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REUNION thick metal cattle gate and





(MF adult bro/sis, MFF bro/sis/sis, MFg, mild BDSM, mother/daughter mild


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
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now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or
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following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real
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committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction
where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
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My pussy absolutely twinged when I heard the knock at the door. For
years I had waited for this moment to arrive, and finally it had. On the
other side of the door was my Uncle Ken, my uncle Ken who was also my
half-brother. My half-brother, yes, but also more than that, since his
father was my father and the father of my mother who was his sister as
well. Confused? Don't feel bad. My family tree is so complicated that you
need a degree in horticulture to begin to understand it. All I knew was
that after all these years of he and I being long-distance-only best
friends, after mom had "permitted" us to get in contact with each other
back when I was eighteen or so, fourteen or so years ago, that the travails
of he being on the East Coast and I on the Left one and never having met
face-to-face despite being so emotionally close were finally coming to an

"Hi, 'Chele, Dear, it's so good to see you!!!" he exclaimed as we
hugged. And hugged. And hugged.

His lips met mine and my tongue gently parted his lips. My breasts pressed into his large chest through my knit blouse. My hand rubbed the
small of his back as our kiss continued. His hand found my butt and gently
squeezed. For the next four days, we would have each other, finally, after
all these years of anticipation. My brother, my uncle. Perhaps I should

The original sibling group of my Mom, and my two uncles were broken up
in late '57 by the circumstances of my grandparents' marriage. The details
of why they broke up aren't important, let's just say there were multiple
reasons as there is in any situation which requires the legal break up of
an intact family unit. Well, I guess I need to say one reason is that my
father, who also was my grandfather, while being a dashing and handsome
bohemian rogue, had some emotional problems among which was the fact that
he liked to beat on pregnant women, especially if the woman in question was
his spouse or significant other.

After my Mom's sibling group was broken up, they were all adopted by
other biological siblings of my grandmother or grandfather, except my Uncle
Ken, who was adopted by the best friend of the brother of my biological
maternal grandfather. Got all that? All the adoptions were open, and even
though some secrets were kept until much later, my mother and Uncle Gary,
who were adopted by my grandmother's brother who was head of the Baptist
Missions for East Africa, grew up staying in contact via mail and phone
regularly and seeing my Uncle Ken every four years when they came back over
from Africa on furlough.

When she was sixteen, though, my mom ran away from her parents who were
her uncle and aunt as well as being her adoptive mother and father, and
moved in with her/my/our biological father, Fred, who lived in San Pedro at
the time. I'm not sure of the exact sequence of events, I'm not sure if
there was love, if they were in love or not, or what, but a couple of years
later I was born. My Mom's circumstances changed and re-changed, patterns
of living and life started repeating themselves, and soon after her
marriage to a sailor, the father of three of my younger sisters broke up,
we all were placed in the foster care system of California.

I saw my mom from time to time, every few weeks or so, while being a
foster kid. She told me about my Uncle Gary and Uncle Ken and Aunt Peggy
(who was born several years after the original three of them had been put
up for adoption and my grandparents had briefly gotten back together) and
all, but at the time it really didn't make a whole lot of difference to me.

After I turned eighteen, mom gave me Uncle Ken's address and phone
number, and suggested I contact him. I did, and over the next couple of
years we became fast friends, the best of friends. A couple of years after
that Mom, in a manic depressive episode, confessed to her landlord of the
duplex where she lived outside of Sacramento the one secret she had always
kept from me, the answer to the one question I had always had but she had
always begged off answering, that of who my father was. She always had
told me back then she had very promiscuous, which I knew was a true fact by
what I had heard from other family members, and didn't know. But in a fit
of blind confusion she had told Lita, her landlady and friend, that her
father and my grandfather Fred was my father, too. That next day, Lita
called and told me what mom had told her.

