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RACHMOM split because this but


Rachel and her family Part 1 Rachel and her Mom.
(FM,FF,FMff,Mff,Oral,Mast,1st,Inc,Cons) This work is the intellectual
property of the author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It may be
posted or archived to any free site, but not to any commercial or pay site
or organisation, without the authors express permission. Check out my
archive at:

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel and her Mom. (FM,FF,FMff,Mff,Oral,Mast,1st,Inc,Cons)

Chapter 1 I'd been dating Rachel for about six months, having started
about a year after my wife departed with one of the fitness coaches from
her gym club. We had been married for almost two years and I'd soon
realised I wasn't good enough, either in bed or in the home making game.
June wasn't actually a nymphomaniac, or a gold digger, just the next best
thing to them both. In the end she decided to end it and allowed me to
divorce her so she could marry a 'real man', as she put it. During the
year between June going and Rachel coming into my life I'd been pretty
miserable, always having a nagging doubt at the back of my mind that I was
less than a man, and incapable of satisfying a woman. It was therefore odd
that I should have met Rachel in the first place, and odder still that it
should have happened the way it did.

One of my ex wife's constant complaints was that I didn't take her out
to clubs and bars often enough. It wasn't that I never took her out, but I
just didn't like loud music and crowds when I'm trying to enjoy myself.
That's what made it so odd for me to be at a local club in the first place.
I'd been conned into attending a surprise birthday party for my brother,
and had landed the job of getting him to the venue at a specified time.
Seeing as he was always trying to get me out partying I had no trouble
steering him to the club and the party. All I had to do was tell him I
wanted to buy him a couple of drinks, and he was glad to get me out on the
town. The party went with a bang and I was soon looking for a quiet corner
to hide in to get out of the way of those friends that wanted to fill me
with booze. To this end I slipped out of the back door and went for a walk
around the garden attached to the restaurant. I hadn't been out there
long, and my eyes had become accustomed to the dark when I heard a muffled
cry and sounds of scrabbling in the shrubbery in the corner of the garden.
Being naturally inquisitive I went over to where the noise was coming from
and peered between a couple of bushes. There I was a girl struggling with
one of the party guests who already had her blouse torn open and her bra
pulled down, baring her breasts. He also had his hands under her skirt and
was struggling to remove her underwear as he held his hand tightly over her
mouth. I've always hated to see girls getting manhandled, and see red when
I hear of instances of rape, which this certainly looked like.

Quickly pushing my way through the foliage I stepped up behind the guy
and punched him as hard as I could in the region of his right kidney. I
know it had to hurt him, I'd learned that during combat training, the
trouble for him was it hurt so much he couldn't even yell out in pain, he
just collapsed at my feet, dragging the girl down with him , and ripping
her panties as he gave a jerk of his body on the way to the ground. I
ignored him and knelt down beside the girl, asking if she was OK. All she
could do was cry so I lifted her to her feet, held her against my chest and
tried to brush soil off the back of her skirt and blouse. When she
quietened down a little I stood her up and slipped my fingers in her bra
cups and pulled them back up over her breasts, which I saw and felt were
firm and smooth and warm. I then buttoned her blouse up for her, held her
by the shoulders and said gently "Can I go and fetch whoever you came with
to help you?" she gave a shuddering sigh, shook her head and said softly
"No, I'm on my own now that you stopped my boyfriend from raping me." And
she started to sob again, so I slipped my arms round her and held her close
to my chest again until she stopped crying.

By now the girls boyfriend was beginning to groan as he slowly recovered
consciousness and started to feel the pain inflicted on him. I looked
around the area, saw the girls purse laying on the ground, picked it up and
saw her torn panties a couple of feet away so collected them as well. "Can
I take you home?" I asked gently as I steered her out on to the path. She
nodded, "Would you do that for me please" she replied, "I don't have
transport though, I came in his car." "That's OK" I said "Mine's parked out
front, and we don't need to go back inside, we can use the back gate, so
nobody needs to see you like this." This brought a wan smile from her and
she pressed herself against me as I slipped an arm round her waist and
supported her as we walked to my car. I drove her home and sat in the car
as she ran up the path and into the house, turning to wave to me as she
walked through the door. As I drove slowly away I debated as to whether I
should go back to the party, deciding against it and driving home and
getting into bed after a quick night-cap. That was the last I thought
about the incident, until I went and did my marketing a few days later.

