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(Mf, Inc, Teen,)
A short story By davidb234.
© davidb234 21/01/2000
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.

This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

"Gramps" said my granddaughter from where she
lay on the carpet watching tv as she did her
homework. "Yes Sally" I replied half-heartedly,
reluctant to stop reading my paper.
"Can I ask you something please Gramps?" I
lowered the top of my newspaper and peered over it
at her, trying to look very severe. "Of course you
can my love. You know you can ask me anything you
like." With an athletic twist and an effortless
flick she was kneeling in front of me looking over
the top of my paper and grinning shyly. "ErrÖ well
it's a bit.. sort of.. personal. But there's no one
else to ask since Grandma died last year."
I folded my paper up and set it aside. I had
an inkling this was going to take some time.
Placing my hands under Sally's armpits I gently
lifted her on to my lap. I slipped my arms round
her and said softly "What's so personal your
Grandpa can't talk about it Sally darling?" She
looked down at her fingers as she twiddled them in
her lap, "Err.. well it's about boys actually
Gramps" she almost whispered. "Oh, well thatís all
right then, I think I can talk about 'boys', after
all I was one once you know." She gave me a thump
with her tiny fist and when she'd stopped giggling
said "Donít be silly Gramps, I know that. It's just
that I want to ask about boys and girls."
"Ah, thatís an entirely different subject,
isn't it Sally darling?" she nodded, still looking
down at her hands. "Yes Gramps, and I donít know
who to talk to about it" she said softly.
When Sally's parents, my son and his wife,
died in a plane crash six years ago my wife Jenny
and I took her in, being her only living relatives.
Sally was eight at the time, and with the
resilience of youth soon got over her parents
death, without forgetting about them all
together. It was harder for her when I lost my wife
almost a year ago, and it was only because we had
each other to lean on that we actually got over the
worst of our grief so quickly. Now I was having to
be father and mother to my only grandchild, and I
seemed to be succeeding. We had got over the period
problem a year or so before Jenny died. Sally now
thought it was funny taking her grandpa shopping to
buy a new bra, and never showed any embarrassment
when she asked me if it was fitting correctly,
although we did get a few funny looks from sales
assistants. Now it looked as if I was about to be
bombarded with questions about sex. And I wasnít
looking forward to it.
"The thing is Gramps, when we stayed with
Aunt Sue the other week, Kelly and I got to talking
about dating and so on. She said her friend had
been having sex for two years and loved doing it.
Except that the first time she did it was pretty
painful, and she was bleeding for ages." I lifted
Sally upright and said "Sally darling, I thought
they taught you all about that sort of thing at
school these days?" she looked at me and grinned.
"Oh, yes Gramps, of course they do. I know all
about hymens and penis's and sperm and all that.
Thatís not the question." I felt decidedly confused
and must have looked it, because Sally smiled at me
and said "Oh, I'm sorry Gramps, I guess I didnít
make myself clear." I shook my head, "No Sally
darling, you didnít. now, please tell me what your
question was going to be."
Sally suddenly twisted round, threw her right
leg in the air and over my head and a moment later
was kneeling on the sofa straddling my thighs
resting her hands on my shoulder. Holding me at
arms length so she could see me properly Sally gave
me the sexiest smile I'd ever seen and said firmly
"I just wanted to ask you when you would break my
cherry and show me how to make love properly." I
was stunned, astonished, speechless, any and all
these words describe how I felt, and how I looked
because Sally burst into a peal of laughter. When
she had finished laughing Sally leaned forward and
kissed me lovingly on the lips, "Kelly said you'd
flip your lid Gramps. I guess she was right." By
now I'd turned pale, and was feeling a little light
headed, I was unable to say anything at all. All I
could do was think desperately hard trying to
remember when I'd given her any reason to think I'd
even consider doing such a thing. I couldnít,
therefore, where had this idea come from? Kelly?
Did her cousin put this idea into her sweet little
head? I determined to speak to my sister-in-law
about this next time I called her. Right now I had
to do some damage limitation, and fast.
"I'm sorry Sally darling, I'm afraid thatís
one thing I could never do." I said gently, "Who
put you up to asking me something like that? Was it
your cousin Kelly?" Sally giggled at the thought,
"Donít me silly Gramps, she thinks you're much too
old to have sex, especially with someone as young
as me" she paused for a moment, then continued "Do
I really have to tell you who it was Gramps?" I
nodded "Yes darling, because I'm going to have to
have a very severe word with them next time I see
whoever it was." Sally grinned, then started to
chuckle to herself. "OK Gramps, I'll tell." And she
slipped off my lap, then raced out of the room,
returning a few minutes later changed into her new
shortie nightie. Without a thought as to how she
was dressed Sally once more straddled my lap, then
handed me an envelope with my name written in my
wife's hand. "Will you please read this Gramps" she
said as she wriggled her bottom on my lap, trying
to get comfortable as she felt my cock swelling
under her.
I opened the envelope and spread the single
sheet of paper out, slowly reading and re-reading
My darling David, if I was there with you now I
would be persuading you to do this little thing for
our beloved Sally. As you are reading this I'm not
able to be there. Please my darling, please do this
for her. I know you will be gentle with her the
first time. And I know she will trust you not to
hurt her more than is necessary. Please my love,
help make her a woman, and always ensure she stays
safe in this wicked world. You are all she has left
and she will need your help and guidance for many
years to come.
Your ever loving Jenny.

