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RESCUED hurt longer bet you can


Rescued (MF,Mf,Teen,1st,Inc,Cons) davidb234(c)2000 This work is the
intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he claims the copyright.
It may be posted or archived to any free site, but not to any commercial or
pay site or organisation, without the authors express permission. Check
out my archive at:

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rescued A story by Davidb234

I flopped down into the middle of my big old leather sofa and switched
on my music centre to play some nice easy listening non intrusive music
while I unwound. I definitely deserved this, I'd just spent a full six
weeks of eighteen hours a day, seven days a week working on our companies
massive systems upgrade. As always happens the suppliers promised all bugs
are fixed, and all systems would work perfectly the instant we switched
over. As always it didn't happen, and I was the one left with the task of
sorting everything out. I did it, with the help of a few chosen
colleagues, and between us we found so many errors, some very basic, that
we ended up getting the supplier to agree to a massive reduction in the
amount to be paid. This was part of the contract that I'd asked my boss to
get put into the original negotiations, having had similar problems before.
The company doing the job were very sure they could meet the spec, and they
agreed to the 'failure to comply' penalty without a moments thought.

Now I was finished, the system worked perfectly, and we were a few
hundred thousand dollars better off that we should have been. I had been
promised a nice big bonus at the end of the quarter, and as soon as the
boss was sure nothing was going to go wrong he authorised a full months
vacation for me and the team. Seeing as there were going to be possible
minor problems I got the rest of the team to agree to spend a week each on
standby, on the understanding that if they were called out they would be on
treble time and an extra days leave. The boss was in such a good mood at
the time I think he would have given me anything I wanted. Anyway the team
was happy, and I knew I wasn't going to get disturbed except in the direst
emergency. That why I said a very loud and forceful "DAMN" when the shill
scream of the phone woke me from my doze. I was about to yell down the
line for whoever it was to get lost when I heard my sisters frightened
voice crying out "Jack, please help me". Before I could say anything the
line went dead, an instant later I had my coat on and was running out to my
car to drive the few miles to where she lived with her husband and daughter Kelly. The fact that Jenny was in trouble I knew, and that made me go cold
from head to toe. The fact the call was cut off was even more chilling,
and told me someone was there with her, that meant her harm. By the time I
got to Jenny's home I was too late, there were three police patrol
vehicles, lights flashing, and with at least one officer standing beside
the door, outside the house, and a crowd of neighbours standing as close as
they could without actually being part of the situation. I cut my engine
as I pulled on the parking brake and leapt from my seat hitting the
sidewalk running towards the front door. I dodged round a couple of cops,
but was eventually stopped at the door by a sergeant in uniform. When I
told him who I was and why I was there he called someone from inside and
ushered me through. Inside there was complete chaos, a sheet covered a
body, and I could see the corner of another one poking out from behind the
sofa. "Jenny" I called, and a detective beside me said "The lady of the
house is OK sir, she's in the kitchen with my buddy, who are you?" again I
explained, and a moment later I walked into the kitchen where I found Jenny
sitting at the table talking to another cop in plain clothes. As soon as
she saw me Jenny jumped up and threw herself into my arms and began to sob
her heart out against my shoulder.

By the time I'd managed to get her calm enough to tell me what happened
the cops were almost finished and were just waiting for the bodies to be
removed. It transpired that Jenny was sitting in the family room with Bob,
her husband, watching some film or other when they heard a noise in the
kitchen which Bob went to investigate. He didn't get very far as a masked
burglar walked into the family room, pulled a gun and told them to sit down
and be quiet. Unfortunately Bob didn't, and he went for the guy, getting
shot in the chest for his troubles. Jenny fainted, and the burglar took
his time ransacking the house, coming down to the family room again just as
Jenny was calling me. He ripped out the phone cable, hit Jenny and turned
round as he heard a noise behind him. That's when he got a big surprise,
when Bob shot him with the gun he'd picked up when he first heard the noise
on the guys entry into the kitchen. Seconds later and the cops were there
in force, bursting through the front door just as the burglar died cursing
his rotten luck.

