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Archived Sex Stories

Poona Company 5 Task Force Four



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
| |
| P O O N A C O M P A N Y |

(( 5 ))

Task Force Four
Rajashri waited for her guests in the living room. She leafed
through a back issue of Tentigina, one of Hedon & Venery's
pornographic magazines. Like all their publications, it was
superbly produced with glossy colour photographs of gorgeous women
and incredibly well endowed men. She was featured in one spread,
with Deepak, one of Jayant's peon-studs. The other women in the
issue -- Nisha, Kuntal, Dipti and Susan -- were all stunning. It
was immensely erotic.

She had showered and dressed in a transparent white shirt and
tight shorts. The shirt was unbuttoned, its ends knotted just
below her breasts. It had a plunging neck. Her breasts squeezed
together under the cloth. She wore her shorts well below her
navel, just above her pubis and low on her hips. They were very
tight and she left them unbuttoned and unzipped, so that the front
split in a plunging V down to her crotch, exposing the trimmed
fuzz on her pubis.. Her clothes were as light as gauze, and her
nipples were clearly visible. She was barefoot. Most of her
midriff was exposed. She wore a gold girdle, one gold bangle and
matching earrings. Her eyes were lined with *kajal* and her hair
was done in a flouncing pony tail. Her lips were subtly touched
with gloss, and she wore a thin gold chain around her long neck.
She looked devastatingly sexy.

The bell rang. Rajashri tossed the magazine on the coffee-table
and went to the door. Opening it, she smiled prettily, her eyes
dancing. Bablu was surrounded by three young men. Seeing her,
Bablu chuckled and his companions gaped. She was stunning and
quite outrageous. Smiling, she stood aside to let them in and shut
the door behind them.

"What did I tell you?" Bablu said to his companions. "Great goods
or what?"

The three men grinned, and Bablu introduced them as Babu, Mohan
and Sandip.

Rajashri smiled at them, approving his choice. Babu was a tall,
lanky young man, dark and lean, with sharp features and a
pencil-thin mustache. He looked strong and lithe. Mohan was also
tall, but more muscular, with wide, strong shoulders, a V-shaped
torso, lean, high hips and a narrow waist. Sandip was shorter than
the others, but intensely good-looking with clean, clear features.
He was slim to the point of being thin. All of them wore trousers
and open necked shirts and open sandals which they took off at the

Bablu looked at her and chuckled. "Like them, whore? Like my

She laughed prettily. "I'll tell you after I've seen what they can
do, Bablu."

The three grinned wolfishly. Bablu pulled her to him with an arm
around her waist. He tilted her face to his and kissed her hard,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He cupped her breast in full
view of the others and squeezed her buttocks.

"We'll show you, whore," he growled. "We're gonna fuck your brains
out tonight, me and my boys are!"

He pushed her away and she stepped back, her eyes glittering with
excitement. It promised to be a night of good, hard, demanding
sex. She turned and crossed to the bar and poured five glasses of
the spiked lemonade from the pitcher Ramesh had been careful to
refill. She set the glasses on a tray and carried them back to the
waiting men, playing the considerate host to perfection. They
drained their glasses. She arched an eyebrow and offered more. My
god, she thought, with all that stuff, they'll never stop fucking

The men gasped as the drug hit them hard. Their cocks quivered and
their muscles corded and popped and they felt the jizz surge in
their balls. Simultaneously, it hit her, too, and the men gasped
in awe and astonishment as they saw its effect. Her breasts swelled visibly, her nipples jumped erect and her hips twitched
provocatively. Her lips parted and her nostrils flared, her breath
sharp and shallow.

"Motherfucker!" Sandip gasped in awe.

Bablu grinned at her. He had heard of such things. He began to
unbutton his shirt. The three men came around and encircled her.
She felt a sudden frisson of sexual excitement. Bablu pulled off
his shirt and she noticed that the others were doing the same. She
stared at him and he grinned as her eyes fell involuntarily to his
crotch. He undid his trousers and unzipped them slowly. They
puddled to his feet. He kicked them away. She turned and one by
one, the others stripped themselves. She felt her heart thud in
her chest as she looked at their bodies. They were all
well-muscled, lean and hard and their cocks looked lovely, long
and thick and dark, all uncircumcised, with heavy balls, their
pubic hair thick and springy. Mohan's cock was about seven inches
long, an inch and a half thick; Babu's was a tad bigger.

But Sandip's was incredible. It hung a good nine inches long,
limp, and nearly two inches thick. Other women might have found it
incongruous on one so short and thin; Rajashri found it intensely

They stood there, watching her, chuckling at her glassy-eyed
expression, holding their cocks in their hands. Bablu reached
forward and hooked two fingers in the neck of her shirt, at the
knot. He jerked it hard and she gasped as the knot fell open.
Behind her, Babu pulled it off her shoulders and flung it aside.
They turned her around, with her back to Mohan, facing Sandip.
Mohan hooked his hands in the waist of her shorts on either side
of her open fly and tugged downward. The shorts turned inside out
and her buttocks and naked cunt were exposed to their view. Sandip
pulled her shorts down her legs.

