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RECKLESS thick gel coated her forefinger She


A Serial Erotic Novel in Installments

by David Lawrence (

Chapter 1 - The Mistake

"But Gilbert," she crooned seductively into his ear, "if you don't
cum in my pussy I won't be happy."

"But I don't want to get you pregnant." the boy said. His cock was buried
deeply inside one of the sexiest girls in the senior class, Kristy Whitman,
and he was not only just a sophomore but also a virgin. She had asked him
out, and they wound up in Lover's Lane on their first date. They were in
the back seat of her car, with her on her back with her skirt pushed up
and panties around one ankle, him with his pants below his knees.

"But it feels good doesn't it?" she whispered into his ear. She could
have told him she was on the pill and there was no danger, but it was more
fun to get him to cum in her against his better judgement.

"Yes it does. It feels so good." He held his cock still, fearing that
if he moved it much he would cum. A few girls had given him hand jobs,
but that was all he'd ever experienced before this.

"If it feels good, do it." she said to him. "Move it just a little bit
inside me, so I can feel good too." He had been moving it a lot inside
her, but had stopped because of his fear of making a baby.

He did move it just a little, but that little motion caused the feelings
to grow so sweet that he felt close to squirting again.

"Are you sure?" he tried one more time. She liked that he cared, most
boys did not hesitate even a second before unloading their potent young sperm into her, which is why she had been on the pill since her freshman
year. She loved sex, it was the most fun she could ever imagine having.
And it was so easy, almost any boy, and some girls, would do it with her
whenever they could find the time and a place. And the best place was the
local Lover's Lane, where the teenagers with wheels could come and find
a spot to park among the trees, often within earshot of other teens doing
the same thing.

"I'm sure sweetie, just do what comes naturally." She also loved finding
virgin boys and initiating them into the joys of sex. They weren't properly
devirginized unless they actually shot cum inside her -- withdrawal didn't
count. And she loved the thought that no matter how long they lived, she
would always be a sweet memory inside their heads.

To make sure this catch didn't get away, she wrapped her strong sexy
young legs around his waist, and said,

"See, I won't let you pull out. You have to cum in me, or you don't
get to go home."

He gave in then; gave in to the sweet feelings of joy on his sensitive
cock. His hips started stroking again, and he knew there was no way he
could avoid this sin. He could only hope the shot didn't take, but even
that thought fled as his body took final control and the sperm began working
it's way to the release point.

It was a moonlit night. Though Kristy and her young beau had found a
secluded spot, and didn't pay attention to what was outside the car, they
were not alone. In the shadows were two adults, a man and a woman in their
early thirties. They were watching the car, and listening to the words
being spoken inside it thanks to the lowered windows on the warm May night.
As the action heated up, they crept carefully closer, hoping the moonlight
coming through the windshield would illuminate the scene in the back seat.

As they finally got close enough to get the angle and see over the side
of the car, they were surprised but pleased that they could clearly see
the slim young man, his ass and legs bare, his upper body still with the
shirt on. Beneath him lay the young lady, the only parts really visible
were the gorgeous sexy bare legs wrapped around her lover, and her arms
that held his shoulders down. His head was lowered and hid her face from
their view, but they knew from the voice who it was. She was a regular
up here.

The man and woman watched rapt as the boy's hips began moving more quickly.
They knew he was soon to feel his first orgasm inside a woman. The man's
cock was rock hard in his pants, and his girlfriend's pussy was soaking
her panties as they leered at the passionate scene.

"Oh, Kristy." Gilbert moaned, "Oh Kristy."

"Juice me baby." she demanded.

He then grunted, shoved his hips as far into her as he could, and moaned
as he felt the pent-up semen flow wildly up into the waiting girl. He had
never felt anything nearly so good.

"Yeah, yeah, give me all of it." she encouraged. But it was biological,
not under his control. Everything in his tubes flowed out into her, the
wicked forbidden joy thrilling him all over.

She had cum earlier with his tongue on her pussy, after instructing
him on the fine art of oral love. He had done a creditable job for
a beginner. Satisfied with that one orgasm, she had carefully kept control
over her own feelings so as to be better able to manage him during the
actual taking of his virginity. As a result, she was fully in control of
her senses even as he was reeling.

The two voyeurs outside the window, however, a little too eager to see
the final explosion, and confident that both teens would be too occupied
to notice, moved a little too close to the window. From the corner of her
eye Kristy caught movement, and looked to see the two faces in the shadowy
moonlight just as they pulled away. She jumped with a start, but Gilbert
didn't notice, concerned as he was with just re-learning how to breathe

"Someone was watching us." she said aloud.

"Huh?" he managed to get out, after a bit of gasping.

"Let's go out and see who it was." she said.
Pam and John, having seen all they could of the hot scene between Kristy
and the boy they thought was Gilbert Brown, slipped away from the car
unobserved, or so they thought.

They walked rapidly back down the winding tree-lined dirt road towards
their own parked car, hidden in the trees.

"Damn," John whispered, "That was the best one we've gotten since Billy
and Julie got out on the blanket next to the car."

"This was even hotter, because of what she was saying." replied Pam.

"I can't believe she was actually encouraging him to cum inside her,
when she could have gotten pregnant. That is so hot."

"There's no way that girl could be fertile and not using protection,"
Pam reasoned, "or else she'd have been pregnant three years ago, and have
four kids by now."

"Why was she doing it?"

"I think she wanted his virginity." said Pam, quite perceptively.

They had meanwhile reached their own car, which was parked only about
one hundred yards from Kristy's 86 Mustang.

"I'm horny as hell." said John, "Let's go back to your place, it's closer."

"Fuck no." replied his lover, "Let's do it right here and right now. I
don't want to wait. Let's just rut like a couple of horny teenagers in
Lover's Lane."

She unlocked and opened the back door of his four-door sedan, and climbed
in. "Come here you rascal, and do what it takes to make your woman happy."

Pam was already removing her shorts as John climbed in beside her and shut
the door. "You horny slut." he said, "You're going to get fucked tonight."
It turned her on to be called names like 'slut'. Theirs' was an intensely
sexual, but loving relationship.

"Get that big dick out and up, slutfucker. This woman needs that perfect
fit up in her pussy before she goes nuts." They both loved to talk dirty
to one another during sex, and they both enjoyed role-playing. Now they
slipped easily into the roles of the teenagers they had recently watched.

"What are you going to do to me?" John said, playing the innocent young male virgin.

"Show it to me hard, and I'll tell you." said his thirty-three year
old girlfriend, playing the experienced horny slut (a role she did not
have to strain for to play well).

He unbuckled his belt, and pulled down his pants and briefs. Naked now
below the waist, he held up his own seven-inch cock and said "Here it is."

"Pretty." she crooned, reaching over stroking it with him. "I'd like
to get a suck on it, but I'm too horny to wait, so that'll come later."

She tossed her panties and shorts on the floor, and straddled his loins,
her wet open pussy over his hard cockhead. Taking the pole in her hand,
she guided it up to the entrance, and nastily rubbed it on her labia.

"You like that, big boy?"

"Oh yes I do." he said.

"You want more?"

"Yes, please." he kept on playing the innocent's role.

She then sat down on him, running his familiar cock up into her tight wet
hole. She had known the first time they had made love that he was meant for
her, because his cock fit so perfectly in her pussy. That, and he was one of
the few men she had met that could match her libido.

She held still on him, and licked his ear. The licking made him tremble.

"If you suck my titties, I'll let you fuck me." she crooned seductively,
trying to reproduce the voice that she had heard Kristy use earlier.

Without waiting for a reply, she pulled up her t-shirt, and cradled
her C-cups and pushed them to his face, inserting one nipple into his mouth.
True to her request, he licked and sucked on it -- with much better technique
than most any high-schooler could dream of.

"Mmmm that's good, horny boy. But you know it's wrong, don't you, naughty
boy? You know it's wrong to be licking and sucking on a girl's private parts
don't you?

"Yes." he murmured around his delicious mouthful.

"And it's really, really wrong to have your big dick hard and up inside
a girl's most secret spot, isn't it, naughty boy?


"But you're doing it, aren't you? You nasty dirty boy. You can't control
your urges, and you are just doing it, doing it with the biggest slut in
school, aren't you?"

"Yes I am." he admitted in his virgin boy voice. She then started to
move on him, raising herself until just the tip was in her, and then falling
till his cock was embedded to the balls. He couldn't suck her moving tits anymore, but he didn't care. The feeling was ravishing for both of them,
in their aroused state. Both could barely keep talking, but she held on
to control and kept up the act.

"What are you doing? Tell me in the right words."

"I'm, I'm doing it."

"No, you're fucking. Say it."

"I'm fucking you." he moaned.

"That's right. And you're fucking because you have nasty urges, and
can't control them, and because it feels so good, isn't that right?"


"And you're fucking now, and you'll fuck this slut again if she asks,
any time she asks, won't you naughty boy?"

"Yes I will."

"You're so nasty you'd get in line to fuck me wouldn't you? Yeah, you'd
wait in line and then put your dick right in the other's boy's spunk just
to get a chance to fuck this pussy wouldn't you nasty boy?"

"Yes yes yes. I'd fuck your sloppy cunt."

"And you're going to cum right in this cunt that's fucking your big
dick, aren't you, nasty boy?"

"Shouldn't I pull out?" he asked plainitively.

"No, because if you don't cum in this pussy and fill it up with your
hot sweet juice like your slut wants, she will never, ever, let you fuck
her again."

"I don't want to get you pregnant".

"You cum in it, right now, or I'll see that no girl in school will ever
let you near her pussy again."

They both had done this kind of thing many times before, but it always
excited them to the point of orgasm. That, plus the exciting voyeur catch
they had made tonight, sent them both over the edge at about the same time.
As soon as she heard him groan and thrust up, she started hunching her
hips on him to get the last rubs needed to send her over the cliff too.
Soon they were both moaning and shaking and hunching in the back seat as
their respective juices mingled in her warm sex.

After the explosive orgasms, which had been almost at the same time
(another area in which their sexual compatibility shone), they just hugged
tightly to savor the afterglow.

Which was rudely interrupted by a giggle from outside the window. They
both looked up in alarm.

Outside, the faces of Kristy and Gilbert looked in to their scene of
wanton adult lust.

"Holy Shit!" they heard Kristy say. "It's Miss Roberts!".

"And Mr. Sullivan!" Gilbert exclaimed. Then the two teens wasted no
time in bolting back down the road from which they had come, back to their
car. There was no chance of the two adults catching them tonight, unless
they leaped from their car naked, which would not have been prudent.

So, pressed lewdly together, Pam Roberts, Guidance Counselor, and John
Sullivan, Bus Manager, could only watch helplessly as the inevitable
happened and their year-long pattern of reckless behaviour caught up with

Once the shock wore off, they knew they would have to do something,
and something quick, before these two kids spread the salacious (and too
true) gossip all over school tomorrow, to their shame and ultimately to
the detriment of their careers.

Chapter 2 - Capping the Toothpaste

The two desperate lovers spent a good part of the night trying to come up
with a workable plan to salvage their reputations in the small town in which
they lived and worked, and their careers too. The other part of the night
was spent wantonly fucking, both in residual heat from their experiences
earlier, and just to make themselves feel better.

They had started dating a year ago, and found that beneath their
conservative exteriors, so acceptable to the School Board and the community
pillars where they lived, they shared many secret things. The first of these
was a powerful libido, that they both could with difficulty keep under
wraps. The second was their interest in, or even obsession with, voyeurism.
Both had secret collections of X-rated videos, which centered on kinky
amateur productions. And third was their love of risky sex. It had started
fairly safely, with a few hot sessions in the school building after everyone
had left. But that thrill wasn't sufficient, so gradually they had taken
more chances, even making love during school hours once or twice.

It was Pam who overheard girls gossiping and found the location of Lover's
Lane, and the activities that went on there. And it was she that had spurred
the first careful expedition to go and see what was there. The result was
a combination of both lovers' two biggest sexual kicks into one convient
local vacation package, available on any warm night.

Frequently, there was nothing to see, but often you could hear sounds
of passion in the darkness, and that was exciting. And on moonlit nights,
if you wandered carefully through the trees you could get glimpses of horny
teenagers making love without inhibitions. Then you could do it yourself
right there, running the exciting risk of being discovered by students
from your school. But they were careful, and the risks were minimal, until
they got careless that fatal last night.

Their plan was simple. They were betting that since it had been late,
neither teen had been able to phone any friends, but were surely on tiptoe
to tell their buddies about what they saw Mr. Sullivan and Miss Roberts
doing in Lover's Lane. So John checked the bus schedule and found that
Gilbert rode bus 56, so he was to intercept him getting off the bus and have
a private talk, threatening to tell his parents if word ever got out about
what he saw.

Pam's job was to handle Kristy, and that was much tougher. She was a
mature and manipulative young lady, as Pam knew. She didn't have a reputation
to lose, or parents who would punish her. She was a senior and graduating
in three weeks, and would be beyond any paltry power they had to punish
her then anyway. And any attempt to threaten the girl that didn't work
would backfire and they'd both be fucked for sure.

So John did his part, getting Gilbert into his private office and having
a heart-to-heart. It was easy; the boy was terrified that his strict
religious parents would find out he'd given Kristy more than a peck on the
cheek last night and would skin him alive and feed him to the alligators. It
wasn't even necessary to threaten -- Gilbert was as fearful as they were
that Kristy would have it all over the school, and he'd be sucked in. He'd
begged her to keep quiet but she wouldn't promise.

Pam's interview with Kristy didn't go so well.

She lurked in the parking lot all morning, and corralled Kristy when
she drove up to school. Taking her in a private counselor's office, she
closed and locked the door behind them.

Her strategy was not to threaten, which would not work, but to befriend
the girl and try to enlist her as a co-conspirator in keeping silent. A
slim chance, and if it didn't work she and John could move to the west
coast and change their names.

"Kristene," she began, using the girl's formal first name, "we both
know what happened last night, and we both know that it doesn't reflect
creditably on either of us." Oh god, she thought, how professional I sound.
No way to befriend a teenager.

The girl was silent and suspicious. School officials were not her favorite

"We both were engaged in reckless behaviour. First of all, I wanted
to call you in here to let you know how concerned I am for your welfare."
Kristy said nothing, but her expression said "Yeah, right.".

Pam plowed on. "And of course I'm also concerned about mine. It's no
secret that if this got out around school neither of us would look good."

Kristy finally spoke up. "I'm on the pill." she said.

The adult in the room suddenly had a sinking feeling. She knew. She
knew we were there listening to her make him cum in her. She and Gilbert
didn't just come up on them fucking in the car, they also knew John and
her were peeping toms. The little bitch knew and kept quiet and kept right
on doing it. She began thinking of how much it would cost to put though
a name change procedure, and move her belongings to the Bay area.

"Look, what I did, what Mr. Sullivan and I did, was wrong. I know that.
I'm an adult. But you are a teenager, and the consequences of your reckless
behaviour can wind up hurting you much more than mine will. There are a
lot more dangers to unprotected sex than just pregnancy. You should know
that, you are an intelligent young lady."

Shit, thought Kristy. She was there through the whole thing. She heard
me getting him to cum in me. Why else would she talk about unprotected
sex without asking if we'd used one? But as she was thinking this, she
began to relax. This person had nothing on her. Everyone knew she fucked
around, hell, she was proud of it. On the other hand, this teacher type
could be ruined by the gossip.

Her confidence suddenly grew. "Did Mr. Sullivan wear a condom?" she
asked saucily.

Pam was taken aback. She had already resolved that whatever happened,
she would not be blackmailed by a teenager. She'd resign and move before
that would happen. But she hung in there. "No, " she said truthfully, not
knowing how much and in what detail the girl had seen, "but we have both
been tested and are in a monagamous relationship."

Kristy was silent again, and just looked at Pam. So the guidance counselor
made one more sally.

"I think that it would benefit us both if we could agree to not tell
any friends or anyone about what either of us did last night. Can I have
your word on that?"

Kristy thought on it a moment. Then, still in a confident but somewhat
conspiratorial voice she said "Well, I admit I was wrong."

Responding to the words and not the tone, Pam replied "That's a very
mature position to take, Kristene. May I call you Kristy?"

"Yeah, you can call me that." she replied, looking directly into Pam's
eyes. The stare unnerved the adult, who began to mentally run down the
list of people she knew who could recommend a good lawyer and/or moving
company. "But what you did was wrong too. I mean, you both stood there
and peeped in on us, got all hot and bothered, and then went back to your
car and did it. And you were pretending to be us when you were doing it."

Yep, fucked for sure, thought Pam. One five-year career down the fucking
tubes, all due to her own stupidity and this fucking little bitch.

"But like you say," continued the youngster, "You're the adult and I'm
the kid, even though I turned eighteen two months ago and graduate in three
weeks. So, I think I deserve a punishment, and we can call this little
thing over with. I really don't think it's that much of a big deal anyway."

Back from the precipice. Pam didn't know where this was going, but she
fished anyway. "What kind of punishment do you have in mind?" she asked
a bit edgily.

"Well, I don't think detention or suspension or any of those regular
things would be right." Yeah thought Pam, I could see that now, what is
she in detention for? Unprotected sex, and she was caught in Lover's Lane
by Miss Roberts, on self-appointed Morality Patrol.

"But before I turned fifteen, my mom would spank me when I did wrong.
She would offer me a choice -- clean the floor or the toilets, for instance,
or take your licks. I always chose the licks." the sexy teenager continued.

Pam was silent as she tried to digest this turn. Was the bitch saying
that if she, Pam, would spank her she'd not tell anyone? That was
insane. Money, she could understand. But a spanking?

"You know corporal punishment is against the policy of this school."
she said. She couldn't think of anything else to say.

"I'm not thinking of a school thing. More like a private thing. Once
I was corrected, you could just forget about this little messup."

Pam's head spun. The girl was proposing what was probably some kinky
fetish for her to perform, and then she would let her off the hook? Right,
believe that and I've got a bridge for sale...

But she said, "Where would this take place?"

"At your place." replied Kristy, "that would be better, don't you think?"

Pam thought: that would be safe. No witnesses, or maybe I could get
John to witness in secret. The girl couldn't get any more on me no matter
what we did, because I'd be her word against both of us. We'd just try
to brazen it out. And there's a chance she's straight about this, and really
will honor her word. Is it worth the chance?

"Can I have your very serious word of honor on this, Kristy?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts, you can." she replied.

"Alright, can you be at my apartment at ten tonight?"

"Sure can."

"And, between us, you can call me Pam."

"Right Pam. Thanks." Pam watched the swaying ass of the beautifully built
teen sex goddess walk to her door, unlock it, and walk out, turning only to
give the still almost trembling counselor a small conspiratorial smile.

Afterward she told John all about it. He was suspicious as she had been,
but agreed that it might be worth a try -- nothing else would work. If
it failed, it failed.

After school, they both went to her apartment to plan the evening. They
decided that the session, or whatever it was, had to be in an inner room
that no one could see from outside, and that no one could hear into from
any exterior wall. Also, she should not do or say anything compromising
until she'd verified by some means or another that the girl did not have
any recording devices or microphones on her. John would be positioned out
of sight but there to witness and to be available in case of need.

"What do you think of all this?" he asked her when night rolled around.

"I hate to admit it, but it makes my pussy wet just thinking about it."
she said, "After all the trouble our libidos have gotten us in so far.
It's just so fucking risky and you know what that does to me."

"I thought so. I'll be watching." he replied.

"I know you will you horny peeping bastard." she smiled back at him.
Kristy was late of course, thirty minutes late. The lazy little bitch,
Pam couldn't help but think. But her pussy still got wet remembering the
sway of the girl's ass as she left her office. When the car finally drove
into the driveway, Pam in the living room gave John in the bedroom his
signal, and he vanished in the closet. If any punishment was done it would
be in Pam's chair in the bedroom, the safest part of the house. John in
the closet would have a full view.