It made perfect sense. I do look an awful lot like him (he died a few
months back, BTW). In fact, I look more like him than Mom, Aunt Peggy, or
Uncles Gary or Ken. I also was and am part of mom and them's "link" for a
better term, a psychic circle of awareness that I had always seemed to be
part of but none of my sisters did. I also shared the same circle of
common traits that they all shared, among them including a higher than
average intelligence, an ability of physically heal very quickly from blunt
trauma injuries, an immune system that could fight off almost anything, a
zone of awareness of my immediate surroundings which kept me out of danger
in almost all cases, lightning quick reflexes, above average strength for
my size (though I am quite an Amazon anyway at six foot even tall and a
nice shape and build generally) and muscle mass, super high energy
generally and being a true hypersexual as the result of that energy level

It made perfect sense, but it was still a shock, a big one. I called
Mom immediately after Lita called and told me and she confirmed it, then
hung up on me, not wanting to talk further right then. Then I called Uncle
Ken and talked with him. Even though he and his wife were swingers and
pretty open-minded about sex and such things, I still expected a somewhat
negative reaction from him, but I didn't know who else to call. I need to
talk with someone, and I couldn't call my adoptive grandparents with them
being missionaries and all and didn't want to tell any of my sisters, not
at least right then, so I called Uncle Ken.

To my mild surprise, he wasn't judgmental at all. In fact, he was
downright supportive. He told if anything, that we sharing the same
father, if it was my biological maternal grandfather, made him feel even
closer to me. In many ways, it seemed to make me feel closer to him, too.
Especially as the years passed, even though I asked him to and he always
respected my wishes for him not to openly refer to me as his sister even in
private conversations, he always signing his letters originally and email
eventually as "Uncle Ken", the fact we were half-brother and sister (or am
I even more than a full sister to him somehow, considering everything?) as
well as uncle and niece definitely gave us a closer tie than almost
anything you could imagine.

Still, we never met face-to-face. When he did come out to the West
Coast, it was always on one of his consulting gigs and he never had time
even to swing down and see me, it was always push push push with him doing
stuff for his clients before flying back to North Carolina. He has yet to
take a vacation as an adult either, not a full week one or better. I
suppose when you're a hand-to-mouth if nationally-known consultant it's
hard to take time off for a vacation. Like he was fond of saying, when he
has the time he doesn't have the money and vice' versa. And me with my
modest circumstances I never had either to where I could fly east to spend
any time with him.

We were and are as close as two people could possibly be, considering,
don't believe anything less. Otherwise, my tongue wouldn't be searching
for his uvula as we hugged at my front door, smiling and holding and
kissing each other.

Four days. Having driven in from San Diego to El Cajon that Friday
morning, we had until the following Tuesday when he had to drive back to
San Diego to do his consulting gig before then flying back to N.C. that
following Friday afternoon.

"I love you, 'Chele...." he murmured to me as we kissed "...I love

"I love you too, Uncle Ken, I love you so much , too..." whisperingly I

No, dammit, "the rules" never have applied to either he or I nor our/my
sibling group, and weren't going to apply now or for the next four days,
either. Rules are for those who are brought up believing them as
propaganda. Other than basic moral strictures such as though shalt not
steal or though shall not kill, all other rules are norms of society, not
rules of God or His natural laws. Unconditional love is unconditional
love. Uncle Ken and I loved each other truly unconditionally. And our
unique set of genetic circumstances, our psychic link with each other and
others in our sibling group including my Mom/his sister, our energy level
which includes our true, hours and hours and hours-on-end ability to make
love, no, dammit, yes, dammit, that meant to us that any normal rules of
incest prohibition didn't apply to us or our family structure.

While I was twelve or thirteen and in the foster care maze, he and mom had talked about her coming to live with he and his wife Cathy in a
permanent triad marriage situation, mom told me later after she told me the
truth about Fred being our father. Uncle Ken and mom loved each other but
weren't in love with each other. Uncle Ken is truly hypersexual like all
of us are, mom had never had a hypersexual man despite going through a
lifetime of them like an elephant goes through a bag of peanuts, and mom was also bisexual enough to enjoy Uncle Ken's wife Cathy. But things
simply never worked out. Neither Uncle Ken or mom ever would say why, all
they would say it that it almost but in the end didn't happen.

