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RESPONSE sucked suddenly and she began


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Lessons in Responsibility- (response.txt)- A private school
teacher has hit on a unique method for instilling proper values in his
students. He lets them watch as he punishes those closest to the
malefactor. M/F oral, anal, spank (ASPCC supervision to insure no
children were harmed in the writing of this story)

Lessons in Responsibility

"Turn your head more to the side," Mr. Trent instructed, "You
don't want to block Billy's view."
Mrs. James meekly obeyed the order, hoping her young son couldn't
see the tears forming in her eyes. She sucked Bob Trent's cock dutifully
trying to contain the shame and despair welling up from her belly.
"If you wish to fellate me to completion, I am willing to wait
until I am erect again to copulate with you," Trent said.
Lynn James shook her head. It sent a welcome tremor through
Trent's hard-on.
"Then take off your clothes and lie on the desk," Trent said.
Lynn could see nothing but Billy's wide eyes on her as she stood.
She could think of nothing she wanted to do less than take off her
clothes in front of her 12-year-old son.
"Can't I just take off my underwear? You can have me that way
easily," she offered.
"I am not your back street lover, Mrs. James," Trent said sternly,
"You will take off every stitch and lie on my desk."
Lynn's hands trembled a bit as she fumbled with her buttons. Billy
was the one on the verge of tears now. He didn't sob, but the tears
rolled silently down his cheeks as her blouse and then her skirt came
off and were deposited on the floor by his teacher's desk.
All his youthful desire for his mother was like a brand on his
brain as her full, round breasts came into view. His curiosity about
women was an additional scourge of guilt as he watched his mother lower
her panties and then climb onto Mr. Trent's desk.
Billy wanted, needed so badly to know how women looked down there,
but now the knowledge was tainted forever as he looked into the secrets
between his mother's legs. He hated himself for even looking, but he
couldn't tear his eyes away from the forbidden sight.
He had a football once that had ripped a seam. It looked like that
between his mother's legs. It was like that slit in her crotch had
opened and parts of her insides were bulging out. It was fascinating,
but mostly Billy felt sick.
"Now, Billy, I am a motherfucker," Mr. Trent said as he stood
between Lynn's legs and pushed his long, hard cock into the slit in
her crotch.
"Please don't tease him," Mrs. James pleaded, "I'm doing what you
said. Please don't tease him."
She was trying to will her mind to a better place as Trent filled
her with his cock and began to fuck her. She had to do it. She was
trying to forget she was allowing him to fuck her in front of her son.
Billy was fencing with his own demons. It was all his fault this
was happening. He could see the aversion on his mother's face. And he
had a hard-on pressing against his fly. His mother was making a
sacrifice for him and he was excited.
"Your vagina is very snug for a woman that has had.. two? or is
it three children?" Trent said as his cock sawed in and out of the
naked woman sprawled on his desk.
"Only two," Lynn said, her reply opening the flood gates on the
tears she had tried to hold back.
Trent made no comment on her tears. He continued his measured
thrusting until it became time for him to accelerate and fuck himself
to orgasm in the hapless mother.
"If we must meet again like this, you will be required to lick my
penis clean," Trent told Lynn, "Remember that, Billy, more is required
each time you become a problem."
Lynn was no longer so concerned about her nudity in front of
Billy. She could feel Trent's sperm wiggling inside her and she was
loathe to put her clothes on her dirty body. But she had to dress.
"Mr. James, may I see your lessons for today," Mr. Trent said.
Billy fumbled with his notebook in his hurry to bring the work
forward for Mr. Trent to see. They were all there. He and his mother had gone over them three times to make sure they were complete and
"I see our little parent-teacher conference has improved your
attitude," Mr. Trent said as he examined the work. "I will expect no
less of you in the future."
How fortunate, Mr. Trent mused to himself as he spotted Susan Ward
opening the car door for daughter Mary. I don't know what I would do if
a problem child had an ugly mother.
That was not the case with Susan Ward. She had a long way to go to
forty and she was still full of youthful charm. She looked athletic
and firm in all the parts Trent could see in his casual examination.
His examination of Mary had been much fuller, although
accidental. Instincts sharp from years of teaching, Mr. Trent knew
something was happening in the cloak room at the rear of his classroom.