Pam welcomed the girl to her house. As she came in, the grown woman
regarded her more carefully than she ever had before. Kristy wore a loose
pink t-shirt with no bra underneath -- she didn't need one, her ample and
pretty tits peaked up and pointed out proudly in the fervor of youth. Her
hips were encased in a very tight set of cutoff jeans. She had a mane of
reddish brown hair, and her face was simple but pretty, with a smattering
of freckles all over her cheeks. Her legs may have been her sexist part,
though, at least to the horny guidance counselor. She could see why every
boy and half the girls in school wanted a piece of her. At least she was
eighteen -- there could be no question of statutory rape or corruption
of a minor.

They made some small talk, and Pam gave Kristy a short tour, but the
atmosphere was strained, to say the least, by sexual and other tension.

In the end, they sat down in the living room and Pam asked if she still
thought the deal they had struck in the morning was good.

"Yes." replied Kristy, simply, looking into Pam's eyes once again. God,
she was seductive.

"How do you think this punishment should proceed then?" asked the older woman.

"My mother always made me strip down to my panties, and bend over her
lap. Then she would tell me the number of licks I would get for my sin,
and if the sin was major they would be with a ruler, and if they were minor
it would be with her hand."

"Alright then. Stay seated where you are." And Pam got up and walked into
the kitchen to retrieve a twelve-inch school ruler she kept in her desk. As
she returned, Kristy saw the ruler but made no comment. As she returned she
remembered she hadn't searched Kristy for wires, but she couldn't imagine
where one would hide in her scanty garments.

"Now, young lady," Pam said firmly, "You know I'm doing this for your
own good. As alternative to other punishments, as you agreed."

"Yes, Pam."

"For the duration of this business, you are to refer to me as Miss Roberts,
is that clear?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

"All right, now follow me."

They went to the prearranged spot in the bedroom, in the chair Pam's father had made for her. It was in an antique style and had no arms, so it was
perfect for this operation. She sat in the chair, and made Kristy stand
directly in front of her. The sight of the sexy girl being so submissive
sent a wicked thrill through the older woman, and she felt her pussy cream
even more. It's going to be tough to keep my hands off of it, God help me,
she thought. She wondered what Kristy's mother had been feeling when this
happened. She thought she probably could guess Kristy's feelings about these

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

"Then take off those jeans, Kristene." Pam said in her professional
voice. But it wasn't a very professional thing to say, she thought with
a wicked little internal grin.

The girl did not hesitate a second. She unsnapped the cutoffs, unzipped
the zipper, and dropped them to her ankles. She then stepped out of them.
Clad only in her sheer panties, the redhead was almost naked from the waist
down. You could see there was no liner pad and her pubic patch was outlined
clearly. Pam thought she saw wetness between those killer legs.

"Take off the shoes and socks too." Pam ordered. This surprised Kristy
somewhat, as her mother never did that. But her mother did not have a lover
watching in the closet with somewhat of a foot fetish. Pam was always

"Now take your position." Pam ordered, and the girl went around to her
left and started to bend down. Her mother must have been left-handed. "The
other way." Pam ordered, and Kristy moved to the other side. Besides, by
plan, that was the side John was on so he would have a better view of the
girl's ass as she was being paddled.

"Bend over. Put your hands on the floor on one side, and your toes on
the other." Pam sounded so authoritative. She wondered if, in her bent
over position, Kristy would be able to smell her heated pussy musk. But
when she saw the beautiful ass raised up on her lap, she didn't care. It
was obvious from the wet spot between her legs that the girl was also very

To her left, Pam could see the girl's head down, the reddish hair cascading
all around her face. On the other side, John's side, she balanced on her
toes as ordered, the toes bent back and the soles of the feet were exposed.
The heel and ball were brown with wear, but the instep was white. John
must be loving this, she thought.

John was. The moment they had walked in and he knew it was going to
happen, his cock had surged with lust. By the time Kristy had dropped her
pants, it was rock hard. By the time she was bent over, it was out of his
pants and he was gently rubbing it. But not too hard or fast; he didn't
know what was going to happen or for how long, and he wanted the voyeuristic
pleasure to last as long as possible.

"Now young lady, do you know what you are being punished for?" asked

"Yes, Miss Roberts. I'm being punished for letting a boy, uh, have an
orgasm inside me without a condom on."

"You can use proper words, young lady. We are both adults, over seventeen.
What are you being punished for?"

"For letting a boy shoot his cum into me."

Whack! The first blow came down on her pantied rear. Pam did not hit
her hard with the ruler, because she wanted to not really hurt her. She
thought Kristy would give her guidance on the severity of the blows.

"No, young lady. Don't lie to me. You didn't just let him cum in you did you?"

"No I didn't, Miss Roberts. I got him to cum in me."

"Yes, even when he was considerate and didn't want to, you forced him
too, and even led him to believe you could get pregnant. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

"And you did it to an innocent boy, didn't you? One that hadn't ever
felt the pleasure of sex. One much younger than you. One who was vulnerable
and is frightened now, didn't you? Now that innocent boy is going to want
to do it again, going to need to do it again, and he's going to squirt
his seed in some other girl isn't he, young lady?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

The wet spot on the girl's sexy panties seemed to be growing, Pam noticed.
She was doing the right thing. The girl got off on being submissive.

"And you've down the same thing with other boys haven't you?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

"Yes, what?"

"I've let many boys cum in my pussy. I like it when they do that. And
I'm naughty, I don't let them do it until they have made me cum first.
Every boy has to use his tongue on me till I cum before I will let him
in me. I've had more than one at a time. I've let them cum on my face,
and on my ass, my tits, everywhere.

Pam felt an awesome surge of lust as the helpless submissive girl confessed her sins, trying to provoke a even longer punishment.

"And what else naughty and nasty have you done young lady?"

"I've let girls lick me too, Miss Roberts. And I've licked them. And
rubbed pussies with them, and sucked their pretty titties."

"You have been a very bad girl, Kristy. And you must be punished. I
don't think this one time will begin to cover it all."

"Yes, Miss Roberts, I know it won't. I know I deserve it and I'm glad
you are there to give me what I deserve. I will always submit to your will
and raise my ass to be paddled by you when you think I need it."

"That's a good girl. But why do you think you will always need it? Won't
you stop being bad after I punish you."

"No, Miss Roberts. I can't. My pussy itches so bad that I have to have
people scratch it all the time. I know I can't stop. I will always be a
bad girl. I will always deserve punishment."

The sexual tension had reached an incredible high in the white bedroom
of the school's best guidance counselor. Pam couldn't just keep up the
word play any more.

"You will receive twenty blows from me on your ass. Do not pull away
from me, but keep your ass raised to take the punishment. After it is over
I will ask you more questions."

Pam then brought back her ruler, and methodically smacked the young girl twenty times on her sexy pantied ass. As she did, she could hear the
loud pops and see the red streaks the ruler left. Kristy did not ask her
to hit harder or softer, so she made all the blows the same strength. The
young girl jumped and squirmed but did not try to move her rear off Pam's
lap, as ordered.

When she was done, Pam ordered Kristy to stand up before her again.
As she did, Pam could see the red face of a girl who had her head upside
down for a while, and a faint wetness of tears in her eyes. But none spilled
out. Briefly, Pam feared she might have hit the teenager too hard, but
a look down at her panties revealed that there was no problem. The front
of the panties was soaked through, as the juice had flowed down to the
front in her bent-over position.

"What is this, young lady?" asked the coldly professional sounding counselor
as she pointed to the wet panty fronts.

"That's my pussy juice, Miss Roberts."

"So, you were sexually aroused by your punishment, Kristene?"

"Yes very much, Miss Roberts."

"Do you think that's right, to be aroused by a punishment that is supposed
to hurt and to correct you?"

"No, Miss Roberts, but I can't help it. I'm a very bad girl."

"Then you must be punished again. Drop your panties."

The girl felt yet another surge of pussy cream start as she pulled the
panties off her legs. She was wondering when it would start to run down
the inside of her legs.

"Take off the top too." the older woman ordered. Kristy easily pulled
the pink t-shirt over her head, and was then entirely naked before her
delicious tormentor.

"You have pretty nipples, Bad Girl." said Pam. "Are they always that

"No, Miss Roberts. Only when I am aroused, or they are cold."

"So you are aroused now, so aroused your pussy is creaming without being
touched, and your nipples are hard without being touched either?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Assume the punishment position again, then."

The horny teenager scambled into her former position eagerly. She wanted,
needed, some relief for her overheated genitals. And so did the older woman,
who was sure she was leaving a massive puddle in the chair she was sitting

"I'm going to strike you ten blows with my hand, Bad Girl, since your
sin of being turned on is not nearly as great as letting boys cum inside
you instead of condoms."

And with that, Pam did not wait but brought her hand down ten times
on the young girl's behind. The sexy white ass with it's red streaks from
the ruler wiggled and jiggled as the broad hand smacked it, leaving faint
hand prints. Pam was sure she could feel the girl's heat, and probaby some
of her juice, on her bare leg under the bent over form.

"Are you sorry now for being aroused?"

"No, Miss Roberts."

"This time, you are forgiven. You are only human, after all." Pam was
not about to start any more spanking. She wanted sex, and she wanted it

"How does your ass feel, Kristene?"

"It stings, Miss Roberts."

"How does this feel?" asked the horny thirty-three-year-old as she gently
massaged the girl's ass cheeks.

"That makes it feel all better Miss Roberts."

"And how does this feel, Kristy?" This time, she allowed her fingers
to wander into the girl's sexy ass crack, and down between her legs, where
she felt the heat and wetness glowing there.

"That...that feels like heaven, Miss Roberts."

Pam Roberts, counselor to the youth of her community, was going to make
this particular young girl cum right here on her lap. The fact sent a wicked
lusty thrill through her.

"And how about this?" she asked again, as this time she allowed a finger
to slip inside the teenager's overlubricated pussy.

"Awwwww, Miss Roberts, please make me cum, please please please."

"You can all me Pam again now, Kristy. I'm going to make you cum all
over my hand, and then you are going to do some nasty things to me, you
hear, bitch?"

"Yes, yes, yes, Pam. I'll do anything. Just make me cum."

Pam knew what she would do. First, though, she used her hands to spread
the girl's legs further apart, then inserted two fingers into her pussy as far as she could. Withdrawing the fingers, she looked over at the closet
where her lover stood stroking his cock, and lewdly licked and sucked the
hot tangy juice off of them.

John thought he might cum right then. He had to let go of his cock.
It was overheating already. The incredibly sexy words and deeds of his
wanton girlfriend and this high school sex goddess had him on the edge.
He always tried to time his cum with that of his lover, unless they wanted
specifically to cum separately for some reason. He was so attuned to her
mannerisms that he knew generally how close she was, and he also knew how
to get near the point of release and hold it. He was now at that point
himself, and he would have to just let his cock throb in the air until
it cooled if he wanted to wait and cum with her. If she could wait, he
could, he told himself.

He watched as his woman put her hands back into the pussy of the young girl bent over her lap. She brought the hand up again to her mouth, and
this time sucked her thumb throughly. He didn't know what she was doing,
until he saw her put her hand back down and start to insert her thumb up
the teenager's ass.

"Oh shit, Pam, that's my asshole."

"Relax it then. You know how. Concentrate."

The thumb popped in, and then the older woman began to work some of
her other fingers into the helplessly impaled girl's vagina. The girl couldn't
take it, and began to moan and groan.

Finally, the lewd school employee had her hand fully engaged on the
genitalia of her willing victim. Her thumb was in the girl's ass, three
of her fingers were deep in her pussy, and her little finger and knuckle
was still available down below to stimulate the girl's clit.

"Now, you horny-assed little fucking bitch, you are going to cum like
you never have before."

She then began to work her fingers in and out of the girl's holes, and
over her clit too. This brought immediate, desperate moans from the bent
over teenager. Her ass began to lift and hunch as the pleasure overcame
her, and in almost no time at all she lifted her face and screamed as she

Pam had no mercy. Determined to drive the girl temporarily insane, she
drilled and wormed in her holes until she hunched, stiffened, and screamed
again. It sounded like she was being tortured to death with pleasure.

"Stop, please stop." she finally moaned, and Pam did stop.

"You may now dismount." Pam said, her voice a little shaky.

Kristy fell rather than lifted off her pleasure-torturer. She landed
on the floor at the older woman's feet.

"What do you say to me?" asked Pam.

"Thank you thank you thank you." the gasping girl said.

"And how do you thank me?" the leering counselor asked, as she pulled
her skirt up to her waist, revealing a soaked pussy and no panties.

The girl looked up, and smiled as she saw the fate that awaited her.

From his hideout, John knew that his relief and his lover's was soon
approaching. He got ready to hold his aching cock again, and this time to
rub until his cum spashed against the wall. He had thought about getting a
rag, but it seemed sexier to just shoot on the closet wall. He could then
later show it to Pam. She would like that. They were often so depraved that
they deliberatly left cum stains in places where they had stayed together.
if no one there knew them personally.

In front of him, visible clearly through his crack in the door, the
young sexy girl gamely gathered her strength and raised up to her knees
before the older woman's desperately wanting pussy.

"Lick me. Suck me. Make me cum. NOW!" Pam demanded.

John could see the girl's pretty freckled face disappear between his lover's
thighs, as she leaned back in the chair to receive her reward. Soon, he
could see the head moving up and down and the tongue licked lewdly over the
enflaming labia.

"That's it, lick it up. That's so goddamn good. Eat me." Pam moaned in an
obscene stream of words. "Put your tongue in the hole, yeah, that's it, get
it in deep. Deeper. Now suck. Yeeeahhhhh...suck harder. You fucking slut
bitch you know how to eat pussy."

"You're too good, oh yeah, " she continued, "Now hit the clit. That's
right. Right there. Alright bitch get ready to eat cum."

Pam leaned back and raised her hips into the girl's licking face, as
her mouth formed a silent scream.

As soon as that happened, John put his finger under the head of his cock and
started rubbing there furiously. Like the trigger of a gun, that made the
pumps start working. Soon, his body stiffened, and his knees felt wobbly as
his white stream of cum spashed soundlessly on the wall. He struggled
desperately to keep from making any noise as his body was wracked by spasms
of ecstasy.

As he came down and gained some degree of control, he looked out again into
the well-lit bedroom where the two lacivious women were still recovering
from their orgasms. Pam still lay back in her chair, her tanned legs spread
wide. Kristy crouched between those legs, and it appeared that she was
gently still licking and nuzzling on Pam's drenched labia.

As he watched, Pam leaned forward, took the teenager in her arms, and
brought her face up to a languid but passionate kiss. The two kissed for a
minute or two, and he could see their cheeks moving as the tongues swirled
and licked inside.

"And I thought you were going to blackmail me." Pam said as the kiss

"Blackmail?" Kristy replied, "All I've wanted to do to you all year
long is to fuck you."

"You should have started sooner, honey, we've missed a lot of time."
said the temporarily satisfied counselor.

"Well, let's make up for it. We can fuck all night tonight, and fuck
some more in the morning."

"Don't you have to go home?"

"Nah, I have my own door into the house, and my parents have long since
stopped trying to keep track of me."

"Then stay with me and fuck me blind." Pam said, still in a pleasure
trance and not thinking of the real world at all. Then, she remembered
John still in the closet. I'll bet he came too, she thought lustfully.
I want to see the stain. But, I've got to get the girl out at least for
a while so he can escape.

"Yeah, " rejoined the happily lusty teen, "And we can do nasty dirty
things to each other all night long. The only thing we'll be missing is
a man to provide a sliding cock for some variety."

"Kristy, sweetheart, you sexy little honeypot, have I got a surprise
for you!"

Chapter 3: All Night Together

"A surprise? For me? What is it?" asked the buxom naked teenager.

"Go over there to the bed, and lie face down." commanded Pam, still sitting
in the chair where she had disciplined and then delighted the horny young girl.

Kristy got up and walked over to the older woman's waterbed, moving
sexily. Pam appreciated the gorgeous ass of the redhead as she walked,
knowing she was deliberatly showing off her charms. When the girl got to
the padded edge of the wide bed, she climbed up on her knees, bent over,
and wiggled her perfect rear end at her new lover. Then she moved up and
went face down as ordered.

"Cover your face. You are to see nothing." Pam commanded, and of course
the submissive girl compiled.

Pam then got up silently, and went over to the closet where John was
still hidden. She opened it and drew him out, indicating with a finger
to her lips that he should remain quiet.

"Strip." she whispered in his ear, and as he quietly removed his clothes he
looked up to observe the heart-warming curves of the nude redhead on his
lover's bed. The sight made his recently-spent cock start to rise
pleasurably. By the time he was naked, it was already up to three-quarters
of it's normal slighty-above-average size.

Once her lover and human sex-toy was naked, Pam took his cock in her hand,
and led him quietly to the foot of the bed where the object of both their
lusts lay with her legs slightly spread and her hands on the sides of her
face so that even if someone was to come to the sides of the bed she could
not have seen them out of the corners of her eyes. Pam liked the way she
obeyed every command so perfectly.

The sexy thirty-three-year-old guidance counselor was still in her dress,
as opposed to the other two, who were now totally naked. But, she reached
her hand down to John's cock and stroked it until it gained it's full length,
and stood straight out proudly from his lean muscular body. Once it was
to it's full readiness, she told her young charge:

"You can turn over now."

Kristy did, and was only mildly shocked at the sight of the tall
athletically-built Bus Manager from her school. After seeing him in
flagrante delicto with Pam in lover's lane, she expected him to make an
appearance after Pam said she had a surprise in store, only not so quickly.

John stood beside his barely clothed girlfriend, staring down at the
delicious teen. And Kristy looked up, admiring the hard body of the man;
and even more admiring the hard red cock that stood out pointing towards

"Mmmmm...Mr. Sullivan, where did you come from so fast?"

"None of your concern, Kristene." said Pam in her official voice, signalling
to both of them that she was to be in charge of whatever pleasure might
happen tonight.

"Do you like this, slut?" Pam asked Kristy, while fondling John's hard
cock. It felt fantastic to the horny man, as did the idea of being exposed
to the young eighteen-year-old.

"Yes, Ma'am." Kristy replied, running her tongue sexily along her lips
to signal her desire to taste it.

"I'll bet you do, you horny whore. But what you enjoy tonight will be
up to me, and only me, do you understand that?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts." she replied in her submissive voice. But she did
not take her eyes off the object of her desires.

"And John, you understand that as usual, I am in control." Pam said
sternly to her lover.

"Yes, mistress." he replied in a quiet, submissive voice.

"Excellent. Stand there and don't move." She then went around to the side of
the bed, opened a drawer, and extracted a set of handcuffs. Returning, she
moved behind him, and automatically he placed his hands behind his back to
be cuffed.

Wow, thought Kristy. I've always wanted to get really kinky.

After the cuffs clicked shut, Pam took her submissive lover's cock in
her hand and led him towards the bathroom. "You come too, sweetie." she
told Kristy. The naked teenager hopped off the bed and followed meekly
but with a growing sense of excitement.

"Bend over." Pam commanded. John knew this was meant for him, and bent
over so that his ass was raised towards his mistress.

"Now, girl, open that top drawer there and take out the pink one." Kristy
did as she was told, and inside the drawer she saw several of what looked
like misshapen plugs in different colors. As ordered, she took out the
pink one.

"Get the tube of KY too." Kristy looked in and got it out also. She could
feel her pussy tingle and wetten at the sheer kinkiness of what they were
doing. And since she was only following orders, she didn't have any need to
feel guilty or ashamed, not that she would have anyway. She'd long ago
decided to devote herself to the service of pleasure.

"Do you know what this it?" asked Pam.

"I think so." replied Kristy, "It's a butt plug."

"That's right. And do you know what we use it for?"

"No, Miss Roberts."

"Tell her, John."

He spoke from his bent over position. "When the plug is up my ass, it
reminds me that I belong to Mistress Pamela, and that I am to do what I
am ordered to do, and only that."

"That's right." Pam confirmed, "He's my toy boy, and tonight he's going
to be of service to both of us. He'll be devoted to our pleasure, and he
will receive pleasure only as a reward for doing a good job on us."

"Cool." replied the horny teen. "I love kinky stuff."

"Remember, dear, that you too are to follow my orders without question,
and while you may give orders to slave here, after asking my permission
first, you must obey me instantly at all times."

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

"Now, pretty girl, squirt some of that lube on your finger and put it
on his asshole."

