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RACHSIS2 hurt herself she landed By


Rachel and her family Pt.3 Rachel: and her Sisters

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel: and her Sisters 2 (FM,FF,FMFF,Oral,1st,Inc,Mast,Con,)

Chapter 8

A couple of weeks ago I'd had the pleasure of popping the cherries of my
wife's twin sisters Sally and Sandi. Jenny, the girls mother, and my oft
time lover, and Rachel my wife had watched the whole thing, and helped
clean me and the girls up after both sessions. I guess I have to be one of
the luckiest guys in the country, having a beautiful and very sexy wife that encouraged me to make love to her mother, after I found them in a
tight lesbian embrace. Rachel also had me pop her twin sisters cherries,
bringing to an end their self imposed lesbian relationship, something they
used at college to protect them from unwanted male attentions. Now all
five of us were having sex. I often found myself in bed with two sisters,
or Jenny and one or two of her daughters. Sometimes I even slept with just
my wife, that's how lucky I was.

It was Saturday, I'd been away at a conference for a couple of days and
had returned the previous evening, very late, and very tired. Too tired to
even make love to Rachel when I got into bed with her. As I sat up in bed,
drinking a cup of tea Jenny had made for me Rachel snuggled up to me and
said "Jack darling, would you do me a great favour please?" "Depends" I
said between sips of tea, "On what?" asked Rachel with a smile, "On how
much it's going to cost me in cash or spent energy" I replied with a grin.
Rachel sat up, turned to me and said "The twins have asked if you could
shave their pussies for them this morning. They want to go and buy new
bikinis, and don't want to be showing tufts of pussy fur, and they don't
want to go for waxing, it's too painful. Shaving is the next best thing,
and they want you to do it for them." As Rachel had her hand on my cock at
the time I couldn't really say no, she knew my feelings on the subject, the
throbbing in her hands told her all she needed to know. "Right Jack
darling, I'll go and tell them to get ready shall I, or do you want to wait
until after breakfast?" A couple of minutes later I was in the bathroom
telling the twins what I was going to do, and how. As they were only
dressed in their bathrobes I told them both to sit up on the vanity unit
and open their thighs as wide as they could. Taking a pair of sharp
hairdressing scissors I carefully trimmed away as much of their fur as I
could. By now I had a raging hard on, and the twins both had swollen and
very wet pussies. The fact that they were well and truly aroused was
evident each time I touched them between their thighs, both from their
sighs of pleasure, and the rush of pussy juice that flowed from between
their lower lips. "OK girls" I said softly. "You might find this a bit
warm, just don't jump so hard you fall of the vanity, OK?" they both
nodded, too aroused to speak. Very gently I placed a hot wet washcloth on
both their hot swollen pussies, making them both gasp with surprise at the
temperature. "Sorry girls, it has to be very warm to soften up the stubble
that's left" I said as I pressed my hands on their cloth covered pussy lips. After a couple of minutes I removed the cloth from Sally's pussy and
slapped on a large mass of ready whipped lather, spreading it about with my
shaving brush. Then, very carefully I began to run the face of my razor
over her soft foam slicked skin, removing all the stubble I could find. As
I scraped away at her groin I had to pull some areas of skin tight so I
could shave it clean. This made Sally gasp with pleasure each time I
pulled at her, mostly pulling or pushing at her hot wet swollen pussy lips.
All of a sudden Sally went stiff and gave a soft cry as her pussy spasmed,
she was cumming, and I'd hardly touched her, and certainly not in any sort
of sexual manner.