Now they were very close to her, all four of them with their
bodies almost touching hers. Her nostrils flared with the tangy,
exciting, sweaty smell of their hot bodies. Four pairs of hands
fell on her naked midriff. Rajashri tensed. The hands began to
move, dexterously fondling her tingling flesh. Rajashri gasped and
squirmed as she felt hands on her breasts and buttocks and in her

A pair of lips nuzzled her neck. Someone tongued her ear. A finger
probed her cunt. Another her anus. Someone squeezed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, which were nut-hard. Her breasts grew
turgid. She gasped thickly as a mouth met hers, she did not know
whose and a tongue snaked into her mouth. At the same time, her
cunt-lips parted and two fingers arched into her flesh. She
writhed and squirmed, whimpering and groaning. The two fingers in
her cunt wriggled and twisted and her hips juddered in excitement.
They pressed against her, their cocks rubbing against her cunt and
buttocks. She moaned softly.

The men stepped back. She stood in the centre, trembling and
unsure. Bablu put a hand on her shoulder and pressed her to her

"Come on, whore ... first suck our cocks ... then we'll fuck you
one by one. The rest later."

Her face was inches from Bablu's gorgeous cock. She held his hips
and then a wild idea flashed across her mind. She looked up.

"Bablu ..."

"What?" he said impatiently.

"I've got an idea."

"What? Chickening out?"

"Not at all," she said tartly. "Ever played blind man's butt?"

He shook his head. "What's that?"

"I'll show you. Give me a handkerchief, a nice big one."

Bablu nodded and the men rummaged in their discarded trousers and
pulled out coloured handkerchiefs. They were of thick, printed
cotton and she nodded approvingly as they shook them open. They
were sufficiently large for what she had in mind.

"This is fine," she said, taking one and folding lengthwise into a
long band.

"It's like this," she explained. "First, you blindfold me. Then
you fuck me blind. Wherever you like, as you like, without telling
me whose doing it. I've to match man to cock."

The men chuckled in excitement. This was terrific. She giggled at
their enthusiasm. This game was popular at her bordello and had
several variations. One required all the players to wear
blindfolds. The men would then fuck her simultaneously and not
only did she have to identify whose cock was in which orifice, but
each had to guess where the others were fucking her. There was
also a third variation, with several women, in which the men wore
the blindfolds and had to guess whose cunt or breasts or ass were
on their cocks or fingers or mouths. She had played these games
frequently; they were especially popular with group bookings at
the bordello. Once, she and Nisha and Dipti had serviced eight men together. The men were ecstatic. The girls went wild as cocks
swapped with bewildering rapidity in their various orifices.

She gave Bablu the folded band. She turned her back to him and he
laid it over her eyes and knotted it firmly behind her head. She
adjusted it. Sandip held four fingers in front of her face and
asked her to guess how many. She could not. Mohan raised his hand
as if to strike her hard. She didn't react.

Smiling, she shuffled her feet, turning around several times to
disorient herself. Silently, the men moved sideways in a circle
around her. She went down on her knees and now she did not know
who was before her. She held her hands up, reaching out for one of
them, her arms apart and questing. The men chuckled softly. Her
hand touched a hip. She slid her hand along it, found a cock. She
moved her head closer, her fingers stroking and caressing the
cock, trying to guess the identity of its possessor. The men grinned. She moved her head forward and opened her lips.

The cock throbbed in her fingers and began to swell. She jerked it
deftly, flipping back the foreskin. Her breath was warm on the
cock-head. Her tongue swirled around the cock- head. The man stifled a gasp. Slowly, she slipped her lips down about the
cock-head and began to suck on it. The man's hands fell to her
head and his hips lurched at her face. His cock ballooned in her

She sucked it slowly, sliding her lips up and down along its
length, her head rocking back and forth, the cock glistening and
gleaming between her lips. She cupped and fondled the man's balls.
It wasn't Sandip -- the cock wasn't big enough; and it wasn't
Bablu -- she knew his cock intimately. Mohan or Babu then. She
sucked harder, moving her head faster, her finger pressed to his

The men understood the game and kept their silence. Her excitement
grew. This was going to be tougher than she thought. Shaking her
head in defeat, she stopped and turned for another. This one was
familiar -- the cock was big and hard, and she knew the smell and
taste and shape and thickness of it.

"Bablu," she said softly, looking up and smiling.

Bablu grinned. "Yes, that's right," he acknowledged.

The others clapped and she giggled.

"Come on, now give me my present ... come in my mouth ..."

She took his penis in her mouth and began to suck it hungrily and
quickly. Bablu groaned and fucked her mouth rapidly, moving her
head back and forth, back and forth, his hips pumping. The others
watched. Her face distended with his size and her tongue worked
his cock with cunning lasciviousness. She moaned happily deep in
her throat.