Kristy did as ordered, of course, removing the cap and squeezing the tube so
that a wad of the clear thick gel coated her forefinger. She then got down
on her knees behind the submissive ass of the tall school administrator and
rubbed the lubed finger all over his anus, making it shine in the cool
bathroom light.

"Put your finger in his asshole." Pam commanded, and Kristy pushed her
finger inwards. The tight ring of his ass resisted only slighty before the
feminine finger slipped inside. It felt warm, tight, and rubbery. She had
had her finger up the ass of some of the boys, but never an adult. Now she
was fingering the ass of one of the officials at her school. The thrill made
her almost shiver. Her pussy felt all open and warm and ready for action,
but she tried to ignore it as she worked her finger around in his ass. He
made no obvious reaction but she knew how intensely it must feel to him. She
could see his hard cock twitch and bob and she played.

"Enough fun for him. Take it out." the older woman ordered, and Kristy
reluctantly removed the finger.

"Now lube the plug and push it in him."

Kristy had never done this, but she squirted more KY onto the rounded
head of the plug (it was obvious which was the head and tail of it from
the shape) and then put it up to John's asshole.

"Relax it, slave. Get ready." said Pam.

"Yes, mistress." replied her slave/lover. He concentrated hard on relaxing
his ass muscles, knowing that would make the coming invasion much easier
to bear.

"Push it in. No need to be careful about it." ordered his mistress.

Kristy obeyed, pushing the plug until the head began to open John's
asshole. It was surprisingly easy. She pushed harder, and the thing just
slipped in without a fight. But the bent-over man moaned and grunted rather
loudly as it happened. The cute teen got another wicked thrill out of making
him moan. I'd like to fuck a man some time, up the ass with a dildo, she
thought. She wondered if these two kinky adults had ever done that. She'd
have to ask, one day.

"That's right, it's all the way in there." Pam stated the obvious. Only
the outer ring, with a little grip on it for easy removal, was visible.

"Now stand up." she ordered the impaled sex slave, and he obeyed,
straightning up rather stiffly and turning around to face his two
mistresses. His face betrayed his excitement and pleasure. It was obvious
even to the relatively inexperienced teen that he enjoyed this kind of kink

"See this?" asked Pam. She was holding his outthrust cock, and squeezing
the tip. A clear drop of precum rolled out. "You can have it if you want
it." the older woman offered.

Kristy had not got gotten up off her knees, so it was easy to take the
bulbous velvety cockhead into her mouth and lewdly slurp the precum off
of it. John felt his knees weaken as the wave of delight swept up his cock
and into his body. She worked her lips and tongue on the head laciviously,
wanting to show to both her new lovers that she would do anything they
might desire, and be as nasty and kinky as anyone, anywhere.

"Not too much, girl. He'll get his pleasure later, if he's a good boy.
But right now, he knows that if he should cum for any reason before he
gets permission, the punishment will be severe."

Again, the horny teen, who could feel her own pussy wet and hot and
tingly, reluctantly stopped her sexual activity on the delicious man.

"Now into the bedroom, you two. And kneel down on the side of the bed
nearest the bathroom. Both of you, side by side. Face the bed, and don't
look at one another or even move until I return."

John and Kristy, both enjoying the submissive role and eager to obey, walked
quickly into the bedroom and got down on their knees as ordered. He was
still handcuffed, with a pink butt plug up his ass, but she was free except
for her desire to satisfy her new adult lover Pam with perfect and instant
obedience. Neither had any idea what was coming next -- Pam's creativity was
so great than even her lover who had been fucking and kinking with her for a
full year could not know what she would dream up.

Pam left the room, still in her dress, and headed for the kitchen. She had a
new idea, and was of course going to see where it led. She was more excited
than she could remember in a long time. The idea of having the horny
teenager in a kinky threesome, and running the resultant risks, had made all
prudent thoughts flee as her always-rampant sex hormones took control. It
was hard being in control, she thought. What she'd really like to do is just
jump in and fuck them both silly, but she knew that the payoff in pleasure
would be greater if she made them, especially him, wait.

She returned to the bedroom with nothing more elaborate than a simple
paper plate. She placed it on the bed, and ordered her two slaves to watch
her. As they did, she slowly and seductively wiggled out of the tight green
dress, revealing her somewhat tall sexy body. Pam was about five foot nine,
and towered over the sexy teen by about six inches. But she was still shorter
than her six foot two male lover.

Having made herself naked at last, she took the paper plate off the
bed, and placed it carefully underneath the hard cock of her man.

"Now, slutfucker, you are to kneel there like a good boy, and watch
Kristy and I make love to each other on this bed. As you do, you'll get
very horny, and want to join in desperately. The arousal will produce more
precum, and if you don't move from this spot, the precum will gradually
dribble out onto this plate. It will make little spots there. Your job,
if you want your pleasure tonight, is to make ten separate individual spots
on the plate, all with your precum. Only after I count ten spots will you
be allowed to feel or be felt by us. Since you can't touch your own cock,
it will be up to you to control yourself so that the dribbles don't fall
on one another and have two or more count as one."

"Yes, Mistress." was all he said. But Pam could see him tremble with
excitement. He loved to be dominated, and he loved to watch other people
have sex. This was the ultimate kick for him.

"Now, you redheaded little slut bitch, get that sweet hot tongue ready
to give my honeypot a stir." Pam demanded.

Lewdly, Kristy responded by licking her own lips with her sexy red tongue.
As she did, Pam lay back on the bed, her loins only a couple of feet from
her kneeling lover, and spread her legs widely and invitingly.

"Get to work."

The beautiful pink slit called Kristy to her duty more powerfully than the
words of it's owner. It was flowered open and shining with the moisture
produced by the outrageous state of arousal Pam was in. Dominating her lover
did it to her every time, not to mention the sight of the sexy freckled face
of the teen who was even now approaching her with a look of transported

Kristy could feel her own honey seeping out as she got close enough to
inhale the rich musk. Unwilling to wait for anything, she unhesitatingly
extended her tongue and slipped it deep into the tangy depth of the waiting
cunt. This brought a gasp from the older woman, and true to her nature she
began to talk to her young tormentor.

"Suck it slut, suck it hard. Drink it down." The teenager did as ordered,
joyfully, puckering her lips and pushing her long hot tongue into as far
as she could into the warm velvet tunnel. The taste was incredible. No
young girl she had ever sucked had tasted so strong, so powerful, so sexy
as this! As her tongue licked at the slick walls, she put on a powerful
suction, drawing tendrils of Pam's honey into her mouth, drinking it down
as ordered.

"God Daaaaaamn." Pam grunted, "You sexy fucking cunt, you know how to
suck a woman." At this, the naturally talented Kristy pulled her tongue
out and began licking deep in the furrow between the fine brown hairs,
working her way slowly up towards the ultimate goal, the trigger that would
make her lover explode. Pam did not protest, but gritted her teeth. Her
body was all afire with a flame of an intensity she had never felt before.

"Oh, ohhhhhhh you sweet bitch you fuck me so good." Pam's clit was not
hidden, but exposed for the world to see and feel, it seemed. Kristy did
not hold back, but flicked mercilessly at the hard little root of pleasure.
Often, Pam liked teasing and holding back, but not now.

"Oh, god, ohhh gooooood, it feels so good, yes, if you stop I'll kill
you." As she licked, Kristy slipped a finger into the helpless woman's
cunt, twisting and turning it as deep as it would fit.

"FUCK ME!" Pam cried out. Without mercy, Kristy put another finger in,
and began to scissor them back and forth as her tongue strokes began to
get harder and harder.

Pam had forgotten the world, forgotten John, the only thing that could
matter was the wild feeling between her legs. She was an animal, letting
her whole body and soul be destroyed in an all-consuming fire. Her hips
began, on their own, to heave and thrust upwards. Kristy had to hold on
to keep contact, but she had done that before, and rode with it. Her own
cunt was flowing and desperately wanted relief.

The scream was like nothing John had ever heard from her, or anyone
else. If he hadn't been so into it, so turned on, he'd have worried about
the neighbors calling the police.

"AaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAuuuggggggggg" it seemed to go on, rising and falling
and his lover heaved hard into the wet, clinging face of the young girl,
over and over.

When it was over she lay still, and Kristy tried to lick her again but
she reached down and pushed the girl away, saying "Not now it's too
sensitive." The sexy teen just rested her head on Pam's soft thigh and
looked past her heaving chest to her face, with it's closed eyes. Kristy
wore a shiny beard of woman-honey. Her own cunt throbbed with lust.

John had watched all this, panting at the pleasure. He had been unable
to think of his task, and drops of precum had indeed risen and dribbled
on the plate, but not under his control. His cock was as hard as he ever
felt it. He thought that if this went on much longer he could just spurt his seed without being touched at all.

At last Pam recovered her voice. "Give me your ass, honey. I want to
taste you."

The deeply horny man watched as the lovely, sexy girl repositioned herself
over his own tall and athletic lover. Kristy had the most gorgeous ass
he had ever seen. He had thought that one day, when she was older, it might
be too wide; but right now the pleasing bulge of her hips over her strong
young perfect legs made her look like the very goddess of fertility and
lust. Venus indeed.

Kristy needed to cum, and she needed it badly, deep in her guts. She wasted
no time planting her knees on either side of her mistress, and lowering her
sopping wet pussy down onto the waiting lips and tongue.

"Ooohhhhhhhh." she moaned in her deep sexy voice as she felt the first swipe
of the experienced woman's tongue on her neglected and therefore
oh-so-sensitive labia. "Lick my cunt, please."

John loved to hear the girls talk so dirty. It meant they had no hangups,
no inhibitions, and that they respected and loved one another; otherwise
the use of words like 'cunt' would have been wounding. He felt his cock
twitch as it stood untouched and wanting. He shifted on his knees, hoping
to drip in a different spot on the plate as he endured yet another bout
of lusty sex by the women just three feet from his face.

Kristy raised her face towards the ceiling, eyes closed, and she
unconciously brought her hands to her brown nipples and began to rub and
pinch them. They stood out proudly as she tweaked. Her tits jiggled sexily,
bringing another drop or two from John's pleasure-deprived cock. But all the
sex-crazed teen could feel was the probing and licking as Pam's tongue found
it's way into every hidden crease and fold of her most sensitive parts.

Soon she began to rub her slit on her lover's upturned face, moving
it slightly up and down. The face underneath her was covered in her juices,
and John could see Pam's tongue stabbing and flicking under the bush of
reddish pubic hair.

"Lick me." Pam managed to blurt as Kristy ground her cunt down. But
the girl was so lost in pleasure she didn't hear or didn't respond. So
Pam reached up and put her hands on the girl's back, and pushed her down
towards her own pussy. "Lick me." she repeated. This time the lust-twisted
girl understood and bent down into the sixty-nine position.

The view from John's position was inbelievably sexy. Pam lay on her
back, her legs spread, with the curvacous ass of the lusty Kristy pressed
tightly to her face. Between her legs the red tangle of the teenager's
hair moved sexily as she began to lick and probe Pam's drenched cunt.

Both women just humped their asses into the face of their partner as
they grunted and panted in animalistic lust. The lips and tongues made
wet slurping noises, and the intense smell of womanhood filled the room.
It was the single sexiest, wildest, most beautiful thing John Sullivan
had ever seen in his thirty years.

Kristy was the first to give in. "Aw, Fuuuuuuuuck." she moaned, as she
hunched her hips on Pam's face. "Fuuuuuuuck, ah shit I'm CUMMING!" She
hunched hard and fast, her eyes shut and her lips curled. Even her toes
were curled.

As soon as the hunches stopped, she proved her sexual devotion and prowess
by diving right back down into the hot wet valley. Her tongue again swabbed
and swirled and probed on Pam's sensitive clit.

"Eat it, slut!" Pam growled into the teenager's throbbing pussy.
"Tongue-fuck me till I cum on your face again!" She grabbed Kristy's
bountiful ass cheeks and pulled them down on her face, doing what she was
ordering her girl lover to do, sliding her hot tongue deep up inside.

Pam slapped the girl's ass, making her cheeks jiggle. A few slaps and
then "Huunngggggggggghhhh" she growled like an animal as she pushed her hips
up off the waterbed and came again in Kristy's cute freckled face. The girl just opened her mouth and sucked out the honey as it flowed freely. As Pam
settled down, and began to lick at Kristy again, the oversexed teen once
again came with a grunt and moan, squirting her own copious honey stream
into Pam's open mouth.

John thought that he was going to die from being overstimulated without
release. As soon as they could recover, he was going to beg, plead, anything
to get into the act.

"Please, please, please." he begged, not able to even wait for the recovery
to take place. Pam finally heard him, and pushed Kristy away just enough
to see her desperately aroused lover kneeling where she'd left him, handcuffed
with his hard red cock jutting out and the head shiny with precum.

"Let's both fuck him." Pam suggested in a husky voice, the paper plate
thing totally forgotten. She was not that committed a dom anyway, she just
did it to heighten their sexual pleasure by playing games.

"Yeah, I want that cock in my cunt." Kristy said without a trace of
shyness. She climbed off, and Pam jumped down and unlocked the handcuffs.
As she did, she kissed her lover deeply.

"Get up on the bed, on your back." Pam ordered.

John wasted not a second getting into position.

"All right, sweet slut girl, climb on him, but be careful not to fuck
him too hard, or he'll cum before you get a chance to ride him very long."

Kristy, wanting the feel of a cock deep inside her, straddled his hips
and guided him up to her hole. The sight fired Pam even further, and she
was long lost to pure lust already. "Sit on it." she husked, "Sit on it
and let him get used to the feel of your womb, then fuck him slowly."

The horny teen lowered herself slowly, absorbing the delicious feel
of the cock going into her. John lay still, his cock finally getting the
touch it wanted. For him it was almost a relief, which was lucky, because
he needed a minute or two to brace himself for the storm of pleasure-stings
to come.

"So pretty." Pam observed as the last inch was embedded. She reached
down to fondle his balls just below the fabulous curve of the teenager's
ass crack.

"You gonna fuck this slut, Johnny boy?" she asked her lover.

"Please, please let me fuck her." John pleaded.

"You gonna squirt your sperm in her, even if it knocks her up, naughty

"Yes, yes, anything, but I have to cum, I have to." he begged.

"Alright, little whore, you can take his seed up your cunt. But you
have to use your hole to suck it out of him. Beg for it good and I'll let
you fuck him and cum on him."

"Please, please let me fuck him and feel his cum shoot in me. Please,
I need it sooooo bad." Kristy begged. Pam's evil side loved to hear the
two of them beg her for their release.

"Don't move yet." she ordered them both. She then climbed up on the
bed herself, and straddled John's head. Slowly, she lowered her sloppy
cunt onto his face. When she felt his lips on hers, she rubbed herself
sexily on him, spreading her juice all over his handsome face. Eventually,
she tired of this and settled her clit where his tongue could lick it.

"Fuck his cock, whore. I'll fuck his face. Let's bury this bastard in
womanhood till he knows we're the master sex."

Kristy started fucking instantly. She slid up and down the wonderful
cock in a steady rhythm. Pam just held herself over the sweet tongue, savoring
the feel of it. He could lick pussy almost as well as a woman could, she
thought. Another good reason to keep him around.

The two women were facing one another, so it was natural for them to
feel each other's tits, and lean into one another's kiss. Musky sex-drenched
tongues were exchanged. Tweaked and pulled nipples sent tingles of lust
down to stuffed and licked pussies. The extravagant superfluity of sexual
feelings, on top of the cums they both recently had, sent them into a kind
of sensual paradise.

John was in his own paradise, licking and sucking on a gorgeous pussy as he felt the tight hot pussy of the teen sex goddess ripple up and down
his increasingly sensitive cock. He hoped he could last until they both
came, but he wasn't sure.

Kristy was the first to explode. She always loved the feel of a sliding
cock when she was on top -- it massaged her clit in such a sweet way.
"Fuuuuuuuuuck" she grunted again, and hunched again, this time on the cock
in her pussy.

"Cum on it, bitch." Pam growled. She rubbed her pussy even harder on
John's tongue. For his part, he couldn't last any longer.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaa." he groaned into the grinding cunt, and thrust his hips
up to squirt his long-held load of white-hot sperm into Kristy's welcoming,
and cumming, womb.

"Yeah, yeah!" Pam squealed "Juice her, squirt her, knock her up!" The
wildness of it sent her over too, and she screamed again, this time into
Kristy's twisted face as she felt her guts turn to white fire and explode
in John's open mouth.

All three wiggled and jerked and humped like animals, then slowly the
two women quieted, and rolled off the sex-drenched body of the languid
man. Gasps for breath were heard everywhere, but they gradually subsided.
But no one moved, laying together in a sweaty naked tangle on Pam's waterbed.

I wonder what time it is? Pam eventually thought, lying there. And I
wonder if any neighbors have noticed the strange car in the driveway at
this not-very-innocent hour? But the risk sent a tiny tingle up her almost
exhausted pussy.

Ah, fuck the neighbors, she thought. Then: Hey, that's not such a bad
idea. Maybe we will.

Chapter 4: Doctor's Appointment
Following their night of unrestrained lust, in the clear cool light
of dawn Pam and John had asked Kristy to make a doctor's appointment for
a blood test for HIV. They offered to pay for it, but Kristy said they
didn't need to, because she knew a doctor who would give her free services.

Well, maybe not entirely free, but if all you had to do was give a
good-looking doctor a blow job, that wasn't a hard price for the sexy
teenager to pay. That's how she got the birth-control pills from Dr. Greer
years ago, and naturally she called him for this appointment too. His
receptionist, Gwen, knew a special arrangement when she saw one, and
scheduled her for the blood drawing the very next day, and a follow-up as
the last appointment of the next week.
The last patient had left a quarter hour before Kristy drove up, late
as usual, for her follow-up appointment.

"Hi Kristy!" Gwen chirped as the door to the small practice closed behind
the luscious ass of the redheaded teen. Gwen knew Kristy from school --
she had graduated the same year the younger girl had become a freshman.
Gwen was close to being the sex goddess of her class, but was a bit too
slim and small-chested to claim the title outright. But if it had been
chosen on talent, as opposed to looks also, the willowy blonde would have
won going away. Dr. Greer could recognize talent when he saw it, which
is why he hired her as his receptionist. Receiving, as well as giving,
was something Gwen was well qualified for.

"Hi Gwen! Am I too late? Shit, I'm always late for everything. I'm so

"No, you're right on time. the nurse just left, since I told her that
was the last for the day. But of course we don't count you in the official
patient list." she replied with a sly smile. Kristy knew exactly what was
going on, and loved it. But she was a little worried. You tend to be when
the doctor wants to talk to you after a blood test.

"What does Dr. Greer want?" Kristy asked.

"Nothing much. Don't worry -- your test was negative. But he wants to
talk to you. So come on back with me." she said with a inviting smile.

"I'll bet he just wants to talk." Kristy muttered under her breath.
As she followed Gwen, she couldn't help but watch the older girl's sexy
ass swaying, thinking to herself how nice it might be to taste what lay
between those legs.

Dr. Greer was waiting in the examination room -- a switch from the usual
procedure. There was no one else in the office, which appeared to
be closed, with all lights off except for the hall and the examination
room Dr. Greer was in. Surely, Kristy thought, the friendly doctor
would want another "payment" for the services he rendered. Good thing
he was good-looking, even for a very old man of forty or so. He didn't
even have much gray in his hair, and his cock was, well, just about the
biggest Kristy had seen -- even bigger than Gary, the school's top stud.

"Hello Kristy." he said cordially, "nice to see you again.".

"Nice to see you, Dr. Greer." replied Kristy, a trifle warily.

"First, let me assure you your test was negative, which means you have
no infection. In fact, as far as we can tell, you're young and healthy
as a horse."

"Well, thanks, I guess."

"That's good." he smiled, "Being healthy as a horse is an old saying. But,
Kristy, quite frankly people don't come in and ask for HIV tests unless they
have been engaging in what they know is risky behavior, wouldn't you agree
with that?"

Kristy truly hated being lectured by adults. "Yes, Dr. Greer." And she had
endured thousands of them, it seemed to her. She knew how to be agreeable,
and then do whatever she wanted once the lecture was over.