Four hours later the house was sealed by the police, I'd got Jenny to
pack whatever clothes she and Kelly would require for a few days staying
with me. On the way to my place we swung by the home where Kelly was
having a sleepover with a school friend and told her what had happened.
After Kelly had regained enough composure to walk we picked up her grip her
friends mother had repacked for her, and drove to my house. The first
night we all went without sleep. Jenny and I sat up in my Den, my arms
round her shoulders and her head resting on my chest as she cried gently
over and over again. At about two am Kelly staggered down to join us and I
lifted my arm and allowed her to snuggle up close as her mother was doing
on my other side. We stayed like that until dawn broke, and I then made
the pair of them go to the bathroom and have a shower, threatening to get
in and do it for them if they argued. This brought a grin from Jenny, and
a giggle from Kelly, as she said "You wouldn't dare I'll tell my Daddy if
you do." That brought another bout of tears, and I spent a long time
comforting my niece while Jenny got her shower. In the end I managed to
get my own shower and shave, then joined them in the kitchen where I fixed
breakfast for them, again threatening them with all sorts of things if they
didn't eat. The rest of the day was spent sitting in almost total silence,
the occasional sob from Jenny or Kelly being the one sound heard. That
night I had just put out my light when my bedroom door opened and the next
thing I knew Jenny was snuggling up close to me "I'm sorry Jack darling,
but I just felt so lonely. Can I lay here with you for a while please, I
don't want to be sleeping on my own." I slipped my arm under her neck and
pulled her close to me, "Of course you can Sis, just don't let Kelly catch
you or she might get the wrong idea." Jenny giggled into my chest as she
snuggled up close to me, and that's the last I heard until the next
morning. Not that I really wanted to hear what I heard in the early hours
of the morning. My worst fear was realised, Kelly had woken up and felt
down, so went to see if she could get into bed with her mother. Finding
her not there, and also nowhere else in the house my bedroom was the last
place she looked. "Mom, what the fuck are you doing in bed with Uncle
Jack?" Jenny sat up, looked at Kelly and said "Kelly if ever I hear you use
language like that again I'll give you the biggest beating you ever saw.
If you must know I felt so bad last night that I needed to cuddle up to
someone, and Uncle Jack, my brother, if you remember, allowed me to use
him. Now what was it you wanted me for?" Kelly blushed, looked down at her
feet and mumbled something, "Speak up please Kelly" said Jenny. Kelly
looked up at her mother and said "I'm sorry Mom, I was trying to do the
same, I felt bad and wanted to cuddle up to you." "Jack?" said Jenny "Can
we make room for one more sad little girl please?" I shifted to the middle
of the bed, held back the covers, looked at Kelly and said "Come on then."
Kelly didn't think twice about getting into bed with her uncle, she climbed
over the bed, slipped in beside me and cuddled up close to me as I covered
her up. In a short while I'd slipped down the bed and was laying full
length on my back with Jenny and Kelly both snuggled up close to me and
sleeping soundly. I stayed like this not wanting to disturb either of
them, but also enjoying the feeling of having soft warm flesh laying so
close to me. It isn't that I couldn't get women to get into bed with me,
that was easy. After all I'd had plenty of them do it when they thought
there was a chance of getting some of my considerable income. The problem
was that I was a little too picky, and as soon as I saw eyes light up at
the thought of having lots of money spent on them I soon dropped the
connection. This had given me a bit of a reputation as a misogynist, and
resulted in long periods of being womenless. Just now was one such period,
which is why I spent so much time on the companies system upgrade. It also
made it simple for me to include Jenny and Kelly in my household, if that's
what they wanted, while we got their finances sorted out.

