "Hello?" It was Carly's voice at the other end, my mind going back to
her rejection, my heart beat fast. "Hi Carly, it's David." I said, perhaps
sounding if I was breathing heavily. "Hi David, did you get my invite?"
She asked. "Yes and I am just ringing to say that I will be coming and to
thank you for inviting me!" I said, ever the gentleman! The conversation
continued well for me, I was talking to her quite comfortably, being her
friend which was better than her hating me I thought. Carly explained that
due to her parents laws concerning their pool, only four guests were
allowed, making it five with herself. The guest list read, Fiona -- a girl I liked too, who was very clever and spoke several languages even at
fourteen. Her family lived for a while in Germany and came back to England
at the same time that Carly joined my school. Next was Laura -- a small
girl, again very clever and a good friend of mine. I liked her too as it
happened although she always appeared to have a boyfriend so I was happy to
be friends. Next was Lucy, my Number two!! She was a bit taller than
Carly, very slim and attractive. I don't really have a fetish for blonde women, but coincidentally, Lucy had dark blonde hair with blue eyes and was
on the school cross country running team. This party was going to be babe
city for me, and they would (weather permitting) be in swim wear, cool!
"Gosh, am I the only boy?" I asked, suddenly sensing something wrong with
the guest list. "Yeah, my parents wanted it to be solely girls, but I
twisted their arm. You see, they didn't want any hanky panky going on, you
know, pairing off while they were out." Carly explained. She went on to
say that her folks were going out for the afternoon, but would return for
the barbecue in the evening, where more guests would be allowed. In the
event of it being a crap weather day, her uncle would take us to the
bowling. As a fourteen year old, this all sounded quite reasonable, but
the first seeds of doubt were sown in my mind when I told my mother about
the party and it's unusual guest list. Like mother's do, she warned me to
be careful at the party. When I asked her why and what she meant, she just
shrugged her shoulders and said something that I now know is quite true,
girls can be such cruel bitches. I thought my mum was worrying over
nothing, I knew these girls quite well and we got on as friends. With the
party to look forward to, I formulated my plan. I was going to chat to
Lucy and hopefully get her to go out with me. I was not going to try any
hanky panky (as Carly's mum put it), not that I would have been brave
enough to try it, but I was determined to put the Carly setback firmly
behind me. The day of the party duly arrived, and after a lengthy
school-boy summer lie-in, I got up at around 10 o'clock. As luck would
have it, the weather was gorgeous, not even the faintest sign of a cloud.
After I had bathed and got my stuff ready for the afternoon, I relaxed in
my own garden with excitement urging the clock to move faster. Carly lived
about 5 minutes walk from my own house, and so after a short stroll I
knocked upon her door, a large fake oak beast of a door with matching brass
knocker. After what seemed like an age, the door opened to reveal Carly's
younger sister Annabel (she was 12) wrapped in a towel. "Hello David."
Annabel said smiling at me. I liked Annabel, but in our town it was seen
as weird for third years like me, to chase first years! "Hello there, am I
too early?" I said out of politeness since it was obvious that I had got
her out of the pool. She said it was ok and invited me in, through the
house and out onto the pool side. Carly was in the pool and I couldn't
wait to see her get out. We exchanged hellos and I placed her birthday
card on her sun lounger. Annabel was then instructed to escort me to a
room where I could change into my swimming shorts. On the way to what was
Annabel's room, she smiled at me again and said, "Are you ready for some
fun then?" "Yeah, it should be a nice afternoon, I have been looking
forward to it since I was invited." I replied. We chatted for a couple of
minutes and we even discussed my rejection by Carly to which Annabel said
she must have been mad and that I shouldn't just give in. I think the
phrase I replied with was along the lines of once bitten.... Annabel
persisted with the fact that all might not be lost. Something I now regret
doing was advising Annabel that I intended to chat to Lucy about us
becoming a couple. "Oh." Annabel said, her sparkle now gone. She fancied
me as it turned out and was disappointed since Carly had arranged to push
me in her direction if I tried to talk Carly into going out with me again.
All very complicated I know, but it is important information. Once Annabel
left, I began to get changed, making doubly sure that no one was going to
come in. Whilst I was changing, the door knocker sounded. This time it
was Carly's voice I heard answer it and I counted three other girl's voices
too at the door. All the other guests had come together- the party was on.
I was naked when I heard this, "You don't mind if Annabel stays do you? My
parents have given in to her and let her stay after all." Carly asked her
friends if they minded, to which they replied no, and the more the merrier.
