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RELATIONS split second before put


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

We're not Related
Somehow Shirley still uses me as the villian in her gossip. She
must sense how transparent that is, but old habits die hard.
I don't know how she glosses over the fact that it was she that
left me for the younger man. She told me she was striking a blow for
women everywhere. She was reversing the normal trend of a man using
up his wife and then discarding her, and how did that feel.
I'm sure abandoned wives everywhere rejoiced when I joined
their ranks. I never heard from them, but from what Shirley said they
must have known.
Shirley's leaving was a substantial shock, but not one I couldn't
get over. We had, in fact, been getting along better before she left. That
meant she was replacing complaining and accusations with neglect. I
thought we had finally settled into some twisted kind of normalcy.
We had seemed so in love once, but now I have to question if
that ever was true. Shirley changed so abruptly when we got married.
Perhaps it was always her plan to ride a man to the top and cast him
Still, she couldn't let it rest at that. As I said, I could get over her
leaving. She thought it was important that she rub my nose in her 24-
year-old lover. Read that again, SHE wanted to keep getting together..
Like I cared. The only thing that irritated me about their being
together was her obvious desire to irritate me. I didn't hate her lover. He
was a bland enough sort. It was Shirley exaggerating their lovey-dovey
sweet 'ums pookey bear relationship.
Even that didn't irritate me enough to stop seeing them. I had
already admitted defeat. I wasn't going to add admitting humiliation.
That resolve paid off when I met June one Christmas. It was her
lover, Julius', turn to have his family over and I think Shirley relished the
larger audience.
Shirley was (darn it) well-received in his family and I was
beginning to feel like an idiot for being there. June showed that their
family didn't think that way. As far as she was concerned I was a guest
invited by her brother's new girlfriend and that was the end of it.
She had a vested interest in seeing me that way. Her own lover,
Christine, wasn't secure enough to come as a couple to family gatherings.
Christine was barely out in the gay community, fearing all the fears that
keep gays closeted. And June was horny.
I thought her attention was rather odd since Shirley had told me
she had a lesbian lover. Shirley obviously left it at that as well because I
caught her sniggering at me as June became my buddy for the afternoon.
I don't think she would have been suppressing laughter if she
had been watching at the window of June's motel room after the party.
If I had met her on the street and she had come on the way she
did... Well, I really can't believe it could have happened any quicker.
June bulldozed through my preconception like the dyke she was and I
found myself following her to her motel after the party.
I finally believed her act when the first thing she did in the room
was jerk down my zipper, pull out my cock and drop to her knees to
suck it. She had a lesbian lover. They kept house better than men. She
was in fact, emotionally committed to the girl, they just had an
understanding. June was really, really bi and needed the stray man to
keep her feeling balanced. That day I was the stray.
As I was saying before I contradicted myself, if I had met her on
the street, I would have been eager to get in her pants. She was six-foot
tall in heels and that meant about a inch shorter than me in bare feet. She
was lustfully endowed, though not bosomy and the swell of her hips
showed every bump of pelvis and hollow of thigh. And at 29, she was
two-thirds my age and firm enough to prove it.
And she was sucking my cock like a submissive female and not
a top. That was the only illusion about her. She trapped me with that
eager display. She resisted her urge until we had both stripped naked
and then threw me on the bed.
She saddled up my face and pushed her cunt down on my
"Eat me, honey. Lick me until I cum," she demanded.
Since she had given me such a nice blow-job, I figured I could
suppress my sensitivity to being her slave and return the favor. I really
didn't mind exploring her cunt with my tongue at all. It was only my fear
that it would give her the wrong idea that I had to conquer.
So let me tell you fear is stupid. I guess I was feeling vulnerable
trapped between her powerful thighs with her hairy cunt pushed under
my nose. But when she came on my tongue, there was no preconception
What I mean is that her ideas, wrong or right, had little to do
with it. She was the one vulnerable in orgasm and I let my natural
instincts take over. She rolled off my face easily and I was quick to
climb between her legs.
I entered her a split second before I put my mouth over hers
and let her taste her own cunt on my tongue. I think she didn't realize
what was happening until I began to fuck her.
"You just want to stick it in and fuck me straight, don't you," she
growled, but there was some giggle in the tone than made me think she
was playing with me.
"I just want to stick it in and fuck you period," I returned. "A
man will stick his dork into anything warm and moist."
"Oh yeah, you big asshole, you wish," she said as she started to
She was making it better with her squirming. I was playing right
along, grabbing her when she tried to escape and pinning her struggling
ass to the bed when I thrust into her.
She wasn't violently trying to fend me off as if I was raping her.
Instead it was a struggle for dominance like a wrestling match. I was
making my pin very happy inside her and she was trying to escape.
She finally got her one point for escaping, but not two for a
reversal. I had been trying to change my grip when she slipped off my
cock. She had tried to scramble away, but I still had her locked around
the waist. But my dick was out in the cold instead of cradled in her hot
"Now what are you going to do?" she teased.
Since she wanted to wrestle, I brought her arm back in a
half-nelson and forced her shoulders to the bed while keeping my arm
wound around her waist.
"Looks like I can do about anything I want to," I heckled her.