He arrived in time to see little Mary giving an anatomy lesson to three
of the boys in his class.
Mary's hairless, naked pubes had been interesting, but only
exciting in the sense that they would lead Trent to the the more mature pudenda of her mother. The boys, of course, scattered and Mary quickly
pulled down her skirt with a furious blush.
"Were you hoping those boys would help you find your lost
underwear?" Mr. Trent twisted the knife as he penned the note to Mary's
"Please. Mr. Trent, I'll never do it again," Mary sobbed, "Please
don't tell my mother."
"Will she beat you?" Trent was amused.
"Maybe," Mary sniffled. "I won't ever, never, ever again, I
promise. Please don't tell on me."
"I think you deserve a good paddling," Mr. Trent cut off her hopes
"And if your mother does not come for her appointment, I will add that
to the charges."
This was heady beyond all imagining. For the rest of the day Trent
saw naked buttocks glowing a fresh spanked red. But it was not Mary's
boyish rear. His mind was filled with images of Susan Ward's buttocks
presented over his lap.
"I'm afraid this is intolerable behavior for the Convent School,"
Trent said sternly to Mrs. Ward. "I should recommend Mary for
Thank God for the inner city, Trent thought to himself. Their
fears might be groundless, but parents had already demonstrated their
opinion by shelling out the $4,000 a year to escape public schools.
He wielded their fear like Thor's hammer.
"But it's normal for children to play like that," Mrs. Ward
"Normal is for public school," Trent said icily. "The Convent
School is for children with good prospects and outstanding demeanor."
"Please don't have her expelled," Mrs. Ward begged, "I will make
sure she never acts that way again."
"And how will you do that?" Mr. Trent inquired.
"I'll take away television for two weeks," she said.
"I thought for a moment you were speaking of corporal
punishment," Trent said.
"Oh no! I would never beat my child," Mrs. Ward said.
"Too bad. I think that is what she needs," Trent said.
There was no long discussion. Trent had slammed the door on that.
He was only interested in the next phase of his method.
"I would be willing to demonstrate how this problem can be
solved," Trent offered, "Only if I am assured such behavior will cease
can I allow Mary to remain at this school."
"You want to spank her?" Susan drew herself up in indignation.
"Of course not. That is a parent's place," Trent said. "I want her
to feel true regret so she will never act out again."
He had blunted her righteous indignation and left her stunned
and vulnerable for his outrageous thrust. He let her process his words
for a moment and then continued.
"I intend for you to bear the brunt of the retribution so Mary
will learn how far-reaching the consequences of her actions can be,"
Trent told her.
"Me?" Susan gasped, eyes flying wide, "What am I suppsed to do?"
"I think you figured that out when I said it," Trent grinned at
her. "You know what I want. You just don't understand how that will
help little Mary."
"You want to spank me?" Susan gasped again.
"No, silly, I want what you were going to offer anyway," Trent
said, "Only you're going to give it to me in front of Mary."
Her breath sucked in suddenly and she began to hyperventilate. He
wasn't sure what she was thinking, but he could see by her expression
that she was in the right mood.
"Wha- what do you want?" she finally stuttered out.
"I want you to fellate me until I have an erection and then have
intercourse with me on my desk," Mr. Trent said plainly.
"I- I- I can't do that," Mrs. Ward protested.
"Then I can only hope Mary isn't gang-raped at her new school,"
Trent played his trump card.
"Can't we go into another room?" Susan said hesitantly.
She had given in. Now she was negotiating. The tricky part was
over. Trent felt the rush of adrenaline as he knew he had caught another
mother in his web. He had won the dangerous game once again. Now was not
the time to relax. He was merciless.
"I am not accepting a bribe," Trent said haughtily, "This is a
unique form of behavior modification. Mary is the point, whether you
can understand that or not. It does nothing to hide from her."
Mrs. Ward still hesitated.
"I will give you literature to read at home if you wish. Now stop
stalling and come here," Trent ordered.
He didn't need her mouth on his cock to give him an erection. His
cock had leaped to attention when he was certain of her surrender. It
was only for form that he made her kneel between his legs and extract
his steely rod.
Little Mary gasped as she saw the size of his organ in all its
swollen glory. Trent could see her shake in apprehension as her mother's
mouth came down to engulf him.
