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It was around 11:30 PM, when I walked into the kitchen from a night of
bowling with the guys. A few drinks, as usual on our Friday night get
togethers. Usually, everyone is in bed by this time. I was surprised to
see mom sitting at the kitchen table with her head in her hands. Elbows on
the table. Just the dim light from over the sink.

One look told me she had been crying. I sat on a chair near her and
asked what was wrong? She slowly looked up at me and said it's your dad.
He came home drunk again and started his usual fighting. It was par for
the course for dad. More and more a regular alcoholic. Always in a bad
mood during these bouts. Always picking on whomever happened to be in his
line of sight.

Usually me, or mom. Kathy, my younger sister, at 15, was a little
smarter than us. She always hid in her closet when she knew he would be

This night mom seemed more upset than usual, and was shaking. I stood
up and walked behind her and put my arms around her. She didn't deserve
this treatment. She knocked herself out trying to make a nice home for all
of us. Always had a decent meal ready for us. Always had our laundry and
other things done. She took great pride in her handiwork evident all
through the house. Dad had really been particularly mean tonight and
apparently slapped her. There was a large red mark on the side of her
face, that I noticed as I neared her. Immediately I felt pity.

I can't take it anymore Billy. She said. I'm losing my feelings for
him. I just can't seem to want him near me anymore, she cried.

You thinking of divorce mom? Yeah. I have been thinking about it. I
just don't know about you and your sister. How it would affect both of
you....her voice trailed off. I hugged her tighter now. Without realizing
it, she moved at the same time and my arm and right hand ended up with her
right tit being cupped. It didn't seem to register with her. I felt the
softness of her large tit touching my wrist and hand. I could also feel
her nipple pressinng through her thin duster. I was certain there was no
bra underneath. I moved my arms so that both were now just under both her
tits. Craddling them, as I held her from behind.

Why not take the spare bedroom mom? Why put up with him when he gets
like this? She looked up at me over her shoulder. That's an idea. I
could get decent rest for a change in that room. We nevr use it anyway
unless someone is staying overnight with us!

Yes! That's a good idea Billy. I'll help you move your stuff into it
tommorrow mom. You don't need his shit. Her attitude seemed to perk up a
little more. I'll sleep in there tonight, she said. I hugged her tighter
again, and this time she moved so that her tits were directly under my
circling arms. They felt nice. Her hair smelled nice.

I was happy to have thought of the spare bedroom idea. It was right
next to mine. mom stood up now, and turened to me. Her arms went around
my shoulders and she hugged me to her. She leaned up and kissed my cheek.
You're a good son, Billy. Never have given us any trouble at all. Neither
has Kathy. My arms went around her again. Happy that she was now feeling
better. Her tits were now pressed hard into my chest. Her hard nipples
definitely pushing into me. I could feel my cock starting to get hard, and
I was certain that mom felt it, through my shorts. Her leg seemeed to
deliberately move to being between my legs and push against my cock as she
once again leaned up to kiss my cheek. I could feel the wetness of her
tearsa,d also a wetness near her inner thighs now.

My arms still around her waist.

I started to slightly rock her back and forth and smiled at her. Cheer
up mom. We'll make some plans tommorrow when kathy is here. We can decide
what's best for you and both of us. OK? She liked that idea. Still her
thigh slightly moving around my hardening cock in my shorts. I was certain
now, that she was deliberately feeling it.

I pulled away from her now, and wanted to turn so that she wouldn't see
it bulging in my shorts. Her head lowered as she dropped her arms, and she
looked right at it.

I got red in the face and said, Sorry mom. Is that what I was feeling,
she asked? Looking directly at it now, as she sat back down. Yeah, I
guess we got a little too close, and it just automatically did its thing,
damn it. I didn't realize I could still make guys get like that honey, she

Oh mom. Who are you kidding? You're gorgeous. You're only 42! No
grey in your blonde hair, your figure is tops. You look great in a bathing
suit. No fat anywhere!

Thanks. Billy. Your father never gives me a compliment anymore. Her
eyes once again staring at my hard on. If I can do that to you, maybe I
can have a little better time of it if I decide to leave your dad! That's
a good thought mom.