"But you can't fuck my ass. You're not man enough," she
It had only taken me two hours to know her well enough to
understand what that meant. She wasn't kneeling with her face shoved
into the sheets by accident. It was still a challenge to hold her when I
moved my hips away for my cock to pop up from its nest between her
cuntlips, but her struggles only delayed the inevitable.
When I finally got my cock seated against her anus after several
delicious cunt-plunging false starts, a jerk of her hips buried the head and
her ass was mine. That seemed to stiffen her spine and halt her struggle.
I didn't let up a bit on my grip, but I did take it easy slipping my
cock into her tight asshole. I could feel her trying to help as I pushed
furmly, but not aggressively against the protesting sphincter. I was
making little fuck motions with about half my cock in her ass when I
felt her ass relax a little.
When I had pushed my cock to the root in her rectum, I let go
of her arm for a better grip on her hips. There wasn't much she could do
now. That didn't mean she didn't try to reach back for me. I leaned back
out of the way and proceeded to slam my cock into her ass.
"You're right," I harrassed her. "I'm not man enough to fuck a
real woman's ass. I can only fuck ass with women like you."
"Shut up and PUSH!" she spat through gritted teeth, signaling
the end of the verbal game.
Her continued struggles were quite delightful as I tried to
comply with her wish for harder, deeper. Her ass sent my cock rooting
off into untouched parts of her colon and and made each new angle feel
better than the last. And lest I forget, the sight of her twin-domed rear
rowdy with motion and split around my buried cock was also giving me
I think it was supposed to be part of the scene that I was
thinking, here butch, here butch, every time I shoved my cock into her
raised, open ass. I was quite lost in fucking her hot tightness when she
made her move. No conventional move would unseat me, so she tried
to buck us both in the air.
I was caught by surprise, but the loss of balance worked for
me. She came down flat on the bed and I fell on her back with my cock
ramming deep into her rectum at the impact. She had jumped out of the
pan into the fire. I slid my hands under her armpits to grab her wrists and
I had her pinned so securely that she had no hope of escape.
When her hips arched off the bed to beg me to drill her asshole,
I suspected that it was a part of her plan. She shivered as I lay on her
butt and surged my cock back and forth as good as I could.
It was only in, in, in, and I felt as surrounded by a woman as I
ever have in my life. The sweet curve of her ass pressed into the joint
of my thighs and my balls were tickled by the hair on her cunt as they
bounced against it as I rammed her and rammed her.
That all must have been an overpowering rush of sensation
because it hardly seems I lasted long enough to feel it all before I was
caught in an earthquake of a climax. Her anus tightened on me when I
was helpless to move in the midst of my filling her bowels with cum. She
milked me deep inside her and then sighed with me as I collapsed on her
She was very feminine when I roused enough to realize I was
probably crushing her beneath me. She mewled when I tried to move.
"No, lie there," she asked, "I like to feel your weight and I want
your cock to stay in my ass as long as we can keep it there."
True to her word, her asshole had clamped down on the base of
my cock and she was trying to keep in inside her. It was just about
enough to make my cock rise again.
But that didn't happen. We were like guys again in the shower
without the homophobia. She played with my cock in a buddy kind of
way if you can imagine what I mean and I swatted her butt in the same
kind of spirit.
She thought I was pretty cool for an old guy and said I was one
of her best (male) fucks ever. I got it without her having to explain and
that made it easier to get into. I told her that fucking her ass was one of
the best fucks I had ever too and I liked the way she was so masculine
about the whole deal.
She laughed and said I was a closet queer.
She also said she'd like to fuck me again. She needed a good
hard cock every so often and she figured me as a safe guy to give it to
her. I knew where she was coming from and she guessed I might be
able to keep it on a friendly fuck basis.
It couldn't have been a better fit for me. I was able to get over
Shirley leaving me, but that doesn't mean it didn't leave a few nervous
tics about women in general. June was a buddy out of bed and a great
fuck in it. What better way to serve my sexual and emotional needs?
If this was the end of the story, Shirley would have been pissed
enough. Imagine! She leaves me for a younger man and instead of
melting into some sorry, sobbing mass, I start fucking her boyfriend's
sister! And the queer sister at that!
That's without delving into the problem she would have with
June's taste for ass-fucking. Whatever twist of mind led June to crave
the dominance of a male putting his cock in her ass, it still meant I was
having a fuller sex life with a dyke than I had with Shirley.
But then came April. That's June and July's (Julius's nickname-
pronounced- Joo-lee) middle sister. Their parents had a thing for
months. She was 27 and perfectly suited to be the middle child in the
family. She had bigger tits than her sister- just big enough to fuck and the
slimmer hips of her brother. She was also the only blonde, really blonde,
although not as blonde as her hair proclaimed.
She had never married, but there was no question that she was
a card-carrying heterosexual. It was an anomaly, I was told, that she
had come to New Year's without her lover of the moment.
It wasn't an anomaly. It was a plot cooked up between sisters.
Even I, who was the pigeon in their con, had to admit it was a sensible
plan. And at this point Shirley was still oblivious. With the holiday rush,
June and I had fucked only that once and we weren't blabbing it to
On the surface it was another happy gathering, this time at June's.
Christine had stayed home for the party and I think she grew more
comfortable as the evening wore on and no one called her names. Even
Shirley pretended to be more broad-minded than she was.
