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REASONS thick bush pubic hair tickled


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit or placed within
any archive or pay site without the written permission of the author. The
author may be contacted at or via ICQ #51761475. More
stories can be found at

Copyright 2001, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Reasons, by Rob Morton (m/f, teen, inc, cons, preg)


"Richie, don't keep me waiting," my father growled. "I want an answer
and I want it now!"

I was finding it hard to concentrate on the answer he wanted, seeing
that my head was spinning from the hard slap my father had just delivered
to the side of my head. I somehow managed to get my eyes open; through the
tears streaming down my face, I saw a blurry image of one angry

"Well? Or do you need some more encouragement?" Dad asked, drawing his
huge hand back.

"Harold, stop it!" my mother cried out, grabbing my father's arm. My
sense of humor made a showing as I saw the somewhat ridiculous sight of my
mother dangling from my father's arm like he was some kind of jungle gym or

"Margaret, get the hell off me!" Dad said roughly. With one flick of
his powerfully built arm, he sent my mother tumbling to the floor.

My concern quickly went from myself to my mother; without even thinking
about it, my foot came off the floor, making solid contact with my father's

"JESUS CHRIST!" my father screamed. He dropping to his knees and
covering his groin with his hands before bending over, retching loudly.

"Don't you EVER do that again," I said, going over to my mother and
helping her to sit on the sofa.

"Ritchie! Look out!" mom shouted, her eyes wide with surprise and fear.

"Huh?" I said, turning my head to see what she was looking at. There
was a moment of intense pain alongside my jaw and a myriad of awfully
bright colors exploded behind my eyes just before the darkness set in...

* * *

"Are you okay? Can you hear me?"

I opened my eyes as the sound of my mother's voice reached me. For a
moment, I saw two of her dancing before me and I tried to sit up in order
to clear my aching head - a big mistake. Almost immediately, my vision
blurred and my head began to pound as if someone were using it as a bass

"What happened?" I slurred, trying to regain my focus.

"You don't remember?" my sister Regina asked from somewhere down the
hall - or at least it sounded that way. "You kicked Dad in the nuts - what
were you thinking?"

"I remember that," I said, taking the aspirin and glass of water mom was
handing me. I tossed the bitter white tablets into my mouth, chasing them
down with the deliciously cold water.

"Then you don't remember helping mom up... and Dad coming off the floor
like he was shot out of a cannon," Regina said. "Mom tried to warn you but
instead of ducking, you turned right into the punch he threw - you were out
before you hit the floor!"

"Regina, please," mom said.

"No, that's okay, Mom," I said. "How long have I been out?"

"About a half-hour," mom said, wiping her eyes with the back of her

"Yeah, you missed it when the police came and arrested Daddy," Regina
said without a trace of humor in her voice.

"They locked him up?" I asked incredulously. "Damn..."

"Serves him right for hitting you like that," mom said angrily. "But,
you still haven't answered the question he asked you."

Oh, yeah - the question... the one that started all of this shit.

"Mom, it's kinda hard to explain," I began, looking over at Regina and
finding a look of support in her eyes. "I mean, it's not like I don't know
- it's just hard to put into words."

"Honey, I think I understand but, my God, having sex with your sister and getting her pregnant? What in the name of God were you two thinking

"Her getting pregnant wasn't supposed to happen," I said with a sigh.
"Neither of us realized the condom had broken until after, um, after I
pulled out. Obviously, it was way too late to do anything about it."

"There wouldn't have been anything to worry about at all if you hadn't
been doing what you were doing in the first place," mom replied, her voice
filling with hurt. "That's the part I don't understand!"

"Mom, it was mostly my fault," Regina said quietly, causing our mother to look in her direction. "I kinda talked him into the whole thing from
the beginning."

"What? You mean to tell me that it was your idea for the two of you to
have sex?"

"Something like that," Regina said. "It wasn't like he raped me or
something - Richie would never do anything like that."

"And you went along with it," mom said flatly, looking back at me.
"Didn't you know what you were doing was wrong?"

"Yeah, I knew it," I admitted. "But, like I said, it's hard to explain,
hard to put into words."

"Why don't you give it a shot," mom commanded, crossing her arms.

"Am I going to get hit again?" I asked.

"No, you're not - I promise," mom said. "But you two have to explain
this to me! When I had your father arrested after he hit you, I told them
that you were arguing and then he hit you. He was so mad when they took
him away that I know he's going to tell them why you two were fighting -
and I want to be able to back you up."

"You'd cover for me? For us?" I asked as the aspirin started to work
its magic.

"Not for the reasons you may think," mom replied. "If they ask about
you and your sister, I'll just tell them my version of the truth. Just the
same, if I'm to put myself in such a precarious position, you two have to
tell me the whole truth."

"That sounds fair, doesn't it?" Regina asked, her eyes continuing to
give me encouragement.

"Yeah, I guess so," I agreed. "But it's gonna take a while to explain
it all."

"Well, I want you to get yourself cleaned up first; with your father being unable to post bail, he'll be downtown until Monday morning," mom said with a half-smile. "So you'll have plenty of time."

Thirty minutes later, I found myself sitting at the kitchen table along
with my mother and sister. A shower and a change of clothes seemed to work
wonders for me and I was feeling more relaxed now. I had spent quite a
while in the shower, organizing my thoughts, making sure I had everything
in the right order.

mom had made a plate of sandwiches and I grabbed one, nodding my thanks
to Regina as she handed me an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Once everyone
had something to eat and drink, I knew it was time for my part of the story to begin.

"Well, I suppose it's obvious to say that we'd been doing this for some
time," I started, folding my hands to hide the slight tremble that had
appeared. "But, it wasn't like it was something we meant to do."

"Yeah, Mom, it just sorta happened," Regina supplied helpfully. "If I
hadn't asked Richie to teach me how to slow dance, all of this could have
probably been avoided."

"Dancing? This all started over dancing?" mom asked.

"As strange as it might sound, yeah, that's what started it," I said.
"See, I was in my room..."


I had been in my room, doing nothing in particular, just listening to a
song by one of the more popular boy-groups. It was a pretty nice ballad
about a guy professing his love to a girl he didn't know. I was reading a
book as I listened to the song, having programmed the single track to
repeat itself on my CD player. I was just into Chapter 22 when I heard a
knock on my door.

"Come in," I called out, looking up to see my sister's head poke through
the door.

"Hi, Richie," Regina said, smiling at me nervously. "You really busy?"

"No, why?" I asked, placing my bookmark in the book and waving Reggie

"I need a favor," Reggie said, coming inside and plopping onto the
single chair in my room.

"What kind of favor, Sis?" I asked.

"Well, I noticed you were listening to that song I like and I, well, I
was wondering if you could teach me how to slow dance," Regina said
nervously, her somewhat plump cheeks coloring slightly.

"Sure, but I don't get it; I thought you already knew how to dance," I
said, smiling at my sister's fidgeting.

"I can handle all the fast stuff, but when it comes down to the slow
groove, well, I keep stumbling over my feet enough that I don't want to
even try it," Regina said with a smile.

