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RACHSIS1 hurt you and drive you away


Rachel and her family Pt.2 Rachel: and her Sisters
1(FM,FF,FMFF,Oral,Inc,1stMast,Cons) This work is the intellectual property
of the author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It may be posted or
archived to any free site, but not to any commercial or pay site or
organisation, without the authors express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel: and her Sisters 1(FM,FF,FMFF,Oral,Inc,1stMast,Cons)

Chapter 4

Being married to Rachel was wonderful, in fact it was the best decision
I'd ever made, even if it was made in the middle of a really great session
of lovemaking. The whole thing was helped by the fact that I was also
sleeping with Rachel's mother, well, not actually sleeping you understand,
Rachel, Jenny and I spent most of our time in bed making love, having sex,
or just plain fucking. I did have a bit of a problem coming up though, and
that was with Sandi and Sally, Rachel's twin sisters. You see, in a mad
outburst while agreeing to include Jenny in our sleeping arrangements I'd
also promised to do the same for Rachel's sisters, completely unaware of
the fact she had any. As far as I was concerned Rachel was Jenny's only
daughter, the twins had never been mentioned in all the months I'd been
taking Rachel out, and to bed. The twins were in college, and the first
I'd heard of them was at the wedding, where they both stated their longing
to see what I could do for them when they returned home for the summer
vacation. That time was almost on me, and I was having a few sleepless
nights wondering just what I was going to do, and how I might get them to
change their minds about having sex with me.

It isn't that I was against sleeping with two gorgeous, willing teenage
girls, I'm not, I just didn't want to take any chances with Rachel's and my
relationship. Things came to head on Saturday morning while I was tossing
and turning as I lay between Jenny and Rachel unable to sleep. "What's the
matter Jack darling?" asked Jenny softly as she turned to face me, slipping
her arm across my chest and pulling herself up close to me. "What!.. Oh,
nothing really Jenny darling. I'm just not feeling sleepy right now,
that's all" I replied quietly as I hugged her close and allowed her to
cuddle her naked body up against my chest. "You'll need plenty of sleep in
the next couple of weeks Jack, the twins'll soon be home for the summer and
you know what that means, don't you?" she responded with a soft giggle into
my chest. "Yeah, and that what I'm afraid of Jenny, to be honest I don't
think I'm all that keen about going through with it. After all I only
offered to do it as a joke, you know I wasn't aware of the fact that the
twins even existed when I said it." Jenny was silent for a moment then said
"I understand Jack darling, it's a pity though because the girls are
looking forward to coming home for some really good fun. If you like, I'll
tell them you've changed your mind next time they call, is that all right?"
"No it isn't all right" mumbled Rachel from beside me, "Jack, you made a
promise to me, and I'm going to see you keep it, even if I have to tie you
down to the bed so you can't get away. In fact I think that's a good idea
Mom, don't you?" I felt Jenny laughing against my chest, then heard her say
"It sure is baby, how about we practice right now?" and before I had a
chance to move Jenny was sitting astride my chest while Rachel was handing
her a pair of stockings which Jenny used to tie my wrists to the bedhead.
As I tried to buck Jenny off me Rachel sat astride my thighs and held me
down even more firmly, forcing open my knees and lashing my ankles to the
foot of the bed. Suddenly realising I was in for some really good fun I
started to struggle, not to get loose but to heighten the girls sense of
power over me as they rolled off me and knelt each side of my hips as they
decided what to do with me. It wasn't long before I found out, Rachel bent
down and began to kiss and lick my still flaccid penis while Jenny worked
on my upper body, nibbling on my nipples and stroking her hands over my
chest, then sliding up me to press her lips to mine in a long hot sensuous
kiss. I was doing very well in refusing to respond to Rachel and Jenny's
ministrations until Jenny placed her lips on my ear, nibbled at my lobe
then whispered quietly "You do realise the twins are still virgins don't
you Jack darling?"

"Oh... WOW Mom, what happened there?" asked Rachel, as she jerked her
head back to miss my suddenly rising cock. Jenny smiled wickedly at me
then turned to Rachel and said "I think I just got Jack to change his mind
about the twins, how about it Jack, still want me to tell them it's all
off?" before I could answer I felt Rachel impale herself on my now hard
throbbing erection and begin to bounce up and down it's full length as
Jenny straddled my chest and offered her soft smooth swollen pussy to my
lips, effectively gagging me for some time as I did the honours and brought
her to a screaming crashing orgasm with my tongue and lips. At the other
end Rachel was quick to follow her mother and I heard her cry out in
ecstasy as she climaxed with my hard cock buried deep inside her tight but
slippery cuntal passage, with me pumping a stream of semen into her. As
Rachel sat there, head hanging and gasping for breath Jenny moved off my
face and slid her slick pussy down my chest to where she could hug her
daughter, pressing their naked breasts together as they kissed
passionately. After a few minutes Jenny said softly "Get off Jack please
Rachel darling, I want to clean him up before we untie him," Rachel fell to
one side, then lay beside me, cuddling up close and pressing her wonderful
firm hard pointed breasts against my chest as she kissed me tenderly over
and over again. "You will keep your promise won't you Jack darling, the
twins are looking forward to it so much, you see, my love, at college they've seen so many of their friends get knocked up, or abused by guys,
that they decided as freshmen that they'd pretend to be lesbians. That's
kept the guys away, but it has meant that they get very horny and
desperate, despite the fact that they have each other. When I told them
they could lose their cherries, and do it safely they jumped at the chance,
especially when they knew mom also approved of you doing it for them."