The rest of that night went by quite quickly. Kelly woke up feeling
better than when she climbed into bed with me, and as she lay there just
prior to getting up and getting a shower she turned to me, kissed me on the
cheek and said softly "Thanks Uncle Jack, I feel much better this morning,
and I'm sorry I shouted at you and mom last night." I said it was OK and
she then sat up, looked down at where I was laying and said in a quiet
voice "Would you mind if I did it again if I felt lonely please Uncle
Jack?" I smiled up at her and said "I think you better get your mom to OK
something like that Kelly my dear. After all you're not a little girl any
longer you know." Kelly smiled at me as she threw the covers off her legs,
"Oh, you noticed that did you Uncle Jack, I was beginning to think you
didn't like having women snuggling up close to you?" I grinned back at her,
"Oh, I like it all right Kelly, but you have to remember that you and your
Mom are family, and that's a whole different ball game." After giving me a
final lopsided grin Kelly slipped off the bed and walked across the
bedroom, swinging her hips, and with a spring in her step that wasn't there
the day before. As I lay there waiting for Jenny to wake up I thought
about what Kelly had just said, and wondered why it wasn't making a
difference to me having a teenage girl in bed with me. That's when I got
my next surprise of the day. "Will it be a problem if Kelly climbs into
bed with you during the night Jack?" My head shot round and I saw Jenny
looking up as she lay on her side facing me. "Well, will it" she
persisted. I shook my head, "No I don't think so Sis, I was just worried
what your reaction would be if you found out it had happened. Let's face
it, your daughter is growing into a good looking young woman, even if she
is only fourteen." Jenny shook her head "I can never understand how someone
that deals in computers all their working life can be so bad at simple
mathematics Jack. I'm sorry to shatter your illusions but Kelly is almost
sixteen, in fact it's her birthday in three weeks time." That stopped me.
As I lay there speechless Jenny gave a quiet chuckle and snuggled up close
to me saying "Well brother mine, does it still bother you that your sixteen
year old niece wants to get into bed with you whenever she feels lonely."
She paused for a moment then said "Seriously Jack, I don't mind. If she
wants to find a bit of comfort in bed with you I won't make waves. I might
even want to do it myself sometimes, like last night. For which I thank
you my darling brother" and she rolled on top of me and pressed her thinly
covered breasts into my chest and her soft warm lips to mine in a very un
sisterly kiss, just as Kelly walked into the room. "Mom!", Jenny rolled
off me, sat up to face Kelly and said "What?", Kelly blushed and said in a
hushed voice "What were you doing to Uncle Jack?" Jenny grinned as she spun
round and slipped off the bed to stand next to her daughter, "The same as
you did darling, just kissing Uncle Jack to say thank you for being such a
comfort last night. And before you ask, if you want to do it again I think
it'll be OK, just so long as it isn't disturbing Uncle Jack, understand?"
the two of them walked side by side out of the room and I heard Kelly say,
just before they were out of earshot "It was nice cuddling up to Uncle Jack
and feeling all safe and warm, wasn't it Mom?" "Yes, that's just how I felt
darling" replied Jenny, then I heard a door closing as they went into one
of their rooms to continue their chat.