By now I was done shaving Sally, and so I turned my attentions to Sandi,
sitting next to her. Sitting there and looking in wonderment as her sister came to a climax while being shaved. As it was, I did the same for Sandi
as I had for her sister, including making her climax gently as I handled
her swollen pussy lips while I shaved her clean of any hair between her
legs. By now both girls were well and truly aroused, and could hardly
understand when I told them to get down and stand up. I helped them both
to stand and said softly to them both "Would you like me to rub some talc
where I shaved you, or would you prefer baby oil?" "Why, Jack darling, will
it help?" asked Sandi. I nodded, "Yes darling, if you stay as you are you
might get a bit sore, having talc or baby oil rubbed in always helps" I
replied "Which would you prefer?" I asked. "Baby oil" they said in unison,
so I told them to turn and face the vanity, lay their arms on it and their
foreheads on their arms. This made then push out their wonderful buttocks,
and gave me a great view of their now naked pussy lips, as well as their
tight puckered roseholes. I poured some warmed baby oil into the palm of
one hand, rubbed both hands together and stepped up close behind them and
placed one palm on each of their wonderful wet swollen pussies. As I was
only dressed in my bathrobe it was obvious my cock was going to be poking
out the front if, or should I say when, I got an erection. This was how
Jenny and Rachel caught me when they walked in to the bathroom. I had my
oil slicked hands on the twins cunts, and my hard throbbing erection was
sticking lewdly out from the front of my robe. "well, well, well!" said
Jenny as she stood there looking at us, "It seems this man of yours needs a
little help Rachel darling" "Oh, I don't know Mom, he seems to be doing
alright so far, why don't we leave him alone until he calls for us, it
might be more interesting" replied Rachel with a huge grin. I smiled at
her then continued rubbing the baby oil into the twins pussies. By now
they were both almost climbing the wall with passion and I was about to
start rubbing at both their clits to bring them off, when Rachel came and
whispered in my ear "Not with your hand Jack darling, use this wonderful
erection." With that she took hold of my hard throbbing cock and guided it
to Sally's swollen pussy and pressed at my butt until I moved my hips
forward and pressed it balls deep inside her sister.

It took just six long slow deep strokes of my hard throbbing prick for
Sally to begin screaming as her orgasm hit her like an express train. As
soon as she saw what was happening Jenny stepped forward and held tight to
Sally as she collapsed, helping her to the floor as she went limp, and
making sure Sally didn't hurt herself as she landed. By now I was standing
behind Sandi, and Rachel did the same as before, guided me into her sisters
pussy then stood back as I thrust my hips at the back of her thighs. Once
again it took only a few strokes and Jenny and Rachel were assisting Sandi
to the floor so she could recover as she sat beside her twin. That left me
standing in front of the twins, my cock bouncing as the blood pulsed
through it, and Jenny and Rachel standing each side of me looking down at
the twins as they lay gasping for breath. Suddenly Jenny came close and
whispered in my ear, my cock gave a jump, and Jenny laughed as she went to
tell Rachel what she had said to me. Rachel looked at the twins, then at
me then I saw a huge grin spread across her face. A few seconds later I
was naked, Jenny having removed my robe, and so were Jenny and Rachel as
they stood each side of me, their arms round my waist and their heads on my
shoulders. Tenderly Rachel took hold of my balls, cupping them in her
hand, and gently moving them across her soft warm palm. At the same time
Jenny took hold of my erection and began to masturbate me, all the time she
and Rachel were kissing and suckling on my nipples, or kissing me all over,
wherever they could reach with their lips.

