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Primal Duty


If you're under 18, the following text is not for
you. Skip or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can
officially decide for yourself.
The following work of total fiction contains a scene
of graphic nc sex, but no violence. This story includes
fairly strong elements of restraint/bondage and of
Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999, (as are
the typos, and spelling & grammar errors), and any
resemblance to persons or events living or dead or stories
already written is purely coincidence.
The reader is free and welcome to copy and circulate
this story within free legal forums, as long as this
disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the
content are made.
I hope you like it.

| |
| | Primal Duty - NC M+/F Preg
_|____|_ In which a secret group of powerful men have
(O) o selected another young woman of high moral
/ > standards to bear them a child.
| ~~


Primal Duty
By Monocle

"Ms. Flinn, welcome back. You are our guest of honor
this evening," the disembodied voice echoed through the dark
room as the young woman stirred awake. She could remember
heading to her car after work, getting in, something damp
and noxious clamped over her mouth and nose from behind,
then nothing.
"We are the Primal Man, and we have been watching
and preparing for you for some time now, as we have and
continue to do with many others like you."
Susan tried to sit up from her position in the
darkness and found she couldn't. Her arms were bound
together above her head and her legs were pinned wide apart,
bent and tied with soft but unyielding straps at the waist,
thighs knees, and ankles. Her pelvis was upturned and she
rested on a slight incline, angled down to her head. The
warm air currents in the room blew across her body slowly,
and she realized with a sharp intake of breath that she was
naked. And exposed completely.
"Susan Flinn, 18 years old, 243 Rose Road, you are a
woman of excellent breeding and fine moral character. You
believe in the sanctity of all life and the commitment to
family. You will care for your child despite and above any
She blinked as bright warm a light fell on her,
confirming her state of exposure and bondage. She opened her
mouth to scream, but the voice continued.
"You can call out as you like, but we are quite
remote from any one who might come to your aid, we can
assure you. All of those present are here solely for you, to
fulfill your and our primal duty of providing the world with
a strong, capable future generation."
A dozen, two dozen lights turned on, illuminating
thirty or more figures surrounding Susan. Each one was male
and naked save for a headdress or mask that disguised their
facial features. They were men of all builds, heights and
colors. Though some were thinner or thicker, none were obese
or emaciated. All looked in good health and physical
condition. All had erections of various sizes, though none
could be considered small.
Susan did scream, several times, calling for help.
The men surrounding her waited patiently until she wound
down to quieter fearful sobbing.
The voice continued, "We followed you for some time
after finding you. We know that you will carry and support
our child, and that your family will, after a time, accept
the way things will be. We know your are not a virgin, but
you realized your mistake early and are saving yourself now
for the right man. We are, collectively, that man; the
Primal Man. We know your cycle, and that you are now at your
most ripe time for the creation of a child."
The sheer perversity of the situation and its
rationale stunned Susan. Staring wide-eyed around her, she
yet didn't notice the man approaching her until the feathers
of his mask grazed the insides of her thighs. She yelped in
surprise as his long pink tongue extended, touched her
vagina, something her first brief lover had never done. The
tongue started slithering up and down, plying her slit.
Susan let out another scream and struggled franticly in her
bonds. They held her tensing, squirming body easily. The
minimal movement of her hips only served the probing tongue
better, allowing easier access to the folds of her sex.
"You may go to the police after this, they will not
be able to help you. We are well hidden and protected. You
may desire counseling, which may be beneficial. You may even
desire to give up our child. We will be saddened by the loss
of a caring mother, but we will not stop you. But do not try
to hide our child from us. If we cannot find it, we will
find you again."
The masked man at Susan's pussy licked wetly and
sloppily, moistening her nether lips, digging his long
squirming tongue two or even more inches into her tunnel. He
brought his hands up to rest them lightly on her lower belly,
gently massaging the area just above her pubis. Slowly, she
felt her body respond automatically with it's own
lubrication, even though she felt no sexual thrill at the
sensual touch. At least, that's what she told herself.
She spoke with disdain and false courage, "You
perverts! You're just a bunch of power-tripping rapists,
getting their thrills kidnapping and v-violating people like
me. Well, f-fuck me and get it over with. You'll all burn
for it later.
"We are not going to fuck you, so much as fill you,"
the voice said. "Our pleasure is incidental to the duty we
fulfill. So is yours, but that does not mean it will not
Slowly the men in the circle began to move around
behind the one going down on her in a loose line. They were
slowly jacking their cocks in their hands.
Susan lost the little courage she had and began to
"Please don't. I don't want a child yet. I can't!
Please... Oh!"
The man licking her began nibbling at her clit,
causing Susan to jump within her bonds. She realized with
some horror that her body was beginning to respond to the
stimulation, her hips slowly trying to undulate with the
massaging tongue. The feathers of the mask brushed her inner
thighs. The delicate touch was electrifying to the sensitive
