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Title: Quick Divorce
Keywords: ff, voy
Author: Caesar
"Said a lesbian lady, 'Its's sad;
Of all the girls that I've had,
None gave me the thrill
Of real rapture until
I learned how to be a tribade.'"
-unknown author

Unknown to the pretty wife, her dissatisfied husband has a hooker
befriend and seduce her while he takes photos.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.

A Quick Divorce

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1991-2002

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Carla, a.k.a. Christi, looked around the expensively decorated master
bedroom. There were abstract paintings on the wall, a sculpture of a
naked woman without arms in the corner, and a bear rug near the
fireplace at the end of the huge bed. She sat down comfortably on the
king-sized bed, her feet not even reaching the floor, and she sunk
down into the extremely soft quilt and mattress.

Carol Trudeau entered the room, a bottle of wine in one hand, two
long-stemmed wine goblets in the other. She looked over the thin
small woman, noticing her long legs and round face. A tremble of
excited desire ran through her as she took her eyes off the temptress.
She set her items down, then began to pour two full glasses of white
wine. She could almost feel the girl's eyes on the back of her body,
looking at her silk clad legs to her still-firm ass cheeks, and up to
her long mane of hair.

When the glasses were full, she turned around and handed one to
Christi while giving her a warm smile. For a long minute the two of
them stared into one another's face, taking in each other's features.
Christi, the younger of the two, was definitely the prettier,
possessing sexy, youthful features with a suggestion of innocence.
She was only fifteen, but told Carol she was twenty-three. Carol was
thirty-nine, thin and tall, with almost an athletic body. Her face
still looked like she was thirty, her body twenty, her attitude forty.

Carol held up her glass, "Toast," she waited until Christi held up
hers, "to a wonderful friendship."

Christi smiled sweetly. "And to a long night!" For a second, Carol
froze, then she smiled extravagantly and took a long drink. Carol was
the first to set down her drink, then leaned forward to kiss the
younger girl's lips. Christi set her goblet down then wrapped her
arms around her friend's neck and returned the kiss, more

Soon Carol was laying over the other, kissing frantically, her hands
feeling a firm round breast covered still in her sweater. Christi
looked up over the woman's shoulder towards the dresser mirror. She
smiled with her eyes, knowing that Mr. Trudeau was somewhere in the
house, watching a hidden camera behind the mirror. The two ladies
were moaning, and Christi was playing it up, her legs wrapping around
the other's waist, her arms wrapped around the strong back, her hips
pressing rhythmically upwards into the other's crotch.

When the older woman was sucking on a small attractive ear, the
younger spoke passionately. "God, I never knew it could be like this!
I love you so much!"

Between nibbles, Carol responded, "I love you, too, my little flower!"

Truthfully the two of them had only known each other for two days.
Yesterday, Carol's buggy had bumped into Christi's at the supermarket,
toppling her groceries. After that incident they met for a quick
lunch and became quick friends...and more! Christi told her new
friend of her loneliness while sharing a bottle of red wine that same
night- her husband left her a few months ago. While Carol opened up
and told of her loveless marriage, one thing led to another, and Carol
had kissed the Christi's lips, softly and lingering. Christi began to
cry, wrapped her arms around her new friend to thank her for being
there, then she promptly left. The next day they met for supper at a
fine restaurant, where Carol had suggested returning home for a
nightcap. To her surprise her friend agreed. Carol tried and
succeeded in seducing the younger woman until they were both here.

Almost without a word, both separated from their heated embrace and
rolled off the mattress, standing at either side of the big bed.
Carol smiled at her new lover and unbuttoned her blouse, slowly
stripping herself for the pleasure of her friend.

Christi watched with wide, almost innocent eyes, then pulled her
sweater over her head. A gasp escaped Carol's lips upon seeing the
magnificent breasts, round, large, but very firm. A tiny nipple
topped each, elegantly pointing towards the ceiling at a slight angle.
Almost embarrassed of her own bosom, Carol let her bra fall off her

Christi's eyes glued to the large tanned nipple, her hands unbuttoning
the front of her tight jeans while Carol let her own skirt drop to the
floor. Underneath she wore only a pair of stockings and lace panties in preparation for this evening.

The young girl stepped out of her jeans then spoke up. "Oh Carol,"
she murmured, starring at her friend's long legs and see-through
panties. "Please let me...?" She motioned with her head, then
crawled across the wide bed to kneel directly in front of Carol's
waist, while Carol waited with barely- contained excitement.