It was fortunate that I was able to put all my energies into sorting out
Jenny's problems, from regaining entry to her home, to arranging for the
release of Bobs body and the subsequent funeral and interment. Having some
decent contacts in many places I was able to sort her insurance out quickly
and by the end of the first week after Bobs murder I was sitting down with
some of Jenny's and Bobs special friends after a small service in their
local church. During that week I had lain in bed on a number of nights
listening to both Jenny and Kelly crying at their loss, and at least once I
heard a door open and one of them come as close as my bedroom door, before
returning to her own room having thought better of it. Tonight was
different though, about an hour after the last of the mourning party had
left Jenny and I had finished clearing up the kitchen while Kelly did the
dishes, and I said I was ready for an early night. "Me too" said Jenny
softly, and I say a strange look pass between her and Kelly as I went to
secure the door and windows on the ground floor. As usual I allowed Jenny
and Kelly to use the bathroom first, and after I heard the last of them
close the door I went and had a quick shower before getting into bed. I
hadn't been in bed more than a few minutes when I heard a door open and
soft footsteps stopping outside me door. This time though the door opened
and quickly closed behind Jenny as she stepped rapidly across the room and
whispered "Can I get in please Jack darling, I need to be with someone
tonight?" Before I could answer Jenny was in bed beside me, and I suddenly
realised she was feeling cold. I also realised very rapidly that Jenny was
naked, mainly by the feel of her nipples against my chest as she rolled on
top of me and kissed me passionately. I put my arms round Jenny's back and
rolled on to my side, taking her with me and depositing her on the bed next
to me, but still with her naked breasts pressed to my chest. "What's this
all about Sis" I said softly as I eased myself out of her clinging arms.
Jenny broke down and began sobbing softly, then, after a few minutes gave a
huge sigh sniffed loudly and said in a strained voice "I'm sorry Jack
darling, I shouldn't have done that, it wasn't fair of me. It's just that
I've been alone for so long now I just needed to feel that someone loved
me." That's when it all came out in a rush, and explained why Jenny and
Kelly hadn't shown quite as much grief as I thought they might. For some
two years before he was killed it seemed that Bob had been having a series
of affairs with women that he worked with. He was also beginning to get
funny ideas about Kelly, and saying how some friends of his would be only
too glad of teaching her about the ways of grown up sexual activities.
Kelly never knew about this, but Jenny had tried to make sure she was never
alone with her father, and encouraged her to sleep away from the house as
much as possible. Jenny was going to be seeing a lawyer the day after the
break in to see about a divorce, something that wasn't now needed. As we
lay there Jenny told me how bad she felt at Bob getting himself killed
protecting her, and I smiled wryly as I said "More like protecting himself
Sis, I can't see him being all that altruistic, can you?" I felt Jenny
shake her head, then as she wriggled up a little closer she said "All I
have to do now Jack, is make sure Kelly doesn't find out what a rat her
father was." "Too late Mom, I already know" said Kelly in a quiet but firm
voice from just inside the door. "What..." Jenny sat up, forgetting that
she was naked, and said "How do you know Kelly?" Kelly walked up to the
other side of the bed and shrugged off her robe, showing she had a T-shirt
nightie on as she climbed into bed beside me. Jenny suddenly realised her
state of undress and lay back down again, pulling the covers up to her
neck. "I heard you yelling at Dad one night when I came back for something
I forgot to take to Lisa's slumber party. You were telling him his friends
would get their hands on me over your dead body, and I heard him laugh at
you. That's when I knew what a rotten bastard he really was, and why I
tried to keep out of his way as much as possible."

As I looked round at Kelly I could see tears beginning to stream down
her face. These were the first tears I'd actually seen her or Jenny for
that matter, actually shed since Bob had been killed. OK, so they had both
cried in their own bedrooms, and I'd heard them sobbing there too, but I
suddenly wondered just how much was actually for Bob, and how much was
actually relief, I guess I'll never really know for sure. As it was I
reached over and tenderly kissed away Kelly's tears, then slipped down the
bed until I was laying beside Jenny once more, with Kelly still sitting on
my other side wondering what to do. I looked up at her, smiled, then put
my arm out for her to cuddle up under. She did, and very quickly. So
quickly that I'm sure her nightie came all the way up her body to collect
beneath her firm young breasts. I knew she wasn't wearing panties, because
as she snuggled up close she put her upper leg over my thigh and I could
feel her patch of soft wispy pubic hair as it touched my skin. Damn, this
was beginning to get very difficult for me right now. All it wanted was
for one of them to move their hand down my abdomen and.. and suddenly it
happened. I knew it was Jenny's hand, because I had hold of one of
Kelly's, and her other hand was tight by my side where it couldn't move
from. It was Jenny's hand that was sliding down my abdomen and gently
(I'll give her that) cupping my balls for a few seconds before wrapping
itself round the base of my cock. I held my breath as long as Jenny held
her hand still, and as soon as she began to move her hand up and down the
length of my suddenly hard throbbing cock I began to breath more raggedly
than I had for a very long time. Kelly knew something was going on, "You
all right Uncle Jack?" she asked softly when she felt the change in my
breathing "Fine" I gasped, giving a lie to what I said, and Kelly knew it.
Shifting her body slightly, and turning her head so she could see what was
going on Kelly gasped, then said "Mom! What are you doing?" Jenny looked
at Kelly and said softly "Kelly darling, would you like to go back to your
own bed. I'll come and talk to you in a little while. I have something to
say to Uncle Jack that is a bit private, OK?" Kelly pushed herself up on to
one elbow, looked down at her mothers flushed face, and then at mine,
grinned and said "AW, mom can't I stay and watch please, I'll be quiet, I
promise." Jenny looked up at me and said "Well Jack darling, what do you
think, shall we have an audience, or not?" still gasping with the pleasure
she was giving me with her soft warm hand I said "Up to you Sis, it can't
be worse than what we're doing anyway, so what difference will it make?"
Jenny smiled at me, looked at Kelly and said "OK, but not a word, or you go
back to bed, understand?" "Yes Mom" said Kelly softly, unable to believe
this was really happening. With a smile at her mother, and a kiss on the
lips for me Kelly threw off her nightie, snuggled down the bed and pressed
her now naked breasts into my ribs as she passed an arm over my chest and
held herself tight to my body. While Kelly was doing this, and it only
took a few seconds, Jenny was rolling on top of me, then kneeling astride
my thighs as she positioned herself above my rampant erection.

