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Private Conversations

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Younger lesbians often talk about seducing straight women. older
lesbians are more interested in finding someone to love. There is pain
for a woman who is left behind when her lover returns to the past.


She sat alone. Her table was on the patio where she could see the cars
as they pulled into the restaurant parking lot. She waited for him and
wondered what to expect.

"Linda, it's me, Rachel. I had to call you. Ed is an hour late for
lunch and I don't know what to do."

"Hi Rachel. Calm down. Did you check your messages? Maybe he's having
car problems."

"We were supposed to meet here for lunch." Rachel started to sob. "We
had a fight, a really bad one. I think it's all over. I think he broke
up with me. I know he doesn't want to see me anymore."

"Hold on Sweetie. I'll be there in ten minutes and you can tell me all
about it over a glass of wine."


A glass of wine became two. The second glass opened the gates of
conversation. Linda heard about Ed, about the argument that got worse
and worse. Neither one would back off and he ended up leaving her with
nothing but the sound of a slamming door.

It was Wednesday. They always met for lunch on Wednesday, but he didn't
show up and he didn't call. She left two messages, but he didn't return
either one.

"Why won't he return my call?" Rachel asked. "We were together for
three years. Why, Linda, why, why?"

"I don't know, Rachel. Look, we're both getting a little tipsy. Why
don't you come over to my place and I'll cook dinner?"

"You've been so nice. I can't put you to any more trouble so let me
find my car and I'll go home."

"It won't be any trouble. I have to make dinner anyhow and I don't want
to eat by myself. Come on."


Rachel helped with dinner and it took her mind off her loss. They
worked together and things got done. The meal was fun and the pain was
hidden somewhere in the background.

"Thanks, Linda. It's so nice being able to talk with you. How can you
stand listening to all my problems?"

They were sitting in the living room sharing a carafe of white wine.
Nothing memorable. Enough to make the sadness hide and the pain go
away. "Rachel, you're a nice person. You and Ed have had your problems,
but you got over them and you can do it again. I thought you were
talking about marriage."

"That's what I wanted. That all I've thought about since I was a girl
living at home, listening to my mother talk about the wonders of
married life, children and all the things a woman needs."

"You can work through this Rachel. You just need some time."

The two women talked and Rachel felt the pain start to leave. The spear
in her side didn't hurt as much. She thought she was feeling better and
then she broke down and cried again.

"There, there, Sweetie, I understand. Everything will be all right.
Don't worry." Rachel sat next to Linda on the couch. She found herself
in Linda's arms and felt secure. She could smell the fresh scent of
Linda's long brown hair. Her ear was pressed against Linda's chest and
she heard a heartbeat tell her she was safe.

Rachel never knew how it happened. She remembered Linda's blue eyes and
her pink lips. She remembered how the tongue felt as it sneaked inside
her mouth. She remembered when tenderness changed to sounds of passion
and friends became lovers. She remembered all of that, but she never
remembered how it started.

Some of their clothes were on the couch. Some ended up on the floor.
They finished undressing in the bedroom and found each other before
they had a chance to pull down the bedspread.

Kissing. Holding. Touching. There were new smells. Fingers explored
different sensations. There were new sounds. Bodies pressed close
together in a single embrace. One where there used to be two.

Rachael had never touched another woman's breast. Now she lusted after
the two firm globes Linda offered for dessert. She felt a hand moving
down her back and fingers squeezing one of her ass cheeks. A leg forced
its way between hers and rubbed against her pussy, against her clit.
Electricity moved through her body and found a secret place in her
mind. Colors flashed and she heard the sound of herself losing control.

More. More. Touch, feel, hold. Kiss me. Kiss, kiss. Rachel held Linda's
breast and almost sucked it into her mouth. She kissed her way down
Linda's tummy and wondered if she could do it. Yes, she could. She
wanted to taste her friend.

Rachel's tongue trailed over the slit between Linda's legs. She could
feel the wet and smell the love. She found Linda's clit and teased it
with her tongue. Licking, pushing, probing. She tried to suck it into
her mouth. Linda moaned.

She heard a scream and realize it was her own voice. Her body announced
an orgasm and gave itself over to the power of lust.

Rachel knew what Linda wanted because she wanted it too. She learned
from Linda and practiced her lessons in the tiny bed that was more than
enough for two people who were so close together.