A few minutes of this treatment and I was gasping "Now, I'm cumming
NOWWWWW..." The instant I started to say these few words Jenny called out
"Sandi, Sally!" The twins opened their eyes as soon as they heard their
mothers voice, and opened their mouths in surprise at what they saw. This
may not have been the smartest thing to do just then, because it got them
both a mouthful of cum as Jenny aimed my spurting cockhead at their faces.
Instinct made them close their mouths, and the next thing the knew they
were being sprayed with cum, all over their naked bodies as Jenny moved my
cock round and round as I continued to spurt semen all the time Rachel was
caressing my balls and Jenny was stroking her hand up and down my cock. In
the end I had to stop, but only because I had no more left to give. Jenny
and Rachel helped me sit down on the edge of the bathtub, then they knelt
beside the twins and began to rub my cum into their skin as if it was a
moisturiser. All through this the twins just lay there, mouths closed and
eyes open, until Jenny and Rachel leaned down and kissed then on the lips,
pressing their own tongues into the twins mouths as they tried to get a
taste of my cum. After a few minutes I'd recovered enough to stand and
make my way into the shower. I was about to get under the spray when I was
joined by Jenny, who slipped her arms round me and pressed her naked body
tight to mine, looked up at me and said softly "Thanks Jack darling, that
was wonderful, what made you do that to them, rub oil into their pussies, I
mean?" I shrugged my shoulders and smiled as I said "I don't know Jenny
darling, it just seemed like a good idea at the time." She reached up and
kissed me on the lips, then said "And a very good idea too Jack darling, in
fact, so good I'd like to have some of the same treatment this evening, if
it's OK with you?" "Me too darling" said Rachel as she stepped into the
shower with Jenny and I, "Will you be able to handle the pair of us like
you did the twins?" I smiled as a thought came to me, "Oh, I think so my
love, so long as I get a decent rest through the day. I'm sure I can give
you just what the twins got."

Jenny and Rachel were so keen to have a cum shower after I shaved them
they made sure I wasn't bothered too much for the rest of the day. I'd
been having so much sex of one sort or another for the past few weeks that
I was really glad of the rest, and so were all four of them later that day.
The four of them went into town and did what shopping they needed, the
twins getting the swim wear they'd been shaved for. When we had finished
dinner, and had a rest afterwards, Rachel dragged me up to the bathroom
where she stripped off and climbed on to the vanity unit and spread her
thighs as wide as she could. I was just finishing trimming her pussy hair
with the scissors when Jenny joined us, berating Rachel slightly for trying
to start without her, but doing it with a smile to show she wasn't really
that mad. As Jenny was ready I did the same for her, then applied the hot
washcloths to their groins before lathering up Rachel's pussy and starting
to shave her completely clean. As soon as the last of the lather was wiped
off I lowered my lips and spent a moment or two kissing and sucking on her
swollen lips and pulsating clit. "Ohhhh.. NOOOOO.. don't stop!" she
cried as I stepped across to stand in front of her mother. I ignored her,
with some difficulty, and lathered up and shaved Jenny's swollen pussy,
treating her to a couple of minutes kissing and sucking too. After helping
them back on to their feet they turned to face the vanity and got into the
same position as the twins had that morning, pushing their wonderful firm
rounded bottoms out, and opening their thighs to allow me free access to
their now naked vaginal lips. As with the twins I covered my palms with
baby oil and began to rub it into their freshly shaved skin, just as the
twins joined us. "Need any help Jack darling?" asked Sandi. "Of course he
does sis" responded Rachel as she peeked under her arms. With a soft
giggle Sandi gently grasped my throbbing cock in her hand and guided it to
the entrance of her sisters sopping wet love tunnel, as Sally placed her
hands on my butt and pressed me forwards so I slipped balls deep into my
wife's oil slicked vagina. Rachel's gasp of pleasure was real and loud.
Each time I thrust my hard cock into her she gave a moan of pleasure, then
a gasp of disappointment as I pulled back, almost pulling out of her slick
grasping cuntal lips. As with the twins that morning it only took a few
strokes of my prick for Rachel to be screaming as her climax exploded all
over her body. It was only because I had a grip on her hips, and the twins
stood at her sides and caught her, that Rachel didn't just collapse on to
the floor. Before Rachel was laying down I was stood behind Jenny and had
my cockhead at her cuntal opening ready to ram it home. I hardly had a
chance, because Jenny thrust back at my cock just as Sally placed her hands
on my butt ready to push me forward and into her mother. Age, experience,
or a whole lot of stimulation from what had just happened, I don't know
what it was but I only had a chance to thrust my cock hard and deep into
Jenny's hot swollen pussy when she screamed out as her orgasm hit her hard.
Even my firm grip on her hips wasn't enough to hold Jenny on her feet. She
was thrashing about so much that she tore herself from my oily grasp and
collapsed in a heap beside Rachel, gasping for breath as she lay with her
eyes closed and her mouth wide open.

