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Archived Sex Stories

Poona Company 4 Hard Cases Make Good Lays



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
| |
| P O O N A C O M P A N Y |

(( 4 ))

Hard Cases Make Good Lays
Anil found the front door open. He frowned and looked around.
There was no one in sight. Puzzled, he stepped in and quietly shut
the door. Stepping across the foyer, he studied the decor. It
really was splendid.

He heard a door click and looked up. She stood at the top of the
stairs, dressed in a long skirt and cream, button-down blouse,
smiling down at him and his heart skipped a beat. She really was
something else. Beautiful, dusky, slender, just the way he liked
his women. And intelligent to boot, and one of the most splendid
pieces of ass he had ever known.

"Welcome," she said. "I didn't hear the bell, I'm sorry."

"That's all right. The door was open."

She came down the stairs and he smiled with pleasure. She was
truly lovely. She came up to him and kissed him lightly on the
lips and took his hand.

They moved to the living area and she poured him a long, cool soft
lemonade from a pitcher at the bar. He sipped it. It was
delicious. He didn't know it, but it was heavily spiked with Hedon
& Venery's choicest sex-pep powders. They were guaranteed to work
-- his erection would be monstrous and long lasting and he would
be able to come repeatedly.

"Like it?"

"Delicious. Very refreshing."

"It's a special recipe. I've added some special things to it."

"Oh? What do they do?"

She smiled slyly. "You'll see ... I've never known them to fail

He frowned suspiciously. "They ... it ... won't ..."

"No side effects. Trust me. I know," she reassured him.

He relaxed and smiled. "I suppose you would."

She took a drink herself and drained it quickly and filled a
second glass for herself.

"Is that how you're supposed to take it?"

"I like it double-strength."

"Very well, then. I'll join you." He drained his glass and held it
out for a refill. They sipped the seconds slowly.

He felt it within minutes and noticed its effect on her, too. Her
eyes grew sharp and bright, her nostrils dilated, her lips parted
and her breathing grew shallow. His body tingled and he felt his
loins stir and his muscles corded and popped. She linked her arms
about his shoulders and drew his head down to hers in a lingering
kiss. Her body was warm and soft against his, her breasts pressing
against his chest.

"Mm. Come on Anil. Where would you like to fuck me?" she murmured
huskily, tonguing his ear.

He smiled. "That's a misleading question, Counsel. Is the
reference to a space in this house or in your body?"


"Very well. What do you suggest?"

"Well, the bedroom's upstairs, but that's boring. Let's say out in
the garden? There's a nice porch swing there. And as to the
orifice, you can have them all."

"That, Counsel, is an offer I cannot possibly refuse."

"Ah. My man of business. Oh, I forgot. Guess what?"


"The judge actually said, quote, the Defendants are clearly
charlatans, unquote, while the Plaintiff is quote evidently an
honourable and upright man."

"He didn't."

"It's in the judgment."

"What did you do, sleep with him, too?"

She stared at him speechless and shocked and was about to ask how
he knew when he laughed and patted her bottom.

"Just teasing," he said. "I'm sorry."

"Please. Don't say things like that," she said, turning her face
and feigning annoyance.

"I'm sorry."

She led him out of the house, calming herself. He had frightened
the daylights out of her. Then the piquancy of the situation made
her smile. If only her client could have seen her with the judge
in the cathouse, giving him his first ever butt-fuck, and later,
after she had won, in his chambers, sprawled across his desk as he
fucked her cunt and ass and came in her mouth.

"What's the joke?"

"Nothing. I'm just happy for you, that's all."

"You did a great job."

"Thank you. I'm glad things worked out well."

They carried their drinks out onto the porch overlooking the
pretty garden. There was large, lush lawn in front of them,
bordered with flowering shrubs. Shady trees rimmed the high
compound wall that gave them complete privacy. Statues and
artifacts were attractively scattered around the garden. In one
corner was an imaginatively constructed rock garden with bonsai
plants and a rippling stream. The porch had a large and deep,
well-upholstered swing with a wooden backrest and an awning. A
pair of comfortable bolsters was arranged at its two sides.

"It's lovely," he said, looking at the garden.

"Yes. Our gardener has green fingers."

And a dark cock, she wanted to add. The gardener was a stocky,
muscular man with a handsome face and only two passions in life --
plants and women, not neces*sari*ly in that order. He had fucked
her often during her stay. They stood in silence, gazing at the
garden in the dappled light filtering through the leaves of the
tall shady trees, and she thought of the gardener and the evening
she had spent fucking with him. He was tender and adroit, and he
aroused her to fever pitch, dexterously keeping her teetering on
the verge of a thunderous orgasm. He fucked her repeatedly,
alternating between her cunt and ass. It was wonderful -- he
reamed her ass for several minutes, stopped abruptly and rammed
into her cunt and fucked that for some time, then paused, and
raided her butt again. He had screwed her there, by the rock
garden in the sultry air between downpours, their bodies dripping
sweat. She lurched and gasped and thrashed frenetically under him,
begging him to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. He was only too
willing to oblige and she went wild with joy. His thrusts grew
fiercer and more savage and he began to ram-fuck her butt, making
her giddy with the algedonic sensations of his heavy, distended
penis rasping and grating in and out of her anus. She came
violently, crying out and arching, her mouth torn open, the breath
rattling in her throat. He ground on and on, forcing another
orgasm, and yet another. Finally, he came in her ass and, his cock
still spurting, thrust it into her cunt. He fucked her still,
jamming and ramming and reaming his big, thick long cock into her,
making her gasp and moan, then yanked out and thrust his cock into
her mouth and made her suck his cock and swallow his gunk.

The memory aroused her. She took Anil's hand and led him down the
two shallow steps into the garden and showed him around. When they
returned he sat on the swing and leaned back with an arm on one
bolster. She stood before him, smiling down at him and fingering
the top button of her blouse.

"Undress yourself," he said softly. "I would like to watch you."

After the night she spent with him convincing him to let her
handle his case, she had deliberately kept away from him, not
wanting to cloud her judgment. It had been rough on both of them,
for they had enjoyed their sex immensely.