I looked up at Sally when I finished reading. She
leaned forward and tenderly kissed away the tears
that were forming in my eyes, then kissed me
passionately. "Grandma said I should ask you to do
this as soon as I felt I was ready Gramps. She knew
you wouldnít want to do it, and told me it was
because you love me so much. But I said if you
loved me then you'd want to do it for me. Thatís
when she wrote the letter, telling me to use it as
a last resort." Sally looked at me wistfully,
"Please Gramps. I want to do this, you have to
admit I've grown up a lot in the past year, look"
and she lifted her arms, pulling her nightie off
over her head and sat naked and proud as she
displayed her wonderful young body to my gaze.
As I sat there looking at the beautiful sight
before me, my body let me down. I was trying hard
not to react to her nudity, my cock thought
differently. Sally grinned wickedly as she placed
one hand between her crotch and mine. Squeezed my
stiffening cock in her fingers and said "Well
Gramps, at least one part of you agrees with me,
why not let the rest?"
As soon as I said "Here or in my bed?" she
knew she'd won and in a flash she was off my lap
and scrambling to get my belt and zipper undone. I
helped, and saw a large dark damp patch covering my
groin. I knew it wasnít me that made it, so it had
to be Sally showing she was well and truly lubed up
and ready for me. The instant she pulled my pants
over my feet and threw them to one side Sally was
back straddling me, holding my hard throbbing penis
in her hand as she aimed the tip at her hot wet and
very swollen pussy lips. As soon as she felt the
head pass between her lower lips Sally gave a loud
gasp of pleasure. She paused for a moment,
savouring the feeling of her first partial
penetration. She then looked at me, smiled as she
leaned forward to kiss me, then as soon as our lips
touched she dropped herself down hard on my
erection, pressing her lips hard to mine as she
tried to stifle her cry of pain as the head of my
penis destroyed her maidenhead once and for all. I
put my arms around Sally's naked body and hugged
her to me as tight as I dare, all the time she was
trying to control her self. When she stopped her
silent sobbing I whispered "I'm so sorry my
darling. I didnít know it was going to hurt that
much, or I would have tried to do it another way.
Will you please forgive me?"
Sally looked up at me as she pulled herself
from my encircling arms, "Oh Gramps, thatís so
silly darling. I wasnít crying because it hurt me.
I was crying because I love you so much. And I know
you love me because you did this for me" she kissed
me passionately then said softly "Well, it did hurt
a little bit, but I knew it would. The pain's all
gone now, so will you make love to me please
Gramps, just like grandma said you would."


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