Christi bent forward and planted a kiss on the black skimpy lingerie
panties. Carol moaned deeply and loudly, unashamed of the erotic
energy she was feeling. The kisses became firmer, and lower, going up
and down the covered cleft of the woman's already wet vagina. The
forty-year-old woman was pressing her hips outwards, her legs spread
and her left hand cupping the long hair of the young girl. Her
enjoyment was loud and satisfying.

Carol had her eyes closed and her attention was so riveted to her
sexual organ that she didn't notice her lesbian lover hook her thumbs
into the tight panties and pull them down. They fell to her feet
without her even knowing it. The first indication that she was bare
was when a warm slimy tongue slid gently into the cleft of her outer
lips, tickling and teasing the hard bud of her clitoris.

If the older woman knew anyone was in the house, she would not have
yelled out as loudly as she did. The whole house seemed to shake with
the love sounds of a woman rising towards orgasm. With one hand
cupping her slightly sagging, but attractive, breasts, the other
holding her new friend's head against her stomach, Carol had her first
orgasm with another woman. A bolt of electricity shot out of her
clitoris and spread to every inch of her body. Christi guided the
woman as she collapsed onto the bed. The last sensation that Carol
had was of warm hands holding her up, then she drifted off to a sexual

Christi worked quickly. She lay the unconscious older woman in the
middle of the bed, then spread the woman's legs as wide as they would
go, flowering out her very wet pussy. The girl pulled off her panties and arranged herself over the woman's face. Just before she fell
forwards onto the woman's belly, the door to the bedroom opened.

Mr. Trudeau walked in, a devilish smile on his face. "You're doing
excellent, Christi!" He looked very pleased.

For a second she was worried the older woman would wake from her
slumber. "Perhaps good enough for that bonus you promised me?"

"You earned that already. I'm very pleased - I may even double it!"
He closed the door behind him, letting the two girls get on with

Carol woke up, her whole body aching with a joyous hum. She could
feel her cunt being fucked, and something playing with the
electric-sensitive clitoris. It took a full minute before she
realized it wasn't a cock inside her vaginal hole, but a finger
expertly sliding in and out in time to the licks of the tongue on her
love bud. With a moan and wiggle of her hips she opened her eyes.

An inch in front of her face was the overwhelming sight of a naked ass
and almost hairless vagina. Carol remembered who it was that was
eating her. "Hmm...that's delightful, my love." She kissed the
underside of the girl's left buttock.

The tongue came off the clit, and the shapely ass wiggled seductively
and yearningly. With a panting, pleading voice, "Please, Carol! Lick
me! Make me come!"

Carol studied the first cunt that she had ever seen close up, the
flowered inner and outer lips, the dark opening pulsating with almost
a beat of its own, the slimy clear liquid dampening the surface of it
all. And of course she could see the girl's anus, a dark pink,
wrinkled puckered rear muscle. Again it wiggled pleading, while the
girl moaned loudly. Carol closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out.
She came into contact with the inner lips, wet with the secretions of
her excitement. She noticed the taste of the nectar, strong, musky-
sweet. She pressed into the soft wet folds, and her tongue glided
into the vaginal hole until her face was pressed up against the warm
body. A flood of wetness drenched her face and covered her tongue -
some even slid down her chin to her neck. Her nose was pressing
against the hard anus, a new smell wafting up her nostrils. Carol was

Christi hugged a naked thigh, groaning out loudly, while also pressing
her ass back against the face, arching her back downwards causing her
ass to push out and her vagina to flower even more. The woman behind
her was inexperienced, but soon began to eat pussy the way she had
enjoyed it done to her. The tongue mostly concentrated upon the
sensitive clitoris while sidetracking to "fuck" the cunt. The older woman wanted to touch every part of her new lover's sex. She licked
every fold of the pussy; she forced her face hard against the ass to
stick her tongue as far into the welcoming hole as it would go. She
attempted to "fuck" the ass hole with a hardened tongue but the muscle
was too tough for her. She made so much noise eating the girl that
the pleasure sounds were almost drowned out.