"See how being naughty hurts the ones you love?" Trent took
advantage of her precarious emotional state.
It wasn't hurting Mr. Trent one bit. Obviously, Mrs. Ward had
sucked a cock before. She was, in fact, too good to really enjoy her
mouth before he had to fall into his normal string of events.
"You may continue until I ejaculate if you wish, but you will be
required to restore my erection so we can copulate," Trent said.
"Should I stop?" she raised her head to ask.
"Either finish me or stand up and remove your clothes," Trent
There was not the tension involved that he felt when a mother
stripped for her son. Susan had litle to hide from Mary. Mary's eyes
were glued to the angry red penis jutting from his loins in any case.
The electricity came into the air when Mrs. Ward turned and bent
forward over Mr. Trent's desk. This time the tension did not exclude
Trent. He too was drawn into the drama as Mrs. Ward presented him a
new approach to his favorite part of teaching.
"See what your mother has to do because of your behavior?"
Trent accused Mary. "Do you think she likes to be humiliated this way?"
Even to his own ear there was too little sternness and too much
glee in that speech. It was harder to maintain his cool demeanor with
the treat in store.
It was a novelty for Trent. More than the change of position, Mrs.
Ward's pose teased Trent's particular bent. He liked to make them give
in. And the one was making the primal signal of surrender.
He was grinning before he felt his cock slide into the warm hug of
her cunt. She made a whine of protest as he entered roughly and then
grunted as he filled her.
Trent promised himself he would get more than that out of her
before he finished with her. He owed Mary a good show.
"See what you made her do?" Trent said to the wide-eyed waif.
Mary was caught somewhere between astonishment and horror as she
watched that long pole slide inside her mother's belly. She was very
confused by the feelings it gave her.
Susan did grunt as he slammed his cock into her, but it was his
continual taunts to Mary that brought out the fiercest retort.
"Can't you see she's already scared to death?" Susan snapped,
"Why don't you leave her alone?"
"Because she is supposed to be feeling badly," Trent snapped back
and suddenly pulled his cock out of Mrs. Ward. "I'll give you a
Before she knew what was happening, his hand whirred through the
air and came down on her right buttock.
"Hey! That really hurt!" she tried to screech out before his hand
landed the second time and failed.
"This is for trying to sabotage your daughter's lesson," Trent
said as his hand came down again. "You'll see what kind of lessons I
teach with my methods."
She begged sincerely as Trent kept slamming his hand into her ass.
She finally caught just the right tone of submissiveness and Trent
stopped. He stepped forward and slid his cock into her again.
"You're not going to smart-mouth any more, are you?" he asked as
he thrust with slow, strong thrusts against her rear.
"No- I won't!" Susan snivelled between gasping breaths.
"So you see how well my lessons work," Trent gloated.
He glanced toward Mary cowering toward the corner. She was going
to remember this for the rest of her life. She was not prepared to
understand the strange feeling between her legs while she watched in
panic as her teacher did these violent things to her mother.
That realization made Trent fuck Susan faster. This was one of
the good ones. It might be the best he'd had. They were both responding
in just the right way.
His climax was a knee-shaker. It was all he could do to keep up
a pretense of thrusting as the cum poured out of his cock. He had to
take a deep breath before he could pull his cock from her dripping
snatch and make his little goodbye speech.
"If we must repeat this performance, you will be required to lick
my penis clean," Trent told Susan, "Remember that, Mary, more is required each time you become a problem."
He liked to watch them squirm as they dressed with his cum still
oozing out from inside them. Susan Ward was a bit of a disappointment
in that category, but her hate-filled gaze more than made up for it.
He required Mrs. Ward to return later in the week for a lecture on
the role of consequence in discipline. He enjoyed her distress as she
waited for him to order her to take off her clothes.
He made several feints in that direction, but Mary was at home and
would already be convinced that her mother was doing that thing with her
teacher. He had little desire to confirm Mrs. Ward's fears. It was much
more pleasurable to watch her squirm.
She seemed a bit disappointed when he sent her off without even
suggesting sex with him. Mary was already convinced. That was enough for
Amy Martin was the perfect prey. She was too shy to look a man in
the eye and surrendered to his logic like she believed it herself.