It being Saturday I got up late, showered and had breakfast, then drove
to the shopping mall to stock up on food and other essentials like two
cases of beer and a bottle of scotch. I'd just finished stowing the bags
in the trunk of my car when I was grabbed from behind by a pair of strong
hands. "Got you" said a very female voice, and I spun round to look into
the eyes of the girl I'd helped at the party. "Hi" I said lamely, "How are
you feeling, better than the last time I saw you from the look of it."
Before I could say anything else, or do anything, I found myself being well
and truly kissed, right on the lips, and by a pair of the softest, warmest
lips I'd tasted for many years. "Rachel!" I heard someone yell. Rachel
stepped back, smiling at me, then she turned to look at whoever was calling
her name and smiled as we both heard her mother say "What the hell are you
doing girl, kissing strangers like that!" Rachel slipped her arm through
mine, as if to make sure I wasn't going to run off, then she turned to face
her mother and said "Mom, this is the gentleman that helped me that night
at the party." Jenny, Rachel's mother broke into a smile, stepped up close
to me and kissed me as warmly as her daughter had done a few seconds
before. "Oh, in that case, Rachel darling, I don't mind you kissing him, in
fact I'm going to do it again" and she did.

By now I was beginning to get a bit flushed, being kissed by a couple of
good looking women has that effect on me, and Jenny grinned when she saw
it, saying "I guess we better lay off Rachel, he's getting embarrassed."
"Well OK Mom, but I still haven't thanked him for what he did." I got
another kiss from both of them and stood there while they both thanked me
over and over again for rescuing Rachel from her, now ex, boyfriends
unwanted attentions. That's when our relationship started. I had to
promise to go to their home for dinner that evening, did so, and had a
wonderful meal, in really good company. After dinner Jenny told Rachel to
take me into the living room while she did the dishes, then got uppity when
I offered to help saying she never allowed strangers into her kitchen. As
I sat on the sofa where Rachel had indicated, I suddenly found her sliding
up close to me and taking hold of my hands in hers. The feel of her soft
warm hands on mine triggered a reaction I could have done without just
then. I got the makings of an erection, and struggled to dampen it down by
twisting round to face her, crossing my thighs as I did. Rachel smiled at
me and said in a soft warm voice "I can't thank you enough for what you did
for me Jack, and I know mom feels the same. I just don't know what made
Ron do something like that, unless it was the booze. He'd been drinking
heavily before we got there." I grinned then said "What happened to him,
did he get home OK?" Rachel also grinned and said softly "Not that night.
The restaurant staff found him next morning, called the police and an
ambulance. They took him to hospital where they tried to make him tell
them what happened. He must have decided to keep quiet rather than get
arrested for attempted rape. Don't worry Jack, you didn't do him any
permanent damage, worse luck."

I went home shortly after this, kissing Rachel softly on the cheek as I
said goodnight, and doing the same for Jenny, getting a big hug and another
'thank you' kiss before I walked to my car and drove home. Now, six months
later, Rachel and I have been dating regularly, and having really great sex
almost every night we go out together. This happens either at my house or
sometimes in her own bed when Jenny goes out and leaves us alone for the
evening. This particular evening I'd offered to take Rachel to a movie,
then to a restaurant for dinner. Rachel wanted to stay in and cook for me,
and as she had already got the meal prepared I didn't have the heart to
refuse, especially as she was as good a cook as her mother. This time I
did manage to get to help do the dishes and spent the time pressing up
close to her soft warm body as often as I could. When we were done we went
to the living room and sat down with a cup of coffee. When we were done
Rachel took my cup from me. Placed it on a side table and slid over to me,
slipping her arms round me and cuddling up close. I put an arm round her
shoulder, allowed my hand to rest gently against her breast and lowered my
face to hers, kissing her tenderly as I gently caressed her silk covered
nipple. It didn't take long for me to be tweaking Rachel's hard throbbing
nipple between finger and thumb, and for Rachel to be moaning with pleasure
as she pressed her lips to mine in a hot passionate kiss that seemed to go
on for ever. Suddenly Rachel gave a twist of her body and scrambled up on
to my lap, straddling my thighs with hers and ripping her blouse open and
throwing it off her arms and dropping it on the floor behind her. I
already knew she wasn't wearing a bra, and as she bared her wonderful firm
rounded breasts I leaned forward and covered them with my mouth turn and
turn about. As I sucked on her breasts Rachel was grinding her crotch
against my burgeoning erection, succeeding so well in rubbing her clit
against my stiffness she suddenly screamed out "Ohhhh I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGG I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGG" and I felt a dampness on my crotch
as her orgasmic juices flooded from her hot wet pussy and soaked the front
of my pants.