Keeping her eyes on his, she opened her shirt. She pulled it wide
open, showing him her breasts and drew it off her shoulders and
out of her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She wore nothing
under it. Her breasts were luscious and ripe, the nipples already
stiff in puckered aureoles. She cupped her breasts provocatively.
His eyes were fixed on her as she reached around to one hip and
unzipped her skirt. It split open and slid to her feet with a
sigh. She was stark naked before him. She kicked off her sandals
and slid her hands to her groin, splaying her cunt-lips wide open
like a common slut.

"I want you," she murmured. "I want your cock."

He smiled. "And I want you," he replied. "Very much. Come ... suck
my cock ... I want to watch you sucking my cock ..."

He spread his legs and she moved between them and bent over to
kiss him. He slid his tongue into her mouth and cupped her
pendulous breasts and marvelled at the perfection of their form.
He squeezed them gently, rolling them under the hard heels of his
palms, twisting the nipples under his hands.

Rajashri whimpered softly, deep in her throat as he scraped her
rigid nipples and began to flick them with his fingertips,
pinching and tweaking them suddenly. She writhed in pleasure and
tongued his ear sensuously, arousing him. He squeezed her breasts hard and she whimpered softly, kissing him again.

Deftly, she plucked open the buttons of his shirt, pulling it
open. He wore no vest. She caressed his naked torso. He was firm
bodied and lean and strong and his chest was broad and muscular.
His torso was covered with short, dark hair. She was glad he
wasn't too hairy -- as Sunnu, Jayant's wife, often said, who wants
to fuck an ape? Rajashri liked her men to have hairless torsos, as
most of her servant-lovers did, but then one couldn't have
everything all the time.

She caressed his chest and belly delicately, making him shudder
when she flicked his small, sharp nipples. Her lips fluttered down
over his chest and she licked his nipples with her mouth wide
open, like a wild animal. He bent his head, watching her. She
sucked his nipples, gently teething and tonguing them, nibbling
tenderly. He groaned. Slowly, she slid lower, going down on her
knees, her lips and tongue roving on his firm, flat belly,
swirling through his navel. She unbelted his trousers and flicked
them open and, with tantalizing slowness, drew down the zip of his
fly. She slid her hand between his thighs and was pleased to find
that he wore nothing under it.

She drew out his cock and kissed it affectionately. Not yet erect,
it was still seven inches long, over an inch thick, dark and
ridged with thick veins and uncircumcised. She jerked and stroked
it deftly and felt it throb and quiver in her fingers as it
responded, and began to swell and harden. Gently, she rolled back
the foreskin and opened her lips and slid her tongue out around
the cock-head. Her client gasped softly, his belly sucking in
sharply, his hips lurching.

"Yes ... c'mon ... suck it ...," he groaned softly.

She pursed her lips on the cock-head, rippling her tongue against
the frenum, trying to pry it open. His cock throbbed and grew
rock-hard under her lips and sputtered beads of pre-cum gunk. She
moved her head back a little and lasciviously caught the dewdrops
of his jizz on the tip of her tongue and slowly swallowed them. It
was an intensely erotic action and his pulse raced. She kissed his
cock-head again and now slowly parted her lips and slid them down
about it, engulfing it in the wonderfully moist warmth of her
mouth. Anil moaned softly. Her tongue pirouetted and swirled on
his cock-head voluptuously. Slowly, she took more of his cock in
her mouth and began to suck it, at first with a gentle pressure,
using her tongue to lap at it. She fisted his cock simultaneously
and gradually began to suck harder, moving her head back and forth
and up and down, jerking his cock in her fingers. Faster and
faster she went, and he groaned, his head falling forward,
watching her, deeply aroused by the sight. His hips bucked at her
face and he put a hand on her head and moved it up and down and
round and round to suit his pleasure. His loins blazing with
lust-heat, Anil gasped, fucking her mouth eagerly. She stopped and
lifted her breasts and squeezed them in a tight sheath around his
tumescence. She masturbated his cock in her cleavage, her head
bent, her long, sharp tongue flickering at his cock-head as it
slid up out of her breast-sheath. Her hard nipples scraped on his
shaft. He moaned softly. She stopped and reached under the swing
and brought up a small bag, smiling as she unzipped it.

"The tools of my trade," she explained with a giggle.

He gaped when she shook out the contents. Scattered on the swing
was a mind-boggling array of baubons, dildos, vibrators, sheaths
and sexual toys. Each was of the highest quality, and some he had
never seen before. She grinned at his expression and quickly
selected one. It was a hollow tube, about eight inches long and
tapering gradually from a three-inch thick base to an inch and a
half at the tip. It was of semi-soft rubber, and its surface was
knobbed and ridged. She gave it to him and moved between his legs.

"Here," she murmured. "Put it into me ... quickly ..."

She stood with her arms outstretched, her hands gripping the
angular supports of the swing, her legs spread wide, her cunt-lips
unfurled. He took the tube and pressed it to her cunt- lips. She
moaned and arched her head back, her eyes fluttering, her lips
parting. Her face was radiant with lust, her eyes glassy, her
nostrils flared.

"Yes ... now ... put it in ... UNHhh ... OHhhyes ... yes ... mmm
... go on ... shove it in deeper ... AHHHH ... yes ... Ohhh that's
good .. yes ... put it all in Anil ... all of it ... OHH!"

Her cunt was moist and meable and slowly, he slid the entire dildo
into her. Her body spasmed, her belly drew in and she moaned,
trembling and shuddering sexily.

"Now ... suck my tits ...," she gasped.

He leaned forward and bent his head to her swollen breasts. She
moaned as his tongue and teeth found her nipple. He sucked on one,
let go, sucked sharply again. She whimpered. He moved to the other
breast, squeezing and fondling the first. She writhed erotically.
He caressed her dusky torso with gentle fingers.

"Mmm ... yes ... yes ... Ohhhh yes ... c'mon ... now frig me with
it -- yes Ohhhh yes ... that's it ... fuck my cunt baby ... Ohhh
yes ..."

Her words excited him. He masturbated her rapidly, moving the
dildo and out and round and round. She writhed ecstatically. Her
reaction aroused him and he pushed her to her knees again. Gasping
and glassy-eyed, pulling her hair behind her ear, she bent her
head and took his cock in her mouth again. He groaned as she began
to suck it hungrily, her head bobbing over his lap. His hips
jerked and lurched and he rocked her head up and down over his
cock, fucking her face. The fires in his loins grew and spread.

