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RAVEN4 guys know how party thats


Silver 2: Raven's Journey
by SupMario

Chapter Four

Arianna and I walked to the other side of the clearing. We glanced at
the sleeping man who looked like an identical twin to Silver.

"He said his name is Paul Silver. Can you make any sense out of this
Arianna?" I asked, puzzled.

"It must be what Grevlok calls parallel worlds! It's fascinating. So
it IS him, just him from a parallel universe. Wow, we've got to get
him to Grevlok. He'll know what to do." Arianna answered excitedly. I
didn't understand much of that, but then I'd learned to expect that
from her and Silver a long time ago.

"Okay, so what do we do now? Carry him back to the tower?" I began
walking over to him but Arianna stopped me.

"That sleep spell won't wear off for another hour or two. It would be
best if he wasn't moved until he awakens." She

"If it really is him, then do you think he'd mind if I... well.. I need
to mate, Arianna! You and I both know I'm overdue,
and it IS him. Being stuck as a bloodthirsty beast for extended periods
isn't very fun." I admitted, flustered.

"Well, it's not up to me, that's between you and him. Listen, I have to
get to mom and Dad's. I promised them I'd help with some trouble they've
got stirring at the castle. Something about a griffin getting loose.
Why don't you bring him there. You still have your own room there, just
put him up in there. I'll go get Grevlok after helping mom and Dad. See
you later!"

Arianna called her pseudodragon, which landed on her shoulder, and
disappeared in a puff of smoke.

I decided that I just had to try, whether he liked it or not. I concentrated,
turning human, and shed my white leathers, now nude. I strode over to him
and knelt in front of him, gently shaking him awake. He sat up and then froze
when he realized I was nude. He stared at my breasts with a absent grin on
his face for a few minutes, and I was beginning to see a difference between
him and Silver. He seemed a bit younger than Silver, and if my guess was
right, had never lain with a woman before in his life. He was staring at my
breasts as if they had a life of there own, and I couldn't help but giggle a

I moved over him and sat in his lap, and looked into his eyes.

"Paul?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Yes?" He answered shyly.

"I'm in my mating cycle. I've been waiting for months and now that you've
shown up, well, would you mind terribly?" I looked hopefully at him. He
hesitated a moment then nodded his head no, blushing a little. I looked at
him and grinned, then proceeded to strip him in mere seconds, something I'd
practiced at with Silver. I backed up a bit then slowly lowered myself on
his raging manhood. He moaned in approval as I began slowly riding up and
down his pole, exhilarating in the feeling of having my cunt filled again,
after going so long without. A mighty orgasm welled up within me and burst
its way outward, making me lose my concentration and revert back to my
tigress form. One of my furr-covered breasts came into his view and he
latched onto the nipple like a greedy baby and began sucking wildly.

I moaned in appreciation as he nibbled and sucked on first one lust-swollen
nipple and then the other, sending rivets of pleasure throughout my body,
sending me over the edge once again. Losing myself in the moment, the many
orgasms left me weak as a kitten. I slumped onto Paul's chest and let him
do the work for a while, feeling him thrust up into me as I whimpered in
pleasure, my head on his shoulder. He kept fucking up into me, holding my
ass in his strong hands, and pumped up into me until he finally thrust once
more and I felt him emptying his warm seed into me.

It was the best feeling in the world, and it had been so long, I just put my
head down on his chest and purred contentedly. He put his arms around me and
I dozed off, happier than I'd been in a long time.

After a while I woke up and found Paul asleep, just like I'd last seen him.
I got up, making sure he was still asleep, and in less then a second, I was
a tiger again. I needed to hunt for our dinner, and I could do it much easier
in this form. I ran off into the woods and started looking for some small
animal to kill for our supper when I spotted a baby mind flayer. Knowing that
meant that an adult, probably female was nearby, I crouched and waited.

