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Poona Company 3 Bonus Tips



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
| |
| P O O N A C O M P A N Y |

(( 3 ))

Bonus Tips
Pandu was jubilant about Rajashri's success. Sharing his
excitement, she, too, felt giddy with joy. Victory is a powerful
aphrodisiac. Ramesh was waiting at the car when Pandu and she
returned from the courthouse. He opened the trunk and Pandu dumped
the papers into it.

"What happened, ma'am?" he asked politely.

"I won."

Ramesh's handsome face creased in a pleased grin. He saluted

"Well done. Congratulations. Jayant will be pleased."

"Yes. And I'm feeling horny," she whispered.

He chuckled and held the rear door for her and motioned to Pandu
to get in the back with her. Inside, they had complete privacy:
all the windows of the car, even the windshield, were one-way
glass, totally opaque to anyone outside. She leaned over the front
seat and kissed Ramesh hungrily, her tongue writhing in his mouth.

"Hey, steady, steady," he laughed.

"God, I'm hot," she moaned. "Really hot. My cunt's on fire ...
c'mon Pandu ... stuff your cock into my slit ... quickly!"

"Horny bitch!" Ramesh laughed. "Pandu. Do it."

The peon knew what to do. He squeezed her breasts hard and pulled
her back and kissed her roughly as Ramesh, shaking his head, put
the car in gear and nosed into the heavy traffic. He switched to
the slow lane deliberately, taking his time, driving slow.
Fortunately the traffic had grown heavy enough to slow him down
but not too much that he couldn't keep one eye on them.

Flicking his eyes in the rearview mirror, he saw that she had
turned on the seat, leaning against the door, with her skirt drawn
up to her hips. Pandu's head was in her crotch and he was licking
her slit greedily. Her legs were spread wide. She pulled open her
blouse and squeezed her breasts erotically, moaning loudly.

"Yes ... yes ... Pandu yes ... Ohhhhh yes ... go on yes ... lick
it ... lick my cunt ... Ohhhh yes ... there ... Ahhhhh ... yes!"
she gasped.

Ramesh swerved to avoid a bicycle. Rajashri gasped and cried out.

"Hey, asshole! Eyes on the road! I'm busy here!" Pandu snapped.

Ramesh grinned and wove gingerly through the heavy traffic. At a
light, he turned his head and looked back. Pandu's head came up
and he sucked Rajashri's breasts sharply one by one, squeezing and
mauling them. Ramesh saw her unzip the peon's trousers and pull
out his penis. It was thick and long and hardening rapidly.
Bending, she pushed her head between his legs and took his penis
in her mouth. Pandu groaned and leaned back in his seat. His hips
bucked and twitched and he moved her head up and down with his
hand. As she sucked his cock hungrily, her body bent over his, he
stretched his arm and slid his fingers between her buttocks. She
shuffled to kneel on the seat, bent over and he pulled her skirt
up high and arched two fingers into her cunt. She gasped and her
buttocks writhed and she jerked in pleasure. He finger-fucked her
gently, twisting his fingers in her sodden slit as she sucked his
cock rapidly.

Gasping and panting, she stopped and he moved to the centre of the
seat. She knelt across his lap, her back to him, her legs folded
on the seat, and leaned forward on the backrests of the bucket
seats in front. Reaching down, she guided his cock to her cunt and
then, with a shuddering moan, sank her hips, impaling her cunt on
her peon's throbbing penis. He gasped and, holding her hips,
pulled her cunt down deep onto his cock.

The car coasted to a stop at another red light. Ramesh looked in
the rear-view mirror, then over his shoulder. Her face was inches
from his. She tongued his ear lasciviously. He smiled and turned
his face and they kissed hungrily, their tongues probing at each
other's. A car honked behind them and he turned away, swearing
softly and moved the car forward.

Rajashri groaned and gasped and rocked back and forth on her
peon's swollen cock. It felt wonderful in her cunt, hot and thick and hard. It throbbed and pulsed angrily as she rocked and bucked
on it, jerking her cunt up and down its length. Faster and faster
she went, crying loudly and obscenely.

"Yes ... yes Ohhhh yes Pandu yes ... fuck me ... fuck my cunt ...
yes Ohhhhh yes baby yes Ohhh god yes!" she gasped.

Pausing, she slid off his cock, gasping and panting, and turned
around and straddled him again, facing him this time. With a loud
cry, she thrust her cunt down on his upright cock and began to
rock and buck and jerk up and down on it. He grunted, holding her
buttocks, moving her rapidly on his penis. Her breasts and the
gold chain around her neck jiggled and tossed. He squeezed her
breasts and sucked sharply on the rigid nipples. She groaned
loudly and began to orgasm. Her cunt convulsed on his penis and
she gasped as the orgasm hit her hard. Under her, Pandu groaned
and, thrusting his hips upward, jerked her down hard onto his cock
and exploded. She gasped softly, kissing him, thrusting her tongue
into his mouth as his hot seed seared into spasming, sodden slit.
Ramesh grinned and whistled his approval and swung the car into
the driveway.