By now the twins were naked, and suddenly saw their chance, Sally
grasping my cock and starting to jerk me off, while Sandi rubbed her naked
titties all over my back and sides while she stroked and gently pinched my
hard throbbing nipples. A couple of minutes of this was all it took to
bring me off, and I was soon gasping out that I was about to cum, a signal
for Sandi to cup my balls in her soft warm hand and gently roll them in her
palm while Sally moved her hand faster up and down my cockshaft. Despite
having cum such a huge load that morning, I very soon began to shoot
another massive load of hot sticky semen and gasped at the sight of it
being sprayed about all over Jenny and Rachel's faces and chests. No
sooner was I done than Sandi gently pushed me back to sit on the edge of
the tub, Sally knelt in front of me and sucked the head of my cock clean of
any drips of cum, then moved round to help her twin to spread my semen all
over her mothers face and upper body, before starting to lick it all off
again. This was such an erotic sight that I got another erection just
watching it. When the twins were done they dragged me into the shower and
washed me down, allowing me to do the same for them. They then brought
Rachel and Jenny, one by one for the same treatment. When we were all
showered and dried the twins took their sister and mother to their bed,
they then joined me in our double bed, snuggling up close and drifting off
to sleep, their breasts pressed close to my chest and their hands covering
my now flaccid manhood as I soon joined them in the arms of Morpheus.

Chapter 9

Next morning, after breakfast we decided to go for a walk in the woods.
I agreed, thinking I would be safer there than if I was to be in the house
all day with the four of them, and as it turned out, I was. But not for
long. As we walked along a little used track the twins kept dashing into
the undergrowth every few yards. I soon found out why, when they came
dashing back to join us, took Rachel to one side and whispered urgently to
her. As we approached the spot the twins had just emerged from Rachel and
Jenny took me by the arms and guided me off the track and into a clearing
well hidden from view by high undergrowth and trees. "OK!" I said "What's
going on?" Rachel stepped up close to me, slipped her arms round my neck
and pulled me down so she could press her soft warm lips to mine in a long
hot passionate kiss. "Now then Jack my love" she said softly, "Why do you
think four women have dragged you into the bushes if not to have their
wicked way with you. It's just that the twins have never had sex in the
open air before and asked if they could try it today. You're not saying
you don't want to, are you darling?" I shook my head, "No darling, but I
have an idea of my own, one that involves all of you, but one that I don't
think will be quite so good out here. How many of you want anything to
happen right now?" "Just the twins darling" replied Rachel with a grin.
"And how do they want it, naked and bent over a log, or laid out on a pile
of clothes so they don't get leaves between their buttocks?" this made all
of them chuckle, and Sally said softly "I'd like it over a log please
Jackie, so I can feel the rough bark against my skin." "Me too please"
added Sandi, and in a matter of seconds they were both stripped down to
their bra and panties, or at least the scraps of cloth that they called
underwear. I have to admit they looked really sexy as they both bent over
a convenient felled tree trunk, and I was glad to see it was a smooth
barked variety, my initial worry being that they might end up with their
abdomens scraped badly if the bark had been rough. Given all this I
stepped up behind Sally, pulled her panties down to just below the swell of
her firm smooth buttocks and stroked them with my hands for a moment, as I
touched the tip of my cock to her pussy lips. I don't know why Sally was
so aroused, it had got nothing to do with what I was doing, but almost as
soon as I jerked my hips forward, thrusting my cock balls deep into her hot
wet and very swollen pussy she gave a loud cry of pleasure and called for
me to fuck her hard and quick. I didn't do either too enthusiastically,
but did increase the speed with which I rammed my cock into her wonderful
cunt. What did bring her off suddenly was Jenny's hand that I felt slip
between my thighs, stroking my balls as she moved it forward to cup Sally's
pussy so she could rub her finger tips over her daughters hard erect clit.
In the end I had to lean forward to cover Sally's mouth with my hand so we
didn't have people bursting into the clearing to see who was being
murdered. As I pulled out of Sally, leaving her laying across the log
gasping for breath, I turned and saw Sandi straddling the tree as she
watched her sister get well and truly fucked. Throwing one leg in the air
so she could slide off the log Sandi looked at me and said "Same for me
please Jack darling, and I promise not to scream so loud." This made me and
Jenny chuckle and Jenny said "We'll see about that baby, now turn round and
let's see what we can do for you." Sandi threw herself over the log and I
slid her panties down and in a single stroke thrust my still hard cock as
deep as I could into her firm young body. The surprise of my assault was
overshadowed by the pleasure she experienced at having a cock rammed into
her hot wet pussy, and as I started to pound my cock in and out of her she
grunted with pleasure as she thrust back to meet each stroke. With this
double thrusting Jenny's hand was soon bringing Sandi to a hard screaming
orgasm, and one that I managed to silence as I anticipated I'd have to.

