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RED old woman had been her only


Author's notes:

Originally posted two years ago today, "Red" is
the story that "started it all" for me. It is the very first
erotic story that I've ever written, and as such, holds a
special place in my heart.

As always, the work is mine, so please do not repost or
redistribute without my name and email address. Stealing
it to put on a pay site, or any site that makes a profit,
is a big no-no in my book. Comments, questions, and
criticisms are always welcome. Email me at:
femNOSPACEecrivain at netdot dot com - or use the handy
form on my website:

(An erotic fairy tale)
by Souvie
Once upon a time, (simply because all the best fairy tales
start out this way) there was a young woman who lived in a
cottage at the edge of the woods. With flaming red hair that
cascaded around her shoulders, sparking green eyes, lush pouty
lips, and a bust that defied gravity, she was considered by
those around her to be an unparalleled beauty.

Red, as she was known to everyone, had never been married and
dated only occasionally. Working in an office in the secretarial
pool, she was the shy, quiet type. But oh! the things she
dreamed of at night would make a sailor blush. (hmmmm that's
usually the way it is, isn't it? But I digress.....) Getting
word one day that her grandmother had been feeling under the
weather, she baked a basketfull of goodies to take to her.
(brownies, rice krispie treats, chocolate chip cookies - for
those who are sticklers for detail). Ever since her parents had
disappeared in a horrific Bermuda Triangle accident 2 years ago,
the old woman had been her only kin and she felt it was her duty
to see how she was faring. Donning the red hooded cape that her
grandmother had made her, complete with matching velvet thong
(Granny was progressive), she took up the basket and set off
through the woods.

Walking along the narrow trail, red was paying so much
attention to the birds, the butterflies, nature in general; she
failed to notice the rustling of the bushes along the pathway.
She rounded a bend in the trail, and suddenly stopped. There,
leaning against a tree, was a man she'd seen before around the
office, but never spoken to. All 6'2" of him. The lazy perusal
in his steel grey eyes, and WOLFISH smile, caused her chin to go
up just a notch.

She continued on her way, and he fell into step beside her.
"Where are you off to?" His voice enveloped her, smooth as silk.

"My grandmother's house."

"I see," he replied, raising his eyebrows. "Well, I will let
you be on your way... ma'am."

Red shot him a puzzled look as he stopped and she continued on.
She really *hadn't* wanted him to leave her so soon. On the other
hand, she was also familiar with the old adage "never trust a
wolf in sheep's clothing", so despite urges to the contrary, she
kept walking.

Now, the "wolf" knew that the path red traveled only led to
one cottage, and that an elderly woman lived there by herself.
Putting two and two together, he quickly hurried off through the
woods, taking a shortcut he conveniently knew of.

Some minutes later, arriving at the house well before Red, he
knocked, but there was no answer. He tested the latch, and
finding it unlocked, entered cautiously. The tiny two room house
was empty. There on the table, was a note: "Gone to spend the
weekend with my friend in the city. Love, Grandma."

He stroked his chin and smiled as a wicked idea popped into his
head. He quickly shut the door, and tossed the note into the


Red knocked on the cottage door, and stuck her head inside.
"Granny?" "Come in, my dear," came a hoarse voice from the
vicinity of the bed. She put her basket down on the table and
approached the bed. Her grandma was tucked snug into the bed, an
old-fashioned cap upon her head. Her voice was a bit gravely,
but red attributed that to her being sick. "I brought you some
goodies, gram. How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling... hot, but I'm doing okay. Why don't you climb
into bed here and we can have a nice long chat." A hand snaked
out and patted the bedcovers. red took off her cape and then
climbed up onto the big 4-poster bed. She peered at her grandma.
(Now don't be hard on her for being so easily fooled - she lost
a contact on her walk in the woods and everything was a mite
fuzzy.) She looked at the arm lying so close to her own. "My,
grandma, what long arms you have!"

"The better to hold you with, my dear." 'Grandma' propped
herself up on one elbow and stared at Red.

"Oh grandma, what big eyes you have!"

"The better to gaze upon your beautiful body, my dear." The
smile was dazzling in it's familiarity.

She paused. "And what large ears you have, too!"

"The better to hear you moan, my darling."

Red scrunched up her brow. "What a long tongue you have!"

Mr. Wolfly snatched the cap off of his head and said, "The
better to taste you with, my sweet!"

She gasped in surprise as she recognized the man from earlier.

"Don't be afraid," he hastened to assure her. "I couldn't help
myself - you are absolutely the most beautiful creature I have
ever seen." He ran his hand lazily up and down her arm.

She shivered, but made no move to get up.

Encouraged, he swept the covers back from them both. She cast a
quick glance down and confirmed her suspicions: he was as naked
as the day he was born. A slight flush stained her cheeks. He
chuckled and reached across her to dim the light.

He ran his hands down her body and made quick work of removing
her clothes. When she was spread out naked before him, he drank
her in with greedy eyes. "All mine," he whispered as he leaned
in to kiss her. She smelled like honey and clover, and fresh;
innocent. He nibbled at her lips and was encouraged when she
kissed him back with exuberance. His hands skimmed her sides and
she laughed into his mouth. He captured her tongue and sucked on
it gently.

He moved back and planted little kisses down her chest until he
got to her stomach. With one hand he felt between her legs. He'd
barely even touched her and she was wet already. He grinned with
masculine pride.

She moaned as he sat back on his haunches and pulled her
forward. Hands on either side of her hips, he lifted and
positioned her over his stiff love tool. (Come on, ya'll - it's
a fairy tale. I HAVE to use cutsey euphemisms!) He guided her
down in one smooth stroke.

Buried to the hilt, he gripped her waist and helped her start
the rhythm. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked at him
with wide eyed wonder. "It's not...I mean...This isn't my first
time," she finally uttered. "But I never....I mean..." .

"Shhhhhh," he said with a knowing smile. "Just go with it."

She wiggled around to get better situated and he breathed
heavily. "I think you've got it, love."

He started moving his hips up and down and she matched his
pace. Awkwardly at first, but with growing confidence. Her nails
bit into his shoulders, and she closed her eyes in surrender. He
reached a hand between them to rub a rosy nipple between his
thumb and forefinger.

She grew bolder in her movements as she began to experiment.
She leaned forward and licked his shoulder; nibbled his ear. She
writhed; she changed the pace; she moved in a way that left him
no doubt she was a quick learner.

He knew if he didn't take control back he would explode. And he
wasn't ready just yet. He moved his right hand down and back to
cup her lush bottom and squeezed; moving her steadily up and
down. His right hand wedged between them and brushed down across
her love mound. He found her swollen and slick button and rubbed
it in fast circles. He got the desired effect.

She arched against his hand, threw her head back and shouted
with the force of her release. He growled low in his throat at
the feel of her muscles contracting around his stiff rod.
Thrusting his hips up once; twice more, his husky voice joined
with her mellifluous one as his milky nectar shot inside her.

She collapsed in his arms and when he could move again, he
stretched himself out and pulled her close. She sighed;
satisfied and spent.

"Not regretting this are you, Red? Or should I say, Scarlett."

"You know my real first name?" He nodded. She frowned. "Then
I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage."

He gave her the 'make my toes go numb' smile again. "It's
Wolfgang..." They looked at each other and laughed.


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