"Shit, I know what you mean," I said, remembering my own clumsiness as I
reached for the CD player's remote control. I stopped the song in
mid-verse and stood up, opening my arms; Regina got off the chair and stood
in front of me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"I guess so," Regina said, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Okay, here we go," I replied, clicking the play button. The music
started and my sister stepped into my embrace, snuggling up against me.
"Just follow my movements, okay?"

It took a couple of times playing the song before Reggie finally got the
hang of it. I felt really proud of her as our bodies swayed together, her
head resting on my shoulder. The song reached the chorus and, as the music
began to swell, I realized that it wasn't the only thing swelling!

At first, I felt embarrassed; this was something that usually only
happened when I danced with other girls. I tried to put a little extra
space between us, you know, so Reggie wouldn't notice - but she just pulled
me tighter against her. Between the slight hint of perfume on her skin,
the soulful music, and the lower half of her body grinding enticingly
against mine, I was feeling both good and a little strange.

I was barely aware of the song ending then starting over again. I knew
I should have let Reggie go and stepped away from her but, for some strange
reason, I couldn't find it within myself to let her go at that moment
despite there being something between us.

The song once again hit a really nice part and, testing her new skills,
my sister ground her pelvis against mine, swaying with the beat; as she
came in contact with my erection, her head popped up, her wide eyes boring
into mine.

"Richie!" Regina said, astonishment registering in her voice and on her
face. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Sorry, Sis," I said, feeling my face get really hot. I had the remote
in my hand and lifted it to stop the music, only to have Regina push my arm
back down.

"Don't turn it off," she said softly.

"But..." I began.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed," Regina said, increasing her movements
against me; instinctively I tightened my arm around her waist, pulling her
closer against me.

"This shouldn't be happening," I said, my voice suddenly dry and
crusty-sounding. "Shouldn't be getting excited dancing with my sister!"

"I don't mind - I think it's kinda flattering," Regina said, looking up
at me.

"Maybe we should stop," I suggested, staring back at my sister, our
faces just scant inches apart, so close that I could feel her breath brush
against my skin (which didn't help matters any).

"Not until the song is finished," Reggie said. "Please?"

The song reached the bridge and, well, I suppose I just let the music
carry me away. Reggie and I continued our slow, erotic dance staring into
each other's eyes; the next thing I knew, her lips covered mine, her tongue
slipping into my mouth like it belonged there.

"Mmmm," Reggie moaned, using her hands to pull my head deeper into the
unexpected kiss, her tongue seeking mine.

To my horror/delight, I found myself returning the kiss, a warm wave of
passion beginning to flow over me, like warm honey. I tightened my grip on
Reggie, crushing her body to mine, my hands roaming over her ample
backside. Not to be outdone, Reggie removed one hand from my head and
somehow managed to get it between us, massaging my erection through the
fabric of my pants.

As our tongues continued to do battle - and my sister's hand continued
its urgent massaging, a thought popped into the back of my head telling me
that what was happening was so very wrong. The thought grew stronger as I
used one hand to unfasten my sister's pants; as my hand came into contact
with the hot flesh of her ass, it was as if all my thoughts were being
smothered by a gigantic blanket.

The kiss broke, leaving us both gasping; without missing a beat, I
latched onto Regina's neck, sucking her sweet flesh gently, even as my
hands continued to roam freely over her shivering body.

Regina cried out softly as I nibbled on her earlobe; at the same time, I
had begun working her T-shirt over her breasts, revealing two rather large
globes of flesh that were barely contained by a lacey bra. Without missing
a lick, I deftly reached behind her and undid the snaps holding her bra in
place, her massive tits falling free. I swooped down and clamped my lips
onto a large, stiff nipple, causing my sister to cry out once more with

It seems like one moment I was feasting on Reggie's nipples like a
starving man; the next thing I knew, we were both naked and falling onto my
bed. Shit, we hadn't even bounced once before Reggie had her hands on my
head, shoving me away from her tits and down along her tummy. Not being a
total idiot, I knew exactly what she wanted - and I was more than eager to
give it to her.

I buried my face into Reggie's mound, inhaling deeply and infusing
myself with the scent of hot pussy. I had to fight off a sneeze as her
thick bush of pubic hair tickled my nose but, mercifully, I was successful,
leaving me to concentrate on what was beneath the set of fat, puffy
cuntlips. Knowing that I was already way in over my head to turn back, I
plunged my tongue between Reggie's fleshy folds - and was rewarded with
finding her surprisingly large clitty!

"Oh, shit!" Reggie cursed as I flicked my tongue against her stiff bud,
causing her to arch her back, elevating her cunt enticingly. "Suck it!
Suck my pussy!"

To say I merely sucked my sister's quim would be an understatement.
With a growl, I attacked her snatch, licking and sucking her heated flesh
with a passion I didn't know existed within me. I nipped at her box with
my teeth (gently, of course) and probed her steamy hole with my tongue,
stabbing it as far as I could get it inside of her, fucking Reggie's slit.
My sister showed her appreciation of my talents, trashing on the bed and
humping her cunt against my face like a wild woman.

God, was she hot or what? Sight and sound left me as Reggie wrapped her
thick thighs around my head, trapping me. I continued to eat my sister,
even though I was quickly running out of air. I felt Reggie stiffen for a
moment before my face was flooded with a rush of hot, tangy liquid.

Panic began to set in as gush after gush of girl-juice squirt from
Reggie, filling my mouth to overflowing. Some of it managed to find its
way up my nose and I had never wanted to breathe so badly! Yet, I also had
to take the full measure of my sister's liquid orgasm, flicking my tongue
hard against her clit and getting rewarded by yet another flood of juice.

Drained and spent, Reggie relaxed her legs; I pulled my soaking wet face
from between her legs, sucking in deep breaths just as fast as I could
manage it.

"God DAMN, Reg," I gasped, the room spinning as oxygen flooded my nearly
starved brain.

"Fuck me, Richie," my sister gasped, spreading both her legs and arms,
welcoming me into her embrace. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck..."

I scrambled between her legs, my distended cock stabbing fitfully at her
flesh. I was about to reach down and steady my tool when Regina grabbed a
handful of my cock and literally shoved me into her hole.

"AHHHH!" Regina gasped as I plunged into her depths; my manhood
spreading her young flesh aside just like the proverbial hot knife through
butter. I could feel her pussy gripping me, squeezing me, doing its level
best to coax my seed from me.

Which would take very long at the rate I was going. I heard and saw
nothing; my whole world consisted of my dong buried up to the hilt in my
sister's womb. I wasn't about to waste time fucking her slowly - that
could wait until some other time. Right now, I knew I had to pound her
pussy... and pound it I did!

My bed rocked and squealed with each hard thrust into Regina's tight
orifice; with each thrust, I could hear my sister grunt as my weight
slammed into her along the single point connecting us together - my

"Faster, faster," Reggie urged unnecessarily. I knew I wasn't going to
be able to last very long under these circumstances and, fuck it, I didn't
want to! I increased my speed, feeling my balls slapping against Regina's
ass as I plowed into her, packing her stuff with as much cock as I could

"Do it, Richie," Regina gasped, managing to open her eyes. "I wanna
feel it, need to feel it..."

