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RECEPTIO video camera tripod behind


"The Receptionist"
Story codes: M+F exhib bd

by Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
permitted as long as no money is charged for access and
as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

Even as a relative newcomer to the surgical staff,
Dr. Roxanne Tremblay had already heard rumours about
the ' Cutters Club ' of the male surgeons. At first,
she dismissed the rumours as folklore, propagated by
bored nurses and resentful administrators. With massive
egos, chauvinist attitudes, and salaries that often
didn't match their skills, the male doctors certainly
gave enough ammunition to their detractors. Until she
heard it straight from another female surgeon, she
didn't put too much stock in the stories.
" It's been around for a few years, " explained her
friend, Shelly Pascal. " Most of the guys won't talk
about it, of course, but if you go out drinking with
these guys as often as I do, the details eventually
come out. "
Shelly was a plastic surgeon, and had been with the
hospital for years. If she confirmed the story, it just
had to be true. Roxanne was curious. The rumours had
been delicious.
" So what goes on at these meetings ?"
" They get a different girl each week. A volunteer.
I'm afraid the poor girl doesn't know these men the way
we do. Stick twelve of the biggest male egos into the
same room, let them loose on the body of some dumb girl
who has volunteered to let them use her sexually, and
you can imagine the scene. These guys store up a week
of pressure and frustration, and then take it out on
the body of some witless girl. I hear it gets pretty
intense. "
Roxanne shook her head in disbelief.
" How in the world do they find a girl to volunteer
for it ?"
" I sometimes wonder the same thing. They advertise
in adult classifieds, offering a thousand dollars to a
girl for volunteering for the meeting. I've actually
looked up the ad, and it does warn about the abusive
treatment, so I don't know how they always manage to
come up with applicants. I guess there must be some
girls out there who get really turned on by this sort
of thing. "

In the days following that conversation, Roxanne
couldn't stop thinking about what her friend had
revealed to her. Even as Shelly had been speaking, she
had been afraid that something in her face would betray
the fact that she often fantasized about being
dominated by men. She never brought up the fantasies to
her husband, of course. He was much too sexually
uptight to explore these feelings with her.
Now that she knew what her male colleagues did for
fun, her imagination worked overtime. Roxanne thought
about it all the time when she masturbated. She hadn't
felt this sexually energized in years. She imagined
what it would look like, with twelve of the male
surgeons (which twelve, she wondered ?) surrounding
some dumb girl who allowed herself to get roped into
serving them. She imagined all of the indecent things
that they would do to the girl. Then, finally, she
imagined herself as that girl. That always brought her
Of course, it was just a harmless fantasy. In
reality, it was out of the question. These were her
colleagues. She had her standing to think about. Even
if these weren't her colleagues, she knew that she
could never go through with it. It was too dangerous,
too indecent, and altogether too exciting for her to
even contemplate.

While going through her newspaper the following
week, Roxanne took the time to scan the adult
classifieds. Her curiosity had grown, and she just
wanted to see what the ad looked like. She wanted to
know the kinds of things that they expected from their
'volunteer'. A few extra details for her sexual
fantasies couldn't hurt. Hell, it was normal. Even
Shelly had looked the ad up after hearing the story.
' SEEKING Sexually submissive female for group session.
Must be willing to accept abuse and humiliation from
group of men.
Generous financial compensation. Safety and
discretion assured. '
Dr. Tremblay read the ad three times. This must be
the one, she told herself. She was a little
disappointed that the ad didn't include more details.
The words 'abuse and humiliation' really turned her on,
but she was hoping to find out some of the specifics
that had been absent in Shelly's account.
She recognized the contact number beneath the ad as
a hospital extension.
What could it hurt to fish for a few details ?
Her hands were trembling in a way very unbecoming a
surgeon when she dialled the number.
" Dr. Vichy's office, " a cheerful female voice
There was one juicy detail. Dr. Vichy was the head
of surgery, and a married man. Roxanne wondered what
his wife would think of his exploits.
" Hi, " Roxanne responded, not sure what to say
next. " I'm, uh, calling about the ad in the
classifieds. '
" Would you like to come down for a screening ?"
Screening ? This was too weird.
" No, I was just looking for a little more
information. "
The voice on the other end of the line paused.
" I'm sorry, but I can only give out that
information in person. No appointment is necessary. The
address is..."
Roxanne hung up on the receptionist. Her heart was
beating fast.
Yes, she wanted the details, but not enough to risk
being found out by Dr. Vichy.
Damn she was turned on by this.
Maybe, just maybe, she could go into the office when
she was sure that Dr. Vichy wouldn't be there. Then she
could get all of the juicy details from the
receptionist, but still not risk anyone finding out.