All the time Rachel was talking to me, Jenny was sucking and licking on
my cum soaked cock and balls, and making a good job of keeping me hard and
useful. So useful that I felt her straddling my hips and holding my shaft
in her soft warm hand as she guided the head of my cock to her hot wet and
very swollen pussy lips. I took a deep breath as I felt Jenny slowly lower
herself down the length of my cock, and I closed my eyes as I concentrated
on the feeling of her tight cuntal passage walls sliding down my prick, as
if she was trying to grip me tight enough to be able to stop whenever she
wanted to on her way down to sitting on my upper thighs. GOD.. Jenny was
so tight, almost like a virgin..... Damn, it suddenly hit me, that's what
she was doing, trying to remind me what it would be like to have her virgin
twin daughters do the same thing. OK, so I'm not stupid, I already knew I
was going to do as Rachel and Jenny asked, and do the dirty to the twins
when they came home, I just wasn't going to tell the girls just yet, who
knows how much fun I might have while they keep on trying to convince me to
change my mind. I was so successful that on the evening before the twins
were due home I was sitting in the living room after dinner when Rachel and
Jenny came in, sat each side of me and snuggled up close for a few moments
before Rachel twisted round and sat on my lap with her back to me,
straddling my thighs, and lifting her skirt up to her waist so it didn't
get in the way of her naked pussy as she rubbed it against the front of my
suddenly bulging pants. Before I could say anything I felt Jenny
scrabbling round at my waist, undoing my pants and trying to push them
down. Grinning inwardly I placed my hands by my hips, lifted myself up and
allowed her to push my pants and shorts down to my knees so that my hard
throbbing erection rose to press against Rachel's hot wet pussy.

When she saw that Rachel was impaling herself on my penis Jenny got to
her feet and walked behind the sofa, leaned over beside my head and gently
turned it to face her as she pressed her soft warm lips to mine in a hot
sensuous kiss. As our lips stayed locked together I felt Jenny wriggling
about behind me, and when at last I opened my eyes I saw she had stripped
her blouse and bra off and was leaning her naked body right over the back
of the sofa so her nipples would reach my mouth. Up to this instant I had
once more been successful in holding on to my emotions, but as soon as I
felt a firm, hard nippled breast being pressed against my lips I relaxed so
much I almost shot my load instantly. As it was I managed to hold on for a
minute or two before giving a loud, but muffled groan as I began to jerk my
hips against Rachel's buttocks, and grabbed her hips with my hands as I
spewed a stream of hot sticky cum into my loving wife. As I lay back
against the sofa, gasping for breath and almost completely spent I gasped
out "OK, I'll do it, just don't expect me to do both of them at the same
time, I'll need time to recover especially if they're anything like as
determined as you two." That did it! Jenny stood up, pulling her nipples
across my face, Rachel followed, gasping as she felt a flood of my cum rush
from her pussy and all over my thighs. Jenny grabbed her shirt and pressed
it between Rachel's thighs. Rachel waddled up to the bathroom to clean up
before returning to climb all over me as her mother had done while she was
out of the room, and thanking me for agreeing to do something so wonderful
for her, and her family. To this day I haven't let on I'd decided to agree
with them weeks before, mainly because I don't want to get killed, but also
because it seems to have given them some self satisfaction in believing
they'd changed my mind, between them.

We went to bed that night after having a wonderfully sexy shower
together, and I lay there for a few minutes, Rachel and Jenny cuddled up
close, their upper legs thrown over my thighs, their soft warm pussy lips
pressed against me, and their breasts pressed against my chest. They also
shared holding my almost permanently hard penis as I laid my hands down
their soft smooth backs, pressing them to me as close as I could manage to
get them. I woke up to the sound of the alarm, managed to worm my way out
from between Rachel and Jenny and get to the bathroom to have a shower and
shave, and relive my morning erection by emptying my bladder before
accidentally waking them as I returned to get dressed to go to work.
Before I left them to get up I went over to the bed, leaned over and
tenderly kissed them both as I wished them good morning and told them I was
about to start cooking breakfast, so they better hurry or it was going to
spoil. Fifteen minutes later they joined me in the kitchen, showered and
dressed, and both looking so very beautiful I couldn't wonder at why we
were living the life we did, from my point of view it was as perfect as any
man had a right to expect, I just fervently hoped it was something similar
for them.

I finished my breakfast, got up and put on my coat, then went and kissed
them both, telling them I would try to get home early seeing as it was
Friday and the twins were due home before me. How I got through that day
I'll never know. I had a couple of end of month meetings to attend, and
somehow managed to wing my way through them both, I also had to finish
preparing the plans for the annual summer shut down for maintenance. It
was a strange time, as the summer could have been our busiest season, but
the family that owned the company discovered they got more work from their
staff during the rest of the year by allowing them to have a full four week
summer holiday, with only a single week off at Christmas. This worked so
well that in the ten years I'd been working for the company there had been
no sackings, and the bare minimum of staff turnover, mainly due to
retirements and a couple of people moving away after marrying. As far as
planning went all I had to do was find a few volunteers to do a couple of
days overseeing work in their own departments, something I didn't find
difficult as I offered then an extra days holiday for each day they worked.
In the end the same people did the same days, and as the routine was the
same as the previous year all I had to do was change the dates and post the
schedule on the relevant notice boards. All this meant that I was going to
have to come in on four days during the holiday, and I was certain of
having plenty of time to devote to the twins during the first few weeks
they were home. In the end I was done by four and left, telling my staff I
was not available over the weekend, and that I would see them on Monday. I
got home, garaged the car and walked into the house where I was greeted
with total silence.

