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Power Play Usable Commodity 1a


This story is a bit of a departure from what I usually write and I hope it
is going to be a long one. I have the first 2 chapters planned out and
each chapter should be 3 parts long. Reader feedback will determine if I
go beyond that. This story is based very loosely on the idea created by
the Dragon Ball Z universe, a lot of the fighting and attack sequences
relate to chi power moves and combat.

As with all of my stories, when I write a sex scene or the like, it is
graphic and very detailed. This story should have a little bit of
everything except for femdom or bondage (sorry, I just don’t like that
stuff), but anything else goes.

Questions about how her powers work will be explained eventually, but
for now just think of her as a chi fighter like Goku and Vegita. Any and
all comments on this story will be considered and taken to heart. If a
part is just too confusing or messed up let me know I will edit it and make
it better.

Contact me at

Power Play 1a Usable Commodity By C. Rose(c)2000 (FF)

Amy Lee paced across the small room. She wore a simple brown dress, her
fire red hair spread out from under a wide brimmed cap. Looking down at
the girl in the bed reminded her that she hadn’t had a case like this in
years, and that had been on another colony world. She’d thought the
accursed trait finally bred out of the majority of the human race, but the
poor girl stretched out before her was a testament to a how false that way
of thinking was. Amy cursed silently, she’d been pretending to be a healer
for several years now, gaining a good reputation and a decent following of
patients. She could cure any kind of cold or sicknesses, set any bone,
even the plague wasn’t a major stretch for her. In rare cases she had been
forced to use her powers of magic to save a persons life, but that was
rare. She had been around for a long time now and she knew what she was
doing without having to resort to magic to heal everything she ever came
across. She had been living in this particular village for several years
now, gaining trust and making friends when she could.

Amy had been able to see as soon as she came in the door that the poor
girl hadn’t eaten in several days, she cursed silently to herself. She
actually didn't like this village very much, if it hadn't been for a rare
few people she’d met here she would have left during the first month. To
make matters worse, this town treated its women like furniture, to be used
and discarded like their lives meant nothing. The men wouldn’t lift a
finger to help one of thier women unless they profited from doing so, like
selling one of the girls to a local slave trader. Amy tossed her jacket
over a nearby chair, a primitive wool shift that she had been told was all
the local fashion, it itched like crazy.

The injured girl’s name was Utai, a nice young thing that Amy had been
trying to get to know a little better lately. She had been good looking
and had a pretty good body that captured everyone's attention, men and
women, but now she looked like she was dead. As Amy pulled the covers
back, she found the girl was in even worse shape thatn she thought, she was
covered in scars, whip like boils and large round bruises were everywhere
on her body. Her once beautiful face was now swollen up and horrid, her
lips cracked open, she couldn't see out of either eye and her hair was
matted with blood. That little aspect pissed Amy off to know end, her
parents hadn't even tried to clean her up before they called her in. She
reached out and pried open one of Utai's eyes, they were an emerald green,
and they had always fascinated Amy. Now they revealed that the poor girl was beyond the primitive help of this world, Utai was locked into a coma.
Amy was sure that if she were to use her magic on the girl, they would
reveal that her brain was swelling up and pressing against the crushed
portion of her fractured skull.

Amy had looked at this one several times over the last year or so, once
every few months if she recalled correctly. Every time she had come to Amy
for healing of something, always before she had come to her. Not this
time, the girls mother had called for her today, someone had used the poor
girl as a punching bag. Amy noticed that some of the wounds looked like
some kind of blunt object had caused most of the damage to her battered
body. With that thought, Amy went from a suppressed state of anger to a
full killing intensity burn in under a half second, she had to use every
trick she knew to physically calm herself as a powerful urge to vaporize
the monster that had done this! The poor girl on the bed still had the
bruises and open sores one received at the hands of a monster.

They reminded her of the problems she had found when she tried to move
into a house at the edge of town. These wounds and scars were the same
kind she had encountered several years ago when she first arrived in this
pathetic town and let the locals know that she was willing to help them if
they need anything, but It seemed the local ruler, a Duke or something, had
rules that said a woman couldn’t own land or be on her own. So within a
few days of her setting up shop he had sent out 12 men to throw her out of
her newly acquired home, by any means necessary. They had come in the
middle of the night expecting to find her asleep in her bed like some week
willed woman who couldn't protect herself. The sound of their horses and
thier loud voices had alerted her to their presence, form there it had been
only a matter of waiting for them.