Within that triad marriage mix they originally had hoped to include me
and maybe even my next-in-line-in-age sister, Amy, too. Before everything
had gone to hell in a handbasket with her marriage to 'Skorsy and we were
feed to the foster care grinder, mom had gently and non-push-ily sexualized
me first when I was five or six and then Amy when she turned five or so and
then my next-youngest sister Rachael when she turned five or so as well.
It wasn't a big deal then, or now.

When I was five or six, instead of mom bathing me by kneeling outside of
the tub and washing me, she simply drew up some water and we took a bath
together. I had seen her nude all my life so that wasn't a big deal.
While washing my vulva, she simply took a little longer than normal, and
ended up gently masturbating me and then had me wash her pussy and gently
masturbate her as well while we both were in the tub. Over the next years
until shit happened, things progressed where she'd come to my bed at night
usually one or two nights per week and masturbate me and I her as we lay
close to each other. She never did eat me or ask me to eat her. When Amy
and then Rachael came of age, she did the same with them too. On a few
occasions mom and I and either Amy and/or Rachael did do some things
together as a group, mom usually attending to us one-to-one in private.

Years later, she told me that her plan had been to eventually include
her then-husband 'Skorsy into the fun she and I had along with she had with
my sisters, but since he, Skors', became so abusive and all eventually
which is why she eventually left even though she knew it meant giving us up
to foster care she decided against the idea with him at least, since she
feared he would have become abusive instead of loving with us. When things
almost happened with her and Uncle Ken and his wife, it had been their
mutual plan to at least consider the possibility of including me and/or Amy
into their triad marriage relationship, assuming they could have somehow
rescued us from foster care. But the three of them never got married, and
I never got to be adopted or become a lover to my Uncle Ken, not at least
until now.

We laughed through our kisses as my roommate and former fiancée Steven
wandered in from work, stepping around us as we kissed. Steven and I still
loved each other, and don't laugh, but more as a brother and sister than
former significant others who almost married but didn't. After we broke
up, Steven had let me stay in the condo he had just bought for us for our
marriage, and I dunno, somehow over the years we just stayed together,
stayed together for support and love and friendship. Steven was my
second-best male friend for sure, behind Uncle Ken. We hadn't made love in
years, well okay not including that one blow job I gave him when we both
went on a bar hopping hunt and both got way too drunk some years back, and
while comfortable around each other semi-nude or nude, we respected and
gave each other space, something that's necessary in a smallish
three-bedroom condo. Even when Ashley was born six years ago and I feared
that Steven who never really liked kids would ask me to! leave with her if
not outright throw me out, Steven surprised me as he is wont to do and
became more of a father to Ashley than her real father who I did love at
one time despite him being such a flake but wouldn't marry in a million
years because he was also such a liar and dog by telling me that as long as
he had a place, I had a place, the unstated part of that being that of
course I had to contribute my share of the mortgage payment as rent to him.

Steven knew all about Uncle Ken, all about Fred our real biological
father and my mom and all, and didn't care, as long as we didn't screw on
the dining room table and hurt his feelings since he knew he could never
have me again. Uncle Ken grabbed Steven's shoulder as he tried to scoot
around us and included him in our group hug for a moment before Steve broke
friendly away and kicked off his shoes near the couch before heading to and
closing his bedroom door up the stairs.