As Rachel collapsed forward on to my chest, her head resting on my
shoulder, I tenderly stroked and caressed her back from neck to butt crack
with my hands. Rachel was totally spent and it took some time for her to
recover, showing me she was conscious by rubbing her pussy against my hard
cock in short jerky movements. After a couple of minutes of this Rachel
pushed herself upright, looked me in the eye and said softly "Let's go to
bed Jack darling, I want to be comfortable when I make love to you."

As we lay together Rachel slowly moved her hand down my chest and
abdomen until she could wrap it round my hard throbbing penis and begin to
slowly stroke it up and down my full length. I lay there for a few moments
then rolled over to face her, effectively stopping what she was doing. I
placed my lips on hers and kissed her warmly and passionately slipping my
arm under her neck and holding her arm with my hand. I lifted myself and
allowed her to slip her other arm under me as I continued kissing her, and
I then lowered myself until I was trapping her arm with my body effectively
pinning her to the bed without her realising it. As I kissed Rachel softly
and sweetly I began to stroke my hand down the centre of her body from
between her wonderful breasts down to the hard swelling of her mons and
it's soft downy covering of curls. The instant my finger slipped between
her soft wet and very swollen pussy lips Rachel opened her thighs as far as
she could, allowing me full unrestricted access to her body, something I
took advantage of immediately. Ignoring her moans that were being muffled
by my lips pressed against hers, I slipped two fingers deep into her
vaginal passage, moistening them well, then placing then on her clit and
starting to gently rub them back and forth and round and round. It wasn't
long before Rachel suddenly froze, then arched her back like a bow and
clamped her thighs tightly as she screamed out " Oooohhhh Aggghhhh.......
Rachel collapsed in a heap beside me, still with my arm pinning her to the
bed, and gently quivering as her orgasm continued to ripple up and down her
limp body. When at last she was still I stroked my hand all over her naked
frame from her nipples down to her swollen and very wet pussy lips. As
soon as she felt my fingers slip between her lower lips Rachel began
humping against them as she tried to stimulate her clit once more, and
bring herself to orgasm again. I don't know if it was her feeling helpless
being held down as she was, or because she was just so damned horny,
whichever it was it took just a matter of a few seconds before she was
again having a screaming orgasm, and clamping her thighs tight around my
hand, trapping my fingers deep inside her cuntal passage.

Chapter 2

As Rachel lay gasping for breath I slipped my arm from under her head,
rolled over to lay on top of her and pressed my knees between hers, forcing
her legs apart. Well, not actually forcing, as soon as she felt the
pressure of my knees on hers she opened them as wide as she could, knowing
I was trying to mount her as she lay there. The instant the tip of my hard
throbbing penis touched her hot wet and very swollen pussy she jerked her
hips forward and gasped as she felt the head of my cock lodge itself inside
her vaginal passage. As she threw her arms round my neck Rachel gasped out
"Oh, please Jack darling, fuck me, make me cum over and over as you ram
your wonderful hard throbbing cock deep into me, please darling, fuck me
hard, fill me with your hot sticky semen, fuck me darling, fill me up with
your cum fuck me fuck me fuck me......" over and over again Rachel cried
out for me to fuck her hard, so I did! At least I rammed hard at her soft
body, hard enough for her to enjoy it but not so hard I could hurt her, and
she did enjoy it because before I could get close to cumming myself she was
screaming again as her climax overtook her and exploded throughout her body
making her quiver with ecstasy as she cried out her pleasure again and

I rolled off Rachel and lay beside her gently caressing her breasts as
she slowly recovered her breath and composure. When she was breathing
steadily she turned to me and said in an accusing tone, "You didn't cum that time did you Jack darling?" I smiled at her and shook my head, "Sorry
darling, I didn't have time, you were much too quick for me, don't worry
though I'm sure we can work something out between us if we try" I said as I
kissed her tenderly. "Damned right we can" she replied, and in a flash she
was up on her hands and knees, her head on her hands and her butt sticking
up in the air in front of me. As I seemed to be hesitating Rachel looked
round at me and said "Well, come on what are you waiting for, just don't
stick that thing of your in the wrong place, I'm not quite ready for that
just now, maybe late we can try, OK?" with a smile I scrambled up on to my
knees, shuffled up close to her butt and touched the tip of my cock to her
still swollen pussy lips. Even before I could make the next move Rachel
was one step ahead of me, and she rocked backwards, impaling herself on my
penis, ramming it deep inside her, and slamming her buttocks against my
pubic bone, almost pushing me back on to my heels with the force of her
movement. Instinctively I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled myself
upright, forcing her forwards as I did, and ramming my prick deeper inside
her, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her lips as the head of my cock
pressed against the mouth of her womb. Over and over again I thrust my
hips against her buttocks each time forcing her body forward, almost
pulling my cock from her pussy, it only being stopped by the pressure of
the grip she had with her pussy lips around the head of my penis.