That left me as the obvious choice for April to sit with. Shirley
wasn't as happy with this turn of events. She kept prodding April for a
listing of her lovers to show me I had no chance. But chance had nothing
to do with it.
In a purely business-like discussion of sex, men, sex, money, hot
sex and sex, June and April had decided that April was the best woman
for me. She wouldn't mess up June's plan to fuck me occasionally and I
would be a nice, stable change from some of the airheads April had
been with. June said I was perfect in attitude and great in bed and that
was a good enough recommendation for April.
And they were nice enough to consider my feelings too. They
weren't sharing the intention, but April was non-aggressive and polite
as we shared little details. They were going to see if we hit it off before
they sprang the idea of April becoming my new roomie on me.
I was, of course, alight with the possibilities after fucking June.
Twig is bent, acorn far form the tree- all that stuff made me hopeful that
this sister was as sexually adventurous as June. Just the fantasy gives you
a nice, warm feeling in your groin and that was as far as I took it at that
point. It didn't hurt that Shirley was scowling at the same thoughts.
Really, why would this beautiful 27-year-old want to fuck a
paunchy old man? I know I've told you, but I didn't know that stuff at the
time. I was having fun playing along with what I thought was a sexy
teasing game she liked to play.
At midnight, I got a dick-stiffening kiss from April, but June and
even Christine kissed me too. I was tipsy enough to not trust my intuition
but it was screaming that April wanted me. Of course it was. In my
condition it would scream a woman wanted me because she glanced at
the clock I was sitting under.
Fortunately, that made me very pliable to their plans. I was
among the first to the door, but among the last to leave. Only Shirley
and July waited to make sure I was out of the house to say their
goodbyes. And then it was only for April to lead me to my car and
refuse to let me behind the wheel.
"You're too drunk to drive," she said responsibly.
"I'm not that drunk. I'll be fine in a little bit," I told her and then
decided to show her what I thought was suave when I was bagged. "If
you're worried, we could neck for a while until I sober up."
She said Shirley and July passed us without seeing in the car
about the time I lunged at her and gave her a taste of what I'd been
drinking all night. Personally, I was in heaven. There was a vague
memory of thinking she was putting me on nagging in the back of my
head, but I was swapping spit with her, bottom line.
She wasn't pushing me away, but she didn't seem to be getting
in to it either. I took that to mean I wasn't getting any farther that night.
What it meant was she was waiting for Shirley and July to be really,
truely, long gone before she pushed me off and got me back out of the
"I'm not going to sit out here and wait. We're going back inside
and see if we can't work some of that alcohol out of you," she said.
We? Work? It makes perfect sense now, but at the time I had
no clue what she was talking about. She had been friendly, but not overt
and there were two slit-licking lesbians in the house.
But, as I said, I was drunk enough to be pliable and I wasn't
drunk enough to be a fool and argue with this good-looking babe
dragging me anywhere.
I think the ultimate test came as she tried to humiliate me when
we were inside. I'm pretty sure she was using the liquor as a behavioral
truth serum and testing my reaction.
"So what part of this don't you understand?" she accused as she
was having trouble getting the buttons of my shirt undone.
"Don't you like women? Are you a fag?" she buffeted me with
insinuations and then pulled open her blouse to show me her bursting
bra. "Am I not good enough for you, old man?"
She says I was grinning stupidly at her tirade and I can't argue.
I know I was fumbling with diminished capabilites to free myself of my
"I'm drunk, bitch," I finally managed to retort. "If you want it,
you're going to have to help me."
"Helpless, stupid little fucker," she grumbled as she did just that.
Her epithets were lost in the joy of being stripped and I tried to
help her out of her clothes while she was removing mine. I managed to
get everything pretty much opened and she only had to slide her clothes
off when she had me stripped to my socks.
I'm still not sure if Christine was a shill or another victim of their
plans. She was effective in either case as she shrieked when she passed
by and saw the naked April standing over naked me in the living room.
"June! There's a naked man in our house!" she screamed and
gave me a nice view of one gently sloping fem tittie through the gap in
her robe as she turned to call June.
June was stark naked and ready for bed when she emerged and
looked at her sister getting ready to fuck me. Since I wasn't in on the
plan, I didn't know how June was going to take this. She took one look
and turned to Christine.
"That's the man I told you about. Don't worry, he knows what
we like and you don't have to worry," she calmed her lover.
I was processing the idea that I was headline news when June
dropped the real shocker.
"Why don't you guys come in with us. We'll be a big, happy
family," June suggested.
Christine looked nervous, but April seemed eager and I didn't
give a damn. It was a king-sized bed, but Christine still looked
apprehensive that our skins would touch. The sisters took care of that
by putting themselves the middle and their respective lovers on the edges.
I felt warm and welcome, despite Christine, and not threatened
at all. April was much more aggresive in this kiss than the one in the car
and her hand was busy tickling over the skin of my cock.
Pretty soon no one was minding the crowd as we busied
ourselves with our partners. April's breasts were as sensitive as they
were large and she went a little nuts when they were kissed. Her
excitement had me raring to fuck her, but first she pushed me back
against the pillow and mounted my face reversed so we could eat each
As my tongue slithered in the folds of April's cunt, a hand pulled
mine from April's ass. I looked over to see June in the same position
behind Christine's ass and we smiled as she held my hand. It was the
kinkiest thing I had ever been involved in, but at the same time it was
so sweet and romantic.