Chapter 5

I looked round the ground floor, saw I was alone, and after taking my
coat off and dumping my briefcase in my home office made my way upstairs .
In our bedroom I stripped off, put my clothes away, slipped on a robe and
headed for the bathroom and a shower. Having cleaned up I dried myself off
and slipped my robe over my shoulders as I made my way back to the bedroom,
where I dropped it on to the bed and began taking out my casual clothes for
the weekend. I was standing there, stark bollock naked about to bend down
and step into my shorts when the door burst open and Jenny came in,
accompanied by all three of her daughters. I stood there frozen for a few
seconds, then heard "Oh, WOW Sis, you're so right, it looks wonderful!". I
looked round and saw Sandi and Sally staring at my naked genitalia. I
shook myself mentally and turned slightly, bending down to step into my
shorts when Rachel came and stood beside me, took me in her arms and kissed
me warmly, rubbing her soft warm body against mine. I expected her to try
to embarrass me by catching hold of my suddenly stiffening cock, but she
didn't, she just stood back and allowed Jenny to come and kiss me the same
was she had done. This made me stiffen even quicker, helped on by the
knowledge that the twins were watching every single second of what was
happening. Not for long however, the instant Jenny stepped back Sandi took
her place, and I lifted my arms from my side and wrapped them round her
back, pressing her tight to me as I bent my face and pressed my lips to
hers in a long slow sensuous kiss. I know Sandi enjoyed it because I felt
her gently humping her hips against my hard throbbing erection that was now
trapped between us. It stayed there, just falling forward a couple of
inches as Sandi stepped back and made room for her sister Sally to take her
place. Sally made even more of a meal of kissing me, and as I allowed my
hands to slip down her back and rest on her firm rounded butt, I found no
trace of a panty outline, even where a waistband should be, so she wasn't
even wearing a thong under her skirt. This thought made my cock twitch,
and Sally giggled as she felt it. When she broke off our kiss she looked
into my eyes and whispered "Did I do that?" I winked, and she blushed
prettily, then stepped back to join her sisters and mother to watch me get

"OK girls, shows over, let Jack get dressed while we go and get dinner
ready" said Jenny firmly. The twins followed her, Rachel stayed behind,
sitting on the bed as she waited for me to finish dressing. When I was
done she held out a hand, pulled me down to sit beside her and lifted my
hand as she snuggled under it and cuddled up to me. "Sorry about that Jack
darling, the twins insisted on getting a good look at you as soon as they
could, and I knew you wouldn't be too upset at having them come and give
you a kiss. You're not mad are you darling?" I smiled and kissed her
tenderly, "Of course I'm not mad at you darling, I'm just surprised you
didn't shove them naked into the shower with me, that's all." Rachel
blushed, then giggled before saying "Well, actually that's what I wanted to
do, but mom and the twins thought it might put you off if they pushed you
too far too quickly, I can't wait to tell them I was right!" Rachel looked
up at me, then said seriously "You're still all right with doing this,
aren't you Jack darling. I mean, I don't want you to think you're being
forced into something you might be opposed to doing for some reason." I
hugged her tight, fell back on to the bed, dragging her with me and rolled
on to my side from where I could kiss her effectively. After kissing her I
lifted my head, looked down into her eyes and said "Rachel darling, I
promise you that I'm quite happy at the thought of your twin sisters coming
to our bed and asking me to be their first male lover. All I hope is that
in doing this I don't hurt you, and drive you away from me, I couldn't
stand losing you. Certainly not by doing something like this." I saw a
tiny tear form in the corner of Rachel's eye, bent down to kiss it away and
felt her arms wrapping round my neck, and her lips pressing hard to mine.
"Jack darling, having you love my sisters the way you loved me the first
time couldn't drive us apart, only bring us closer together. You know how
close mom and I have been for so long. Well, it's the same with the twins.
They've learned so much from mom and me, that's why they've never got
interested in men at college. We all just think it's time they learned
about another sort of loving relationship, one that includes a man." She
stopped suddenly, then looked at me again and continued, "There's just one
thing darling, will you be OK with the idea of continuing to make love to
the twins after you pop their cherries?"

I was so stunned with this question I couldn't answer, just lay back on
the bed and close my eyes as I thought about having four women to keep
satisfied. Even if just a few weeks of the holidays wasn't going to be a
problem I suddenly wondered how soon it would be before one or other of
them was going to get jealous. The thought of having them fighting over
who's turn it was to sleep with me was enough to make me blench, actually
having to keep them all happy at the same time was even more of a daunting
prospect, and one I once more felt uncomfortable with. Rachel must have
seen something in my face, because I felt her lips touch mine tenderly and
as I opened my eyes she said "Don't worry Jack darling, everything will
turn out right, I promise you. You see my love, mom and I have already had
a long chat with the twins, and we've all agreed the ground rules between
us. The first and most important is that we all promised never to get
jealous if we find you're busy with one of the others, when we want your
attentions. That goes for me, and I think you'll agree that I have the
best claim to showing some jealousy, even if it's only because I'm married to you." Giving me a final kiss Rachel stood up, pulled me to my feet and
we walked arm in arm down to the kitchen where we found Jenny and the twins
about to dish up our evening meal.

After dinner I was pushed into the living room, out of the way, while
the kitchen was cleared up and the dishes done. I hadn't been sitting
there long when the twins came and joined me, sitting down each side of me
and pressing their soft warm bodies up close to mine. As they lay their
heads on my chest I lifted my arms and put them round the girls backs,
slipping my hands under their arms to rest on their rib cages close to, but
not touching, their firm young breasts. Sandi grabbed my hand and moved it
up to rest on her outside breast, wriggled with pleasure as I gently cupped
it in my fingers, and sighed "Ohh, that feels so good Jack, I like your
hand on me better than anything." Sally looked across my chest, saw what
was happening and did the same as Sandi had done, only going a little
further by lifting her T-shirt and placing my hand on her naked breast.
Getting into the game I gently tweaked Sally's nipple between finger and
thumb, and gently squeezed her breast with my hand, bringing a soft low
moan of pleasure from her as she rubbed her other breast against my side.
It wasn't long before both girls had their T-shirts off, and my hands busy
on their naked bodies. That's when I took control and told them to lay on
the sofa, their heads on my lap and their legs hanging over the arms. As
soon as they were in position I bent down, kissed them both passionately,
then told them to close their eyes until I said open them again.