Almost without warning I felt my orgasm build up to a climax and I
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG, Aggghhhh......." and I began to shoot a truly massive
stream of cum deep into Rachel's hot grasping cuntal passage. So much did
I cum I felt it forcing it's way back past my cock, to ooze from her cunt and dribble over my balls and down our inner thighs. It was also the
moment that Rachel and I heard a soft cry of "OH my god Rachel I'm so
sorry". We looked up and saw Jenny standing just inside the open bedroom
door staring down at the pair of us as we knelt on the bed, joined together
in the best possible way. "Mom.. get out of here!" cried Rachel as I sat
back on my heels pulling my suddenly wet rag limp cock from Rachel's cum slicked pussy, and trying to cover myself up with the bedclothes. In a
flash Jenny turned and left the room, closing the door behind her and
leaving Rachel and I to recover some of our dignity once more. Rachel
looked at me and began to laugh at the sight I must have portrayed as I
tried to get back to a dignified sitting position. "I'm sorry about that
Jack darling, I forgot mom would be coming home early tonight I think I
better go and have a word with her, you just stay there for a bit, I won't
be long." With that she gave he a kiss on the lips and rolled off the bed,
slipped on her robe and waddled out of the bedroom, closing the door behind
her. I lay there for some time, wondering what I was going to say to Jenny
when I had to face her, and thinking it might be best to slip quietly away
for the night and coming back another day when things might have calmed
down somewhat. In the end I decided it was time I went to the bathroom and
relieve my aching bladder. That when I got my second shock of the evening.

Having relieved myself and washed my groin clean of our mixed orgasmic
juices I was making my way back to Rachel's bedroom when I heard strange
noises coming from Jenny's room. As the door was slightly open I stopped
and peered through the crack, gasping out loud at what I saw. I was so
surprised I leaned against the door, pushing it open even more and
attracting the attention of Jenny and Rachel as they lay in a classic 69
position, Rachel on top and Jenny sucking hard at her daughters cum oozing
pussy. It suddenly dawned on me that it was my cum oozing from Rachel's
pussy, and the thought of Jenny sucking it up like a Hoover got me hard as
a rock in seconds. Something attracted Jenny's attention because she was
suddenly looking into my eyes as I stared at the two of them. "Oh god no!"
gasped Jenny as she tried to push Rachel off her. Rachel wasn't going to
move though, she seemed to be enjoying her mothers attentions too much.
That is until she looked between their bodies to see what was making her
mother stop sucking on her cunt, saw me and gave a cry of embarrassment as
she rolled to one side and ended up sitting beside Jenny blushing fire
engine red and trying to find the words to explain what was going on. I
don't know who was more embarrassed, Jenny Rachel or me. As it was they
both put on a robe and we all went down to the kitchen where we sat round
the table, Jenny made us a cup of coffee and she explained things to me.

When Jenny's husband had left her she had got steadily more frustrated
and horny. One night she had caught Rachel masturbating, and not very
expertly either, so she decided to kill two birds with one stone and teach
Rachel how to get herself off, as she got off herself. From then on they
had helped each other out more and more, especially when Rachel had been
let down by a date. It was Jenny that had broken Rachel's hymen, and
Rachel told me that the first time we had made love had been her first time
a guy had ever got his penis inside her. "That's what the problem was when
you saved me from being raped that night Jack darling, I told Ron I didn't
want to go that far with him, and he objected, you know what happened after
that." I nodded slowly and before I could say anything Jenny said "Look
Jack, I'm sorry if it's upset you, we didn't mean to take quite so long,
otherwise you'd never have know what was happening between us. I'll make
sure it never happens again when you're staying over, just don't blame
Rachel please, it wasn't her fault really, it was mine." "What you have to
understand Jack darling" said Rachel firmly before I could reply to what
Jenny had said, "Is that for a long time all mom and I had was each other.
I don't want us to split up because of this, but I can't just say to mom that I'm going to stop what we've been doing, because I won't, OK?" "OK" I
replied, "To be honest I'm only really ticked off because I wasn't invited
to your party in the first place, or don't you want me to join you in your
little games?"

