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RETYPE men arent very interested oral


First Encounter,By Chance DailyIt was a day like any other, the morning cup of coffee, The monday newspaper, everything seemed to be going normal. Around 10:00, after arriving in the dimly lit corrodors of Dooley and Kurtis law firm, I cought sight of a modern work of art, who, I later learned's name was monica. she was 5 foot 7, perfect, brown hair ,blue eyes,long legs, thin waist, great curves and supple magnificent breasts, which I couldn't help noticing, based on the indoor climate, and the white shirt she was wearing. Our eyes met and I knew we both felt an instant attraction. I'm an average male, 6 foot 2, 200 pounds, fairly well bulit good endowment, brown hair and blue eyes. I wasn't any michaelangelo, but still good looking at that. I felt a sudden urge to go talk to her. As I walked toward her i noticed that she was quite forward, in the sence that she didn't look away for a moment. I introduced myself as Chance , one of the newer lawyers at this law firm and she replied as being Monica , a new receptionist that had just entered this form of work. After a short, but meaningfull conversation, I was strickly forward and asked her if she would accompany me to lunch, I was subtily surprised when she accepted. I had accomplished nothing , but walking in the door, when I had a date for lunch, I was very proud of myself. That whole morning I couldn't think of anything but her, her eyes mesmorised me, as I was drawn into the surly depths of her being itself. Finally when 12:00 strolled around I went to The recetion desk where I found her waiting. She took my arm and we headed down 56th and 3rd, to a small bistro called l'eau de pomme, which means apple water, i guess it sounds better in french. i opened the door for her and we proceded to sit at the table. after a long conversation about both of our pasts, i was quite amused and suprised, when she asked me if I wanted to skip the rest of work and spend the afternoon with her, Since I was new, I was a little pescimistic , but i agreed. That afternoon was the best in my live, we went to the local park and talked, I mostly listened because the best way into a womans heart is through your own ears. When six rolled around she asked me if I had any dinner plans, I didn't, so she proceeded to persuade me into comming to her apartment for a meal and maybe more. When she said that i was cought so off guard that i just mumbled to myself. Upon arriving at her 56th and 2nd aparment, I was amazed, that on a receptionists salary she had a better apartment than I . I walked in and she had a basket of fruit laying outside the door to her apartment. I gave her a questioning look, when she simply replied " I thought we might have a little fun later". I was taken back, but throughouly ammused. She had me wait in the kitchen of her apartment, and after 3 or 4 minutes she came back, wearing a black slip, and having her hair down. I thought i was going to pass out, but i didn't. She led me into her room, It had tan walls, with paintings and family pictures all arround I was so supprised that this was normal. She pushed me on the bed and unbuttoned the top four buttons , and then proceeded to rip the rest, on my new brooks bros shirt,right off. honestly, i didn't mind. She took a large strawberry out of the basket and dipped it into chocolate. Then she proceeded to wipe it on my lips, then after biting the chocolate, she kissed me, the flavors and the sentiousness of it all cought me off guard and I was immediately arroused. Since she was laying on me, it wasn't too hard to notice what was going on. she ate the rest of the strawberry and then proceeded to unzip my pants and undo my button, she pulled my pants down, kissed my abs pasionately, slowly moving toward my shaft. She pulled my briefs down with her tounge and then proceeded to kiss the head of my cock, so tenderly, I was about to loose it. She opened her mouth and swalowed me whole, most women arent very interested in oral sex, or having a 7 inch thing shoved in her mouth, but along with inniciating it, she loved it, she was a pro and after a few minutes, I was blown away with what seemed like an endless supply of a man made protien shake, which she swallowed, god, what else could i have asked for. I decided to return the favor. I layed her down, lifted up her slip and put her legs over my sholders. i started off by, licking and kissing around her pussy, immeditely i knew i was doing the right stuff, as she became wet, i put some chocolate on the outside, and proceeded to lick it all off untill none was left. Then i used my tongue and entered her world. i explored her insides and boy did she love it. She pulled me toward her and said" I wan't it NOW" What was I to do, stop?. She took off her slip and I Put on a condom, for pretection, i didn't know her, so what else was there to do. I layed her down, and proceeded to give her oral untill she was soaked and ready. I licked her subtle breasts and nibbled on her erect nipples. finally she grabed my fully erect shaft and placed it right next to her clit.I picked her up and placed her right over my cock, and slowly let her down on it. We were close and i knew that she liked it that way too, she sat on my thighs, while I thrused my cock in and out of her. i grabbed her, and told her to wrap her legs around me, while we were doing it. she did. I then put one arm around her back , and the other around her butt, and layed back on the pillows, she loved it, I am a gentleman and asked her if there was anything i could do to help her acheve orgasm. she told me i was doing everything right and juse to be a little rougher. Keeping my hands on her ass and back i picked her up, with her blanket over her back, put her against the wall, and rearranged her insides, after like 30 seconds of that i felt her hot come all over my nutsack, and i blasted a load equally, a few minutes later. we made out, and after cleaning up, we parted. we have been dating ever since and will be married on the 5th of december. It proves if your a gentleman, love can always happen when its least expected.


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