As soon as their eyes were tight shut I began to stroke my hands across
their naked abdomens, starting at their navels, gently working up their rib
cages and finally cupping their breasts turn and turn about, flicking and
pinching and rolling their nipples with my fingers and thumbs. After some
time working on their breasts, and finding their nipples had grown hard and
erect with my ministrations, I bent my head and began to kiss their breasts while I moved my hands down their bodies until I was able to begin lifting
the hem of their skirts, and uncovering their naked pussies. The instant
they realised I was going to touch them between the legs the twins opened
their knees as far as they could, allowing my to place my hands on their
hot wet and very swollen pussies. As soon as I touched them the twins both
gasped out loud with pleasure, and each bucked their hips at the pressure
of my hand, and then cried out in ecstasy as they felt my middle fingers
press between their lips and into their vaginal opening. Tenderly I rubbed
my hands over their swollen pussy lips, my finger pushing in and out of
their love tunnels, and my thumbs rubbing over their suddenly swollen, firm
and pulsating clitoral buds.

It wasn't long before I had both my hands trapped between the twins
thighs, and they were crying out in ecstasy as their climaxes hit them like
express trains and they were crying out in unison "Ohh... Jack darling,
I'm cuummiinngg, I'm cuummiinngg, I'm cuummiinngg, I'm cuummiinngg." That
was also the moment Rachel and Jenny came into the living room, and as soon
as they realised what was going on, came to stand behind the sofa, lean
over each side of my head and kiss me tenderly on both cheeks. "Oh, WOW,
Jack, that sounds wonderful, why haven't you done that with mom and me?"
said Rachel softly, as she looked down at her sisters as they lay back,
totally spent after their crashing orgasms. "It's a good job this sofa is
leather Jack" said Jenny, "Otherwise I can see we would have a problem
getting it clean after leaving you and the twins alone for a few minutes.
And I agree with Rachel, why haven't you done this with us?" I turned my
head, kissed Jenny, then turned to Rachel and kissed her, then said "Maybe
because I only just thought of it. It seemed a good way of attending to
both the twins at the same time. It appears to have worked too, don't you
think?" Seeing as the twins were still giving tiny shudders, as memories of
their climaxes flitted through their minds, and my hands were feeling tiny
spasms in their pussies, I knew the answer to my question better than
Rachel and Jenny. I suddenly realised the girls still had their eyes
close, so I bent down, kissed them both tenderly and said softly "OK girls,
you can open your eyes now, it's all over for a while."

As Sandi opened her eyes, she looked up at me and smiled, "That was
wonderful Jack darling, I can't wait 'til later when we get some real sex,
that was the best orgasm I ever had, I hope we can do better when we sleep
with you." As Sandi sat up Sally opened her eyes and said "Well Sis, I must
admit I was hoping for something a bit better, and a lot more exciting from
the super stud, maybe he only works well with one of us." I heard a gasp
from behind me as Rachel and Jenny stood there listening to what Sally was
saying. I just smiled down at her and said "You know Sally darling, if you
weren't so young and silly, I'd treat you like a little girl and give you a
bare bottom spanking. As it is, I'll just let you go to your room without
any delay, just like a naughty baby." By now Sally was sitting beside me,
and she turned to me and said firmly, "You couldn't spank a baby, let alone
me, you're not man enough!" before she could say another word I grasped her
by the back of her neck, forced her to lay across my lap and lifted her
skirt over her back, baring her naked bottom for all to see. By now Sally
was trying to fight back and escape from my hold on her neck as I pressed
it down over my left thigh. She started to kick with her feet and legs as
she tried to dislodge herself and roll over on to the floor. I stopped her
doing this by moving my grip to her wrists which I held as far up her back
as I could without hurting her. This stopped her struggling to much, and
she was just flailing her legs as I lifted my right hand level with my
shoulder before bringing my hand down to land on her firm rounded buttocks
with a resounding SPLAT!!. "Ouch!!" cried Sally as her hips jerked up off
my thigh in reaction to my first blow. Once more I lifted my hand, and
once more I brought it down firmly on her bottom, SPLAT!!. "Ouch!!"
SPLAT!!. "Ouch!!" SPLAT!!. "Ouch!!" over and over again I spanked her,
all the time expecting Jenny to say something to get me to stop punishing
her daughter.

After about ten noisy blows on Sally's naked bottom she had stopped
crying out as each one landed, she just gave a short sharp jerk of her
hips, and a soft grunt each time my warm stinging palm landed on her naked
flesh. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe Sally was actually enjoying
what I was doing to her. That's why, after spank number twelve I allowed
my hand to rest on her warm glowing bottom cheeks, and move slowly over the
whole of the area between her coccyx and her upper thighs. That's when I
got my first surprise! I could feel a slick moistness on her legs, and as
I stroked upwards I could feel it was coming from her swollen pussy lips.
To make sure, I covered her pussy with my palm, pressed a finger between
her thighs and found it slipped between her pussy lips without any
resistance what so ever. As I allowed my hand to move gently over her
buttocks I released Sally's wrists, lay my free hand between her shoulder
blades and said softly "It seems you enjoyed that Sally darling, shall I
give you a couple more just to show the rest how much?" "Without waiting
for her to answer I lifted my right hand and brought it down, loudly but
not too hard, on to her already glowing bottom. Once more Sally's bottom
jerked slightly, but she made no sound apart from a tiny murmur of
pleasure. What she didn't try to do was get off my lap, she just lay there
and accepted my chastisement. Wanting to see just how far Sally would
allow me to go in stimulating her I moved my hand down over her sopping wet
pussy, moistening up my fingers and my thumb before covering her over once
more with my whole hand. Pressing my long middle finger between her lower
lips I slid my hand forward until I could feel her hard throbbing clit
under my finger, I then placed my slick thumb against her tight puckered
rosehole and as I rubbed her clit I pressed my thumb at her anal pucker.