Mind you, not that I was planning on us eating a mind flayer. Not a chance,
but those things are very dangerous and I didn't want the thing getting
any closer to Paul. Sure enough an adult female came into view, and I raced
back to the clearing Paul was at, and became human again, only to find a pixie
fairie buzzing around Paul. I shooed it away, and tried to think of what to
do. Arianna wanted me to bring Paul to her father's castle in the western
woods by tomorrow at noon, and I had to feed us sometime tonight. I was
getting hungry myself. Sex always did make my famished, I thought, grinning
to myself.

Well, I thought, I did have the magic Silver taught me. Not very much, but I
could do a few things like turn myself invisible or make a magic light eluminate
the area, things of that nature. I sat near him and pondered my options when
I thought of the answer. It had been looking me right in the face all along!

I cast a sleep spell over Paul so he wouldn't wake, and then tried the shrink
spell that Silver had taught me. It was designed so that you could shrink yourself
down to a tiny size if you were chained or restrained in some way, allowing you
to escape. I hadn't tried it on anyone else before, but I figured there was no
time like the present. I tried it and it worked, thankfully. Paul shrunk down
to about the size of one of my daggers, and I carefully placed him in one of
my belt pouches, making sure he could breathe, then changed form to tiger, and
ran west as fast as I could, making good time.

I stopped us at the edge of the forest and made camp. We were only about an hour
or two from the keep and that was close enough for now. This time had no trouble
finding an orc being divided up, and paid 5 gold coins for a good share of it
and took it back to cook for us. I spent most of an hour setting up a small fire
and spit so I could cook the thing, than skinned and cleaned it and set to
cooking. Night was falling and Paul looked as if he would awaken any minute.

I figured that since he'd seen my in my natural form already that I didn't need
to keep being human for him. It too much of a tax on my concentration right now.
So I concentrated on cooking the rabbit and soon enough Paul stirred, waking from
his magic induced sleep. He sat up and stretched, greeting me kindly.

The night had grown cold and he came over to the fire and sat down beside me,
making light conversation. The roast orc was done, so we ate it and then after
we had finished, he asked me where Arianna had gone. I told him and then
hesitated, and thanked him for having sex with me. I blushed crimson at saying
it. I explained to him about my curse and how I have to have sex with Silver
every month (at least) or so or the tiger in me gets really bloodthirsty.

"It can't just be anyone, it has to be some I'm in love with." I looked down
at the ground and blushed furiously. He WAS Silver after all, just him from
a different diment.. or whatever Arianna called it. The thing was, it was HIM!
I had my man back and I was happy.

"Your other self, um the one from this world was my uh.. husband. He was a
sorcerer just like his half-sister Arianna. I'm supposed to take you to her
father's keep tomorrow, by the way."

I sat back and looked at him, gauging his reaction, and then he floored me with
a question I wasn't expecting.

He looked over at me and asked, "Raven, about what we did earlier. Um, what if
you get pregnant?" I smiled at the thought. It would cure me! "Oh I hope so!
That would be grand!!" I explained to him that if I had his (or Silver's) baby,
my lycanthropy would be cured.

I also let it slip that Silver and I had been enemies when we first met, which
was true to an extant, but it came out wrong. I got upset with myself and
turned into the tiger, not wanting to talk anymore and curled up by the fire
and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was human again
and curled up with Paul. It had been the first time that I'd woke up human
in a long time.

We broke camp and set off toward the forest keep with me in the lead. It wasn't
an hour before we came to a clearing and the keep towered before us. I could
tell Paul was awed by the whole thing, the way he was so bug-eyed while we walked
through the small town surrounding the keep. The keep itself is grown straight
from the earth by the elves, using magic to form the trees, earth, and foliage
to create an earthen palace. It was impressive, yes, but I'd seen it hundreds
of times so it wasn't a big deal to me.

I noticed that Paul was eyeing some of the elven serving girls as we walked toward
the front gates. As soon as the guards saw who I was, we were allowed to continue
into the keep. We walked through the maze of corridors toward the heart of the place
and I noticed that Paul was getting some strange looks by the guards, but they didn't
say or do anything to hinder us.

We finally came to our destination, a large chamber filled mostly with a huge marble
table that a group of elves were sitted around, talking quietly amongst themselves.
I waked over to the foot of the table, Paul close behind and bowed my head slightly
to Lord Everland, the overseer of the forest and Arianna's father. I introduced him
to Paul and vica versa and went on to explain everything that had happened since I
found Paul in that pit, leaving out only the parts about us having sex.