For a brief moment, I felt as if I could hold off from cumming forever,
right up until I got struck by lightning. One second I was in complete
control, my cock pistoning in and out of my sister's body; the next, I felt
as if someone had kicked me in the head. Bright, colorful lights exploded
inside my head and my body quivered and quaked as I exploded inside my
sister, spurt after spurt of jizz splattering her vaginal walls, painting
her womb.

"OH, HOLY SHIT!" I cried as the second wave hit me. My arms suddenly
weren't able to hold me and I collapsed upon my sister's ample chest, the
lower half of my body completely on autopilot as I continued to fuck my
softening dick into her...


I reached for my glass of lemonade, surprised to find it still cold
despite the lack of visible ice, making it a point to keep my eyes closed
as I quaffed down the tangy drink - that way, I wouldn't have to see the
look on my mother's face.

"My God," I heard mom say. "Didn't it occur to you that you'd just done
something wrong?"

It wasn't as if mom had asked an unreasonable question; no, it was more
a matter of my being to answer it without sounding like a complete idiot.

"Mom, I don't mean to sound insulting or anything, but the only way I
can answer you is to say that I knew what we were doing was wrong but, even
as I realized this, I knew things had gone too far for me to stop. Do you
understand what I'm saying?"

"I'm really trying to understand this, Richie," mom said reluctantly.
"But, incest?"

"Mom, it's not like it was all Richie's fault," Regina chimed in. "If
anything, the fault lies with me because I started the whole thing. Once I
knew I had gotten him excited, I knew I should have - could have - stopped
things right then and there."

"Why didn't you? You knew your brother was trying to back away from

"Maybe it was because I knew that he wouldn't hurt me or anything,"
Reggie said with a shrug. "I'm not really sure, but I knew I felt safe and
comfortable with him. Yeah, things got out of hand but, by the time they
did, I was just like Richie - I knew once we got started, I didn't want him
to stop."

Reggie and I sat silently, watching mom trying to absorb our words. We
could easily see that our confession went against everything she ever
believed in. In a way, I felt guilty and, then again, I didn't - like I
said, it's a hard thing to put into words.

"I thought we raised you better than that," mom finally said, her eyes
filling with tears.

"It didn't have anything to do with how you raised us, Mom," Regina said
quietly. "It was something that just happened. You're right - either of
us could have stopped the whole thing..."

"But you didn't!" mom cried, wringing her hands. She reached for a
napkin and used it to dry her eyes. "Then again, I suppose I can
understand the part about things getting out of control. After all, I used
to be your age."

"I'm glad you understand it, mom - really," I said, feeling a bit of
tension leave me.

"Something like this happening once is something I might be able to
understand - but it doesn't excuse the situation happening again," mom said, putting a bit more tension back into me. "I mean, if you two had sex
once and that was it, well, that can be swept under the carpet. But you
kept on doing it with each other without any regard for the consequences!"

"It wasn't quite like that, Mom," Regina said. "You make it sound like
we didn't sit down and talk about what had happened that day!"

"I'd be very surprised if you did," mom said dryly.

"Well, we did," Reggie shot back heatedly.

"Reg..." I cautioned gently. I knew it wouldn't do us any good if mom flat out lost it.

"I'm sorry, Mom," my sister said, properly chastised. "Anyway, we did
talk about it."

"And just what was said?"

"Well," I began, settling into my chair. "Later that night, Regina came
back to my room..."


"Richie? Can I talk to you?"

I looked up to find my sister poking her head inside my bedroom door.
Almost instantly, my mind flashed back to the last time she had come to my
room and a terrible feeling of guilt washed over me. That would have been
bad enough except there was also a feeling of joy mixed in as well.

"Sure, come on in," I said.

Reggie came in and closed the door behind her, once again going to sit
in my chair, giving me an even deeper feeling of déjà vu, right down to the
look on her face. Only this time, there was something different about it,
something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

"So what's on your mind?" I asked, almost added the words "this time" at
the end of my question.

"I think you know the answer to that," my sister said, her complexion
darkening. "I want to talk to you about what happened this afternoon."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that myself," I confessed. "I didn't
mean for that to happen, but I just, ah..."

"I know what you mean," Reg said helpfully. "We were dancing and, damn,
everything was going so nicely that I just forgot myself, forgot who I was

"I have to admit that you surprised the hell out of me when you kissed
me," I said, feeling the mood between us relax a little. "After that..."

"Yeah, well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about," Regina said.
"I realized I kinda forced myself on you and I wanted to say that I'm
sorry... and was wondering if we can do it again some time."

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure an apology is necessary, if you
know what I mean," I said, trembling on the inside at the prospect of
gaining further carnal knowledge of my sister. "It was just as much my
fault as it was yours, you know. And, to be honest with you, I wouldn't
mind doing it with you again - I'm just not sure if we should even go

"That's pretty much what I was thinking, too," Reggie said, nodding her
agreement. "Look, I'll be honest with you, okay? It's not like other boys are beating down our front door to date me - I mean, look at me! I'm
hardly what anyone would call a model or a beauty queen!"

Of course, she was right. No, stop looking at me like that. My sister isn't ugly - just on the high side of being, well, plain. To me - and I
might be biased - her beauty comes from the inside. Certainly, she could
probably stand to lose a few pounds but, other than that, I had to agree
with her self-assessment.

"I think I understand what you're saying; basically, you're saying that
if you're going to 'give it up' to a guy, it should be someone who
appreciates you just the way you are, right?"

"That just about covers it, yeah," Regina agreed.

"So, why didn't you just ask?" I posed to my sibling. "Why the ruse
about wanting to learn how to slow dance?"

"Ruse? What ruse? No, no, you've got it all wrong! I wasn't planning
on seducing you - I really did want to learn how to slow dance. But, damn
it, I was also horny as hell and you felt so good being so close to me that
shit just happened," Regina explained passionately. "Right at the moment I
knew I was going to kiss you, I knew I was probably making a mistake but,
once I did and you responded, I knew that you'd take care of the whole
situation. And, if I didn't ask then, I'm asking now."

"I appreciate your confidence in me - I think," I said with a smile.
"You'll forgive me if I ask you if you're really sure you want to do this
with me?"

"You don't want to?" Reggie asked, looking as if she were going to start

"No, Sis, it's not like that. I mean, I had to sit here and admit to
myself that even though you took me completely by surprise with all of
this, I really enjoyed making love to you," I supplied. "Yeah, I was
hoping that maybe we could do it again somewhere down the road - but I
wasn't going to hold my breath on it."

"You really enjoyed me?" Regina said, brightening. "I was so worried
about that..."

"If you were, it was over nothing," I said, feeling the blood beginning
to rush to my groin. "I don't mean this to sound bad, but that's the most
fun I've had in bed with a girl - ever!"

My sister got up out of the chair and sat next to me on the bed, her
lips seeking mine. She kissed me lightly, letting her tongue play against
the outside of my lips and causing an interest rise in my blood pressure.

"I promise you'll never regret any of this," Regina said, planting
another light kiss on my lips. "Just one thing, though."

