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Power Key


** WARNING ADULTS ONLY ** Persons under 18 should not read this story.
This account is a fictional rendition from the mind of the author.
Characters portrayed in this account are fictional and any resemblance to
real persons is purely coincidental. The author does not condone this
style of activity and the work was generated for entertainment purposes

The Power Key I . The Opening

The previous day at work had been one that she would have just as soon
as forgot. A day off, no longer was a true day off, because now she had
some meetings she had to go to that were also part of her nursing career.
It wasn't a mandatory thing, but it helped, especially since she was
interested of late of getting more time off. Her husband was rarely home
anymore, being a service representative, and on the road. She had a rather
tight schedule to keep, one that she had made for herself. Karen, her
friend, was supposed to be over shortly after she got home, so she barely
had enough time to get home, get out of the car, strip, shower, shave, and
apply her make up. In her efforts to hurry, she managed to destroy her
last pair of panty hose. She didn't have enough time to go and get new,
and not to wear any hose at all was a big no no as far as she was
concerned. She thought about knee_highs briefly, then changed her mind in
favor of the garter belt supported thigh high hose. She put on her high
heels, as she remembered her blue dress was downstairs. Just as she was
grabbing her robe, she heard the door bell ring. It must be Karen, she
thought, as she put on the robe, but left it open as she shouted, "Come on
in, Karen, the door is open!"

She rounded the corner, and came out into the front room to see Peter
Wilkes standing in her front room! "Shit!" she said, as she hurriedly
closed her robe, and said, "What are you doing here?"

She knew all too well who Wilkes was. He had recently been ejected from
High School for assaulting a female teacher. She could believe that too,
because she had nothing but problems with the young hoodlum since she had
first known of him some eight years before when she and her husband had
first moved into the neighborhood. The nineteen year old young man had
been only eleven then, but he had a mouth on him that would have put some
men who were in their forties to shame. He knew all of the foul cuss
words, and knew how to use them. He did use those words too, rather

She knew from other "stories" in the neighborhood that Wilkes was
probably an emotionally abused child. His step father, Frank Kline was a
real slob. He was frequently drunk, and the police were always out and
about the neighborhood because of his loud mouth, and his parties. In her
mind this was still not a very good excuse to give the young man for the
way he had treated her in the past few months. Even if she were to put it
nicely, the teen had been insulting, and nasty. He had even went so far,
in fact too far just last week to call her a "fat assed bubble titted

It would have been easier to take too, had he been a good looking young man, but the fact of the matter was that he was downright ugly. He had a
pock marked face, rounder than herself, and sloppy looking. He smoked
cigarettes too, even at his young age, and his hair was always in a tangle.
His eyes were beady looking, and a low forehead made him look stupid. That
was one thing he wasn't. He was smart, calculating, and cunning, she knew.
"Aw Mrs. Bergman," he said, as he openly leered at her and the way she was
dressed, "I jus' came in like you called." "I said for 'Karen' to come in,
your name isn't 'Karen' is it?" "Nope." "I didn't think so either, so
please leave, right now!"

He said something.

She wasn't sure if it was foul, but she suspected that it was. Still
the something he said haunted her, as she shook her head, trying to clear
it. She said, "Look, I'm running late, and I'd like you to go. Get out."
"I will .... in a while." I'd like you to go now! she thought. The words
formed in her mind, but her mouth refused to say them. Good grief what was
going on!!

The telephone rang, and all that Wilkes said was, "Take care of it."

She answered the telephone, highly, and acutely aware of the fact that
she was dressed in a terry clothed robe which was middle thigh length, high
heels, hose, garter belt, bra, and panties.

It was Karen telling her she couldn't make it. She thanked Karen and
hung up the telephone. She looked at the clock on the wall and realized
she would never make it to the meeting. Wilkes had come into the dining
room and sat down in one of the chairs, closest to the kitchen, at the
round table. "Get me an ash tray, while you tell me what that telephone
conversation was about."

She moved like a robot, as her mind screamed, Oh god! What is happening
to me, why why am I doing this?!