They sat there in silence for some time, then Jenny said "You don't mean
you want the three of us to get together, do you?" I shrugged my shoulders,
"Why not, I really enjoy having sex with Rachel, as you might have guessed.
You and Rachel seem to enjoy making love from what I saw earlier. The only
thing is what you and Rachel think about sharing me between you. If you
don't think it's a good idea then fine, I won't be too upset, and it won't
make any difference to the way I feel about Rachel." A moment later and
Rachel was straddling my lap, her arms round my neck and her lips pressed
tenderly to mine. "Jack darling, I would love to share you with Mom, I
know she thinks you're a real hunk, and I also know she would love to get
you into her bed, because she told me so after the first time she saw you
in the parking lot. Just promise me you won't run off with her and leave
me all alone again, all right?" I grinned at her, thinking about the good
times that were in prospect, I then said "Well Rachel darling, you could
make life easier on yourself if you married me, that way I'd have more of a
problem running off with your mother than if I was still single and fancy
free." Ten minutes later and I was able to breathe freely again, Rachel
having removed herself from my lap and standing in her mothers arms as she
cried tears of happiness, something I could never understand as being
possible, but merely a female thing. When Rachel suggested we consummate
our new understanding by sleeping three in a bed I told her I was in
desperate need of a shower, as was she. Jenny said she made it three and
suggested we take one together. It turned out to be the best shower I ever
had, as soon as we were naked and under the water jet Rachel pressed her
naked body close to mine, kissed me passionately and whispered "Jack
darling, help mom shower please darling, it's been so long since a man has
loved her properly, she really needs it my love." I kissed her tenderly and
turned to where Jenny was standing watching what we were doing.

I released my hold on Rachel and turned to Jenny, took her in my arms
and hugged her naked body close to mine as I kissed her firmly on the lips.
Jenny melted in my arms, relaxing so much as we kissed that I had to hold
her upright in my arms until she recovered her senses and was able to stand
on her own. That's when I spun her round to stand with her back to my
chest, my suddenly hard throbbing erection pressing upwards against her
buttocks and my hands cupping her wonderfully firm breasts as she lay her
head back and offered her lips to me once more. As we kissed I felt Rachel
press a bar of soap into my hand, reminding me we were there to get cleaned
up before we went to bed together. I took the hint and began to soap
Jenny's wet naked body, rubbing my hands all over her front from shoulders
down to her small patch of soft curly pubic fur and the hot wet pussy lips
it tried unsuccessfully to hide. My wet soapy fingers, combined with
Jenny's slick moist pussy juices were enough to make it simple and very
quick for me to bring Jenny to a climax while I allowed the water to wash
the soap off her chest and abdomen. When she was rinsed off I spun Jenny
round so she was facing me, and her naked breasts were pressed against my
firm hairy chest, and her cheek was pressed against my shoulder as she
wriggled herself against me, rubbing her pussy against my hard throbbing
manhood that was trapped between her thighs as she thrust her hips back and
forth along it's firm length. "Stop that Mom" said Rachel firmly, giving
Jenny a gentle slap on the bottom, "If you carry on doing that there'll be
nothing left for either of us when we get into bed." Giving a deep sigh
Jenny pushed her hands against my chest, stretched up to kiss me tenderly
on the lips and said "OK Rachel, come and let Jack wash you, then we'll do
the same for him."

How I didn't cum while mother and daughter were rubbing their wet soapy
hands all over my naked body I don't know, all I know is that I had a
massive erection all the time they were doing it, and it didn't go down
when I was laying in bed between them. "Right ladies, who gets what, and
in which order?" I asked grinning at them both. Rachel leaned over, pushed
me on to my back and after kissing me passionately said softly "Jack
darling, I know mom has been without the touch of a gentle loving man for a
very long time, would you give her a good time first, then see what you
have left for me when you're done, please." I returned her kiss, turned to
face Jenny and pulled her down beside me as she protested "No Rachel, that
isn't fair, Jacks your guy, not mine, don't go without just for me darling,
can't we share him somehow?" "OH, shut up Mom" replied Rachel, "Just you
enjoy getting well and truly fucked, I'll enjoy myself, don't you worry."
By now I was sucking gently on Jenny's firm, hard nippled breasts one by
one, cupping her hot swollen pussy as I nibbled at her titties and making
her cry out softly as my finger slipped between her sopping wet pussy lips
and into her oily wet cuntal passage. As my middle finger was buried in
her pussy, my thumb was rubbing on her clit and my ring finger was stroking
over her tight anal pucker. There was so much lubricating fluid running
from Jenny's pussy that my ring finger was soon covered, as was her anus.
As I placed my finger tip to her rose hole I shifted up and placed my lips
on hers, then I pressed my finger through her sphincter and buried it
knuckle deep as I forced my middle finger deep into her cunt and pressed my
thumb down hard on to her clit. This was enough to take Jenny over the
top, and she gave a loud scream and began to thrash about under my body as
I lay half on her, effectively holding her pinned to the bed.