Uncle Ken and I settled on the couch, not breaking our hug or kisses.
Our eyes looked so deeply into each other's, seeing the truth of who and
what we were in blinding confirmation. If there had ever been any doubt,
and no I never did ask mom or Fred for blood samples or genetic tongue
scrapings to prove or disprove Fred's paternal parentage of me or nor
before Fred died a few months back, my soul totally connecting Ken's
removed what if any unconscious doubt about us being brother and sister was

We kissed and kissed and kissed. He seemed a little shy, still. Silly
Uncle Ken. I took his hand and placed it squarely on my left breast,
molding it to me. We both wanted what we wanted. No rules. At least no
conventional rules of conventional society. I unzipped his pants and freed
his cock, my mouth clamping down on it.

"God, 'Chele, I have waited sooooo long for this moment".

"I have too, Uncle Ken, I have too".

He hadn't lied about his size. His full seven plus inches filled my
mouth as he leaned back on the couch and I leaned into him. I had had
bigger cocks and longer cocks, but never one that tasted sweeter. He came
almost immediately in my mouth, the saltiness of his come tasting almost
Cloroxy, but his hard didn't die, if anything it got stronger, as I knew it
would. If we were genetic freaks as exhibited from our hypersexuality, at
least we could enjoy ourselves now. Like Mom, I had never had a truly
hypersexual man in my life, one who could match or exceed my own libido,
but knew I had one now in my brother and uncle, and was going to take
enjoyment in every sweet second of being with him, someone whom I had come
to unconditionally love over the years.

"Uhhh...uhhh...uhhuuhhuuuhhh..." my dearest Uncle Ken grunted as he came
again in my mouth, his hands grabbing and holding my head down closer to
his crotch as he mouth-fucked me "...Michele...'Chele...Mee-chele...".

"Yes, Uncle Ken?"

"That's incredible..."

"Thank you...I love you Uncle Ken..."

"I love you too...I just didn't think we'd get this hard and heavy so
quickly...I...I have something for you..."

My eyes rolled up with curiosity as our gazes met each other as I leaned
back up, his cock remaining erect as his hand fished a bulge out of his
left pants pocket, the bulge showing to be a velveteen jeweler's case.

"It's...this is for you, Dearest, dearest niece and sister of mine..."

He crossed my usually unstated and our mutually normally unwritten rule
by calling me sibling instead of just familial relation, but I didn't mind,
not too much at least. Flicking open the case, glints of diamonds
serenaded my imagination. A diamond heart-shaped pendant consisting of
probably twenty or more diamonds around a 14K white gold heart silhouette
mounting. My heart absolutely melted. I hadn't expected this, not at all.
My lips kissed him full on his, the taste of his semen still fresh on my
tongue. He accepted my love-offering of his own manhood fluidic essence
without qualm or faux disgust. His arm pulled my neck and face closer to
his as we kissed. My hand found and played with his still erect cock.

"I hope you like it..."

"Like it?...LIKE IT?...I LOVE IT!!!..." I exclaimed to the point of

"Let's see how it looks on you, then..."

I pulled of my blue knit top in one motion. My 34C breasts heaved
inside my bra. He looked at my tits with interesting lust. Leaning my
head forward, the soft sound of quiet snap of safety hook snapped my
diamond heart around my very real heart of love for my Uncle Ken. My hands
flicked the front clasp of my bra open. My breasts were free to his touch.
His fingers gently massaged my nipples as he leaned into me to kiss me. My
diamond heart rose and fell atop my heaving breasts. We leaned into each
other for an even more full kiss if that was possible, his still erect cock
poking me in the stomach.

"I love you..." he huskily coughed.

"I love you, brother, Ken..."

A spurt of come slowly leaked onto my naked torso as our eyes continued
to lock radar-like onto each other's, our lips melding, our tongues
wrestling, his hands all over my naked boobs, my hand slowly jacking him

For another moment time and space were suspended. For fourteen years I
had been, we had been, waiting for this moment, and now every concept of
fantasy, every concept of what might be or might have been was now becoming
a reality more profound than anything my poor old brain could have

"I haven't had anything to eat since last night, 'had to catch the
red-eye in this morning...I'm starved...wanna get something to eat?..." he
asked, momentarily breaking our liplock.