"Hey folks, we're home," he announced. "Want to get out?"

Pandu and Rajashri moved apart and staggered out of the car.
Laxman opened the door and grinned when he saw their clothes in a
disarray. She hurried up to him and kissed him, too, letting him
feel her breasts and buttocks.

"I won, Laxman, I won!" she murmured, writhing provocatively
against him.

"Good for you!" he cried, genuinely pleased.

"Man, you should've heard her! She was fantastic! The fat asshole
against us didn't know what hit him!" Pandu crowed.

She walked into the study, discarding her clothes as she went,
wiping her crotch and face with her blouse, then tossing it aside.
The peons and Ramesh followed with the papers and books. Laxman
got her a glass of water. She moved to her desk, and sat back in
the deep leather chair and closed her eyes and stretched

"Oh, I feel good!" she sighed.

The peons chuckled. She sipped her water and held the cool glass
against her face and then between her breasts. Tilting it, she let
some dribble sensuously over her nipples and down her belly.

"Laxman, come here ... I want your tongue in my cunt," she
murmured and held her hand out to the peon.

Chuckling, he moved across the desk and she swivelled in her chair
and opened her legs. He knelt between her thighs and thrust his
face into her crotch. She murmured her pleasure and fondled his
head as he tongue-fucked her. Languorously, she played with her
breasts. Her hips writhed in pleasure.

"Slowly, Laxman, slowly," she muttered. "Ramesh, get Anil on the
phone, will you? Pandu, I want a cup of tea."

Pandu hurried out to the kitchen and Ramesh dialled on the
cordless phone. He handed it to her.

"Hello?" she said as it was answered.

Laxman stopped and she motioned to him to keep going, biting her
lower lip and fighting to steady her voice. She held his head with
one hand and moved it around between her thighs.

"May I speak with Anil, please? This is Rajashri. Yes, I'll hold."

She punched the mute button and closed her eyes and leaned back,
murmuring happily.

"Yes ... go on Laxman ... yes ... there ... Oh god your tongue's
so good!"

Ramesh watched her with a smile. She was fantastic. Beautiful,
sensuous, sexy. She writhed in her chair as her peon tongue-fucked
her cunt relentlessly. Suddenly, she pushed him away and got up
and hopped onto the desk and stretched out on her back, spreading
her legs, her hips at the edge. The telephone was still to her
ear. She opened her cunt-lips with the fingers of one hand and
motioned to Laxman to fuck her. Chuckling, he dropped his trousers
and pulled out his cock and masturbated swiftly for a few seconds
till it was erect. He moved between her legs and, holding them
open, squeezed his cock-head into her cunt.

"Slowly," she mouthed.

He nodded and eased his penis into her cunt. It was big, larger
than Pandu's, about nine inches long and nearly two inches thick.
It went in deeper and deeper and she closed her eyes and arched
under him. He rocked in all the way. Rajashri hit the mute button
on the phone.

"Yes, hello, Anil? Hi, it's me, Rajashri. God, you really keep
people waiting, don't you?"

She listened with a smile. "No, forget it," she continued. "Just
teasing. You don't have to explain. Anyway, you want the good news
first or the bad news?"

Still on the phone, she motioned to Laxman to start fucking her.
Ramesh and Laxman chuckled. She was incredible. Laxman began to
fuck her slowly, rocking his hips gently back and forth and round
and round. Her hips writhed and pumped and she jerked a bit at
first and then she hit a rhythm with Laxman, moving steadily in
unison. His hips swung smoothly back and forth, and his cock
glistened and gleamed between her thighs. Ramesh watched it go in
and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing. Laxman arched his
handsome face and stifled a soft moan. His belly was hard and flat
and it rippled with excitement. Erotically, she caressed her
breasts with her free hand, and stroked his chest and shoulders

"Okay, the good news is that we won. Down the line, on everything.
That's right, including mesne profits and interest. Yeah, it's
really great. Thank you, and congratulations to you, too. No, I
think it ends here. I doubt they'll appeal. Even if they do,
they've got to come to Bombay, since this is a senior division
matter, and that's our playing field. Uh-huh, that's right."

Laxman wanted to move faster but she shook her head and motioned
to him to slow down. He gasped, visibly fighting for control, and
slowed his pace.

"The bad news," she said into the telephone, "is that you, my
esteemed client, are there and I am here. Why aren't we
celebrating? No, I don't want to go out. Why don't you come over?"

