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Possessed 1

This is a work of erotic fiction. This work may contain description of
sexual intercourse between consenting adults, non-consenting adults, adults
and children (both consensual and non-consensual). If you are turn off but
such works, leave now.

The author, bentspoon, exerts his rights over this work and wishes to be
known as the owner of this piece of literature. You are free to read and
distribute his works provided it is clearly mentioned on all copies that he
is the author of the work.

The author maybe contacted at bentspoon@excite.com for clarifications
and comments.

If you are still here I guess you really want to read, welcome aboard.


Possessed - The First Visit

Sohaila spread her legs as the hands began to push her thighs apart.
She felt her juices begin to flow, she cursed herself for being such a
sexed up woman, and Sandy could always turn her on. She hated being used
like a light bulb switch but God it was so wonderful, she couldn't help
herself. She moaned as his fingers began their slow, torturous decent into
her vagina. He pushed he thighs further apart, she complied. He had
pulled his fingers out of her cunt and she could feel his thick, engorged
cock at the entrance to her vagina. She wanted to scream, "Fuck me!" but
something held her back as she lay there waiting to be penetrated by her

She felt the cock slip into her wet, dripping cunt. Slowly he pushed
himself deeper and deeper into her. She moaned. He began a rhythmic
pounding and she met each of his thrusts with a upward push of her own so
that she could feel his penis go all the way in.

"Oh! Sandy" she cried.

"What the fuck are you up to?" she was asked as her sister rudely shook
her. Sohaila opened her eyes and was surprised to see that she was in bed
with her sister and not Sandy. "Gosh! You were jumping all over the bed.
Sandy left this evening you dummy and you were dreaming", she said.

Sohaila stared at her not comprehending. Her head swam with the need
that filled her cunt, it was aching for penis. She wanted to scream and
cry. She felt tears of frustration rolling down her cheeks.

"Hey!" her sister said as she wiped the tears, "Come on, relax. What's
the matter?"

"It felt so real", she explained.

"It was a dream, it's natural. Now go back to sleep", her sister told

Sohaila lay there in the dark, her senses aroused, the clit felt like a
penis straining to grow and take over he entire body. She felt her tears
flowing freely.

She didn't know how long she lay there in the dark with her frustration
growing but suddenly she felt her legs part again. Then a tongue was
lapping at her clit, licking it, teasing it and sucking on it. She looked
to the space between her legs and it was empty although the legs were
parted enough to let a man lie between them. She moaned.

'It's a dream', she told herself and then pinched herself to prove it.
She felt the pain alright but the lapping and teasing of her clit continued
unabated. She spread her legs wider since they were begin pushed apart.
In her state of arousal she reached the point of orgasm almost immediately
and bit the back of her palm to keep from yelling as she normally did while
cumming. She felt her entire body shudder as the orgasm engulfed her like
a blanket of torturous pleasure. Then she collapsed, drained back on the

"Did it help? Gosh! You are horny, imagine lying next to me and
masturbating, the least you could've done is got off the bed. Now for
heaven's sake let me sleep." her sister asked and giggled as she turned
around and slept.

Sohaila got off the bed and went to the balcony. She let the cool
December breeze was over her and cool her down. She lit up a smoke, took a
deep drag and exhaled. The tobacco steadied her nerves and let her think
clearly. If it had been just the first one, where she dreamt someone was
fucking her, she would have put it down to a dream. But she was awake when
she felt the tongue bring her to orgasm she was sure of that. Apart from
the pinch that she gave herself, she had also bitten her hand deeply as she
came. It wasn't a dream and she was also sure it wasn't her fingers.

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked.

She looked around to confront the voice, but there was no one there,
just the dark bedroom beyond the fluttering curtains.

"Don't look for me, feel me" he said.

She realized that it wasn't a person but a voice and it was in her head.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"There is no need for you to speak the words, just think them", the
voice said.

"Who are you?" she thought.

"My, my, you are persistent. But since you insist, call me Bentspoon",
the voice said.

"What kind of name is that?" she thought.

"Well, that was my first trick so I guess that is the best name for me.
Now tell me, did you enjoy it?" The voice filled her head.

"Do I know you?" she enquired.

"You did not answer me", the voice said.

"Yes. Yes, I enjoyed it. It was mind-blowing but who the fuck are
you?" she burst out.

Her head filled with pain, almost like it were about to burst.

"Stop" she cried. She wanted to scream it but her voice failed her and
it came out like a plea. The pain vanished just as it came, suddenly.

"Never scream at me, never curse in anger. I expect you to obey those
rules at all times. You have seen how I can hurt you and believe me I will
not hesitate. So it would be much better and more pleasurable for you if
you were to listen to me at all times. Is that clear?" the voice asked.

She nodded. She opened her eyes and found that she was on her knees,
her hands gripping the banister of the balcony.

"I am Bentspoon and that is all you need to know. I can give you
pleasure beyond your wildest dreams and in the same manner I can also give
you pain. Pain that you never imagined possible."

"Why me?" she asked.

"Because you are right", he answered.

She lit another cigarette. She didn't remember the last time she had
lit two cigarettes back to back, but then neither could she recall the last
time she had been brought to orgasm but a ghost.

"Would you like to cum again?" the voice asked.

She did not reply. The memory of her last orgasm lingered, she was
tempted. But she kept her silence.

"Do you think that by not replying to me you are keeping me guessing?
Darling, your thoughts speak to me. I know that the last orgasm is still
in your head. You cannot keep anything from me. What you think, I know.
What you feel, I know. I will always be with you, wherever you go remember
I am there. Can you feel your cunt go wet?"

The voice was right. As it was speaking to her a familiar heat was
rising in her groin. She was wet, more than wet, she was dripping.

She leaned back on the banister as the familiar tension began to
envelope her. She felt her clit rise and stand tall. She felt the cold
breath, or was it the December wind, on her cunt walls. She felt her cunt expand and fill, fill with what? She began to moan, her breathing got
shallower and her grip on the banister tighter.

"I'm cumming" she thought.

"I know you are. Let it go, donít hold back. Let it go."

She eased the pressure on her cunt and almost immediately the most
wonderful orgasm of her life hit her. It hit her like a physical punch to
her groin she collapsed to the floor. As she collapsed she tightened

"Let it go. Ease up."

She released her grip and the orgasm went on and on and then there was
nothing. She lay like a crumpled rag doll on the floor of the balcony,
spent, exhausted and satiated.

"Go to sleep now."

She closed her eyes and slept.

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