Did they make love only once? No, the sun was peeking through the
bedroom window when they finally crawled under the covers. Rachel
couldn't remember how many times her body was satisfied. It must have
been enough because she was falling asleep, but she still thought she
wanted more.

The taste of tiny kisses burned sweetly on Rachel's lips. Her ass felt
a pussy pressing against it. Arms held her. Hot breath tickled her
neck. A hand moved to her pussy. We can't start again, or maybe we can.


"He finally called me, Linda. We got together for drinks and a long
talk." Rachel often thought about seeing him again and it finally
happened last night.

"It's been almost a month. What happened?" Linda asked.

"Nothing at first and then something came over me. He touched my hand
and it happened. He moved closer and I could feel his aura surrounding
me. I started to remember why I was with him for all that time."

Rachel thought about the evening. There was more, but she didn't want
to tell. No, it would hurt Linda to know what really happened. The
kiss. The old feelings and then going home. It seemed so normal to make
love with him. The end of a nice evening, something lovers do. Not
different and not really unexpected.

"Rachel, what's wrong. You're off in space somewhere."

"It started to come back. Three years. Marriage, babies. It started to
come back and I wanted all of it."

"You were together for a long time. He's a nice person. What else

Rachel thought about what she could say. She didn't want to hurt Linda,
but she didn't want to lie either.

"You're right, Linda. There was more. He wants to get together again.
He wants to talk some more and he told me there are things left to
discuss. He's right."

"What do you want to do?" Linda put her hand on Rachel's shoulder and
willed love to flow into her body.

"I dreamed about this conversation a hundred times. I saw myself saying
some awful things and I wanted to say them. When I was sitting there
next to him, all the bad feelings went away."

"Are you going to see him again? What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I'm afraid and something happened when I heard his

They talked and they cried. Rachel felt emotions tearing at her chest.
She heard the soft words Linda used to sooth her, but it didn't work.
Ed was still in the room. He was still in her life.

"Rachel, I love you and want you to be happy. If you still love him,
I'll understand and get out of your way." Rachel saw the tears running
from Linda's eyes and wanted to make things better, but there was Ed.

Rachel dialed the familiar phone number. She heard it ring once, twice
and he picked it up on the third ring. "Hello."

"Hi, Ed, it's me."

"Rachel, last night was great." Ed seemed happy to hear her voice.
"God, I missed you in bed and wish you were here right now. Why don't
you come over?"

"I'm having dinner with Linda tonight. I just thought I'd give you a

"You can get together with Linda anytime. We have things to talk about.
I want to make some plans. It's time we set the date and let your
parents know they'll getting some baby pictures soon."

Marriage, babies, everything her mother enjoyed. Everything Rachel
dreamed about as far back as she could remember. Yes, it felt right.
She listened to Ed and knew she should be with him. He was the key to
everything she needed.

"Come on, Rachel, Linda will understand. Do you want me to pick you

"Things are moving a little fast, Ed. Maybe we should take more time."

"Dammit Rachel! We've been together for three years. How much longer do
you think I can wait?"

"I don't want to fight again, Ed."

"Then quit wasting time and get over here. We have things to do and
Linda is not part of them. Do you understand?"

Rachel understood. More than Ed would ever know. More than her mother
could know.

"I'm sorry, Ed. Something happened and I know it's over between us.
It's time to move on with our lives. There's nothing more to talk
about. Not now. Not ever. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye."

Rachel put down the phone and started to cry. It wasn't over. Ed would
call again and she would have to explain herself and wondered if she
could do it. She had to tell her mother who wouldn't understand. She
could hardly understand any of it herself. Her thoughts and emotions
swirled around in pool of confusion. She felt relieved and sad. She
felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders and yet she knew it
could come back again with just one word, one touch or one look.

"Rachel, tell me what happened. I want to help you." Rachel saw the
tears in Linda's eyes and knew she wasn't alone. There was someone who
would help her get by the pain. She knew she could make it.

Rachel looked at Linda and saw something more than her best friend.
"Linda, do you know that I love you?"

"I love you too, Rachel, but let's not rush. Let's take care of you
first and then see what happens."
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

Read more of my stories at my website\~Katie_McN\


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