They evidently wanted to ask Paul about three hundred different questions, so I sat
down on the other side of the table where Silver and Arianna's mother was sitting
with her lady friends. We made friendly small talk for a while until I saw that they
were about through with Paul, so I thanked the lady for talking with me and went over
to Paul and sat with him. They proceeded to lay out a feast the likes of which I hadn't
seen since the last time I was at this place. We ate more than we should have, and
drank all together too much of their wine.

Paul entertained me while we ate by wild tales of things called computers and cars.
They sounded like fantastically made up gibberish, but he assured me that he was telling
me truthfully. After we were through eating, I commented that we'd both had a long day,
actually a long couple of days in my case, and we made our leave. We walked through
he maze of corridors again and finally came upon the small room that Arianna had set
us aside for me and Silver whenever we wanted to stay here for the night. We had hardly
ever taken them up on the offer, but the room was still here, ready for me to use.

We walked inside and sat on the bed, talking. I told him about some of the surrounding
area, and he asked me what abut his other self, specifically what had happened to him.
I told him the story of Silver going off to slay the medusa. After that I stripped and
sat on the bed, and motioned for him to join me.

He stripped, falling into the bed. I was starting to feel the effects
of the strong wine the elves had served us and fell into a deep sleep in Paul's arms.
I awoke in the middle of the night, randy as a cat in heat, which in retrospect was an
apt description. Drunk out of my mind, I reached for Paul's member and stroked it gently
until it was hard and throbbing and slowly sank myself down onto it after getting in
position. I rode his manhood for a few minutes, feeling the wonderful sensations
flooding me and suddenly realized I was in my tiger form. I had switched to the tiger
while screwing Paul! It had been something that Silver loved, and here I was, my font paws
on either side of Paul's chest and my hind legs around his waist as I rode his erection
to a satisfying orgasm that had me reeling, lost in pleasure.

I continued screwing him for ages, losing all sense of time as multiple orgasms left me
purring and panting in exhaustion. His now shrinking erection slipped out of me and
I slipped beside him, momentarily shocked that he'd slept through the whole thing before
returning to my natural tigress form and falling asleep, hugging him possessively. I purred
contentedly as I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When we awoke the next morning, we got dressed and went to the dining hall and had a quiet
breakfast while Paul told me more of his homeworld and what his life is like there. I was
fascinated by his tale and he continued until Arianna and Grevlok showed up. They came
over to meet us and Grevlok talked with Paul for a moment then led us through the corridors
into an area I didn't often delve into and came upon the wooden door that I knew was a
direct link to his tower. I had traveled through one of his magic doorways once before,
so I wasn't that suprised when we walked through it into his Grevlok's study where chased
me and Arianna off so he could talk with Paul alone.

Arianna and I went outside to the main library and sat down to chat.

"So what's new Arianna?" I asked politely.

"Oh, I just got back from a party held by the moonlight elves of Shadefawn Lake. Those
guys know how to party, that's for sure." She smiled dreamily, as if remembering something
wonderful and then turned her head when Paul walked in. She cocked her head and asked him
if Grevlok had been able to help him.

"Yeah I'm leaving within the hour." He said cheerfully. And that's when it hit me. I had
lost Silver and now I was going to lose Paul, too! I must have looked really sad because
Arianna took one look at me and left, while Paul walked over to me. He sat down beside me
and took my hand in his, asking me of I'd like to go with him to his world. I told him I'd
love too and hugged him tightly, happy that I wasn't going to lose him.

We waited almost an hour before Grevlok came and got us and spelled us through one of his
gateways into Paul's world. We emerged in a forest that seemed familiar. I realized that
it was must be the spot on his world near where he had entered mine. He found the path that
he was looking for and before long we came to a clearing and a tall white wooden structure
which he indicated was his home.

He went in the back door of the house and I followed right behind. His mother asked him
where he'd been and then she saw me behind him and asked him who I was.


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