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RANGER hurt showing off Now lets get



pissing RANGER

by B.P.

Life sure can be strange. I work for the park service as a Park Ranger
and had just broken up with my fiancee so when an opening came in a
different park for a ranger to do wilderness patrol I took it. I thought
this would be an excellent opportunity for me to get my head back together.

I was warmly received at my new job as they were under staffed and my
arrival meant a ranger wouldn't have to do two patrols back to back. I was
given a briefing and told I would be going out the next morning.

During the briefing I Learned that because of the remoteness of the area
I would be patrolling I would be teamed up with Ranger Little Beaver. The
Chief Ranger smiled at the mention of the Ranger's name but went on to tell
me that no matter how much I thought I knew about the wilderness I should
do what Little beaver said. I shrugged and said that was fine. I figured
that I could learn a lot from an Indian.

A door opened and a woman stuck her head in. You wanted to see me?

My boss grinned and said. Yes I want you to meet Ranger P. He will be
accompanying you this time. Hopefully he'll last longer than your last.

This woman looked like and Indian Princes right out of a Disney movie.
She was even dressed for the part. I guess I must have been staring with
my mouth open with surprise, as she laughed at my reaction.

Hi I'm Keri or Little Beaver. George likes to mess with peoples minds
by using my Indian name and waiting to the last minute for them to find out
that a female. I hope you aren't a male chauvinist because we will have to
work as a team for the next two weeks. My last partner insisted on being
Mr. Macho and almost got us killed. Forget I'm a woman and remember I've
lived in country like this all my life, as has my family for generations.

I held up my hands in surrender. With a smile I said. Where I just
came from I was just a baby sitter for city people I wont try to impress
you with my wood lore and I don't have a problem working with women.

She smiled warmly as she turned to our boss and said If you are done
with him I'll introduce him to the others and get him outfitted.

Our boss grinned and said he is all yours don't be too hard on him.

My mind was spinning at their exchange. This gal was a walking wet
dream but I got the feeling she could take care of her self anyplace. Her
every movement was a delight to see as she moved about with the grace and
strength of a cat. After quick introductions she led me out to the stable
to meet the rest of our team. In the stable I was introduced to Bo and
Missy the horses we would be riding. After talking about the horses and
riding I asked her what I should call her.

She studied me for a minute before she spoke. I know the names some of
the guys call me like Little pussy or Eager Beaver, but you may call me
Keri or Little Beaver. Officially I'm Ranger Smith and yes I'm aware of
the double meaning of my name. I guess some of the teasing is because I
like to wear traditional clothes instead of the uniforms. George puts up
with me because I'm the best he's got and I don't get lost.

The next morning we loaded up and headed out. Keri was this time
dressed in buckskin pants and shirt. She was also wearing western style
boots. Out on the trail Keri relaxed and pointed out landmarks and other
sights. I was truly enjoying the sights and listening to her as she softly
spoke about the animals and plants.

By lunch time I was ready to get off my horse and rest my butt. Keri
saw me rubbing my butt and laughed.

You'll get used to it. That is part of the reason I wear these clothes.
If you feel chafing let me know and I'll give you some Tuff Skin so you
don't get blisters. I hated to admit that I wasn't saddled toughened but I
also didn't want to get sores and not be able to ride. Somewhat
embarrassed I admitted that the insides of my thighs were getting tender.
With a smile Keri told me to drop my pants and she would fix me up. I
didn't know what to do, here I hadn't even known this gal for twenty four
hours and she was telling me to take my pants off. I had to admit I
wouldn't mind taking her to bed but this was different.

Awe now don't be bashful. If you had a chance of getting in bed with me
you would have had all of your clothes off long ago. Come on drop em.

I undid my belt and let my pants fall. Before I could look for myself
Keri was kneeling before me pushing my legs apart. I prayed that my cock
would behave and stay soft.

Keri touched my inner thigh and said. boy are you lucky another hour
and you would have been walking for days. With a professional touch she
quickly applied the Tuff Skin then as she stood she lightly patted my cock
and said don't worry I wont tell. I must have blushed twenty shades of red as Keri grinned and reminded me that we needed to get going. Quickly I
pulled my pants up and got on my horse.

I was too embarrassed to say anything so we rode in silence for a while
before Keri said. I grew up with three brothers and I've seen them nude
and tended their wounds so it's no big deal. As you will learn I'm not
modest. If I have to pee, I'll pee. If there is a bush handy I'll step
behind it so as to not offend others.

Her mention of peeing reminded me that I had to go. Darn Why did you
have to mention peeing, now I've got to go. Keri laughed and said. You
just want to see if I'll drop my pants. Well if you behave you might even
get to see more than just my bottom. There is a stream where we'll spend
the night and I like to wash up there.

Again her directness caught me off guard but I still had to pee and
stopped my horse. In a playful manner she teased me about bringing a fire
hose along. As I shook the last drops off I said. If you were referring
to the flow, yes I had to go, on the other hand if you were referring to
the size of my manhood you need glasses. Keri laughed and got off her
horse. Without letting go of her horse's reins she pushed her pants down
to her knees and let go with a gush of pee. From where I was standing I
couldn't see much but I could tell she wasn't carrying any extra fat.
Before I knew it she was back on her horse and we were on our way.