April's insistent sucking made me turn back to licking her and I
imagine June did the same. But we held hands as we ate and were eaten
by our respective lovers.
April broke that bond when she squirmed off and turned around
to sit on my aching cock.
"You sober enough to fuck me now?" she teased.
I just reached up to play with her breasts and that made her
shiver and hurry to cram my cock inside herself. For a well-travelled
cunt, she was very tight, but then she was only 27. She wasn't really
fucking me. She was sitting on my cock and moving back and forth to
keep me wanting more.
It seemed to be doing her more good, however. She was
moaning and groaning to beat the band as I was aching for her to let me
slide my cock in and out of her so I could share her joy. She didn't even
think about moving until I felt her cunt grab me as she came on my cock.
Even then she refused to move until she saw June roll Christine
over and climb between her legs like a man. I was a little busy at the
moment, but when April had reversed our positions so I was on top of
her and between her legs. I looked over to see June humping Christine
just as I was humping her sister.
I had never watched girl-girl sex except in porno movies and I
was fascinated that June looked so like a man as she rubbed her mound
against Christine's sex. We fell into the same rhythm as she ground her
mound on Christine and I fucked my cock into April.
April was satisfied with the action for a while as I watched her
sister and her lover, but then reached up to turn my face back to herself.
"You're fucking me, not Christine," she told me sternly.
It was okay the other way. I was enjoying fucking her tight twat
while I watched the other two. It was nice and warm and comfy. When
I turned my attention to her, it got too good too quick.
She was not as energetic as her sister, but she was more
empathetic in a subtle way. She used her grinding hips to make every
thrust into her a symphony of squirming flesh and kissing compression.
She was just what I needed when I needed it, or maybe too much of
what I needed before I needed it. In any case, she had me straining not
to cum long before I wanted to stop fucking her.
I wrapped her in my arms to press her resilient tits to my chest,
hoping that would distract me a little longer. The hot points of her nipples
stabbing into my chest only made it worse.
"Cum for me, baby," I groaned in her ear as I fucked her with
measured thrusts, "Let's get off together this time."
"Fuck me harder," she whispered back.
I trusted her knowing how close I was to cumming and picked
up the pace of my fucking. She pushed me up off her and onto my
elbows and then jerked her hips back at me as fast as I thrust into her.
I don't really know if she came or faked it, but it was a
reasonable facsimile. The first twitch of her cunt was the signal and I
drove into her with a great burden lifted off me. Surprisingly, I didn't
start pouring out cum like a faucet. It took another four or five thrusts
and a couple of spasms on her part before my balls believed it was all
right to let go.
But then they did and I swear I was shaking and jerking worse
than April as my belated cum gushed out and I pumped her full of jizm.
"You do fuck like an animal," April said as I collapsed on her.
"I hope that's good," I said affably.
"I can't wait to see what you can do when you're not drunk," she
Well, that seemed to assume I'd be fucking her again and I took
that as a plus. Obviously, it wouldn't set off a firestorm of controversy
with her sister. Who, by the way, had moved from her missionary
position and was now kneeling between Christine's legs. She was
holding one up and attacking her pubes with back and forth motions like
her sister had fucked herself on my cock just before.
I did get a better look at Christine this time. The gently sloping
tits I had seen before all but flattened out as she lay on her back- or
thrashed about on her back. Even without knowing her preference, I
would have described her as soft and feminine. It was an aura, but it was
also in the way she held- or didn't hold- her body and in the pliable flesh
itself. She was suburbia beautiful- the attractive wife of chairman so and
so. She was totally gay.
I had the feeling that if she hadn't had her eyes screwed shut,
she would have been disturbed by my looking at her. I think she was
afraid of men. She certainly didn't like them.
When June rolled off Christine, it was her and me touching in
the middle. She wiggled against me and then put her hand on my
"A couple of hot bitches we got here, don't we?" she snorted.
"Kind of nice knocking off a piece with your old buddy isn't it?"
"Every time so far," I admitted, "You're the kind of pal a fellow
can only dream of."
She laughed at that, shaking my shoulder while she did.
"Fuck you, June," April chimed in. "He's mine now. I'll fuck him
again if you don't believe me."
"If I thought you meant that, I'd be the happiest big sister there
is," June said. "How about if you fuck me first and then fuck him again?
Or I can fuck you and you can fuck him and he can fuck me? If you
want to put Christine between us, we can have a four-way."
"No way!" April's and Christine's retorts almost came together.
"April, a little sister suck wouldn't kill you," June said, more
serious this time.
"We go over this and go over this," April started in a tired voice.
"I don't think it's repulsive and I am curious, but not that curious and not
with my sister."
She ended with emphasis and then got that cute edge to her
voice that said she was plotting.
"But you give him to me and I'll certainly think of you in a more
liberal and indebted light," she teased.
"Hey!" I interrupted. "Where did I lose the pink slip to myself?"
"Shut up," Judy ordered. "You know you want to squeeze those
big, firm titties and fuck her night after night. I know what you like and I
can tell you she's almost an ass-virgin. What's it been, sis, three times?"
"Jesus, you're rude," April scolded her. "I was thinking it might
be something the two of us might want to talk over ourselves."