"Suck it ... suck it whore ... suck it hard ... Ahhhh yes ...
that's it ... harder, whore ... harder! Ohhhh yeh ... yes!" he

He exploded suddenly, the drug pushing him over the brink, the
roiling jizz in his balls uncontainable. His cock spumed an
awesome load of gunk, thick, hot, sticky gobs of it spurting into
her mouth and down her throat. She opened her mouth wide as she
drank his seed, letting them see it go into her mouth and spatter
her face and lips. Sticky trails of it trickled over her chin and
down her neck. She wiped her face with her fingers and smeared it
on her breasts and belly and pubis and licked her fingertips.
Bablu remained kept his place and was astonished to find that his
erection had not waned a whit, nor had the clamour in his balls
eased. He grunted and grinned and the men whistled in surprise.

"Hey, look at this!" he cried. "The damn thing won't go down!"

"It's the drug in the lemonade," she murmured. "It'll keep you
hard forever!"

The sight of her sucking his cock and drinking his jizz had
aroused the others. Their cocks had grown erect. Quickly, she
turned from Bablu to another. This cock was huge -- ten and a half
inches long, nearly three inches thick. The man's hips were small
and narrow. Sandip.

She moaned softly and took his cock between her lips. The drug and
Bablu's coming in her mouth had set her afire.

"Sandip," she muttered. "This has to be Sandip."

"Yes!" Sandip chuckled and jerked her face forward. "Suck it
whore! Suck it hard! OHHHhhh ... unhhhh ... *hanh* ... UNHHHHH
*hanh* ... that's it yeh ... take it bitch ... take my cock Ohhhh
yeh ... suck it, slut ... suck my cock Oh god yes Ohhhh uhhh yes!"

He took longer coming and she had to work harder on him. She
quivered with excitement imaging how long he would take fucking
her cunt before he came. His cock was incredibly big and hot,
rock-hard and throbbing heavily, its shaft ridged with angry
veins. In all her unusual experience, few lovers had bigger cocks
-- Kishore and Jayant, certainly, and Hari, Neha's husband.

Intensely aroused, she sucked his cock rapidly, both fists on his
tool, jerking it faster and faster, her face bloated with the
enormity of his erection. Sandip fucked her face, his head bent to
watch her, his hips rocking, moving her head back and forth. She
felt his cock quiver in her mouth and she goaded him to come with
her tongue pressing at his frenum, trying to pry open the slit.
The boy groaned, and jerked his hips at her face. His cock was
magnificent. She guessed him to be about sixteen, and already he
was a wonderful lover.

She sucked harder, her tongue working frenziedly on his cock, her
head rocking and jerking furiously back and forth, moaning and
keening in her throat. The boy lost control and his jizz erupted.
She gasped and opened her mouth wide, letting him spurt gunk over
her face, into her mouth, and over her breasts and belly. His load
was even thicker and heavier, a veritable deluge and it went on
and on and on, spurting endlessly into her mouth and spattering
her face and breasts. Gasping and groaning, Sandip pushed his cock
into her mouth and made her suck it again.

"Let her go, you bastard!" Bablu snapped and Sandip stepped away.

Panting and gasping, she turned. At a signal from Bablu, the men circled her in silence, confusing her. She found another cock and
jerked it, took it in her mouth. It was Bablu again. She stopped
and looked up and he laughed. She turned for another cock. The men moved, too. She got Sandip, and then Bablu again and then Sandip
again. She steadied herself and concentrated. At last she caught a
cock she hadn't sucked yet. This one was the fourth. It was a big
penis, about nine and a half inches long and correspondingly
thick. It felt bigger than the first one she had sucked. This had
to be Babu. She said so, and found she was right. Babu chuckled
and the men applauded. He began to fuck her mouth slowly, grinding
and jerking his hips. She sucked his cock steadily till he, too,
came in her mouth.

Turning to the last, she found that they had moved again. She had
to take Bablu and Sandip and Babu several times in her mouth
before she finally found Mohan. Flushed with success she sucked his cock ardently, giddy with excitement and the tangy smell and
taste of their cocks and jizz. Mohan fucked her slowly, savouring
the pleasures of her mouth, thrusting his cock in and out of her
mouth for several minutes before he, too, came, flooding her mouth
with his jizz and spattering her body with it.

The game, and her success, excited her. Her tongue and lips
tingled with the tangy taste of their gunk. Her breasts and belly
were spattered with gobs of it. A thick, glutinous rivulet of
spunk oozed slowly down her cleavage. Her body was aflame with
lust. She got to her feet and took off the mask.

"Come on, guys, carry me upstairs. Bablu, the second bedroom."

Four pairs of hands lifted her dusky body over their shoulders as
though on a bier. She let her head hang back and murmured softly
as they took the opportunity to fondle her breasts and cunt.

The second bedroom was large and cool, superbly furnished, with
muted lighting and a well-sprung king-size bed. Three deep
armchairs were arranged around a small coffee table by the window.
The room opened onto a large deck with a round table and four
chairs. On either side of the bed stood matching sidetables with
elegant table lamps. A closet was fitted to one wall. There was a
bathroom ensuite. The bed had curved wrought iron frames at its
head and foot.