"But I'm your doctor, not your advisor. I can't tell you what do to with
your life, but I can tell you that while running risks can seem like fun to
a young person who thinks they're immortal, it has resulted in some young folks never having lived to see their twenty-fifth birthday. You wouldn't
want that, would you?"

"But I thought that AIDS was mostly a gay thing, and that if I stayed
away from boys that inclined to the queer side, so to speak, I'd be pretty
safe. I don't know of any kids at Pinecrest that have AIDS." The young girl had decided to be more assertive, since she was over eighteen now, instead
of her usual "yes sir, yes sir" self.

"That's a common misconception Kristy." Dr. Greer was being his responsible
adult self now, although Kristy wished he'd just get horny and pull out
his cock. "First, HIV is a virus, and doesn't know or care what the sexual
preference of the person it infects may happen to be. It doesn't
care whether it's a man or a woman. Second, you can't know which
boys may have had a homosexual experience, since high-school boys hide
that more carefully than they hide their copies of Penthouse, and
third, an HIV infection doesn't bloom into visible AIDS for many years,
but you can still pick up the virus while it's hiding. So you see,
you aren't safe at all unless your sexual partners use condoms... got that?"

"Yes, I do, but Dr. Greer," Kristy had decided to steer the conversion
in a direction she was more comfortable with, "first of all, I'm so
horny, and I feel that way almost all the time. Even after
I've had great sex several times in one night, when I wake up the next
morning, my pussy feels already like it wants more. When I'm in math
class, and the teacher is talking about equations, I'm thinking about hard
cocks with purple heads all ready to cum. In English, instead of
irregular verbs, I'm thinking about irregular tongues licking up and down
my pussy. I wear a pad to school every day, and often I have to change
it around lunchtime it gets so soaked. I know I'm abnormal, but I can't
seem to help it."

"You're not abnormal." Dr Greer said, even as he felt his own
cock twinge and start to swell in his pants at the young girl's sexual
imagery, "Many young people have hormone storms frequently at your age.
And I understand that once you start to become sexually active, you will
continue to be. That's just human nature. But it doesn't take
much effort to take a few elementary precautions, when so much is at stake."

"I have a question. Is it safe to have sex with virgins?"

"Well, if they truly are virgins, yes, the risk would be minimal."

"And how about with people that have been tested and are clean, is that

"Again, if you are sure they have been tested and aren't lying about
it, and haven't had any unprotected sex since their last test, then the
risk is less, certainly."

"Well, Dr Greer, have you been tested?" the girl asked saucily, yet
with a hint of seduction.

"Yes." he replied. He picked up on her tone of voice instantly,
and his cock began to fill pleasurably.

"Would you mind examining me to see if I really am normal?" she asked
in an almost, but not quite, innocent voice. But the savvy doctor
knew what this was an invitation for.

"Certainly." he replied. "But I have to have another female present,
it's the law. Would you mind if Gwen joined us?"

"Not at all, I'd like that." Kristy replied, thinking of the gentle
swaying of the sexy ass as she followed it down the hallway.

"Please undress then, I'll be right back."

Dr. Greer steped outside to the hall and talked to his hand-picked
receptionist. "Gwen, would you be so kind as to check the doors to be sure
they are locked, and also make sure the lights are off in the reception
area, and then join me in exam room C."

By way of reply, Gwen pulled him into the shadows and leaned up to give
him a sexy french kiss, while grabbing his crotch where she felt the big
hard cock getting even bigger. He kissed her back and felt up her
ass. They had both been waiting eagerly for the sexy teen to make
another appearance, and had planned this setup pretty carefully.

Returning to the little exam room, they were both pleased to see the sexy
Kristy standing there as naked as the day she was born, not even socks on
her feet. Most patients would have quickly donned a hospital gown, but not
the sexy redhead, who loved showing off her body. The forty-one year old doctor and his twenty-two year old receptionist were an appreciative
audience. Gwen could feel her honey start to flow at the sight of the
beautiful uplifted tits and heartbreakingly gorgeous ass, with it's rounded
curves leading down to perfectly smooth sexy legs.

For his part, the doctor felt his cock stiffen to its full length of
just over nine inches, making a visible bulge in his pants. But he
was an experienced, not to say jaded, gourmet of sexual pleasure and so
he proceeded with the plan.

"Please climb up on the table, Kristy, and let me adjust these stirrups.
When I get them out to the proper spot, please put one foot in each one."
His horny patient did as she was told, and soon she was spread wide for
examination, her drooling pussy exposed for both to see and admire.
It was clear how aroused she was, as the pink lips shone with moisture
in the bright exam light, and the swelling of her labia and even her clit
was very visible. Anyone within three feet could smell the enticing
musk that called her suitors to the seat of pleasure. She was truly
a goddess of fertility and lust.

He placed his stool between her legs and sat on it. Gwen took
a position behind him, her eyes glued to the red/pink slit. She could
feel her own panties reach the saturation point, and wondered how long
it would be till she could get out of them. But meanwhile, Dr. Greer
had began to run his fingers up and down Kristy's vertical smile, making
her feel the honeyed stings of sexual pleasure. She closed her eyes,
as his finger probed at her hole, and slid it's way in.

"Hmmmmm." he mumbled in the time-honored doctor way, as his fingers
sought her g-spot.

"Tell me when you feel something special." he instructed her, and pushed
on the upper wall of her slick vagina until she arched a little and said
"Oh yesssssssss".

"Very normal reactions." he said, and continued to probe and stroke.

"Oh, Dr. Greer, that feels so goooooooood." she breathed sexily.

"Try to hold still Kristy." he instructed his patient, who had begun
to writhe and moan. Dutifully, she held as still as possible as he
brought he other hand up and began to rub and flick at her clit.

"How does that feel?" he asked.

"Oh, god!" She gasped, "That is like heaven, like heaven, please don't

But he did stop, and held his finger near her clit as his other two
fingers were deep in her pussy. "Now, I want you to flex your vaginal

Kristy obeyed, tightening her special muscles on his fingers. He could feel
it clearly. "Very good," he said, trying to keep a clinical voice even
though his cock felt like it would burst with pleasure, "you have excellent
muscle control."

"I assume you are orgasmic?" he asked her.

"Yes, very much." she moaned.

He withdrew his fingers from her and said, "Well, then there's no need
to test that today."

"Please, please test it Dr. Greer." she pleaded, "I think I need it
pretty bad right now. Please?"

The sound of her sexy begging made both the good doctor and his receptionist
surge with lust. Of course, being the gentleman he was, he wasn't really
going to leave her in such need. Besides, if he didn't direct Gwen's sexual
energy onto Kristy, she might well jump him and fuck him to death. It was
now nearly a medical necessity that all three persons in the exam room
achieve sexual release as thoroughly as possible.

"Well, Kristy, you are a normal, sexually responsive eighteen-year-old
woman. Perhaps you are on the high side in terms of hormone flow, but still
well within normal. As such, you need frequent sexual relief in order to
function normally in society. Gwen and I can see the stress you are in right
now, and we can offer a treatment that will temporarily remove that stress.
Would you like that?"

"Yes, Dr Greer, I do need a treatment. Please give it to me." And she
thought she was only going to be giving a blowjob!

Yeah, I'm going to give it to you, you little slut he thought as he stood up
and undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. His boxers followed, and
his large fleshy cock, it's white skin stretched tight and it's blue veins
bulging, stood up forcefully, pointing directly at his horny patient's
dripping cunt. "You may remove any garments that are in your way, Gwen." he
said to the sexy brown-haired girl, and she unzipped and dropped her skirt
and panties with what could have been considered unseemly haste in a more
restrained atmosphere.

He stepped one step closer between the spread legs, until the tip of
his cock was almost touching the waiting, wanting slit of the sexually
transported Kristy. "You know what to do." he said to Gwen, and indeed
she did. Wrapping her slim fingers around the thick cock, she guided
it up to Kristy's labia, and began to slowly work it up and down, as if
she was painting his precum onto, and into, the sensitive pink flesh.

"Oh goood, oh yesssssss" Kristy muttered and moaned as the pleasure
swept over her.

"Spread your lips." Dr. Greer ordered, and Kristy reached down and with her
two hands pulled her labia apart, so that the inner lips, a dark vermilion
in color and soaking with honey, were revealed. The entrance to her
well-travelled hole was clearly evident, and Gwen guided the tip of her
doctor/lover's cock up to it and socketed it in. "Yesssssss." Kristy moaned
again, wanting the huge pole up inside her.

The horny doctor pushed his hips forward, until the large purple head
squeezed into the yielding flesh and disappeared inside it.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " Kristy groaned. But the doctor mercilessly (or
mercifully, depending on your point of view) kept pushing in, and more and
more of the thick flesh-colored cock kept sliding in. "Oh Gooooooood" the
stuffed girl groaned again.

"She's making a lot of noise. Can you do something about that?" the doctor
asked Gwen. By way of response, the horny young woman climbed up onto the
examination table near Kristy's face, and positioned her knees on either
side of the teen's freckled face. Spreading her own pussy lips with her
fingers, she slowly lowered it down onto the lovely mouth of the moaning

"Lick me, suck me good and I'll give you a reward." Gwen said sexily
to her prone pussy licker.

Dr. Greer meanwhile pushed his cock even further into Kristy, and this time
her moans were muffled by the wet sex that pressed down on her face. She
dutifully licked up at Gwen's spread labia, making them drool even more with
lusty, musky juices.

"Oh, yeah." he groaned as he felt his cock bottom out deep inside her.

"Is she tight?" Gwen asked him.

"Fine, tight pussy." he replied.

"Just like mine?"

"Like yours, honey." he reassured her.

"Fuck her tight cunt." Gwen husked, "I'll fuck her face."

"I want to see you spray her face when you cum." he groaned to his sexy

"Yeah, then you shoot that load up her cunt and I'll eat it out." Gwen

They both moaned aloud at this nasty talk, and both began to move.
The doctor began to slide in and out of Kristy's stretched vagina, and
Gwen began to rub her pussy on the well-fucked girl's mouth, and then put
her finger on her own clit and begin to gently flick at it.

"You keep sucking like that, I'm gonna squirt my cum juice on your face
and in your mouth." Gwen groaned to Kristy underneath her. The teenager
just kept licking and slurping and sucking like a sex demon, but all she
could really feel was the huge pole sliding in and out between her legs.
She was close to cumming already.

The "treatment" continued in sync for a few more minutes. Little grunts and
moans escaped from the lips of all three entangled sex partners, as they
rubbed their sensitive body parts together in a increasing spiral of heated
lust. Loins heaved and thrust in rhythm. Wet slapping and slurping sounds
filled the little room, as did the hot scent of unrestrained sex.

Soon, Kristy felt herself climb and then roll over the top of the pleasure
curve. She couldn't even imagine holding back her orgasm.

"Unnnnggggghhhhhhh" she grunted and moaned as her hips begin to hunch and
thrash and the liquid fire flowed through her veins down to the tips of her
sexy toes.

"She coming off." Greer told Gwen in a strained voice.

"I know it." she replied, as the teenager kept writhing on the table
beneath the two adults.

"Are you close?" he asked his lover.

"Fuck yes, are you?" she gasped in reply.

"Goddamn right I am." he groaned back. "You cum first I wanna
see it."

Gwen raised her cunt off the teenager's mouth, which was no longer was
useful as a stimulant since she was moaning during her long hard cum.
She positioned herself over the cute face and began to frig her clit harder.
Her finger became a blur as she sought to bring herself the badly needed
sweet release.

"Open your mouth, slut." she ordered Kristy. "Open your mouth
I'm gonna cum in it. Now."

The girl heard and obeyed. As soon as she saw the mouth open submissively,
Gwen felt the pleasure overflow her dikes, and she began to thrust her hips
and moaned "oooooooooooooohhhhh, oh, yes yes yes". Greer could watch, from
his position behind her, as spurts of clear liquid began to squirt from
Gwen's pussy and coat Kristy's face. Some squirts went directly into her
opened mouth, others landed all over her face and hair and neck, as Gwen was
unable to hold her hips still as she came.

"Oh fuuuuuuck." Gwen groaned.

"So goddamn sexy." Greer gasped as he felt his own pleasure sharpen
to the breaking point.

"Take my cum you slut." he grunted, and thrust his hips hard up inside her.
His dick stiffened one last time, and then the sharp waves of spasms sent
surge after surge of hot white semen up into the warm tight cunt of the
teen. There was so much that it overflowed her pussy, and dribbles flowed
out around his cock and down into her ass crack.

"Fill her up you horny fucker." Gwen said as she heard him cum.
For her part, she rubbed her wet pussy lips all over the soaked face of
the redheaded girl who was right now receiving her lover's load of sperm.

"Unh! unh! unh!" he grunted as his cock shot it's heavy load.

In a short moment, they all lay breathing hard, Kristy prone on the exam
table, Gwen squatting on her face, and Dr. Greer still plugging her
overflowing pussy with his cock still jerking softly in little aftershocks.
Experienced though she was, Kristy had never seen anything like Gwen's
squirting pussy. She had thought it was piss at first, but it was pure
honey, and she had swallowed quite a bit, and liked the taste.

"You shoot her full?" Gwen finally asked, in her sexy voice.

"Yeah, I bet you want some, don't you?" he asked back, still holding
his cock up inside the teen sex queen.

"Oh yeah, baby, keep her plugged till I get down there." she replied,
dismounting from Kristy's wet freckled face.

"God that was fantastic!" Kristy exclaimed, somewhat dazedly.
She could still feel the long thick cock stuffed up inside her, even though
it was beginning to slowly deflate. "I love the way you grunt when you
cum, Dr. Greer."

"Yeah, you would, you horny slut. Did you like your face bath?
She sure can squirt that cum."

"I loved it. I bet you've had a mouthful or two of it haven't
you?" Kristy gave as good as she got.

"God I love it too!" he admitted. He had by this time totally
dropped his in-total-control doctor manner.

Meanwhile, Gwen had taken a position directly under the point where the
doctor's large dick was still plugging up Kristy's hole. She could smell the
hot musky smell of sex, and see the foam of sperm around the shaft, as it
dribbled down onto the exam table. She nastily licked the underside of his
dangling balls to let him know she was there.

"All right, honey, pull that gorgeous cock out and let me have my dessert!"
she said.

He granted her request, and pulled his long cock out, causing a cascade of
mixed sperm and honey to flow from Kristy's well-fucked hole. As soon as the
cock left it, Gwen's head struck like a snake, quickly covering up the
gaping tunnel, and plugging it with her tongue. She opened her mouth wide,
and just let the flow pour into it, stopping every once in a while to
swallow. Her tongue swirled around in the delicious sex cocktail as she
savored her favorite taste.

"Look at that horny bitch suck pussy!" Dr. Greer exclaimed. Kristy loved the
feel of it, and she just had to look at it too. She propped herself up on
her elbows to get a view of the sexy brunette slurping noisily between her

"Shit what a kinky perverted thing to do!" the always-horny redhead
said, "I love it!" She was thinking, to hell with these stupid high
school kids, I'm going to stick with the adults, who are not only perverts
but know how to fuck and suck like experts. Hell, I'm over eighteen,
I'm an adult too. About time I moved to a new level of fun!

"Kristy, tell you what, why don't you be a nasty kinky slut and bear
down and force more cum into her mouth? You do that and she'll love
you for it. I've seen this before; she just loves to suck cum from
a pussy or even an asshole."

"Eat this, bitch." Kristy exclaimed, and began to work her vaginal muscles,
tightening them so as to force more cum out. The sight made even
the recently spent cock of the over-forty doctor start to rise again.
The sound of slurping increased, as the uninhibited Gwen dealt with the
increase in tasty delights streaming from inside the sexy teenager.

When the flow died down, Gwen turned from sucking to licking, and said
happily "That's the sweetest sauce in the world!"

"I call her the Protein Queen." joked Dr. Greer.

But Kristy was being overcome by the sensations of having her pussy licked and sucked. She lay her head back down, and moaned "Lick me
till I cum again, baby. Make me cum in your face."

"Fuck, if you're gonna cum in my face, I'm gonna cum in yours." replied
the sexually precocious Gwen, as she got up off her knees, went over to
the side of the table, and climbed back on it. This time, her face
was over Kristy's fragrant cunt, and her own pussy was over the sexy teen's
face, still wet with the juices from the last cum bath. The two fit
together nicely in a sixty-nine, and when Gwen lowered her pussy and her
head, both girls started to lick and suck in earnest.

The horny doctor had been enjoying the girls' sexy talk and actions, as he
recovered from his recent powerful cum. But as they assumed the sixty-nine
position, he could feel his cock pulse and swell to its full hardness. He
reached down and started to idly stroke it as he watched intently.

Kristy's feet were still in the wide-spread stirrups, so her sexy legs were
open to the maximum. Gwen's face was buried in her pink hot slit as she
licked the sensitive labia. The older girl's ass was pressed lewdly over
Kristy's cute face, and the teenager didn't waste any time or effort, but
licked and sucked on the offered cunt wantonly. The wet sounds of the
licking filled the tiny room, as both girls squirmed and moaned under each
others oral assault.

"You mind if I fuck that sweet tight cunt while you suck it?" Dr. Greer
finally asked his receptionist, after standing there watching the
fantastically sexy sixty-nine as long as he could stand it.

"Slide it in there lover." she replied.

He moved to his former position between Kristy's widespread legs, and Gwen
pulled her head up so he could get his cockhead up to the teens open pussy.
Once he got it there, Gwen took it in her hand and guided the head to the
entrance. Greer pushed, and in it went again, causing a gasp and moan to
come from the mouth between Gwen's legs.

"God damn, it's so fucking big!" Kristy groaned. "I love it!"

He pushed it in slowly, letting her get the full effect of the invasion.
She moaned and groaned in agonized pleasure. Gwen watched from up close
the slow disappearance of the thick, long cock into the yielding flesh.
He couldn't quite get it in all the way before he hit bottom, so he just
stopped there and moved his hips side to side, letting her feel stuffed
on his pleasure pole.

"You like getting fucked by big dicks don't you, slut girl?" he asked.

"Yeah, please fuck me... please..." Kristy pleaded.

The virile doctor begin the pleasure slide, slipping his cock slowly in and
out of the teenager's clinging pussy. It felt fantastic, even though he had
just cum not long ago. It must be the sheer depraved sexiness of it all that
had him going so strong, he thought. But he was loving it.

Gwen, however, was unable to get her mouth back on Kristy's cunt, and
further, because she was getting fucked so royally, the teenager wasn't
paying much attention to the older girls needs.

"Hey baby, I can't get to her. How's about fucking me for a change?"
Gwen suggested to her boss, as she wiggled her ass seductively.

"I will if I can fuck your ass." replied the older man, as he steadily
stroked his big cock in the teenagers tight pussy.

"Ok, baby, just use lots of lube."

It was a deal he could live with. Gwen's ass, which he knew intimately,
would be an even tighter hole than Kristy's cunt. The horny doctor craved
tight holes for his lusty cock, and so he pulled out of the pussy he was
fucking and reached into a nearby drawer for a tube of KY. As soon as his
dick left it's nest, Gwen's lips and tongue replaced it.

Soon Gwen felt the lubricated finger of her lover working it's way into her
asshole, which she relaxed automatically from months of practice. You could
not be the doctor's lover without learning to accommodate his large cock in
your ass, unless you were his wife, but they hardly ever made love anymore
anyway. That's why he had Gwen -- to receive both his libido and his copious
injections of sperm in every hole in her body. She was generously rewarded
both financially and in sexual attentions, which she craved.

While her pussy was being deliciously licked, Kristy watched entranced as
Dr. Greer squirted KY on and in Gwen's asshole, then inserted two fingers
and worked them inside. Gwen did not even miss a lick. Following that act,
he pulled up some kind of stool or something (Kristy could not see what),
stood on it, and without ceremony guided his bulbous purple cockhead up to
the greasy asshole. He pushed forward without waiting, causing Gwen to groan
into Kristy's pussy. As the head disappeared inside, followed by inch after
inch of the huge cock, Kristy thought she had never seen anything so sexy
and so exciting.

"Oh, yeah, fuck her ass...fuck it good!" she moaned as the last inch
was embedded. Gwen moaned very loud.