She got an old pot pie tin.. She put down the pot pie tin, as Wilkes
lit up a cigarette. "I_I have a girl friend. She was coming over, but now
she's not. I was going to go to a meeting, but ......I se_seem to have run
out of time for the meeting." "Lock you hands behind your neck, Mrs.
Bergman," he said looking up at her.

Sara shuddered in fear because her hands did exactly that. She didn't
want to, she wanted to tell him to go to hell. Instead, she did exactly as
she was ordered to do! She felt the hem line of the robe move up slightly.
That was something she didn't want to do! The robe's hem moved up over her
knees, and then came to a stop as she positioned her arms with her elbows
pointing outwards. From just the feeling of the robe she guessed that it
was about two, or three inches above her knees. "You know power is a funny
thing. Until you get it you don't even know what's it really like." "Pete
I_I don't understand what is happening here!", she exclaimed very aware of
the fear in her voice. "I know, and that's the beauty in this situation.
You can drop your arms now, I found out what I wanted to know."

She had limited control of her arms. She dropped them, and reached out
to slap him, and found her arms stopped. "Last week," he said playing with
the hem of her robe, "I think you referred to me as the 'little prick with
the monster face' to one of your friends, didn't you?" "Ho_how did you find
out about that Pete?" "Answer the question," he said not loud, but in a
very commanding tone. "Yes, I did," she found herself saying, and not
knowing why she told him that she had said it. God his hand was close to
her leg, why can't I tell him what should be said to him?!

His hand continued to play with the outer edge of the wrapped robe.
Sara sent her hand out to stop the little ass hole punk!

Nothing happened! Nothing! She half sobbed.

Then she thought if she could change the subject. "Why_why are you here
Pete?" "To pay you a visit. You see I came across this information." "What
so_sort of information, Pete?" "The kind that give me the power, and gives
you the .... headaches," he said as she felt the robe tug on the sash and
it opened a little more exposing more of her thigh flesh to the strange
young man.

She almost sighed as she saw his hand move away to his cigarette. He
picked it up took a drag on it, and then put it back in the pie tin. Then
his hand came out and stroked her outer left nylon covered calf, under her
knee. About three inches of her lower thighs was exposed, and he was
touching her on a part of her leg that was much lower than her knee. Still
he was touching her and she wasn't doing anything about it. "You know Mrs.
Bergman I never really cared for broads with big tits. You got nice legs
though, just like Miss Shelly had." So you think I have big breasts. Your
mouth is really bad you know that Pete? Why can't I say these things?!
"The_the school teacher?" "Yeah, her," he said, as she felt his hand move
upwards, and under her robe! "Not bad, not bad at all," he said as she
watched, and then felt him use both of his hands on either side of her left
leg, moving his hands quickly up under her robe! He continued to stroke
her lower and middle thigh flesh, his fingers moving around her lower and
middle thigh, and moving towards the more sensitive skin of her innner
thighs but still on the hose and getting very close to her exposed skin.
God, he crossed over onto her skin! This meant his fingers were higher
than what she had previously imagined. She could feel his warm hands on
her tight upper thighs approaching her crotch. And I'm standing here like
some kind of cheap tramp letting an accused rapist touch me close to my
pussy! "That meeting you were gonnah go to. .. were you gonnah go dressed
like this?" "No, I was going to go in a blue dress I had." "The one with
the 'U' neck line?" "Ye_yes, Pete." How did he know about the blue dress
with the "U' neck line? Yes, how could she have forgotten? She had gone
to the school to help out about ten days ago and she had worn that dress
with some high heels!

She remembered she had gotten a lot of comments, some of which were very
negative as far as she was concerned from some hormone filled, foul mouthed
hoodlum watching her go about her business.

He withdrew his hands for a second time and again reached for the
cigarette, and said, "Why don't you close those shades?" "I_I don't know."
"Close the shades, Mrs. Bergman.," again he said it softly but in a
commanding tone. She could feel the power of the words.