That would be enough, she assured herself. That would
satisfy her curiosity.
She lifted the phone again to call in for the
surgical schedule.

Becky Keena loved her job. The pay was excellent,
the workload was light, and her boss, Dr. Vichy, was
rarely in the office. Becky could spend much of the day
reading, or making personal calls, or whatever she
wanted. Of course, there were always the screening
sessions. That was the part of her job she liked best.
At least twice a week, a woman would come through
the office door, usually with a copy of the newspaper
in her hands. They were always so nervous. Becky knew
exactly what these women were looking for, but she
always liked to hear them say it anyhow.
" I'm here about the personals ad, " said the woman
who had just entered the office. The woman averted her
eyes when she spoke.
Becky looked the woman over. The doctors would like
this one. She was petite, clean cut, and quite pretty,
in a low-key sort of way. She wasn't at all like some
of the whorish women who came here, lured by the
promise of money. This one didn't need the money, she
could sense. Becky wondered, for a moment, if she
recognized the woman from somewhere. She seemed
familiar, but Becky couldn't place her.
" Do come in, " chirped Becky enthusiastically. "
I'll just close up the office for a while so that we
can do the screening."
Becky walked past the nervous woman, and locked the
front door of the office. She then led the way into Dr.
Vichy's examination room.
" Please follow me."
The woman followed her, after a short pause, and
took a seat on the examining table when Becky motioned
towards it.
" What's your name ?" asked Becky.
" Amanda."
It was a lie, Becky knew, but she had to call the
woman something. Amanda it is.
" All right, Amanda. I need a contact phone number,
where I can call if you pass the screening."
The woman was hesitant, but gave Becky a number.
Becky copied down the number, and then continued.
" Okay, I'm going to need you to take off your
Becky had done a hundred of these screenings. Every
woman reacted differently. This one was nervous as
hell, biting her lower lip in apprehension, but she
also seemed excited. If Becky could handle this right,
the woman would definitely be a good candidate.
Presently, though, she wasn't making any move to
take off her clothes. Becky knew that she was going to
have to slow down with this one.
" Am I going too fast for you ?"
" Well, I, uh... I'm just a little nervous, and I
wanted to know what I would be expected to do in this
group session. "
" That's okay, " Becky assured her. " Just relax,
and I'll explain the whole thing while I do the
physical examination. Don't worry. You can back out at
any time, just say the word. "
That seemed to calm the woman somewhat. She still
seemed reluctant to take off her clothes, but Becky
urged her along. The more the woman took off, the more
Becky liked what she saw. The woman had a good, healthy
body. Her skin was clear and pale, which was a nice
contrast to her dark locks of hair, and her pussy was
Everything about this woman said that she was
classy; her posture, her clothes, and her manner. The
doctors would love it, Becky knew. She had seen the
videos of the meetings, and recalled that the men
always seemed to enjoy humiliating the classy ones
more. She licked her lips involuntarily, just thinking
about what the doctors would do to this one.
" These are nice, " said Becky, raising one of her
hands to the woman's breasts. They weren't very large,
but they had a nice shape to them. The woman made no
effort to stop Becky from fondling her tits. In fact,
her nipples hardened under the receptionist's touch.
Maybe this one will be easier than I thought, Becky
" Why don't you lay face down on the exam table,
Amanda, while I set up the video camera ?"
That got the woman's attention.
" Video...?"
" Don't worry. If you decide to back out after the
screening session, I'll give you the tape. If you do
decide to go ahead, my clients will want to see the
tape before they make a decision. "
" Please, I don't want my face on tape. "
Not an uncommon request, actually. Becky had a
comeback for everything.
" All right. You just lay face down, and I'll set
the camera up behind you. As long as you don't look
directly back at the camera, no one will ever see your
face. "
Becky set the video camera on a tripod behind the
woman. She looked through the viewfinder, and centred
the picture on the woman's shapely ass. She hit the
record button.
" Okay, we're filming now. The first thing I need to
do is get a blood sample. We, of course, need to know
that you are free of STD's. Also, I can arrange birth
control for you if you need it, because you will be
engaging in unprotected sex. "
Becky noticed a little shudder go through the
woman's body at the mention of unprotected sex. God
this woman was horny. Becky hoped that the camera had
picked it up. Just to be on the safe side, she re-
" Yes, there will be lots and lots of unprotected
sex. "
Again. a little shudder of excitement jolted through
the woman's body. Becky smiled and winked at the
camera. Dr. Vichy was going to love this tape.
Becky drew some blood from the woman's arm, and then
continued with the screening.
" Are you married, Amanda ?"
A pause. Becky could see the ring on the woman's
" Yes."