"Come in my mouth," she mumbled. "I want to swallow your cum ..."

He groaned and began to pump his hips rapidly at her face, jerking
her head furiously back and forth on his cock. He noticed that she
was masturbating slowly, moving the dildo in and out of her cunt,
her hips writhing and jerking this way and that. The sight turned
him on even more. He fucked her mouth with mounting urgency,
abandoning all resolve to hold himself in check for more sex. She
sensed the imminence of his orgasm from the throbbing of his cock.
He orgasmed suddenly and she whimpered in delight as she felt the
hot, tangy spurt of his jizz in her mouth. She opened her lips
wide and let him see his gunk spuming into her mouth and down her
throat, dribbling over her lips. She shook his cock and let it
spurt on her breasts and caressed her face sexily with his
throbbing cock. She licked his cock slowly with her pointed tongue
in a sensuous, erotic gesture. He was astonished to find that his
erection had not waned a whit. He still felt horny and ready for
more sex. She smiled up at him.

"My medicines work," she murmured. "This will last for a good
while yet."

"I think I'll change my doctor," he laughed.

"I agree," she giggled. "This is so much more fun, besides."

"And good for the heart."

"Not to mention the other organs."

He laughed and she slithered up his body, squirming provocatively
against him, pulling off his clothes and stripping him. Her body
was warm and sticky with his gunk. He cupped her breasts. The
dildo still protruded from her cunt.

"Pull it out," she said. "Slowly ... mmmm ... yes ... oh that was
good ... I love your cum ... it tastes so good ..."

He grinned, massaging his gunk into her breasts. Her face was
streaked with it and her lips shone and he could taste it on her
tongue when she kissed him and thrust it into his mouth.

"Lick my slit," she whispered. "Tongue-fuck me now ..."

He turned around and lay back on the swing and she straddled his
face and lowered her moschate cunt to his mouth. He fingered her
cunt lips apart and thrust his tongue into her crotch. Rajashri
gasped and flung her head back. His tongue was wonderful, heavy
and thick and rough. He began to jab it in and out of her cunt,
sipping her cunt-juice, flicking her gorged, stiff clitoris. She
whimpered, her buttocks writhing and squirming, her hands gripping
the angled metal chains of the swing. It rocked and swung with her
movements. She squeezed her breasts with one hand, feverishly
rolling them in her palms, pinching and tweaking her rigid

"Mmmmm ... ohhh yes ... yes Ohhhhh yes ... yes ... there ... yes
... there ... Ohhhhh baby yes ... ohhh god yes ... do it lover ...
yes ... yes ... fuck me ... AHHHH yes ... fuck me with your tongue
... my ... peon ... was ... doing this ... when I phoned you ...
right then ... on my desk ... and then he fucked me ... mm unhhhh
OH uhh OH unhh OHH unhh OH unnnhhh OHH OH OH OH OHHHHHH!"

Her words aroused him and he thrust his tongue deep into her cunt.
She orgasmed violently, her cunt spewing cunt-juice into his
mouth, her body going taut, her mouth torn open, her head flung
back, her nipples nut-hard, her breasts gorged and turgid. The
potent aphrodisiacs she had taken left her craving still more.
Moaning and keening eagerly, she got off his face and pulled him
up to a sitting position again. Kneeling beside him, she bent over
and sucked his penis again till he was rock-hard and throbbing. He
felt wonderful, as if he could go on forever, his cock rampant,
his balls surging with copious loads of cum. She straddled his
legs, her knees outside his thighs, his cock in her hand and
guided it to her cunt. Slowly, she squeezed the cock-head into her
cunt. He groaned at the sharp heat of it and flexed his buttocks,
thrusting his hips up. His lance ran into her damp slit like a hot
knife into butter. She gasped, her hands on his shoulders, her
head arching back, her breasts thrust out. He bent his head and
sucked on them sharply by turn and heard her loud moan. Her hips
sank with his and his cock was embedded deep in her flesh. He
caressed her buttocks and back. She held her face in his hands and
kissed him deeply, her tongue thrust deep into his mouth. He
squeezed her breasts. Her hips began to writhe on his lap,
grinding round and round, mashing her cunt-flesh with his enormous pestle. She arched her head from his and moaned thickly. He leaned
forward and sucked gently on her outthrust breasts, making her
gasp when he tugged at her rigid nipples with his teeth.

"Ohhhh ... yes ... yes ... Ohhh god yes ... your cock's so good in
there baby ... mmmm ... so hot ... so hard ... c'mon ... fuck my
cunt lover ... fuck it nice and slow ... mmmm yes ... ohhhh yes
that's it mmmm yeh ... Ohhh god yes ..."

She began to move on his lap, rocking up and down and back and
forth, her clonic cunt slithering up and down the length of his
shaft. He moved steadily with her, his hips rising and falling,
his cock going in and out of her cunt. He fingered her buttocks
open and pressed his fingertip to her anus. She gasped and
writhed. The swing rocked and jerked with their actions. Faster
and faster she went, bucking and jerking, her head flung back, her
mouth open, her breasts bouncing, the gold necklace tossing on her
dusky flesh.

"Take it ... yes ... take it bitch ... take my cock ... take it,
you whore ... c'mon slut ... Ohh yeh ... yes ... ahh yeh ... yes
... god you're so tight bitch!"

Gasping and moaning, she lifted herself off his cock and turned
around with her back to him and impaled herself quickly on his
upright penis again. Now her legs were outside his, her hands on
his knees. Her shoulders stooped as she leaned forward and began
to move faster and faster, bucking and jerking like a maenad on
his penis. There were sexy hollows in her shoulders. Her face was
upturned, her mouth open, her belly drawn in, her eyes hooded, her
cries sharp and staccato, mingling with his grunts and gasps. He
bent his head and watched her cunt rise and fall on his penis,
transfixed and aroused by the sight. Her breasts jumped and
bounced as they moved and she squeezed them in excitement. He
prised her buttocks open and pressed his thumb to her sphincter.
Her cunt spasmed on his cock and she began to orgasm, her cunt biting down hard on his cock. He groaned and reared up into her
and she cried out. He held her hips and jerked her down savagely
on his cock several times till he could hold back no more. With a
shuddering groan, he came, and felt the welcome surge of heat as
his jizz spurted hot into her slit. She whimpered in joy.

