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It wasn't long before mom's overwhelming hunger for love and needing
fulfillment aroused my cock again. I had been laying next to her on the
couch caressing her tits and nuzzling her neck. I could feel her chest
rise and fall with her soft sighs. My cock was laying on her thigh now,
and she reached down to stroke and softly caress it.

Oh God billy...What are we doing? I am your mother! You just fucked
me. I just sucked you tonight. What is happening?

Now my hand reached down for her swollen pussy mound and I stroked my
fingers through its soft fuzziness. I guess it was a super need you've had
mom. I know how dad has been for so long. I try to steer clear of him

I understand because some of the girls I've been with have also told me
how much they needed it after we were done too. I moved my fingers into
her slit and played softly with her clit. I rolled my thumb and finger
over it and gently played with it.

mom was silent for a while, thinking. I could feel her hips slightly
responding to my fingers now. I got up and moved between her legs and
planted kisses on her stomach. My hands caressing her beautiful tits and
nipples. I found her hands and mingled our fingers together and went back
to caressing and massaging her tits as I continued to kiss my way down to
her warm pussy.

My mouth stayed at her mound as I licked and chewed her soft hair.
Pulling on it gently with my teeth. It made her moan, and her fingers
forcing mine to massage her tits harder. Now my tongue was at her vulva,
and I swirled it all ove. I darted it into her slit softly and licked her.

OOOOHHHH Billy. That feels so nice honey. So nice.

My tongue continued to swirl all over her mound and into her opening
slit. I could taste and smell the scent of my mother's sex now. It was
making me have a heady feeling. I forced her thighs wider with my head and
pushed my mouth deeper into he pussy. I licked her slit up and down
continuously, and finally came up to lick her clit. It made her jump.

OOOOHHH Honey. OOOOHHH. What are you doing to me? Her hips rising and
searching my mouth. Loving You mom! Loving you. I sucked her clit softly
and rolled my tongue over it.

OOOOHHH Honey. You will have me cumming if you continue that. Go ahead
mom. Let go. Thios is just for you. Just between you and me. OOOOHHH
Billy. Ilicked faster on her clit now and her humping becae more rapid. I
let go of her tits and reached two fingers into her pussy and fucked her
with them as I sucked her clit.

mom was in heaven now. Her rapid humping and moaning. I held her tight
to my face and licked her harder. sucked her clit harder and faster. My
fingers fucking into her wetness. Her body rose high off the couch now, I
followed with my head and stayed glued to her pussy. sucking and fucking
her with my fingers. She froze in an arch, and I tasted her juices
starteing to flow. I sucked her. All of her womanhood. I replaced my
fingers with my tongue and demanded her sex. Demanded her cum juices to
flow. I sucked my mother into mmy being. Her juices into my mouth and
into my very system. I held her ass with my hands and ate from her pussy like a meal. A meal of my mothers womanhood. Open to me now.

Offered to my sucking mouth and tongue in a fury of her orgasm. I
refused to relent of my mouth's demands. I sucked her pussy entirely, and
demended more. Licked her clit rapidly. Demanding that she go back up
into her orgasm and stay there until I let her come sdown to this earth
once again. My hungry lips and mouth sucked and sucked.

Her continuous moaning, Her hands and fingers graspinger her tits and
squeezing them so tightly in her bliss.

I felt her pussy contracting again and again as her fluids gushed into
my sucking mouth.

I now felt satisfied that I had my mother's true inner being within me
now. With in my own body, to savor. sucking the channel of my own birth.
Thinking now, that this was probably the same type of orgasm that produced
me some years ago.

Yes! I eagerly sucked and gulped all her pussy was giving. My cock
once again raging under me. I finally released her ass from my upraised
hands and immediately got between her legs and rammed my cock into her
deeply in one quick stroke.

I leaned down and sucked her mouth. Her wet juices being given to her
probing tongue from my lips.

I fucked her hard and fast. Her legs rose in invitation for me.

OOOOHHHHH Billllllllyyyy! I'm cumming again. I'm.....aaaaggh as I
fucked her with a complete abandon.

I sucked her tongue into my mouth and pumped deeply into her warm and
wet lovliness.

OOOOOHHHH Billy. I have nev.....OOOOHH Honey. Fuck me honey. Fucke
me...... Again, my hips rotated with my cock deeply buried within her. I
began to kiss her softer now, Slowed my stroking.

Her tits crushed into my chest. Their hard nipples pressed into me. I
raised up now, loking down at her glowing face as I pumped with a steady
slow rythym.

OOOOHHH Honey. I've never cum this many times in my life. No one has
ever done what you just did honey. Ever. I felt her pussy tightening
around my cock as I pumped slowly.

I'm almost there mom.

OOOOHHH Honey, bring it up here. Let me suck this one out of you like
you just did to me. Let me take you into my body honey. Bring it up here.

Ipulled out of her pussy and moved up on her chest. I stadled and now
my cock was almost on her chin. I pulled the pillow from the couch and
rammed it under her head raising her mouth. I leaned forward and she
sucked me quickly into her warm mouth.

Her hands reaching to my as and pulling me into her.

Her moans as I pumped slowly. Now it was her turn to demand. Now it
was her turn to demand my cum, my orgasm with her mouth.

She sucked me deeply into her mouth and rolled her tongue over and over
the head of my raging cock head.

My hands went to the sides of her face as I watched my cock going in and
out of my mother's mouth.

Her complete surrender to this lust. She sucked me harder now.
Insistiong on my cum. My cock was now at the edge. OOOOOHHH it
is. I felt the spurts starting the jerk out of my cock.

Her fingers scratching my ass aas she forced me tightly to her sucking mouth. I pushed forward with a spurt of cum and slid even further into her
throat. I felt my cum shooting hard into her mouth and her gasping as I
filled her. I could feel her throat muscles around my cock head as she
drank me. In her wild hunger, she sucked all of me. All of my cum was now
within her body. In her womanhood's channel, and now within her belly. We
were now one with each other. Our fluids mixed within our own bodies.

She sucked me softer now, as my spurts subsided. Still wanting my cock
to stay in her mouth. Her tongue rolling over it as I softened. A
complete blowjob.

Both of us exhausted now. I laid beside her once again.

Silently. Both of us savoring the sex we just shared.

Finally, I rose and lifted her off the couch. I carried her upstairs to
the rear bedroom and laid her on the spare bed.

I leaned down and kissed her with all my love and then softly kissed her
heaving tits. I reached down and caressed her damp pussy once more for a
few moments, and then covered her with a blanket. Her hand reached tto
caress my hanging cock once more, as Ileaned down to give her one final
kiss goodnight.

We need rest mom. We have a lot to plan tommorrow. A lot of thinking
to do. I'll see you in the morning, OK?

Yes, honey. Her soft voice quivering.

She caressed my hanging balls once more and I left to sleep in my room.

I knew we would both be thinking of what we had done tonight, in the
glorious or maddening throes of our incest.


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