skin. Despite her body's nascent betrayal, she continued
alternately to demand and beg to be released. The voice cut
her off.
"It is time," the voice said, "to create!"
The man in the feathered mask stopped licking and
stood up, stepping away. He was replaced by a hirsute,
burly framed man, wearing a bear's head mask. Susan's eyes
widened. He held his engorged 6 inch cock, jerking it
rapidly with one hand, guiding it quickly to Susan's pussy
lips. Susan thrashed and strainded against her restraints
as he placed the purple head at her entrance. Then he
grabbed her hips with both hands, and rammed himself
inside her.
"Gaaaah!" They cried together. She from the sudden
penetration, he from his climax. No sooner had he pushed all
the way into her than he came, spurting his seed deep into
her cunt. He gripped her hips tightly and held himself
rooted to his balls, shaking and pouring into her as she
took a deep, heaving breath and screamed again.
As the bear-man's climax ebbed, he moved one hand and
placed it gently, almost reverently on Susan's lower belly,
right above the location of her womb. The light touch there
complimented the pulsing deep within her as he emptied the
last of his seed before pulling his still-hard cock from
Susan's snatch. He stepped aside to be replaced immediately
by a tall pale-skinned man wearing stylized eagle mask, his
longer, thinner prick plowed into Susan with no hesitation,
andthey both gasped again as he shuddered and came
"Nooooo!" Susan cried as she saw the actual form of
the proceeding take shape. The loose line of men were
masturbating themselves to the edge of orgasm, waiting only
to enter her to come and fill her with sperm. The voice was
right, no one was fucking her, they were just filling her
with their sperm, to impregnate her ready womb.
The eagle-man repeated the hand gesture on her
abdomen and stepped away, to be replaced by a muscular
black man wearing a fierce puma mask. His cock was longer
and thicker than either of the other two, and Susan's
protest turned into a sharp cry as he shoved all the way
into her - slight pain at being so stretched mixed strangely
with an intense sensual pleasure. The impaling thrust was
easy only because of the two loads of lubricating sperm
already in her. Some of it squeezed out around the thick
invader, and some was pushed deeper inside her to be joined
by new spurting wads of the black man's come in a mad dash
for her waiting egg.
"Aaaaie!" she yelled. She had expected the large
member to hurt, stretching her wider than she'd ever been,
but the sensation was more of incredible fullness than real
pain. And Susan realized with horror that her lower body was
trying to grind up against the climaxing man, against her
will, as if trying to get him even deeper. The vestigial
racist terror of a small white woman facing a large black
man shook her bound body even as it betrayed her.
"Oooooooh... Nooo!," She gasped as the puma-masked man pulled out, caressing her belly with his hand. More semen
spilled from her pussy as her muscles contracted after him,
only to be split apart again by the cock of the next man on
the verge of orgasm. This Wolf-masked man was stocky and
dark, his eyes burned into hers as he pushed his fat member
in balls-deep, grunted, and came inside her.
In a sense she was being fucked, but instead of one
cock pistoning in and out of her, it was many. Each time it
pulled back and pushed in, it was a different size and
shape, and each time it had shoved deep into her, it came.
Just before it pulled out, her belly was caressed or gently
touched. Sometimes the caressing hand would 'accidentally'
graze her clit, sending additional shivers through Susan's
tightly strung nervous system.
One after the other, each man with a different mask,
replaced his predecessor and filled her with his fountaining
cock. Big cats, birds of prey, strange tribal gods, bone-
white skulls. Each time she tried to protest or plead "Please
don't!" or "No!" to no effect. All came and came into her
trapped, fertile body. Susan overflowed, the accumulated
semen was far too much to stay in her pussy. Even as some of
it was inexorably being injected, guided deep into her womb,
much of it was squeezed out over her pussy lips, dribbling
down the crack of her ass and spreading under her back or
across her belly towards her breasts. The smell of it was
heady and undeniably sexual.
Sometimes the timing would not be perfect, and one
bloated cock would start shooting before making it inside
her. The first thick jet of come would splat onto her, maybe
striking her labia or clitoris before the spasming organ was
sunk into her to deliver the rest. The sight of the sperm-
bearing fluid being ejaculated onto her drove home even
harder that the rest of it was going_into_ her ready body.
Susan had lost count after ten men had pumped their
seed into her, her body fully betraying her over the next
minutes, eagerly humping into the next impaling, coming
cock. Her cries of protest evolved into mewls of pleasure,
peaking with each new pulsing penetration. "Please no!"
slowly changed into a hoarse, ambiguous "please..."
The longest cocks would tap or bump into the end of
her passage. These would deliver their juice directly
at her the very entrance to her womb. The slight additional
pressure of such deep penetration pushed her toward a
delirium of unwilling pleasure, tinged and magnified by a
growing fearful certainty within her.
"Ooooooohhgod! Help me! HHUUUUUuuuooooo!" She rose on
waves of sensation, focused on her pussy, but spreading out
across her belly and chest. Another cock sprayed into her.
The combined juices almost foaming at her cunt lips with the
in and out of ever more pricks. Susan realized her eyes had
been closed for some time as she was lost in unwelcome lust.
She opened them and looked up just in time to see the
feathered mask of the man who had 'readied' her come into
view and a long, thick, trembling cock slide deeply into her,
as far as any of the others, stretching her lips wide.