I can't remember that last time I saw your dad in this condition, with
him always being drunk. You mean you guys don't.....No, Billy. We haven't
for a long time. Again her hands going to her face, as her elbows were on
the table. Again, I hugged her. This time I gently stroked the side of
her face as I stood behind her. Her hand went to mine and caressed it.
She kissed it, and I could feel the wetness of tears on my hand. Oh mom.
It will be OK, I said.

Don't worry about it anymore tonight. My hand caressinger her face once
again. Oh Billy, Billy. I'm just so damn confused and hurt. I put my
other hand to her face now and pulled her head back to lean down and kiss
her forehead. I could now see straight down her duster to her beautiful
rising tits. She followed my eyes and once again put her hands on mine.

Her head now feeling my hardened cock, as she looked up to me. I moved
my hands to her neck and massaged it it now. Looking down at her creamy
skin leading down to her mounds of of beautiful tits.

That feels nice honey. I couldn't help myself anymore. I worked my
hands down to the front of her neck as I massaged it. Again, her hands
coming to hold both of mine. Oh Billy. Go ahead. I know you want to. Go
ahead honey. You can touch them. She then opend the top buttons of her
duster and pulled my hands down to cover her soft tits. Holding both my
wrists, as my hands touched my mother's tits for the first time. No one's
touched them for a very long time honey.

They are beautiful mom. I have always liked the way they made you look
so feminine. Such a knockout when you're dressed up. Thank you honey. I
cupped them and caressed them now. They feel nice mom. Really nice.
Dad's such an asshole!

My legs were atarting to get stiff from leaning over her, but I didn't
want to break this magic moment to move. I leaned down again and kissed
her forehead. Looking at my hands on my mom's beautiful tits. Her nipples
were hard now, as my fingers circled and rolled them. That feels nice
honey. I'll bet your girlfriends really like making out with you? Yeah,
at least most of the girls I date, anyway. Her head leaned back now
against my crotch and she deliberately moved it from side to side against
it. Billy, come around here honey. She turned sideways in the chair and I
moved to stand in front of her. Her hand went to my crotch now, and rubbed
it up and down on my hardon. OOOOhhhh Billy. You feel bigger than your
father for Christ's sake. He's a pretty good size himself! she said. Her
fingers went to my zipper, and she looked up at me now, and said Do you
mind honey? I really would like to see it. Last time I saw it, you were a
little boy. You sure mom? Yeah. I would like to see it. Her head
pressed against my hip now. The milky globes of her tits bare to my eyes
now. Ok mom. I don't care. She reached over and unzipped my shorts and
reached in.

Wow, she said. Fumbling for a few seconds to free my cock from my
undershorts. Now she pulled it out and it was free. Only inches from her

She leaned her head back and stared at it, in all its hardness. Again,
she placed it close to the side of her face and moved back and forth on it,
as she stroked it.

Wow, Billy. I never imagined......You're definitely bigger than him. A
hell of a lot harder than I can ever remember him being too. Wow. Now she
reached to pull my sack out also, so that I was completely hanging out. Oh
Dear, Billy. She reached her hand to caress it. Looked closely at it. I
hope this is OK with you honey. I just feel so empty and needing tonight.

Sure mom. I understand. Do you Billy? Can you understand what its
like not having sex with your partne for so long? I guess so mom. You
forget, not all the girls I date give it up.

She began to stroke my cock now, gazing at its 7 or so inches. That
feels nice mom. Really nice. It seemed to give her permission to stroke
it more freely now, more deliberately. I reached my arm around her head
and my hand down to her left tit now and caressed it as she stroked my cock
softly. Seemingly with a longing. I haven't seen one this big since I was
back in college, honey. That was just before I met your dad.

Her tits felt nice in my hand. My fingers gently moving over her

I think you better stop mom....or I will be....Cumming? she finsihed.
Yeah. I started to pull back from her hand, but she moved to hold me

Go ahead honey. Let me do this for you. Its been a very long time
since I have done this, and even longer since I have seen it this close up
doing it. Yes! Go ahead honey. Cum. Now she turned so that she was
facing me straight on in the chair. She reached with both hands and
caressed and stroked my cock all over.