They were still unsated, their hunger even sharper. Getting off
his penis, she knelt on the swing with her arms on the backrest
and her legs spread wide, her feet over the edge of the seat,
offering him her rear. On his feet behind her, lobing her buttocks
open, he thrust his tongue into the cleft between. Rajashri moaned
when she felt it flicker at her anus, then ripple down to her
crack. Tasting his jizz in her cunt, he tongue-fucked her slowly.
Her buttocks writhed. Slowly, he moved back and began to rim her
ass. She moaned.

"Put your finger into my cunt," she gasped. "Three fingers ...
together ..."

He obeyed and she gasped, her body lurching as he tongue-fucked
her ass and finger- fucked her cunt. She groaned softly. He jabbed
his fingers in and out of her cunt, savouring the muskiness of her
ass, his excitement intense.

"C'mon ... fuck me ..."she moaned finally and he straightened.

She scrabbled on the swing and handed him a sheath. It was of
thick rubber, with a gap at the top for ejaculation, and covered
with thick, hard knobs and flexible spikes. Large ridges ringed
the shaft.

"Fuck me with it," she muttered in a thick, husky voice.

Excited by the prospect, he drew the sheath onto his cock. It was
a perfect fit, firm and just long enough so that his cock-head
stuck out of the top. It made his cock feel harder.

"Shove it in, Anil ... shove it in hard!" she gasped.

He pressed his cock between her buttocks, paused with his
cock-head at her cunt-lips, held her hips firmly and then flexed
his buttocks and swung his hips violently forward, ramming his
sheathed cock into her. She cried out, her head snapping back, her
body jerking and bending, her fingers tensing on the backrest. The
swing lurched and he tottered. He bent over and held the backrest,
too, pulled it slowly down toward his thighs, forcing her cunt down onto his penis.

"OHmauhhhAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

"Oh fuck oh fuck yes!" he gasped.

He paused with his cock inside her cunt, catching his breath,
trying to control himself. The sensation was incredible. Her cunt convulsed frantically on the sheath and his cock throbbed and
pulsed angrily in its confines. Moaning his excitement, he began
to swing his hips in tight circles, grinding his cock around deep
in her slit. She gasped as he found her innermost recesses.

"Oh god yes ... fuck me Anil ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!" she

Wild with desire and lust, he began to ram-fuck her cunt, jerking
and slamming his hips back and forth, reaming and jamming his cock
into her, holding the swing steady with his strong hands. His arms
tensed with the strain and his shoulders bowed. He flung his head
back and moved faster still. Her body jerked and lurched under his
thrusts, her breasts jigging and swinging back and forth, back and
forth. Faster and faster he went, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing, his hips swinging back and forth like a trip hammer at
top speed, his cock appearing and disappearing between the twin
orbs of her buttocks. Her cries were sharp and loud and lewd.


"Take it ... take it ... take it whore ... take it cunt take my
cock oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes ... take it bitch ... Ohhhh uhhh
ohhh uhhh ohhh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes! Take it, whore, take it!
Take it!" he said.

She orgasmed yet again and, unbelievably, he found himself verging
on the brink of another orgasm himself. He thrust into her hard
again and again, ramming deep into her. Her breasts jiggled
heavily with his thrusts. Again and again he slammed into her and
then let himself go with a juddering cry, swinging his hips
savagely, making her scream thinly as his penis spiralled into
her. Her cry turned into a joyous whimper when she felt his cock
quiver inside her and spit its load in stinging jets.

Gasping and panting, his cock still hard and buried in her flesh,
he bent over her and kissed the nape of her neck. Their bodies
were filmed with sweat now. He squeezed her breasts and she

"Baby, you're incredible," he gasped.

"So are you," she murmured softly. "So are you. That was

"God, if your father could see you ..."

"He'd die a hundred deaths ..."

Anil chuckled. "Think of it, bitch ... here I am, a regular
litigant, banging my lawyer!"

"Whose enjoying every minute of it, please note ... mmm ... don't
move ... your cock's nice in there ... wait a minute ... ahhhh ...
yes ... that's lovely ... mmmm that's good ..."

"Who'd have imagined it?" he said to himself. "His daughter, of
all people ... a fucking randy whore!"

"Come on now ... stop talking and butt-fuck me quickly before I
get bored."

He snorted with laughter and eased his cock out of her. She
shuffled her legs even wider apart and lifted her hips higher. Her
sphincter winked at him, temptation itself.

"With the sheath?"

"Not that one. Use another. Without the knobs and spikes."

He took off the sheath and found another one of similar design but
without the protrusions on its shaft. This one was smooth and
slippery. His cock lay atop the cleft in her buttocks. He slipped
the sheath on. It felt good and tight on his cock. He pressed his
cock-head to her anus and she tensed.

"Ready?" he muttered.

She nodded. "Yes ... put it in slowly ... then fuck me hard ..."

He squeezed his cock-head into her sphincter, which yielded
readily. She gasped, chewing her lower lip, her breath shortening
as she felt the fierce heat of it in her ass, pain and pleasure
flashing through her body.

"Yes ... yes ... deeper ... put it in deeper ... stick it in all
the way, Anil ... Mmmmm ... yes Unhh-Unh-Unhhh-OHhh-UNhhhh-UNhhhh
yes-Unhhh more Unhhh deep-unhh-er-yes ... unhh Unhhhhn ... illlll

Her voice was thick and guttural and it aroused him. Slowly, he
skewered her buttocks, driving his hips forward and piercing her
till he was embedded deep in her ass. It was fantastic. He flung
his head back and groaned, holding her hips and moving his from
side to side. Her ass was hot as a furnace and tight as a vise. It
convulsed and spasmed and cramped frantically on his throbbing

She moaned and whimpered at the sensations that crackled in her
loins and, thrusting a hand between her legs, began to masturbate slowly. Her wracking, sobbing gasps excited him. She cupped his
balls and squeezed them.

