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Possessed 2

This is a work of erotic fiction. This work may contain description of
sexual intercourse between consenting adults, non-consenting adults, adults
and children (both consensual and non-consensual). If you are turn off but
such works, leave now.

The author, bentspoon, exerts his rights over this work and wishes to be
known as the owner of this piece of literature. You are free to read and
distribute his works provided it is clearly mentioned on all copies that he
is the author of the work.

The author maybe contacted at bentspoon@excite.com for clarifications
and comments.

If you are still here I guess you really want to read, welcome aboard.

---- Possessed - Chapter 2

Heaven or Hell

"Get up you horny dame" her sister said as she shook her awake. "Your
coffee is on the bedside table, now get up and get busy."

Sohaila opened her eyes and the events of the previous night came
rushing back. The torrent of thoughts was like water being released from a
dam. She was overwhelmed. She sat up in bed and watched as her sister opened the curtains to let in the sunshine.

"Wow! You were disturbed. You smoked two sticks last night?" she asked
from the balcony.

She came in and sat on the bed with her and looked at her with kindly
eyes and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I dunno. I really don't. I'm so confused", she replied.

"Why don't you tell me about it?" her sister asked.

"I dunno. Just me some time okay? Let me just clear my head. We'll
talk later." She drained the cup of coffee and got off the bed and went
into the toilet. She splashed some water on her face and looked at her
face in the mirror. "God! What's happening to me?" she asked herself.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't our confused little nymph herself!" The
voice filled her head.

"God! No!" she said.

"What's wrong?"

"Please just leave me alone. I don't know if I can take this", she

"What does that mean? Don't you want an orgasm?"

It actually sounded disappointed.

"I mean that I cannot live like this. This is crazy. Who are you?
Where are you? What do you want from me?" she asked it.

"I am Bentspoon. I am in your head."

"I know all that shit", the pain hit her.

As she fell to the floor she cried, "I'm sorry, I forgot."

The pain vanished.

"See this is what I mean. I don't think I can take this", she pleaded.

"Don't you think you are making a judgment too fast? After all it's
been just a night since we have begun to live together. Plus I like you, I
donít think I want to leave you."

"Fucker" she said.


"I'm sorry" she said.

But this time it did not go away. It throbbed, getting bigger and
filling her head till she was sure it would burst like a balloon filled
with water.

"No! I promise I won't do it again." She pleaded with the voice.




She writhed on the floor. Her head felt like someone had poured cement
into it. It was full and heavy.

"Please, I beg you to stop."

No pain.

She lay on the floor, exhausted. She felt like she had gone a hundred
rounds with Mike Tyson. She lay there till her breathing got regulated.

She got up and finished her toilet work. But all the while she tried to
solve the puzzle of the voice in her head. She was aware that it could
hear everything she thought. Nevertheless she carried on.

She went out into the living room where breakfast was served. She
finished her breakfast in silence. Her sister kept giving her looks from
across the table but she refused to meet her eyes. When she had finished
she excused herself and went to her bedroom to dress for the day.

She had just picked out a salwar set when the voice said, "Shirt and

She complied and picked out a light blue shirt and a navy blue skirt.
She finished her make up and stripped her housecoat. As she reached for
her brassiere the voice said, "No undergarments."

"Please, I am going to work. I can't go without undergarments", she

"Why? Will they check under your clothes?"

"No! But, I mean, I'd be very uncomfortable", she reasoned.

"You will be even more uncomfortable if you disobey me."

She dropped the brassiere back into its rack, put on the shirt, and
pulled on the skirt.

"I am pleased."

She finished her preparations for the day and left the house. As she
waited for the lift, Rakesh, her next door neighbor too joined her.

"Good Morning", he wished her.

"Good Morning", she replied curtly.

She knew that the creep used to wait for her every morning. She had
changed her time or departure regularly but each time she came to the lift
he would join her immediately after that. Today she was even more
irritable so she made no play of being friendly.

They got into the lift and the doors closed behind them. She noticed
him staring at her breasts. She wondered if it was visible that she wasn't
wearing a bra. She casually turned to the mirror in the lift and made a
show of checking her hair. She was stunned to see that her nipples stood
firm and were clearly visible points. Suddenly she felt suffocated in the
lift and prayed for it to reach the ground floor.

"Nice outfit", he said.

She was about to give a fitting retort then the voice boomed. "Do not
insult him."

She caught her retort just as she was about it utter it and smiled as
she said, "Thank you."

This was embarrassing.

Encouraged by her reply he ogled without pretense. She hoped the lift
floor would open up and swallow her. Thankfully they reached the ground
floor and she rushed out. He followed her out and as she was about to
leave the building he asked her, "Can I drop you?"

She was about to refuse him when the voice ordered her otherwise. So
she said, "Sure, that would be nice."

He led the way to his car. I was one of those small little cars and she
was shit scared to get into it with him but she guessed she had no other

Just a couple of minutes into the journey and she felt a penis in her
cunt. It was moving back and forth and making her wet.

"Please, don't do this to me", she begged.

There was no reply, just the moving of the penis.

She leaned back as her body began to respond to the fantasy fuck.

"I' suggest you don't sit on your butt or these will be a wet spot on
your skirt."

She was shaken. She knew it wouldn't stop fucking her and if she sat as
she was the spot was a surety. But if she moved lower Rakesh would begin
to wonder what was happening. Bolts of pleasure were shooting through her
body and refusing to ease up. They blocked all reasonable though. She
slid lower so that her butt was off the seat. Out of the corner of her eye
she saw Rakesh watching her with a puzzled look on his face.

"Are you okay?" he asked tentatively.

"Yes I'm fine. Just ignore me", she snapped.

Her orgasm was building. She wanted it over with, but it just kept
going on and on. Always keeping her near an orgasm but never allowing her
to achieve it. She was in tears, tears of pleasure, tears of pain. Then
just as they were about to reach her office the orgasm hit her. She pursed
her lips together to keep in the scream and so it came out like a long
grunt. He stopped in front of her office and she jumped out.

She looked through the window and said, "Thanks and please forget what
you saw. I hope I did not scare you."

"You were having an orgasm. Why?" he asked.

"No! No! It wasn't an orgasm", she started.

"Don't lie", came the command.

"Well, okay it was. But please don't read too much into it. It has
nothing to do with you. It's just an problem I have. I am seeing a doctor
about it. Please, don't worry. Just forget it. Okay?" She kept on.

"Can I pick you up in the evening?" he asked. Clearly her excuses were
having no effect on him.

"Say you will wait for him."

"Okay fine. That would be nice. I'll wait for you, I get off at five."
She told him to his obvious pleasure.

"Great! I'll be here. Have a nice day." He was all smiles as he pulled
out of the parking area and zoomed off.

"And the day is just beginning", she thought.

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