That was how I found out they had planned her moving in and
fucking me for the rent. Lying in the midst of a bunch of naked women,
I was open to the suggestion.
For all I know- or her either, for that matter, I was all over
Christine while we slept. I think she slept an little uneasy because of that.
But we woke up in interesting poses of separateness. As we woke up,
we came together and made the hangovers worth getting.
June hijacked me from the start by having the first hand on my
hard-on when I woke up. She had a little business for me.
"I want you to do me so Christine can watch," she said.
I found out that meant she wanted my cock in her ass while she
and Christine did a '69'. I had gotten greased and stuck about halfway in
when Christine couldn't deal with a cock that close anymore.
There wasn't any arguing. I had to take my cock and go home.
At least go and see if April was interested.
"Wash it first," April told me. "I don't know you well enough to
suck shit off your dick yet."
It was a nice way to begin to set precedents. I didn't blame her
one bit. And it gave me the chance to piss and take off the pressure on
my bladder that might make me tend to hurry my morning fuck.
April was great once my dick was clean. Waking up to see me
with my cock halfway up her sister's ass hadn't bothered her one bit. I
was still collecting omens here and this one said to me that June hadn't
given me up to her sister and April understood that. It was like two for
the price of one.
April moved in over the next week. She started by sleeping over
with a change of underwear and a toothbrush on Sunday night and then
built her wardrobe an outfit at a time as she brought along a change of
clothes and rapidly began invading my bathroom with soaps and beauty
products. I finally gave her the bathroom off the bedroom and moved my
things to the half bath under the stairs.
We all pitched in and moved or stored the remainder of her stuff
the next weekend. We came back tired and sweaty and began to
unpack boxes. And April started it all wanting a shower.
"Me too," I said and headed for the bathroom.
"Hey!" June snapped, "You going to leave me here all sweaty?"
"I don't care if you want to crowd in, ask April," I said.
"We'll have to take turns," April said mysteriously.
Being naked together wasn't a big thing after New Year's, but I
wasn't sure if I was dying to be rubbing up against these two babes or
unsure if I would be forced to make a choice between them. If it was
really as unimportant to them as they claimed, it wouldn't be a big deal,
but I knew all such decisions are politcal.
Fortunately, their politics were good-natured. And the shower
was a simply wonderful experience of rubbing all that flesh on flesh and
then soaping each other lovingly. They didn't mind that I had a hard-on,
but they didn't pay it any special attention either. That was just the way I
looked when I was in the shower with two young girls that I knew were
great fucks.
The politics came as we spilled out to towel off. We walked into
the bedroom and there it was- my bed. We stared at it for a bit and then
the girls turned around and looked at me. They were a step closer to the
bed and standing about my body-width apart, so I tried to dodge the
unasked question by putting one arm around each of them and falling
on the bed.
"Unn-uhhh," Lucy said.
"Who first?" April asked.
"First for what?" I countered, "First kiss on the tits? First pussy fingered? First clit licked? What?"
They weren't falling for it or they hadn't understood my meaning.
I was betting on not falling for it. I tried to peak their interest by showing
them the thought I had put into this.
"All we have to do when we're rolling around there together is
figure out who wants it first or worst. Then I can 'help' the other one
while her sister is getting hers," I proposed.
"You want us both together?" April asked.
"Who wouldn't?" I thought it was obvious.
"My sister... my sister is a bitch..." April said. "She preys on me
when I'm at my weakest. I just want you to know I can't be responsible
for what happens if you let that woman in bed with me."
"Honey, we fucked beside her while she was doing her girlfriend
Did I look repulsed?" I soothed, "I just want to fuck you two and I don't
care what you're doing while I'm doing that."
April was pliant then, but didn't look greatly amused. She
perked up when her titties were first kissed and June got the finger.
June's titties were second kissed and they both got a finger. In my
pursuit of equality, I had forgotten my own needs. I was still humping the
I couldn't delay making one of them the first to get my tongue
much longer. I had to choose, because I couldn't figure out how I could
get them to suck my dick and be eating them both at the same time.
June made my decision as I was turning around on the bed. She
grabbed my ass and pulled my cock into her mouth. I kept on going
over until I was laying on top of her and I pushed my face into her
That left April to crawl over and lick my balls as I fucked down
into her sister's face. She turned my hand every which way as I tried to
keep my finger in her while she crawled up to my rear. Then I felt a
hand on mine and was pulled away while June took over. I put it out
of my mind and concentrated on having both women licking and sucking my cock and balls.
That's the good stuff.
I tried to immerse myself, lose myself, drown myself in tongue-
fucking June's snatch, but I couldn't ignore their twin intentions. To have
the tease of a tongue and the fufillment of my cock in June's mouth was
too much of a good thing to be able to distract myself from.
"I wish you two could do that all day, but I'm afraid I'm about to
cum," I complained as I pulled my cock away from June.
"Then give it to me, she's had enough," April pouted.
There was no outcry from June and she had hijacked my attempt
to be fair. It was only right that I roll over and let Aprill have my cock.
Except that wasn't exactly how it went.
"Come here," June told her sister as I lay with my cock pointing
to heaven.
She lay April on her back with our butts touching and bent my
cock down. I hear you young guys wincing, but I guess one advantage
to being 45 is that it didn't bother me at all. All I felt was June pressing
my cock to April's cunt.