"C'mon Anil," she gasped. "Now ... fuck me hard ... fuck my ass Oh
god yes do it!"

It was the most intense pleasure. He began to fuck her ass slowly,
ignoring her plaintive wails to be taken harder, intent on
savouring every transient moment of this. Holding the backrest of
the swing again, he moved his hips gently back and forth, back and
forth, forcing his cock in and out of her asshole. Rajashri
groaned and gasped, whining and chunnering and sobbing joyfully
under him.

"Yes ... ohhhh yes yes ... yes Ohhhh god yes ... fuck me ... yes
... fuck my ass Anil Ohhhhh Unhhhhh yes ... ohhhh god yes ...,"
she gasped.

"Yeh ... take it bitch ... le rundi le ... le mere lund ko ..." he
groaned. "Take it, you whore ... you fuckin' slut take my cock
ohhh yeh!"

He began to move faster and she gasped and lurched under him,
every lunging thrust driving the breath from her throat in a
rattling gasp. Faster and faster he went and the swing began to
jerk unevenly. He flung his head back and quickly stepped up
speed, going faster and faster, his hips swinging back and forth,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing. The cocksheath glistened as it
emerged and disappeared into her asshole. He hit a furiously
rapid, ram-fucking rhythm, jerking and slamming and ramming and
reaming and jamming his cock into her asshole again and again. Her
cries grew shrill and frenzied and her face contorted in a rictus
of lust.

UNH UNHH!" she cried, her voice rising and falling in a crescendo,
pitch and volume growing higher.


Now he held himself still and began to jerk the swing backward,
jamming her ass onto his cock savagely, rolling his hips as he
brought it down. She went wild, her fingers clawing at the
backrest, her body twisting and arching and writhing and jerking
and spasming in a frenzy. Rajashri groped for a dildo, found a
long hollow tube and quickly thrust it deep into her cunt.
Masturbating furiously, she moaned and gasped and cried out as he
ram-fucked her butt.

The orgasm crashed over her like a thunderclap and the breath
hissed from her throat and her body went rigid and tense with
shock and joy. Sensing her orgasm, Anil plunged his cock into her
ass again and again, his hips twitching and quivering at her
buttocks. She moaned and whined and he pulled out and rammed into
her once, twice, three, four times and then shot and shot and
shot, his body quivering with tension as the heat surged from his
cock into her convulsing anus.

Trembling and gasping and panting, her body streaming with sweat
and wracked with shuddering sobs, she slipped onto her side on the
swing. Anil leaned over the swing, his chest heaving, his head
hanging between his arms.

Slowly, she turned over onto her back and opened her eyes and
smiled at him.

"My god, that was fantastic!" she murmured, holding her arms up to
him and drawing his head to hers.

They kissed slowly and he fondled her naked body and she his
penis. She slipped the sheath off his cock and made him move
sideways so that it was at her face. She took it in her mouth and
began to suck it.

His cock tasted wonderful, with delicious tang of her cunt and ass
on it. He smiled and gently pumped his hips, fucking her face. His
cock was still rock-hard and he could feel fresh jizz roiling in
his balls. This stuff was terrific.

"Fuck me again," she murmured. "Long and slow this time ... and
don't use anything ..."

"Au naturel?"


She opened her legs wide and he moved up over her and slid his
penis smoothly into her, going in deep. She murmured in pleasure
and arched under him, her legs spread wide. She clenched his
buttocks fiercely.

"I want your cock inside me forever," she whispered.

He kissed her and bent his head to her breasts. "I'm sure you say
that to every man who fucks you."

"True. I do," she smiled.

"And there must be hundreds."

"Probably true, again. But I still mean it. I love it."

"So I see."

"Mmm ... stop talking, idiot, and get on with it ... mmm ... yes
... that's it ... slow and easy ... ahhhh yes ... ohhh that's so
good ... yes ... mmm ... deeper Anil ... put it all in ah yes ...
like that oh yes ... that's lovely ... mmm ... yes ..."

They fucked gently at first, moving slowly and unhurriedly,
savouring it, knowing this would be the last. Then she spurred him
on to move faster, and then faster yet, till he was rocking
furiously up and down over her, his buttocks bouncing and bobbing,
his cock plunging and pistoning rapidly up and down, in and out,
thrusting in harder and harder, making her body arch and jerk and
snap under his. Her breasts bounced with his thrusts, and her face
whipped from side to side in delight and joy. She pumped her hips
hungrily under his, her hands squeezing her breasts in frenzy.
This time, their orgasms crashed together and her body arched to
his as she felt the final spuming of his hot, sticky jizz into her
sodden, convulsing cunt.

They lay together in silence and then he got up and picked up his

"I must go," he murmured.

"Yes," she said, sitting up and coiling her hair above her head

"Thank you for everything. You were wonderful."

She smiled. "Anytime."

"Can we meet in Bombay? I have to come there, you know. Your

"Of course. You're welcome to stay with me. I live alone."

"That would be nice."

"Will you be there on the twenty-eighth?"

"I can, if you like."

"Do try. There's someone I want you to meet. A house-guest. You'll
enjoy meeting him."

"Fine by me."

"Good. I'll see you in Bombay, then."

He shook his head in wonder. "I'll always remember this."

"So will I."

He shook his head and smiled and got to his feet. "No. I doubt
that very much. You have too many lovers, many will be better than
me. You won't remember me long."

She smiled and got up, naked and beautiful. "You're probably
right. You'll just have to keep reminding me, won't you?"

He laughed. "You're incorrigible."

"I know. I can't help it."

"Lucky for your lovers."

They walked back into the house arm in arm, and at the door, she
gave him a small, gift-wrapped package.

"What's this?"

She smiled, her eyes dancing. "Your medication. Take it in a glass
of water or juice every time you fuck your wife. Blow her brains

"Thank you," he said, genuinely pleased. "Sushila will like that."

"You like fucking her, don't you?"

"Very much. She's a vixen in bed. Her cunt's like a suction pump."

"Better than me?"

"No," he smiled. "Not better than you. Close, but not quite."

"Thank you," she said gently. "That was smooth."

