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RENNE sucked gently still stiff


Michelle was a waitress at a tiny restaurant in Renne Le Chateau. She had
a brilliant smile on when taking my order. I spoke as little French as she
spoke English, but we managed to piece together an order for some dinner and a
glass of red wine. It was delicious and filling without taxing my budget, a
sharp contrast with the fares in Paris. In subtle intonation and charged
smiles, we flirted with each other. "Tres bon," I told her with double
entendre. She took my meaning well. Leaving an excessive tip, I left the place
with a full stomach and half an erection, not expecting to see this charming
Mademoiselle again.

Just outside the door, Michelle caught up to me and asked where I was
heading in broken English. We conversed in pieces of English and French with
not so subtle body language making up the difference. I told her that I was
backpacking, had just planned on a daytrip through the villa, and didn't have a
place to stay yet. She offered to let me share her room down the street. How
could I decline such a generous offer? I accepted her key as she slipped into
my arms and we kissed passionately. Her tongue tasted slightly of strawberries.

She returned to her room later that night, while I was catching up on some
history of the area. The chateau was steeped in mystery and intrigue, but the
most wonderful mystery seemed to be standing right before me. She had opened
the door quietly and slipped into the small room. The single candle danced her
shadow across the walls. Michelle had on a skin tight floral dress, cut to
right above her butt cheeks. She turned around slowly while her tight little
ass gyrates in rhythm to an almost audible pulsation that seemed to come from
the very ground.

Her arms are up above her head while she gestures rhythmic circles with
each hand. Those hungry black eyes draw me closer and she meets me with moist
red lips and found my tongue with hers. While her tongue wrestles mine our
hands explore each other with a growing hunger. I follow her firm ass as it
curves up nicely and flows into a perfect waist. It was a waist meant for my
hands to hold and use. Such exquisite curves that one wanted not only to
possess her but to use her body like a fine musical instrument, to play melodies
on her and to hear the sounds of her lusty night music. Her smooth skin
enflamed me as I grabbed two handfuls of firm tit. What tight breasts she had.
She moaned her passion into my neck. I was so hard that it hurt and I needed to
bury myself inside of her.

Michelle begins to breath heavily as she grabs my ass and lowers her
crotch to rub up against my right thigh. I feel a patch of wetness on my leg
where she is humping slowly and realize that she has nothing on beneath the
dress. What a delicious little vixen she turned out to be. She embraces my
lower back as the first orgasm hits. sucking in a gasp of air, she spasms and I
feel a pulse of warmth travel up her spine. Smiling up at me, she lowers
herself to her knees and unzips my jeans. I help her unbuckle the belt as she
tugs down my boxers to free a stiff cock throbbing to get some attention.

She takes my entire length into her mouth and when I reflexively thrust
into her, my cock goes deep into her throat. Her esophagus milks my head as her
tongue dances over the underside. I start fucking that ravenous mouth as she
sucks me like some fantasy milking machine. Then she reaches her right hand
between her legs while her left hand grips the base of my cock tightly, working
me with all her strength. The hand between her legs moves with increasing speed
while she bobs her head in the same frantic pace and milks the base of my cock
with her left hand as if she were parched for my sweet nectar. She starred up
into my eyes, grinning around my cock, and made an almost animal sound of pure
lust. That was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. It was clear she
wanted my cum right now and I could not hold out anymore. Grabbing her head
with both hands I shot squirt after squirt of hot jism down her throat until it
seemed like my balls had completely dried up. Then she sucked on my
supersensitive head some more to get everything out while I bucked in complete
abandon losing all sense of space or time.

With my cock still in her mouth she pushes me down on my back and swivels
her body to place her legs around my chest. Her strong thighs hook under my
arms. She arches her back and I know exactly what she wants as her clean shaven
twat comes clearly into view. I dive into her pussy and lick all around the
lips while carefully avoiding her stiff clit. She moaned "oui, Oui! O
plezzze... si'l vous plait!! plait... OOOOOOO..." and I push my tongue into
her like a second penis while she sucked gently on my still stiff manhood, which
was responding once again to her expert care. My tongue worked around and
around her lips. Then I sucked everything into my mouth and danced my tongue
rapidly over her clit while she spasmed in two quick orgasms. She twisted her
body and tried to pushed my head away from her, giggling as I tickled her
sensitive organ into yet another orgasm. Finally I relented and we lay next to
each other breathing quietly in each others arms to regain our strength.

As I caressed her breasts and she ran her fingers over my stomach we began
to feel the need build once again. I was even harder now than before and less
sensitive after that mind shattering blowjob. She was dripping wet and I could
she in her eyes that she wanted me inside her right away. As I wrapped my arms
around her and lowered my stiff cock toward her clenching thighs, she reached
between us and firmly guided me home in case I had a mind to delay.
"ummmmmm.... yes ooo now... oui... fuck me!!" With that encouragement I drove
my shaft deep into her and nudged her uterus with the tip of my cock. She had
excellent muscle control, grabbing my cock with her cunt more strongly than her
hands had. Each stroke into her was heaven; her breasts crushed into my chest,
her hands roaming wildly over my back, my butt, my legs. We pumped into each
other with abandon and the urgency grew swiftly. I shifted my leverage and held
onto her shoulders as I tried to drive into her entire body, to penetrate her
very soul. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist as she arched her back and
threw her head from side to side screaming another orgasm. When I felt her
muscles clamp down on my cock in ecstasy I began cumming too. We came into each
other again and again. She held me inside of her with those amazing PC muscles
after each of my orgasms and we would lie that way while she gently milked me
and returned my ardor. It went on like that until dawn, then into the morning
and until we passed out sometime that next afternoon, her squeezebox still
reflexively milking my long dry cock, which may never get soft again with this
kind of treatment.



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