"AaaaAIIIIEEEEEEEE! Ah, ah AHHHHH! Nnnuh Nnuh Unh
Uuunnnnhh!" Susan came. Trapped and inseminated, she could
not stop the white-hot burn of orgasm that engulfed her as
she thought she could feel the feather-man's come flood her
cervix and ooze its way into her womb, to find and meet with
the egg that was surely waiting there. Her cries slowly
turned to defeated moans.
"Nooooo..nonono.." She whispered as her orgasm ebbed.
Her stomach light with butterflies, somehow she knew it had
happened. One of the millions upon millions of sperm forced
into her had found its target. Black, White, Asian, Indian,
she would not know what it was until it was born.
"Guh!", Another climaxing cock pushed into her. This
one would not make a difference, she thought, none of the
rest would. It was done.
Three or four men were left. Each plowed into her
sopping pussy and emptied his balls. Then the last was done,
his sweaty, satisfied body withdrawing from her drooling,
come-filled pussy. It was over. All of the men now stepped
back into a loose circle around Susan.
"You will stay here, this way, for an hour, to give
our seeds time to take root, then you will be transported
back to your vehicle and left on a secluded road. If you
have not conceived for us this night, we will find you
again. This has happened before, rarely, but of the Mothers
we have brought back, some proved to be most willing. Your
reaction to the rite indicates the same may be true of you."
Susan shivered at the implications of the voice's last
"We care for our children. Through anonymous,
untraceable gifts and strokes of apparent fortune, you will
always be able to provide food, shelter, and the best in
education. When the child is grown, it will be informed by
our representatives of the circumstances and reason for its
conception. Try to hide it from us and we will have to
create a new child with you to replace it. Nurture it, and
you, yours, and ours will be protected, mother of our
"Mother of our child," The gathered men repeated with
a mix of voices that echoed in the chamber. The lights went
out as a wet cloth was again placed over Susan's mouth and
nose. Consciousness left her as the echoes died away,
burned forever into her memory.



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