Chapter 6

Sally was experiencing so much pleasure from my finger on her clitty
that she didn't notice my thumb being pressed through her sphincter and
deep into her anal passage, until it was too late. Then she cried out
"Nooooo... not there.... Take it out NOOOOWWWWWW..." as she cried out I
began to move my hand again, my fingertips rubbing her clit, my palm
rubbing her pussy lips and my thumb moving in and out of her anal pucker,
finger fucking her ass for the first time ever, and under the gaze of her
whole family. No matter how much she cried at the beginning, it wasn't
long before Sally was crying out in ecstasy once more as she reached
another crashing climax, and was humping her ass back at my hand as she
tried to get my digit deeper and deeper inside her. All of a sudden Sally
went quiet, arched her back like a bow, then collapsed in a dead faint
across my lap, pulling herself off my invading thumb as she shuddered in
reaction to her orgasmic high before going totally limp. "Oh my god"
gasped Rachel and Jenny from behind me, and Sandi came and knelt beside her
twin to see if she was OK. She looked up at Jenny and said "She's only
fainted Mom, it's nothing to worry about." Sandi helped me to lift Sally
into a sitting position beside me and allowed her to lay against my chest
as I slipped my arms round her from the back. It wasn't too long before
Sally opened her eyes and looked around her as she tried to recall where
she was and what she was doing. When she did she gave a wriggle of her
bottom and blushed bright red as she recalled what had happened to her.
When she saw her mother and sisters looking at her and smiling Sally went a
deeper shade of red and said "What? What are you all looking at?" Sandi
grinned and replied "Oh, nothing Sis, we were just wondering what we would
have to do to be considered naughty enough to get some of the same
treatment you just got. I think it's a great way to be punished, don't you
Mom?" "Oh, most definitely Sandi, why it almost looked as good as having
sex, what did it feel like Sally darling?"

"Mom" said Sally with a grin, "If having sex with Jack is any better
than that I'm not going to wait any longer than I have to." She quickly
shifted round to face me and, after giving me a warm passionate kiss on the
lips said softly "Will you take my cherry right now please Jack, I don't
care if the rest of them want to look on, I just want to feel your hard
throbbing penis sliding deep inside my body. I want to feel your hot cum shooting inside me, and I want to feel my naked body pressed close to yours
when my orgasm explodes all over my body. Please Jack darling, please fuck
me right now!" before I could formulate a reply Jenny came and knelt in
front of me and began to undo the fastenings of my pants. She looked up at
me and said "Come on Jack darling, if you don't like the idea of an
audience we can go and leave you two alone you know." I lifted my butt and
allowed Jenny to pull my pants down and off me, then laid back against the
sofa as I felt Rachel leaning over the back and undoing the buttons of my
shirt. Very soon I was naked, apart from my socks, and laying back with a
throbbing erection standing like a flagpole from my loins as I watched
Sally being undressed by her twin. As soon as she was completely naked
Sally came and straddled my thighs, pressing her firm hard pointed breasts against my chest as she wrapped her arms round my neck and pressed her hot
sweet lips to mine in as passionate a kiss as I had ever felt. I slipped
my arms round her back and hugged her tight to me with one of then while I
slipped my other hand down her back to rest on her firm smooth rounded

As I ran my hand over Sally's butt I pressed my middle finger deep into
her crack, bringing a loud gasp from her as she remembered what had
happened last time I had been that close to her. She also pushed her hips
back a little to meet my caress, then gasped again as she felt my hard
throbbing cock slip from between her legs, and slide along her swollen and
very wet pussy lips, then over her clit to stand between our bellies where
I trapped it by pulling her hips close to my body once more. We sat there
for a couple of minutes, Sally pressing her breasts to my chest and moving
her self from side to side, rubbing her hard pulsating nipples against me,
and gasping with pleasure as she ground her hips round and round against my
upper thighs. Suddenly Sally stopped what she was doing, lifted her hips
slightly and slipped one hand between us to grasp my hard throbbing
erection and place the tip at the entrance to her virgin cuntal passage.
With a single thrust of her hips Sally lodged the head of my cock inside
her pussy, and sighed loud and deep at the pleasure it gave her. Slowly
she pressed her body down until we both felt my cockhead pressing against
her hymen. As she paused she leaned back slightly to look into my eyes and
said softly "Please Jack darling, take me, burst my cherry for me darling,
let me feel you bursting through my maidenhead while I'm at your mercy,
please Jack darling, do it now.." as she spoke I slipped one arm over her
shoulders and the other round her waist, then I pressed my lips to her in a
soft sensuous kiss that suddenly turned into a hard gagging one as I pulled
her hips forward, pressed down hard on her shoulders and thrust my hips at
hers all in one single motion. My lips were pressed so hard to hers that
Sally couldn't make more than a low squeak escape from hers as we felt my
hard erection force it's way onto her body, destroying her maidenhead for
all time in a single second of pain. When I was sure she wasn't going to
be screaming any more I gently pulled back from our kiss and lay her head
on my shoulder where I placed my lips to her ear and whispered "I'm sorry
it had to hurt Sally darling, there wasn't any other way to do it. Please
say you'll forgive me for hurting you like this." As Sally lifted her head
to look at me I saw the tears that were slowly running down her cheeks and
pressed my lips to her cheeks as I kissed them away. She then said softly
"There's nothing to forgive Jack darling, I know it had to hurt, but it
still felt so wonderful to have you do this for me, I didn't really mind it
at all. What I won't forgive is you not filling me with your wonderful hot
sticky cum and very soon darling, please hurry darling, I'm told that it
make the pain all go away if a guy cums soon after popping a girls cherry."
With that Sally pressed her lips gently to mine, rubbed her nipples
against my chest and began to work her hips to and fro against mine as she
rubbed her clit against the base of my hard throbbing penis lodged deep
inside her now non virgin body. It wasn't long before Sally was gasping
out that she was going to cum, and that's when I slid one hand down her
back and over her buttocks, pressing my middle finger once more into her
crack until I was touching the tip to her tight wrinkled anal pucker. This
made Sally gasp with more pleasure than before and the instant I pressed
the tip of my digit at her rosehole and through her sphincter she screamed
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG...." Sally's cry was so loud it drowned out my own cry of
ecstasy as I began to shoot a stream of hot creamy cum deep into her virgin
body, all the time pressing my finger in and out of her tight puckered anus
and hugging her naked body close to mine, mainly to ensure she wasn't going
to fall off my lap as she thrashed about in my arms all the time her orgasm
was rippling up and down her young frame. I was totally spent by now, and
all I could do was to collapse back against the back of the sofa, pulling
Sally with me as she lay wrapped tight round me, and impaled on my still
half hard cock. As we lay there I heard a gasp of "Oh, my god..." and
suddenly felt something soft being pressed between my thighs, close up to
my shrunken balls, and tucked under my legs.