The first thing they had done was kick in her front door and rush in
like complete morons. Amy had certain skills beyond her healing abilities
that she used much more easily, like some kind of ghost she struck without
warning, 4 broken arms and 2 legs later, Amy had stood unharmed as the
whole pack of cowards fled from her screaming in terror and leaving behind
3 of thier comrades. They left their weapons, horses and pride behind.
She had set her attackers broken bones, drugged them with a sleeping
potion, and tied them onto the backs of the forgotten horses. From there
she had carted the back to the Duke and tossed them bodily on his doorstep,
stripped naked and left to the whims of a local brothel. After several
such occurrences, with more broken bones and loss of dignity, Amy sent
every group home, alive and naked. Within a few months she found that her
life had quieted down a little and she started to offer her healing
abilities to any woman who desired her help. She just couldn't let the
deplorable state of this poor village hurt her fellow sisters, even if some
of them deserved what was happening to them.

The girl’s mother, Clara, stood nearby “Mistress Amy…” she shivered
visibly. A fat woman, very homely, her plump body wobbled like ancient
Jell-O, Amy shuddered quietly. Over the last several years this town had
made her very cynical and a little mean. She couldn't stand the sight of
certain individuals any more, and Clara was one of them. “What ails my
poor daughter?”

Amy sighed, and thought about the weather, the very seasons as they
shifted from hot to cold. For some reason, as was basic human nature,
everyone in the village tended to more and more angry as it rolled into
winter. It got worse as the food dwindled to scraps that even dogs
wouldn’t touch unless they hadn't had anything in weeks. Soon the beatings
began, to vent anger. Husband hitting wife, mother hitting child, the
violence passed on to each successive generation like some kind of
grotesque skill. Amy glanced down at the Clara’s hands as she held them
against her over sized breasts, narrowing her eyes as they blazed in
suppressed fury. Her voice was as cold as glacier ice as she spoke to the
fat woman.

“Mother Clara, your daughter will most likely die soon…” she started,
not feeling at all in the mood to be tactful.

An inhuman screech issued from Clara as she fell to the floor, a pile of
rolling blubber, “Noo…!”

Those hands revealed why this poor girl, barely 14, lay there in a coma,
her face vacant, drool flowing down her cheek to mix with the blood seeping
out of her head wound. “Mother Clara, I can do nothing, there is too much
damage to her brain now..” Amy sighed; Clara’s knuckles were covered in
bloody knarls and scabs. Her body was even more bent and stooped from the
hard life the pile of blubber had experienced. Amy didn't care about the
woman anymore, poor Utai had not even experienced anything yet and now she
was going to die because of this bitch. Amy was just as mad at herself,
she kept her powers a secret for safeties sake, if she could use them
openly she could have probably helped the girl, but she had to keep a low
profile at this time.

“This girl is nearly dead because some fool used her for a punching bag,
Mother Clara, there is only so much I can do for her. The best thing at
this time would be to ease her out of this life and let her move on, it
would be a mercy to her. Some bastard has beaten your daughter so badly
that she will suffer from severe retardation for the rest of her natural
life of she lives, which I dought. Careless anger and thoughtless actions
of those she trusted brought this on her, I can do nothing to help her at
this point. It's in your hands now.” Standing, Amy leaves the room and
barely manages to keep from killing the girl’s mother by mere inches.

Clara’s low intelligence finally registered Amy’s words. The shrieks of
denial soon filled the air behind Amy, she slams the door shut and walks
out of the house pulling on her wool jacket. Amy ignored it all, she just
couldn’t save everyone and Utai had been beyond all but her most powerful
magic. The girl would soon be beyond Clara’s reach at least. Beyond
everyone’s reach. Amy went down the block, the sound of Clara's screams of
agony filling the area still, and went to see the carpenter’s wife, a woman
named Alia. She and Amy were friends, not close by any measure, but
friends non-the less. As a healer or doctor, Amy had become the areas wet
nurse for children's births and the like, Amy had helped save Alia's life
when she had a difficult delivery a couple of years ago. She had been near
death when some one had finally called her. When she had finally arrived
she’d found that she needed use her powers to save girl‘s life. She'd been
forced to gently shift the baby around inside her womb and let nature take
its course. A breech birth in this primitive setting was a very bad idea,
there would have been no way to save either of their lives if that had been
necessary. Like most of the buildings in the village, including hers,
Alia’s house was only 3 rooms and a single level. It had primitive glass
windows and a thatched roof that had to be replaced every few months due to
the heavy rains in the area. Alia was sitting on an old chair in the
fenced off yard as Amy approached, she was slowly sanding down some
rough-cut wood to be seasoned over some weeks in her husbands wood shed.

