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RENFAIR split two different directinos My


Rennaisance Fair


NOTE: The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY. It
may contain depictions of explicit sex. If you are under the age of
majority in your local, legally defined area, please leave this page
immediately. If subjects of a sexual nature, or depictions of unsafe or
illegal sexual activities offend you, please leave also. Do not allow this
story to be available to any person where access by that person is a
violation of local, state or national obscenity or indecency laws. And
while we're at it, if you are at a public location where people could look
over your shoulder and read stuff that might offend them, leave this page
at once, get a 3 foot long two-by-four and smack yourself about the head
and shoulders.

The acts depicted are fictional, as are the characters involved. I
neither endorse nor condone the actions herein, especially the lack of
condom usage. I just can't seem to write a sexy condom scene.

FINALLY: This work of fiction was written by "The Dabbler" (a pseudonym)
and is available for entertainment only. The story may not be reproduced
in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This
story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.


Man, do I need a break! Guess I shouldn't have stayed up so long at the
party last night, but I did need to blow off steam. Now all the steam is
gone and I can barely lift my feet as I take the trail towards Pass-Out

I really don't know how the real actors here at the Renn Fair manage the
full weekend, all day with so much energy. Even when I don't go to the pub
with everyone on Saturday night I am running on Coke and chocolate for the
final hour. Thank goodness the owner lets us regulars use the rock for a
place to collapse. Pass-Out Rock is hidden by a grove of trees just out of
sight of the fair, maybe a five minute walk into the surrounding woods.
You go over the crumbled stone wall, then down the hill to a big boulder in
a small clearing. The sun is warm and the breeze just right. There's a
good reason it's called "Pass-Out" rock, as I lose conciousness only
moments after kicking off my shoes and laying down on the venerable

Slowly consciousness returns; I don't remember puppy piling on the rock,
but I'm leaning back against someone. It's a woman, I realize as I try to
look to the side; my head brushes into her breasts on either side. That's
good for me; I came out over a year ago. I try to look up, but the brim
from my floppy hat is in the way and I can't see her face. She's bold,
though. She had already pushed my chemise down as far as my cinch would
let it as I slept, baring my breasts to the world. Her hands are smooth,
stroking my small breasts with a feathery touch, avoiding my hardening
nipples. Her touch is so soft, so relaxing, that I don't mind the
intrusion. I look more carefully at her hands. Beautiful hands that must
belong to someone not much older than my 17 years. I sigh in contentment.

Umm. Waitaminit. There's a hand touching my leg under my dress. I had
fallen asleep with my knees bent, legs apart, but covered by the yards of
fabric that makes up this wench costume, so I couldn't see anyone there. I
stiffen, but the one I'm leaning against gives a soft "Shhhh."

I do feel rather restrained here; I'm not sure how long I should let
this continue. Her arms have trapped mine on my side, but that's only
because she's behind me. I mean, how else would she touch my breasts and
stroke my chest so nicely. I hope she doesn't stop. Although I am really
getting turned on; my nipples are pushing out at the sunlight and I hope
she gives them a bit of attention soon. Aww heck; it feels so good. And
if they were going to do something nasty, wouldn't they have tied me up or
something? So I relax, feeling the soft touches first on one leg, then the
other, then sliding up farther, stroking my inner thigh.

Then her hands move to my nipples. A soft squeeze and I catch a quick
breath. I could feel it shoot signals up to my hair and down to my crotch.
Wow. From under my dress I feel the other hands on my belly as high up as
the short cinch will allow. Hard to concentrate on my lower half now;
she's pinching my nipples, then lifting so that my breasts rise upwards.
Slowly but firmly, and getting stronger. "Ooohhhh." I groan and, facinated
by their deft manipulation of my hard nipples, can't seem to take my eyes
off of the fingers as they squeeze and lift. Left, right, left, right.