Her fingers felt like velvet stroking and caressing my sack and balls.
They're pretty heavy, honey, she said. Holding my balls in her hand and
gently caressing them. Have any of your girls done this for you? Yeah,
some have mom. Not this nice though. Mom, I'm really getting near a
cum...I warned. She was stroking and rolling her fingers over the head,
and gently pinching it.

Yes, you have a nice tool here for your future wife. This will make me
many grandkids, she laughed. Her strokes became more firm and deliberate
now. Long stroking as she looked up to me. Her eyes still tear stained.

Go ahead son. cum in my hands. Gazing down at her soft beautiful face,
her creamy tits, I started to shoot. It went all over her hands and she
eased it all around my cock, and then another spurt that shot quickly onto
her chest. Still, she looked up to my eyes as I was cumming. Gently and
firmly milking me. Then she surprised me by lowering her head and putting
my cock in her mouth.

OOOOHHHH Mom. She lowered her lips all the way down quickly as I was
shooting, and her two fingers squeezed my shaft as she sucked. She sucked me hard, and held me in her mouth as she moved her circled fingers down my
cock , forcing my cum into her mouth. My hips bucked, She milked, gently
squeezed, and sucked the tip harder. Her tongue rolling over and over it.

Looking down at my cock in my mother's mouth drove me right over the
edge. I could feel my balls straining hard, and pulled up tightly in my
sack, as she drained me. My whole crotch in a series of spasms. She held
me in her mouth making moaning sounds to mix with my own, as my explosion
of cum finally began to subside.

Both her hands going to my balls caressing them, rolling them around as
she held me in her mouth tightly. Our eyes finally met again, and locked.
Almost my entire cock buried within her mouth. Her fingers still caressing
my balls and sack.

Her tongue sliding over and over the head of my cock inside her mouth.
OOOOHHH mom. I've never....OOOOHHHHH.

Finally, I went soft, and she let go of my cock from her mouth. Her
hands still reaching to softly caress it.

Was that nice honey? OOOHHH Mom. She smiled at me and I pulled her up
to stand now. I reached my arms around her and hugged her tightly. I
pushed my cock hard into her pubic bone deliberately now, as I kissed her
cheek, and ran my hand through her golden hair. Her tits pressed tightly
into my chest.

Oh mom, thank you. I would never dream that you....Would be good at a
blowjob? She finished. I did it to your dad for years honey. Until he
turned out like this. Her hand reached down to hold my softened cock now
and she stroked it softly.

It was really something mom. I really let loose this time. Her head
was on my chest now, and I reached both hands down to caress her ass, and
pulled her tightly to my cock.......I could feel her slightly start to
grind into me now.

I could feel the warmth of her pussy now, pushed tightly against my
cock, still hanging out of my shorts.

I raised both hands and placed them on her head and leanedd down and
kissed her full on the lips, softly. I could taste my own cum, still, on
parts of mer lips.

My cock getting hard again, by her insistent grinding.

OOOOhhh mom, do you....would you?.....She looked up to me with wonder in
her eyes now, and said, Should we? I leaned down and kissed her softly
again and picked her up. I carried her into the dark living room, and laid
her on the couch. I knelt on the floor next to her and leaned down and
kissed her hard now,

My hand pulling her duster wide open and revealing her tits to me,
completely. I bent down and sucked them for the first time. Ohhh
Billy....its so wrong. So very wrong honey. I don't care mom. I'm your
mother......I closed the sentence by covering her lips with mine, as her
arms went around my neck.

Now, my hand slid down to explore her warm pussy. Her hips jumped as I
neared her bush, but then opened her legs and made room for my searching
hand and fingers. I buried my tongue into her warm mouth.

I moved my mouth back to her tits and kissed them all over, Massaging,
licking and sucking her nipples into firm hardness.

OOOOHHH Billy. It feels so nice, So very nice honey. So needed. My
body has been aching for love, honey. Can you understand honey?

Yes, I can mom. I know how I feel when there is a long period between

OOOOHHH Billy. Go ahead. Suck them honey. You do it so damn nice.
Now my fingers were curling through her mound hair and I slid a finger down
through her slit, and into her the very depths of her womanhood.