As Alia turned and grimpsed as she slowly stood up and waved her inside,
Amy stopped and stared, she cursed under her breath as she noticed that the
idiot woman was pregnant again!? “Alia, what’s this? You nearly died
having the last one, I barely managed to save you that time."

“I know, but this one came on me without notice.”

“You should have called me, I could have made it easier on you. I did
deliver the last one after all.”

Alia smiled, “It’s all right, I’m much stronger now, and I’ve been
exercising. Jerrol is in back if you need wood?”

“I thought I’d stop and tell you that Clara’s daughter will soon die. A
coffin will likely be needed.”

“How sad, I’ll send Jerrol over to take matters in hand.”

Amy nodded, “Send for me if you have complications. And you know I’m a
grouch, not a monster. You don’t have to avoid me.”

Alia laughed, “I’m sorry Amy, you’ve been so moody lately. I didn’t
want to impose on you.” She pats her swelled stomach.

“For what, it’s my calling, I do nothing else.”

“Amy, are you still interested in that girl over on the side of the

"Viki? Sure, I guess, I haven't heard anything about her lately though.
I had assumed that she left or was fostered off on someone. Why?"

"Well, her parents sent her to a friend’s house on the other side of the
forest for the summer. She returned a few days ago and they have been
having problems with her ever since, she is a completely different girl now. She is more willful and head strong, she is going to get into trouble
if she isn't careful and I was thinking that it was time that you took on
an apprentice."

"I suppose, but I won't be much longer than a few more years. My time
is running out, I can feel it. But what you are suggesting is intriguing,
I'll look into it."

"I thought you might feel that way, you have been restless lately and I
know the signs. I talked to the girl’s parents a couple of days ago and
suggested that they send her to you, they were hesitant, but saw the wisdom
in what I was suggesting. They want you to make the first move though, if
you want to head over there they should all be at home right now."

"Okay, I‘ll do that, see ya Alia."

Viki was a girl she had been watching for a couple of years now, she was
16 and a little terror to her parents. Amy and her had talked a few times
and the more they were around each other, the more they liked each other.
Amy had certain inclinations that didn't quite fit in with people and this
was one of the reasons she kept to herself, she was a total lesbian. She
hadn't always been like this, at one time she had chased men with equal
skill and achievement. Then her life had been changed completely, she
shuddered and had to stop as tears welled up in her eyes at the horrid
thought. Even to this day that event had profound effects on her decisions
and lifestyle. She wiped the tears out of her eyes and thought about Viki
to take away the pain, or at least dull it.

She was a woman at the very beginning of her life and had responded to
Amy's veiled hints at relationship. They had talked a few times, confided
in each other, and did all the usual bonding things that could lead to a
night of sex. So far Amy had only been able to get a kiss out of the girl,
it had been great too, but she had wanted more. Then Viki had disappeared
and Amy had missed her, after a while she had given up and figured that she
had found a boyfriend or that her parents had done something with her. Her
bit of investigating hadn't given her anything though and she had decided
to wait it out and see what would happen.

On the far side of town Amy took a well walked path that led into the
forest, as she did so she seemed to change. Her walk became more
confident, a longer stride, she lifted her head height and straightened her
shoulders. Out here she could be herself without having to worry about
making mistakes and giving herself away. She concentrated and sent her
senses out in front of her, as her awareness spread she could 'see' what
was happening all around her. The rabbits, the insects and everything else
as it happened, she could see the life auras of the plants, the animals,
and even the land itself all working in harmony to survive. Her eyes
seemed to glint for a second as she passed through the shadows created by
dusk, as they did her minds eye spread out over the forest searching for

She found her brothers first, two older men in there late twenties, they
were chopping at a downed tree to make firewood. Their cart was just
beside them and they had it about half full of wood and kindling, a tired
horse was tied to it and waiting for the command to go. The beast was a
defeated animal and Amy always had this nagging feeling that she should put
it out of it's misery. She moved on after noting their location, after a
couple of more minutes she found the girl's parents out in the wheat field
behind the house carrying in the last of the days haul.