We scootched together and my cock slid far enough in to stay,
but only enough to whet my appetite for more. We both worked at that
and it seemed I was doing April some good.
When I lifted up on my elbows to push a little more cock in her,
I saw that April had an edge. She was humping actively on what cock
I could get into her, but her sister was giving her the added stimulation of
a finger on her clit.
"Don't be shy," I scolded June, "Get your face down there and
give us both some encouragement.
I think it was being caught that made June comply. If I had laid
there complacent to fuck April with half a cock, I think June would have
masturbated her to climax and left me hanging. At least it shifted the
emphasis to my added pleasure at June's tongue stroking the exposed
part of my cock even though it detracted from April's enjoyment for a
"Goddammit, June, not now," April complained.
"God yes! Now!" I countered. "Let her do her terrible things
now! I'm sharing her with you."
Either she felt it was two against one, or she was willing to let me
have my fun or she didn't really mind that much. Perhaps she was getting
too excited by the prohibited tongue licking her while I rocked my cock
in and out of her body.
It didn't take her long to climax as her sister licked her and I
fucked her with half my cock. My being far enough in to stay was
threatened as April jerked her hips in orgasm. I had to keep pushing
myself up and up until I was pushed up onto my hands as I struggled to
keep my cock in April's bouncing cunt.
April's vessel overflowing its walls had the effect of filling my
own cup of passion and I nudged June as I awkwardly bent my legs and
pulled them back. With June's head out of the way, I threw myself over
onto April and landed between her legs.
"You do deserve the first one," I grunted, unclear myself if I
meant the first orgasm or the first ride on my cock.
"Take it easy, I'm sensitive right now," she said to my deaf ears.
I guess that didn't extend to all of her because she didn't scold
me when I kept on pumping my cock in and out of her. I didn't drive to
my deepest and I didn't grind my belly on her pussy to massage her clit.
I just let her feel the rest of my cock that had been sitting under June's
tongue bath in the other position.
"Okay," she said after a bit, "Come on now. Give me all of it."
Her arms and legs wrapped around me as I thrust into her and
she bucked her hips up to meet me. I was hoping that was for
encouragement because I doubted I could hold off until she was ready
to cum again. Jamming all the way inside her had brought me to the brink
and I was ready on every thrust for my cum to explode into her.
When that thrust came, April groaned a little under me.
"Please! Keep fucking me hard. I'm almost there," she pled as
she felt my cock throb and spurt out my seed inside her.
She wasn't so much lying as exaggerating about how close she
was. I tried to keep fucking. I struggled to pound my cock in and out of
her. I kept thrusting only for her even as I felt my cock begin to wilt.
"Unnhhh," she grunted.
It would have hardly been a blip on orgasm radar, but April said
she came- 'a little' as I humped on and on. She finally hugged me to her
so we could pant in each other's ears.
It was a sweet little scene, but June could only stand so much.
She was getting restless for more. I think I understood her taste in
partners better for that. Women were easier to cajole into keeping it up
than men.
"Very nice, very lovely," June said sarcastically, "But I don't think
I ought to be punished for letting her go first."
"No, you need a chill pill so you can remember you're dealing
with a puny man and that takes some patience," I told her.
My words amused June, but didn't deter her quest for quick
satisfaction. Evidentally, she had plans already cooking in her fevered
brain. And I have to admit they were pretty good plans.
It all started with what could easily be mistaken for the casual
happenstance of lust. June wanted me and took advantage of my rolling
off her sister to glue her lips to mine. It seemed so natural that she would
move down my body and that I would stretch out to give her unopposed
access to my groin.
I ended up with my cock in June's mouth and my head resting on
April's crotch.
"Roll over and give her some," June encouraged and I took her
It all seemed like something that had just happened as my tongue
found April's wet slit and June tried to suck some hardness into my cock.
But then June kept moving around until she was nearly sitting on April's
head as we lay on our sides.
"You can take your smelly cunt out of my face," April
reprimanded her sister.
"You can lick my smelly cunt and complete the circle," June
lifted her mouth off my cock to reply.
"Dammit, June, don't you ever give up?" April asked.
"I seem to recall certain promises about sharing him with you,"
June insinuated.
I just wanted them to settle it so June would suck me again.
She was begiinning to get results. Triangular daisy-chain or not, I
wanted June sucking my cock.
Everyone, even April I think, got their wish. April gave in and
let her tongue explore her sister's slit. I kept nuzzling April's happy
valley and June put her mouth back on my cock and sucked with
renewed purpose.
I certainly was the weak link in the chain, but this time no one
was bitching because we were taking so long. I guess doing and being
done took the edge off their waiting for me.
For all I know I popped up quicker than normal. I do know
that my erection returned without my paying attention. I was trying to
make April wilder than she could make June and I needed to keep my
mind on what I was doing.
Somewhere I realized that I was making June retreat when I
rolled my hips. Then I realized my cock was hard and jabbing into her
throat. I stopped moving my hips and tried to get April to climax again
on my tongue.
There wasn't any hurry. June was only going to get me harder
and more ready to fuck her. I wasn't about to pop without warning.
It was June that had the plans of her own. Now that I was
useable, she wanted to use me. And seeing it was June, using men was
most of the thrill for her.