Her Mike was a bully and Trent assumed he had learned that
behavior at home. He knew Mr. Martin was in prison for some violent
crime. It made predictable sense.
Amy waited for permission to open his pants and begin sucking his
cock. Trent was in his glory as undisputed commander. He granted
permission with a sweep of his hand.
Mike's stare was hate unalloyed. But Trent thought he could see
that hate flowing from two different directions. There was the hate of
being punished- for anything, by anyone. And then there was a jealous
kind of hate in the boy's scowl.
He was watching his mother suck Trent's cock with a look like his
teacher had taken away something of his. He was 13. Trent wondered if he
only lusted for his mother or if he was already fucking her.
"You may continue until I ejaculate if you wish, but you will be
required to restore my erection so we can copulate," Trent said by rote.
"What should I do?" Amy asked as she looked up wide-eyed.
She was perfect. She didn't know whether to go on or to stop. She
needed him to tell her.
"Stand up and take off your clothes," Trent instructed. "Take off
everything and bend over my desk so I can copulate with you."
Amy was a woman that needed that submissive pose. Her timidity
cried out to present her buttocks helpless to the teacher. Trent thought
any other treatment would confuse her.
"See what it is like to be a bully?" Trent taunted Mike as they
watched his mother strip.
Mike wasn't aghast at his ambivalent feelings as his mother's naked
body was revealed. He only stared at Trent. It made Trent surer that
there was an unnatural intimacy between the two. Amy wasn't the type to
resist a forceful advance.
He would have to adjust his routine to make an impression on this
hard little delinquent.
"I'm going to show you what all little bullies really want to do,"
Trent said. "You watch and think about it."
Amy Martin was pretty enough. She had big, frightened brown eyes
in a pleasant round face with the trace of adolescent freckles still
discernable across her nose and cheeks. She was of medium build. Her
breasts were sufficient, not overlarge or small and the rest of her was
unremarkable above the average.
Her demeanor set her apart. She was a docile lump of clay. Trent
would take his pleasure from the fury of her son.
She bent over his desk and waited. Trent smiled at Mike as he
stepped up behind his mother.
"You see, bullies aren't interested in normal things," Trent
sneered at the boy as he lifted Amy's buttocks and ran his thumb over
her labia.
"Bullies are scared little sissies inside," he accused Mike. "All
they want is to steal a real personality from normal boys."
"Shut up you fuckhead!" Mike shouted, red-faced.
He was standing with his hands balled into fists at his sides.
There was little holding him back and he was at the breaking point.
Trent didn't need an altercation, especially with a naked mother over
his desk, but he was having too much fun to stop taunting the boy.
"I already fucked her head," Trent said with an uncommon vulgarism.
"Now she's going to take it in the other end because her son is a
criminal like his dad."
Mike flew at him. Dad was a touchy subject. Trent was unprepared
for the ferocity of his attack. He didn't like the odds against the
big boy. Fortunately for him, Mike's attack was all fury and no thought.
He was able to catch the boy's hands and push him away. His words
were his counter-attack.
"That's right. Go to prison like your father," Trent snapped at
the snorting boy, "Then I'll have her all to myself to do what I want."
Mike believed it could happen. He wasn't hard enough to want to
go to jail. Trent detected the let-down in Mike. Now was the time to
cow him back to his corner.
"You just earned your mother a worse punishment," Trent said, "Now
go back to your place before she has to take more."
He wasn't getting any help from Amy. She lay silent across the
desk, willing to let events happen around her. It was not his normal
encounter with a mother. He wouldn't perform his usual routine.
"You see, bully boys are unnatural little scum," Trent went on with
his denigration of the boy, "They're not like normal boys."
He pulled open Amy's rear and exposed her anus. He licked his
finger and rubbed the round portal.
"Bully boys don't want sex. They want to buttfuck people," Trent
The jealousy was back and it was a desperate kind of jealousy.
Trent assumed that Mike had never fucked his mother in the ass. He would
have a pleasure from Mrs. Martin that her son never had. He put his
finger in Amy's mouth.
"Lick it good," he told the woman bent over his desk.
He used her own saliva to lubricate her asshole. What excitement
he had lost in Mike's attack quickly came back as he made Amy spit on
his finger and used it to wet her anus.