"What's that?" I answered as my heart continued to pump gallons of blood
into my thickening shaft.

"Do you have any condoms? I mean, if we're going to do this, we can't
be stupid about it, not like the first time."

"I have a couple - but I'll get more later," I said, drowning in my lust
for Regina.

"Good. So, now there's something I have to do," Regina said, her
fingers working the zipper on my pants; she reached inside the opening and
extracted my erection.

"What are you going to do?" I asked stupidly as I watched her hand close
around my dick and pump it up and down gently.

"Well, you did such a good job eating me that I thought I'd return the
favor, seeing that I didn't get a chance before," she said with a wicked
smile, lowering her mouth to the bulbous head of my prick, a loud gasp
escaping my lips as inch after inch of my cock vanished before my eyes.

Now, I'm not saying that I had one of those monstrously huge cocks like
you see on porn stars, you know, the kind that are as long as thick as an
arm? But, I was proud of my six-inch sword just the same, with its
medium-sized helmet-shaped head and thick shaft. Oh, and I was also quite
happy that my sister was enjoying giving it pleasure!

"God damn," I moaned as Reggie swirled her tongue wetly across my dome,
taking great care not to miss any of the good places; as she did so, her
hand kept up a steady, insistent rhythm, milking me for my pre-cum, which
she lapped up hungrily.

"You like this?" Regina asked, her voice low and sultry. "Am I making
your cock happy?"

"Oh, hell yeah," I managed to mumble as her mouth closed on me once
more. With one hand cupping my rapidly tightening sac, Regina slowly shoved
my cock into her mouth until her nose was mashed against my pubic bone.
And, to make things better, she just kept it there deep in her throat,
letting her tongue move over my imprisoned flesh, increasing my pleasure a
thousand fold.

With my eyes barely open, I watched as my sister sucked my dick,
noticing and very much appreciating the skill she used against my turgid
tool, bringing me right to the edge and letting me dangle there. Tiny
muscle spasms rippled along the entire length of my prick, creating a
tickling sensation in my anus, causing me to squirm and fuck my cock into
Regina's face.

"Mmm-hmm!" Regina moaned her agreement of what I was doing so I kept it
up, gently thrusting my hips upward and taking in the incredibly delicious
sight of my man-meat sliding between her pursed lips. I would have content
to keep this up for as long as necessary - except my sister had other

I was just beginning to settle into a nice groove when I felt her
fingertip probing my backside, worming its way into my bunghole. My eyes
flew wide open at the unexpected intrusion; instinctively, my ass cheeks
clenched tightly around the invading digit, effectively trapping it inside

"Ow! Shit! Oh, fuck!" I cursed as Reggie continue to force her finger
inside me; even with her mouth full of cock, I could tell that she was
"laughing" and very much enjoying what was happening to me. I felt a
moment of nausea as she rammed the rest of her finger into me right up to
the last knuckle, her fingertip coming in contact with my prostate.

Man, what a weird feeling! The last time I felt it was during the
physical I had before going to camp a couple of years ago. It wasn't as
painful then as it was now (thanks to the doctor's lubricated glove) but it
pretty much had the same effect. Back then, I got an instant erection and,
as the doctor probed my rectum looking for God-knows-what, I even
ejaculated a little. I was embarrassed - but not as embarrassed, as I
would have been had the doctor noticed it. Hell, even if he did, at least
he didn't say anything!

I could feel my seed boiling its way up the stiff tube of my cock,
setting off a rush of sensations I don't believe any man can describe with
words. The more Reggie poked my bottom, the stronger the urge to shoot my
load was.

"Reg, I'm getting ready to, shit, ready to..." I tried to warn my sister of my impending delivery but was too late as my body was wrapped in
orgasmic stasis, my hot load flowing into her hot, wet mouth.

"MMMMMM!" Reggie moaned around my spurting cock, her tongue flailing
away at the head of my dick, lapping and sucking up every dollop of sperm I
had to offer.

The stasis released me and my hips pumped furiously against her
suctioning mouth until I could feel myself beginning to soften. I
experienced another brief moment of pain as Reggie gently removed her
finger from my cornhole, sending yet another delightful shiver racing along
my nervous system.

But Reggie didn't seem to be content with that prodigious protein
offering; instead, she kept me in her mouth, occasionally swiping her
tongue across the very sensitive head of my dick which, of course, had me
climbing the walls - guys, you know exactly what I mean, right?

"Uh, Reg?" I managed to get out.


"Are you done?"

A shake of her head was all the answer I got as the organic vacuum pump
that was my darling sister started up again...


"I don't fucking believe this," mom said, looking from me to Regina in
total disbelief. "You mean to tell me that you actually, uh, you really,

"Yes, Mom, I gave Richie a blowjob," Regina supplied. "Several of them,

"I suppose you fucked him, too?" mom asked sarcastically.

"Nope - I didn't leave him with much to work with," my sister said
proudly, looking at me and giving me a salacious wink. "We did later on
that night when you and Dad went to play cards over at the Jeffersons."

"Mom, again, I can understand how upsetting this is to you and, yeah, I
can understand Dad's anger," I said, risking a slap to the face by gently
touching her hand.

"I'm not sure what bothers me more," mom said, looking at my hand on
hers with a somewhat blank look. "The fact that you two were fucking or
that you were doing it right under our noses!"

"I suppose we can never apologize enough," I conceded. "But, surely you
can begin to understand where we're coming from?" mom looked up at me with
a look I couldn't describe even if I wanted to.

"You know, I have four brothers and the whole time we were growing up,
none of them ever tried to have sex with me," mom said, her voice so quiet
it sent chills through me. "They didn't even try to feel me up or anything
- but you two have the gall to sit here and ask me if this atrocity, this
sin, is understandable?"

I started to reply to her comment - then thought better of it. Instead,
I just looked over at my sister, expecting to see the guilt on her face
that I was feeling - and not finding it.

"Like Richie said, we can probably never apologize enough for hurting
you and Dad like this," Regina said, her voice strong and sure. "And, even
if you don't understand it, it was something that, once started, had to be

"And that included you getting pregnant?" mom asked, her eyes narrowing.
Shit, I could easily imagine daggers shooting from under her eyelids and
plunging into Reggie's heart...

"That was an accident," I said, coming to my sister's defense. "Look,
whether you agree or understand or not, whenever we made love, I always
wore a condom. It was just pure dumb luck that this particular one
shredded itself!"

"If you hadn't been having sex with each other, there wouldn't have been
a need for condoms," mom said stonily, although I got the impression that
she really didn't believe what she'd just said - and I felt compelled to
call her on it.

"Really? Mom, even though this happened to Regina, it could have easily
happened to Marsha Brody or Gail Elders or Pam Hollins," I said, naming
three of the girls I'd had sex with.

"But none of them are your sister, Richie!" mom exclaimed.

"True, but..."

"But nothing! Sweet Jesus, it's bad enough that you were having sex
with your sister - but then you had to go and make matters worse by getting
her pregnant! I guess you're still wondering why your father lost his mind
over this?"