"Lick my balls, slut, then lick her clit so she cums on my cock." the
sexy doctor ordered.

Kristy gladly did just what she was told, as she heard Gwen moan "Please
fuck my ass slow."

"Get to licking that pussy, bitch, or I'll pull it out." he responded.

Gwen immediately started to lick Kristy's pussy again. Soon the three were
in sync with one another, the girls licking one anothers hard sensitive
clits, and the good doctor sliding steadily in his receptionist's ass.

Kristy was first to cum. She stopped licking, and moaned "Yes, yes,
oh god, oh GOD I'm CUMMING!!! Oooohhhhhhhhhh!" she hunched her hips as
best she could, and groaned out "fuck fuck fuck yesssssssssssssss!"

As soon as the over sexed teen could recover even part of her senses,
she could hear the older man urgently ordering her "Lick her clit, come
on, make her ass cum on my cock, do it, Kristy, do you hear me?"

Before the teen could respond, Gwen gasped, "No, no. Let's both cum on her face."

It was the most perverted, lascivious idea the doctor had ever heard,
and he was all for it, naturally. "All right, then frig yourself and tell
me when you're ready to cum."

"Keep fucking my ass." she replied as she reached a finger back under
her to diddle her own clit. She knew she'd get off surer and faster doing
that than if Kristy kept licking her.

Kristy just lay there gasping and looking as Gwen's finger made a blur
on her clit, and the hard thick cock kept on sliding in and out of her
stretched asshole. "Hurry up, or I'm going to cum first" Greer panted.

Let's do it together, I'm close." Gwen groaned.

After about thirty more seconds of determined fucking and rubbing, Gwen half
yelled "Now!" and Greer pulled his cock out of her with a popping sound. The
older girl then began to hunch her hips, and moaned, "cumiiinnggg...
awwwwwwwww aw! aw! aw!"

Again, as Kristy closed her eyes in self-protection, and Greer watched
entranced with lust, the clear spurts of girl cum rained down on the sexy
teen's cute face. The doctor jerked his cock swiftly, in an attempt to
add his own cum to the mixture. In no time at all, his big cock stiffened
and began to pulse, and ropes of white cum squirted down on the face upturned
to receive them. It was the sexiest, lewdest, most wonderful sight the
older man had ever seen in real life. He felt like he was the star in a
porno movie, and he forced himself to keep his eyes open until the last
drops had dribbled both from his cock and Gwen's overflowing cunt.

Kristy's face was covered in warm cum. She ran her tongue out and licked
her lips, as Dr. Greer rubbed his cock all over the girls freckled cheeks.

Eventually, his legs weak, the doctor climbed off his stool, and stood
leaning against the medicine cabinet in the corner. He wanted to remember
the lewd scene before him for the rest of his life. As he watched, Gwen
climbed off the table, and walked a little unsteadily around to where
Kristy's head was, and began to lasciviously lick the mix of his cum and
hers from the teenager's face.

Dr. Greer could only sigh. His cock was drained, deflating even as he
watched, but he would have loved to have his video camera there to record
this scene -- to hell with the risk. What was life if you couldn't be a
little reckless once in a while?

Chapter 5: In the Library
When Kristy arrived for school the next morning, after her doctors
appointment, Pam was quick to track her down before her first class started.

"Kristene, could you please come into my office for a few seconds?" Pam
asked her in the crowded hallway. Together, they retired into Pam's
guidance office, the one without any windows to the outside. Pam closed the
door behind her, without locking it.

"How did it go?" the guidance counselor asked the sexy teen, trying
to keep any hint of concern out of her voice.

"Stop worrying, Pam." Kristy answered, "The tests were negative. See,
I knew there'd be no problem."

"When you're eighteen, that's an easy assumption to make." was all
Pam could reply.

"Besides, " Kristy said with that flirtatious, seductive tone her
voice could take on, "I just loved the visit. They always give me
special treatment there."

"Really?" said Pam, settling back into her chair behind the desk.
"And all for free? That's one nice doctor. I ought to go to him."

"Yeah, you ought to. And his receptionist is pretty cool too!"

God, Pam thought, did this slut fuck the doctor and his receptionist
in their office? If it were anybody but Kristy, she'd know they were
lying. But that's what she was implying, not by her words but the tone
of voice they were spoken in.

"Would you like to tell me the details?" asked Pam.

"Sure, but maybe later, at your house?" replied Kristy. "I have to
go to class soon." Her smile was wicked and seductive. Pam felt the
little demon turn loose in her. She looked at the smiling, sexy girl,
and remembered what furious sex they'd had between each other and with
John. She could feel her own honey start to flow from the thought. She
looked at the closed, but unlocked door. The demon began pricking her
softly with his little trident.

"Yes. Later, at my house. Around ten tonight." she told Kristy, who
got up to leave with a "Yes, ma'am" and an evil grin.

"Not yet." said Pam. "Sit down." Kristy sat back down.

"Show me your tits." Pam whispered, loud enough for Kristy, but
hopefully not for anyone outside to hear.

The uninhibited girl did not hesitate, or even look back at the
unlocked door. She simply pulled her blouse from out of her pants, and
lifted it up to reveal her gorgeous braless tits, taut and proud in
youth, their nipples brown and standing up.

"So pretty." Pam said. "Now, flick your left nipple and make it as
hard as it can be."

Kristy did exactly that, but sexily and seductively, true to her
nature. The forefinger of her right hand rubbed and pinched and flicked
at her left nipple until the pleasure made it stand up in it's full
crinkly glory.

"Does that make your honey flow in your pussy, naughty girl?" Pam

"Yes, Miss Roberts." Kristy replied in the submissive voice that made
Pam's own pussy tingle and surge.

"I don't think I can wait until ten tonight. Put your blouse back
in, and meet me in the library thirty minutes after school is over,
today." Pam ordered. Kristy replied, "Yes, Ma'am" in that submissive
voice that she, being a savvy young thing, knew turned Pam on more than
just about anything. She tucked the blouse back into her shirt,
and slipped out the door, leaving Pam to wonder how in hell she was
going to make it through the day with her head full of nasty thoughts
about fucking Kristy as soon as possible. Her time would be well spent,
from the school's point of view, if she just masturbated right here at
her desk before the day really started, but she just couldn't see
herself explaining that to the school board at her termination of
employment hearing, so she had to wait. Having a student show her
breasts even for a minute was enough risk to run, at least for one
Christine Galloway looked up at the clock on the wall of the library,
her library. Three-forty five. Only fifteen more minutes until her
official time was up. And, she thought happily, only five more days
until school was out, and five more after that for staff, and then it
was time to head for the beach! Beaches were one of the things she
loved about America. The waters of the Atlantic were warm, not like in
her native Ireland, and you could sit there all day and soak up the sun,
and ogle the lasses in their skimpy bikinis, thinking all the while
about what you'd do to them if you could get them alone for a little
private time.

Not that she often did, of course, because for her the career had to
come first. Her family was not wealthy, and only the death of her one
rich uncle had provided the money to get an education in America. She
had studied Library Science at UNC, and this was the first job for the
ambitious twenty-five year old. She was determined to do a great job
and move up in the world.

She walked among the library computers, making sure each one was rebooted
and ready for the next day. It was one of her last tasks, and she finished
as the janitors completed their vacuuming, switched off the noisy machines,
and closed the library door. Peace at last. She switched off the main
lights, and settled into the cube at the far corner of the large (for a high
school) library, and logged in.

Her friends at college had left an account open for her on the university
computer. It was a way around the block the school had on internet access.
That way, she could log in to the UNIX machine, and use TIN to browse
newsgroups the students at Pinecrest could never see. One of her favorites

Of course, it was hard to find anything interesting amid the horrible spam
and dross that had invaded her place in the last year, and was only getting
worse. But you could still find the occasional nugget, you just had to work
harder at it. The moderated newsgroup was nicer, but there weren't as many
stories there. You were less likely to find a good realistic lesbian story,
and that was what she really preferred, especially one with lots of sexy

The codes were helpful, and she looked at several with an FF code. The
first two were pretty standard fare; but the third, even though FF was
only one of the combinations, had possibilities. It involved a sexy high
school senior and a school employee, and the atmosphere was slutty while
staying positive and sexy. Several screens into the story, by the time
the girl lay over the older woman's lap with her ass raised for a
spanking, Christine was hooked. Spanking, when one girl does it to
another, was one of her pet kinks. She could feel her pussy tingle and
her juice flow as she read on.

Jesus and Mary, as the girl was spanked, she had to confess her sins, and
one of them was getting horny as she was spanked! The talk was dirty
without being demeaning. Eventually, the girl got fingerfucked to orgasm,
in both the ass and the pussy, then had to eat the older woman right there
in her chair. There was something about a man watching, but Christine was
not interested in that part.

By the time she finished the story, her Irish blood was boiling. Rarely had
anything made her so horny so fast! She had forced herself to keep her
finger off her pussy, because she just didn't feel comfortable pulling down
her pants in her own library. She wished she'd worn a dress today, dresses
were easier to push up to get to the sweet spot.

It was time to go, once again, to the AV storage room. Before, during a
couple of other periods of after-school desperation, Christine had decided
that the little room off the library, which not even the janitors had a key
to, was the perfect place for privacy. The expensive audio-visual stuff was
stored there, and only the principal and a few other employees had a key.
She had one, because as librarian she controlled who had access to the AV

She crossed the dark, silent, empty library and moved swiftly up to the
windowless door. Quietly, she slid her key in the lock and turned, then
equally silently she slipped inside and closed the door. She didn't know
why she was so quiet; it was just instinct, since her mission was one of
very unauthorized self-gratification it just felt natural to be sneaky.
Take no chances beyond those necessary was one of her mottoes.

She had barely turned around to walk down to the little chair in the
back when she heard it.

"Ooooohh!" a high-pitched feminine voice half-whispered. To the experienced
ear, the tone said only one thing: sex! Someone was having sex in the AV
room! Christine realized this with a shock that made her forget her own
horniness. But how? No one had a key except a few adults. It must be
kids, maybe they had snuck in earlier in the day, hid out, and were now
shamelessly fucking.

Cautiously, the librarian decided to check it out before intervening, as she
knew she must do. You couldn't be too careful: Perhaps several boys were
raping a girl (though the sound was one of pleasure not pain), at any rate,
better to see what you're getting into before jumping in. She carefully took
a couple of steps toward where she thought the cry came from, in the back of
the room behind some filing cabinets. "Ooooooo yes" she heard again as she
got closer. It sure sounded like someone was having a hell of a lot of fun.

As she got close enough to see around the cabinets that hid the action,
partially, she could only see two obviously feminine legs, on a spread-out
blanket no less, but oddly, they were pointed knees down, not up, and they
were not spread.

"Oh yes, baby slut, yes." the high-pitched voice gasped in a sort of a
whisper, as if she was trying to keep the noise down. Christine took
another cautious step, and this revealed the outlines of what was happening.
Although neither upper body was revealed, you could see a superbly sexy ass
on the girl whose belly was on the blanket, and you could see the calves and
feet of -- another woman? -- on either side of the ass. The legs were
spread and the knees bent. With a shock and thrill, Christine realized they
were two girls.

The librarian relaxed somewhat. With no boys, there was less of a physical
threat. These days, you couldn't just burst in on students engaged in
illegal or immoral activities without running the risk of being a part of
those activities in a very unpleasant way. But who were the girls, and was
there a boy there she didn't see yet?

Another quiet step closer. The room was lit only by two skylights, and the
light was adequate but not bright. But once she got a look at the head of
the girl doing the licking, she recognized instantly the red mane of Kristy
Whitman. No surprise there. Kristy was well known among students and
faculty alike as being both bisexual and promiscuous. Secretly, Christine
had in fact invited Kristy to many a private orgy in the fantasy space
inside her brain. Together, in the darkness of her apartment, alone in her
bed, the librarian had fantasized nearly every nasty combination two girls could get into with Kristy as her co-pilot. Now she was seeing the real

Christine could feel her emotions changing. The arousal that she had
crept into this back room with, had begun to return. Two girls, licking
one another! How she'd wished she had the guts, or the stupidity, to
be able to hook up with Kristy or a few of the other bisexual or lesbian students. Her cunt had told her yes a thousand times, but her brain always
overrode it. Now all she could do was watch.

Who was the other? The librarian took one step closer, trying to see
around the cabinets. But it was risky. She noticed a little stool near
her, and carefully pulled it over. She stood up on it, slowly, and was
able to get an above view over the cabinets at the lusty lesbian sex
scene not fifteen feet away in the dimly-lit room.

The other girl was blonde and looked much older. Her head was turned away,
but she soon in her pleasure agony turned it face up. Then Christine got
her second shock in as many minutes: Pam Roberts, the guidance counselor!
Holy Mary mother of God! While she, Christine, had been a proper employee,
the seemingly conservative Pam was getting it on with the sexiest girl in
school! She felt a twinge of envy mixed in with the shock. It was even
more shocking, considering not only that no one could have suspected the
proper Miss Roberts of sexual misconduct, but also that Pam was obviously
dating the equally conservative John Sullivan. Now Christine was watching
her not just have sex with a student, of the same sex, but also cheat on her
boyfriend into the bargain.

I should just creep out of here, Christine thought. No need to get mixed up
in this; it's between Pam and Kristy. Yes: that's what she thought, but
that's not what she did. She did not move from the stool. Her eyes took in
the lewd scene, but her body did not respond except to stand there, and
start the sluice gates between her legs flowing again.

"Jesus Christ you cuntlicking little whore, you're gonna kill me with
that sweet tongue." Pam gasped and grunted as Kristy's head bobbed up
and down between her spread legs. The teen was not being subtle. Her
tongue swiped and flicked at the older woman's hard clit, stopping only
to dip deep inside and scoop up the overflowing honey that cascaded from
the desperately aroused guidance counselors hot slit.

"Tongue fuck me till I cum in your face." Pam swore fiercely. A man might have misunderstood this to mean put his tongue in her vagina, but
Kristy knew what she meant was to get her off fast. She puckered her
sweet sexy lips around the hard little nubbin of pleasure, and at the
same time both sucked on it, and laved it with her tongue. The purpose
was to induce orgasm, and the expert oral act did it's job well.

Christine watched from her perch rapt, hardly even blinking, as the
athletic body of the sexy Pam began its cum. First, her toes curled,
then her legs flexed and her hips rose up off the blanket. Her head
arched back as far as possible, as with her eyes tight shut she began
gasping "yes yes fuck yes oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Her hips began
hunching almost violently against the embedded face of the sucking teenager. Christine could see Kristy's tits and ass quiver as her body
absorbed the shocks the humping loins of the older woman administered to
her. She took it without complaint, holding her face tight against the
spasming cunt.

"Aaaaaggggghhhhhh!" Pam gargled, and her hips made two more heaves
off the blanket before settling down. Her chest pumped air as the sexy
Kristy seemed to gently lick and kiss the open wet slit. Eventually,
the teen left her pleasure nest and rested her head on the upper thigh
of the sprawled Pam. The girl's whole face was shiny and slick with
Pam's cum honey, it even covered her cute little rounded pug nose.

"God, Pam, I though you were going to hump my nose off." Kristy
smiled through her cum-covered lips. She began to lick them like a
cat licking the remnants of milk from its mouth.

Pam could talk only in bursts. "You make me cum that hard...honey you
better get out of the way...or take the consequences."

"But you told me you wanted me to keep my tongue up in your cunt as
far as it would go when you came." Kristy reminded her.

"That's right." Pam replied. What, did the girl want her to make
sense twenty seconds after one of the most mind-blowing cums of her

Christine was rooted to her spot. Now that the women were no longer
distracted by their sexual activity, they could possibly hear any slight
move she made. She held herself still as a statue, but her eyes kept
staring at the blanket and the two women. Kristy was entirely naked, she
didn't even have socks on. Pam on the other hand still had on her dress,
but it was pushed up to her waist, and her panties and shoes and socks lay
on the floor with Kristy's blouse and pants and other clothes.

Pam's chest eventually settled back to normal breathing, and she
propped her head up on one arm, to look down at Kristy's freckled face
framed by the red hair, still resting on a thigh, still covered with
Pam's own special honey. The older woman stretched her other arm down
to the smiling face, and tenderly ran her fingers over the upturned side
of the teens head, near her ear.

"You don't really mind if I call you things like slut and whore when
we're fucking, do you honey?" Pam asked gently.

"No, I want to be your slut, and your whore. I want to give myself
to you completely, like I never have to anyone else. You have my body
and soul. I'll do anything for you, and anything with you, and anything
to you."

"That's sweet baby. And John too, you'll do whatever we ask?"

"Yes, I will. If you want, I'll do anything with anyone, and let
anything be done to me."

"Sweet Kristy, as your counselor I have to tell you that's a promise
you should never make to anyone, not even me, nor to any other lover.
Anything covers too much. I wouldn't want you to be hurt, now or in the
future. Their are plenty of people out there that will pretend to love
you only to abuse you. men and women. But I want you to know that with
me, and with John, you'll be safe and never hurt. Do you understand?"

"I trust you, that's why I made the offer." Kristy replied.

Christine began to feel uncomfortable. It was one thing to watch the
two fuck, but somehow it seemed an even worse invasion of their privacy
to listen to their intimate talk. Besides, she was learning things she
wasn't sure she wanted to know: like that Sullivan was in on this too.
God, how depraved. And she was just as depraved, really, as she stood
still, a peeping Tomasina, her own cunt leaking honey from the arousal
she felt. She wanted to get out and leave, but was fearful that any
noise would alert them to her presence. If they would just start the
sex again, she'd leave under cover of their distraction once they got
into it.

"Pam, I've been naughty again." she heard Kristy say.

"In what way?" Pam asked.

"I let a man cum in my pussy again."

"Who was it?"

"It was Dr. Greer. He shot his cum up in me when I went to my

"You're a very naughty girl, Kristy."

"It's even worse, Miss Roberts. Not only did he shoot his hot load
of cum all in my pussy, but he shot another load on my face. And his
receptionist Gwen shot her cum out of her pussy on my face too, twice,
the second time while Dr. Greer was shooting his."

"Did you protest this, naughty girl?" Pam could feel her own cunt getting a surge as the hot words spilled out. God, was this girl ever a
hot slut, and a precious find.

"No, Miss Roberts, I'm so naughty that I was begging for it. I
wanted his big long dick stuffed inside me. I wanted him to cum on and
in me. When I saw Gwen shoot juice out when she came, I wanted that
too. I drank it down, Miss Roberts."

"So he has a big cock, and you wanted it. And you say this Gwen girl shoots juice out of her pussy when she cums? Are you lying to me,
naughty girl?"

"No, Miss Roberts, I'd never seen that before, but she cums almost
like a man, except her cum is clear and tastes like girl cum, and
squirts from her pussy hole." Pam had never seen this either, but she'd
heard and read about it.

"You have been a bad girl, Kristy. Do you think you need punishment?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts, I know I do. My ass needs to be spanked, to atone
for the trouble I keep getting into."

"Alright, there's a chair over there. Bring it here and set it up
right on the blanket." Pam ordered. Why there was this chair in the AV
storage room she didn't know. Nor could she imagine that Christine put
it there, to sit in while she masturbated after school following reading
of nasty lesbian spanking stories.

The watching Christine could not help but feel an incredible thrill
shoot through her body as she realized the sexy young girl was going to
be spanked. Spanking was one of her secret thrills. She was no virgin,
she had had girls, and they had had her. But she was always turned on
by the idea of being spanked. And in her twenty-five years she had
never felt such a strong surge of lust as she felt now. She could not
leave and miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Below her, Kristy, nude, fetched the chair and placed it on the
blanket. Pam got up, and sat in it. Kristy submissively, and without
instruction, lay down in her lap with her mouth-watering ass raised
for it's punishment.

"Up on your toes, bad girl." Pam ordered. Kristy raised up on her
toes. "Now, how many whacks for your sins?"

"Ten whacks, Miss Roberts?" Kristy asked in her submissive voice.

"I think fifteen. Five for the doctors cum in your pussy, and five
for his cum in your face, and five for Gwen's cum in your face. Do you

"Yes, Miss Roberts."