He chuckled and they kissed gently at the door and she waited till
he got into his car and backed down the drive, lifting a hand in
farewell as he turned onto the road.

When he had gone, she sighed and went back into the house. She was
thirsty and she drank another two glasses of her spiked lemonade.
She would need it. Laxman and Pandu would be home soon and then
Bablu would arrive, with his friends. She smiled to herself. It
was going to be a wonderful night, long and exciting, with several
large, thick, hard penises and plenty of steaming jizz.

She turned on the lights and went into the kitchen. She enjoyed
walking around naked. It gave her a sense of freedom. She checked
the refrigerator and the pots on the stove and nodded approvingly.
There was more than enough food, even if Bablu and his guys wanted
to gorge themselves. She doubted they would -- not till much later
anyway. Then they could eat all they wanted; the cook was

And, like all the staff, he was a proficient lover as well. She
smiled to herself as she thought of the number of men she had
fucked in the past two weeks. Every man in the house had banged
her and done it remarkably well. She had wanted for nothing.

Ganpat, the cook, for instance. Last Saturday, a week ago, she had
wandered into the kitchen just before noon, looking for something
to eat. He whipped up a delicious snack, made her sit at the
kitchen table and watched her eat. She held her plate out for
more. He looked at her quietly, his arms folded and refused. She
couldn't believe her ears. She was about to explode, when he
grinned impishly and told her not to ruin her appetite. She
relaxed and smiled.

"In fact," he said, "if you want to build your appetite, I know
just the thing."

She played along and acted innocent. "What might that be?"

He walked across and lifted her to her feet and cupped her
breasts. "A good, hard fuck," he said. "With me. Right here. Right

He was a handsome man, of about forty, with a firm, muscular body
and dark, earthy looks. Naturally, she gave in at once.

He fucked her on the kitchen table and turned out to be as good a
lover as he was a cook. He fucked her mouth, pushing her to her
knees before him, then lifted her onto the table and spread her
legs wide. He tongue-fucked her gently for a bit and then used his
rolling pin to masturbate her till she came.

Then he fucked her, taking her slowly at first, and then harder
and faster, pushing her to another orgasm. Just short of it, he
pulled out, spun her around and took her from the rear, standing
on the floor and bent over the kitchen table, ram-fucking her long
and hard, till she exploded violently. He juddered into her
repeatedly before he came, flooding her cunt with jizz.

He was both right and wrong. The sex did sharpen her appetite --
but for more sex, not food. She took him upstairs to bed and they
fucked through the afternoon. He fucked her repeatedly, taking her
in her cunt and mouth and, finally, in the way she so loved, hard
and deep in her ass, till she was drained and exhausted. She fell
asleep and he slipped out of bed. She awoke ravenously hungry and
devoured the lunch he had prepared. She had never tasted anything
so good. After that, he fucked her every day, and it was wonderful
each time.

Smiling to herself, she walked out of the kitchen. The sky
darkened and it started to rain. Rajashri turned on the lights in
the house and stood at the French windows looking out at the
downpour. A cool breeze started up and she shivered as it caressed
her naked body. Her nipples jumped erect. Barefoot, she stepped
out into the pouring rain and walked across the porch and stepped
down onto the lawn. The rain crashed over her. She shook her hair
loose and turned her face to the driving rain. She held her arms
wide, her eyes closed and savoured the sensation of the water
streaming over and between her breasts, down her back, between her
buttocks, over her belly and cunt and thighs and legs. She sniffed
the air and the heady smell of the moist earth filled her

The aphrodisiac-laden drink was working on her. It made her feel
horny again. Her breathing shallow with arousal, she went back to
the swing on the porch and selected a vibrator-dildo. It was ten
inches long, three inches thick and shaped exactly like a penis.
It was made of hard rubber, the shaft spiked and ridged and dotted
with knobs of varying size. She shook it in her hand and heard the
slosh of water inside.

It was a remarkable device, of which she was particularly fond.
Battery operated, it would not only vibrate, but would also heat
steadily till it reached the temperature of a tumescent penis. It
also had an ejaculation system that spewed heated water in sharp,
jizz-like jets at the press of a button. It worked with any fluid
-- she had used it with fizzy soft drinks, milk, juice and honey,
and, without the heater, with ice-water and cream. The prototype
had been designed by Sunnu and Neha, Jayant's wife and her niece,
both exceptional lovers and whores.

She lay down on her back on the soggy lawn. She gasped at the
sting of the rain. Her nipples were stiff, her breasts swollen,
her aureoles puckered. She caressed her breasts and nipples with
the dildo. Slowly, she spread her legs and forked her knees and
drew the dildo down her body to her groin. Holding it with both
hands, she squeezed the bulbous head of the ersatz cock into her
cunt. Her buttocks flexed and her hips bucked and she gasped, her
back arching. Her hands tensed on the dildo. Both arms
outstretched, her breasts bunched and squeezed together, she slid
it deeper into her cunt and gasped as it spasmed and convulsed on
the intruder. She pressed a button at the dildo's base of and it
hummed softly and began to vibrate. She moaned and arched. It grew
warmer and warmer, slowly becoming as hot as a cock.

Rajashri fucked herself with the vibrator, moving her hands
rhythmically back and forth, back and forth, sliding the dildo in
and out of her cunt. Her body bowed, her head flipped languorously
from side to side and she cried out, her mouth open, her eyes
closed. Her hips bucked and jerked and heaved and her hands moved
faster and faster till she was ramming and reaming it into
herself. She began to twist and turn it inside herself and she
gasped as the hard knobs and spikes scraped against her inflamed
clitoris. She soared high and free toward an orgasm, her hands
moving the dildo faster and faster, jerking it furiously in and
out of her cunt. She orgasmed with an ululating cry, her back
cambering, her hips bucking and writhing frantically and she
plunged the dildo into herself and hit the ejaculator button. The
vibrator whined loudly, grew hotter still, quivered in her cunt and spat slugs of hot water into her sodden slit.

"Heyyyyyy ... chekitout, guys! The whore's fuckin' herself in the

She heard voices and looked up. Her three servants stood at the
doors of the living room, grinning at the sight of her
masturbating out on the lawn in the rain.

"Couldn't wait for us, whore?" Pandu taunted.