I couldn't believe it. I couldn't help but laugh. My hypersexual uncle
and brother in my arms and in my heart right where I wanted him, days of
non-stop passion awaiting us, and he wants to stop and get something to
eat. I suppose "when you're forty-three, food becomes almost as important
as sex, doesn't it, hu Unk?" I playfully teased at him.


His rented Stratus smelled of new rented car as he drove us a few blocks
further into town to Sam's Steakhouse in the ministrip shopping center
where the Wal-Mart where I normally worked was located at. Living in El
Cajon for the past some years, I had never been to Sam's before. The
McDonald's near the condo complex where I lived was more my speed and
budget, I admit. The few nicer cars, the newer Lincolns and Mercedes and
such were parked in front of it, as they normally congregate in the asphalt
sea parking lot. "Enjoy, 'Chele, this is on the client's dime anyway..."
he smiled as he opened the car door for me.

Remembering I hadn't called Amy yet to check on my sweet Ashley, I
walked the hundred feet back towards to the Wal-Mart to the pay phone and
dropped a quick dime. Ashley was fine Amy said, and "go enjoy yourself".
Amy and I had a unique if strange relationship as sisters, but all things
considered considering how unique and difficultly we had been raised, we
still loved each other, and she loved her niece Ashley to death. She knew
what I had planned with our Uncle Ken, and was excited about he and I
becoming lovers finally.

He had the eight ounce filet mignon, and I had the surf-and-turf.
Feeding each other, we PDA'd like new lovers totally enamored with each
other, which we were. He finishing half a dozen snifters of Hennesey
brandy, me finishing half a dozen white wine spritzers. A high
genetic-based tolerance to alcohol being another one of our shared traits
as sister and brother, I felt and I think he felt a most mild of buzzes,
not a slurred buzz at all.

Back home, Steven was leaving for work, having been called in for
another shift at the Indian reservation casino where he worked as a
security guard after getting just a few hours rest. I really wouldn't have
cared if he had heard what was coming next or not, thin walls inside our
condo or not, but without him there it would probably make Uncle Ken feel a
little less self-conscious.

Few words were said that night. Hands roving hands. Clothes being
stripped and tossed aside like so many walls being broken down. Skin
against skin. Tongues against tongues. Mouths for genitals. Genitals for
orificial openings.

"God...''re incredible..." brother Ken grunted as he fucked
me from the side, we laying on left sides, he to my back, his hand mauling
my clit and breasts as his member poked me silly.

"No more than you, lover..." I replied as my cunt muscles squeezed his
member for all they were worth.

First it was nine fifty-seven p.m., then ten fifty-seven, then two then
three fifty-seven a.m. Damn. Hot damn. I knew that he like mom and our
other siblings were hypersexual by nature, but never having had a truly
hypersexual man before, I didn't expect this level of continual non-stop
action. My cunt was becoming sore, losing it's lubrication. "Let's do
something else" my throat exported as the dim roomlight glinted off his
shiny pupils from the lone mininightlight a couple of feet from us on my

We sixty-nine for a while, his hand, his finger then two then three then
four fingers opening my cunt up as he sucked on my clit, two fingers
finding and massaging my G-spot, my cyprinne lubrication flowing freely
once more.

Rolling him over and getting on top, I stretched out atop his 6'4"
frame, my six-foot even length matching my eyes with his once again as I
rowed our rowboat of love atop my tubed waterbed, his never-dying cock
simply filling my every fantasy as it filled my open woman space.

Sometime towards the creeping rays of dawn, it the yellow holy light of
another day arrived, sleep took us over both, our breathing matching each
other as my arms wrapped my sibling brother and uncle closer to me as his
body and soul lay peacefully under mine, his cock still not not filling my
lovespace as his eyes closed and he dreamed of dreams undreamt before but

We awakened to the mutual sounds of our stomachs growling, the clock and
penetrating daylight showing that it was sometime after lunch. "I know
you're hungry, I'll fix us some breakfast, you just lie there and relax,
Ken". It was the first time I had ever not pre-fixed his name with "Uncle"
to him.