This brought me back to reality, and I opened my eyes to see Jenny,
Rachel and Sandi kneeling in an arc on the carpet in front of the sofa.
They had obviously had a ringside seat all the time Sally and I were
coupled, and had also enjoyed every second of what had gone on. I knew
this because all of them were naked and I could see three flushed swollen
and very wet pairs of pussy lips as they sat back on their heels with their
knees wide apart. "What's going on?" I asked softly, looking at Rachel's
smiling face. "It's OK darling, mom just put Sally's shirt down to soak up
your cum that's leaking from her pussy, otherwise we would have had to get
the sofa cleaned." Jenny got up and said softly "I'll just go and get a
towel Jack darling, Sally at least will need cleaning up before she can
move too far. I also think the pair of you would benefit from a nice warm
shower, why doesn't Sandi help both of you out in a few minutes?" "Oh, WOW,
that sounds great Mom" gasped Sandi as she came and sat beside me. Rachel
did the same, only she leaned over and kissed me lovingly then whispered
softly in my ear "Thanks for doing this Jack darling, I know the twins
appreciate it, and to be honest it was the most erotic thing I ever saw,
better than any porno movie. I can't wait for you to do the same for
Sandi, will tonight be too soon my love?" I opened my eyes, smiled weakly
and said "I don't know if I'll be able to do it next week darling, but I'll
try my best, so long as I get some rest before we go to bed."

Just then I felt a kiss on my neck, and turned to see Sandi looking into
my eyes from a couple of inches away, "Jack darling, please don't feel you
have to do the same for me straight away. I know that this has taken a lot
out of you, and I know it might take some time for you to recover. To be
honest I'd rather wait until you're fully recovered and can be as good as
you were for Sally, than have you too tired to be at your best a little bit
earlier. Can I come and sleep with you and Rachel tonight, then maybe
you'll be ready when we wake up in the morning?" Before I could answer
Rachel said "I think that's a great idea Sis, Sally won't mind, she's going
to be too tired to think about anything at all for a while, and I'd love to
have you share our bed and have you actually SLEEPING with us." They were
still giggling when Sally slowly lifted her head, looked around and said
"What's so funny, was it something I did?" Rachel shook her head, "No Sally
darling, all you did was go to sleep again after having the most tremendous
orgasm I've ever seen, what was it like from your side?" Sally grinned and
shook her head slowly, "I don't know Sis, all I felt was a huge explosion
in my tummy, then everything went blank, except for me feeling my pussy was
on fire and someone had turned a hose on to put the fire out. I didn't wet
myself, did I?" just then Jenny came back with a wash cloth and towel, and
told Sally to lift herself up slowly so she didn't make too much of a mess.
As she began to rise Sally looked down between our bodies and gasped as she
saw a flood of our mixed cum gush out of her and all over the towel Jenny
was holding between her thighs. "Oh my god, where did that come from?" she
gasped, Rachel and Sandi laughed out loud, "That's what put out the fire in
your belly Sis" she said, "It was Jack that hosed you down from the inside,
he really did cum a lot, didn't he?"

Five minutes later I was standing in the shower, sandwiched between the
twins and having them wash me all over. Sandi had already helped me wash
Sally, and when I offered to wash her she said "Oh, no Jack darling, I want
to be really dirty with your cum before I let you wash me. It's alright
darling, I can wait until the morning, I know you need time to recover." A
few minutes later, when we were all dried and powdered, I scooped Sally up
in my arms and carried her to her bed, where I laid her down, covered her
up and tucked her in tightly. As I sat on the edge of the bed Sally opened
her eyes, looked up into mine and said softly "Thank you so much Jack
darling, that was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. Will
you be doing it as good when you do Sandi?" I bent down and kissed her
tenderly on the lips, "I'm going to try my best Sally darling, though I'm
going to have to wait 'til the morning, making love to you took so much out
of me, I'm too tired to do her justice tonight." Sally then pulled her arms
from beneath the covers, baring her breasts at the same time. She put her
arms round my neck and pulled me down into another soft warm loving kiss
before saying again "Thank you Jack darling, I love you so much, it's a
pity Rachel got you first or I'd be wanting to marry you, and I know Sandi
feels the same already." I left Sally to get some sleep and went to bed
myself, knowing I was going to be sleeping between Rachel and Sandi at
least for a good part of the night. As I slid into bed between the sisters
I managed to push the comforter down their supine bodies and saw they were
both naked. This got me hard and erect immediately and also made Rachel
giggle as she knew I'd be no good despite the state of my cock.

As it was I lay on my back between the girls, slipped my arms under
their necks and pulled then close to my sides allowing then to cuddle up
tight to me. Both of then lay their upper leg over my thigh and I could
feel the warmth of their naked pussy lips being pressed tight to my leg. I
then felt two hands wrap round my erection as they both wriggled their
breasts against my chest in their effort to get into a comfortable position
in which to go to sleep. In time we all drifted off to sleep and the next
thing I remembered was the smell of fresh coffee that drifted up from the
kitchen to assail my senses and bring me into the land of the living. I
was surprised to find myself laying alone in bed, especially as I had
promised to pop Sandi's cherry this morning. I wasn't alone for too long
because Rachel was soon sitting on the bed beside me offering me a cup of
coffee and a plate of warm buttered toast. "Come on Jack darling, drink
this and have a bite to eat" she said with a smile. When I complained
about the lack of sustaining food being offered Rachel grinned and shook
her head, "Not a chance Jack darling, you'll be much more active if you
just have a small amount to eat right now. You can have a full meal when
you're finished, now, eat up like a good boy, and I'll go and see if Sandi
is ready for you, OK?" I nodded, scoffed the toast and drank the coffee,
then lay back and waited.