Rachel sat back in amazement at her mothers reaction to what she saw as
a simple bit of kissing, she was totally unaware of what I'd been doing
with my hand as it had been hidden by the bed clothes. As soon a Jenny
calmed down and was laying still, I rolled on top of her, pressed her knees
apart with mine and touched the tip of my cock against her still spasming
pussy lips. As soon as Jenny realised what was going on she opened her
eyes and was about to say something when I gave a firm thrust of my hips
and buried my cock balls deep in her cunt, making her cry out in ecstasy as
she felt me invading her for the first time, and any man entering her for a
very long time. This self inflicted abstinence had made Jenny's vaginal
passage very tight, mainly because she never used a dildo, just Rachel's
tongue and fingers. As soon as she realised I was pressing my penis
further in then she had ever experienced before she opened her eyes wide
and stared at me, then cried out "Ohhhh.. god that feels sooo good Jack
darling" as we both felt the head of my cock press through the mouth of her
cervix. I was about to pull back slightly, but found that Rachel was
pressing hard on my butt and cupping my balls in her soft warm hands as she
kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear "Come on Jack darling, shoot
your cum deep into her, fill her up with your wonderful hot sticky creamy
semen until it flows like a river from her pussy as you fuck her." I'd been
so aroused in the shower, and the feeling of being so deep in Jenny's body
was so erotic I didn't have to move an inch as Rachel gently massaged my
balls in her hand and rubbed her hard nippled breasts against my back, I
just lay there and jerked as wad after wad of cum shot from the end of my
cock right into Jenny's womb. The instant the first spurt of cum forced
it's way out of the end of my prick Jenny gave a loud scream and began to
shake like she was having a fit, then gave a cry of "I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG,
suddenly went silent and sagged in a limp heap beneath me as I continued to
pump a stream of cum into her like I'd never produced before in my life.

After a moment of total exhaustion I realised I was laying with my full
weight on top of Jenny, so I forced myself to roll over and lay beside her
while I recovered my breath and some strength. I opened my eyes and found
I was looking up into Rachel's, and that she was staring open mouthed at
me, and breathing very heavily as if she had just had an orgasm herself.
As it turned out she had. All the time I was fucking her mother Rachel was
getting herself off, screaming as her orgasm hit her, but having it drowned
out by Jenny's own screams of ecstasy. My own vocalisation was
insignificant compared to theirs, and even Rachel hadn't heard me as I
came, she was too busy herself. After a minute or two Rachel looked down
at Jenny and then said "Is she OK Jack darling, she seems to be still for a
long time, I've never seen her like this before." "That's because I've
never had an orgasm like that before Rachel darling" said Jenny softly, as
she lay there with her eyes tight closed and her breast heaving as she
began to take deep breaths once more. After a few seconds Jenny opened her
eyes, looked at me and said "What did you do Jack darling, like I just
said, I never had an orgasm like that in my life, all I felt was your
wonderful hard throbbing penis so deep I thought it was going to come put
of my mouth, then I felt you pumping gallons of cum into me. I don't
remember anything after that, I guess I fainted or something." By now
Rachel was kneeling between Jenny's open knees, looking up her body and
smiling, "You certainly did Mom, but you didn't miss anything, and I'm not
going to miss a chance like this either!" and with a smile she lowered her
head and pressed her lips on Jenny's hot spasming pussy lips and began to
suck at the mixture of Jenny and my cum as it oozed from her cuntal
passage. It didn't take much to bring Jenny to another heightened state of
arousal, and long before Rachel was done sucking our cum from her mothers
pussy, Jenny was screaming in orgasmic ecstasy once more, this time just
falling back, totally spent, rather than fainting again.