Remembering his multiple food allergies, plain eggs were scrambled and
bacon fried and pre-made pancakes were microwaved hot as the faint sounds
of running water echoed from the pipes under the kitchen sink. Leaving
everything where it was, I scooted back to my bedroom, faint tv noises from
upstairs indicating that Steven had come home sometime in the meantime, my
old housecoat hitting the floor as the bathroom then shower door was nudged
open and my body displaced the spray of hot water from him.

Instinctively kneeling down on the cold tile floor, my mouth lovingly
enveloped his cock as he audibly flinched.

"I thought my hypersexual Unk was used to all that good pussy he got
last night?" my humor snided him.

"I...I am, Dear, but damn, you did wear me out last night, we must have
gotten what, six or seven hours non-stop last night?"

"Yeah, six or seven..." I dreamily replied as my tongue gingerly
caressed his erecting member.

"I'm...I'm sorry, but it's a little sore...maybe some more after we eat,


We kissed through our bites of eggs and bacon and pancakes, licking the
maple syrup off each other's chins as we snuggled next to each other our
straight-back kitchen chairs next to each other at the dinette table. "If
your cock's really that sore, you can always do tie-up games with me, like
you do with Aunt Cathy, if you want".

His eyes lit up like a little boy's. We hadn't made any plans for this
weekend at all, only that we would be together. We both knew we would end
up making love before it was over, but nothing specific was stated before
his trip out to see me.

"No, seriously?"

"Yes, Uncle, Brother...just don't be wild with me...Steven has some toys
we can know I've been curious about it, and I know you have
played with Aunt Cathy and some other Subs...sure..."

Pounding on Steven's bedroom door, he sleepily and grumblingly opened it
up, me whispering to him what I wanted, he half-sliding half-kicking a
large and beat-up old suitcase of stuff out to me, fussing at me not to
bother him any more that weekend.

"The, our, safeword is 'Chicago'...if I ever get too rough for you,
'Chele, simply yell out 'Chicago', and I'll stop, okay?"

"You won't get too rough for me...Ken..." a long pause without the
prefix "uncle" before his name seemingly exciting him still " brother Ken, I know you won't hurt what you will with me".

Quickly dropping my old housecoat that I had reapplied before sitting
down to brunch with him earlier, his hands roughly mauled my breasts and
pussy, his long fingers grabbing and pulling on my thinnish labia as I
stood before him. Tying me up hog-tie fashion on the bed, blindfold in
place, gag in my mouth, a lubed finger worked my ass open a bit before his
cock roughly pushed inside me, his hypersexual energy just going wild as
his assfuck of me began Heaven. Sheer heaven. Grunts muffled through my
gag, a trace of slobber couldn't help but fall to the pillow under my face.
Open palm slaps stung my ass as he somehow ground even deeper into me.

"Sheee...eeee...iiiittt, Michele, you're fucking unreal..."

"Mmyuere fflkkng unnweeel too.." muffled cries through ballgag were
offered in return.

Streams of release pumped inside me deep from an unlatexed connection
from my soul to his world. Collapsing on the bed beside me, pulling me
close to him, releasing the gag from its ball embrace of my cries, he
kissed me as his fingers roughly grabbed and twisted my nipples, pulling
them taught as my breasts were stretched horizontal.

My will was his for the rest of the afternoon. Tying me up all sorts of
ways, he spanked me, whipped my back and butt and pussy with cat o' nine
tails and riding crop and assorted paddles of Steven's that he and I knew
had never found anyone kinky enough to use one, the newness of their unworn
sheen belying his ultimate intent for them. It was sweet irony that my
dearest brother and uncle was using them for the first time on me, my first
time ever doing a power exchange scene with anyone, when Steven would have
given his right testicle to have done the same with me. Hehehehehe. After
showing me the real-life proper use of the assorted nipple clamps, labia
clamps, labia spreaders, cuffs, canes, masks, clothespins, you name it, we
both seemed to get a little bored by them all, and went back to slow, sweet
hypersexual lovemaking.