Amy was about to give up when she recalled that Viki had once mentioned
that she liked to hang out at the area's waterfall when she was in a bad
mood. Usually after a fight with her parents or a hard day, the roar of
the falls calmed her down and helped her to relax. It was a good place to
swim and the falls were a great place to take a shower as well, Amy had
taken a few of her female friends there over the years. Focusing her mind,
Amy located the waterfall and found Viki sunbathing in the nude on a rock
by the pool.

Looking around the area, with her powers and her eyes, Amy broke to the
left and accelerated into a run. Within seconds she was a blur moving in
and out of the trees like a wraith or a shadow. She could move at speeds
that the people on this planet couldn't even comprehend and within about a
minute Amy came up on the falls and stopped in mid step. The wind that she
had been pulling along behind her caught up and whooshed in from behind,
Amy walked into the clearing and spotted Viki.


She sat up in alarm and looked around, scrambling for her clothing, but
she stopped as she spotted Amy waving at her. She squealed and jumped off
the rock and ran, naked, at Amy. She threw herself into Amy's arms and
gave her a delightful hug. Viki was about 5'5, with long black hair, small
breasts, and deep brown eyes that took in everything. Amy was always
reminded about her tall frame when ever she was around Viki, she was 6'
tall and had a muscular body that she hid with her dresses and robes
because the men of the village would have blown a breaker to know that she
was better built than some of them.

"Amy! I missed you so much this summer..."

"How are today?"

"My stupid parents sent me off to this school to try and break my spirit
by having me learn about religion and history, but the only thing I could
think of was you and your incredible lips. That reminds me..." Viki said,
and locked her lips with Amy's surprised lips. It didn't take long before
she was kissing back and taking control of the situation. Amy's hands
wandered down to grab Viki's ass and lifter her up a little. Viki gave a
surprised moan and pressed herself closer, flattening her small breasts against Amy. Amy broke the kiss and licked Viki's lips.

"Hi Viki, I missed you too." Amy said huskily.

"I've been dreaming about you all summer and you were so far away."

"From that kiss I would say that you have been practicing a little."

A blush quickly rose up on Viki and filled her cheeks and she got really
meek. Amy noticed and laughed at her reaction, all thoughts of Utai left
her and she focused on Viki instead. She kissed Viki again and took her
time as they French kissed each other, sucking on each other’s tongues and
pawing at each other.

"How did you know that I had been with others Amy?"

"The passion, I never had chanced to teach you how to do that. That
means that someone else did the deed, I'm just a little sad that it wasn't
me. Yet, I'm glad too, now I can teach you a whole bunch of tricks that I
know and you can compare them with what you already know."

"Oooh! That sounds like fun and it has been a long time since we last
saw each other." Viki said quietly, pulling Amy to the ground with her.
The soft grasses of the small glen were a perfect place to make out because
they were so tall that one couldn't see anybody in side them unless it was
from above. Amy shrugged out of her jacket and tossed it to the side as
Viki lay back and beckoned her closer. Her dress, a gray woolen
contraption came off like a t-shirt to reveal Amy's athletic body, she was
left wearing her boots and a pair of silver armbands on her forearms that
glittered in the low light of dusk. Viki had seen them before and noticed
that there was a large jewel on each bracer, blue on the left one and green
on the right.

She snaked forward and ran her hands over Viki's thighs and stomach as
she looked her over with a more appetitive eye. The girl’s body was very
slim and soft, she had wider than normal hips and bouncy breasts with large
nipples, there was a small birthmark on the underside of her left breast in
the shape of a large tear running down her skin. Lower down was the
junction between her legs, it was covered with a fine black pubic hair that
drew her eye like a magnet.

"Your beautiful Viki..." Amy murmured as she leaned forward and kissed

"So are you Amy, such a perfect body." Viki whispered back and ran her
hands down Amy's back to grasp her tight ass, Amy moaned quietly.