As Jenny was feeling round for my hard throbbing cock to guide it into
her hot wet and very swollen pussy I felt Kelly's heart beating faster
against my side as she watched a mans cock slip into a woman's vaginal
opening. Very slowly Jenny lowered herself down the length of my penis,
stopping only when she was sitting on my thighs and her pubic bush was
mingling with mine. As she settled on to me Jenny gave a long loud cry of
ecstasy, and began to hump her hips to and fro against my cock, leaning
forward slightly so she could run her clitty against my hard pubic bone,
bringing herself off so quickly she was cumming almost as soon as she
started. This was too much of Kelly laying beside me. She was rubbing her
swollen pussy with her hand as she watched her mother, her sexually
deprived mother, bring herself off by sitting on the hard throbbing penis
of her own brother. Suddenly Kelly gave a loud scream and began to hump
harder against as her tender young frame trembled with the ecstasy of her
first real orgasm. As Kelly lay back gasping for breath Jenny leaned over
her. Kissed her tenderly and said "Come on Kelly darling, I think now is
the right time for you to become a woman. How would you like Uncle Jack to
be your first lover?" Kelly opened her eyes, looked at Jenny then me and
gasped "Would.. Can I.. Will you show me what to do mom please." All the
time she was scrambling up on to her knees to get in place beside her
mother. As the knelt there, above my still throbbing erection, Jenny took
Kelly's face between her hands, kissed her tenderly on the lips and said
"You don't have to do this if you don't want to Kelly darling. I just
thought it might be better than what your father had in mind, and believe
me darling, your Uncle Jack is a lot more of a man than your father ever
could be. All you have to say is no, and we can stop, all right?" Kelly
smiled at her mother "Oh, come off it Mom, you just want to keep him to
yourself. Trouble is I think I might want to do the same. Right now
though I want him to make me a woman, no matter how much it hurts, all I
need is for you to tell me what to do."