"C'mon, motherfucker, let's ramfuck her hard!" Laxman mimed a
fucking action, his arms wide as though holding a woman's waist,
his hips jerking back and forth.

The peons stepped out onto the porch. Ramesh waited for a moment,
lifted his hand in a farewell and disappeared. She knew he would
do as she desired and not demand her body till the next day. He
was completely devoted to her.

The two peons were taking off their clothes, laughing and grinning
with excitement as they crossed the porch. She slid the dildo out
of her and rolled over and got to her knees, waiting for them. She
lifted her breasts in her hands and squeezed them gently in wanton

"C'mon ... come here, you lovely studs ... come and fuck me hard!"
she called to them.

"Yeh, we gonna do just that, bitch, aren't we, Pandu?"

"And then some! Nice and hard, and I'm gonna fuck your ass reallll

"Yeh, while I fuck your cunt!"


They stood looking down at her, dark and handsome and naked, their
penises thickening before her face. Rajashri groaned in pleasure.
She began to caress them simultaneously, jerking and stroking
their cocks, kissing and licking them alternately. She began to
suck them off, first taking one in her mouth and then the other.
They fucked her face by turn, jerking their hips back and forth,
moving her head back and forth before their groins. She grew more
and more frantic and took both cock-heads in her mouth and began
to lick and suck them together in a frenzy. The men groaned with

She went down on her back on the grass, taking Pandu's cock in her
mouth with him kneeling over her face on all fours. He fucked her
mouth deeply, his hips bobbing up and down, his cock sliding in
and out of her mouth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his head
arched back. His companion lay on his front on the grass and
thrust his head into her crotch. Her hips jerked as she felt his
tongue swirl into her slit. She moaned deep in her cock-filled
throat and sucked harder still on Pandu's penis. Laxman's tongue
was thick and rough and heavy and she writhed ecstatically when he
found her clitoris and began to flick it with his tongue, sucking and nibbling it gently. After several minutes, they exchanged

She found it intensely exciting, having a different cock in her
mouth within minutes of the first, and another tongue in her cunt.
She writhed and thrashed on the sodden lawn as the rain streamed
off their bodies. Pandu slid his finger into her cunt and
masturbated her.

She allowed them their pleasure. They took turns fucking her.
Laxman fucked her first, on her back, ramming his swollen cock
hard into her cunt, making her gasp and arch and claw at his
smooth-skinned back. Pandu chuckled and goaded his mate to fuck
her harder. She whimpered and her legs wound tight about Laxman's
hips and she clenched his buttocks, trying to get more of his cock
into her. He began to ram-fuck her, smoothly hitting a rapid,
reaming rhythm that drove the breath from her throat and made her
arch, her face contorting with joy.

Laxman fucked her for several minutes, and then, without coming,
yielded his place to Pandu. Pandu took her astride his hips,
impaling her on his upright cock. She sank down onto it with a
shuddering moan, and began to buck and jerk in a frenzy on it. She
called for Laxman to put his cock in her mouth and he grinned and
did so, fucking her face with pleasure as Pandu rammed and thrust
up hard into her cunt.

Then they took her by turns from behind, on all fours, her breasts swinging as they thrust hard into her cunt, their cocks running in
deep, burning and throbbing inside her. Then she had them
together, with one in her cunt and the other in her mouth, and
they kept changing position till she was giddy with joy and
uncaring about who fucked her or how. She came repeatedly.

They stepped back finally with her lying gasping and moaning on
the grass. The rain had eased and the air grew sultry and warm

"Now," Laxman said softly. "Now we fuck your cunt and ass

This was heaven. She moaned with pure pleasure and turned on her
side in willing surrender to her servants' demand. Pandu lay
behind her and lifted her leg up high and pressed his cock-head to
her anus. She tensed, then yielded and he flexed his buttocks and
his cock surged into her anus. She cried out thinly, her face
twisting in a rictus of pain and lust. Her breath came in
staccato, sharp, shrill gasps. Pandu moaned and began to rock and
jerk rapidly in and out of her anus, his hands crushing her
breasts. Then Laxman lay down in front of her and pressed his cock
to her cunt. She moaned, her hand between his legs, guiding it to
her hole. Pandu slowed and then paused, waiting for his companion.

Laxman slid his cock-head into her cunt. Rajashri almost fainted
with pleasure. Now she had two cock-heads, plugging both cunt and
ass. Slowly, the two men slid their hips forward and thrust their
cocks into her simultaneously. Rajashri's body twisted and her
face contorted in agony and ecstasy. Their cocks were big and hot
and hard, separated now by the merest membrane of flesh.

They began to fuck her butt and cunt together, groaning and
gasping, overwhelmed with excitement. Faster and faster they
moved, the three bodies astrive on the damp lawn, their cries
sharp and loud in the still air. She writhed and whined and
thrashed between them and her cries were loud and erotic. Their
penises sawed into her cunt and ass together, running in deeper
and deeper. Rajashri began to orgasm. Laxman felt the burning bite
of her cunt on his cock and he gasped and rammed deep into her and
shot his load, his cock spurting hot wads of jizz into her cunt.
Seconds later, Pandu rocked deep into her and quivered and moaned
and she felt the searing heat of his gunk flooding her anus.

They split apart slowly and lay on the grass, the mistress with
her servants. She panted and moaned her cunt and ass burning, her
chest heaving. The men panted heavily. Whimpering, she got
groggily to her knees and kissed one and then the other. Gently,
she took their cocks in her mouth by turn, sucking them steadily
till they were erect again. On one cock she tasted her cunt, on
the other her ass. It was divine. She sucked and sucked them till
they could hold back no more and each came in her mouth,
spattering her face and breasts and belly with their jizz, spuming
gunk into her mouth and down her throat.

She sat back and smiled gently at them and murmured her thanks.
The men ducked their heads with sudden shyness. They weren't used
to being thanked.

They helped her to her feet and Pandu collected her clothes as
they returned to the house. In the living room, she kissed both of
them with genuine affection, her hand cupping their cocks.

"Thanks, guys," she said. "When you're down in Bombay next, come
and stay with me."

"Definitely," Pandu grinned. Laxman nodded.