She turned her wrist and glanced at her watch. "Not tonight. I'm
busy. How about now? Is that good for you? Say in half an hour? It
is? Good. I'll see you then." She giggled. "Of course this is
informal. Very informal. You know what I mean. Yes, that's right."

She smiled as her client said something. "What am I doing now? You
really want to know? Actually, I'm at my desk. Correction. I'm on
my desk. On top of it. Naked. Laxman's fucking me. It feels
great." She laughed at the incredulous gasp on the line. "He's
great. Really great. Got this nice thick long hot cock and he's
shoving it in and out real nice and slow. Mmm, feels like heaven.
I'm hot as hell, so you'd better get going, Anil. Get over here
pee-dee-queue, my friend ... I want your cock!"

Smiling, she clicked off and stretched her arm, handing the phone
to Ramesh, who took it politely. She smiled at him.

"Later," she murmured. "Tomorrow. Not today."

He nodded and left them alone. She turned to Laxman and pulled his
head down to hers and kissed him hungrily, arching her tongue into
his mouth.

"Now," she moaned, lasciviously tonguing his ear. "Now fuck me
hard, Laxman!"

Gasping and panting, the peon began to fuck her rapidly, jerking
and slamming his cock in and out of her cunt. She gasped and cried
out, her body jerking on the desk, her breasts jiggling and
jumping with his thrusts. He groaned and, flinging his head back,
rammed savagely into her, swinging his hips deftly so that his
cock went into her from all angles and made her moan loudly and
obscenely. She clenched his arms and her face flipped from side to
side in delirious joy.

"Oh L ... UHHHHHHxman uhhhh Ohhh yes! Ohhhh god yes! Ohhh uhhh
*hanh*! *hanh*! Chodh mujhe! Jorse chodh! Ohhh Laxman! Laxman!
Laxman! Ohhh uhhhh ahhh uhhh ohhh OHHHH!" Rajashri cried.

"Take it! Ohhh uhhh yeh take it! Le le! Chul, rundi, chul! Le mere
lavde ko! Take my cock, whore! Take it! Ohhh yeh! That's it! Take
it all, whore, take it!"

He rocked deep into her cunt and she hissed in delight, her belly
sucking inward, her hand splayed on the base of her belly, fingers
spread wide, the first two clawing her cunt-lips open while, with
her other hand, she squeezed and caressed her breasts frenetically. The servant grunted and, holding her thighs apart in
his hands, started moving faster still, ramming and reaming and
thrusting greedily deep into her sodden cunt. His buttocks flexed
and unflexed and his hips snapped and jerked as he swung them
rapidly back and forth, back and forth. Her cunt was an incredibly
hot, wet, tight furnace that enveloped his throbbing penis. He
gasped, transfixed by the sight of the glowing lust on her lovely

"Take it!" he gasped. "Oh fuck yes, take it, whore! Take my prick!
C'mon you fucking whore! Take it! OHHHHHH yes! That's it! Take it

On the table, Rajashri's body thrashed and writhed, her back
bowing and arching, her breasts thrust upward, her body jerking
under his thrusts, her breasts jiggling and bouncing. Sexily, she
held her hands under them, lifting and squeezing them, moaning
obscene encouragement to her servant.

"Ohh yes lover yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder, Laxman! Fuck me hard!
Ohhh Luhhhhhxman Uhhh OHHH uhh OHHHHH yes that's it Ohhhh yes
shove it in, baby, shove it all in ... ram it in baby ... ram it
in hard!"

She orgasmed violently, bowing and gasping and moaning, her body
arching stiffly. Her cunt convulsed helplessly on his penis. He
groaned and plunged into her with a deep, slow, skewering thrust
over and over again. At last, as her orgasm ebbed, he slid out of
her and exploded. Gunk shot from his cock-head and she gasped in
pleasure as it settled, hot and sticky pale, on her dark cunt-fuzz
and slender thighs and belly, jetting up as high as her breasts,
dribbling slowly into her cunt. Gasping, grinning, the servant
shook every last drop off his cock and slowly squeezed his cock
into her cunt again. She moaned and let him fuck her slowly for a
few minutes till his erection waned.

Ten minutes later, her body still glowing from Laxman's furious
ram-fucking of her cunt and her multiple orgasms, she sat at her
desk and scrawled out several faxes. Ramesh transmitted them for
her and she sipped the tea Pandu had brought just as Laxman was
orgasming, thrusting into her cunt again and again till he was
done, flooding her cunt with his thick, hot cum. She could feel
its stickiness between her thighs still and she rubbed her legs
together pleasurably. Calling for Pandu and Laxman, she gave them
instructions. There was shopping to do, bags and papers to pack,
mail to despatch. Both of them were naked. She fired off
instructions and told them about the gratuity she had arranged.
The servants grinned, pleased.

"Okay," she smiled. "That's it, then. Thank you again. Now off you
go. Get laid well."
= o =


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