As I stepped back, my still hard cock glistening with the twins cum I
saw Jenny helping them to their feet, and felt Rachel grasping my erection
as she dropped to her knees in front of me. I looked down and watched as
she licked my cock clean, and hoped she was going to work on getting me
off, something that wasn't going to take too long as I was so close to
cumming right then. No chance, after I was clean if still wet, Rachel
stood up, hugged me and said "Now it's mine and Mom's turn Jack darling,
watch for a minute or two then come and join in. I'm sure you'll soon work
out what needs to happen." We turned round and saw that Jenny had laid the
twins out on the ground, then watched as she and Rachel knelt astride their
heads and lowered their own hot wet pussies on the twins faces. As the
twins had been playing at lesbians for so long at college it was certain
that they were going to be able to give Jenny and Rachel a really good time
by eating them out. This happened and as I saw Jenny and Rachel were
getting close to orgasm I dropped my pants and shorts and began to jerk off
as rapidly as I could. Somehow I managed to time things quite well and it
was just seconds after they began their climaxes that I gave a low grunt
and began to shoot a stream of cum at all four of them as they knelt and
laid out in front of me. I managed to get a few gobs of cum of Jenny and
Rachel, hitting them on the chest and breasts, then allowed the last few
spurts to fall on the twins lower abdomens and their naked pussy lips. As
soon as Jenny and Rachel saw this they began to rub the semen into the
twins skin, then did the same for themselves, licking their hands clean
when they were done. A moment later all four of them were sitting on the
ground, legs crossed Indian style, displaying their four naked cunts to me
as I slowly dressed. When the girls were all rested I helped them dress
where I could and we made our way back to the parking area and were soon
home and sharing a shower between us, two at a time, and me with all four
of them.

For some reason I was feeling tired, and when I went and sat on my sofa
in the Den I soon fell asleep, to be wakened some time later by Rachel
telling me dinner was ready. Despite all their protestations I refused to
do anything about what I had hinted at when we were in the clearing, saying
I was too tired to do justice to them all, but promising I would show them
the following weekend. During the week I refused to make love to anyone
other than Rachel, and mystified them by working in secret in my workroom a
couple of evenings. When Saturday came I moved a small fabric covered
device into the Den, and hid it under the sofa as best I could. By the
time all the Saturday chores were done and we had finished lunch I took all
four of them into the Den and asked them to draw lots to see what order
they were going to be going in. Rachel drew first, Sandi second, Sally
third and Jenny last. I then asked them all to remove their panties, then
amended that by saying I wanted to remove all their panties. This made
them laugh, but they were soon queued up ready to lift their skirts so I
could pull down whatever underwear they had on. When this was done I asked
Sandi and Sally to help me off with my pants and shorts so I was also naked
from the waist down. I then sat on the edge of the sofa and invited Rachel
to come and sit on my lap. When she went to straddle me I said "No
darling, turn round so your back is to me, then straddle my thighs." As
Rachel lowered herself on to my lap I reached round her hip and pressed my
cock down so that when she was settled and I released it, it sprang up and
slapped it's length against Rachel's swollen pussy lips. "Ohhh.." she
gasped as she felt my glans hit against her swollen clitty, and she reached
down and placed her hand under my cockshaft and pressed it up until it
slipped between her lower lips. Without any prompting Rachel began to rub
her pussy against the full length of my cock, almost reaching a climax
before I managed to stop her.