One last kiss from Jenny and Kelly was straddling my thighs, opening her
own so that for the first time I got a good look at her wonderful virgin
pussy. This made my cock jump so much it almost tore itself out of Kelly's
gentle grip, and made Jenny laugh softly as she looked at me over her
daughters shoulder. "Makes you feel that good Eh Jack darling" she said
softly. I just sighed and continued watching Kelly's pussy as she tried to
open her lips to allow my cum slicked cockhead to slip inside. In the end
Jenny lay beside Kelly's knees and helped her by holding my shaft as Kelly
held open her virgin lower lips. As she felt the head of my cock slip
between her outer lips Kelly gave a loud groan, more of pleasure that of
pain, and I felt her muscles grip me, grip me so hard I gave a loud gasp of
pain as I heard Jenny say "Gently Kelly darling, you're hurting Uncle Jack
by squeezing too hard." Kelly opened her eyes and gasped "Oh, god, I'm
sorry Uncle Jack, I didn't mean.." I smiled up at her and patted her thigh
"Nothing to worry about Kelly darling, you just carry on at your own
speed." Kelly smiled down at me, then took hold of my hand and lifted it up
to her breast, where she placed it firmly over one titty and pressed her
fingers round mine to show me what she wanted. I obliged her, and began to
gently caress and palpate her wonderfully firm rounded breasts, rolling her
nipples between finger and thumb as she gasped with pleasure and continued
to lower herself down the length of my penis. Kelly continued to move
slowly down my cock, then suddenly she paused as she felt the pressure of
my cock on her maidenhead. Not giving her time to think Jenny looked over
Kelly's shoulder at me, grinned and said "Now Jack darling", as she wrapped
her arms round Kelly's waist and held her tight, pressing down slightly as
she watched me give an upward jerk of my hips. This time it was a cry of
pain, and I saw a couple of tears slowly running down Kelly's cheek as she
looked down at me and say "Damn that smarts Uncle Jack, why didn't you warn
me you were ready?" "Ask your mother that one darling, I'm sure she has a
better reason than I do." Jenny kissed Kelly behind her ear, then said
softly "Quick is better Kelly darling, believe me. Doing it slowly just
makes it hurt longer, I bet you can hardly remember how much it hurt you by
now, can you?" As I'd been slowly moving my cock in and out of Kelly's
pussy through all this talk she smiled down at me and said "You're right
Mom, all I can feel is Uncle Jacks wonderful hard penis moving in and out
of my pussy." Jenny chuckled, then whispered in Kelly's ear something I
couldn't quite catch. The result was that a moment later Kelly was laying
full length on top of my, her hard pointed nipples pressing into my chest
and her pussy gripping my throbbing cock as she kissed me tenderly. "Uncle
Jack, mom said I have to tell you I forgive you for hurting me when you
popped my cherry, and to thank you for doing it so gently when it could
have been a really bad experience for me." With that she pressed her soft
warm lips to mine and began to hump hard at me cock while I stroked my
hands up and down her back and over her firm rounded naked bottom cheeks.
As she began to gasp with pleasure as her climax got closer I cupped my
hands over her buttocks and helped her to move in sync with my own jerking
until finally she came to her first penetration orgasm that exploded in her
belly and rippled out in never ending waves of pleasure that reached every
corner of her young body.

All through popping Kelly's cherry I had maintained control of myself,
and held my own orgasm back, right now all that went out of the window as I
felt what had to be Jenny's hands cupping my swollen balls in her hand and
softly calling out "Cum Jack darling, fill her up with you hot sticky cum.
Let me see it flooding her pussy, and running out round your cock." Before
I could say anything, or Jenny say anything more I came, I almost exploded,
and Kelly knew what was happening because she opened her eyes and lifted
her head off my cheek and gasped out "Are you cumming inside me Uncle Jack,
is that what I can feel, OH, yes, do it some more please I love it when you
cum inside me, do it again please, pleeeaaassseee..." Not a chance I
thought, then slowly shook my head as I gasped out "Sorry darling, that's
all I can manage right now, I need a bit of a rest before I'll be ready

Jenny and Kelly moved in with me permanently. They are also the reason
I never got married, and neither did Jenny. There was hardly a night when
I didn't have one or other of them in bed with me, sometimes both, and very
often without any sexual activity. Well, I suppose we did indulge in a bit
of the old 'touchy feely', just no activity, if you see what I mean. Jenny
made Kelly start dating some of the boys from school, simply to make sure
there was no undue talk about them living with a male relative. This
lasted all through Kelly's high school, and on into her college years where
she met a nice guy that even I approved of. Jenny and I still live
together, and still get the same amount of enjoyment when we make love,
despite the fact that she is now a grandmother, and I'm a great-uncle.
Life is treating us very well just now, and we see no reason why we
shouldn't go on to better things in the future. END

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