"No, I'm not," I said defensively. "It's not like we didn't know there
was a chance we could get caught."

"And, it's not like we didn't realize what could happen in that
situation," Regina added.

"Oh, really? What, did you two think you'd never get caught? Did you
think we wouldn't have found out about it?" mom asked.

"I'll be honest with you, Mom," I said with a sigh, tiring of this
senseless discussion. "If Reggie hadn't gotten pregnant, you and Dad would
have never found out about any of this."

"Go to your rooms - and I mean stay your asses in your own rooms, too!"
Mom said, burying her face in her hands. "Get the fuck out of my sight!"
Regina opened her mouth as if to say something and I shook my head to
indicate that she shouldn't say anything. We got up from the table and
headed upstairs.

"Are you sorry that any of this happened?" Regina asked as we stood
outside her bedroom door.

"Not in the least bit," I replied, kissing my sister gently on the lips
and placing my hand on her abdomen where my child - our child - was
growing. "I really didn't mean to knock you up - but even that was
eventual, wouldn't you say?"

"Just a matter of time to me," Regina said. "I mean, as far as I was
concerned, having your baby was the next logical step. mom and Dad are
pretty pissed off..."

"In a way, I don't blame them - but it's all water under the bridge
now," I said with a shrug, turning to enter my own room. "Do you want to
get together later, after mom goes to bed?"

"I want to but we'd better cool it for at least tonight; mom might stay
up in order to catch us in the act - and there's no telling what she'd do."

I nodded reluctantly at this and stepped inside my own room - but not
before turning to Reggie and saying, "I love you very much, Reg."

"I love you, too, Richie," Regina said, closing her door.

I undressed and plopped onto my bed - the same bed our child was
conceived in - and thought about that fateful day...


Finding time to make love with my sister was pretty easy since our
parents both worked the evening shift at the Secor Electronics plant in
Groverton. That pretty much left us to our own devices and, prior to our
lovemaking adventures; neither of us gave our parents any cause to be
worried about leaving us alone in the evenings. Besides, they were usually
home by midnight and by that time we'd be in bed.

Now that we were lovers, we'd often be in bed by 6PM - and not
particularly to sleep either!

This particular evening started out as so many others had. By the time
we had gotten home from school, mom and Dad were on their way out the door,
reminding us (and unnecessarily so) of our homework and other such chores
to be completed before we retired for the evening. Dinner would be
prepared and, true to our word, homework would be done.

However, the moment I closed the math book I had been working from, all
it took was one look at my sister before our clothes began flying all over
the place!

"Let's get upstairs," Reggie whispered into my ear after wrapping her
arms around me. "I want you inside me right now!"

"Fuck going upstairs," I growled. "I'm gonna take you right here!"

"Here? On the dining room table?" Regina asked with a wicked grin.

"Why the fuck not?" I countered, using my arm to sweep books, papers and
everything else onto the floor. Placing both hands around Reggie's waist,
I hoisted her onto the vacated table top, helping her to lie on her back,
legs spread wide.

"Well, now, this is different," my sister said as I slid my chair up to
the table. "What am I, dinner?"

"Had dinner - this is dessert," I said, just before plunging my face
into my sister's musky dampness. Oh, but what a lovely feeling it was to
breath in the scent of Reggie's hot box, just oozing with juices and
begging to be licked, bitten, sucked and loved.

I sucked her distended clitty into my mouth, flashing my tongue over it
wetly and listening to my lusty sister groan with pleasure. I leaned into
my work, stabbing my tongue into her slit, fucking her cunny with my

"Eat me, Richie," Regina groaned. "Eat my pussy until I can't see
straight! Make me cum, lover, oh, God, I need this! Yeah, right there,
right there, oh, shit... SHIT!"

My sister's body began to twitch uncontrollably, her hands hammering the
tabletop as I continued to work my tongue deeper into her. I could hear
myself moaning as I slurped up the tiny river of juices spilling from my
sister's cunt. That it was flowing faster than I could suck it out of her
didn't bother me one bit - I knew there was more where that came from...

I went back to sucking the fat nub of her clit, drawing it hard into my
mouth and lashing it feverishly with my tongue; at one point, Reg actually
tried to scoot away from me - but I wasn't having any of it, using my arms
locked around her thighs to draw her back to my hungry mouth.

"Now! Fuck me now!" Reggie cried after spilling her liquid lust all
over my face and table. "Get that fucker into me RIGHT NOW!"

I moved as if someone had goosed me with a cattle prod; diving for my
pants, I dug through my pockets until I came up with that precious foil
packet. I opened it and let the slick latex tube fall into my hand before
rolling it out to cover my erection.

"Give it to me, Richie," Regina begged. "Don't make me wait for it, you
bastard!" I pulled my sister toward me until she had her plump ass hanging
off the table a little, positioning her snatch where I could easily...

Ah! Oh, shit, yeah! I groaned as my cock slid easily into her, aided
by both her copious secretions and the super-slick lubricant coating the
jimmy. I placed my hands under the small of her back, the edge of the
table digging into the sensitive backs of my hands.

But I was beyond noticing it now as I drove my pole into my sister's
depths, feeling my sperm-heavy balls slapping against her ample backside
with each hard, downward stroke. The pain in my hands became more
pronounced and I felt myself beginning to soften as the pain overrode the

"Scoot back," I rasped, moving along with her and trying not to dislodge
myself. Reggie scrabbled backward until we were both on the top of the
table; using my hands (hurt like hell) to lift her legs, I hammered my cock
into her, slamming my body against hers and the unyielding surface of the
table. My sister grunted with each stroke, her breasts swaying with each
thrust of my boner.

Even through the condom, I could feel her pussy clutching and squeezing
my prick, trying to hold me deep inside of her. But, I wanted to pound her
sweet box, fill her with inch after inch of rock-hard maleness just as fast
and as hard as I could.

Perspiration dripped from my face onto her chest; through my slitted
eyes, I could see that my sister's face was alternating between pleasure
and pain, happiness and fear, while my own visage was screwed into a
picture of total concentration.

As always, time had no meaning for me while deep inside Regina's body.
It could have been hours... or merely minutes - or even seconds!
Regardless, I was in heaven, loving my sister's body, praising the temple
of her flesh by filling it with my own.

"I gotta cum," I grunted, picking up the already furious pace. "Gonna

"Do it! Do it!" Regina cried in return, clenching her cunt around my
dong as hard as she could.

GOD DAMN IT!" I yelled as my orgasm hit me like a runaway truck, waves
of indescribable pleasure flowing over me as my cock spit wad after thick,
gooey wad of sperm into the tip of the rubber. I humped Regina's cooze
like a madman, packing her stuff with as much of my incestuous meat as I
could get into her, riding a torrent of lust.

"Jesus, that was good," Regina said breathlessly, wrapping her arms
around me as I collapsed onto her bosom. "You really know how to make a
girl feel good!"

"Hmmm?" I mumbled, my senses too overwhelmed to even form intelligent

"I said... oh, shit! Richie!" Regina cried out in alarm, snapping my
out of my stupor.

"What?" I asked.

"I feel... oh, shit, I feel your cum running out of me!" Regina said
with alarm, her eyes growing wide.