They left her and she went up to her room to her bathe. The peons
cleaned up and dressed and hurried out to the car. Ramesh was
waiting. He grinned.

"C'mon my heroes," he laughed. "I've got the hottest whores in
town boiling for our cocks!"

The peons whooped in glee and tumbled into Rajashri's car. Ramesh
drove them to Hedon & Venery's local branch, an elegant whorehouse
in an enormous and lavishly appointed bungalow not far away. The
brothel occupied one corner of a five-acre plot, superbly
landscaped with many bushes and huge shady trees, elegant wooden
bridges over a clear stream carefully planned to look naturally
unplanned. There was a rookery and a Japanese garden, a swimming
pool with a floating bar, a gymnasium, tennis courts, rock pools,
several elegant pavilions and pergolas and gazebos. A high wall
covered in vines and ivy gave privacy without hemming in the
grounds. They checked in and were told that their room would be
ready in half an hour. They were given drinks and invited to
stroll around the grounds and enjoy the sights. The three men sauntered down the flagged paths, pausing occasionally to watch.
Everywhere there were men and women copulating openly. Every kind
of sexual antic was being attempted, some with startling success.
In one quaint gazebo they came upon a young sixteen-year old girl taking three men simultaneously, in her mouth, cunt and ass. They
watched as she lay back on a man under her, her anus impaled on
his cock while another slowly squeezed and pushed his massive
erection into her cunt and she sucked on a third's penis. They
could hear her moaning and gasping feverishly, her body writhing
and thrashing as the three bloated penises sawed in and out of
each orifice. They watched for several minutes and moved on.
Crossing a bridge, they had to step past a handsome youth slowly
fucking another teenager who was on her feet, bent over the

"C'mon! Take it! Take it, whore, take it!" the youth cried. He
couldn't have been more than seventeen himself, but already he was
a powerful lover.

Beneath him, the fair-skinned girl moaned and gasped, her lovely
face turned up, her heavy breasts jiggling and bouncing as she
rocked and swung back and forth under this thrusts, her buttocks
writhing provocatively against his. This was Ashwini, a girl Ramesh knew. As he came closer, she turned her face and smiled
thinly in acknowledgment. He grinned and nodded a greeting. She
was all of seventeen and she was a horny, excitable, erotic,
hungry vixen. There was no mistaking the naked, wanton lust on her

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Ohhhh yes uhhh yes! Fuck
me harder uhhhhh yes! Ohhh ma uhhh ohma ohma ohma ohma uhhhhhh

The three men paused to watch her. The youth slowed his motions.

"Would you like to fuck her gentlemen?" he offered. "I can wait."

Pandu was tempted and started unbuckling his trousers, but Ramesh
stopped him with a dirty look.

"Thank you, sir, but no. We have our bookings waiting."

The boy nodded and continued fucking Ashwini. "Enjoy yourselves,
gentlemen. Good night."

Ramesh turned to Pandu who wore a disappointed expression.
"Listen, you fucker," he said. "Understand this. You're here as
Rajashri's guest. Specifically. You don't have special privileges.
The kid didn't know that and he was only following rules when he
offered the girl. Every guest has to do that to anyone who comes
and stands by in. Anyone who takes the offer is asked to leave.
It's an unspoken rule. Get it?"

Pandu looked abashed.

"And another thing, jock. You've only fucked in the lower grade.
Now you're with the cream of the lot, so behave. And keep all the
jizz you can. With the sluts I've ordered, believe me you're going
to need it."

A man came jogging down the track and told them their room was
ready. Ramesh thanked him and they walked back, Ramesh forcing the
two to look unconcerned and casual when they wanted to rush.

"Show some class," he snapped. "You're not in your usual seedy

He forced them to take their time, knowing that the sightings
would inflame their passion. They watched a lesbian pair writhing
on the lawn and, by the pool, two men locked in a homosexual embrace, a hugely endowed, powerfully muscled man slowly
sodomising a handsome, slender youth. Beneath a tree, a young girl was rocking back and forth on her feet, sliding her anus up and
down the length of the penis of a man who leaned against its trunk
and, holding her slender waist, dragged her ass up and down his
cock. Between flowering shrubs, two women were fucking a handsome
gigolo, one bucking eagerly on his cock, the other on his face,
the women leaning forward to kiss and fondle each other.

"Seen enough?" Ramesh asked.

"Fuck yes," Pandu gasped.

"Let's go, guys," Ramesh said. "Our whores are a-waitin'!"

Half an hour later, all three men were groaning and gasping
happily over the luscious bodies of the best whores money could
buy. Ramesh looked over his shoulder at the other two. Laxman was
grunting as he fucked a sexy young thing from the rear, on all
fours. The girl was sixteen and full bodied and her heavy breasts jiggled and swung under his slow, heavy thrusts. Laxman squeezed
her pendulous breasts, crushing them in his hands. The girl whimpered and swayed her buttocks erotically against his thighs,
running it back down his shaft. Laxman groaned his pleasure.

Across the room, Pandu was on his back with a slender young vixen
of seventeen bucking and rocking slowly on his cock in a deep
squat. Ramesh knew she was a young college student, who did this
as much for the money as for the pleasure. He had fucked her
himself. She was very good. He watched as she put her hands on her
hips and swung them round erotically, churning her cunt with
Pandu's penis. The peon groaned and squeezed her swollen breasts.
She arched her long neck, and her lovely face creased in pleasure.

Ramesh grinned and turned his attention back to the svelte, dark
young girl whimpering eagerly under him. Another college student,
desperate for money and sex. He flexed his buttocks and thrust
hard into her, making her gasp and cry out, her body arching and
bowing taut beneath his. Her cunt cramped on his cock like a vise.
He groaned and rammed into her again. Arching his head, closing
his eyes, he thought of Rajashri, and rammed his cock into the
cunt of the sexy teenager thrashing under him. She gasped and
cried out, her face twisting and contorting in unfaked desire. He
bent his head and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.
She moaned and arched her body under his, her fingers digging into
his powerful shoulders.

"Ohhh god yes!" she gasped, her tongue in his ear, her breasts hot
and hard under his chest, the fleshy mounds scraping on his skin
as he rocked back and forth, up and down. "Fuck me, lover! Fuck me
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