I didn't mind, I liked her anyway not that they asked me. Once my shorts
were on and tied secure, I left Annabel's room and took my towel outside
and met up with the other guests. It was obvious to me now that when I
went outside I had disturbed a little chat for they all stopped talking and
watched me approach. After a couple of seconds the other guests said hello
and I responded. Carly, Annabel and I were the only ones in swim wear at
this stage, and Carly looked gorgeous in her wet swimming costume. I could
see her nipples poking out in front of her and her long legs, so brown and
edible. I had to look away before I got too excited! Laura, Fiona and
Lucy all stood there in jean shorts and loose T-shirts, and soon retired to
the house, to Carly's room to get changed. "Feel free to get in David."
Carly said, and as I jumped in and got used to the water temperature, Carly
and Annabel both went inside leaving me alone in the pool. Nothing unusual
about that really, girls talk amongst themselves very often about girly
things and did not suspect anything. In fact one thing I had noticed when
we did P.E. at school, it was a running joke that the girls all came out
of the changing rooms as one big group! I had swum a couple of lengths
when as if it were a P.E. lesson, the girls all came out of the house and
in their swim wear. Well, I had to stop swimming, and I smiled inwardly at
the parade in front of me. Carly was in a dark blue two-piece which showed
off her tummy and belly button (lovely) to good effect, her hair darkened
by the wetness of the water. Fiona was next in her light blue one piece
outfit, a bit conservative actually given that this was a party although
her large bottom was showed to good effect. Laura was third, who looked
very short next to Fiona, and she was wearing a loose T-shirt over a green
and blue two-piece outfit. She wore this T-shirt because she was very
fussy about showing her body in public and later on in her teens did turn a
little anorexic, but she looked great on this day. Next was Annabel, now
without the towel and looked stunning to, well she is only a slightly
younger version of her sister, and wearing a light blue two-piece.
Unusually her belly button was an outee instead of Carly's innee! Last in
the group was Lucy, tall, slender and athletic, her thighs looked as though
they oozed power after her cross country running exploits. She wore a
two-piece outfit too and in my favourite colours of claret and blue (Aston
Villa F.C. rule). Lucy also had her hair in pig tails which hung down
over the side of her head in Scandinavian style. Her olive skin looked so
smooth and her nipples and breasts were outlined perfectly in the sunlight.
I had rarely seen such a festival of fine fillies! They were all really
nice girls and had good personalities- or so I thought. The girls all
started to jump in to the pool, I guess they had lotioned up before coming
out, something which I didn't do, but always do now. We all had a great
time splashing about and ducking each other, Carly had even brought out a
portable stereo and put some music on. The first tune on was Holly Johnson
singing Americanos. I remember that because we all stood round together
singing it in a circle in the pool. After that song I tried to get closer
and closer to Lucy in order to chat to her, but she kept blowing hot and
cold. Some times she would smile and seem willing, other times she just
raised her eyebrows and turned away. Yes, even at fourteen, they can
tease. We played a couple of games in the pool with various inflatable
balls and things, all very jolly. "Lets play something else." said Carly.
Everyone stopped and looked at her, waiting for the birthday girl to
suggest a game. She continued, "Tig?" [Ed note: "tag" in the US.] The
guests, me included just sniggered at such a sad game idea. Carly handled
it well though and just laughed and shrugged her shoulders inviting others
to suggest a game. Annabel then piped up, the little minx. "What about
truth or dare?" Once again the party people laughed, but this time we
nodded our heads. The game was set up, and the rules laid down funnily
enough by Annabel. A question would be asked to a person, and they can
either answer or take a dare. Apparently, we would all have a round of
asking questions, making the game six rounds long!! The rules seemed easy
enough, but the question of what would happen if someone refused to speak
and refuse the dare did not come up. We all have regrets. Carly started
the questioning, being the birthday girl and all, and so she got out and
sat on the pool side. I could see her nipples again through her costume
and I will admit that I did rub myself under the water a little bit. Carly
asked all her friends and her sister really tame questions, and all the
girls opted for the truth option and I didn't really learn anything juicy
about any of them other than the fact that Fiona had a crush on my best
mate. "OK Dave." Carly began with me. "When did you have your first
sexual experience?" Well, I blushed at this question. I could not believe
that she had just asked that in front of her sister who was (I felt) much
too young for such discussions. Carly teased me a bit and asked if I was
going to tell the truth or take a dare. Although I was embarrassed by the
question, this time I decided to tell the truth and to much shock and
horror from the rest of the party goers I told them I was nine years old.