"Impossible!" I said, struggling to prop myself up onto my knees and
elbows - a pretty neat trick given the narrow width of the table. I pulled
my cock from my sister's cunt, my own eyes growing wide with horror as my
dick emerged... with only the collar of the condom still firmly encircling

"Did it break?" Regina asked.

"That's an understatement," I groan, using my fingers to carefully pull
the destroyed sheath of latex from inside her and trying to be as careful
as I could not to spill the contents. A waste of time, really; instead of
the somewhat intact tube I expected, I was pulling pieces of the condom out
of her pussy and, guess what? Yep! The tip was not only quite empty but
it, too, was split six ways to Sunday.

"I thought it was feeling too good," Regina said, sitting up on the
table. "I mean, I could really feel you inside me - but I didn't think
about the rubber breaking."

"Neither did I," I replied, watching the remnants of my seed seeping out
Regina's gaping hole. "Shit!"

"Hey, it's not your fault," Regina said, pulling me back into her
embrace. "Shit like that happens."

"I know," I said, feeling my cock beginning to stir once more.

"I'm not worried," Reggie said, reaching between us and massaging my
cock until it was hard enough to penetrate her. "Besides, I miss feeling
you inside of me in the raw." She leaned back once more, pulling me to her
and guiding my semi-erect tool once more to her entrance.

"Let me get another one," I said as the head of my cock passed into her
steamy snatch.

"Save it for later," my sister cooed, feeling my hardening manhood begin
to fill her once more. "Right now, my pussy's hungry for more cock - with
the fixings!"

I knew that I should have insisted on getting another jimmy, even as I
pumped an even bigger load of sperm into her womb - but at that moment,
nothing else mattered and, besides, nothing was going to happen.


"How stupid of the both of you!" mom said, shaking her head sadly.
"Look, even though I don't cotton to what you two have been doing, it was
bad enough you broke one inside of her - you had to compound the sin by...
by, damn it, shooting inside of her without having one on!"

"It was an accident," I said stupidly, effectively setting myself up for
her next comment.

"NO! The first time was an accident; the second time was done
deliberately! And you knew it! You both knew it!"

And, she was right, you know. I could remember the really weird feeling
I had after watching a second - then a third load of spunk flowing out of
Regina's cunt.

"But we didn't think..." I protested even though I knew better.

"You're damned right you didn't think!" mom said with more edge in her
voice. "You're no different than anyone else - too damned busy thinking
with your dick! And now look! Look what you've done! Your father is
sitting in jail right now because of your stupidity!"

"He's sitting in jail because he hit Richie," my sister said with equal

"And you know good and damned well that the fight wouldn't have started
had we not found out about this," mom countered, staring daggers into

"So what happens next?" I asked, breaking the eerie silence that ensued.

"Oh, that's easy - Regina will have to get an abortion!" mom said.

"What?" Regina exclaimed. "Get an abortion? No, I don't think so!"

"You don't think so? What, did you really think that you were going to
have your brother's baby?" mom asked, her eyebrows threatening to crawl
right up into her hairline. "You can't be serious!"

"I'm dead serious," Reggie shot back. "Besides, I thought you taught us
that we don't believe in abortion for any reason? Or was that just more of
your bullshit?"

Man, I thought mom was going to come across the table and rip my
sister's throat out, pregnant or not! I put a calming hand on her arm,
only to have Regina slap it away.

"No, Richie, I will not be quiet!" Regina said as she continued to rage.
"Look, what happened has happened, okay? It doesn't matter if we were
right or wrong - but I am not having an abortion. I got myself into this
and I'm prepared to deal with the consequences of my actions!"

The kitchen got quiet again as our mother looked open-mouthed from
Regina to me.

"And I suppose you agree with her?" mom asked.

"Yeah, she's right," I conceded. "We knew the risks from the beginning
so it's the price we'll have to pay."

"Oh, I think you're going to find that the price is higher than you
thought," mom said, hiding her face in her hands. "Stupid, stupid
children! What will the other people think when they find out?"

"Who said they'd find out?" I asked; I hadn't really had time to think
about that. "It's not like we're going to run all over town telling
everyone what we did!"

mom was about to counter my statement but was interrupted when the phone
rang - saved by the bell, huh? She continued to glower at us as she got up
and went to the kitchen extension.

"Hello? Harold, honey, are you okay?" mom asked, making sure we knew
she was talking to our father.

"Uh huh, okay... what? When?"

Well, that couldn't be good! I don't know what my father was telling
her on the phone, but whatever it was it hit her pretty hard as the color
drained from her face.

"Couldn't you have just... Harold! Will you listen for second? No,
they're sitting right here... hello? Hello? God damn it!" mom slammed
the phone back onto its base and I noted that the color had returned to her

"Obviously, that was your father," she began, holding her hands at her
sides to keep them from shaking.

"And?" I asked.

"He had his hearing and he'll be released from jail within the hour.
But, you haven't heard the good part yet," mom said, her eyes beginning to
fill with tears. "He told them the reason for the fight and now there's
going to be an investigation! You two have to show up in court tomorrow -
the sheriff is bringing the papers now!"

"Oh, shit," Regina muttered, loud enough for mom to hear her.

"Oh, shit is right, you horrible little slut!" mom said, her calm façade
shattering into a million pieces as a loud banging came from the front of
the house.

"Damn, I wonder who that is?" I asked sarcastically, getting up from the
table and following mom to the front door with my sister right behind me.
Mom opened the door to reveal a member of the sheriff's department.

"Mrs. Margaret Townsend?" the deputy asked, his face as cold and
emotionless as his voice.

"Yes, I'm Margaret Townsend," mom replied with a shaky voice.

"Mrs. Townsend, I have a subpoena here for Richard and Regina Townsend
to appear in court tomorrow morning at nine o'clock to answer charges made
by Mr. Harold Townsend," the deputy intoned.

"Charges? What charges?" mom asked, trying to act innocent. The deputy
opened the thick wad of papers he was carrying, his steel blue eyes
scanning the top page.

"It say here that the charges are incest, unlawful sexual intercourse,
unlawful sexual penetration and assault and battery," he finally said,
refolding the papers and handing them to Mom. "Oh, by the way, failure to
appear will result in a bench warrant being issued for their arrest."

mom was struck silent as the deputy tipped his hat before returning to
his car. As she closed the door, she turned to look at us, tears running
down her face.

"See what you've done?" mom screamed, flinging the documents at us.
"You've ruined us!" mom turned and ran for the stairs.

"Richie, what are we going to do?" Regina asked, flinching at the sound
of Mom's bedroom door slamming shut.

"I don't know," I confessed, the reality of the situation really coming
home to roost.

"You know I'm not going to lie about any of this," Regina said.

"I know - neither am I," I replied, doing my best to smile in the face
of certain disaster. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"You could wind up in jail, jackass!" Regina said with a frown. "You'll
go to jail and I'll wind up in some fucking foster home! And, when I have
the baby, they'll come and take it!" My sister finally lost it, letting her
own tears run their course as she headed up the stairs.

"Reggie, wait!" I called after her.