Chapter 7

OH BOY! Was it worth waiting for. Sandi came into the bedroom followed
by her sisters and her mother, who all stayed back against the wall as
Sandi came over to the bed. It was obvious Sandi was freshly showered, she
smelled of Lavender, I could tell from many feet away. Rachel knew it was
my favourite scent, and I'd bought her a big tub of dusting powder so I
could get the benefit of her using it. Sandi was also wearing the sexiest
baby doll nightie I ever saw. Completely transparent, so fine was the
fabric, yet it tried to hide her wonderful hard pointed nipples behind a
floral pattern, the panties were so fine they seemed almost not to be
there, just like a fine mist covering a valley, these panties covered
Sandi's naked pussy so that I could barely see her slit. As Sandi
approached the bed I sat upright, trying to hide my erection as it pushed
up against the comforter that covered it. Slowly Sandi climbed on to the
bed, starting at the bottom and inch by inch moving on hands and knees up
towards me. This position allowed the front of her nightie to fall open
and bare each breast in turn as the front swung from side to side. The
view from the back had to be as arousing because I saw Rachel and Jenny
slip their hands between their legs as they watched Sandi crawl towards me.
By the time Sandi was kneeling in front of me I had pushed the comforter
down the bed, uncovering my hard throbbing cock and giving her somewhere to
lay when she reached her goal. She found that somewhere! Right on top of
me. Sandi just came right on up the bed on all fours, followed the line of
my slightly spread legs, lifted her hand to my shoulders and pressed hard
to make me lay down as she lay full length on top of me.

As soon as she was comfortable Sandi placed her soft warm lips on mine
and kissed me passionately, all the time rubbing her hot swollen pussy against my hard throbbing erection, and her hard tipped breasts against my
chest. After a few minutes of this Sandi rolled off me and lay on her
back, looking lovingly into my eyes as she said softly "Love me please Jack
darling, make me cum like you did Sally yesterday, make me a woman like you
did her, please darling Jack, come and fuck me, come and fuck me hard..." I
rolled on to my side, placed an arm over her chest and gently lowered my
lips to hers in a soft sensuous loving kiss. As our lips were locked
together I ran my hand down the length of Sandi's body, slipping it beneath
the flimsy covering of her nightie as I cupped her firm hard nippled
breasts one by one, flicking each nipple with my thumb as I gently squeezed
each mound between palm and fingertips. Before I could make a move to take
it off, Sandi lifted one hand and with a single jerk ripped her nightie
apart so that each side fell down beside her, leaving her upper body naked
and open to my gaze and my roaming hands. That's when I moved my head down
and covered her right nipple with my lips, sucking and nibbling it, making
her cry out with pleasure as I felt her breast begin to swell, and her
nipple get harder the more I sucked. After a few seconds I switched to
Sandi's left breast, and did the same there. At the same time I slipped my
hand down her body, inside the waistband of her panties and cupped her
swollen and very wet pussy lips in my hand. I also felt the massive tremor
that rippled up and down her body as she felt me touching her pussy for the
first time. What was holding her panties together I don't know, but as
soon as I pushed my hand into her crotch I felt them tear apart and fall
between her thighs, leaving her pussy bare and open to my touch.

In an instant Sandi opened her thighs and bent her knees slightly to
allow me easier access to her sex. I began to rub gently at her pussy lips, and at the same time began to kiss my way down her body, from the
base of each firm swollen breast, over her ribs, down her firm smooth tummy
until I was inches away from her mons. Giving her no chance to refuse me,
I lowered my open mouth on to her hot wet swollen pussy lips and flicked my
tongue against her swollen rigid clitty as it poked out from it's
protective hood. "Aggghhhh... Ohhhhhhh..." she cried out as she felt my
lips working where only her mother and sisters had ventured before now. I
pressed on downwards and forced my tongue between her lips as I got closer
to the entrance to her vaginal passage. As soon as I was there I pressed
my lips to hers and forced my stiff rolled tongue as far inside her as I
could. OK, it was only an inch or two, but it was enough to bring her to a
crashing, screaming orgasm that took Jenny and the girls by surprise, as it
did Sandi. As she lay there, still trembling from her climax I shuffled up
the bed to lay beside her, pressed my cum coated lips to hers and then
whispered, "Well Sandi darling, how do you want to do this, you on top, or
underneath me?" giving a final shuddering sigh Sandi opened her eyes,
looked up at me and said "Will you do it from behind please darling, you
know, Doggie fashion?" I grinned as I nodded "Of course my love, if that's
what you want. Are you sure you don't want to be in control though, it
might make it a little easier on you the first time" I replied. Sandi
shook her head firmly "No, I want you to take me darling, I don't care how
much it hurts, I know you won't mean to be hurting me, and will be as
gentle as you can, but I want to feel that you're in control, all the