Rajashri told Sandip to open the doors to the balcony. It was
still raining out, and a cool breeze fluttered the curtains by the
doors. She smiled prettily at them and got onto the bed on her
hands and knees.

"Want a show, guys?"

"What kind of show?" Mohan said, eyeing her body greedily.

She grinned. "Me fucking myself."

They chorused their assent and she fumbled to the bed, groped open
a drawer in the bedside table and pulled out several vibrators and
dildos. Examining them by touch, she selected two. One was ten
inches long and two inches thick, dotted with thick rubber knobs.
The other was smooth and even, about eight inches in length, an
inch thick. Both were shaped like penises, with bulbous
cock-heads. The men gaped in surprise.

Lying on her back on the bed, she began to caress herself,
watching them. Sensuously, she caressed her breasts, squeezing
them, rolling the rigid nipples in her fingers. She scooped gunk
on her fingers and smeared it on her aureoles and lips, licked her
fingers. Slowly, her hands crawled down her firm, flat belly to
her crotch. She opened her legs and lifted her knees. The men shuffled around to the foot of the bed. They stared hungrily at
her cunt as she slowly pulled her cunt-lips open, showing them the
moist flesh within.

"Mmm," she moaned, rubbing her long, slender finger up and down
her crack. "That's good ... that's where I want your cocks ... in
my hot cunt ..."

One hand on her breasts, the other at her crotch, she began to
masturbate, arching a finger delicately into her cunt. The men gaped as she moved it gently in and out of her cunt, murmuring

"Yes ... here ... hard ... in my sexy slit ... I want your hot
cocks ... your rock-hard cocks in my cunt ..."

Sandip licked his lips. His cock throbbed. She tormented them,
playing with herself before their eyes. Every one of them wanted
nothing so much as to fling himself on her and plunge his cock
into that tempting cunt. She picked up the knobbed dildo and,
making sure that they were watching her, slowly slid it into her

"Ohhhh ... if only ... if only this was your cock, Sandip ...
don't you want to fuck me?"

The poor boy gaped, nodded. His cock was out of control and she
could see it starting to swell and thicken. She held the dildo in
both hands and spread her legs further apart. Her shoulders
stooped, her breasts, flecked with their gunk, squeezed in heavy
luscious mounds between her arms. She moved the dildo slowly in
and out of her cunt, twisting it round and round. There was
complete silence, except for her voice.

"Yes ... you will fuck me like this, won't you? Slowly ... slowly
... you will fill my cunt with your cocks, won't you?"

She began to move it faster, her hips lurching and twitching, her
face flipping from side to side, her back arching. Her breasts jumped and bounced. Her mouth was open and she slid her tongue
around her upper lip in a wanton, lascivious gesture, her words

"Bablu ... remember ... remember how you fucked me ... last night
... in my mouth ... in my cunt ... even my ass ... nice and hard,
too ... it felt so good then ... don't you want to do it again,

Mohan and Babu were losing control, too and she smiled to herself
and began to move faster. Suddenly she flipped over onto all fours
and, with one hand on the dildo between her legs, looking over her
shoulder at the quartet, she continued masturbating. The men's
eyes were riveted on her sodden cunt being invaded by the phallic
substitute. It glistened and gleamed as it went in and out of her
cunt, twisting and turning, rolling round and round. They could
see the hard long tongue of her clitoris being scraped and bent
under the stiff rubber knobs on its shaft. She moaned softly,
jerking back and forth on her knees and one arm, her breasts swinging. Now even Bablu's cock began to respond.

"Fuck me like a bitch ... like a whore ... from behind ... I'm
your whore tonight ... fuck me hard ... and keep fucking me, guys ... that's the way I like it ... I want my cunt filled with your
cocks ... I'm your whore, your slut ..."

Moaning and gasping, jerking back and forth, Rajashri went on and
on, the dildo pumping and grinding in her cunt. She stopped,
leaving it inside her, sticking out of her cunt and picked up the
second baubon. She stretched her arm down her back and pushed it
between her buttocks. The men gasped when they realised her
intention. Slowly, moaning and keening, she squeezed it into her
anus. Her head arched and she cried out, her face contorting in a
rictus of lust.

"OHHHHHhhhh ... yes ... and ... don't forget ... to fuck my ass,"
she moaned in husky sibilant voice. "Yes ... my cunt and ass ...
together ... and ... and I'll even take two of you in my cunt ...
at the same time ... you'd like that, wouldn't you, guys?"

She butt-fucked herself slowly, pumping the dildo in and out of
her anus and the men were mesmerized by the sight. Leaving the
second dildo stuck in her ass, she went back to frigging her cunt with the first.

Her buttocks writhed and her body swayed and lurched back and
forth with the pumping of her hand. Her gold necklace swung and
her breasts jogged as she moved.