When Christi had an orgasm, Carol didn't stop eating her out, but
continued with the same gusto that she had begun with. Christi
recuperated very soon and also restarted to eat her friend's still wet
gash. Both women were heavily into the pleasurable sixty-nine, juices
were coating faces and hands, tongues were getting sore, while open
mouths were aching. Fingers found their way into cunt holes,
imitating a cocks performance. Hands were reaching between the sweaty
bodies to play with breasts and nipples.

Within half an hour both were laying in each other's arms, laying on
their backs, trying to catch their breaths. The older woman's
stockings bunched up around her knees and the zealous activity made
her look at least her own age. The opposite with Christi - it made
her look even younger than her short years. The younger girl's hand
was mindlessly stroking the older woman's hairy cunt, a finger sliding
in and out as if massaging it back to life, while the older woman was
playing with the breasts she always wished she had been born with.
They were talking softly, quietly to each other, about little
insignificant things, their next rendezvous, measurements, sexual

In fact, Carol was surprised when the girl told her she had never been
with a woman, but the simple sight of the skimpy lingerie had inflamed
her so much she went out of control. The woman giggled when the girl graphically told her how she loved every second of her own cunt being
eaten. They both promised to try and outdo themselves next time.

"Well, Carol..." Both woman jumped at the sound of a man's voice. "I
had to come in and thank you!" Mr. Trudeau was standing in the
doorway, his hands on his hips, looking down the length of the bed at
the two naked woman.

Christi spoke, "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to
let me leave first!" She sat up.

Carol was stunned - here was her husband walking calmly into his
wife's infidelity and talking to her lover as if they knew each other.

"A change of plan, my dear," he said. "If you would kindly dress."
He laughed, ignoring the significantly more attractive girl as she
slid out of bed and stared at his wife, who curled herself into a
ball, confused and scared. "You see, my darling, your little affair
is all I need to seek the divorce I had been craving for so long!"

The unfaithful wife shot up in bed. They had never had a wonderful
marriage, but divorce hand never even come up. "My God, Ray..."

"Shut up!" he roared. "You can't see them, but there are three
cameras in this room, each capturing a wonderful view of your slutty
performance." He pointed to the three well-hidden cameras.

Carol got up onto her knees at the edge of the bed, ready to beg for
her husband's forgiveness, to plead for him to let her stay. He waved
the quickly-dressed young girl over to his side.

"No one believes a old woman who sleeps with fifteen-year-old hookers,
darling." He took out a roll of hundred dollar bills, and handed them
to the young girl, who frantically grabbed them then shot towards the

Before exiting she stopped suddenly, then turned around, not able to
meet the eyes of Carol. "It was fun, Carol. Another time, another

Christi left, wanting to escape from the deceitful act she had a part

When she heard the front door slam shut, Carol began to cry. She fell
back onto the middle of the bed and let the tears come. Her husband
stood there, watching her, no emotion showing on his face. Some
self-control came over her and she thought she would try one last
thing before she would accept her husband was kicking her out, leaving
her with nothing.

Carol stopped crying and put on a seductive smile, spreading her legs
wide. One hand stole down to her flowered-open vagina, ignoring the
gentle ache of the overly-used organ. She manipulated herself,
pretending excitement, hoping to attract her husband, but only felt
self-pity and horror at her situation. Over the years she had come to
know what turned her husband on, some things they hadn't even tried.
Carol brought her knees up to her chest and let her hand slip down to
her anus, sliding her own finger into her backside. She began to moan
as she "fucked" herself, her acting very convincing since she was
trying to save her life.

Ray watched it all without saying a word or moving a inch. Though
Carol could see a definite bulge in his pants, he never even attempted
to intervene. So she had to continue the show, feeling nothing but
pity and hate for what she was willing to do.

She tried to talk to him. "Darling, I'll make it up to you! Here,
yes, fuck me here in my asshole. I'll do anything you ask, baby."
She pulled her finger out of her asshole and watched his eyes as she
licked that same finger. She sucked it clean then added more spittle,
quickly slipping it back into her butt hole. It was going in and out
faster. "Tell me you're just kidding about a divorce and I'll do
anything for you!" She reinforced the statement with a deep groan of

The groan of pleasure turned to pain as Ray turned and walked out the
open doorway. Carol curled herself into the fetal position, crying
hysterically, not knowing what she could do to win her husband back.

Ray returned and stood there for only the few seconds it took to throw
a videotape onto the bed before he left the room again. This time the
sound of the front door echoed around the room.

Carol finally knew it was over, her marriage was ended, and she was




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