Around nine-ish or so that night, I knew we had to eat, though neither
of us felt hungry. "Let's go to Mac's" I suggested.

Mac's was the local neighborhood bar just a block away or so. It was
where I had met both Steven and Jason, Jason being my sweet Ashley's
father. We really didn't eat, just munched down on pretzels and cheese
nachos and slices of warmed-over pizza with our shots and beers. Somehow
we ended up in a boilermaker contest. At a dozen shots and beers even, we
decided to call it quits, before one of us got sick. I didn't feel a buzz
at all and neither did Uncle Ken, his gaze to my mine focused and his legs
unwobbly, but we both knew what we wanted, and it wasn't to get drunk.

Back in my slightly sour-smelling bed, the aroma of sweat and sex fluids
mixing in the dry desert air of "The Drawer", our kissing and hands roaming
returned over penetration activities. His every touch excited me, and mine
his. Slowly pushing his cock just inside me, I drew his cockhead just
inside me enough to keep him hard, my muscles hiccuping and spasming around
it to keep it erect.

His slowly exhaling hot breath on my neck as we slowly made perfect
hypersexual love, his arms around me and mine around his as we lay on the
bed in perfect unison, sleep came, then morning.

"Bbbrrrrinnngggg..." the damn phone shouted.

"Uh...uh, yes?"

"Mickey?..." came a slow voice on the other end, only my sisters ever
calling me by that pet name I usually hated, Amy being the one in this

"Uh, yeah?..."

"Have fun, you and Unk?"

"Yeah, we had fun, how about you?"

"I wasn't there...I wasn't there, remember?"

Amy had crudely hinted that she might some of Uncle Ken too, not because
she felt close to him, she barely had any contact with him over the
preceding years, but because she was that much of a sweetly kinky slut.
Not that I really minded. mom had been masturbating us, we her, and she
getting us to do each other since we were kids, before we were split up.
There wasn't a whole lot I didn't know about her or she I. I knew she
probably wanted to screw her uncle and my new lover, and well, all things
considered, I really didn't mind, if he wanted to.

"You asking what I think you're asking, hu, Sis?"


"Well, we'll see...wait until you bring Ashley back over this afternoon,
I haven't mentioned what I mentioned to you about Ashley but after the past
couple of days I think he'll be cool with it, and then we'll see, 'k?"

" 'K...see you shortly".

Nudging him awake, he smiled at me, beaming as we kissed again. "
'nother surprise for you, Dearest".

It was a surprise indeed. Making the hour's trip to San Deigo in his
rented Stratus, we pulled up at the San Diego Yacht Club harbor restaurant,
the doorman welcoming us in, the maitre'd smiling as he confirmed Unk's
reservation and seating us at a table for two overlooking the toylines of
million-dollar boats docked side-by-side.

Pulling a ring case from his ever-present laptop case, he opened for me,
showing me it's content, taking my right hand and placing a slightly one
sized too large ring on my unjewelryclad ring finger, he warbled a "...I
hope you like it...Cathy helped me pick it for you...she said she said
you'd flip over it..."

"I have...I do...gheeee...I don't know what to say..."

"Say you like it..."

"I do...I do...I love...I love you, Ken...I love you..." I cooed as my
eyes couldn't break their lock on the clasped hands molded from 18K white

"I love you, too, 'Chele, I love you too".


We stopped by Amy's apartment on the way back to pick up Ashley to save
her having to drive the some miles to my place. Her husband Kelly was
there, answering the door, but she wasn't. "She's already left to go to
your place...she was going shopping first, but she'll be there on time as

I couldn't hold back much longer. I did have some lustily hot plans in
store for my dearest uncle and brother, and rather than risking all the
intimacy we had built up over the past few days, the weight of my awaiting
fantasies wanting to be fulfilled broke my discretionary dam.