" Will you be telling your husband about this ?"
" No. "
Perfect. Her adultery would assure her silence.
" Do you want to know what these men will do to
" Yes... please."
In fact, the woman was desperate to know. Becky
could hear the excitement in her voice.
" Raise your ass for me. Spread your legs a bit.
Give the camera a good view of your ass and pussy. "
The brunette on the exam table wiggled her ass into
the air. She wanted the answers so badly, she would do
anything to please Becky.
" A little more. Spread your knees and get your ass
right in the air. Arch your back. That's nice."
Not a very ladylike position, but the camera had a
perfect view of the woman's now glistening pussy. Becky
unfastened the buckle from her belt, and pulled the
thin leather strip free of her suit pants. She made
sure that the woman could see what she was doing.
" Do you know what I'm going to do now ?"
" No. "
" I'm going to whip your ass with my belt. " The
woman shuddered again, but didn't say anything. Becky
looped the belt in her hand, and raised her arm. The
woman's ass flinched in anticipation. Becky waited a
moment longer, and then brought the leather down on
flesh. Not too hard, yet. She didn't want to scare this
woman off.
" The men are going to whip you much harder than
this. Do you want that ?"
" Yes. "
Becky accentuated each sentence with a new crack of
the belt.
" They'll punish your ass until you beg for mercy.
<crack> They'll whip your ass, and legs, and pussy.
<crack> The men will torture your tits. <crack> Is that
what you want ?"
The woman was breathing so quickly that it took her
a moment to answer.
" Oh yes. "
Becky stopped the whipping. The woman's behind was
just beginning to redden from the punishment. That's
enough, Becky told herself. Just enough to give the
woman a taste, but not enough to hurt her. The doctors
would do enough of that. She stood closer to the
examining table now, and picked up a tube of lubricant.
She applied just a dab to the end of one of her
The woman's ass cheeks contracted when Becky smeared
the cool gel onto her target.
" I'm going to play with your ass hole now. The men
will want to do the nastiest things to your ass. "
She slipped a finger inside. Nice and tight.
" Have you ever been fucked in the ass before ?"
" No."
" Never ? Oh, they'll fuck your ass good then. Do
you like my finger in there ?"
She already knew the answer. The woman was grinding
her ass against Becky's hand. The woman was too
embarrassed to speak.
" Answer me, Amanda."
" Yes, I like your finger in my ass. "
Becky slipped a second finger into the tight hole.
" I want to see you reach back now, Amanda, and
masturbate for me. Give a good show for the camera.
When my clients see this, I want them to know what a
hot little slut you are. "
The brunette reached one of her hands back between
her spread legs, and began to stroke her pussy
furiously. Becky continued to work her fingers into the
woman's ass. This was going to be a great video, and
she wanted to finish with a bang.
" Do you want to be a slut for these men ?"
" Yes. "
" Tell them how much you want to be their fuck-toy.
Say it loud enough for the camera."
" Oh god, I'm a whore...I want to suck their
cocks... I want them to whip me and abuse me... I want
them to fuck my ass... please... oh, god... hurt me...
humiliate me... cum on me... oh fuck... I'm cumming..."
Her hips bucked wildly up and down, and Becky could
feel the woman's ass muscles contracting rhythmically
around her fingers. This one was really out of control.
Becky was certain that the camera would pick up the
sound of the woman's high-pitched squealing, and would
have a great view of the way her juices were running
freely over her fingers and down her arm. She was
riding this orgasm for all it was worth, and went on
for a full minute before collapsing forward from
Becky pulled her fingers free, and walked over to
the tripod where the camera was still rolling. She
detached the camera, and took a final close-up of the
woman on the exam table. Her hand was still buried in
her crotch, and her legs were just slightly spread. Her
body jerked a couple of times involuntarily as she
recovered from the orgasm. Becky knew that the doctors
would like this one. Dr. Vichy would definitely give
her a bonus for finding this woman.

Dr. Tremblay was so ashamed. She had allowed a nasty
streak of sexual curiosity to overwhelm her judgement,
and she couldn't believe what she had done. When the
receptionist turned off the video camera and left the
room, Roxanne was so embarrassed that she had hurriedly
dressed herself, and left the office without even
pausing to ask for the video.
The smug look the receptionist had given her when
she emerged from the exam room still lingered in her
head. Roxanne couldn't believe that she had allowed a
girl who was hardly over twenty, and a mere
receptionist, to see her that way. The way the girl
looked at her was unbearably cocky. Roxanne just
blushed and left Dr. Vichy's office as quickly as
Roxanne wanted more than anything to go back there
and beg for the video, but she couldn't face that girl
again. It was too much. She just wanted to forget that
it had happened.