Mike might have never had his mother in that way, but Trent was
sure many others had. He didn't expect her to protest even if she had
been an anal virgin, given her demeanor, but her sphincter relaxed too
easily for there to be much hesitation in what she must know was coming.
"How do you like me treating your mom the way you treat other
kids?" Trent taunted Mike as he stepped up behind Mrs. Martin. "You
behave just like this with the other students."
It was a total treat to feel his cock sink into Amy's asshole.
Even with the scant lubrication, it was not painful, at least for him.
He pushed his cock into her ass and then looked down to gloat over the
sight of his hard cock splitting her buttocks and spearing into her
expanded sphincter. It felt good and it looked good.
There was one more part that could make his pleasure greater. He
would use this timid woman to advance his cause.
"Tell Mikey what I'm doing," he instructed Amy.
"He's fucking me," Amy said without reluctance.
"Where am I fucking you?" Trent demanded the details.
"He's fucking me- in my ass," Amy complied.
That removed any doubt the boy might be having. Trent knew any
foolish denial would be ruined by hearing his mother confess the truth.
Mike was watching his teacher fuck his mother in the ass. And he didn't
know what to do about it.
Trent knew exactly what to do. After his momentary pleasure at
seeing his cock invading Amy's butt, he pressed forward and pushed all
the way into her ass. She grunted but did not try to evade him.
This was what they all deserved, Trent thought. He should fuck
every one of those mothers in the ass. They'd take it and like it because
he was the one in charge. All sorts of inflated thoughts of mastery ran
through his brain as his cock rested in the narrow heat of Mrs. Martin's
This was more than just a nice fuck. Trent was more than using one
of his student's mothers to satisfy his lusts. Mrs. Martin was providing
him with a special experience. It was more than getting off. She was
giving him one of those fucks you remember forever.
Trent pushed hard against Amy's ass, jamming her against his desk.
Feeling her cheeks flatten under his belly filled him with gusto. She had
it all now. He'd made her take it and now he was going to fuck her like
the piece of meat he had made her.
Mike's frustrated anger was forgotten in the pleasure of reaming
out his mothers ass. Trent was taking a few minutes off being the
teacher. It felt too good to plug this tight pumpkin to be taunting
some kid. He settled into a good, hard rhythm of jamming his cock into
Amy's ass before he even thought of Mike again.
"This is what all you little buttfuckers want," he finally said
to Mike. "How do you like seeing me do it to your mom?"
It was weak compared to the usual terror he could get from his
students. He was just making Mike madder.
"You keep up bullying and you'll watch this again," Trent warned
the boy. "I'll take it out of your mother's ass."
That was enough of that. He didn't need to give Amy any
rationalization for making her bend over and take it in the ass. And he
hoped Mike would give him the excuse to call her in and ream her again.
He went deep in her ass again and pumped Mrs. Martin into the desk.
He was about to fill her ass with cum and he wanted his whole cock to
enjoy the heat of her bowels while he shot off.
It was tremendous. He paused with his cock deep in her ass for a long time, not wanting to end the session. Finally he had to pull back
and make his cock plop out of Mrs. Martin's asshole. He snapped back to
reason when he realized he had almost let Amy off without his standard
In this case, that would have been a tragedy.
"If we must repeat this performance, you will be required to lick
my penis clean," Trent told Amy, "Remember that, Mike, more is required
each time you become a problem."
The thought made his cock twitch. He wanted Mrs. Martin to suck his
shit-covered cock clean right now. This was one discipline problem he
hoped contined.
Mike Martin brought a knife to school the next day. Mr. Trent was
not the only teacher that had had a problem with the young man, so when
the bus driver saw the knife and reported him, the juvenile authorities
were called.
Mr. Trent stayed away from the proceedings. Mike was either too
embarrassed to admit what had happed or too tough to squeal. For whatever
motive, he was sent to a juvenile detention facility without offering a
reason why he brought the weapon to school.
It was not the usual solution to a problem child, but it worked.
In fact, it had results better than most of Trent's blackmail. Mrs.
Martin came to him for solace.
With all her men in custody, she turned to Trent to provide the
direction she needed and the cock she craved.
In 2000, Trent was given the Golden Apple award for outstanding


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