The rest of the afternoon was strictly business. We met several hikers
going the other way and spoke with them for a few minutes then went on. It
was getting to be dinner time when we came up on a nice stream. Keri
smiled and said out home for the night is around the next bend. Sure
enough around the bend was a little shelter in a clearing. After caring
for our horses Keri took me berry hunting.

I was enthralled with her and the way she was so at home out here in the
wild. Keri pointed out the various edible plants and had me pull up some
strange roots to add to our dinner. Over dinner we talked a bit about
ourselves and our past. I couldn't keep my eyes from trying to undress her
even though her leather outfit hid all but her general shape. Every time
our eyes met I would see a mischievous twinkle in hers.

As soon as I swallowed my last bite of food I volunteered to clean up. I
guess you could say I was trying for brownie point but I do believe in
doing my share. As I set our dishes down next to the stream Keri called
out take your clothes off and wash yourself ant the same time. Just
because you are in the wild you don't have to smell like an animal. I
stripped down and washed the pans and dishes and was about to wash myself
when Keri came running up behind me and pushed me into the cold stream. As
I sat up Keri splashed me telling me the water wasn't cold. My cock and
balls had retreated inside me so far I would have had to tie a string to it
to find it. I regained my senses and began splashing her in return.
Laughing and giggling we splashed and grabbed at each other until we
tripped and fell in each others arms. Somehow Keri wound up on top of me
as our laughter faded.

Do you always carry on with a new partner like this? I asked. Keri
grinned and wiggled her pussy on my abdomen before she said. Nope you are
the first.

The others were too busy trying to prove that they were better then me,
besides I like you. If you don't let me up you it'll take me a week to
thaw me out. God this water is cold. Keri laughed and said you men are
built wrong my nipples love the cold water, look how big they get.

For the first time, I looked at her body. Her boobs wouldn't get much
notice in men's magazines as they were a B cup at best but her nipples were
world class. The crinkled pink aroela were showing off nipples as big as
my pinkie but not quite as long. I tipped her off and sprung to my feet as
I offered her a hand up.

In spite of Keri's claim to like the cold water, she shivered and the
goose bumps were plainly visible as a got a clear look at her delectable
body. I pulled her close and kissed her nose. Please don't go over board
trying to impress me. I'm already impressed with your abilities and I
wouldn't want either of us to get hurt showing off. Now let's get out of
the water before my feet turn to ice cubes.

Stepping quickly from the stream Keri looked over her shoulder and said.
I have to pee. The way she said it was more like and invitation then a
statement. An invitation that I wasn't about to be late for. Up to now I
hadn't been particularly interested in seeing someone pissing. As any man can attest there is nothing sexy about standing next to another guy
pissing. Approaching Keri I held my breath at her subtle beauty I dropped
to my knees in front of her, my eyes locked on her pussy. Keri's fingers
spread her pussy lips and let her pee stream out. I had thought that women
had to be in a sitting position to pee. Now I was surprised as her hot
golden stream arced out and hit me on my legs and splashing onto my cock.
My cock lurched from it's cold slumber. The hot drops of pee ignited my
lust and I began rubbing her golden nectar over my legs and stroking my

Keri's voice sounded strange as she said. Oh yes, feel every wicked
drop. I can't believe, I've found someone else who likes to play in pee.

To my amazement I cupped my hands over her cute ass and pulled Keri to
me as the final drops of pee excepted from her tiny pee hole. I felt her
hands clutching my head pressing my mouth firmly to her, as my tongue
caressed the folds of her sweet pussy. My tongue found her clit and with a
few teasing strokes Keri moaned as her body shook with an orgasm.

As I eased my grip on Keri's ass she melted into my arms. With a big
smile she said I hope you have to pee. My rock hard cock throbbed against
her ass in response to her comment. She moaned softly then said "I guess
I'll have to take some of the temper out of that steel before I can have a
shower." With that she engulfed my cock to the balls as her tongue danced
around my cock head. I don't know exactly what she was doing to my cock
but it felt like a thousand butterflies kissing my cock. A couple minutes
of that treatment was all it took for my balls to reward Keri for her

Keri looked up at me with a lustful look as her tongue snaked out to
lick up a bubble of cum on my wet cock. Knowing what she wanted was not
making it any easier to deliver. First a few weak spurts then my bladder
took over. My stream burst forth hitting Keri right in the face. Instead
of her jerking her face out of my stream she opened her mouth and let my
pee flow in and then out to cascade down her sexy body. Suddenly she laid
on her back and thrust her hips up so that my pee was hitting her pussy.
Keri's fingers held her pussy open as she moaned and told me how great it

My mind flashed back and forth between my pissing and being pissed on. I
had to admit that this was much sexier that I could have ever dreamed. By
the time my bladder was empty my cock was over half hard.

Keri looked up, her face a mask of lust with a bit of frustration. You
said you wanted a shower. Did I do something wrong?

