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Possessed 5


This is a work of erotic fiction. This work may contain description of
sexual intercourse between consenting adults, non-consenting adults, adults
and children (both consensual and non-consensual). If you are turned off
by such works, leave now.

The author, bentspoon, exerts his rights over this work and wishes to be
known as the owner of this piece of literature. You are free to read and
distribute his works provided it is clearly mentioned on all copies that he
is the author of the work.

The author maybe contacted at for clarifications
and comments.

If you are still here I guess you really want to read, welcome aboard.


Possessed - Chapter 5

Ajay's Party

It was a warm Saturday evening. Ajay was throwing a party for some of
their close friends. I was almost a week since the night the Voice had
first appeared. As she sipped a drink in the balcony of Ajay's apartment
Sohaila let he mind wander to the events of the past week. She couldn't
remember a time when she was more satiated. Everyday was a day of
discovery, she never knew what humiliation lay in store for her. She had
avoided Rakesh for the rest of the week. She didn't know what he must be
thinking of her. Ajay on the other had was treated to a daily view of her
cunt and a ring-side view of her getting fucked. He had begun carrying
tissues to the office so he wouldn't have to rush to the toilet everyday.

The dancing had begun and she was pulled into the center of the room.
She had already downed three large pegs of whiskey and was feeling light
already. She raised her hands above her head and gave herself to the
music. She didn't know who her partner was, neither did she care. She was
dancing with the Voice, moving and gyrating for the one who possessed her
mind. She felt his hands on her breasts, then running down the sides of
her torso to her bare stomach. It stayed there, moving her in time with
the music.

As the music died down she was greeted with applause. She opened her
eyes and found that she was all alone on the dance floor and everybody had
gathered around her to watch her. She blushed as the applause petered out.

Ajay was holding a fresh drink for her; she made her way to him and took
the drink. All along the way she was greeted with congratulatory pats on
the back and greetings. She smiled and took the drink.

"That was fantastic. I have never seen you dance like that before. It
was erotic. I don't think there was one person in there who wasn't turned
on, males and females included." His praise would have kept going on if she
hadn't cut him off saying, "He was dancing with me."

"I realized that", he replied.

The party proceeded like any other and soon people began to leave. She
would have to wait for everybody to leave since Ajay was to drop her home.

After the last person had left they settled down with the last drink.
This had become something of a ritual for them ever since her first party
at Ajay's place. Everybody would leave, then the two of them would enjoy a
quiet drink together. After that he would drop her home.

"Ask him to play some music, I want to dance with you."

"Ajay, could you play some music, I have just been invited to the
floor", she realized that her voice was filled with naughty promises as she
said those words. She felt like a giggly schoolgirl.

Ajay put on an Enigma CD and Sadness began to play. She moved to the
floor and let the music and her Master take over. She was no longer in
control, she was just moving as she was being made too. As she floated she
felt her hands move to the blouse knot that lay between her breasts. Her
hands, with a life of their own undid the knot and pulled off the blouse
and flung it away. She reached behind her back and undid her brassiere and
flung that away too.

Her hands went back above her head and she continued to sway with the
music. In a far corner of her mind it did register that Ajay was having a
sight he would never have dreamt off. She could imagine him staring at her
breasts as they juggled with the music.

Her hands now reached for the zipper of her skirt and she felt it fall
away. She danced there, oblivious, not caring. She was immersed in an
ocean from which she did not want release.

She felt a warm glow emanating from her crotch. She felt her juices
beginning to flow from her grotto of love. It was heavenly. She reached
between her legs, still swaying with the music, and reaching her clit she
began to play with it. Her fingers reached into her cunt and began to move
in and out fucking her.

She slipped to the floor and continued to masturbate herself. She felt
his hands on her breasts, then his lips and tongue on her nipples. She
opened her eyes and realized it was Ajay and not the Voice. She closed her
eyes again. She felt her hands being pushed away from her cunt and Ajay's
replaced them. He was now sucking hard on her breasts.

She moaned her approval.

He had three fingers inside her, pushing and probing.

His lips began to move down from her breasts leaving a trail of kisses
until they reached her vagina. There is tongue snaked out and slipped into
her cunt, seeking, probing and tasting her. His lips took hold of her clit
and began to suck on them as if it were her nipple. She felt a wave of
pleasure and warm wash over her.

His hands spread her thighs, she felt him get in between her thighs and
his penis penetrated her. After he had pushed all the way in he paused.
She paused.

Then he began to violently bang into her. A grunt escaped her each time
he banged against her.

"Harder, harder," she urged him on and harder he went, if that was

"I'm cumming!" she screamed.

His pumping did not relent. He kept at it as her orgasm filled her and
gripped her body in a violent shudder. As the orgasm died down she felt
his warm sperm fill her, shooting out of his penis in jets that threw
themselves against the tender walls of her vagina.

They both lay there bathed in sweat, breathing hard, their sweat-laden
skin glued together.

"Ajay, I don't want to go home. Fuck me all night." Her voice was soft
and pleading.

He lifted her off the floor and took her into the bedroom.

As they proceeded to the bedroom she whispered in his ear, "You are
Bentspoon. I know it."

He looked at her.


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