It had been a long time since Amy had taken a lover as beautiful as this
one and she wanted to make it last. She had plans for this day that she
quickly sent into motion a she lightly kissed her way down Viki's neck and
shoulders until she reached the curve of her breasts. Amy swept them up
and together so that she could take both nipples into her mouth at once,
they hardened quickly and she soon had Viki squirming. A moan of pleasure
came from somewhere deep in Viki as Amy sucked. First one nipple, then the
other one with a little more pressure and a scraping of her teeth to pull
on them. Back and forth she went, until Viki was moaning constantly and
writhing in her hands. Amy sucked on a nipple and tried to take in as much
of it into her mouth as she could and gave a mighty suck.

It was just enough, Viki cried out and came with a whine of ecstasy.
Her hands were interlaced into Amy's fire red hair as they held her in
place above her breasts and trembling body. She gasped a few times and
fell back to the soft grass and looked at Amy in awe, she had never cum from having her nipples sucked on before. "Amy that was incredible, how
did you learn how to do that?"

"I had it done to me a number of times in the past, pretty good huh?"
Amy laughed.

"Gods, don't stop now that you've got me going."

Licking her way down Viki's breasts, Amy probed her belly button with
her tongue and moved down further. Viki gasped and arched her back off the
ground and fell back with a little squirm. She ran her fingers through
Viki's pubic hair and wondered if the girl would allow her to shave it off,
Amy thought the shaved look was better all around. For now she ignored it
used her fingers to find the girls pussy buried in all the hair, it wasn't
hard to find as it was super enflamed and ready for whatever Amy had in

"Are you ready, my lovely?"


Her goal was sticking out of Viki's folds like little penis and Akiko
cooed at the sight of her over sized clitoris as she took it between her
lips and caressed it. Viki gasped and arched again, her clit was
supersensitive and had been the source of all of her pleasure for a long
time now. She had never met another girl with one like it, but knew that
she like sex far more than any of her friends ever had. Amy bobbed her
head slightly and ran her finer down the creased folds of Viki's pussy at
the same time. She tasted her and found her to be a rare treat of pure
sugar, the thick syrup was slowly pooling up inside her and waiting to be

Amy backed off and grinned as Viki's waist crashed back down and she
whimpered at the loss and gasped for air. Licking the large outer folds of
Viki's pussy, Amy got a better taste and nearly swooned in delight. She
lapped her up like a cat would milk, drawing it up one little steamer at a
time and moaning her appretiation to Viki who was now oblivious to
everything but what Amy was doing to her. Suddenly she writhed back and
tensed up, then she cried out and came again, this time more powerful than
the last. It consumed her mind and she screamed in ecstasy as it flared in
every vein in her body.

Opening her mouth wide, Amy latched it around the entire length of
Viki's pussy and was rewarded with an outpouring of her girl cum that
filled her mouth. Even with her arms wrapped around her waist, Amy had a
hard time holding one as Viki writhed and convulsed through two powerful
orgasms that left her panting for air. Amy continued to lap away as Viki
came down a little, a silly grin covered her face as she gazed at Amy.
Then Amy did something with her tongue, she had no idea what it was, but
Viki went from afterglow and peace right into the most intense orgasm she
had ever had in her life. It ripped her soul out of her and had her
flapping in the breeze like a limp rag. She screamed she was suddenly over
whelmed so completely that she collapsed into a dead faint.

Slurping up even more of her juices, Amy giggled and let Viki’s clitoris
loose from her teeth and kissed it lovingly. She had been with more girls than she could even remember over the years and had actually lost count of
the number, but in all her time she had never once failed to make a girl faint from a powerful orgasm if she wanted them to. Amy sat up and licked
her fingers clean, she liked to give pleasure a lot more than to receive
it, so she didn't expect anything in return. Still, she liked it too, and
she was in the mood to receive a little loving herself. She leaned for
ward and kissed Viki's face in several locations to wake her up, this
continued for a couple of minutes as her eyes fluttered open.

"I love you." Viki whispered.

"Pretty good, huh?" Amy smiled back.

"I'm serious Amy, I love you. That was indescribable and it made me
love you more than I ever thought possible..."

Kissing her nose, Amy leaned back and caressed her stomach and looked
her in the eyes again. "You wouldn't happen to want to return the favor
would you Viki?"