But the fact that the video existed wouldn't allow
her to forget.
She couldn't stand the thought that the male
surgeons would be watching that video. They would see
every detail of her body, displayed lewdly at the
commands of the receptionist. They would see the way
that she stuck her ass up in the air for all to see,
and the way that the receptionist had spanked it with
her belt. Anyone who watched it would surely be able to
see how her body had quivered with excitement.
They would see the way the receptionist had toyed
with her rear hole, and the shameful way that she had
pushed her ass back to meet the intruding fingers. Then
there were those final, slutty declarations she had
made, while she rubbed her fingers across her dripping
pussy. The male surgeons would all watch that video,
and maybe they would jerk off to it, imagining the
things they would do to the slut.
Slut. She cringed at the word.
But it seemed so right. Even now, while her face
burned in shame just thinking about the video, her
pussy throbbed with lust.
At least they couldn't see her face, she told
herself. She hoped that her voice wasn't too
recognizable either. There was still a chance that no
one would find out. No one had to know. The phone
number that she gave the receptionist was to her
personal pager, and a quick call to the pager company
confirmed that they wouldn't reveal her identity to any
If she could just keep her cool, she still might be
able to walk away from this thing.
She masturbated three times that evening, and
checked her pager the same amount of times.

A week later, Roxanne was feeling a little better
about everything. The male surgeons didn't seem to
treat her any different. She was beginning to think
that they hadn't even seen the video. That was a
comforting thought. The fact that her personal pager
had been silent in the few days following the video
session had calmed her nerves quite a lot.
She still masturbated every day, her mind filled
with imaginings about the kinds of things that happened
at the Thursday night meetings. Roxanne's visit with
the receptionist had only intensified the fantasies. A
part of her even imagined having another session with
the smug receptionist, but she cast those thoughts
aside quickly.
All in all, she had come through it quite well.
Until her pager went of on Thursday morning, that
Her heart was in her throat. All of the shameful
feelings of the previous week flooded back to her. The
number was for Dr. Vichy's office. Despite the many
times that she had convinced herself that there was no
possible way that she could go through with it, Roxanne
found herself itching to return the call. She almost
got through an hour before giving in to the temptation.
" Dr. Vichy's office, " the cheerful voice answered.
" Hi, this is Amanda. "
" Oh, great, " the girl said. " I was beginning to
think that you wouldn't be available. Sorry it took me
so long to get back to you. It takes us a little while
to distribute the copies of the tape to all of the
Oh god, Roxanne thought to herself. They've all seen
" Anyhow, " the receptionist continued, "the guys
are quite excited about the upcoming meeting. I hope
tonight isn't too soon. I hear they have some very
special plans for you. "
" Special plans ?" Her voice was almost a whisper.
" Oh yes, they liked what they saw on the tape, and
they have all sorts of naughty thoughts. Can you come
by the office around seven ? I'll prepare you here, and
then bring you to the meeting. "
" Okay. " The answer slipped out almost
automatically. Roxanne felt like she was still on the
exam table, like she would say almost anything to
please the receptionist.
" All right, Amanda. I'll see you tonight. "
Her chest was pounding with anxiety. What had she
just done ?

Becky made the woman wait this time while she
finished her paperwork. The woman had arrived early at
the office. She looked positively frightened. Becky
couldn't wait to see what the doctors would do to her.
When she was finished with the daily paperwork, the
receptionist brought the woman into the examination
" Take off your clothes, " she commanded. There
would be no pussy-footing around tonight. Both women
knew what they were here for. The woman stripped down.
" There's a washroom behind that door. I want you to
go in and give yourself an enema. Everything you'll
need is in there. Make sure your ass is a good clean
fuck. Then take a shower. These guys want you well
Becky waited outside the door while she the woman
cleaned up. It took her quite a while to finish. When
she came out, her skin was a light pink from the
" Good. Now hop up on the table. It's shaving time."
It was a beautiful sight, this freshly scrubbed
woman, sitting on the edge of the table, just waiting
for Becky to shave her pussy. The woman spread her legs
so eagerly. Becky wondered how she would explain it to
her husband. No matter, she lathered up the woman's
crotch and inner thighs, and began to scrape away the
dark hair from her pussy.
Becky was careful to remove every bit of hair, as
the doctors had been quite particular in their
instructions. When she was done, she rinsed and dried
the woman's pussy, and ran her hand across it to make
certain it was smooth. The woman gasped at the touch.