A finger slides under my panties and strokes my vulva. It's not the
first time for me, but I've always seen the face of my lover. I look up
again, my sight blocked by the hat and blonde bangs, and back down to my
skirts, which block my lower assailant. This is about to get waaay out of
control. I think I'd better try at least to assert myself a little. I
grab my skirts with my fingers and inch them upwards towards my knees.
It's hard to concentrate with the my nipples teased beyond anything I've
had before, and my pussy being stroked slowly and sexily. My body jerks as
the fingers underneath part my outer lips and slide up and down my wet
slit. I can't help moaning; I know it's only been going on for about 5
minutes, but this teasing is driving me up a wall.

"Shhh," I hear, "and stop lifting your skirt. You'll see it all soon
enough." To punctuate the point she lifts both of my breasts and pinches
harder. I force myself to relax my hands and she drops my nipples and
starts kneeding my breasts. I'm so out of control, but I think I may like
it. I'm certainly wet enough!

Whoever has been manipulating my cunt has decided to take a new
direction. A whole lot of fingers are flicking up and down in there, not
entering me, just teasing my slit, sometimes touching my clit. I can't
help it as my hips start to gyrate. I spread my legs farther, hoping for
some more direct stimulation, or maybe a finger up inside of me. After a
maddening couple of minutes, the fingers stop moving and I groan, bucking
my hips. The lady above me has resumed her pinch and pull routine, which
is wonderful, but I want more!

Suddenly, my eyes go wide and I inhale as a tongue flicks my clitoris.

"Ah! Ah!" Little squeaks as it comes back for a second and third touch!

"You are way too noisy. We'd better plug your mouth or someone will

I don't want to be gagged. I close my teeth as she forces a wad of
cloth to my mouth, but when the unseen lips fasten around my clit and the
tongue runs back and forth, I can't help dropping my jaw as amazing
feelings flood me from head to toe. I feel the cloth pressing against my
tongue, but the shocks from my clit feel so startlingly good that I drop my
jaw further and inhale. Suddenly my mouth is completely blocked; I squeel
into the gag but almost no sound comes out! Ohhhh, but the tongue is so
good! Sooo Good!

Oh God oh godogodogod. I scoot my butt a little farther forward,
turning my pelvis upwards as my body starts to shake, my legs clasping the
head to my vagina. The mouth eases off a bit and I whimper into the cloth,
as unseen fingers pull at my panties, sliding them up over my knees. I
kick them off to the side and settle my feet on an unclad back, the smooth
skin beneath my toes... then hidden lover is back again. Sweat bursts
from my forehead and I tremble at the new assault of the fluttering tongue.
It stops again and all I can manage to do is breathe.

This time as the tongue makes small circles about my clit, a finger
slides into my opening, a little at first, then out. A little more.
Filling me up and emptying again with that maddening tongue on my clit.
Oh, yea. That's it. My head flails side to side, rubbing into the soft
breasts of the woman above me. She puts her hands around my breasts,
pinching the nipples with thumb and forefinger while squeezing them in her
fists and small shocks make my stomach contract, the tongue on my clit
teases and I buck my hips needing the fingers in more. Just a little
more... A little more and I'll explode. I'm so close. I'm breathing like
a bellows. Oh. My body feels like a live wire; my knees vibrating...

What!?!? The tongue; it stopped! The fingers pull out... No! I'm so

I push my knees wide open; maybe it's a tease... and my skirts are
flipped back by the one under them. The smile on the face of my assailant
is huge as I groan. The hands on my breasts push downwards, mashing my
breasts and holding me down. Wait. That's a MAN's face. He crawls up my
length and kisses me on the neck. I try to shake my head as I feel him
place his penis at the entrance to my vagina. Oh! He misses and it rubs
my hypersensitive clit. My hips buck upwards towards the contact. He
leans back on his haunches to get his penis in the right position. I keep
shaking my head while he grins and nods as I scream into the gag; Wait!
You don't understand! I'm a lesbian! I want dykes, not dicks! Keep that
thing out of...