Chapter 3

When Rachel was done sucking Jenny's dry, she slid her naked body up
that of her mother, pressed her lips to Jenny's and forced her cum soaked
tongue between them, wiping it round Jenny's mouth and over her tongue. By
now I was beginning to recover, and watching all this mother daughter lovemaking I had obtained a pretty fair erection, something that Rachel
soon noticed, and decided to take advantage of. Jenny gave a moan of
disappointment as Rachel abandoned her, then suddenly sat up taking notice
as she saw Rachel straddle my hips and in a flash impale herself on my hard
manhood. As she sank down on me Rachel gave a long low groan of pleasure,
and a lovely little wriggle as she sat her buttocks on my thighs. She then
leaned forward and kissed me tenderly and said softly "Just you lay still
darling, I want to do this all by myself if I can." I smiled weakly and
just nodded once, nevertheless reaching out to cup one of her breasts in my
hand, flicking her nipple with the side of my thumb as she sat upright once
more. With a huge sigh Rachel began to lift her body then drop down hard,
impaling herself as she forced my cock to enter her cuntal passage hard and
almost violently. After a few of these I was about to tell her it was
hurting my cockhead when I felt Jenny straddle my knees, and saw her hands
slip round to the front of Rachel's body, cupping her titties and holding
her down firmly as she said "Softly Rachel darling, you don't have to do it
so hard my love, let me help you, like you helped when Jack was inside me."
Rachel sat there, shuddered as she felt Jenny's hand covering her hot
swollen pussy lips and then leaned back against her mothers naked body as
Jenny began to stroke and caress her breasts and pussy until she had
relaxed completely.

"Now work your hips Rachel darling" said Jenny softly, and as Rachel did
as she was told Jenny stroked her fingertips over Rachel's breasts,
pinching her nipples between finger and thumb, rolling and tweaking then
turn and turn about, as Rachel worked her hips back and forth, rubbing her
clit against my coarse pubic hair, and pressing it down on my pubic bone
over and over again. With all this stimulation it wasn't long before
Rachel was arching her back and crying out in ecstasy as she climaxed over
and over again while her mother squeezed her breasts and rubbed her
fingertips over her hard throbbing clitoris. With one last shuddering cry
of pleasure Rachel fell forward on to my chest, being lowered gently by
Jenny's hands round her waist, until Rachel lay with her full weight on me.
Jenny then lay beside the pair of us and, rolling on her side, slipped an
arm over our two bodies and hugged us tight, before closing her eyes and
slowly drifting off into a deep sleep, closely followed by myself. What
happened to Rachel I don't know, except that I woke some time later to find
she was laying beside me, her arm across my chest and her uppermost leg
thrown over my thigh.

The next time I opened my eyes it was to find I was alone in the bed,
and the sun was streaming through the window, telling me it was well into
the morning. As I was about to jump out of bed, I realised it was
Saturday, and I didn't have to go to work, so I lay back again and thought
about what had happened the night before. I was just wondering if it was a
one off, or if it was likely to happen again, especially as Rachel had
agreed to marry me the previous evening, when the bedroom door opened and
Rachel and Jenny came in, both of them looking freshly showered, and Jenny
carrying a steaming cup of coffee. As she sat down Jenny leaned over and
kissed me tenderly on the lips, almost spilling my coffee in the process
then said "It seems I'm going to be gaining a son-in-law very soon Jack
darling, can I say how glad I am, and how happy I know you'll make Rachel,
did you have any particular date in mind for the wedding?" "Not really
Jenny, just as soon as possible, as far as I'm concerned, I can't wait to
take Rachel to bed as my wife" I replied with a big grin. Rachel slapped
my leg as she sat beside Jenny on the edge of the bed, then said "What do
you think about taking your mother-in-law on your honeymoon Jack darling?"
As I was taking a sip of coffee at that moment I nearly choked. When I'd
finished coughing I looked at Rachel, saw she was serious and said "Well
darling, so long as it won't cramp your style, I've got no objections, I
don't know if I'll be able to keep up with both of you all the time though,
I'm only human, after all." There was silence for a moment, then Rachel
said softly "Oh, don't worry Jack darling, we won't wear you out, I
promise. There is just one thing though my love, and that is would you
object to mom joining us most nights when we make love, she agrees with me
that last night was the very best lovemaking in the world, and we both want
to do it over and over again."