She walked like a robot, turning slowly and went over to the window and
closed the shades. Am I going crazy? She thought.

Her back was to him as he said, "Turn around and tell me how old you
think I am Mrs. Bergman."

She turned and said, "I_I think you_your nineteen." "Almost, actually
I'm eighteen yet. You know Mrs. Bergman," he said taking another drag on
his cigarette, "some of my friends and I have talked about you for some
time." "Hav_have you, Pete?", she didn't need to know what the conversation
was about. She could guess all too well. She was sure it wasn't very
nice. "Yeah. I know you heard me call you a 'bubble tit small assed
bitch', am I right?" "Ye_yes, Pete, you are ri_right." "My friends and I,
we never thought of you as a whore. A slut maybe, but not a whore."

She blushed and remained quiet.

She wanted to say I'm not a slut. How dare you even bring that to my
attention you little ass hole! Instead she swallowed nervously and looked
over at the seated teenager highly aware of how scantily dressed she was.
"Come back and stand over here Mrs. Bergman., I like feeling your leg up."

She came back to stand in front of where the young man was sitting,
again like some kind of programmed robot. "Pe_Pete...why_why am I doing
this?" Does he know why this is happening to me? Could this all be some
kind of sick dream? "Doing what, Mrs. Bergman? I think you're being real
nice to me, don't you?" "Ye_yes. Much too nice, and that's what I don't
understand!" "Now Mrs. Bergman, I want you to tell me you are a married fucking slut." I will not. I'm not a slut. I'm a married woman.
I'm....oh go_god no! No! "I'm_I'm a ... married, fu_fucking slu_slut
Pete." What the hell was happening here? "How'd you like to take off the
robe for me Mrs. Bergman, for me?" "I wouldn't like that at all Pete."
"Take off the robe, Mrs. Bergman," and again it wasn't shouted, but said
softly and again she felt the power in his voice. "No I..." but her hands
were moving as she pulled the sash free, and took off the robe in front of
the sixteen year old. She almost casually shrugged it off her shoulders
and lay it across a dining room chair back, as she looked down at the
seated teen, who seemed to hold more cards than she thought were possible
in a deck. God, god, what is happening to me?, she thought.

She wished, strongly wished, now that she had not chosen to wear the
lace bra. It hadn't given her much support. She remembered she had
intended on changing it in the basement with her other clothing change, and
the bra was a temporary thing. It really wasn't met for anything other
than sleeping in. No support, and a lot of cleavage. She had a lot of
boob, and a lot of cleavage, in her mind, was not a good thing. She forced
back a shiver as she saw his eyes sweep over her new exposure. His eyes
were almost like hands as she could feel them moving across her body, from
her exposed cleavage to the tightness of the underwear leg band on her
panty underwear.

He crushed out his cigarette and said, "Did you hear what happened with
Miss Shelly, over at the school Mrs. Bergman?" "Yes." "What were you
told?" "I was told that you raped her." "Actually I fucked her. She agreed
to it too. The reason it was called rape was because the school principal
was mad at me." "Why was he mad at you, Pete?" If I can keep him off the
subject of me I might have a chance to figure out what's going on here!,
she thought, then, good god I'm standing in front of a hormone driven
teenager in my underwear trying to figure out what or why, but still
standing in front of him very much exposed. "Because he knew I fucked his
wife. She's about your age, you know." "Who is about my age?" "Helen, the
principals wife. She put on quite a show for me and my friends. Her tits are smaller than yours though." So he thinks my boobs are big. He fucked
her with her permission! Yeah, if the husband ( the principal) found out,
yeah he'd be upset big time! God, god he's got a hard on! If I'm not
careful I could get fucked her myself.....

Getting fucked suddenly made her feel a little wet, down below. She
almost blushed as numerous thoughts crossed her mind.

Wilkes stood up and she found that she kept her eyes on his face even
though she saw the bulge in his crotch as he said, "She wore a thirty six
'C' cup bra. Nice firm titties. What is your bra size, Mrs. Bergman?" "I
we_wear a thirty eight triple 'D' bra, Pete." Why did I tell him that?! It
was a direct question. I s there a pattern here? Direct questions, and
statements must be obeyed! Was that it?!