Oh my god. He's pushing it into me. I have to stop and stare where his
flesh meets mine as my first real dick starts to slide into my cunt. It's
big, like a good sized dildo, but so hot. Much smoother than when I use
one on myself. Actually, his long blonde hair and smooth skin reminds me
of my second lover who really liked to use strap-ons. I unclench a bit,
feeling him push in a little more, about a half inch a stab. That's not so
bad. Mmmmmm. He strokes what little of my belly shows and I feel so good.
The heat that I lost when I realized it was a man returns, and his thumb
drops down to touch my clit. Maybe it isn't so bad; I could try being
bisexual... He grabs my legs and hoists them over his shoulders, then
grabs my ass and lifts my butt off of the rock. My back is curved up on
the woman's knees. I can't move much, but when I wiggle it increases the
sensations. I wiggle as much as I can.

Then it hits me. Literally. As he strikes home, his balls pat me on
the ass. Oh no. I'm a lesbian; I don't use sperm! I'm right in the
middle of my cycle, and he's in me without protection! I try to push at
him with my hands, but he is sitting mostly upright and I can barely touch

"Ohhh. You are so tight and wet. Man," he says, "I can't belive how
lucky we were to find you here!"

He pulls back, almost all of the way out, then slams back into me. I
try to push him away with my legs, but the angle's all wrong and I have no
leverage. When I try to scoot away from him, the woman grabs my nipples
and pulls me in towards him. I'm trapped. My body is curled like a U with
my head cradled between two lucious breasts, my back resting on her knees
and my legs high in the air. When I try to shift or push to get away, her
hands pull my rock hard nipples towards my knees, making my hips grind into
the guy's dick. Pushing against him forces my clit into his thumb, and
those shocks make me curl right back into a ball. The more I try to get
away, the more the excitement is used against me. They're turning me
against my will into their sex-toy. And at this point, I'm not so sure
this is a bad thing!

Left, Right, Left, Right, my nipples are hard as rocks. In, out.. I
start to shake from the overstimulation. I can't believe this. I need to
cum. I want to feel him come in me. Nipples... Cunt... My whole world
begins to shrink into a firey ball of sexual energy... Then his thumb
starts making little circles on my clit.

I explode in a massive orgasm. My legs come down from his shoulders and
clamp him around the waist, trying to get myself off just a little more.
Oh. I can't stop my bucking hips, and his eyes close as he groans. The
woman pulls my tits more as I feel him shake and pulse inside. He grabs my
hips, lifting me higher off of the rock again as he shouts "Jesus!"

I feel his penis throb as it expands to fill me. He opens his eyes;
they are bulging and his face is in a rictus as his pent-up sperm prepares
to race into my waiting body. Into my unprotected, soft womb, and onwards
to the egg hiding inside.

I'm split in two different directinos. My brain says, "No! This can't
be happening. He's going to get me pregnant!" But my body wants more. My
stomach contracts and my legs pull him into me as the second stream of
sperm flys down his shaft into my waiting cervix. His third contraction
floods me, filling me to overflowing. My waiting egg must be bathed in a
sea of sperm.

Again and again his dick throbs and he shoves forward, my heels pulling
him along into my ready body as my own orgasm makes the world fly away.
His cum fills me to overflowing, slipping out around him to land on the

The euphoria from my orgasm keeps me as high as a kite as I feel him
soften and slip out of me. I curl up in a ball, my head on the woman's
knee, shaking all over from the intensity of my orgasms. I slip down onto
the ground beside the rock, feeling the cool grass on my ass and tender
vagina. Ohh, I shudder with mixed pleasure and fear, hug my knees to my
chest, drop my head and think.

When I look up they are gone. I don't know who they were, and even
after a thorough search of the fairgrounds, I can't find him. Am I
pregnant? I'm only 17! How could I do that???

More importantly, how can I do it again?


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