"I can't talk now, Richie," my sister sobbed, giving me a look that made
me feel sick to my stomach. "Maybe later, I don't know."

"Fuck!" I said aloud, plopping down onto the sofa. "Shit and fuck!"


Of course, morning came so quickly it wasn't funny. I spent the entire
night on the sofa, alternating between napping and worrying. By the time
Mom came down to wake me (having not found me in my room), I was already
washed and dressed and about as ready as I was going to be to meet my fate.

I went to the kitchen to get something to settle my stomach and, as I
stepped through the doorway, I saw my father sitting at the table all
shaved, dressed and ready. He looked up as I came in, giving me a look
that would have melted steel; he didn't speak and neither did I. I poured
myself a glass of milk, downing the contents of the glass in three gulps.

"You didn't think you were going to fuck with me and get away with it,
did you?" The sound of my father's voice got my attention and I turned to
look at him.

"I wasn't trying to fuck with you," I said calmly. "You didn't think I
was just going to stand there and let you knock my mother down, did you?"

"Smart-assed pervert," my father cursed, glaring at me with hate in his

In a way, I suppose I could understand how he felt; I mean, I guess it's
bad enough having a daughter and knowing boys are eventually going to fuck
her but knowing that your son fucked her and knocked her up? Yeah, I could
see where a guy would want to commit murder - but what's done is done.

"If you say so," I replied just as mom and Regina came into the kitchen.
"Are we going or what?"

"Get your ass moving, pervert," my father said, motioning with his head.
"You're lucky I don't kill you where you stand!"

"You can try it," I said, my own dander starting to surface.

"Harold, don't make this shit any worse than it is," mom said, stepping
into the space between where I stood and my father sat. "Let's just get
this over with!"

* * *

The ride to the courthouse took twenty minutes even though it felt like
twenty seconds. The entire ride was done in silence with Dad occasionally
looking at us in the rear view mirror and frowning his displeasure with his
offspring. After finding a parking space, we went inside and were directed
to Master Carlton Higgins' office.

"I thought we'd be seeing a judge!" my father exclaimed heatedly to the
clerk. "What is this shit?"

"All cases involving juveniles are first heard by a court master," the
clerk replied as if my father hadn't cursed. "It'll be up to the master to
decide if a judge needs to handle things further. Take the elevator to the
fifth floor, third door on your right." We followed the clerk's directions
and, minutes later, found ourselves sitting in a small office-like room
occupied by yet another clerk.

"Please take a seat," the clerk said to my father after examining our
papers. "Master Higgins will talk to Richard and Regina first, then to you
and Mrs. Townsend. Richard, Regina, come with me, please."

Man, I felt as if I were going to throw up right then and there! Still,
I knew I had to get - and keep - my shit together no matter how difficult
this turned out. For a moment, I was having regrets about fucking my
sister and getting her pregnant but, as she stepped past me in the tiny
courtroom, all doubts and regrets were swept away by the knowledge that I
loved her.

"Please remain standing," the second clerk said, disappearing through a
door set behind the huge oak judges' bench. A minute later, Master Higgins
appeared, exploding out of the door with his black robes flowing around

"Be seated," Master Higgins said, sitting in his high-backed chair. He
took several moments looking over the sheaf of papers he had carried in
with him before looking up at us.

"These are some very serious charges," Master Higgins began, fixing us
with a stern look. "Not only the sex charges but I see here that you're
also pregnant, Ms. Townsend?"

"Yes, sir," Regina replied evenly.

"With your brother's baby." Master Higgins made it sound more like a
statement than a question. "Is that right?"

"Yes, sir, but it was accidental," Regina replied sheepishly, doing her
level best to keep her eyes on the man in front of her.

"I see," Master Higgins said, looking down at his paperwork and
scribbling something. "So, you both freely admit to committing incest?"

"Yes, sir," we said simultaneously. Personally, I was beginning to
wonder when the ax was going to fall.

"What about this assault and battery thing? What was that all about?"

"I was arguing about this with my father," I began. "He'd already
slapped me and was about to do it again when our mother stepped in. My
father shoved her to the floor and, well, I got pissed and just reacted."

"I see here that you kicked him in the groin," the court Master said.
"That couldn't have felt good."

"No, sir, I guess it didn't," I replied, trying to hide the grin that
threatened to appear on my face.

"This is a very serious situation you're face with, Mr. Townsend,"
Master Higgins admonished. "Just the unlawful intercourse charge could get
you 10 to 15 years in jail! I'd think about not being so glib about this."

"Yes, sir - sorry, sir," I said, considering myself properly chastised.

"Excellent. Now, I take it your parents know about all this, they know
all the details?"

"Well, our mother does," I answered, shifting in the hard chair I was
sitting in.

"And what are her thoughts?"

"Actually, I'm not sure," I admitted. "She's pretty upset about all of

"And understandably so, wouldn't you say?" Higgins asked, shuffling his
papers once more.

"Yes, sir, I guess so."

"So, if you were in my position, how would you handle this? I mean,
what punishment should the court hand down for this blatant disregard for
the laws we all have to live by?"

"I don't know," I admitted again, hearing the same sentiment echoed by
Regina. "I guess we should just throw ourselves on the mercy of the court
and take our chances."

"I see. Okay, I need the two of you to wait outside while I talk to
your parents - you can go now."

Regina and I stepped back through the same door we came through, passing
our parents in the process without uttering a word between us. Once the
heavy wooden door closed, I took a moment to take a much-needed breath.

"He's going to throw the book at us," Regina said, her voice trembling.

"Yeah, it sounds like it," I agreed, suddenly wondering what it would be
like to spend 15+ years behind bars - and not liking the answers my mind
was conjuring up. "Look, I'm sorry all this happened the way it did."

"Yeah, I am, too," Reggie said. "But I don't regret any of it; if I had
to do it all over again, I would without thinking about it."

"Yeah, me, too," I said, realizing that I'd pretty much sealed her fate,
mine and that of our unborn child. "Maybe they'll let you visit me every
now and then?"

Regina was about to comment when the courtroom door blew open, startling
both of us. We looked up in time to see our father being
half-dragged/half-carried out of the room, his hands securely cuffed behind
him, and cursing like a sailor.

"This is a fucking outrage! I demand to see a judge! Do you hear me,
you lousy bastard? You're not fucking going to get away with this shit!
Hey! Let me go! You're hurting me! Margaret! Do something, you stinking

Our mother was only now becoming visible behind the scene of my father's
resistance to being carted off. She had a look on her face that was both
troubled and... something else I couldn't readily describe.

"He wants to see you," mom said, stepping aside.

"What did he say to Master Higgins?" I asked, looking back down the
hallway and seeing the two bailiffs shove my father unceremoniously into a
waiting elevator.

"I'll let the master explain it," mom said, her voice just as unreadable
as her face. "Let's not keep him waiting."


"All rise," intoned the clerk and, just as he did before, Master Higgins
burst from his antechamber as if he had been shot out of a cannon or

"Please be seated," Higgins said; if Dad's earlier outburst had upset
him, he didn't seem to show it. "Richard and Regina Townsend, please
remain standing while I read my decision."