Wilkes leered at her, walked completely around her, and then walked back
to the kitchen table and picked up his pack of cigarette, tapping out
another cigarette, and putting it in his mouth. He looked down at the
lighter laying on the table, and then back at her.

She shuddered. His look was half leer, half anger. "I need a light.
Light my cigarette Mrs. Bergman."

She swallowed, and watched almost as if another person were reaching
down and nervously flicking the zippo lighter to flame, then very
unsteadily holding the lighter up to his cigarette, as he inhaled, then
exhaled in her face. She coughed, and still shaking from either fear or
frustration she put the lighter back down on the table. She could feel his
eyes looking at her cleavage. She swallowed nervously, but felt like she
was glued to the floor. She wanted to run, she wanted to cover her
exposure, but all she did was stand there and let the young ruffian eye up
her bra encased boobs.

She tensed feeling his finger trace a line along her left bra strap.
"You know my friends and I thought you had a big set of jugs, but thirty
eight triple 'D'! Shit, that is big!" "Who..." she started as she felt his
finger go under her bra strap, and hook it as he pulled it down over her
shoulder. Her left breast drooped a little lower with the support gone.
"Yes, Mrs. Bergman, you were saying?" "Who are yo_your friends, Pete?"
"Tony, Gary, and Dave," he said now playing with the other bra strap.

She nodded, knowing who they were without their last names. The three
most vicious young men she had ever met.

She jumped feeling his lips on her shoulder, the same shoulder her bra
strap had been on. "Pe_pete, stop this! I_I do_don't want y_you to go any

Behind her she sensed him moving away then she felt her other bra strap
slip over her other shoulder. The sheer weight of her breasts now pushed
the bra down exposing her breasts nearly to the nipple. She wanted to cry
but she couldn't as she heard him say, "If you really mean that, then you
could walk away. But I'd rather you stay right where you're at, Mrs.

She wanted to run, she wanted to put her bra straps back in place, she
wanted to be less exposed! She didn't do a damn thing but stand there like
some kind of zombie while the teen hoodlum felt her arms up, and then
stepped around in front of her casually looking over her now highly exposed

She closed her eyes and shuddered as she saw then felt a right
forefinger trace an outline over her exposed cleavage and hook itself on
her bra which was still providing some cover to her breasts. She knew that
wouldn't be long though. "Open your eyes Mrs. Bergman."

Again it was the soft commanding voice that she had no control over.
She opened her eyes, and felt a tear form in her right eye as he jerked on
the bra and her breasts bounced free of the garment. "Very nice set of
jugs Mrs. Bergman," he said now fondling her exposed breasts and rubbing
her nipple to a reactive erection. "Nice nipples too. Very nice. I like
them nipples nice and long like that when they get excited. I'm going to
enjoy playing with your tits. My friends will too."

He continued to roll her big boobs in his hand fondling them, and
examining the twin orbs as if he were looking over meat in the market. God
she felt cheap! Just what the hell did he mean his friends would enjoy
playing with her tits too?! "I don't think you need the bra any longer,
take it off and put it on top of your robe."

He dropped his hand away and walked over to the davenport in the front
room. She wanted to sob standing there topless, garter belt supported
hose, high heels, and panties on. She turned like some kind of obedient
little girl and watched as he walked over and sat down, then motioned with
his hand and said, "C'mon over here, and swing that ass of yours when you
walk, ok, Mrs. Bergman?" "O_o.k.," she responded knowing it wasn't ok, and
knowing now that the control he was exhibiting on her was total. She
became afraid, thinking, My god, if he can make me do this then he could
make me do anything! Oh god ... I could end up having sex with this punk
ass hole! "Have you ever finger fucked yourself Mrs. Bergman?"

Her face went beet red, and she replied, "Ye_yes I....I_I ha_have Pete."
"I kind of thought so. Your just a cock teasing married slut aren't you
Mrs. Bergman?"