"Now, naughty girl, this time I want you to raise your ass towards the
hand that spanks it. Every time I spank you, your ass will drop down.
You are to raise it, to ask for the next one, is that clear?"

Kristy felt a rush of lust at this new twist. She was begging for the
spanking by raising her ass up. She said "Yes, Miss Roberts", and pushed
her ass cheeks up for the first delicious whack.

Smack! The first blow landed, causing the sting of pleasure to shoot
through the sexy teen's body. She didn't know why this kink was so
exciting, but it was to her. Even the pain was like pleasure, so long
as Pam didn't hit her too hard, and she knew she wouldn't.

"Now, what is this for, bad girl?" Pam asked.

"For letting Dr. Greer shoot his cum inside me." Kristy replied.

"Raise your ass again." Pam ordered. Kristy did. Whack! The ass
jerked and jiggled from the blow. "No," Pam said, "not for letting,
Kristy, for what?"

"For wanting, Miss Roberts. I am so bad I wanted it. I begged for it.
I wanted his dick and his cum. I wanted to cum too, so bad. I needed it
Miss Roberts." She said this as she raised her ass submissively for
another blow. The honey was flowing freely from her cunt, and from Pam's
also. This kinky sex game turned them both on fiercely.

Christine was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Her
pussy would not allow itself to go untouched any longer. She slowly
moved both hands down to her pants, and unbuttoned the top. Carefully
she unzipped the zipper, until she could get her hand down into the top
and under her panties, into the warm wet depths of her overflowing cunt.
Her finger settled over the hard nub of her clit, where it began to
gently diddle. Oh god, it felt so good she wanted to moan, but she
had to keep her mouth shut. But not her eyes, which never left the
wicked scene.

"What happened when he came on your face, slut?"

"Oh, Miss Roberts, Gwen was on top of me in a sixty-nine, and he
was fucking her in the ass, and they both were ready to cum, and she asked
him to pull out and shoot on my face while she did too, and he did, and
they both squirted their cum on my face at the same time."

"God, Kristy, that is hot." Pam had lost her concentration in the
shock of the sexy words. "Did you want to be fucked up the ass too,
naughty little slut girl?"

"Yes, Miss Roberts, I like to be fucked up the ass, but his cock
was so big I was afraid of it."

"You like things up your hot little ass don't you?" Pam said
seductively, She put her finger in her mouth to wet it with saliva, and
then put it up to Kristy's asshole. "You want my finger up your ass,
don't you, naughty girl?"

Oh, God, thought Christine; if she puts that finger up her ass I'm
going to cum right here.

"Yes, Miss Roberts, I'm a naughty slut. Please, please fingerfuck my
ass and then punish me for wanting it."

Pam's finger began to push into Kristy's tight ass. Christine diddled
furiously. The Irish girl had cum many times, of course, but never
standing upright on a stool while having to keep her mouth totally shut.
And certainly, she'd never counted on having one of the top three or
four hardest cums of her life in that position. But it happened. Her
body began to tense deliciously, and she knew she couldn't stop it.
Her eyes narrowed and then closed, as she concentrated all her available
willpower on keeping quiet. But the orgasm burst inside her with such
force she thought she might faint with ecstasy. Her body was so tight
with unbearable pleasure she thought she was about to break in half.
And she couldn't even breathe hard without being overheard.

She was up on a stool, and began to feel her legs weaken. She
reflexively moved her arm to steady herself, even as the waves of
pleasure pulsed through her. The effort to keep quiet was all the
remnants of her conscious mind could handle. The arm caught a bottle
someone had left on the top of the cabinet.

CRASH!!! The sound was loud and near in the small quiet room. Pam's
head jerked up. Jesus! Someone was in here!

Christine meanwhile had her head down as she tried to silently ride
the waves of the ecstasy. But her pants had worked down below her hips,
and as she tried to hold on after she heard the crash, the shock just
sent her tumbling off the stool and smack down on her ass on the bare
hard floor, pants now down around her knees. She could just barely hear
the frantically whispered command from Pam "Quick get over there in the
corner!". Now I'm buggered to end all, was the thought in Christine's
mind as she sat there stunned for a moment with both pleasure and pain.

Kristy scrambled frantically, grabbing the blanket and wrapping it
around her, and heading for a corner where she could hide behind a
little shelf. As she ducked behind it, she realized what a pickle they
were probably in. Pam thought quickly. Someone had come in, and that
was someone with a key, someone important. What was the crash and the
subsequent thumping around? Possibly the principal, who might even now
have knocked something over in his hurry to get out and find the forms
necessary to fire her in disgrace.

The only hope was to advance, and brazen it out. At least, she still
had her dress on. But she had to intercept whoever it was before they
could get back to the little scene that was still incriminating, because
in her haste Kristy had left her clothes scattered in disorder. She
could only hope it was a man with a poor nose -- any woman could smell
the scent of sex hovering thickly in the room. The odds of getting out
of this were low, but she had to try.

Pam charged towards the cabinets. Rounding the corner, she saw no
one until she looked down -- to see, to her shock, the brown-haired
young Irish librarian on the floor, her hair a mess, trying to pull up
her pants! A shattered glass bottle lay in shards on the floor.

"Are you all right?" was all Pam could think to say. But even as she
said it, the shock and pulse-pounding adrenaline rush was starting to
turn to relief. No principal, only a girl five years younger than her,
and -- incredibly -- she must have been peeping at us. Pants being
pulled up.

"I'm so sorry! So sorry!" Christine blurted in confusion. She was
even more flustered than Pam. Her ass hurt but otherwise she thought
she had not broken anything. "I'm okay, I really am, yes, but I'm
sorry. I just...I just..." Christine could not even think of a lame,
hopeless excuse. "I just should be going now..." she blundered on.
But it was hard to even get up, she had not only just fallen but also
just cum with an incredible orgasm.

"Here, let me help." Pam offered her hand, and pulled the sputtering
girl up from the floor. Christine looked down at her pants, and saw them
unbuttoned and the zipper down. God, how embarrassing. She blushed
deeply and tried to apologize again. She didn't know which would look
worse, buttoning and zipping up the pants now, or walking out with them

"What were you doing?" Pam asked. Pam and Christine knew each other
and were speaking acquaintances, but by no means friends. Not that
either disliked the other.

"I....." Christine's voice trailed off. What could you say?

"You were watching, weren't you?" Pam's nature was to take control,
and this was the only way she could see to do it. The librarian had
obviously been peeping, and at the least had seen her spank and talk
dirty to Kristy, and put a finger in her ass. No one could pretend that
wasn't sex, and kinky sex at that. But Christine had made herself liable
by watching and even, from the looks of it, masturbating as she watched.
Pam had to make her a co-conspirator.

Christine could not reply for a bit. She looked at the floor. In
spite of the fact that she had only watched, while the taller Pam had
actually spanked and fondled and had sex with a student, it was Christine
who felt like she'd been caught red-handed with her fingers in the
cookie jar. Her body language said submission. Pam felt better with each
passing second. "Yes." she finally admitted, her head down.

By this time, Kristy had emerged from behind the shelf, blanket still
wrapped around her, and slowly approached the two adults. Christine
looked up. "Hi, Miss Galloway." Kristy said. Christine didn't reply.

"What did you see?" asked Pam.

Christine didn't know what to say. "Do you want to know?" she asked.

"Yes, I want to know." Pam replied firmly.

"I saw everything, or almost everything. I saw Kristene, uh, having
oral sex with you, and then I saw you spank her." the librarian answered
truthfully, but then she started to recover her native good sense, and
said "Can't we just forget this? You two were wrong to be doing it, and I
was wrong to watch, so let's just both forget it, ok?"

Christine said this, head down again. Pam was having none of it. She
put her forefinger under the Irish girls chin, and raised her face to look
up. The brown eyes of Christine met the blue eyes of Pam. "Can you
forget it?" asked the taller woman, "And do you want to forget it?"

The answer was a good ten seconds in coming. "No, I can't really
forget it, and also... I don't really want to."

"Were you masturbating when you watched us?" Pam asked. This was
bold, but her reading of the girl was that she would be safest on their
side, not against them.

It was a tough thing to admit to, but when you're caught literally
with your pants down, lying just makes you seem even more ridiculous.
"Yes, I was." she admitted.

Pam felt the thrilling surge of the adrenaline in her body, now that
the panic had subsided. There was something about being so close to the
edge that made you feel so alive. To have nearly lost your job
in humiliating disgrace, and yet to have taken control and be directing
things, handling this young librarian who theoretically could still
devastate you -- that was power.

"Well, that was naughty, wasn't it, Christine?" Pam used the exact
same voice she had used to say the same thing to Kristy earlier. She
knew Christine had heard that. She knew that the librarian would know
what that tone meant. She just hoped she was interpreting the body
language right. But right now, she felt so powerful that no bet she
made could fail.

Christine stood and heard the voice, with it's unmistakable invitation
in it to join the fun. But her good sense said no. She wavered.
"Y-Yes, it was improper." She tried to sound neutral.

But Pam knew which screw to turn. She knew, now, the point at which
the peeping girl had cum. "Which part made you so hot, Christine?"

"Ah, all of it." Christine was playing along. If she was going to
bolt, she already would have, Pam knew.

"No, it was the spanking wasn't it?" Pam had a firm tone in her voice.

Christine knew she was caught now. There was no point in denying it.
She felt a release of tension in her body. She also felt the beginning
of a new surge of arousal between her legs the moment she heard her
voice say "Yes."

"That's good, Christine. That's good that you admit it. Kristy
and I admit our sexual desires, that's why we get along so well. Isn't
that right, Kristy?"

"That's right." Kristy replied. Christine had almost forgotten her
after looking into Pam's blue eyes. She looked up to see the girl still
standing about five feet away, still wrapped in the green blanket.

"Kristy, drop that blanket please, and let us see your gorgeous
body." Pam requested. Kristy dropped the blanket instantly. She stood
proud and upright in her nakedness.

"Have you ever seen anything more beautiful, more sexy?" Pam asked
Christine. "That's a body made for pleasure, made for fucking, for
tasting, for licking and rubbing. Turn around sweetie." Kristy spun
around, enjoying the two pairs of lusty eyes on her body.

"What an ass that is, isn't it?" Pam enthused. "Perfect for playing
with, for kissing, for fucking. And...for spanking, isn't it Christine?
How could anyone in their right mind resist?"

"Oh yes!" Christine was no longer playing like the proper employee.

"Turns you on, doesn't it? Nothing wrong with being turned on by
such a girl as Kristy. Admit it, you're wet right now, aren't you?"

This is crazy, this is so kinky, this is soooooo exciting Christine
thought. In for a dime, in for a dollar as the Americans put it.
She knew these two could not blackmail or otherwise harass her, because
she had more on them than they had on her. She felt safe enough to
say the final words of commitment: "Yes, Pam, my panties are soaking
right now."

"Oh, Christine, that is very, very naughty you know. First, you sneak
in a peep on us in our private moments, and diddle your little clit
until you cum, and now you're ogling one of our students and admitting
your cunt is leaking honey. Isn't that naughty?"

Christine felt the sudden whip of excitement as she realized what
was happening. All she had to do was play along, and... and... that
firm hand would be coming down on her reddened and upraised ass. Yes!
"Very naughty, Pam. But I can't seem to help it."

"I know you can't, because you're a naughty girl just like Kristy is,
aren't you? And you know what we do to naughty girls, don't you?"

"Yes, I do know, and I think I deserve it. I deserve it very much."

"Bend over, Kristy." Pam ordered, "And spread your pussy lips for
us." Kristy did as ordered, spreading her legs wide and jutting out her
ass at the two horny spectators, then reached back around and pulled her
cheeks apart to reveal the pink wet slit between them. The action was
incredibly slutty and arousing, not just the way she did it, but the
unhesitating speed of it. She had not the slightest sense of shame at
lewdly exposing her private parts for public viewing.

"I think you would deserve it even more if you got on your knees and
licked that hot slit that is presented to you." Pam said, in a voice
that barely concealed her own excitement.

Christine did not answer, she just took two steps forward and dropped
to her knees, clothes still on, and took the sexy ass in her hands, then
without hesitation put her face between the two perfect mounds and
extended her tongue. She lasciviously licked broadly and nastily
up and down the fully exposed length of Kristys rear. The burst of
pleasure made the young girl grab her knees for support.

God, I've found another one, Pam thought. Kristy must draw them like
magnets: girls who, some beneath staid exteriors, are just seething
masses of sexual urges, waiting to be unleashed by the sexy body and
even sexier manner of the teenage fertility goddess. men too, of
course, but it was no wonder they dissolved in lust at her feet.

"That's right, lick and suck it like a nasty slut." Pam ordered, but
she didn't really need to, Christine had let her inhibitions go and was
doing now what she'd dreamed about so many nights this long school year.
Lick and suck the cunt of the luscious Kristy Whitman. Pam let it go on
and on, feeling the flow of her own honey let loose, hearing the moans
begin in the throat of the deep-voiced young girl, feeling the keen
excitement of knowing they were getting even kinkier on school property,
that any minute someone with a key could unlock the door right behind
them and nothing stood in the way of the intruder seeing everything. But
Pam somehow felt invulnerable. The near-miss scare would have frightened
off most people, but not her. She had to admit, she loved the edge. She
loved being reckless.

Christine was slurping noisily, trying, it seemed, to lick the teen
clean even though the more she licked, the messier it got back there.
"That's enough." Pam ordered, and Christine reluctantly stopped. "I
know you both want to get your rocks off, but Christine has been bad,
and she must be punished. Come with me. Kristy, spread the blanket
back down, and put the chair back on it."

Once the chair was on the blanket, Pam sat in it and ordered the
librarian to pull down her pants. She did, without any hesitation.
"Very good, Christine. I like how fast your did that. Do you still
feel the need for punishment?"

"Yes, I do. Very much." she meekly replied.

"Now, you have been naughty in three ways." Pam said to her, "First,
you peeped and masturbated. Then, you licked Kristy's cunt and ass. And
third, you stopped before she came. Is that not three transgressions?"
The absurdity of this did not escape Christine, but she was far gone in
lust, and agreed that she had. She knew it was only a kinky exciting
game. A game she loved.

You must atone for all three at once." Pam said. "Kristy, lie down
on this blanket, right here," she indicated a stop beside the chair
where her victim's face might be, "and spread your legs wide and open
your cunt lips again." Kristy scrambled into position and did it.

"Now naughty girl," Pam was looking at Christine as she spoke, " lay
down over my lap with your ass up in the air and your lips in the pussy of the girl you left without her well-deserved cum. Will you do that?"

The Irish girl was so excited she could not speak. Her legs seemed
to tremble. She could only nod yes, and then get into position. It was
the lewdest, kinkiest, nastiest combination she'd ever dreamed of. And
it was happening for real. But she had trouble reaching low enough to
get to the offered wet slit, and Kristy had to solve the problem by
gathering up a good part of the blanket and stuffing it under her ass.
This raised it enough for Christine to be able to properly lick her clit
to orgasm.

"Now," Pam ordered, "You must raise your ass like Kristy did for
every single whack. It is your way of begging for it, like it was hers.
While you are spanked, you will eat pussy. The spanking will only stop
once Kristy has cum on your mouth. Do you understand that?" Christine
could only nod yes from her position between the teenagers lewdly wide
spread legs.

Whack! Pam's hand came down on Christine's pretty white ass, making a
red spot the side of her hand. The sharp, sexually thrilling sting
popped through her body, reminding her to tend to Kristy's clit. She
puckered her lips, and began to suck, lick and lap at the hard nub of the
sexy teen's exposed and yearning clit.

Whack! the blow came again. Christine licked harder. Kristy began to
squirm and moan. It was incredible to her that she could control, by
her own cum, the length of time the school librarian had to take her
spanking. It was wickedly thrilling. She loved it, and showed it by
deliberately wiggling and rubbing her cunt on the struggling woman's
face, spreading her hot girl honey all over it.

"You naughty nasty cunt licker." Pam muttered as she spanked the now
more and more reddened ass before her. But Christine could hardly hear.
Her world consisted of only two things: the hard wet tangy clit of the
squirming and moaning student in her mouth, and the hot hard pleasurable
and painful stings of the ass whipping she was taking. She remembered
to raise up her ass for every slap.

"Oh ,fuck, yes, god, don't stop... yes... fuck, lick it, oh yeah."
Kristy moaned and groaned out a string of obscenities. Pam had taught
her how to talk dirty during sex, and do it good. Soon the pleasure of
the tongue and lips on her clit peaked. She rose and hunched and groaned
"yes, yes yes YES YES YES!! Fuuuuuuuuck!" as she came.

"Cum good, slut." Pam almost moaned, as she stopped spanking
Christine. Her hand hurt a little. But her cunt was tingling and letting
the honey flow copiuously. Christine raised her ass up again for more.
But Pam had a surprise for her.

The librarian was expecting another slap, but instead she felt a
fingertip on her asshole, pushing in. "OH YES!" she almost yelled.
"Bugger me!" Pam did. She had wet her finger, and pushed it in the
tight ass without pause. Once she had it in up to the knuckle, she
worked it around in circles. Christine thought the sensation would just
about kill her. She moaned and gasped "Awwwwwwwwww fuck me". But then,
more fingers went pushing into her cunt. "Aggggggggah!" and she began
to squirm her ass uncontrollably. When the hand that held the fingers
that were in her began to saw them in and out, the sweet agony sent her
over the peak of a crashing orgasm.

"Cum you horny bitch!" Pam grunted as the girl in her lap hunched and
thrashed and moaned. The librarian had lost all control. She was a
bundle of nerves, all raw and exposed. The fingers were still in her.
"Gaaaaaaaa!" she groaned, and came again, right on top of the last one.
Her body was humping like mad. Grunts and gasps escaped her lips.
Eventually, she quieted a little.

When she did, still gasping but no longer hunching and moaning, Pam
pushed her off her lap onto the floor unceremoniously. "Get up and
lick me off, Kristy. Hurry... hurry!" Pam pulled up her dress to expose
her sopping cunt and a puddle of wetness on the chair where she had been

Kristy, always game, rose up and crawled over the librarian sprawled
on her side with her blouse and pants still on, but pulled down to
expose her reddish whipped white ass. The teen dove right into the
needy pussy of the older woman, and began to lick furiously at the
exposed clit. Within seconds, Pam arched and bit her lip to keep from
screaming as the cum tore through her like liquid fire. She hunched and
thrust at Kristy, but by now the eighteen-year-old was used to Pam's
violent motions during orgasm, and held her tongue deep in the hot tangy
hole as her mentor came violently.

Within a minute, the convulsive orgasms of the three women quieted.
The room once again was still. Pam reached down lanquidly and hugged
Kristy, and then they both fell together on the messed up blanket amid
the strewn clothes and shoes and socks and debris, and wrapped their
loving arms around the still prone Christine, and hugged her and kissed

None cared that they were still in a high-risk zone, even if school
was long since out. They were learning to love living on the edge. They
were getting used to being reckless.

Chapter 6 - Sex Ed with Kristy

"I thought I was coming over to help you with the math exam study." said
David, who was always called Davy by everyone at school. Even the girls who
usually ignored the tall, thin math wizard with the horn-rimmed glasses
called him that when they had to speak to him for some reason.

"You are, Davy. And I do need the help. But I know a better place to study
than my house. Some friends have asked me to house-sit this weekend and I
have a key. Let's go over there and study, Okay?."

"All right. I guess it doesn't matter where we do it."

"You're right." replied Kristy with a wink, patting the empty passenger seat
in her 1986 Mustang, which had only a few rents and tears in it. Davy
climbed in beside her, letting his eyes linger only for a moment on the red hair and blue eyes, the white t-shirt with a pink trim and a funny face on
the front, the tight cutoff jeans that flowed around her fertile and sexy
hips, and the tanned perfect legs of a girl the sight of whom could melt the
frozen loins of an octogenarian scoutmaster.

Sure, Davy the math wiz was a teenaged human being, and thus he'd made love
to the girl sitting beside him in every concievable nasty, dirty way in his
fantasies; but now in the fading light of the late May afternoon, he knew
she was off limits to him. He wished it wasn't so, but no girl really
looked twice at him, and thus knowing he wasn't sexy, to risk anything other
than a distant relationship was to court the kind of humiliation and
rejection he would do just about anything to avoid.