With that, Sandi rolled on to her front, drew her knees up beneath her
and lifted her upper body on to her elbows as she stuck her butt out lewdly
and opened her legs as far as she could. In a flash I was kneeling behind
her, and as I got close I felt the tip of my hard throbbing penis touch her
sopping wet pussy lips. After a seconds pause I pressed my hips forward
and heard Sandi gasp as the head of my cock slipped into her pussy.
Lifting her head and looking back at me over her shoulder Sandi cried out
"More, give me more Jack darling" I obliged and gave a hard thrust of my
hips, driving my cock deep into her body, bursting through her hymen almost
before she knew what had happened. I heard little more that a soft muffled
gasp as I destroyed her maidenhead, that was because Sandi had her face
buried in a soft pillow, and her teeth clenched tightly so she couldn't
scream out as the pain of her cherry being popped hit her. Holding tight
to her hips I began to thrust my own back and forth, pulling my hard
throbbing cock almost out of her cunt, then putting it back deep inside her
in a single thrust. After just a few thrusts into her Sandi began to
respond by pressing herself back as she felt me pushing forwards, and
clenching her vaginal muscles tight round the shaft of my cock as we pulled
apart, making sure I didn't actually pull out of her, and almost tearing
the skin off my cockshaft, so tight was her grip. All in all it only took
a few minutes for me to be at the stage where I was unable to hold back any
longer, and I suddenly gasped "Hurry Sandi darling, I'm going to cum any
second now!!" That seemed to have been all she was waiting for, because she
immediately cried out "Cum in me Jack darling, cum in me, I'MMMM
she rammed her firm rounded ass cheeks back at me as she squeezed my shaft
tight. This was the trigger that made me cum. As soon as she started to
cry out in ecstasy I rammed my hard pulsating penis deep inside her, held
her hips tight to my thighs and started to pump a truly massive stream of
semen deep into her virgin body.

After a moment or two I collapsed. As I lost control of my body I fell
forward over Sandi's and my weight pressed her down on to the bed beneath
me. The next thing I remembered was being pulled over on to my back and
something warm and wet being wiped all over my loins, followed by a soft
warm towel drying me off. A short while later I opened my eyes to find
Jenny and the girls sitting in a huddle beside me, talking in lowered
voices as if not to waken me. I just lay there looking at the four of
them, remembering how I'd first made love to each and every one, and
wondering what I'd done to deserve to be in this position. As it was I
didn't lay there too long, Rachel happened to turn her head, saw me with my
eyes open and said softly, "Jacks back with us girls." This was the signal
for Sandi to throw herself at my recumbent body and begin to kiss me all
over as she thanked me for popping her cherry so tenderly, and also for
giving her such a wonderful first orgasm. "Until then Jack darling, I
didn't know what a really great orgasm was. Even Sally agrees that it's
better with you than with each other, I guess we should have done this a
lot sooner." "Don't be so silly Sis!" said Sally, "If we'd done it with one
of those stupid jocks at college it wouldn't have been as good as Jack made
it, just a lot more painful." There was a murmur of agreement between the
girls, then Jenny said "OK, why don't we all go and get breakfast ready
while Jack has a shower, then we can eat together, who wants to give him a
hand?" In the end it was Rachel that came in the shower with me, and as
soon as we were standing naked under the spray she wrapped her arms round
me, pressed her firm naked breasts to my chest and looked up at me saying
"Thanks Jack darling, that was really something. I don't think I've ever
seen anyone cum so hard before in my life. I certainly never thought it
was possible that both of you would pass out after an orgasm. It must have
been really great for you." I looked into her eyes, smiled and said softly
"Rachel darling, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. What
made it so much better was knowing you not just approved, but were there
watching it happen. I just hope I didn't hurt Sandi when I collapsed on
top of her." With a smile and a shake of her head Rachel picked up the soap
and began to wash me down, or rather up, as she started from my legs, and
finished at my shoulders, rubbing herself against my soapy skin as she
lathered me further up. In the end we rinsed off, only because Rachel had
been unable to get any response from my poor overworked penis.

After breakfast I went and sat in the living room, to be joined a few
minutes later by the twins who once more came and sat each side of me,
slipping themselves under my arms and cuddling up close as they had the
previous evening. After a few minutes Sandi shifted in my arms, looked up
into my eyes and said softly "Jack, will we be able to do it again soon
please?" I smiled inwardly, looked down at her, frowned and said "Do what
Sandi?" Sandi giggled, thumped me gently in the ribs and said "Fuck, of
course. Can we do the dirty, fuck, have sex, make the beast with two
backs, or anything else you want to call it. Can we do the same as we did
this morning, and you and Sally did last night?" After a moments thought I
shook my head, "No, sorry girls, I'm afraid that's not possible" I said
firmly. Sally suddenly sat up and said "But Rachel said it would be OK so
long as you agreed to it. Why won't you do it with us any more. Weren't
we good enough first time or something?" As I began to say "That has
nothing to do with it..." both girls got up and ran out of the room,
slamming the door behind them. Rachel soon came in and sat beside me,
looking a pissed off as I'd ever seen her. "What's going on Jack, you told
me that you were prepared to keep on making love to the twins, why have you
suddenly changed your mind?" I smiled at her and said softly "I haven't
changed my mind Rachel darling, all I said was we wouldn't be able to do
that same as we did last night and this morning, that's all." Rachel
frowned at me, shook her head and said "Sorry Jack darling, I still don't
get what you're on about. You say you will keep on making love to the
twins, but you won't do what you did last night and this morning. Will you
please explain in simple words what you mean because you have me confused."
I lay back against the cushions, gave a deep sigh and said "OK Rachel
darling, let's take it step by step. What did I do for Sally last night,
and Sandi this morning?" Rachel looked at me for a moment as if she didn't
understand what I was asking her. Then, suddenly, she started to laugh,
she laughed so much she fell against my chest and lay there for a while as
she tried to recover her composure. "OK darling" she said eventually, "I
understand now, you can't do what you did last night, because Sally isn't a
virgin any longer, and the same with Sandi. But why didn't you say that to
them instead of letting them get all upset about nothing?" I grinned, "Is
it my fault if they can't work something that simple out for themselves. I
didn't say I wouldn't make love to them in the future, just that we
couldn't do the same as before. Do you want me to come and explain it to
them, or will you do it Rachel darling?" Ten minutes later the twins were
sitting beside me once more, this time asking me when they could come to
bed with me, and trying their best to get me undressed and ready for sex
straight away. I resisted, telling them I needed a complete day to rest
after our recent escapade, promising them I wouldn't keep them waiting too

Continued in 'Rachel and her Sisters' part 2


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