Lucy smiled at me though, which was nice as I think she knew about what
happened when I was nine. Next it was Lucy's turn to ask the questions,
and so she got out and rested on the pool side while Carly got back in to
the water. Lucy's costume hung seductively close to her body with the
wetness of the water and the sun shining off her olive skin turned me on
again, I was getting a little hard. Once again, Lucy's line of questioning
her friends seemed very tame and they all told the truth apart from Annabel
who opted to do an underwater hand stand instead of answering the question
of who at the party would she most like to kiss!!!! An understandable
avenue for Annabel to want to get out of. "OK Dave." Lucy began, and I
could feel all eyes upon me. "Tell the party about what happened when you
were nine, or take a dare." I froze with shock, I sure as hell was not
going to tell all these girls that I was stripped from the waste down by a
girl when I was nine and, touched. That would be too much. "What is the
dare?" I asked meekly, and all the girls, Lucy included took in a deep
breath. At this moment, the Lambada tune by Kaoma came on the stereo, a
tune that I can not take seriously for too long today. I was floating in
the water for if I was out of the pool, my legs would have turned to jelly.
"Errrrmmmm, let me see." Lucy was taking her time over this and butterflies
began to run all around my stomach, and I was breathing heavily. Some of
the girls began to giggle as they knew how Lucy's mind worked. Outside she
was a picture of innocence and pleasantry, but inside (as I later found
out) she was a minx too! A sexy minx. "Take off your shorts and be naked
in the water for the rest of the game, which is four rounds." I could not
believe what I heard. The girls began to giggle again and dare me to do
it. "No way, not in front of Annabel." I protested but you are on to a
loser as soon as you are outnumbered like I was. As I blushed once more,
Annabel looked at her older sister and said, "Come on Carly, say something,
it is your party, it must be one or the other." The other girls seemed to
agree and this is where the game broke down, for as I said no one had
discussed this eventuality. It was clear to me that the longer this game
went on, Annabel wanted some sort of revenge on me after I effectively
rejected her in her room earlier. All I could see for the rest of this
game was me being told to do things naked while the girls got off
scot-free. To my sensitive and shy self, this was too much to bear. "Look
girls, there is no way I am stripping off, you wouldn't do it if I dared
you in my round." I pleaded my case to them, and deep down they knew I was
right -- for a start, there were not enough boys around to make it
interesting for them!!!! "OK David, we will stop the game here then. It
is too much to expect you to strip yourself off in front of us. Lucy, you
should apologise to David for suggesting such a thing." Carly said, waving
a finger to Annabel to stop any protests from her before she started.
Although I didn't see it, Carly winked at Lucy, a sign that the fun was far
from over. And with that, we all started to play with the bouncy beach
ball again. Annabel and Laura got out and went to the pool side and sat
down next to Lucy, while Carly and Fiona seemed to distract my attention.
After a short while, and after what was an obvious discussion, there was a
large splash in my face as Lucy dived in. I had to raise my hands to my
face and rub my eyes clear of water. I could feel Lucy swimming around my
legs as I continued to rub my eyes, and all of a sudden there were two
hands at the string of my shorts. I was being attacked from below! I
staggered about, not being able to see anything and Annabel seemed to be
cheering the loudest as I felt Lucy's hands undo the string of my shorts. I
tried to fight her off, obviously without trying to hurt her but protect my
privacy. Carly saw Lucy struggling and dived under the water to help her
friend out. As the sight came back to my eyes, I could see the other girls laughing, and with a look of understandable shock on my face, I felt four
hands on the inside of the waistband of my shorts. With a flash, my shorts
were pulled down my knees and legs and off my feet. Lucy emerged
victorious with my shorts and showed them to the girls who delighted in the
spectacle. "No, come on, please give them back, please." I pleaded with
Lucy to give my shorts back and minimise my exposure. Lucy and Carly just
laughed at me and shook their heads. Lucy handed the shorts to Annabel who
promptly put them in her kit bag, and so I was trapped. The girls had all
got out of the pool and stood at the side while I remained naked within the
marginal privacy of the water, running freely around my bottom and
genitals. "Come and get them Davey, " said Annabel, and the other girls smiled at her cheekiness. I had no option really did I? I had to get out
and retrieve my shorts and try to get on with the party. There was no way
I would be able to get out without them seeing my willy, because you would
have to use two hands to climb to the sides whether on the pool step ladder
or not. Shit I thought. "Why? What have I done?" I asked, hoping to
appeal to their better nature. All the girls seemed to have an opinion as
to why it had all gone sour for me this day, but it revolved around
Annabel. After I had admitted to her that I liked Lucy, she had told the
others that I had tried to kiss her without permission and she wanted
something in return. I could not believe this lie, I was being humiliated
for no good reason. No matter how much I pointed out I was innocent, they
just called me a bigger liar. I had to vacate the pool. I slowly made my
way to the side of the pool and braced myself as the girls began to clap
slowly and giggle amongst themselves at the impending display of nudity.