His decision? Already? I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not;
certainly, he'd hand us over to one of the real judges for some sort of
trial or something!

"I think we are all aware of the seriousness of this particular
situation," he began, folding his hands in front of him. "The charges
brought against you cannot be ignored nor can they be dealt with by a mere
slap on the hand, as it were."

Perspiration was starting to run down my armpits and I had an urgent
need to pee and throw up - and not necessarily in that order.

"At first, I was going to hand this matter over to the senior judiciary
for trial before deciding this was a matter I could settle without
consulting them. On the charge of second degree assault and battery, the
court finds you guilty and sentences you, Richard Townsend, to three years
in jail..."

It was like some bottomless pit opened up and swallowed me whole! Well,
I knew the risks and knew I had to pay.

"...Suspended for three years probation and a fine of $150," Master
Higgins finished. "On the charges of first degree unlawful sexual
intercourse and unlawful sexual penetration, the court finds you guilty by
your own admission and hereby sentences you to 35 years in jail..."

Whatever elation I felt at having gotten probation for kicking my father in the balls went down into the same bottomless pit my heart had fallen
into. Thirty-five years... damn!

"...Which is also suspended on a condition I will get to in a moment.
Any questions so far?"

"What the hell happened?" Regina blurted out, drawing a disapproving
look from Mom.

"You might be thinking that this court is being lenient - and I assure
you that we aren't," Master Higgins said sternly. "As I mentioned to you
earlier, these are some very serious charges. However, I had to think
about what would constitute a fair and just punishment and, it seems to me,
that making you face this responsibility is more of a punishment than
letting you rot in a jail cell."

"Thank you, sir," I said, humbled beyond belief.

"Don't thank me yet, son," Higgins said. "You haven't heard the
conditions of your suspended sentences. First, I have to rule on your
sister's role in all of this. Regina Townsend, you are found guilty of
unlawful sexual intercourse and unlawful sexual conduct and are also
sentenced to 35 years in jail, suspended conditionally."

"And what's the condition?" I asked, unable to keep silent any longer.

"You two are going to raise the child you created," Higgins said,
leaning forward to put emphasis on his words. "It appears to me that
putting you both in jail would be way too easy and would effectively let
you off the hook and placing an additional burden on the state and its
resources, which are already strained to the limits."

"I don't understand," I said, my words echoing the baffled look I knew I
was wearing.

"Your mother said you wouldn't - but she seems to agree with my ruling
in this matter. Now, as I said, you two are going to raise this child with
the highest standards possible. Any deviation, any tiny slip-up, and you
will have your probation revoked and immediately incarcerated in the
appropriate state facilities. Now, if there aren't any more questions,
this case is closed."

"I have a question, sir," Regina chirped, raising her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Townsend?"

"What about our father?"

"Oh, I don't think you'll have to worry about him for a while," Higgins
said, a slight smile on his features.

"Meaning what?" I asked suspiciously - something wasn't quite right

"Meaning you should stop asking questions you really don't want to know
the answers to," the court master said menacingly. "Unless, of course,
you'd rather not have probation...?"

"Ah, no, that's okay," I blurted. "I was just curious, that's all."

"I see. Well, that's it, folks!" Higgins banged his gavel and got to
his feet.

"All rise," the clerk said. We got to our feet and watched Master
Higgins vanish into his chambers, followed closely by his clerk, who paused
long enough to tell us that the paperwork outlining the judgment and its
conditions would be mailed to us in a few days.

* * *

"Mom, what the hell happened in there?" I asked as soon as we started
heading for home.

"I don't know what you're talking about," mom answered, keeping her eyes
on the road.

"Oh, I think you do," I pressed, leaning across the seat between my
mother and sister. "He had us dead to rights and we both knew it. Next
thing we know, we've got suspended sentences and probations - what's going
on here?"

"Yeah, Mom, he was awfully nice in there," Regina said, vocalizing her

"Well, if you really have to know," mom began with a sigh. "Carlton
Higgins and I grew up in the same town together many years ago. Somewhere
along the line he, um, he... well, let's say that he has a unique
understanding of your situation, okay? Anyway, I helped him deal with his
situation back then and he told me that one day he'd repay his debt to me."

"You mean he did his sister and knocked her up?" I asked incredulously.

"Not exactly," mom said with a smile as she remembered that long ago
event. "He got his own mother pregnant."

"Holy shit," Regina breathed. "Okay, this is starting to make sense!
But, won't he get in trouble?"

"Carlton can take care of himself," mom said. "I'm not worried so you
shouldn't be either."

"I'll be damned," I said, still not believing what I'd just heard. "How
did you fix it so he didn't get jammed?"

"Tell you what. I'll tell you the story but you have to do something
for me in return," mom said. "Is that a deal?"

"What do I have to do?" I asked.

"No questions! If you want to hear the story, you'll just have to
accept my terms no matter how vague - take it or leave it."

"Okay, it's a deal," I said, my curiosity piqued beyond imagination.

"Good. Well, this happened back in 1969, way before I met your father,
of course..."


Perspiration poured from my face as I continued to move my cock within
the delicious wetness surrounding it, relishing the hot slick feel of my
mother's cunt as it worked against my hardness, attempting to once more
coax my seed from me.

"Yeah, baby, that's it!" mom cooed, digging her nails into my back hard
enough to make it hurt so good. "Fuck my box, honey, fuck it! Fuck it

When mom told us what the price of her story was, well, I have to admit
to being both totally freaked out - and horribly turned on. Even now, as
my load began to rise, thickening my penis within her sheath, I was having
a difficult time believing that I was actually fucking my mother!

For me, it was harder to accept than what I'd seen about twenty minutes
ago - the site of my mother eating Reggie's cunt like the expert she
obviously was, leaving my poor sister a limp, disheveled - but momentarily
satisfied - wreck.

Before any of that happened, mom explained to us the reason for her
asking price as she sat and watched me and my sister make love. To her, it
just made sense that since Carlton Higgins had arranged for our father to
undergo in-house anger treatment at Foster Psychiatric in Sudler, well, she
had to have her daily doses of cock...

"I'm coming, Mom," I hissed, quickening the pace inside her, our bodies
slapping together. I went to the mountaintop and fell over the other side,
tumbling deliciously as my orgasm bounced me from one precipice to another.

"Shoot it, Richie! Spill your stuff in me! Let me feel it, baby, oh,
yeah, damn, so fucking good, so god damned good..."

"I only have one question," I asked, rolling off of my mother's heaving

"What's that, baby?" mom gasped, using her fingers to tease Regina's
nipples into hardness.

"What if you get pregnant?"

"What if I do?" mom countered, turning onto her side and clamping her
lips around her daughter's nipple, much to Reggie's delight and

"Mom, no, I can't take any more!" Regina protested - to no avail.

"Gotta make sure you've got enough milk in this nice tits for the baby,"
Mom said, worming a finger into my sister's cunt. "C'mon, Richie - get it
back up! You've got two horny women to please!"

And please them I did - or, at least, I gave it my best shot. But,
check this out! A week later, guess who missed their period?



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