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RECESS girls had started back again


(mf, spanking, humil)

Recess By Phoenix Arrow

When I was in third grade, I had gotten into trouble at school. My
teacher Mr. Tailer was into new age techniques for dealing with
disciplinary problems. Instead of punishing me, he believed that since I
was a product of my parents, he should talk with them directly. Since I
only lived with my mom, he told me to tell her to come into school during
recess to discuss the problem.

So the next day, when we all went to the yard for recess, my mother arrived at the school and entered Mr. Tailer's classroom. I felt bad that
she had to come in because I was bad, but at least I didn't have to sit in
some corner for half the day.

After a few minutes they both emerged from the room and began moving
towards the playground. Mr. Tailer was caring a long object in his right
hand and my mom walked slightly behind him with her head down.

Soon they were in the middle of the yard standing next to the pull-up
bars. All the kids had quieted down as they looked at Mr. Tailer and my
mother. I could have sworn her face was turning red.

Mr. Tailer suddenly cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Kids, as some of you may know Bobby got in trouble yesterday for doing
something wrong. However, I believe that it is his mother's job to teach
her son how to behave, and since she has failed to do so she is the one who
will be punished."

We all looked at each other in confusion and excitement.

"I will now begin the punishment, Mrs. Jenkins if you please."

Slowly my mother walked in front of the pull-up bars, turned around and
put both her hands on the bars. Mr. Tailer then grabbed the hem of her
skirt, and to the shock of every kid there, slid the skirt down to her

She normally wears underwear but this time she must have forgotten
because my mother's naked ass was bare for all of us to see. All the girls were loudly giggling at my mom while the boys just stared. I should have
been horribly embarrassed but all I could do was stare myself.

Mr. Tailer told my mother to stick out her butt as he raised the object
in his hand. To me it looked like a long stick. Suddenly he brought it
down hard on my mother's ass and she let out a scream. Everyone became
very quiet. We all moved in closer to get a better look as a red line
began to form across her checks.

He raised the stick and brought it down hard again and she continued to
scream. Soon he was hitting away at my mother's ass while she was wailing
like a two year old. The girls had started back up again and were openly
laughing at her and calling her names. They were merciless, saying "Look
at the baby getting spanked!" , "Look, the bad mommy has a red butt!" ,
"She should go back to pre-school if she's still getting spanked."

Mr. Tailer must have hit her 20 times before he was done. When he was
finished he walked up to me and said "Bobby, I hope this teaches you and
your mother a lesson, lets hope we don't have this problem in the future."

As he went back inside the class room I turned to see my mom had
collapsed onto the dirt floor crying, with her very red ass still sticking
in the air. Some of the girls had begun to slap her butt as they chanted
"Bad mommy, bad mommy!" and she cried more.

Soon the bell ending recess rang and all the kids back into the
classroom. As I and most of the other kids looked out the window, I saw my
mother still laying on the ground rubbing her naked abused tush for a full
ten minutes before getting up and leaving.

I was actually surprised that none of the other kids bothered me about
it being my mom. I guess they were all just in too much shock and

At the end of the day, Mr. Tailer ask me to his desk before I left.
"Bobby, before you leave, these are your mother's. I insisted she take
them off before we went outside." He then handed me my mother's panties.

When I got home, my mother simply gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave
me dinner. She never once mentioned the incident and never told me I had
to behave better. So I did what any good son would do, I got into trouble
a few more times that year.

The End!

All Comments are greatly appreciated, please send them to: Your encouragements keep me going :)


This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and
keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights
reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.



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