The weather was getting hot, and Kristy's air conditioner didn't work, so as
they drove with the windows open her hair blew out wildly behind her, but
she seemed unconcerned. The last exam of the year was upon her, and she
wanted desperately to do well on it. Nothing troubled her as much as the
image she had of being an airheaded bimbo. She was far from stupid, but in
her studies she was too frequently inattentive. There was just so much life
to live, she couldn't fit it all in. But it seemed to her that Davy could
help her, and, no doubt, she could help him.

"Tell me, Dave, " she saidly loudly over the wind to the silent boy sitting
next to her staring straight ahead down the road, "you're a senior,
aren't you?"

"Sure." he replied, startled and somewhat pleased that she had called him
Dave rather than Davy.

"Do you mind if I ask you a personal question, then?"

"No, go ahead." What else could he say, he thought.

"Have you ever been laid?" Her tone was matter-of-fact, as if she'd asked if
he'd ever had strawberry ice cream.


"You know what I mean, don't ya?" she asked, turning her radiant face
towards him, her long red hair flowing back behind her. "I mean fucking.
Like, putting your dick inside a girl and moving it back and forth till you
cum. Got the picture?" she smiled broadly.

This conversation was entirely outside David A. Graham's experience. He was
a nice boy who lived at home with his parents and had done everything he
could to please them. He thought his horniness was his own dirty little
secret. He took a lot of precautions to be sure nobody knew he masturbated.
He could see the look in this mother's eyes now: I'm so *ashamed* of you
David, so very *ashamed*. And you should be too. This is just so *awful*
and so *disgusting*.

"Well, not really." he replied nervously, forgetting to raise his voice so
it could be heard over the wind.

He looked a bit pained, and his face was turning beet red.

"Well, hey, Dave, it doesn't hurt, you know. It's a natural thing.
Everybody does it. And you're over eighteen, sweetie, you're not a little
kid anymore."

"So I've been told." he replied, but stared straight ahead. Still, inwardly
he smiled a little. He snuck a another look at her, sitting there driving
with that sexy, incredible body. Then a flash of anger: why was she teasing
him this way? He hated it when the girls did that.

He was still staring straight ahead when the mustang swung into Pam's
driveway. But he unfroze in time to accompany Kristy to the door. The
house was indeed empty, and a little to David's surprize, Kristy went
straight to the kitchen table and spread out the books. And to her
surprize, David turned out to be a great teacher. He explained things
clearly and patiently that she had never understood. There was a meeting of
the minds, and a shared purpose, and soon he forgot what he thought was the
teasing in the car. He almost, but not quite, forgot the inspiring legs and
gorgeous ass that sat so close to him by the quiet kitchen table, as the
time passed silently and the night spread it's wings over the day.

It seemed like minutes, but an hour passed. As Dave (she couldn't even
think of him as Davy anymore) got up to get them a soda, she thought how
surprizing it was that a real person lay frozen beneath the shy exterior, a
person who emerged lit up with enthusiasm as he saw she was paying attention
to him, and learning from him.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"I know who that is." exclaimed Kristy, getting up and going through the
little hallway from the kitchen to the door. Dave could hear the exchange
of words.

"Hi Kristen! Hi Jeff!" Kristy said in her rather low voice.

"Hi! Ok if we come in?" replied a female voice.

"I invited you didn't I?" Kristy said back.

All three came back to the kitchen. Dave knew Kristen, she was in his
senior class but not a close friend. blond and slim and athletic, he knew
she was a sports buff, but wasn't really sure what sport she was into. Jeff
was obviously her boyfriend, taller and older, probably a college kid. Dave
was immediately uncomfortable as Kristy made introductions all around. He
wondered if they were there to study too.

Kristen gave him a sweet smile, and he relaxed a little. Nope, no study,
for after a little small talk Kristen and Jeff got a quick house tour from
Kristy, who showed them every room, including Pam's waterbed in the bedroom.
Afterward, Kristen and her boyfriend settled on the couch with some beer
they'd bought and turned on the TV. Kristy returned to the kitchen table,
saying over her shoulder as she left them alone, "Just a little more for us
to study, so be good you two!"

Fifteen minutes of studious concentration later, a strange sound rose
slightly over the noise of the TV. Kristy and Dave immediately looked up.
It was a quiet but unmistakable feminine moan.

"I bet they're doing something naughty." Kristy whispered, but Dave didn't
say anything and returned to his explanations. But shortly, the moan came
again, a little louder. Dave and Kristy looked at one another, then she
quietly got up from the chair and padded on bare feet to the hall where the
living room was visible. Dave just sat there and watched her go.

Twenty seconds later, she reappeared, and holding out a hand, beckoned Dave
to join her. He knew he should just sit there, but something made him get
up and follow the sexy redhead in spite of himself. He even tried
consciously to be quiet.

At the wide doorway where the hall opened into the living room, the two
young and curious heads peered discreetly around the doorjamb. What they
saw was a side view of the comfortable wide stuffed couch facing the TV. In
one corner, Jeff lay back against the armrest, one foot on the floor and the
other on the couch. Straddling the couch-borne leg, Kristen had both her
tanned and athletic legs spread low on the couch, and her arms around Jeff's
neck. The tv was ignored, as she locked her lips in a passionate kiss with
her boyfriend's. The movement of their tongues inside their cheeks was
clearly visible, and the eyes of the young lovers were closed as they
enjoyed the ecstasy of the urgent wet kisses. What was most shocking to
David, her thin pink summer blouse was unbuttoned and the bra cast aside on
the floor, and one of Jeff's hands was fondling and rubbing her naked
breasts even as they kissed.

David stood rooted to the spot. He'd never even dreamed of seeing anything
like this in his life. He knew he should leave but he didn't move. Somehow,
the fact that Kristy didn't look away either, but seemed fascinated, kept
him there. A powerful nervous tension did battle in his body with a
struggling green shoot of arousal, making itself felt in spite of his mental

Eventually, the kiss broke. The lovely girl leaned back slightly, as her
boyfriend reached up with both arms, and taking her breasts in his wide
palms, began to rub both her peaked nipples back and forth with his thumbs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhyeeeessss." she moaned again, "You know what that does to me

"What does it do to you, golden girl?"

"It makes me so hot and tingly and wet for you baby. Oh, God, you drive me

"Yeah, your tits are so goddamn sexy, and I love these hard little nipples,
love to tweak them." he said with an aroused fervor to his voice as he
twirled them between his thumb and forefinger. She trembled visibly, and
began to rub her crotch on his leg in an unmistakable invitation to lustier

It was too much. David felt himself getting hard, the blood flowly
deliciously into his cock, and drew back and softly walked the few steps
back to the kitchen. In a few moments, Kristy followed.

"What's wrong, guy?" she asked him in a whisper.

"That's so private, we shouldn't be looking."

"I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to repeat it anywhere." she
whispered. He leaned down a little as she stood close to him, her sexy
body so near it seemed to physically hurt him in some way. "Ok." he said.

"She loves it." Kristy whispered into his ear. Her lips were so close her
warm breath sent chills down his spine. "We're friends and I've
double-dated with her before. She likes being watched. She even likes it
when she knows someone is watching. Can you handle that?"

"I guess so." he replied, in somewhat of a a state of moral confusion at
this unexpected new information. "But, " he suddenly thought, and said
aloud, "What about him?"

"Let me tell ya, sweetie, once his dick gets hard he really doesn't care any
more either."

David just looked at her. She winked and flashed a wicked smile at him.
"Now c'mon back with me. Don't be a chicken. You've been teaching me and
now it's my turn."

Knowing it was wrong, he couldn't seem to stop himself. He removed his
shoes at her whispered suggestion, and they crept back to their watching
post, the tops of their heads up to their eyes peering around the edge of
the doorway.

Things had progressed dramatically. The attractive blonde Kristen was now
sitting slouched down in the couch, her hips on the edge, as the taller Jeff
was on his kneews in front of her. She put her feet, now bare, on the floor
and raised up just as Kristy and David resumed their watching, and Jeff
boldly just slipped her shorts off, leaving her in only a pair of sheer
panties. Her blouse was open, revealing her enchanting breasts with the
tight hard nipples, so sexy and healthy they pointed in different
directions. Her eyes were closed as she assisted her boyfriend in removing
the barriers to their pleasure.

He paused then, the cutoffs discarded, as if in wonder. "God, you're so wet
it's incredible." he said, staring into the damp valley between her smooth

"Yes, lover, and what are you going to do about it?"

He reached forward and with his fingers began to trace the outline of her
puffy and visibly aroused lips through the sheer, silk panty. The look of
pleasure on her face, the way her head leaned back and her eyes closed, more
than the action between her legs, made David's cock harden to a full
erection inside his pants. He was hooked now. He no longer wanted to
leave, even though it might be painful to see such pleasure given and taken
and not even know what it felt like himself.

Jeff only played a little while, and then Kristen lifted her hips in a
gesture that couldn't be missed, even by David. He took hold of the panties and slipped them off. The big wet stain in the center was clearly visible.
David had never known that a woman could get so wet. He did not know the
reality and power of a woman's arousal -- he had thought they just put up
with it, or did it for favors.

Her naked pussy, the lips swollen out and colored a bright pink on the
outside fading to a deep vermillion within, shone with the copius honey that
flowed from inside her. She pushed her hips towards Jeff, and he responded
so quickly it almost looked savage and wild. He kissed her inner thighs,
andshe automatically spread her legs wider for him. It was obvious that
hiscock was almost painfully hard inside his pants, so much so he had to
reach down and rearrange it slightly. But he knew his pleasure would not be
denied, it would only have to wait a bit longer. He gave her hers. His
face pressed into the V of her beautiful legs, and both Kristy and David
could see the slight movement of his jaw that signaled the tongue working in
theher warm velvet folds.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, YES." a long moan came from the supine
girl, that had such an inexpressibly pathetic quality to it, as though her
whole soul was dancing quiveringly alive on the tongue that pleasured her.

Jeff's head moved up and down, and the watching couple could tell that the
long strokes of the wide tongue were scooping up the sexy Kristen's sweet
honey. He was damn good at it, Kristy thought. If he didn't belong to
Kristen, I'd like to have a few cracks at him.

High-pitched moans escaped the lips of the transported girl. Along with
"yes....yes.....oh god fuck me, just like, oh ....justlikethat....".

His head stopped moving up and down, and the voyeurs could see his lips
puckered at the top of the furrow. His tongue was obviously working
directly on her clit, as Kristy observed, even if David was lost on the
details due to inexperience. Below, a hand crept up to insert a finger
inside his squirming victim. As it did, she bucked and howled, "Yes, fuck
me with it, oh god, YES!".

Jeff began sensuously working his finger in and out. This had such an
effect that Kristen began to lean back even further, and clench her teeth as
her beautiful features distorted in agonized pleasure.

The combination of tongue and finger soon made her even wilder. Her hips
began to heave in a rhythmic motion against him, making him need to flex his
neck to keep his tongue on her clit, but he did it, driving in even more
firmly the wilder she moved.

It was the sounds she made that were so incredible, though. She didn't even
try to be quiet, and there's no human sound quite like the noise a woman
makes when she's really into sex -- not the fake sounds you hear in the
porno movies. The tension in her moans and whimpers and gasps gave the two
teen voyeurs and her boyfriend undeniable evidence of how far she was lost
in otherworldly pleasure.

Kristy could feel the sweet tension in her loins, the swelling of her sex,
the wetness and heat begin to flow freely. She gave herself over to the
excitement. A vibrant electricity seemed to flutter like butterfly wings
all over her body. She wanted to reach down and touch herself but she
forced her hand to wait. For his part, David felt a longing, a desperate
need as his cock asked him to touch it, rub it, give it the pleasure it
yearned for. He too forced himself to not move or touch.

Jeff's oral pleasuring of Kristen quickly reached it's climax. Such
extravagant feelings could not last.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww GOD" she wailed, and heaved one last time, her face a
contorted mask of ecstasy. Her loins just left the couch entirely and
shoved into Jeff's face violently, pushing him back. He held on to her
thighs, and she fell back, then heaved and wailed again. Even Kristy had
seldom seen anyone let go so completely when they came.

After that last heave, she fell back and lay there gasping over and over
again in a breathless voice, oh god, oh god. Her breathing was harsh and
she kept gasping for breath. Jeff, his head still attached by the neck
despite her thrashings, rested his chin on her brownish blonde bush and
looked up at the contented face of his girl, eyes still closed but a sweet
smile creeping across. His clean-shaven face and lips were shining with a
through coating of her sweet juices.

David seemed to have trouble breathing himself. He knew he shouldn't have
watched this -- now he was rock hard and his body full of juice, and nowhere
to go and nothing to do about it. It was agony, but kind of a sweet agony.
He'd never been near this excited in his life. And confused. It was all
too much. He wished he had a car of his own, or even a bike, so he could
ride home and masturbate furiously, as many times as he could stand it. He
had a jar of vaseline in his nightstand, and he knew he'd need it tonight.

His eyes took in the sight before him one last time, and he vowed to
remember it. Kristen opened her eyes, and the look of contentment and joy
on her face was another thing among many he'd never dreamed of. He saw her
reach down to her boyfriends curly hair and stoke it lovingly.

"You are a gorgeous wonderful man." she sighed. "I bet you've got a nice
present hidden away for me right now, don't you?"

Jeff thought of his throbbing cock and replied "You bet, baby."

"I'm ready for it babe, but you just might need to carry me into the
bedroom, my legs might be kind of weak."

"Bull, your legs are stronger than mine, but I'll carry you if you want."

Jeff then lifted his lover, naked but for her flimsy and open blouse, and
cradled her in his arms as they headed for the bedroom for Round Two.
Kristy and David could hear their conversation as they went in.

"What if we mess up the bed, we'll have to wash the sheets." he was saying.

"Better that than the couch, sweetie." Kristen replied with a giggle. They
didn't bother to even close the door.
David straitened up, his back aching and his legs weak. He hadn't realized
how tight his body had been, but his cock was giving off pleasure sparks,
that, from long experience, he knew he had to ignore so it might go down
until he could get in private.

He started to move towards the kitchen, in a kind of daze that had made him
almost forget his companion. But he hadn't gone two steps before a pair
surprizingly strong arms wrapped around him and pushed him against the wall
of the hallway. Before he could react, a very warm and buxom female body
pressed against his front, sandwiching his back tightly against the wall.

"*You* are not going *anywhere*." said Kristy, her hands sliding up under
his shirt along his sides. Her body melted into his. He'd felt a few girls up close at the two or three dances he'd gone to in his life, but nothing
like this. My God, his cock was hard and she must be able to feel it!

She didn't seem to mind, in fact, her body pressed as tight as it could, and
then she pushed her loins forward to merge with his even harder. He could
clearly feel her belly press up against his erection. There was nowhere to
go so he stood there. She held him tight and looked up into his eyes. He
looked back, and the glowing heat he saw there almost shocked him. As they
looked at one another, she began to undulate her hips in a sexy motion,
rubbing her lower belly against his long cock stretched up so high that it
rose several inches it seemed above his beltline.

"I'm a woman, and you're a man, Dave honey." she breathed to him as she
humped against him ever so slowly, "And you're hard, and I'm wet, baby, you
know what that means?".

He couldn't answer, so she continued, "It feels good doesn't it, that
rubbing. Feels good to me too sweetie, I makes me want to make you feel so

The motion did feel good to him, in fact, so good it almost made his vision
blur. He felt a stirring inside that he'd never felt before. It made him
feel reckless, unconcerned with mom and her shame. Fire spread out from his
loins, and he didn't try to fight it, but it was mingled with tension and
fear; fear that he'd make a fool of himself. He didn't even know how to
kiss, and here was would be disappointed in him. But he
couldn't think of an escape, and her motion was rubbing his fear away

She must have sensed it. "Don't worry hon I'll show you what you need to
know. You led me through the equilaterial triangles and asymetrical
slices, now just relax baby and follow my lead."

"Okay." he said in a squeeky voice, but he did begin to relax a little. She
was so sweet. He was used to girls making fun of him, used to words like
"nerd" and "geek". But the sexiest girl in school seemed to want him, and
was being nice to him -- it was a miracle that made him almost believe it
was another dream.

"Just stand there right now baby, you don't have to do a thing. You're too
hot to learn hon and I know just how to cool you down some. Lean back
against the wall." she said, as if he wasn't already pressed there. Her
warm body left him, and she dropped to a squatting position and began to
undo his belt with an expertise that told of countless other unbeltings. As
she did, her hand felt the outlines of his long and rather thin cock. Hmmm,
she thought inwardly, another right-on. His fingers were long and thin too,
and she'd told her girlfriends that the way to know how a man's cock was
built was to look at his fingers. Mostly, it was true -- there were some
notable exceptions she could think of, but Dave was right on the money with
her theory.

The belt undone, she undid the fastener and pulled the pants down to his
knees. He felt the air on his legs. He couldn't help but look down, taking
in a top view of her staring straight at his hard cock still hidden by his
white briefs. She ran her finger up and down and all over the shape of it,
making him tremble slightly as the shoots of pleasure hit his overheated

The pleasure was powerful, but the tension hadn't melted entirely. The
tension was the only thing that gave him control, if you could call it that.
Without the lingering uncertainty, he would have exploded at her touch.

He closed his eyes, and then felt the finger loop under the elastic and pull
down down the briefs. God, he was naked in front of her, and she was right
there looking at it! It was nasty and he didn't want to look, but he had
to. He looked down just as she took his long, red, throbbing cock into her
warm hand and began to stroke it up and down right in front of her eyes.
The sight and feel were both overwhelming. He closed his eyes again, and
very shortly felt a warm wetness at the tip of his cock. He couldn't believe
this, he just couldn't. It wasn't happening to him. It wasn't real.

He looked down again, drawn by some magnetism he wasn't aware of. And it
was real. Her full pink lips closed tightly over his cock head, and the
freckled face moved forward slightly as she took him slowly into her mouth.
He could feel only smooth lips, somehow touching nerves and lighting fires
that his own hand had never even come close to. And then the tongue -- he
could clearly feel her tongue licking and circling and swirling gently
against his sensitive sex like the beating of a thousand wings of angels.

He closed his eyes and heard himself moan. He was floating on a sweet river
of fire, and had no choice now but to ride with the current.

Higher and higher he went, as the experienced tongue and lips and mouth of
the teen sex goddess drove him to a controlled frenzy. His whole body
burned and ached. He began to fear he would cum, and do a horrible thing
by cumming in her mouth.

"I...I...might...cum." He gasped to her.

"Cum, baby. Cum, my sweet Dave. Give it to me, I want it, all you've got.
Don't be shy honey, squirt it in my mouth."

She didn't want him to wait. Her tongue began to concentrate on the nerve
bundle under the head of his cock. The torture in him rose, and he knew
somewhere that he couldn't stop it, not now.

His body seized, and his legs trembled. The heat, the agony, the thrill was
like nothing he had ever known. Only his back firmly against the wall kept
him from falling. He felt his cock stiffen deliciously, and then the pulses
and waves of ecstacy overcame him as he felt the juice of life pump firmly
out in spurt after spurt. She held her lips firmly around him, cradling his
spasming organ in her warm welcoming mouth. She loved the feel of the
pulses as the hot sperm splashed out on her tongue.

Soon the ripples ebbed and slowed, and the flow dwindled to drops. He had
cum a lot, and her mouth felt fairly full of the salty sexy unique taste.
Some girls honestly didn't like it, but Kristy just loved it. Only when the
boys had been drinking beer or something that made it bitter did she swallow without savoring the taste.

She swirled it around but did not swallow, looking up at him. His eyes were
closed and his chest was heaving. She rubbed his wet cock on her face,
spreading trails of saliva and sperm in her freckles. At this, he opened
his eyes and looked down, to see the sexist sight he'd ever dreamed. As
he did, she very deliberately ran her tongue out and over her lips as if to
get every last drop, and then swallowed his load of sperm visibly, letting
him see her throat muscles flex as it went down. She wanted him to know how
she loved it, and for him to not feel guilty or that he'd done anything
wrong by her.