Becky could see that she was already quite wet from
"My my, you are a hot little slut tonight, " she
taunted. She could see the embarrassment in the other
woman's face. " Don't worry. Before long, they'll be
doing the most indecent things to you. "
The doctors had left a list of preparations, and
Becky followed them to the letter. She braided the
woman's hair into two pony-tails, tied with little pink
ribbons. Cute. She dusted the brunette's body with baby
powder. They were going for the schoolgirl look
" On your knees, like before, " Becky commanded. She
could see the woman quivering with anticipation as she
assumed the familiar position, with her ass stuck in
the air.
Again, Becky lubricated the woman's ass, but this
time, she finished by inserting a small butt-plug. It
too, was pink, and had a little ribbon attached to the
end. For her mouth, it was a long cock-gag. The woman
had a hard time getting it down her throat without
choking, but Becky was relentless. When it was all the
way in, she looped the leather strap around the
schoolgirl's face, and buckled it behind her head, just
below the ponytails.
" Good, now for your costume."
Simple stuff. White knee socks, tiny little pink
panties, and a training bra started things off. Then
there was the genuine schoolgirl kilt and a starched
white blouse. Becky laced on a pair of black leather
shoes. Adorable. The guys were really going to like
Last, but not least, Becky tied the schoolgirl's
wrists together in front of her with a leather strap
which served not only to restrain her arms, but was
wrapped around a bundle of school books, which hung
below her hands.
Becky helped the woman down from the examining
" Come on, little missy. We don't want to keep the
gentlemen waiting. "

The car pulled up to the front of the house. Roxanne
could barely breathe, and it wasn't just because a
rubber cock was lodged down her throat. She was really
beginning to panic now. Up to this point, everything
seemed unreal to her. In a few minutes, though, there
would be no going back. Once her colleagues saw her
come into the room like this, dressed in a silly
schoolgirl outfit, with a cock-gag stuffed down her
throat, no one would ever look at her the same way
After she walked into that room, and they knew that
she was the slut from the video, begging to be used
like a whore, she would never be able to command their
respect. After they stripped off the tiny little pink
panties, and saw the butt-plug with the cute little
pink ribbon, and saw her shaved pussy glistening with
arousal, these men would never again take her
" Are you ready ?" asked the receptionist. " You'll
have to walk the rest of the way alone. Follow the
stone path on your right around back of the house.
There will be a light on over the back door."
On unsteady feet, Dr. Tremblay walked the cobble-
stone path. With every step, she thought of a new
reason why she shouldn't go through with this,
nonetheless, her pussy throbbed in anticipation. It
ached for that initial moment of humiliation when all
of her colleagues would see her walk in to the room,
ready to be used.
Just as the receptionist had described there was a
light on above the back door. She stood there, puzzled
for a moment at how she would knock on the door with
her hands tied in front of her. Finally, she noticed
the button for the doorbell, and pressed it with her
The door was opened a butler, who was also balancing
a tray of drinks in one hand.
" Please come in, miss. The guests are expecting
you. "
She stepped through the back door and followed the
butler down the hall. Through an open door at the end
of the hall, she could hear the men drinking, talking
and laughing. It was too late to turn back now, she
reminded herself.
Roxanne rounded the corner, and took her first steps
into the room. It was the moment that she had
anticipated. The surgeons cheered and laughed as their
prize entered the room. She couldn't look at any of
them. Her body was shaking with excitement. She just
bowed her head, and waited for someone, anyone, to tell
her what to do.
" Well, well, well, " it was the voice of Dr. Vichy.
" This settles quite a few wagers. You see, Dr.
Tremblay, several of our members thought that they
recognized you from the video, but no one was quite
sure if it was you. I, for one, would never have
believed that the most dignified Roxanne Tremblay could
be the very same woman as the hot little slut on the
video. It was quite a performance, really. I think the
lady deserves a round of applause, don't you, gentlemen
? "
He led the men in a to a short round of applause.
She blushed at the attention.
" Normally, I would offer a visiting surgeon a drink
or two, and the hospitality of the house, but I'll have
to make an exception here. She has come here to be
fucked and abused, and I'm sure we can oblige her. I
see no reason to treat her any differently than any of
the other filthy whores who come here every week. "
This brought another round of cheers, this one
spontaneous. Roxanne was mortified, but also excited by
Dr. Vichy's comments.
" Now, slut, why don't you give us all another view
of that beautiful ass. Get on your knees in front of
the fireplace, and bend forward. "
Roxanne had to look around the room to find the
fireplace. For the first time, she saw who these men
were. There were slightly over a dozen of them, all
members of the hospital staff. Not all were surgeons,
but most of these men she had worked with at one time
or another. The room was large, and was centred around
a large fireplace in one wall. She stepped forward and
moved through the men towards her spot in front of the
Roxanne imagined what a sight she must be, with her
little bundle of books strapped around her hands, and
the cute little ribbons in her hair. As she passed by
them, the hands of the surgeons roamed all over her
body. Some grabbed her tits, others pulled on her
ponytails, and yet others explored under her skirt. She
also noticed that some of the men had already pulled
their cocks out, and were stroking themselves. One of
the men had a video camera, and was filming the action.