"Of course I would Amy, I love you more than anything." Viki said
dreamily. She sat up and pushed Amy onto her back and leaned down to kiss
her. From there Viki took charge and lifted one of Amy's small breasts in
her hands, the nipples were rock hard and stood straight out at Viki. She
took it in her mouth sucked softly, but intently enough for Amy to really
enjoy it. She licked her fingers and started to run the wet fingers in
small circles around Amy's nipples. After a couple minutes of this Amy was
panting and moaning to herself. She had really sensitive nipples and liked
to brush them against her lover’s skin as they make love to one another.
Viki licked her fingers again and kissed her way down Amy's body, as she
neared her pussy she stopped to marvel at what Amy looked like. She had no
pubic hair what so ever, Viki had just assumed that it was a light blonde that was hard to see in the low light. Now she found that she was wrong
and she loved to sight of a bald pussy, she kissed the skin just above
Amy's pussy and makes her gasp and moan. Her pussy lips were swollen and
ready, drops of girl cum covered her thighs where they had rolled out of
her. Viki licked and kissed Amy's inner thighs for several minutes,
getting every thing she could.

Over her vacation she had met a girl who was on the school custodial
staff that maintained the manor house that the school used, she had been an
open bisexual who would do it with whoever she found attractive, they had
gotten to know each other intimately over their 2 month affair. She had
never make her feel like she did now, licking up her love's own juices and
marveling at the exquisite taste and texture. The taste was like a fine
wine that went down her throat smoothly and the texture was like fine satin
oil that was as fun to touch as taste. Her head buzzed as if she was drunk
and Viki moaned and dove in, unable to hold back anymore.

Her hips undulated as Viki licked her crease and Amy gasped and moaned,
the girl had learned her lessons well hadn't she? Amy thought to herself.
She felt it as she moved in, Viki's hair caressing her thighs where her
tongue had been driving her nuts just minutes before. Then she cried out
as a tongue pierced her pussy and spread her enflamed pussy like a flower
and sent a shudder through her quacking. Amy thrust her hips forward and
heard Viki's giggle as her face was pressed into her pussy. Amy backed off
and gasped for air, but Viki didn't let up as she found and kissed her

To Amy it was heaven, she loved to play with her girls like this. The
ones that knew what to do and how to make her cum like there wasn't going
to be a tomorrow. She could feel her orgasm building within her, but Amy
knew that Viki was planning something devious. She was showing a skill
that one as young as her shouldn't possess, and yet she knew just when to
touch and caress every inch of her pussy. Amy moaned and writhed as her
body was brought to the edge and left there as Viki suddenly moved away
from her with a gasp of fear.

"Amy! My stupid family is coming this way, I can hear them calling my
name. Get up and get dressed, we have to move out now!" Viki said, she
scrambled to her feet and ran for the rock where she had left her clothing.
She tossed on a simple dress and her boots as Amy moaned in frustration and
rolled to her feet like a cat. She got dressed quickly and was just
pulling on her jacket as the two older brothers came into the clearing
leading that old horse. She wanted to punch both of them for interrupting
her and Viki, she wanted to cum so badly that it hurt her to stand up
straight. It had been so close, just a little more and she would have been
in seventh heaven right now. A stupid little grin on her face to match the
one on Viki's face, it had been so damn close she could taste it.

The larger of the two brothers came forward and glared at Viki, who
glared right back and didn't back down. This was one the reasons Amy liked
this girl so much, she had more back bone than most of the girls in the
village. She wasn't afraid of a challenge and would fight back if it were
necessary, a quality that Amy admired. Amy recognized Viki's brother as
Vlick, and he was a brut of a man. He had muscles as big around as some
trees and just as much intelligence. When angered he had been known to do
a lot of damage to whatever was in his way, he had once ripped the legs off
a dog that had attacked him and tossed the still living carcass in a nearby
fire with out an ounce of compassion.

"Viki, we have been looking all over for you, it is time to head back in
and have supper. Pa won't let us start without all of us there, you know
that so come on before I hit you."

"Fuck off you shit head, I was having a little fun swimming and relaxing
when you came stomping in here. Now you have ruined my whole day by
threatening me, go home and tell Pa that I will be a few minutes behind

"You will come with me right now, I'm hungry and I will not let some
useless girl tell me otherwise, you hear me." Vlick said.

"No, I will..." Viki began.