Then, half-twisting her body, she began to move both dildos
together, rocking them simultaneously in and out of her cunt and
ass. The men gasped in awe at her twitching and writhing before

Sandip had abandoned all attempts to contain his erection. He
moaned and gasped and began to masturbate his gigantic penis. Babu
and Mohan soon joined in and even Bablu couldn't resist. Soon, all
four were masturbating.

Bablu groaned as he watched her hands pump the two dildos in and
out of the adjacent orifices. Rajashri whimpered in a frenzy,
gasping and keening, rocking the dildos deeply in and out of her
cunt and anus. She toppled over onto her side and, in a frenzy of
her own, started plunging and pistoning the two baubons in and out
of her flesh as she soared toward an orgasm. With an ululating
cry, she slid both deep into her and tensed, trembling and gasping
as the orgasm hit her hard, sweeping her along on a wave of

She lay there for a minute, catching her breath, slowly pulling
the dildos out of her cunt. Then she turned over and looked at
them, grinning wickedly. Then she moved forward on her knees to
where Bablu stood and slowly tilted her face up and drew his head
down to hers, sliding her arms around his neck.

"Now," she said. "Now you must pay me for the show!"

They understood her meaning and broke into huge grins. She began
to laugh and the others joined in. She went to each man in turn,
gently kissing them, pressing her body to theirs. They were all
dying to fuck her. She moved back to the centre of the bed and
told Mohan to blindfold her again. He knelt behind her and tied
the band around her eyes and she adjusted it firmly. He kissed the
nape of her neck, his hands around her, fondling and squeezing her
breasts. She cupped her hands in his and arched an arm up around
his neck and turned her face to kiss him. She curled her other arm
behind, for his cock. It was hot and hard, slippery with pre-cum
gunk. She masturbated him gently and he pressed his cock to her
buttocks, squeezing her breasts hard. Twisting her face to his, he
kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

"Not now," she murmured. "Fuck me later. Now let's play the second
part of our game. Sandip, there's some rope in the cupboard. Get
it, will you, there's a pet. Have you found it? Good. Okay, here's
what we do. First, tie me to the bed, like this and fuck me and
I'll guess you from your cocks. Then do it again, but from behind.
Got it?"

The men chuckled and Sandip tossed the rope to Mohan. She spread
her arms and legs, lifting her knees. Mohan lashed her wrists and
ankles to the bedposts. She lay before them, blindfolded and
trapped, theirs for the asking.

"Come on then ... fuck me!" she murmured sexily. "Fuck my cunt!"

A warm, musky male body moved onto the bed and bent over her. His
mouth met hers and his tongue slid between her lips. She writhed
under him. It wasn't Sandip -- this man was too well built. One of
the others. She felt the cock-head at her cunt-lips and arched her
hips provocatively.

"Fuck me," she moaned, lasciviously tonguing her unknown lover's

He teased her hard nipples with his fingers and lips and bent his
head to suck them. She shuddered in pleasure, but he kept his
silence, enjoying the game. He squeezed her breasts gently,
pressing and rolling the swollen mounds in her palms. He scraped
his fingernails across her nipples and, moistening his fingertip,
rubbed it over her aureoles. She shivered. Her breasts grew harder
with excitement. He dragged his tongue down her neck and between
her breasts, through the mucilaginous gunk smeared on her smooth,
dusky flesh. She tensed as his tongue rippled up the swell of one

She arched her back as though to feed it to his mouth. Teasing one
nipple with his fingers, he ran his tongue in slow circles over
the aureole of the other. Rajashri whimpered and writhed
ecstatically. He flicked it back and forth with his tongue,
rolling the other in forefinger and thumb.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Ohhhhh yes ... yes ..."

He tugged at her nipple with his lips, scraped his teeth across
it. She gasped and her body twisted sharply under him. Slowly, he
drew her breast into his mouth and began to suck on it with
increasing pressure. She gasped thickly. Gently and slowly,
nibbling her nipple with the lightest of bites, he let go and
dragged his tongue across to her other breast.

She arched her back to his face. His hand crawled down her firm
belly to her cunt. Her legs jerked wide open and he slid a thick finger along her crack. She moaned and her hips jerked up. He
found her clitoris, and pressed it hard with his fingertip,
vibrating his hand rapidly. She cried out, and slowly, he arched a
finger into her and began to masturbate her. She whimpered deep in
her throat, her hips bucking and lurching, her head rolling from
shoulder to shoulder.

The man bent over her and pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips.
She arched her loins. He flexed his buttocks and eased his hips
forward and sank his spear into her scabbard. She gasped softly,
her head arching, her back bowing, her loins jerking upward as the
searing heat of it slid deep into her flesh. Her hips jerked
upward and her cunt engulfed his penis. She guessed it to be
either Mohan or Babu, she still couldn't tell which.

The man began to fuck her steadily and she whimpered, her body
jerking and snapping, her head spinning from side to side. He
stifled his gasps, not wanting to give her a clue. She moaned and
gasped, lurching and jerking as his thrusts grew faster and deeper
and harder.