"Go get the vaseline," June told me, "We've got a familiar scene
to complete."
When I got back the three steps from the bathroom, I was not
surprised June had taken my place. April had seemed to give up her
protests in the heat of the moment. And I knew just what June wanted
me to do. I guess she liked being ass-fucked while in a '69'.
"Now don't be afraid," I taunted April as I squatted over her and
lubricated the hole just past the sweep of her mobile tongue. "I won't
bother you with this thing."
I pressed my thumb into June's ass and decided she didn't need
any warming up. I moved up and pressed my greased cock against her
asshole. Maybe she could have used a little more preparation. The band
of muscle didn't want to open to let me in. I convinced it with a stiff push
and it quickly became reasonable.
June's anus opened only as much as it needed for my cock to
squeeze in. It seemed her ass knew it was a losing battle with the
vaseline on my side and yielded that much, but stayed tight, begrudging
me more room than I could force.
It was easy enough that I knew I wasn't hurting June, but it
wasn't easy. I had to push hard to gain every inch as I leaned over her
butt and pushed my cock up her ass.
I wasn't thinking about the impression I would be making on
April as she watched at close range while I skewered her sister's asshole.
"Jeeze!" June paused in her munching to give her opinion, "You
want to get right to business, don't you. You must be the manly man."
"Only if the business is buried up your ass," I told her.
When I finally got my cock all the way up her ass, June
conceded. Her anus didn't cease being a tight band around my cock,
but it seemed less tense, less contentious as I pulled out and fucked her.
That says nothing about the challenge I was presenting April.
My balls swung between her nose and June's cunt and she couldn't help
but notice. She showed me she was in for the better or worse of it
when I felt her tongue add my balls to the list of things she was licking.
I have to admit June was on to something here. Properly cast,
it was a particularly satisfying way of being satisfied. I didn't really need
extra stimulation when I was pumping the hot grip of June's ass, but I
wasn't going to chase April away.
Part of the charm was that April made it all too good. It was
hard to know which feeling to let overcome you. Both the tight hug of
June's ass and April's tongue vied for my attention and I could only
flutter between the two as I slapped into June's round butt.
I'm sure it was a little bit of heaven for everyone involved. That
is, unless June really didn't like a cock in her ass. I could feel June
vibrating under me and I felt April's hot breath when her sister made her
cum again and again with her talented and experienced tongue. I felt
June's ass flutter on my cock a couple of times as I fucked her and I
kept on plunging into the hot grip of her rectum.
I had been fucking June's ass nearly as long as all my other ass
fucking combined when she moved her butt exclusively for my benefit.
"Come on, alpha male," she goaded, "Isn't it tight enough for
She squeezed her asshole on my cock as she rocked her hips
and it was more than tight enough. I guess I had reached an ecstacy
zone where my climax was vapor-locked. It was the only thing I could
think of why I had been fucking her hot tube so long without popping.
June was obviously raw enough and recruited her sister to help.
"Give him some of his own medicine," she asked April.
April must have had to strain her neck to reach, but the next
thing I felt was a tongue seeking out my own anus. It was so nerve-
tingling good that I drove into June with a mighty heave and stayed there
as April's tongue explored.
June kept her hips active, but again the pleasure in my cock was
taking a backseat to the sensation of April's tongue. But that in itself was
just about, nearly, pretty close to making my cum.
Then I felt her finger. She licked the finger and my asshole as she
rubbed the finger over the puckered ring and then pushed the finger in.
Whoa Nellie! Her finger fucking in and out of my ass MADE me fuck
June again. It was as much a reflex as a knee-jerk.
I came in about five strokes. And I think I came for about 15
strokes more as all the sensations tossed me around like the end of a
fallen high-tension wire.
It was more effort than moving April into my place. I wasn't
really paralyzed as I lay gasping on the bed, but I might as well have
been for the pent-up images and thoughts and left-over sensations that
had control of my mind. I couldn't think and only barely noticed that
June was laying on one side of me rubbing her ass and April had
scooted up on the other.
If I had displaced June from her pinnacle with my ravage of
her ass, I wasn't able to climb up and replace her. We were in a sense
leaderless and in a better sense equal as we lay there trying to recover
from the airy escapades that had taken each of us farther than we had
been before.
I groaned before I started humming the Star Trek theme.
"I guess you gave it to the old dyke good," June grumbled.
"You must feel pretty manly right now."
"I feel whooped," I sighed. "I wish we could have gone on
until the end of time, but I'm not sure I could have held up for another
"What about you?" April countered from the other side of me,
"You got your wish, didn't you?"
"Sis, I just wanted you to see there were other possibilities,"
June defended herself.
"And getting me to give in had nothing to do with it," April
June laughed a throaty laugh.
"I knew it would be someone, I wanted it to be me," June
replied. "I was competing against lesbians everywhere, not you."
I let them argue and contemplated my own pride at June's
reaction to her butt-fuck silently. There was a not-at-all subtle manly
competition between us- a competition that June was forever casting
in homosexual terms- and I had won this round.
And I had won the round with the most decisive, awesome
butt-fuck ever. I didn't need the feeling of victory to make me know
that I would relive that once-in-a-lifetime fuck for the rest of my life.