My hands came up on top of the pool side in readiness to haul me up onto
the side. The girls all gathered round me, jostling for a good view. With
a large sigh, I hauled myself up onto the pool side, and as quickly as I
could, I covered my penis and balls with my hands. I ignored the faint
traces of laughter as much as I could, but I was very self conscious about
Annabel looking at me. "Come on then, let's see it." chuckled Carly.
"Yeah, come on, you were too quick." added Lucy. It was true, I had been
very quick and they had only caught a fleeting glimpse of my manhood. "My
shorts, please." I begged, I really wanted to end this ordeal. "No, not
yet, we are not done." exclaimed Annabel with joy in her voice. With that,
Lucy and Fiona lunged forward, they being the most athletic of the group. I
tried to back away, but they were quick too, and grabbed my shoulders and
wrestled me over to the grass. As I tumbled to the floor, my hands came
away from my groin in order to stifle my fall. This of course exposed my
genitals for all of the girls to see, and I could feel myself going beet
red as confusion and rage filled my head. Fiona straddled my chest and
held my arms down, she was a big girl and quite strong, whilst Lucy began
by holding my ankles down. The other girls all got down around me, making
comments about my body and genitals and as I was being held down, they
proceeded to fondle my willy and squeeze my balls. The words of my mum
filled my head girls can be such cruel bitches. How right she was, why
didn't I listen to her. Erasure were now playing on the stereo with a
record called Stop. But as I pleaded with my attackers, they refused to
listen. They were having to good a time at my expense. Their touches,
such rough, yet careful touches made my penis react and I was soon very
hard in their hands. "Yeah, he likes this look, he has gone hard."
Proclaimed Laura who squeezed particularly hard on my balls. "Stop, please
stop, awwwww please let me go." I begged of them, but still they carried
on. Tears began to stream down my cheeks, for the first time that day, I
really wanted my mum. "Oh shut up, you have been ogling us all afternoon,
we knew you wouldn't be able to resist ogling five girls at a pool party."
Carly barked at me (though she was no dog!!). "Yeah, you deserve this,
trying to make a move on a first year." added Annabel, the little liar.
With her words ringing loud in my ears, I felt something special welling up
inside me. "Hey, look, something's happening!!" Little did Lucy know she
was announcing the arrival of an orgasm, oh no I thought. As I began to
buck and writhe my hips on the floor, even Fiona got off my stomach to
watch this, she knew what was coming. The four older girls cheered and
clapped as my orgasm erupted semen shot out of my penis and onto my
stomach. "Gross." Annabel said, frowning at my penis, as my erection
subsided. The other girls looked at her with a knowing smile. I was flat
on my back, and had literally given up. There was an unnatural quiet all
of a sudden at the party, as if the severity of the incident hit the girls'
minds. I was till very angry, so I got up and without bothering to cover
my genitals I walked over to the sun loungers and picked up a towel, any
towel and wiped myself down. The girls whispered quietly to themselves,
would I tell or would I keep quiet? Laura even wanted to know what my
truth would have been if I had opted for it. As I walked towards the house
in order to go indoors and get my stuff, I threw the towel into the pool in
disgust. "Dave, where are you going?" asked Carly, "HOME!" I exclaimed.
And continued apace. "And I did not kiss Annabel, I swear." As I entered
the house I heard Carly ask her sister if I had really kissed her, and tell
her that if she had lied she would be in trouble. Annabel confessed that I
had been innocent in the whole thing and also confessed that she fancied
me, the reason why she opted for the under-water handstand dare earlier. I
left the house and the party, determined never to venture out again until
school resumed in September. How could I face these girls again, or my
mates when they found out? The End Does anyone want to write a story about
my revenge, or even my further humiliation given the alleged stolen kiss?
What will the parents say when they return to find the special guest absent
before the barbecue had even started?


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