"Ohhhh ... uNHhhh OHhhh ... who're you," she moaned in
desperation. "Mohan? ... or Babu? ... Ohhhhh ... UNhhhh ... yes
... Unhhhhhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard! Unhhhhhh ohhh yes
... fuck me ... fuck me yes!"

The other three began to clap, pacing her lover's thrusts.
Steadily at first, then faster and faster and faster, till her
cries and the resounding cracks of their palms rang in her ears.
She still couldn't tell. He began ram-fucking her and she went
crazy as his cock pistoned and rocked in and out of her cunt.

His buttocks rose and fell, bobbing and bouncing, flexing and
unflexing, his swollen cock plunging and thrusting and reaming
into her. She orgasmed without a clue as to her lover's identity.
Her orgasm passed and still he kept stroking powerfully in and out
of her. She stopped moving under him.

"Later, again," she moaned. "I can't guess ... let somebody else
try ..."

She had no difficulty guessing the identity of the next man to
fuck her. The ithyphallic youth was unmistakably Sandip. Levering
her thighs open with his knees, he paused with his cock- head at
her cunt-lips, flexed his buttocks and then drove his enormous penis smoothly into her cunt with a single deep thrust that sent
her head whipping back. Her body cambered and bowed taut in shock
and her fingers went white, clenching the bedpost.

"Sannhhhhhhhhdiiiiiiiiiiip!" she cried. "OHmauhhhhOHHHHHH!"

He chuckled and, bending his head, thrust his tongue into her
mouth. She moaned ecstatically, writhing and twitching under him,
his huge cock embedded deep in her flesh. He fucked her slowly,
his small, hard buttocks flexing and unflexing and bobbing gently
up and down. His cock was incredibly big, thick and hot and hard
and it throbbed and pulsed electrically, deep in her belly.
Moaning heavily, she writhed under him, her hips heaving and
grinding under his thighs. What a man, she thought, oh god, what a

He bent his head and sucked her breasts and she writhed and
gasped, her body thrashing and jerking, twisting and heaving.
Fucking her steadily, he surprised her with his skill. He moved
gently, letting her get accustomed to the enormity of his penis,
swinging his hips in gentle undulating circular motions, grinding
his cock in her cunt. Her jizz-spattered body arched and twisted
under his, her turgid breasts and hard nipples scraping against
his lean chest. His huge cock rasped against her inflamed

cunt ... YEH ... OHH YES ... THAT'S IT UNHH!" she whimpered.

On outstretched arms and knees over her, the slender youth changed
his rhythm and swung his hips smoothly up and down, back and
forth. Taking his time, moving slowly and easily at first, gently
probing her cunt, he slid his cock deeply in and out in a steady
rhythm. His buttocks flexed and unflexed and his monster penis
glistened and gleamed as it appeared and disappeared into her
cunt. The others watched, fascinated.

"Take it whore! Take my cock ... take it, YEH!" the lad gasped.

Suddenly, he started ramming his penis into her cunt. She cried
out in shock, her face contorting, her body twisting in lust under
him. The huge cock thundered into her cunt, reaming and ramming,
spiralling in deep. Her loins juddered and thudded up against his,
its muscles convulsing and spasming frantically on the gigantic
cock- shaft. Her breasts bounced and jiggled violently and the
gold chain around her neck jumped and slapped on her flesh. Her
back bowed and unbowed, rose and fell and her body jerked hard
under his thrusts.


Abruptly, just as she verged on the brink of an orgasm, he slowed
again and began to fuck her slowly. She gasped in joy and awe and
he bent his head to her breasts, making her moan softly as he
teased her nipples with his tongue and teeth. Again, without
warning, he reared up and slammed his cock into her and began to
ram-fuck her, reaming his penis into her cunt. She screamed
thinly, her body jerking, her back bowing and unbowing, her
breasts bouncing and exploded violently. Her cunt convulsed in a
frenzy on his penis, and he gasped and flung his head back and
slammed his penis into her repeatedly. With a shuddering moan, he
rammed in deep and held fast, his hips twitching at her cunt. His
cock erupted, and she gasped and arched in unbridled joy as his
lava-hot jizz spewed in a never-ending flood into her slit.

Panting, Sandip rolled off her body. Within seconds, her third
lover had his cock embedded in her cunt. She recognised him at
once. This was Babu, and so the first had to be Mohan. Babu
sniggered in approval and fucked her quickly and efficiently,
pushing her to another orgasm before he exploded inside her. Then
Mohan took his place and fucked her steadily till he, too, came.

The last was Bablu. His cock was familiar and she didn't have to
guess at all. It was beautiful, just right, big and strong and
thick and hot and hard. He took her gently, kissing and fondling
her body, caressing her breasts and face till she was whimpering
with joy. He slowed and pulled off her blindfold. She blinked her
eyes, squinted and smiled at him. She moved slowly under him, her
cunt heaving and convulsing on his steadily stroking cock.

"Having fun?" she murmured, tonguing his ear.

"Mm. Yes. Very much. You're not tired?"

