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REPAIRMEN tv old movie raising


***********************************Disclaimer and such:1) If it is illegal for whatever reason for your to read/view adult/sex related material, stop reading now!2) If you cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality, stop reading now!3) This story may be posted anywhere, as long as it appears with all info (disclaimer, e-mail info, author name, etc, intact)....However if it is appears on a commerical site, please have the courtesy of "paying " me with acess to the site. I can be contacted for this purpose at: rapelover@bigfoot.comThe following is a work of fiction. It is based on my own fantasies, nightmares, and some of my "fan e-mail". I do not advocate or condone any actions in this story.If you are offended by strong language, scenes of violence, depictions of sex, despictions of rape, stop reading now.Readers should be aware that rape is not only a crime, it is immoral and evil.******************************************************************(Note from Imma: A while back I belong to a "rape fantasy e-mail list. Someone name Jenn started a story, but then the list was "murdered". The story never finished as far as I know, so this is my rewrite. With gratitude to Jenn, wherever you are!!)Rewiring. I hate waiting for men . Hate waiting in the cold medical office for the doctor to enter. Hate it more than waiting for the phone to ring to tell me that I got the job. But here i was, sitting at home, tring to find some decent programing at one thirty in the afternoon. The time all there seems to be on network tv is the tired soap-operas, and silly game shows.But damn phone had given out yesterday and when i got home from one more round of job-hunting, a message the phone company waited for me at the door.Apprently a construction company working in the area had cut some underrground cables, and the company was running behind and would have to be back the next day. And true to form of most every other Utility Company, they didn't say when they would be back. So here I was sitting at home, instead of out job hunting, watching a stupid infomerical, wondering what i would ever do with my old potato skins if not to crisp them in the microwave like the lady with the nipples poking through her sweater claimed would just make my life complete.. Finally a knock at the door. Living in the city, especially on a street have deserted because of urban renewal makes one careful. So instead of caling out who's there, I moved quietly as poosible to the door, and peeked through the peep hole to see two very large men with shiny, totally bald heads in what appeared to be Telephone Company uniforms upon my doorstep. I opened up the door and said "Hello,finally here to fix my phone, I hope?" I wasn't going to be mad at them for kiling my day. It wasn't their fault that the damn phone company was too cheap to hire more repairmen.I thought i saw something flicker through one of the mens eyes as they looked over me. The taller of the two responded politely. "Yes Ma`am. Sorry we're late, tried to be here as soon as possible" Perhaps because I was already irritated at having to waste my day, but the men sort of put a shiver down my back, the quiet one never seemed to take his eyes of my breasts. "Fine, the phone box is around back." I started to close the door, when the tall fellow reached in and held the door."Please if it wouldn't be a problem Ma'am. May i use the restroom?" I hestiated. "Ummm.. I looked back at the quiet man and hoped he would go to work on the phone lines instead of having me stand there with the door open.But when I stood back from the door, to let the tall man in both men entered., and the quiet one shut the door behind them. "The restrooms down the hall. If you excuse me i have something on the stove."I didn't but I wanted, no needed, to be out of the small hallway. "Just let yourself out when your done." I said as calmly as I could as i walked past the men, motioning to the restroom as I walked. I glanced around the living room as I passsed through it, the large windows opened up into the quiet residential street. Not so busy during the day, but I felt a little protection from the idea that anyone could see into the room if they passed. I got into the kitchen, and could still hear the men in the hallway. Hopefully, on thier way out. To busy myself i started boiling some water for tea, and took out a rather large knife. I was going to take into the living room with me, then put it back. "Your becoming paranoid Dawn. ..far too many late night movies!!!" Shortly, i heard the front door open and close and i moved out into the living room. The room was strangely dark, and it took me a fe moments to realize why. Somehow, the shades were down, and the curtains were drawn. I almost didn't understand what was happening until one of the men came at me. His hand covering over my mouth that was already drawing in breath to scream. I scratched at his hand feeling my nails dig into his skin. "Shit, damn bitch" he cursed. "O shut up Snake", the quiet one rasped. "Least we knows she got some spirit."Snake's other hand reached up and grabbed my hair, pulling it down as I trashed about in his arms. The quiet man pulled a small rope out of his coat and came behind us, i could feel his sweaty body as he pushed it up against me.I could feel his hard cock stuck in his pants as he pulled me close to him. My arms were drawn back behind me and my wrists crossed and rope bound around them. Next i felt more rope around my elbows. If i could have thought of anything but escape i would have wondered what he was doing then i felt the strain of my arms as my elbows were drawn close making it impossible to untie the rope with my hands. With a nod from the man holding my hair, the one who was so polite outside, leaned into my legs, causing my knees to buckle and I fell to the floor. No sooner had i hit the ground, with a short scream Snake had my head in his hands. His hands wrapped around my head as he pulled me close to him, kissing me roughily.I tried spitting back at him and in reward for that was to be slapped hard. Before i could respond, i was gagged with an old washcloth and ducktape across my face. i was pulled up to a kneeling position. They left me there kneeling upon the floor while they stared down at