Finally, she reached her destination, and dropped
down onto her knees obediently. She knew that all eyes
were on her as she bent forward and stuck her ass in
the air. The skirt was short, and rode up to give the
men behind her a good view of her behind. With her
hands tied in front of her, she had no choice but to
lower her chest and face all the way to the floor.
" Very nice, " said the host of the party, " I think
I'll give some colour to that palette. "
He flipped up the edge of her skirt with a wooden
yard stick. The stick must be a part of the schoolgirl
theme, Roxanne guessed. Her ass felt so exposed, with
just the tiny little pink panties to cover her.
" Nnnng, " she cried into the gag, when the first
blow came. A moment later, she could hear the narrow
stick cut through the air for a second time.
" Mmmm, nnng, " she tried to cry out again. She
would never have guessed that the ruler could hurt so
badly. When it came down again, she squirmed her ass to
try to avoid the blow. That only incited him to hit her
doubly hard with the next blow.
She could feel the flesh of her ass and the back of
her thighs swelling in pain. The men were really
enjoying this, and cheered the doctor on. The host of
the party landed blow after blow on her sensitive rear
end. Just when Roxanne thought she couldn't take it any
more, the beating stopped.
" All right now, it's time for this bitch to have
her ass fucked. Normally, I'd do the honours myself,
but since you know her best, Randal, I'll give you the
first crack at her. "
Roxanne cringed when she heard the name of Randal
Smythe, who worked in her own department. He was well
known for his advances on the female members of the
staff, and had even propositioned Roxanne on one
occasion. She had turned him down, citing her marriage
vows. Now, here she was, with her ass in the air,
waiting for him to fuck her in front of the surgical
He was behind her. He grabbed a hand full of the
sore flesh of her ass, and squeezed it until she yelped
into her gag.
" This is gonna be sweet, " he said, as he wrapped
his hand around the waistband of the cute little pink
panties. He tugged them down to her knees.
" Isn't this nice ? She gift wrapped it for me, "
Randal sneered. The group of surgeons laughed as he
pulled on the little pink ribbon, and the lubricated
butt-plug popped out of her ass.
She could feel the heat of his tool as he pushed it
up against her virgin hole. He paused. Was he teasing
her ?
" Take the gag out of her mouth, " he told one of
his friends. " I want to hear her beg for it. "
Someone unbuckled the strap from around her head.
The saliva-covered rubber cock slid out from her
throat. He still waited behind her, with his cock
poised to enter her ass.
" Please..." she said quietly.
He still didn't move.
" Please, " she repeated, this time louder. "
Please... fuck my ass. "
He was beginning to push into her now. Even after
being stretched by the butt-plug, her ass felt much too
tight to accommodate his penis. The pain and discomfort
only added to her humiliation as Roxanne continued to
beg for it.
" Oh god, unghh... it hurts... oh, please... push it
into me... aaaah... fuck my ass with it... use my ass."
The surrounding surgeons were much amused by her
proclamations. Nonetheless, one of the guys thought he
had a better use for her mouth. He untied her wrists
beneath her, and hoisted her front end up so that she
was on her hands and knees.
" Here's a little appetiser, " the unknown man told
her. He pushed his cock up against her lips. She
swallowed it whole, allowing the human flesh to push
down her throat where the rubber phallus had rested. He
groaned with delight.
Randal's cock was almost fully buried in her ass
now. With a final painful thrust, she felt his balls
slap up against her pussy.
" Oh yeah, I knew that you'd be a good fuck. Your
ass is so tight, I can hardly move. "
He began to slowly hump her ass now. The sensation
was so intense that Roxanne almost forgot about the
cock that was sliding in and out of her throat. She
began to push her ass back to meet his thrusts. The
pain was delightful.
The other men cheered as the two doctors impaled
Roxanne, one from each end. Randal held her roughly by
the hips as he slammed his cock into her bowels. The
other man held Roxanne by the ponytails, and fucked her
mouth slowly.
" Oh, yeah, bitch, " Randal continued, as he
increased the tempo. She could tell by the way his body
was moving that he was close to orgasm. " You act so
clean and proper, but now we can all see you for what
you are. You're just a slut. I'm gonna give you my cum
now, bitch. Ungh... take it, you slut. "
She groaned along with him as he loaded her ass full
of his cum. She was sure that her face glowed red from
the shame of his words, but her body was proving him
right. Her tight hole squeezed his cock as he pulled it
out, and her pussy was quivering.