Both Jenny and Rachel froze when they saw how pale I suddenly went, I
felt it myself, and also found it hard to speak for a moment or two.
What's wrong Jack darling?" ask Jenny suddenly. "I'm sorry Jenny, it's
just the thought of last night, if I did that too often I'd soon be a total
physical wreck. I don't think you realise just how much it took out of me,
doing that twice a week would do for me in no time, I promise you." I felt
my empty cup being taken from my unresisting hand, then Rachel pressed me
back on to the bed, lay on top of me and kissed me warmly and lovingly,
"Don't worry Jack darling, it was the same for mom and me, that's why we
both want to continue making love as a family. Not just because we all
came so hard and so much, but because we two suddenly found we loved you
more that we ever knew. mom can't have you, because I found you first, but
she can share you, with my blessing, and we can all sleep together, all the
time so that we can make love as the fancy takes us and without either mom or me ever getting jealous of each other. What do you say Jack darling,
will you let mom into our bed when we're married?" I pulled her down to me,
kissed her passionately and said softly "Rachel darling, if it would make
you happy I'd even take your sisters, if you had any, into my bed, of
course I'd be more than happy to have so sexy a mother-in-law as Jenny come
to bed with us, especially in the winter, I'd always be nice and warm on
the coldest of nights." When I was no longer being beaten by pillows I
rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to have a shower, then dressed
before going down to the kitchen to join the girls for breakfast. As we
sat over a final cup of coffee after breakfast Jenny gave Rachel a strange
look, then turned to me and said "Jack, did you mean what you said about
letting Rachel's sisters, if she had any of course, join the three of us in
bed?" I grinned and said "Of course I did Jenny darling, but it would take
a pretty big bed to accommodate four or five of us, wouldn't it, and even
then it could get a little cramped. I suppose if there were more than one
of them, we could always take it in turns, couldn't we?" Rachel and Jenny
both laughed, and I smiled as Rachel said "That sounds like a much better
idea Jack darling, I must admit I didn't fancy sleeping five to a bed, it
would be much too crowded."

Two weeks later we got married, and although I'd been practically living
with Rachel and Jenny all that time, I was banished to my own apartment for
two days before the ceremony, and forbidden to make contact with Rachel for
any reason what so ever. If there was a problem it was Jenny that would
help me sort it out. I wasn't even allowed to approach their house,
especially on the day of the wedding. I put this down to some sort of
family superstition, and as it didn't really cause me a problem, I didn't
make an issue of it. When it came to the wedding I was waiting for just a
few minutes for Rachel and Jenny to arrive, and saw they had two strange
girls with them as Rachel's maids of honour. These girls were so alike
they just had to be twins, then I saw them standing each side of Jenny, and
thought they all looked so alike. I guess I was a bit dense just at that
moment, and it wasn't until after the ceremony was over and we were at the
wedding breakfast that Jenny came up to me and said "Jack darling, I want
you to meet your new sisters, my seventeen year old twin daughters Sally
and Sandra." It was a good job I was being held tight by Rachel at that
moment because I felt my knees go weak and I almost collapsed where I
stood. Rachel reached up, kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear
"It just shows you have to be careful what you promise Jack darling, it
might just be what you least expect." By now I had recovered some of my
composure and was able to say hello to both girls, and accept a chaste kiss
from them both in return. A couple of hours later all the guests had
departed, and I was sitting at home, I was going to move in with Rachel and
Jenny after the honeymoon, almost relaxed, and only slightly uncomfortable
as I wondered if the twins had been told about my silly offer to take them
to bed.

My worst fears were well founded, as I realised when Sandra, (She
actually preferred Sandi) said "Well Jack, I can't wait 'til the end of
this semester, so we can come and see just what mom and Rachel are so mad
about. It's just a pity that we have to get back to college by tomorrow
night, or I'd ask Sis if we could have a sample tonight." "Oh, don't be
greedy twin" said Sally, "Waiting and thinking about it will be so much
better, and just think about all those guys at college that are going to
have to go without." She then turned to me and said "You see Jack darling,
Mom told us we had to go without sex for some time, then we would see what
it was like for her, and from what Rachel and mom told us, we can't wait,
can we Sandi?" Sandi shook her head and smiled, I then found myself being
seriously kissed by both twins, until Rachel came into the room and told
them to lay off her man. Next day we said goodbye to the twins as they
went back to school for a few more weeks, then the three of us went on our
honeymoon, from which I returned in crying need of a long holiday to
recover before I returned to work. The weeks leading up to the end of the
college term shot by, mainly because every day was filled with some sort of
lovemaking, and not always hot screaming sex either. It was so good a time
for me I completely forgot about what was going to happen when the twins
returned for the long vacation...........

To be continued in part 2 Rachel, and her Sisters.


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