OOOOHHH. Honey. I fucked her with my finger. Feeling her pussy contract tightly around it. I slid two fingers within her and she moaned.
She pulled my head up to kiss me once again, as her hips rose up and down
to my fingers inside her. I moved my hand all over her pussy area.
Massaging it, learning it. Feeling her clit getting hard now. I rotated
my fingers over it as other girls have shown me in the past. She moaned
continuously. Her hips thrusting, gyrating, as I fingered and massaged her

I want you mom. I want to be in you. Is it ok with you?

OOOOHHH Billy....Ohh Billy....Yes, honey, get inside me. Please put
your manhood into me honey. Its been so very long.

She helped me slide off her pantied and I got up between her legs.
Kneeling now, between them. I used both hands now, to caress her from her
face, down to her neck, her tits and slowly over her stomach, as she moved
impatiently under me.

I went back to her tits and caressed them softly, squeezing her nipples
and pinching them. My cock sitting on top her mons, riding back and forth.
Her hands went to it, desperately trying to grab it and steer it into her
hole. Now, honey Please put it in me. Please make love to me. Now.

I wanted to lick you mom. I wanted to taste you as you did for me,
first. Not now, honey. Go inside me. Please fill my ache. Please let me
have your manhood, your wonderful cock in me. I could feel her wetness
trickling down my thighs as I knelt there tightly to her pussy.

I laid down now. Holding my self up enough to kiss her once again, lick
her nipples. Put me in mom. I said. She reached down in the darkness
with both hands and steered me into her warm wetness.

OOOOHHH, I can feel you Billy. Her hips pushing uo to meet me. Trying
desperately to get me inside her.

OOOOHHH Billy, Billy...shove it in honey. Fuck me. Her legs went
around my waist now and locked. Pulling me tightly into her. I felt her
glorious warmth as I completely buried my cock in my mother.

She let out another moan, as I slid all the way in. OOOHHH Honey.

Stay right there for a minute. OOOOHHHH. Its been so long. OOOOh.

Her arms tightly around me. Kissing my face, my neck. Her hips
grinding around my groin . Feeling the entire length of my buried cock
within her.

You feel so good in there honey. My whole pussy os completely filled
with you. Oh my dear son, fuck me. Take me to that never land. Take me
to that glorious place of love.

Fuck me honey. Fuck me hard now. Please.

I started to ram with long hard strokes. Her velvet glove pussy contracting, gripping me entirely.

OOOHH mom. You feel so very nice. I can't believe I am in the pussy that gave life to me. Oh yes. Its the same one honey, darling. The same
that needs your cock right now. Her hips pumped up harder and faster now.

Ohh Honey. I rotated my hips in a circle now, as I pressed harder
against her whole pussy area. I hoped I could excite her clit in the

Ohhh feels so nice honey. I can't remember it feeling this
nice...even with your dad. Oh pump me honey. Give it to me. I'm so near
a cum. Fuck me.

I started to pump quicker now. Slightly harder.

Oh my Billy. I'm there. I'm.......ooooohhhh aaaaaggghh

I could feel her wetness flooding all around my buried cock. Torrents
of grasping, milking, in her wonderful gloved pussy.

OOOOHHH Honey. Her arms holdind me and tight as she could now. Humping
me rapidly. I was on the edge myself now, and told'm
almost there balls are ready to blow mom.... Empty them
Billy. Shoot honey. Her arms left my neck and she spread them to her sides
outstretched. Looking up at me as I pumped hard into her.

I started to shoot inside her now. Ohhh Honey. I can feel you shooting
deep inside me. So very deep in me. Oh honey go ahead....shoot it all.
Her hands going to her tits now and grasping them tightly as I came in her.
I pumped and pumped. Each leaving another spurt within her. Her pussy grasping me tightly. Contracting in a mix of our juices and passion.
Finaly, finally, I collapsed on her, kissing her neck, her face, her lips.

My cock still throbbing within her wet velvet warmth. Her cum juices
flowing all over my cock and down to my balls now. Her complete womanhood
spread, offered, blending with my male sperm.

I held her tightly, rotating my cock within her slowly as we came down
from that place where the bliss of good lovemaking takes two people.


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