Roxanne turned her attention to the cock in her
mouth, and was only vaguely aware of the man with the
video camera walking around behind her to get a close-
up shot of her creamy rear hole.
" Stay on this shot for a moment, " Dr. Vichy told
the cameraman. From the side of the fireplace, he
produced a poker, and used it to stir the embers of the
fire. When he removed the hot instrument from the fire,
he used it for a less benign purpose. He poked the hot
metal against the brunette's exposed upper thigh.
" Aaay-anng..." she howled against the cock in her
The head of surgery was careful not to let the poker
burn too long, but as soon as he removed the cruel
instrument from one thigh, he turned it in his hand,
and placed it against her other.
The man who had his cock in Roxanne's mouth clearly
enjoyed the stimulation of her jerking forward and
trying to scream from the pain. His hips began to buck
wildly, and a moment later, Roxanne could taste his hot
fluid filling the back of her throat.
Then, suddenly, she was left alone and empty. The
cock popped free from her mouth, and the hot metal was
gone from behind. She was left there, on her hands and
knees, breathing heavily, with cum dribbling from both
ends. A little tremor of lust shook through her body as
she looked up to see who would use her body next.
" Did you like that little taste of sperm ?" asked
Dr. Vichy. The cameraman moved around front of her now,
to catch her responses.
" Yes. "
" Would you like some more ?"
" Oh god, yes... please."
" Please what ?"
It was so embarrassing. They were going to make her
beg for everything.
" Please give me sperm... cum in my mouth... I want
to taste it."
" Luckily, we'll be able to fulfil your request in a
most dramatic fashion. One of our guests is in charge
of the fertility clinic at the hospital. When he tests
men for fertility, they provide sperm samples. When he
is done with these samples, he is supposed to dispose
of them. Tonight, you will be of extra service to the
hospital, and help us to dispose of these wastes. "
Disgust rose in Roxanne's stomach. They couldn't
possibly expect her to swallow the leftover sperm from
the fertility clinic, could they ?
" In all, he was able to spirit away over fifty of
the samples, which he has thoughtfully warmed up for
your consumption. Now we're going to have some fun with
your tits while you beg for us to feed you the results
of his labours. Kindly open your top for us. "
Roxanne rose to a kneeling position and nervously
began to unbutton the blouse. The men whistled as she
pulled off the garment, revealing the tightly fitting
training bra beneath. Her skirt fell back down into
position, covering her abused ass.
" The bra too, " Dr. Vichy told her.
She reached behind, and unfastened the bra, giving
the men their first view of her breasts. One of the men
walked around behind her, and tied her hands behind her
back, forcing her to display the mounds more fully.
" Doctors Anderson and Blair, would you like to take
care of her tits ?"
The two men were quite eager. Roxanne knew them as
the cardiac specialists, each over fifty years old.
While they took position at either side of her, another
man approached, holding a china bowl. Roxanne could
only assume that he was the fertility specialist, and
she shuddered to think of the contents of the bowl.
At first the two cardiologists were gentle with the
breasts, kneading the soft flesh, and circling her hard
little nipples with their fingers. The feelings were
pleasant, but her mind was more on the man in front of
her. He scooped a silver spoon into the bowl.
" Open wide, " he told her, as if talking to a small
She hesitated. The thought of the re-warmed sperm
revolted her.
" Ayaah..." she cried out, as one of the heart
surgeons pinched her right nipple cruelly. Her cry was
cut short, as the doctor in front of her took the
opportunity to scoop a mouthful of the semen from the
bowl into her open mouth.
She choked the thick fluid down her throat, trying
not to think of the source. The taste of sex coated her
mouth and throat. The cameraman was getting a close-up
view of her utter humiliation. Her mind flashed on what
it would look like on the video, with a man spoon
feeding her a bowl of re-warmed jizz. God, how could
such a thing make her horny ?
" Ready for more ?"
" Yes, " she said quietly. Her pussy throbbed.
Ready or not, another spoonful of the goo was
deposited into her mouth. This time, she closed her
lips around the spoon, and swallowed the cum almost
eagerly. She could hear her audience laughing and
cheering as she smacked her lips, and opened her mouth
anxiously for another helping.
The two cardiologists began to torture her breasts
in earnest now. They produced some wooden clothes pegs,
which they began to clamp onto her sensitive nipples.
" Do you want some more ?"
" Yes." Roxanne tried to ignore the increasing pain
on her breasts.
" Beg for it."
She could feel tears welling up in her eyes. She
wasn't certain if it was from the pain in her body, or
the shame of the words that were forming in her head.
