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RESULT sucking and nibbling the enlarged



He slipped into the bedroom quietly. Kendra was waiting for him, but
had her back to the door, and didn't hear him enter.

He crept up behind her and slipped his hands under her arms, slipping
them around her silk robe and cupping her swollen breasts. She murmured in
happy surprise and looked up at him with a smile. "Mmmmm, isn't that a
nice hello," she said, as he kneaded her breasts with his hands.

He reached down and untied her robe, then assisted her in shrugging it
off. He admired her wide hips, and the magnificent swell of her ass,
before again reaching from behind to grab a breast. She groaned softly as
his thumb tweaked a nipple, making it stand in proud attention. His right
hand continued to prod and massage her right breast, but his left hand
trailed down, past her breast, until it reached the bulging, firm swell of
her tummy. He rubbed his hand over her swollen belly, then left it to
gently rest right above her bellybutton, gently massaging the overstressed
muscles. From underneath, he felt her belly suddenly bulge and ripple.

She giggled. "It looks like I'm not the only one that's happy to see

He turned her around and looked at her. Her dark brown hair fell down
around her shoulders, framing her face with her wide smile and laughing
eyes. Her normally C-cup breasts had swollen to a D, and her areolas had
spread to cover a goodly portion of her breasts, her pert nipples standing
out proudly. Her magnificent, firm, volleyball of a belly swelled out from
beneath her breasts, then curved back under, leading to the space between
her legs. He could already see a few drops of her juices perched on her
pubic hair.

She grabbed his belt buckle, and undid it. She pulled his pants down to
his ankles, and he stepped out of them, while he pulled his shirt above his
head and discarded it. She knelt down before him, and took his rock-hard
cock into her mouth.

He groaned softly as she worked her magic on his cock. She alternated
taking the whole thing into her mouth with long licks up the underside,
which drove him wild. His hips rocked gently back and forth as she
devoured his member. It didn't take long before he came into her waiting
mouth. She tried to take it all, but couldn't, and the last few squirts
covered her engorged breasts and swollen tummy.

She stood up, and led him to the bed. She lied back, her massive tits and big belly towering off the bed. He lie next to her, and took a nipple
in his mouth. He started sucking and nibbling on the enlarged nipple.

"You know, Don, in about three months you're going to have to rent those
things out," she giggled.

"Just as long as I get occasional visiting rights."

His hand slipped down past her huge belly, and slipped between her legs.
He rubbed her pussy lips up and down, making her moan softly. Then he
slipped two fingers into her and started working them in and out.

"Oh, Don, it's been too long," she moaned. "Oh, maaaaaaaannnnn."

He disengaged from her breast, moving his lips down, smacking little
kisses over that magnificent belly, until he came to her honeypot. Still
moving his fingers in and out, he thrust his tongue onto her clit.

"Aahggggghhh. Oh GOD!" She cried out. He worked his fingers, slowly
but steadily, as he tongued and nibbled her clit. Her breathing became
labored, as she squeaked and moaned. Her legs stiffened as her pussy spasmed into orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Jesus, Don, you just don't do that enough."

"I know." He disengaged from her pussy, and rolled onto his back. She
climbed over to him, swung her leg over his hips, and straddled him. In
Kendra's condition, this was the easiest position. Don didn't mind-he got
to watch her better.

She reached behind her, found his cock, aimed it, and sank down on it.
She lowered herself in one effort, with a loud "oooooOOOOOOOOOoooff!" She
sat on him, adjusting herself, as his hands went to her hips. He looked up
at her, all huge beautiful belly and swollen breasts.

"Do you realize how sexy you are like this?" He asked her. She just
giggled in response, and then raised herself off of him, and lowered. He
gripped her hips to give her some leverage, as she bounced her beautifully
pregnant body up and down on his cock. Little beads of sweat broke out on
her forehead, tits, and belly, as she grunted and groaned from exertion and
building passion.

She leaned forward as much as she was able, her tummy grinding into his.
Up and down she slid on his member, his hands on her hips helping to guide

"Ugggggh! Auggggghhh! Oooofffff!" Kendra grunted, as her rhythm got
ragged. Don guessed that her tired back muscles were giving her fits at
about this point.

"Back hurt?"


"Let me help." He planted his feet on the bed, and tented his knees up.
She leaned back, resting against his thighs, as he increased the support on
her hips, and made sure to time his upward thrusts with his hands bringing
her hips down. She leaned back, and he could see his cock moving in and
out of her, and, above that, her beautiful beachball belly and her gorgeous
swollen breasts.

"Ooooohhhh! Oh, God, Don, so close........." He increased his rhythm
with his upward thrusts and his hands on her hips, until she came with a
careening wail, her pussy clenching and gripping on his cock. That was
enough for him, as he drenched the insides of her pussy with spurts of cum.

"Oh GOD...": Kendra said, as she rested all of her weight on his thighs.
His cock plopped out of her pussy, and she crawled off of him, curling up
next to him. They lie like that for a few minutes, just kissing and

Then Don looked at his watch. "Shit. I have to go. Duty calls."

"I know. I hate it, but I know."

"Don't worry, Kendra, by hook or by crook, my duty will be finished by
the time that baby of ours is born. I promise."

"I know." She watched him hurriedly throw his clothes back on. He
reached down to kiss her.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Don got in his car and sped off. He had the best lawyers in the world,
he always joked, and they would fix this. And if they didn't, then he
would just take the financial hit. Because he had meant what he said to
Kendra-by the time the baby was born, he would be out of this. Because he
didn't know how much longer he could take leaving Kendra-his lover, his
best friend, the best thing that had ever happened to him, the mother of
his child-to go back home to his wife.


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