She wanted to cry as her lips and then her mouth said, "Ye_yes." "Come
closer, and tell me that then."

Oh god he's going to make me say that!

I ... will ... not ... say ... that! I ...I ... will ...not...
"I_I'm a ... cock teasing married slut, Pete." "It is interesting how
things change, isn't it Mrs. Bergman?" he asked as he pushed aside the leg
band to her panties first on one leg then the other. He looked at her
exposed pussy lips, and said, "Well?" "Yes, yes it is .... interesting,
Pete." "Yes, and to show you how interesting it can get, I want you to
remove your underwear, then go over to the far end of the couch, put one
leg high on the back of the couch, and one leg on the floor, very good Mrs.
Bergman. Very good, such a nice looking pussy. Big pussy lips too! Now
let's see we gottah put your hands to use. Yes, I have it, cup them jugs
and push them together, good good, now push up high so that they're almost
touching your neck. Yeah like that, not bad. Nice pose, Mrs. Bergman!"

God she felt vulgar, and exposed. Her pussy was fully exposed to the
bully now. Worse, holding her breasts, and exposing herself had for some
reason turned her on slightly and she could feel herself getting a little

The wretch stood up and removed his trousers, then his shorts. He had a
sizeable erection! God he was man size all of eight inches long, and a
pulse pounding three wide! A kid his age shouldn't have been given such a
monster of an organ. God he was so ugly.

She watched him sit back down, leering at her exposure as he did so.

He moved forward towards where she was half laying half sitting, putting
his right hand on her left knee, and his left hand on her right calf
suspended up on the back rest of the couch. Sara tensed, wanting him to
stop, but remaining silent as she watched and felt his hands run quickly up
her exposed legs to her crotch. She swallowed as she felt his right hand
cup her crotch, his fingers sliding underneath her to the bottom curves of
her butt. His left hand rubbed her belly close to her crotch then moved
down to her crotch as she closed her eyes feeling his fingers separate her
pussy lips. As her pussy lips were spread wide he brought his other hand
back up to slide it through the wet, moist channel of her outer genital
area. She felt the gentle touch of his forefinger on her most sensitive
organ her clitoris, as she moaned, feeling a sudden urge to rotate her
fanny cheeks. She fought doing that, even when he inserted his forefinger
inside her hot pussy. The punk rotated his finger inside, grinning from
ear to ear, as she felt her natural juices begin to work overtime from the
increased stimulation. "Pretty wet in there, tight too. Later we'll see
just how loose we can make that hole. I guess you kindah like that huh?"
he asked as she licked dry lip stick covered lips feeling her groin begin
to move on it's own. It was her body, but sometimes like right now, it
betrayed her own inner feelings more than she cared for. God, she was
getting hotter and hotter by the second. The thought that someone might
come in and find her holding her boobs up, with her legs spread and his
fingers actively feeling up her genitals at first made her blush, and then
made her get more turned on. Sara wasn't sure why, she only knew she was
getting hotter, and more lust filled with each passing minute. The ugly
punk hoodlum with the thick ugly erection had only moved across her
clitoris twice, but now he was giving her little member a real work over!
The couch springs began to squeak in protest as her ass left the cushions
then fell back and she was rotating around those awful fingers that the
hoodlum was using on her so very effectively. She desperately wanted to
tell him to stop it, and at the same time wanted to tell him to ram it
inside her. She swallowed not saying a word, but moaning some more as he
positioned his body between her legs and held his erection close to her
pussy. She felt his cock head make contact with her genitals, and she
jerked uncontrollably excited. Then he slid about half his length into
her! God he was actually inside her pussy, and she wanted more!