" Please... give me some sperm... I want to taste
it... I want to swallow it all... oh, god, let me drink
Spoonful after spoonful of the warm semen was
spooned into her mouth as she begged for more. The more
she degraded herself, the more she craved the abuse.
The two cardiologists continued to twist and pull on
her little tits, much to the delight of the crowd.
" Oh god, give me more... I want your cum... spoon
it into me."
The doctor was all to eager to fulfil her requests.
He spooned the jizz so quickly, that he often missed
her mouth altogether, depositing the thick warm fluid
onto her cheeks and chin. It streamed down her face and
neck, and onto her tortured breasts.
" Nnnng... more, " she begged, as the bowl slowly
He stopped spooning. Roxanne held her mouth open,
her body shaking with lust. He brought the entire bowl
forward, and rested the rim on her bottom lip. She knew
what was coming, and let out a little moan. He tipped
his edge up the bowl upwards, pouring the remaining
sperm into the open cavity of her mouth.
The thick white goo flooded Roxanne mouth. Her
depravity had brought her this far, and now she was
wallowing in it. She slurped the contents of the bowl
down her throat as quickly as the man could pour it.
Wide streams of the stuff escaped from the corners of
her mouth.
" Please..." she whined, as the supply stopped. The
whole lower half of her face was covered now. Her lips
were strung together with ropes of the jizz.
The doctor placed the bowl on the floor. All that
remained was the thick residue of the warm fluid,
collecting in the bottom of the bowl.
Roxanne didn't pause. She bent forwards to reach the
bowl with her mouth. To the amusement of the
spectators, she placed her face into the bowl, and
began to lick and slurp up the residue, like a dog
finishing its dinner.
The men let loose on her then, no longer waiting for
instructions from Dr. Vichy. She could feel someone
removing her skirt, while she lapped up the remaining
semen from the bowl. And then, finally, someone had his
cock in her pussy. She didn't care who it was. She just
grunted in delight when he sunk his tool into her wet
She came instantly. Her whole body quivered with the
When he came, he was replaced by another. And then
The men came and went. Sometimes they fucked her
shaved pussy, other times they took her ass. Only a
couple of the guys wanted to use her sloppy mouth,
after her face was so thickly coated with cum.
Further into the evening, they returned to beating
her body with various tools. She didn't care. She let
the pleasure and pain wash over her. All she cared
about was the humiliation. About being used. Abused.
In the end, when her body could take no more, she
drifted into the darkness.

It was over a week later, but some of the bruises
had not yet healed. Even as Roxanne Tremblay sat in the
restaurant with her friend, Shelly Pascal, she shifted
uncomfortably in the chair. While the physical wounds
had begun the process of healing, the damage to
Roxanne's career just kept on getting worse. Roxanne
was on the verge of tears.
" I don't know what to do, Shelly. I know I got
myself into this mess, but it isn't fair that I should
pay such a high price. "
" Come, come, dear. It can't be as bad as you
" But it is. Lawrence has filed for divorce. We were
already heavily in debt from our student loans. After
the legal bills, there won't be anything left. "
Shelly held her friend's had from across the table.
" I can't work here anymore. Those bastards released
a portion of the video to the administration. Of
course, they covered their own identities. The
disciplinary committee is meeting this afternoon. I
just know that they'll ask me to resign."
" And will you ?"
Roxanne paused.
" I can't even face them. Once they've seen the
video, it's all over for me. "
" What will you do ?"
She let out another sob, and wiped the tears away
from her eyes.
" I don't know. I'm screwed. I can't afford to pick
up and tour the country, looking for a hospital that
will hire me. Even if I found a hospital that would
overlook my resignation, how long would it be before
the rumours caught up with me ? Everyone knows
everyone. It wouldn't be long before I was forced out."
Shelly squeezed Roxanne's hand sympathetically.
" Oh my god, " Dr. Tremblay continued, " I can't
afford this right now. I can't afford to be out of
work. What in the world will I do ?"
The two women sat in silence for a full minute.
" Well..." started Shelly, and then she paused
" What ?"
" No, it wouldn't work out."
" What ? Please Shelly... anything."
The desperation was apparent in her voice.
" Well, you know that I've been thinking of leaving
the hospital for some time now, to go into private
practice. In my speciality, there's good money to be
made. "
It was true. A plastic surgeon could make a fortune
in private practice. Roxanne's heart swelled a bit.
Would Shelly be able to help her financially ?
" It won't be long now before I open the clinic.
I've kept it quiet, but I'll probably have the doors
open in less than a month. "
" And..." Roxanne pressed.
" Well, I could always use a good receptionist."


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