me. Then Snake leans over and whispers to the quiet one, who walks into the kitchen. I looked around me, confused, scared. i start to cry as I see the man return with a knife, the same knife i had left on the counter. The one I should have been holding, instead of this invader.The quiet one handed the long bladed carving knife to Snake, then walked over to my couvh, and picled up the remote control. I could hear the channels quickly change as he channel-surfed.I began to weep with the shame and humiliation, of letting two men into my house, for not calling the company, for opening myself to this. And the feelings only intensified when the quiet one leaned down and wiped the tears from my cheek. "shh.. now don't start doing that now little girl, there will be plenty of time to do that later.. we have all day. Don't we Maddog?" Maddog nodded and laughed, turning the channel on the tv to an old movie, raising the volume. "Hurry up and get her out of the clothes already Snake... I'm ready to fuck the cunt now, if you're not." Snake began to use the knife with the same hand still welted from the imprint of my nails. All i could do was whimper as i was forced forward and ended up laying on the floor. feeling the cold metal of the knife as it slides up my shorts. I tried to shut out the thought of what would happen to me as the knife went further up my leg, catching on my underwear and slicing through them. The hand of Snake slides up over my flesh as i cringe under him, his hand caressing my ass, rubbing it. After a few mind numbing minutes my clothes lay in shreads around me. i wasn't listening anymore, I wasn't moving. But for a few brief minutes, my mind fled to another place.I dind't notice the man named Maddog between my legs until i felt the weight of his body against me and his massive steel-hard, throbbing cock pressing against my cunt like a heat-seeking missle. I couldn't see it, but I knew that this man's cock was bigger than my poor pussy could accomadate!!i started screaming through my gag, tring to pull myself away from this man. And they started laughing again as i started crying once more. Snake moved in front of me, holding me in place while his friend began caressing my private area. His dry finger, as thick it seemed a some men's cocks, pressed into me."She seems to be really tight Snake," Maddog rasped as slowly started fucking me with his finger. "Tight and hot, like a virgin's pussy. " "Oh yeah... don't wear her out buddy", Snake laughed."Don't worry bro, pussy normally snaps right back to size,",so should be tight enough even fer yer skinny dick." Suddenly his finger is removed and is replaced by his huge plum-like cockhead.I could feel him rubbing into me. His cock moved slowly at frist, but as my body natural secretions started in and began to moisten the fiction between us he began to move faster. I could feel his heavily calloused hands upon my thighs as he held me against him.He began to thrust his huge, heavy baton likr cock into me. But I was far too tight too easily accomadate anything that big. Then in a blinding burst of pain like I never thought possible he broke past my tight enterance and buried himself into me.I could almost feel my organs crunch and spasm to make room for his huge thick fuck-pole.I clenched my fists in pain and and amazement as the as the merciless cock tore ever onwards into me. It rammed into me even more brutally as I tried to cry out, to plead for him to stop the onslaught. I realized that the more I screamed, cried and pleaded, the more it seemed to arouse and please Maddog!!!Maddog rammed himself hard imto me,and muttering under his breath "Stupid bitch.. too fucking high and mighty... lets see you take this.. fuck you" His anger towards something, someone directed itself towards my cunt, aching as he raped it raw. Finally i could feel his hot cum squirting into me. it made me gag as I though of it. His flacid, but still insanely thick penis withdrew from me and I could feel the wetness sliding down my clit. I was shivering, disqusted with myself, at the excitement at the knowledge my sexual violation had was far from over . Maddog moved aside and i felt Snake drag his slick dick over my back as he crawled up over me and took Maddog's place at my head. Even as shiver ran through me in the back of mind at the thought of how i had always imagined how thrilling it would be to have totally unknown, toally bald men fuck me against my will.. I was also pleading silently, but not like this... please. The tip of his cock was pushing and probing at me as I summoned my last strength to avoid his hungry cock..But once again, my struggles were futile. Gleefully Snake g thrust his rock Hard cock in my opening and with a cry of triumph rammed the entire lenth to the hilt into me, taking total ownership of my body as I was brutally raped for the second time. Still, i could feel the warmth spreading through me as he continued to fuck me.. his voice relating the experience to his comrade "its so slick in here, and still so tight. Whats a matter, whore, not been fucked in so long your pussy grew too tight... we'll fix that right up" Again and again, i felt agony, shame and humilation as his cock continued its pistoning plunges in and out of me, my body sliding against the carpet as he moved me. Maddog's cock hung in front of my face, still flacid but dripping leftover cum, the fragrance of our sexual act still clung to him and i shut my eyes, shut my senses and waited for these men to finish with me.Finally Maddog came, grunting and slapping my ass as he filled me and withdrew. More wetness slid down my clit and my legs shut as the pressure holding them together ceased. They left me there, laying on the floor as they finished undressing. Maddog walked away from me and sat upon the couch idling switching channels and glancing at me. Snake stroked his cock a few times, grunted, walked down the hall.I could hear Snake rummaging through my cabinets tring to find food. Finally he returned and put some thing on the table. i still hadnt' opened my eyes. I felt the ropes being removed from my elbows, relieving the strain against my arms.from being tied. From the televison i learned that it was only just past two pm. it felt like a lifetime that i laid there and waited to see what happened next.


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