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"Porn makes me happy. It reminds me that I'm alive."

-- An anonymous female porn lover as quoted in Pronocopea, by
Lawrence O'Toole, 1998, Serpent's Tale, London
"Sex is power. It lays waste to our defenses. It over-rides good
sense, shorts circuits the higher functions. Our universe constricts
until it approximates the contours of our bodies; our breasts thud
concussively as we grind into each other, our vocabulary reduced to
paleolithic grunts."

-- Cliff Burns, The Illustrated Guide to the Masters of
the Macabre
To some people sex is sex, to Lisa, sex is theater. To me, sex is opera
-but then, I'm another story.

-- Tiffany Clark as Renee, in Hot Dreams
"...the ritual gesture that so eloquently defines femininity: the
careful double-arch
tinting of the upper lip, the graceful sweep of the lower, the business-
like blotting compression of the mouth."

-- Owen Edwards, Elegant Solutions
"No healthy person, it appears, can fail to make some addition
that might be called perverse to the normal sexual aim; and the
universality of this finding is in itself enough to show how
inappropriate it is to use the word perversion as a term of reproach."

-- Sigmund Freud
"Every active perversion is thus accompanied by its passive
counterpart: Anyone who is an exhibitionist in his unconscious is, at the
same time, a voyeur."

-- Sigmund Freud
" every heterosexual man I knew, I found the sight of an attractive
woman's breasts endlessly and inexplicably novel and fascinating and
delightful and arousing."

-- J. P. Kansas, "The Circle" in Erotica
I write erotica for the thrill that comes from knowing somebody else
might be turned on by my words"

-- Lybbe from the Erotic Reader's Associations
Deep in the belly, too, of every female is a desire, more ancient than
the caves, to be forced to yield to the ruthless domination of a
magnificent, uncompromising male, a master; deep within them they all
wish to submit, vulnerably and completely, nude, to such a beast. This
is completely clear in their fantasies. Earth culture, of course,
gives little scope to these blood needs of the beauties of our race;
accordingly, these needs, frustrated, tend to express themselves in
neurosis, hysteria and hostility. Techonology and social structures,
following their own dynamics, integral to their development and
expansion, have left behind the pitiful, rational animals who are their
builders and their victims. We have built our own cage, and defend it
against those who would shatter its locks. (p. 136)

-- John Norman, Marauders of Gor

... free women of the north regard themselves as superior to sex; many
are frigid, at least until carried off and collared; they often insist
that, even when they have faces and figure that drive men wild, that it
is their mind on which he must concentrate his attentions; some free
men, to their misery, and the perhaps surprising irritation of the
female, attempt to comply with this imperative; they are fools enough
to believe what such women claim is the truth about themselves; they
should listen instead to the dreams and fantasies of women, and recall,
for their instruction, the responses of a free woman, once collared,
squirming in the chains of a bond-maid. These teach us truths which
many woman dare not speak and which, by others, are denied,
interestingly, with a most psychologically revealing hysteria and
vehemence. "No woman," it is said, "knows truly what she is until she
has worn the collar." Some free women apparently fear sex because they
feel it lowers the woman. This is quite correct. In few, if any,
human relationships is there perfect equality. The subtle tensions of
dominance and submission, universal in the animal world, remain
ineradicably, in our blood; they may be thwarted and frustrated but,
thwarted and frustrated, they will remain. It is the nature of the
male, among the mammals, to dominate, that of the female to submit.
The fact that humans have minds does not cancel the truths of the
blood, but permits their enrichment and enhancement, their expression
in physical and psychological ecstasies far beyond the reach of simpler
organisms; the female slave submits to her master in a thousand
dimensions, in each of which she is his slave, in each of which he
dominates her.
In the lowering of the woman, of course, a common consequence of
her helplessness in the arms of a powerful male, her surrendering, her
being forced to submit, she finds incredibly to some perhaps, her
freedom, her ecstasy, her fulfillment, her exaltation, her joy; in the
Gorean mind this matter is simple,- it is the nature of the female to
submit; accordingly, it is natural that when she is forced to
acknowledge, accept, express and reveal this nature that she should be
almost deliriously joyful and thankful, to her master; she has been
taught her womanhood; no longer is she a sexless, competitive
pseudoman-- she is then, as she was not before, female; she then finds
herself, perhaps for the first time, clearly differentiated from the
male, and vulnerably, joyfully, complementary to him..(p155).

-- John Norman, Marauders of Gor

"What are some of the other themes -- as opposed to the formulas --
of erotic literature? Fantasy has been an important and pervasive
element in the genre. Few of us will ever murder someone, travel to
Mars, punch cows on the open range, or satisfy a dozen beautiful women at
an orgy; but we can live these experiences vicariously. Obviously, one
of the attractions of fiction is that it enables us to live a thousand
lives one wouldn't have the courage, time or inclination for in reality;
erotic fiction dramatically increases the number of vicarious experiences
available to us. We all have sex lives, but few of us are murderers or
space travelers. In most instances however, the themes of erotic writing
are the familiar themes of mainstream writing, among them innocence and
its loss; degradation and redemption; freedom and enslavement; desire and
its consequences; and the transcendence of the ego.
...These are some of the arguments for an intelligent reading of
erotic literature and for its acceptance as a legitimate genre of
writing, but the most important is pleasure, which is to say: what is
wrong with reading a book for the purpose of both physical and mental
stimulation? And what is aroused in us by a reading of the classics but
the very basic emotions of pity, sympathy, love and terror? Why do we
forbid ourselves sexual arousal when we read?"
-- Michael Perkins, The Secret Record, 1976
"..the lord of Eros will not be denied his awesome role in our lives."

-- Michael Perkins, The Secret Record, 1976
.they were the sort that make you feel that if God ever created
anything better to look at he must have kept it for himself.

-- David Shaw


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