It happened so fast that Amy didn't have time to respond, Vlick
backhanded her and sent his sister flying back. Amy's enhanced senses saw
the multiple drops of blood spray out even as Viki hit the ground. A white
wall of anger came over her, with everything she had seen today this was
the final straw. She is moving before she even think about it, covering
the 20 yards between them in less than 2 seconds. Planting her foot, Amy
launches into the air and does a flying kick right into Vlick's jugular.
Amy is a fighter of amazing ability, because of this Vlick is hit with more
force than a normal girl could usually deliver. Vlick is crumpling even as
his brother starts to run forward to warn him of Amy's attack.

The sound of 300 pounds of limp muscle collapsing fills the silence, Amy
lands on her back and easily rolls to her feet. A blade of red energy
spins to life in her hands and goes into combat crouch. The blade is 3
foot long and is glowing as bright as any fire, it is humming as energy
courses through it. Vlick gurgles and grabs his throat, trying to gasp for
air, Amy can see that she has crushed his adams apple and it is restricting
the flow of air. Viki’s brother, Vanion gasps in shock as Amy circles to
the side, her blade buzzing softly.

"No bitch can do that to a man like Vlick, you’re a witch and I will
kill you for hurting him."

"Just can't seen to grasp that he hurt your sister can you bastard, I
will give you one chance to back off and go away. After that all bets are
off, do you understand me?" Amy said, barely managing to control her rising
anger. She needed to check on Viki and this pathetic scum was in her way,
he would pay dearly for delaying her.

Reaching across his shoulder, Vanion pulls free this giant axe that she
had missed in her rage. Amy recognizes it as the one she had seen him
using earlier when she saw him cutting up that dead tree for wood. Her
enhanced senses also let her see the blood stains on it from some recent
battle, the entire blade was streaked with blood and half-dried gore.
Vanion roared and brought the axe up to attack her, it flared green in the

Gasping in shock, Amy dove to the left and watched as the axe blade
slammed down into the ground. There is a spark and the earth erupts
outward in a small explosion, Amy rolls to her feet and takes a closer look
at the axe. As far as she could recall, high tech gadgets were not allowed
on this planet, there were forbidden in fact. Magic was another matter,
but how could a peon like this get his hands on a Magic axe? Vanion spun
on the heel of his foot and tried to cut her again, the blade buzzed to
life again as it descended toward her.

She didn't want to kill either one of these bastards, but if this moron
kept this up she was going to have to. Eyes squinting, red energy flares
out of them for a second, then Amy brings her blade up and blocks the axe.
An explosion of energy and fire engulfs both of them even as Amy steps
forward and attacks. A dust cloud blocks the next few seconds, but it is
broken by Vanion screaming in agony and staggering out of the cloud. He
makes it a few feet before he drops the axe and falls to his knees, out
cold beside his brother. Amy walks out, looking as normal as usual, she
runs over to Viki and examines her quickly. It is only a broken nose, she
quickly resets it and holds up her left hand.

Blue energy pulses to life around her fingertips, after a few seconds
she touches Viki's nose and the energy flares out around her body. Viki
convulses and gasps as Amy watches the broken nose heal completely, the
blood flow stops. Using her jacket as a pillow, Amy rips a chunk off and
runs over to the pool to wet it down. She returns and cleans up the blood
off Viki's face with a compassion that would have surprised the murderous
Vanion and Vlick if they had been awake. The cold water brings Viki awake
and she opens her eyes to see Amy, she smiles.

"What happened?"

"Your brother hit you." Amy said flatly, her anger flashing in her eyes.
She motions with her head and Viki looks over at her two brothers and gasps
in shock.

"Did you do that?"

"He hit you, then the other one attacked me, I fought back."

"No one had ever knocked my brothers out, they are too big and stupid to

"It wasn't that hard, though Vanion had a magical axe, I was wondering
where it came from?"

"It's a family heirloom I think, a long time ago we were a family to be
reckoned with, at least according to our Pa. Now we are nothing but
peasants and beggars and bullies stuck in this hellhole. How did you beat
Vlick, he once killed a horse by punching it between the eyes, killed the
rider too."

"A long time ago I was a warrior, in a lot of ways I still am. I don't
mind the fighting so much, but I got tired of all the grudge matches and
infighting within the unit I worked for. So I retired, sort of anyway.
How are you feeling?"

"Incredible actually, for having been hit by Vlick, he usually breaks
bones and takes out teeth. I don't even feel any pain or bruising
anywhere, that's strange..."

"Maybe he didn't hit you as hard as you thought?"