Shirley (remember her?) had a hemorrhage. And she still didn't
know I was fucking June. The facts were bad enough, but Shirley was
further incensed that she found out by accident.
Shirley had 'dropped by' to gloat that she and her boy-toy were
taking a romantic vacation for Valentine's day. She wanted to ask if I
would watch their apartment while they were gone. She had come to
rub it in, but she didn't get the chance.
She was flabbergasted when April answered my door. It was
like being greeted by a Playboy centerfold at a monastery. April was
very much out of place and Shirley was very much confused. She was
trying not to be blatant about her surprise, but she was failing.
I told her that between us, April and I would check their place
every day and then settled back to watch her squirm. This turn of
events would queer her usual atempts to leave evocative items laying
about to underline her active sex life. And she still had to deal with the
idea that I was probably fucking her lover's sister.
"Does July know about your, umm, change of address?" she
asked April.
"I haven't seen him since New Year's," she said, "We just don't
get together enough, it seems."
Shirley reacted like April had said we didn't jump into pits of
acid enough. It seems it was very different for her to deal with my
having a young lover than it was supposed to be for me to deal with
It was sad in a way. I loved it, but it was a shame that her life
was so wrapped up in making me miserable when she had given up all
methods she had to do it.
We all endured her contempt with ease. June visited and April
found sudden reasons to leave us alone to our passionate abandon. Of
course the nights were filled by April and I screwing like chimps. Life
was good.
Even Christine was becoming less uneasy with me. She reached
the point that June was able to convince her to watch us fuck one happy
afternoon in March. And she stayed for the whole thing without scowling.
Only Shirley was still bound up with hate for what we were
doing. And- I hate to bring it up again because I think you'll see a trend-
she still didn't know I was fucking June.
July told April that Shirley was beginning to blame him for what
his sister was doing. He thought she wanted him to do something to
break us up. He thought it was crazy. In the course of that conversation
April started the joke.
I didn't approve of their thoughts, but I had to admit it was
funny in a mean kind of way. Maybe I was being over-protective of
Shirley as pennance for some of the thoughts I had when she left. But
as time went on I softened.
I think it was the mysterious notes that started coming. They
were so clumsy and ill-conceived that I knew they had issued from a
fevered brain and we all knew whose brain it was.
They spoke of passionate sex with April. Only I'm sure I would
have noticed since the supposed encounters occured when we were in
bed together. Shirley wouldn't make stupid mistakes like that if she
wasn't at the end of her rope. It was almost an act of kindness to put an
end to her delirium.
Almost. It was also an act of giggling meanness and sniggering
revelation, but she had gone far enough that I thought she deserved it.
The wheres and hows had been worked out while I still refused to
participate and they swung easily into place when I gave in.
Christine perhaps disliked Shirley more than any of us. Shirley
felt contempt for June, but that was mild compared to the opinion she
held of Christine. That made it seem all the more innocent when it was
Christine who contacted her.
Her little homosexual brain was all confused with what to do.
She needed a heterosexual for guidance. That was the way Christine
was to sell it to Shirley. June was the problem, so Shirley was the only
other woman she could think of.
When they got to the apartment, Shirley wasn't excited about
witnessing two women licking each other, but she was avid for anything
she thought could be a pry between me and April. Christine insisted
that she had to see for herself.
We have to rely on Christine's observations, since neither June
nor I was in any position to see. Christine says she thinks Shirley was
seeing what she expected for the first few seconds before it sank in.
That was nothing she had seen on a female attacking June as
she lay on her side facing them. And June made that clear.
"Oh God! Fuck me!" she was shouting. "I can't believe I can
cum so hard with a man! Oh God! I'm going to cum again!"
Christine said there was very little room for more shock when I
raised my head. Shirley was watching with a confused lack of
understanding already as she saw a cock going into the dyke. There
may have been a little more droop to her mouth when I moved to squat
over June's leg and pull her apart like wishbone, Christine allowed. But
she watched as I held June's legs apart and fucked her roughly in
stunned slience.
When she did stir, it was to pull at Christine in her eager rush to
escape the room.
"Ohhhhhh! Yes!" June overemphasized to taunt the retreating
woman, and then tried to make up for being robbed of her best scene.
"You make me cum so hard I want it in the ASS! Fuck me in my
ASSHOLE! Ram it in my ASS! I want you to fuck my ASS!"
Shirley ran out of the apartment before she could hear June
scream that word again and Christine tagged along to see what she
would do. But other than get away, Shirley was helpless to know what
to do. Christine played with her.
"You see? She's having an affair and I don't know how I can
compete," Christine toyed with her. "She hates men, but your
ex-husband makes her cum. If he's that good a fuck, how can I hope to
get her back?"
Shirley never did offer any advice. The notes stopped. And July
reported that she cried for a while and then fucked him silly for the next
three days. So I guess I did do a good thing after all.
Me? I'm waiting for Christine to break down and suck my dick.
Since that will be a lifetime venture, in the meantime I'm satisfying myself
with the occasional fuck of June and April.
April still lives here, but we've opened up so the little slut can
see guys her own age. That's all right because she was going to kill me
otherwise. I still get it regular, if not steady and now I'm welcome to pop
over to June and Christine's any time when April wants to use the bed.
Who knows? Maybe Christine will suck me off- on my
deathbed- maybe.


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