She was touched by his concern. "Not at all. I could go on all
night, no problem."

"Good. These three are animals."

"So much the better."

"Listen. If you don't want to do anything they want, tell me. I'll
stop them."

"Will they listen to you?"

"I'll stuff their balls in their asses if they don't!"

She smiled. My hero, she thought. God, what a stud ... I must
remember to report him to HQ. Him and the others. They're special.
Jayant will be pleased.

"Come ... now fuck me hard," she murmured.

At once, he responded like a thoroughbred stallion, smoothly
picking up speed. Faster and faster he went and she moved in
perfect unison with him, matching him thrust for thrust, with
practiced skill and ease. Their bodies rocked and jerked together,
their cries rising in a crescendo of joy. He flung his head back
as his buttocks pumped and pistoned faster and faster, thrusting
his cock deeper and deeper into her, burying himself in the
incredible warmth and tightness of her cunt-sheath. As his cock
stroked powerfully into her flesh, she arched and bowed beneath
him, her head turning sensuously from side to side, goading him
with obscene words and lewd love-calls. He began ram-fucking her,
moving furiously and she cried out, her body jerking and snapping
under his thrusts, her breasts bouncing and tossing. Her cries
rose and grew sharp and staccato and she orgasmed with intense
pleasure, her body bowing taut under his. He groaned at the
convulsing spasms of her cunt on his penis. He thrust into her
again till she felt his seed spurt in her cunt.

They rested, with Rajashri still lashed to the bed, the men sprawled about the room. Babu went down and fetched the lemonade.
The men drank, then untied her and gave her a drink, too. The
drugs sharpened their lust afresh. The four penises jerked erect
and sawed the air. Smiling, she went to each of them in turn and
took their cocks in her mouth, sucking hungrily.

"Fuck me again," she grinned. "All of you. On my front this time."

Returning to the bed, turning on her knees and forearms, Rajashri
spread her thighs, offering the foursome her cunt and butt. Babu
tied her wrists to the bedposts again but left her legs free. Her
swollen breasts hung luscious and succulent. She looked over her
shoulder at the four men and ran her tongue lasciviously over her
upper lip.

"Come on then ... fuck me ... fuck my cunt, guys ... I'm hot for

Mohan sprang forward with a gasp and, kneeling behind her, quickly
squeezed his throbbing penis into her cunt. She moaned softly with
pleasure as his penis ran into her cunt. He fucked her rapidly,
holding her hips and jerking his cock in and out of her cunt.
Whimpering and gasping, she rocked under him, her breasts swinging
erotically. He went faster and she cried out, her body jerking and
snapping under his thrusts. His buttocks flexed and unflexed and
his cock glistened and gleamed as it went in and out of her cunt.
Faster and faster he went and their orgasms crashed together and
he shot his load in her slit. Then it was Babu's turn, and Bablu
followed, squatting astride her hips and ramming hungrily in and
out of her cunt till he was sated.

When Sandip took his chance, she was quivering with excitement. He
pulled her hips up high, her legs out straight and, standing
behind her, bent over her so that their bodies were like two
hairpins. Slowly, he squeezed his cock into her, going in deep and
then, as his mates watched, began to ram-fuck her cunt. His
buttocks flexed and unflexed and the others could see the puckered
flesh of his anus and the glistening penis as it thundered
powerfully in and out of her cunt. Her head hung between her arms,
and she clenched the bedposts, crying out in joy. Her breasts tossed violently under him and he squeezed them in a frenzy as her
cunt cramped viciously on his cock and forced his orgasm.

All five were doped to the gills with potent aphrodisiacs. Within
minutes, they were fucking again. This time, she made them untie
her and allowed them to do what they wanted.

The men paired off and Mohan and Babu fucked her together in her
cunt and mouth, switching places frequently. Then it was Sandip
and Bablu, and, after they were done, she took them again, one by
one. After a short respite, they said they wanted more. She did
not refuse, and now she gave them a whirl. She took both Mohan and
Babu in her cunt and ass simultaneously, while Sandip fucked her
mouth. On and on they went, sating their lust. They were exhausted
when they finally finished, several hours later. Rajashri left
them and staggered to her bedroom and crawled into bed. Within
minutes, she was asleep.

She woke to the touch of Ramesh's lips on her nipple. She stirred
and stretched and arched and he sucked gently on her nipple. She
murmured her pleasure, caressing his head.

"Good morning. Had fun last night?"

"Oh yes. They were very good. And you?"


"When did you get back?"

"About three o'clock."

"Were they still here?"

"Yeah. Snoring. I threw them out. Enough is enough."

"Good for you."

Rajashri's driver smiled and kissed her deeply, his tongue
inveigling into her mouth. She murmured softly, caressing his
hard, naked body, her hand trickling down to his crotch. His penis
hardened slowly as she caressed it. His lips slithered down her
body and she arched her back when he swirled his tongue around her
puckered aureoles and gently flicked her stiff nipples with his
tongue. Slowly, he squeezed one succulent mound in his hand and
sucked it tenderly, scraping her nipple across his teeth and gums
and the roof of his mouth. She sighed in pleasure as tiny flames
of excitement leapt to her groin. He squeezed both breasts together and sucked her nipples simultaneously, making her gasp
when he nibbled sharply, briefly on her hard nipples.