"Oh, God, Kristy. Oh my God." was all he could say. She stood up, hugged
him tightly, and kissed his neck. A more experienced boy she'd have kissed
on the lips, but she didn't want to freak him his first time, knowing how
weird some boys were about sperm, even their own.

"Didn't that feel so gooooooood?" she crooned in her sexiest and most
seductive voice.

"Oh yes, oh yes it did." his voice was returning to normal, now that he
could get enough air in his chest, and his body relaxed its tension some.

"Look, Dave, honey, I'm so wet and horny, can you help me like I helped
you?" she asked in a plainative voice.

"I'll try." he answered. What else could he say? He was in her hands,
literally and figuratively.

"Here, step out of these so you can walk." she suggested, bending and
pulling on his already down pants. Of course, he could also walk if he
pulled them up, but that just wasn't the direction things were destined to
travel on this incredible, unreal, impossible night. He stepped out of them
as she helped him, his cock dangling out in the open, but somehow he no
longer felt any shyness about it. After all, after he'd had it in her mouth
and had cum there, what was the point of shyness?

She then stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, running her fingers around in his
curly chest hair. Even playing a bit with his nipple, which to his surprize
sent a sharp thrill up his spine. Once the shirt was off, he was as naked
as could be, wearing only his digital multifunction wristwatch.

"No fair you getting naked and I'm not." She stuck out her lower lip in a
mock pout.

He got the hint, and reached forward and somewhat awkwardly pulled up on the
edges of her t-shirt. She helped by raising her arms, and soon it was over
her head and off, red hair cascading up and then down in a wild and fiery
explosion. He looked at her, standing there in a bra and cutoff jeans. Her
top was tanned a little, but her body had the white pallor that many
redheads had. Her shoulders and back were covered with little freckles,
which she might have thought were ugly, but he was enchanted with. On such
a perfect body, a little imperfection was endearing.

"Here, sweetie, it's time to learn how to take one of these off." she said,
spinning around so her back was to him.

"There's little hooks back there, under that overlap." She instructed.
Just pull the flap on the top to the left, and the hooks'll come out."

With only a little trouble, and close observation, he undid the bra and let
go the ends, letting it fall to the hallway floor.

"Now, sometimes you won't be able to look, but just remember how those
little hooks work and you won't have any trouble at all!" she smiled happily
and she turned to face him with these words of wisdom. He couldn't help but
look down at her breasts, full and beautiful, as good or better than any
he'd seen in the men's magazines. The nipples dark brown, contrasting with
the milky white globes.

"Do you like them?" she asked.

"Oh very much." he answered, "They're beautiful."

"Yeah, a girl likes to hear that. Don't ever feel shy about telling a woman
how good she looks. It may sound corny to you, but if you really mean it,
she'll just glow and want you more. She'll give you rewards if you'll just
have the sense to talk to her. Some boys just don't get it, but you're such
a sweetheart I want you to know, you understand?" She looked into his eyes.

"Yes, I do." he said. He was just feeling his way along, reacting to her.
She surprized him again by coming up close and hugging him tightly, her warm
breasts pressed against his chest so hard he could feel her nipples.

"Kiss me." she said, looking up at him.

This was scary. He'd never really kissed a girl in a sexual way. He was
sure he didn't know what to do. But he bent his face down a little, and felt
her lips touch his. For a few sweet moments, just their lips touched, and
then he began to feel her tongue creeping up against his lips. Then pushing
a little further, until it was in his mouth fully. God! She was tongue
kissing him! He felt a surge go through him. The combination of the tongue,
lips, and the feel of her firm young nipples against his chest caused his
bare cock to stir and grow again.

He didn't bother to fight it this time. He just wrapped his arms around her
and drew her close, letting their sweet young flesh press close as their
tongues danced and swirled together in pleasure.

Kissing is the sexiest thing ever, he thought.

But soon she drew away, and told him "Come with me." They left the hallway,
discarded clothing scattered on the floor, and went to the couch where so
recently Jeff had given Kristen her peak of joy. It reminded him there was
another couple in the house, and sure enough, as soon as he remembered he
could hear a soft "Ohhhhhhh yes." murmured from the open bedroom door.

"Sounds like they're having some more fun!" said Kristy, not bothering to
whisper. "C'mere, guy, and unsnap this."

She meant her cutoffs, and he obeyed, reaching down and unsnapping the
top. Kristy then spread the sides over her hips, and as they cleared the
lovely bulges they dropped instantly to the floor, and she stepped out of
them. Wasting no time, she swung around and sat on the couch in her wet
panties, and motioned for David to come and kneel between her knees.

Squatting on his knees, he obeyed easily. It was almost like worshipping at
the altar of love, he thought briefly, remembering a phrase he'd read in an
erotic novel. Kristy was in the very same position that Kristen had been,
her ass on the edge of the sofa and a pillow under her head, leaning back
against the armrest. But Kristy, as usual, especially since meeting Pam,
was in a talkative mood, even though the arousal coursed fiercely thorough
her veins.

"See this. sweetheart?" she said seductively, as her fingers traced the
outlines of her obviously very swollen labia, still covered in theory by the
very thin and very soaked panties. "See how wet I am?".

"Yes." he replied, a little catch in his voice, his eyes glued to the spot,
his cock hardening and throbbing and signalling it was ready for more.

"When you see that you know a woman's ready for her man. If you ever wonder
if she's really into it, when you see this flood you know she's sincere.
That's the body talking, baby, and it doesn't lie."

He just nodded. From the bedroom came another "Ooooooooooooooo" moan, but
neither young lover was paying much attention right now. "Take'em off
sweetie." She raised her hips, and let him slip off her panties. The
dramatic view revealed took his breath away. The reddish brown hair curled
up over and around the swollen pink lips, the nearest strands soaked with
the pungent wetness of her honey. He could smell it when her were panties on, but bare, the vertical smile emitted an aura of heat mixed with the most
attractive scent David had ever inhaled. He'd heard some guys talk about
how it smelled like fish, but were they ever stupid and wrong. It was sexy
and hot and nasty and wonderful. He loved it instantly.

Kristy sexily touched herself, stroking her labia gently as he watched. She
wanted more. "Touch it hon, it won't bite." He did, letting his fingers
stroke the wet, smooth, hot flesh. It was softer than anything he'd ever

"Ohhhh yeah, that feels so gooooood honey." she breathed. Put your finger
in me, right here, see." she spread her lips to reveal the pink little
vaginal entrance. Like a good boy, he slipped his finger into the dark
tight tunnel as she had asked, wondering at the magic soft feel of it.
"Deeper." she prompted, and easily his finger slid in to the knuckle. He
was glad his nails were short. He didn't resist the urge to feel around and
explore the mystery he'd been invited into, and was amazed at the folds, the
mounds, the harder areas and the softer ones. He didn't know what he was
feeling in there, but was just fascinated at the variety. It wasn't just a
tunnel of flesh, but a living organ.

"Oh, God, that's so good. Now take it out and let more
thing." She felt she was on the edge of losing control but held on just
barely, remembering her teaching role. Besides just the physical, it was
incredibly sexy knowing that the virgin boy was seeing and feeling her for
the first time, and would remember her for as long as he lived.

"Now Dave, a woman loves a finger in her pussy, and on her lips, but feel
right up here baby, at the top." He did. She guided his finger. "Feel that
hard little bump? That's my clit, honey, and every girl's got one. Ohhhh!
baby don't rub it right now, in just a second. Now some are bigger and some
are littler but they're all there. That's like the spot underneath your
cockhead hon, it's the trigger that pops the gun. Some girls like pressure
right on it, others just around it, but there's not a woman in the world
that doesn't like it played with by tongues or fingers or cocks."

He said nothing, he was tongue-tied. It was all just too wonderful. From the
bedroom, they could both more moans. Kristy had lost all patience now.

"Dave, it's all yours baby, every bit of it. Do what you want and don't
worry about anything. Just do me, and I'll help you if you need but please,
please make me cum. Please."

She spread her legs for him and took her hands away. It was his first solo.
His only guide was what she'd said, and what he'd seen Jeff do to Kristen.
He never thought about not plunging in. He put his face down to her sweet
attractive sex and let his eyes feast one more time before turning and
kissing the softness of her inner thighs. Like he'd seen Jeff do, he kissed
his way closer and closer, until he heard Kristy pant "Hurry, David, kiss my
cunt baby. It needs a kiss so bad."

He put his lips on her hot velvet wetness and extended his tongue. The
tangy musky sexy taste on his tongue-tip sent every last inhibition away.
He loved it, absolutely loved it. He started licking, like a dog lapping up
milk from the floor. Yeah, like a dog. Fuck it. He felt a surge go
through him, a surge of pent-up animal instincts. Everybody had spent their
whole lives trying to keep him from this, make him such a nice boy, such a
fucking wimp. He felt wild and free at last. Nothing to stop him. Nobody
to say "stop" or "shame".

Wild, reckless, not caring. He licked up and down, feeling the hot juice in
his mouth, letting the taste seep into his pores. He felt the indentation
of her hole, and drove his tongue up into it in a wild gesture, as if to
say "Fuck you, parents. Fuck you, teachers. Fuck you, world."

"Oh yeah baby, tongue-fuck me! You're a natural baby, you love it. Get it
in deep stud lover." Kristy encouraged.

He drove it in as deep as he could, and wished he could go deeper. His lips
mashed against the hot lips and wet hair. He licked inside. His cock
pulsed and throbbed. "Stud Lover" ...he'd never been called that before!

"My clit, baby. Lick it honey, please, I wanna cum so bad, please!" she
panted. He pulled his tongue out and sought the hard nub he'd felt before.
It was bigger and more swollen than it was previously, He could feel it, and
rolled it under his tongue. Damn, this was easy, he thought, why did he
used to think it was so hard to do? He didn't know anything then.

"Oh, yeah, baby give me a steady rhythm, right on it, just don't stop,
please don't stop."

He continued to lick her, like a kitten lapping milk, with stroke after
rapid stroke right directly on her clit as she had asked. She was silent
for a minute, except for heavy breathing, then her feet dug into the floor
and her hips began to rise up. He adjusted his position for her, and as she
rose to about a foot off the couch she shrieked... "Aiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee" and
heaved up. A flood of juice seemed to wetten his face even further. He
instinctively grabbed her thighs as Jeff had done Kristen, and held on
tightly. But Kristy had a different style of cum. She grunted, "Uh! Uh!
Uh!" and with every grunt her loins jerked in a rhythm. After about eight
or nine little feminine grunts and heaves, she flopped back on the couch,

His face finally out of her wonderful crotch, he looked at his amazing
handiwork. It was unbelievable, incredible, yet oh so real. The sexiest
body he ever could imagine lay open and gasping, her face a mask of pleasure
overflowing. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her legs were spread wide but
swayed back and forth in some strange rhythm, her toes spread wide and
digging into the carpet. There was a pink flush color all over her that
looked almost like uneven sunburn. David didn't know what one was yet, but
Kristy had just gotten a "full body orgasm", one that you feel in every
muscle and fibre of your body from top of head to tip of toes.

"Oh, Dave, come here and hug me." were her first words, after a few minutes
of glowing. He did, sitting next to her on the couch and hugging her in a
sweet lusty naked hug. She put her face into the V of his neck, licked
there, and whispered "Oh, you are a hell of a lover, guy."

His smile was the broadest right then he could even remember feeling. He
felt touched by a sweet fire from heaven, bright sunlight radiating on him
in the dead of night.

They both hugged silently, as Kristy soaked up the afterglow. David's cock
was wanting attention again, but he was patient and didn't say anything. He
just enjoyed the feel of her, warm and soft, next to his skin.

In a while, they were aware, in the relative silence, of the sound of motion
in the bedroom. They perked up their ears, David now unconcerned with
privacy. "Roll over." they heard Kristen say.

"Ooooooo" Kristy whispered to David, "Let's watch."

She got up off the sofa, not waiting for a reply, and walked towards the
bedroom door, her sexy ass swaying deliciously. David followed her with his
eyes, then got up to walk with her to the door. He'd follow her over a cliff
at this point, he thought.

Kristy was not subtle. Naked without even a stitch on, she stood in the
doorway and looked at Pam's waterbed (which as the reader of previous
chapters will recall, she was very familiar). On it, arranged diagonally,
lay Jeff's muscular body, fully naked also. And over him straddled the
lovely Kristen, her blonde hair splayed in attractive disorder over her
shoulders. Both had a sheen of sweat on their bodies. It was obvious that
Jeff's cock was up inside his girlfriend, as she leaned forward and held a
breast with one hand, to feed him the erect nipple to suck on.

As he sucked, Kristen closed her eyes, then opened them again, soaking in
the double pleasure of her stuffed pussy and licked nipple. He lapped and
sucked, as he also reached up and rubbed and tweaked the other brown hard
nub. After a minute or so, she couldn't take any more, and leaned back up.

As Kristen opened her eyes, she caught a glimpse of her friend, naked and
watching in the door opening. She didn't say anything or move at all, just
smiled and locked blue eyes on blue eyes. David came up next to Kristy, but
Kristen only glanced at him briefly. As she and Kristy shared some subtle
female communication, Jeff caught on and twisted his head around to see.
Once he saw the other couple watching, he smiled and winked, and turned back
to watch his lover.

Without taking her eyes off Kristy, Kristen began to fuck Jeff. Raising her
hips in a slow, steady rhythm, she revealed the base of the thick cock that
impaled her, before sinking down again and letting it fill her. It was so
sexy, thought David, to see her trim and athletic ass rising and falling on
Jeff's thick red cock. How did I ever get so lucky?

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" asked Kristy.

"Oh yeah." replied David enthusiastically.

"That's got to feel so good, doesn't it?" she continued, eyes glued to the
cpuple on the bed, "To feel your cock up inside a hot pussy as far as it
will go. Knowing she loves it, knowing you're going to cum in there.
Squirt your seed up inside her, where it belongs."

Kristen rocked back and forth steadily. She could hear Kristy, and it
seemed to imflame her passions. She closed her eyes and began humping
harder, pulling up further, revealing more of Jeff's shiny hard cock.

Kristy noticed the reaction. "Yeah, Kristen, go for it, girl. Fuck that
thing, you hear me? You love it, don'cha? I know you do. Fuck it till you
make him cum in you, keep it going till he fills you up with his little
spermies. I know he's got a big load in there for you." Kristy incited her

"Oh God yes, I do love it. I can't help it, it feels so fucking good."
Kristen grunted shakily, as she began to be filled to overflowing with the
sweet stings of sexual pleasure.

Kristy turned to David. "That's fucking, hon. And it feels so good. You
know it does, don't you?" To emphasize her point, she took David's long
hard cock in her hand and began gently stroking it.

"Yeah." David said, feeling the sugary pleasure on his member.

"Doesn't that make you wanna fuck, Dave?"

"Yeah it does, oh Kristy, yeah it really does."

"We're gonna stay here and watch till Jeff cums in Kristen, and then I want
you to fuck me, Dave, my stud man. Will you fuck me? Please?"

"Yes." he said weakly, not taking his eyes off the rise and fall of
Kristen's pretty ass as she humped Jeff's cock faster and faster.

"Ohhhhhh god, what sweet fucking." the blonde girl moaned, as she cupped her
lover's face with her hands during a pause. As she sat there, hot cock and
wet pussy soldered together, he began to push up, needing release
desperately. "Oooooooo" she moaned and began to hump back at him. They
were clearly excited at being watched by their friends, and the situation
was sending them both toward the sweet explosion of the cum.

Soon they both lost all control. She began to thrust down harder, and he
began to hump up more violently. The wet slap of their loins could be heard
all over the house.

"Oh, yes, baby please squirt it up me, I don't care, just please do it
now!!." Kristen begged.

He began to grunt and humped even harder. He was so fucking close.

"Yes...yes....YES oh dammit give it to me, oh YES!" she moaned in his ear.

"Here it cums baby." he groaned softly, then: "Ugggghhhh!" a grunt and moan
at the same time as his hips pushed up. As deep inside her as he could go,
his cock pulsed and squirted shot after shot of hot cum. Her hips quivered
and shook, but it was the only motion visible as they tensely clung tight to
one another, eyes closed as they both felt the ecstacy of the melting
together of their sexual fluids. She delighted in the feel of his cock
pulsing just at the external point where they were joined.

At last, their bodies relaxed and settled back into the welcoming waterbed.
They still held one another tight. Kristen sighed deeply, and began to
plant little kisses all over Jeff's face. "I felt it, I really felt it
squirt that time." she whispered quietly, but Kristy and David heard her.

"Fuck me now." Kristy told David fiercely, "Fuck me right on the floor in
this goddamn door." She lay down, spread her legs, and pulled him between
them. He'd never heard or read of anyone so wild.

"Here just lay between my legs on your knees." He got into position. She
grabbed his cock and guided it to her hot hole. "Don't play around. Push it
in me and fuck."

All he had to do was push forward. He couldn't miss if he tried. The slick
labia took his cockhead and guided it to it's target. The virgin boy shoved
his hips forward, so horny now he didn't care about much of anything. He
didn't care about the other couple on the bed just a few feet away, and he
didn't care about his parents, his teachers, his church elders and their
lectures. His cock slid into the girl beneath him like a knife in hot
butter. In no time at all, he felt his pubic hair push up against her labia
and mingle with hers. So hot. So exquisite.

"Oh, god, you bottomed out baby, you fill me up so good. Fuck me, baby, rub
it in and out of me, make Kristy feel so good!"

Even for a newbie, the motion of sex is easy and natural. He began to work
his hips back and forth, not thinking about it, just going with the feelings
in his body. The result was a slow explosion of unfathomable pleasure that
built around his cock, as Kristy flexed and relaxed her muscles to increase
the friction for both of them.

"Ooooo baby you're a sweet fucker, honey, you're gonna cum in it and fill me
up, Oh YEAH!"

He stopped. Gasping, he heeded a small voice of caution. "Kristy, I don't
want to make a baby in you." he gasped, holding his cock still inside her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. She'd played a game with others
before, but not with this boy. She took his face in her hands and said,
"Don't worry honey, I'm safe. Just let it go. Shoot it deep in me. I need
it. Please, please."

He began the motion again, and this time the little pause made the streaks
of joy even stronger. He heard himself groan. The level of pleasure your
body could give you was just out of comprehension, he thought in the last
sane corner of his mind. He felt her legs wrap around him, holding him
strongly in her. As he humped, he felt her heave back at him. Their
breathing was ragged as they gasped and moaned. All either knew now was the
feel of cock sliding in pussy. They were beyond words now.

Kristen and Jeff, temporarily sated by their mutual orgasm, watched
fascinated and aroused by the wild animal scene in the doorway. They had a
great rear view, and when Kristy raised her fantastic legs and wrapped them
around the slim waist of her tallish lover, they got a wonderful view of his
long slim cock sliding wetly in and out of her.

As they watched, Kristy quite obviously went over the edge. She began to
hump quickly and frantically, and grunted her little grunts. David sensed
her cumming and slowed briefly. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" she panted again and again.
He thought he'd be able to feel her cum, but he could only feel an increased
tightness. But he did feel her hips pushing up to him in a quick rhythm.
He knew by some instinct she was there, and it fired him to the last degree.
His ass was on autopilot as he humped and fucked her now, groans and grunts
coming from his lips.

Soon David felt the opening of the valves that told him no matter what, the
cum was going to shoot from his cock. He groaned, unable to give his lover
any more warning, and pushed up violently and deeply in her in an
instinctive ancient move to plant his sperm as deeply as possible. Then his
loins siezed, and he felt his asshole tighten deliciously as his cock
stiffened to it's last degree, and the spasms flooded his overloaded brain.

Kristy held him tight and she felt him stiffen and could even feel the
pulses of his cock at the base of her sensitive lips as the hot white juice
she loved flowed into her open womb.

"Oh yesssssssssss." she moaned, again and again, even as he came, and even
as he relaxed atop her.

Their panting and gasping had barely ended, and his cock was still stiff up
inside her, soaking in their mutual honey, when they both heard the sound of
gentle applause. Their audience was very appreciative. David couldn't
move, but Kristy raised her arm high and shot up a thumb, in a gesture of
joy and triumph.


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