He looked at the big titted older broad and smiled inwardly. She was
hot, and as turned on as that last snotty assed better than thou type he
had fucked. He stopped stimulating her pussy and watched while she got a
really sad look in her eyes, almost begging him to fuck her. He was going
to fuck the bitch, but not right away. First he wanted to fuck her mouth.
Wilkins knew from previous experience that the best way to break down an
older woman's resistance was to give them something that they really wanted
(after the proper stimulation) which is exactly what he had done. He had
inserted himself inside her pussy, knowing full well she would never have
allowed this had she been in control. But she wasn't in control, he was!
He deliberately fed just enough of his erection in her to tantalize the
woman, keeping himself about half way in. That way he could feel what she
was like on the inside without the deep penetration that would make him so
horny he wouldn't be able to stop fucking her. After he was satisfied that
the fuck in the future would be a tight one by a couple of quick jabs, he
withdrew. She obviously didn't care for that She had used that mouth
against him before, now he wanted to find out what it would be like to feel
his cock in that mouth of hers. What was more he wanted to see the look on
the older woman's face when he first made contact with her lips, which was
why after he had successfully humiliated her by turning her into the horny
bitch he knew she was, he had her get down off the couch and between his
legs. He scooted forward, and saw that she knew what he was about to make
her do.

She turned her head the first time he jabbed with his erection at her
red lip stick covered lips. He leered down into her face as he told her to
open her mouth like the good cock sucking slut she was. He watched her
mouth open, as well as her eyes as he moved his hard on against the soft
flesh of her cheek to rub all around her lips with the tip of his cock. He
was dripping fluids already and leaving a trail of precum on her cheeks as
he dragged his organ around and around never quite hitting the mark. Then
when her eyes were full of fear, he let his organ lay against her open
mouth and told her to lick it, not suck it, just lick it with her mouth
open. The feelings that rushed through him were indescribable. It was
both visually, and physically stimulating to see the slut that thought she
was better than he was licking his prick knowing like he did that she would
never had done this without the controls he had heard about. Then he stuck
his erection in her mouth and told her to slowly close her jaw. As he felt
the pressure build on his massive rod of hot flesh he felt her jaw close
around his cock until he told her to stop. Her lips now made a thin red 'O' around his massive length as she continued to look up into his face and
suffer as she licked his length laying off to the right side of her mouth.
He slowly pushed forward, as he watched the married bitch's eyes get
larger, realizing possibly for the first time that he was going to deep
throat her. He kept going, and saw the horror change to fear as she
gagged. He kept going, curving down her tight throat, the choking sounds
she was making increasingly in loudness and frequency. He stopped with
about three quarters of his length buried deep in her mouth and part of the
way down the older woman's throat. Then he told her to suck him. God, was
that ever a turn on! She cried as she sucked, but she did suck, and suck
pretty damn good for as old as she was. He had her hands leave the
supporting action of holding those big jugs up for him and come up and cup
his bag of cum filled balls while she worked his erection in her mouth.
She began making moaning noises, as well as the slurping, gurgling noises
made when a woman sucked cock.

Then he had her begin to move her body back and forth, keeping her head
positioned where it was at. This effectively made her sucking mouth move
over his length until he could contain himself no longer. He groaned,
closed his eyes, and came! God, what a cum! He ejaculated five full loads of the cum into the woman's mouth, and it was oozing out of the sides of
her lips, as well as being choked on and coming back up through her nose.
He continued to unload until his was finished, and then she clean his cock
with her lips and mouth, free of his recent climax. The rest of his cum went into her belly as she swallowed the stuff.

Then he had her suck him some more to get him hard so that he could fuck

Entering her pussy wasn't as much fun because there wasn't the high
stimulation of suction. He'd had probably thirty women of various ages,
and she was one of the tighter ones. She almost great fully accepted his
prick deep into her body, and she thrashed beneath him like some twenty
five year old instead of the forty year old woman that she was. He
couldn't stand the constant pressure of her groin pushing against his and
rotating at the same time on the couch. He announced his climax, just as
she moaned out her own, and he came a second time unloading three good
eruptions of cum deep inside the older woman's pussy. He was pleased with
himself, even more so after the fuck because he told her she was to
masturbate twice a day but she was not to climax without permission.
Because he had done this with the 'key' and then informed her to forget
that he had been the one to tell her but not to forget the command made his
day even more enjoyable.


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