Looking over at her brothers, Viki frowns and turns back, "I don't think
so, I'm not dumb, you wouldn't have did that if they hadn't deserved it.
They are still out cold and it has to have been at lest 5 minutes since I
woke up, feeling as healthy as could be. Like I had just woken up from a
nap...What did you do to me."

"And to think I figured you wouldn't notice, I'm actually a little
embarrassed for doing what I did. You mean a lot to me and couldn't let
you suffer in pain, so I healed you with...Magic."

"Magic? But Magic doesn't work like that, sure for violence, but
healing and stuff like that? I've never heard of anything like that."

"I can't explain any better than that without breaking certain promises,
I'm sorry." Amy said sadly.

"This healing, was it just to fix what Vlick did? Or did it include
anything that might have been wrong?”

"Anything really, why?"

"For the last few weeks I have had this pain in my chest and stomach,
nothing major, but had been getting steadily worse as the days went by. Do
have any way of know what it could have been?"

Standing up, Amy pulled up the sleeve on her left arm to reveal her
bracer again. Viki noticed that there was large blue jewel near Amy's
elbow, it was glowing slightly. Amy came over and held her left hand over
Viki's heart and told her to hold still. The jewel flared for a second and
a blue aura surrounded both of them for a few seconds, Viki could feel the
energy caressing her skin lovingly. Amy stood back and the aura vanished,
she frowned and shrugged.

"I just did a scan of your body and processed the information through
mine. You had a couple of cracked ribs poking into your lungs at a
dangerous angle, my healing Magic reset them and closed the holes. There
is something else too and I can't fix this, um...did you have sex with a
man anytime in the last month?"

"A man? Once, just before I came home, I was curious to find out if a
man was better than a woman was. He wasn't very good and left me wanting,

"You’re pregnant Viki..."

The voice faded out as Viki fainted completely, crumpling at Amy's feet.
Amy shook her head and bent down to shack Viki awake, it took a little
doing, but after a couple of minutes she came around.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, you’re about 2 weeks along."

"I'm to young for a child Amy! This is horrible, what am I going to

"I have no idea Viki, you went to bed with a man and this is the
expected out come of that act, isn't it?"

"I never even thought about it..."

"Well you have a little time to make a decision then, there are way to
stop the pregnancy if you want to. Especially if we manage to catch it
within the first month.”

"I can't be pregnant right now, I just can't..."

"Then we'll make up a drink for you that will flush the baby out of you,
come to me tomorrow and we'll take care of it."

Viki started to cry and Amy held her in her arms until she cried herself
out. She watched out of the corner of her eye as the two brothers started
to come around finally. One had probably lost the use of his voice
permanently and the other should be all right, she had shocked him into
unconsciousness by altering her energy blade into a type of taser. The
moron hadn't even known what hit him and had screamed in terror even as he
was falling. Amy helped Viki to her feet and led out of the area, if those
two bruisers got up and wanted to fight again Amy wanted to have a little
distance between them so that she could take more drastic measures if

The walk back to Viki's house took about 30 minutes and they spotted her
parents out on the porch as they approached. The waited for them to get
within the yard before moving off and heading for them. Viki's father had
been known as Pa for so long that no one could even remember his original
name. Pa came up to them and took his daughter in his arms, Amy stood back
and watched passively. She didn't trust this family one bit, she had been
in this area for to long.

"What happened?" Asked Pa.

"Her brothers tried to use her as a punching bag."

"She looks fine to me, healer."

"I stopped them from harming her, they are laid out in the clearing near
the waterfall. Your horse and cart are there so when they wake up they
should be home, they didn't take well to me beating them or protecting your

"My boys would never do that and I don't believe you, you're a girl and
wouldn't be able to hurt my boys."

Amy shrugged, "Believe what you will, they did hurt Viki and I need a
little time to mix her up healing drink, she needs to be at my place
tomorrow or there will be serous repercussions in the future. Viki, I will
see you tomorrow, now be careful and stay away from your brothers until
then. They may decide to take their anger out on you."

"Healer, I will send her to you in the morning, will you be teaching her
how to be a healer like you as well?"

"If she passes my tests and makes the right decisions, yes, I will
teacher her." Amy said and walked off into the darkness, as she entered the
trees she heard the angry mutters of the brothers as they rode the cart
back to the house. She was in mid step when she blurred out of sight and
vanished into thin air.

To Be Continued...


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