Your pee ran out before I could cum. Some times I can cum when my clit
gets pissed on. Next time I'll have to get you closer and let all of it
hit my clit.

A shudder went thru me as her words registered. I was getting turned on
by the thought of another piss party. Keri's hands gently pulling me down
onto her interrupted my thoughts. Hungrily she kissed me as she guided my
quickly hardening cock to her pissy pussy. We fucked like two sex starved
minks for who knows how long before we washed up and crawled in our
sleeping bag for a night of contented sleep.

I wish I could tell you that the next morning was an orgy of wet sex but
we had to get to work. We did watch each other pee before breaking camp.
In mid afternoon we stopped at a cool stream and drank our fill before
filling our canteens. Keri told me that would be camping at another
stream. The tone of her words and the look in her eyes told me she wanted
to make sure my bladder was full.

Reaching our campsite Keri insisted that we gather fire wood and get the
fire started before we did anything. My eyeballs were floating and my
bladder was screaming protests but I had a feeling my discomfort would be

The fire crackled to life and I stood to admire my handy work. Keri
grabbed my hand and tugged me toward as grassy spot as her clothes flew
off. Laughing and wrestling we fell nude on the grass, my limp cock trapped
between us. My balls suddenly felt a warm gush bathing them. My cock
responded by releasing my pent up torrent between our lust crazed bodies.
The warmth felt so delightfully wicked. Keri hugged me hard as she kissed
me with burning passion. Never before had I been with anyone as passionate
as her. Again we wound up in a mindless fuck, screwing our brains out. We
didn't bother to get cleaned up for dinner instead we drank all we could as
we talked and ate dinner.

I had just finished cleaning our dishes when Keri came up behind me.
She pressed her body against my squatting body then I felt my back and neck
bathed with her warm nectar. Keri giggled and jumped back as she rolled me
onto my back. Laughing loudly she dropped to her knees straddling my face
just as she released her bladder. I sputtered a bit before I realized the
taste wasn't bad and grabbed her butt. Then I remembered about her wanting
me to piss in her clit. I licked her pussy clean of the remaining drops of
pee then flipped her off me

Keri's eyes lit up as I kneeled between her legs with my half hard cock
aimed at her pussy. Her voice sounded strange as she begged me to piss on
her clit.

Ah! god yes. Do it. That feels so fucking great. Blast my clitty
with your pee. Make me cum.

Cum, she did Keri's body shook like a leaf in a storm as my piss showered her excited clit. Keri quieted down and laid there with her eyes
closed and her hands rubbing my piss around her crotch. She slowly sat up
and hugged me as she rained kisses on me. We then went to the stream and
bathed each other before checking our horses and crawling in our sleeping
bags for some tender loving.

For the next few days life continued on with the same happy routine.
Occasionally we would meet some hikers but mostly we enjoyed nature until
one evening. We had just finished our before dinner piss and fuck when I
felt some one was watching us. Keri boldly got to her feet as I rolled
over to me saddle and put my hand on my gun and eased it free. Keri called
for them to come into the clearing. A teenaged couple hesitatingly came
out of the woods staring at Keri. As they moved a bit closer it was plain
that they were embarrassed. Not too embarrassed to stare at Keri's nude
body but embarrassed at being caught.

For a few awkward moments no one knew what to say or do. Keri smiled
and invited them to share our fire then excused herself and calmly went to
the stream to wash up. Following her lead I grabbed a couple towels and
joined her.

After our brief bath Keri whispered for me to put on my civies and not
say anything about being Park Rangers. She slipped on her Indian dress.
We talked about the wilderness and enjoying nature, all the while skirting
the subject of sex. Keri wowed them with wildlife tales and Indian lore.
As the campfire slowly faded the couple were touching each other openly and
paying less attention to us. When I got up and walked away to take a leak
it acted as a sign for everyone to go to bed. Keri and I listened to the
young couple trying to be quiet and got so turned on we just had to have a
noisy fuck.

In the morning the girl got Keri aside and asked her about our pissing games. She made Keri promise not to say anything in front of her boyfriend
but asked a lot of questions. After we all went on our way Keri told me
that the girl was going to see if her boyfriend would play some of our

Our patrol was coming to an end and I began wondering if this had been a
dream. Nothing was said as we neared headquarters. We filed our reports
and checked the roster for our next assignment. Seeing I was off for three
days I decided to go into town to pick up a few things. I got funny looks
from some of the others when I asked Keri if she would like to come with me
and she warmly accepted.

On the drive to town Keri smiled and said you realize that we have
started a wildfire of gossip. The boys will be dreaming up tall tales
about us and when we get back you'll be teased about riding with the wild
squaw or the wet squaw. I just shrugged in response, not willing to let
anything spoil my memories. We rode in silence, both caught up in our
thoughts before I put my hand on her thigh, with a gentle squeeze I asked
her if it bothered her to know that the guys talked about her like that.
She leaned over and kissed me before saying that if it bothered her she
wouldn't lead them on and give them more things to talk about. I asked if
I had been just fuel for the fire or was this the start of a relationship.
Keri grinned and gave my leg a playful squeeze as she said. We'll just
have to wait and see.


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