"Ohhhh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god Ramesh yes!"

Chuckling softly, he moved his head lower, down her firm belly to
her crotch and she spread her legs and caressed his head. He
licked her slit gently and she murmured softly, moving his head
round and round in her crotch.

"Mm, that's lovely. Come on, give me your cock."

He swung around and they sixty-nined. His penis was wonderful,
thick and long and dark and she took it in her mouth and sucked gently on it, savouring its taste and weight and size. His tongue
was lovely in her cunt, thick and rough and adroit. He rolled off
and she slid her body over his, straddling his hips and swiftly
impaling her cunt on her driver's penis. Suddenly, she giggled. He
grinned, looking at her astride him, and squeezed her breasts gently.

"What's the joke, cunt?"

She laughed. "Hey. When you do this to me, what are you?"


"My screwdriver!"

Ramesh laughed. She bent over and kissed him, sliding her tongue
into his mouth. Her breasts were hot and heavy in his hands and
she began to rock gently on his penis.

An hour later, they were ready to leave. She came downstairs and
said goodbye to the servants to had lined up at the door. She
kissed each of them in turn, gently and tenderly, fondling their
crotches. Pandu pawed her breasts and asked if he could fuck her
one last time.

"Do all of you want to?" she murmured, looking at Laxman and the
cook and the gardener.

They nodded and she smiled. "Okay, come on then. Out on the

On the porch, Rajashri let them strip her slowly and fondle her
body. One by one, she undressed them, pulling off their shirts,
opening their shorts or trousers and gently fondling their long
penises. Without exception, all the servants were well endowed.
Rajashri let them crowd around her and, murmuring in pleasure,
kissed one, then another, then the third and the fourth. Hands
caressed her breasts and buttocks and cunt. Her body warmed with
excitement and lust.

She turned first to the gardener and, kissing him, slowly,
lasciviously slid down his body, pausing briefly to suck his
nipples, going down to her knees. Taking his cock in her fingers,
she lifted it to her lips and started to suck it gently, her head
rocking back and forth. The gardener grunted and fucked her face
slowly, with visible pleasure, rocking her head back and forth in
his hands. His cock swelled in her mouth. Then she turned to the
cook and, when he was erect, to Laxman and finally to the
impatient, grumbling Pandu.

She laughed softly as she sucked him, and relented and let him
fuck her first. Lying on her back on the cool tiles, Rajashri
parted her legs and the servant bent over her and slowly ground
his cock into her, watching her face and gasping. She moaned
thickly, caressing his back and her hips bucked up to meet his in
descent. Her hands slid down to grip his buttocks and her legs
wound taut about his lean hips as she drew him deep into her
flesh. His cock throbbed powerfully and she loved every inch of it
inside her.

"C'mon, Pandu," she said, kissing him deeply. "Now fuck me hard!"

The servants fucked her by turns, quickly and deeply, thrusting
greedily into her clonic, convulsing cunt again and again, taking
her in different positions. After Pandu had finished, the cook
fucked her from behind, kneeling behind her and holding her hips
and rocking her cunt back and forth along the length of his thick,
long penis. Then it was Laxman's turn and he fucked her on her
side, lying behind her and jigging her eagerly up and down on his
upright penis. The gardener loved sodomising her and she let him
have his way, bowing to his desire when he squeezed his massive
cock into her rear channel.

Each of them came hard, spewing his gunk into her cunt or mouth or
anus. Finally, they were sated and, after a few minutes, she rose.
Going back to the bedroom, she cleaned up and said her final adieu
and climbed into her car. Ramesh gunned the engine and the car
slid smoothly forward. Rajashri waved to the servants and then
rolled up the window and leaned back in her seat.

"Home," she said. "Take me home Ramesh. And drive slowly."

She slept for an hour and then, waking, told Ramesh to pull off
the highway onto a small dirt track that led to the Indrayani
river. He stopped the car on the riverbank and she got out and
strolled down the edge, her sandals in her hands, dipping her feet
in the rippling water. Ramesh followed at a distance. Rajashri
strolled back to a leafy tree by the river's edge. There was a
soft grassy carpet at its foot. She turned to her chauffeur and

"Come here, lover," she murmured, unbuttoning her blouse. "Come
and fuck me."

Ramesh grinned and sauntered up. She tilted her face to his,
closing her eyes and murmuring as his tongue snaked into her mouth
and his hands cupped her beautiful breasts. She unbuttoned his
tunic slowly, caressing his muscular torso with her shapely
fingers and then slowly unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down
his fly. His penis was warm and thick and inviting in her hands.
With a soft sigh, Rajashri slid to her knees on the grassy verge
and, opening her mouth, took her servant's penis in her mouth.
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