With my feet I moved my new contraption from it's position against the
front of the sofa and pushed it out to a predetermined position. I then
said to Rachel "Look down Rachel darling" and smiled as she saw, for the
first time her own pussy with a hard throbbing cock positioned close to
entering her vaginal canal. "Lift up a little" I said softly, and as
Rachel raised her hips my cock rose with her. As soon as she could see the
head of my cock against her love tunnel Rachel stopped, and began to lower
herself, gasping out loud as she watched and felt my cock disappear inside
her. Almost as soon as Rachel began to work her hips to and fro I wrapped
my hands round her body, hugged her to me and leaned back against the sofas
cushions, pulling her back with me. This brought a moan of protest from
Rachel, until I looked over her shoulder and said "Sandi darling, it's time
for dessert, come and get it." With a huge grin Sandi dropped to her knees
between mine and lowered her mouth to Rachel's sopping wet and very full
pussy, sucking and licking at her sisters clit and lips as well as up and
down the underside of my cock, lodged firmly in Rachel's body. It didn't
take long for Rachel to be screaming out as her orgasm exploded in her
lower abdomen, and spread like wildfire all over her frame. When Rachel
had stopped writhing and jerking I sat up and helped her to slip off my lap
and collapse beside me on the sofa. Slowly I looked round at Jenny and the
twins, smiled and said "Get the idea girls, take it in turns to help each
other out, then see who has the strength to finish me off at the end." One
by one the three of them took turns at doing what Sandi and Rachel had
done, and for the next hour I had my hard cock dipped over and over again
in hot wet pussy. By the time Rachel had recovered it was her turn to help
her mother, and I had a real job to stop myself reaching a climax before
they were done. As it was I eventually sat there, my cock waving about in
front of me as it pulsated in time with my heartbeat. Jenny and the girls held a quick conference and after a minute or so Rachel came and pulled me
to my feet saying "Now it's your turn Jack darling, you have to fill mom up
with your cum, so me and the girls can suck her dry." I turned and saw
Jenny kneeling on the sofa, her thighs apart and her wonderful firm rounded
buttocks stuck out as she waited for me to ram my cock deep into her and
shoot her full of cum. Having been on the receiving end of so much
stimulation it didn't take long for me to be crying out as I jerked my hips
and held them tight to Jenny's butt as I shot a seemingly never ending
stream of cum into her womb. When Rachel saw I was finished she pulled me
back gently and dropped to her knees behind Jenny as the twins knelt in
front of me and between them sucked me clean and dry, before pushing me to
sit beside where Jenny was kneeling and watch what was going on.

What went on was that Rachel and the twins took it in turn to lap up all
the semen that had soon started to ooze from between Jenny's glistening
pussy lips. Over and over again the girls changed places as they shared my
semen between them, giving Jenny a number of small orgasms while they were
at it. As I sat there I began to ponder anew my current situation. I had
four loving sexy and very sensual women all prepared to share me for as
long as I was prepared to be shared. There was no sibling rivalry, or
parental jealousy, and I came to the same conclusion as I had before, many
times. I had to be the luckiest guy in the world, and determined to make
sure nothing I did was going to change things. I realised the twins would
eventually find men of their own, and was prepared for the day when Jenny
decided she wasn't interested in regular activity, but I just hoped that
day was a long way off. In the mean time I was going to make sure I was
inventive enough to keep our love making as interesting as I could, for as
long as I could.Maybe I'll tell you what happened a few years from now, who
knows. In the mean time I have to take my girls to the bathroom and have
four showers. You know, I must be the cleanest man on the planet! THE END
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