"Uncle...Brother...uh, Ken..."

"Uh-hu..." he replied as the Stratus slid down Desert Highway Avenue,
the cool dry morning breeze smoothing his middle-aged face in its

"I....I have some plans...I have a confession to make..."

"Uh-hu..." he continued to lazily reply back, not really paying
attention for me.

"Amy...Am...Amy wants to make love to you, just because you're her uncle
and for no other reason..."


"...and...and Ken..."


"...I also had, have plans to show you what Ashley and I do, like what
Mom did with me and my sisters, after Amy brings her shocked?"

"Uh-uh, not at all...we are different, 'Chele, the rules don't apply to
us, remember?..." he replied, smiling, pulling me closer to him, pulling me
tight to his side, leaning into to kiss me.

I just beamed back.

Back at my place, I heard the sound water splashing in the seldom-used
hot tub out on our smallish verandah as Uncle Ken and I made our way to my
bedroom, the unmistakable laugh of my sweetest daughter intermezzoing with
my sister Amy's own girlish giggles. "They're in the hot tub, Ken, let's
join them" I suggested as we helped each other out of our clothes.

Amy had Ashley snuggled close to her as she tickled her under the
bubbling foam, pulling her tight to her smallishly titted chest as Ash
faced away from her, her hand obviously between her legs, tickling her
cunny, making her laugh. Ken just stared at them as I climbed in with
them, not making any motions for a moment, soaking the sight in of my
sister consensually molesting my daughter. Turning my head back to him,
asking "you sure you don't mind?...'you sure this is okay with you?" I
asked one last time, he nodding his head silently "yes" as he climbed in
with us.

"Ashley, this is your great-uncle Ken", she scooting over to hug his
neck in welcome.

"Hi Uncle Ken..." she innocently intoned as he hugged her back as Amy
still playfully grabbed at her butt. Amy and I had done a couple of
moderate lesbian scenes for her husband Kelly a couple of times over the
couple of years that they had been married, but I never let him join in,
only watch, mainly because I was not attracted to him. It's not like Sis
or I were really that bi, either, we had simply been sexualized early by
our mom and we were comfortable fooling around with each other when the
mood suited us, which normally was once a week or so and especially when we
got our synched periods together and Amy's husband Kelly cut her off
totally sexually until she stopped a few days later. We loved each other
as sisters, both loved sweetly playing with Ashley too, but we just enjoyed
the sex with each other, not really being that attracted to each other, if
that makes any sense.

"Ashley, Darling, remember when I mentioned to you that when I found the
right boyfriend who I trusted, that he could join the fun you and I
sometimes have?..."

"Uh-hu, Mommy..."

"Well, Uncle Ken has agreed to join our fun, if you'd like...."

"Yeah, that's'll be neat, Mommy..."

"...and can Aunt Amy join us too?..."

"Sure, Mommy, sure..."

Ken's raging hard pressed into my back as my sweetest six-year-old
daughter and my thirty-year-old sister Amy slid over to join me in a
three-way kiss. Amy's hand reached for and found my pussy, as my hand
opened my precocious daughter's legs for my motherly touch. Ashley's mouth
began a slow suck on my left breast as Amy and I kissed each other. I knew
that Uncle Ken wasn't new to being with more than one woman at a time, not
with he and his wife Aunt Cathy being swingers and all, but I knew this was
the first time he had ever been with more than one blood sibling, I being
his first just a couple of days ago, let alone two plus one in the form of
my young daughter and Amy-sister. I also knew that he had expressed
extremely negative feelings about child molesters in the past, always
reiterating that sex was for adults only, our biological family history
aside. Turning my head to kiss him, breaking my kiss from Amy for a moment
as Amy and Ash kissed some as my feel-up of my dau! ghter's tiny pussy continued, I searched his eyes for any sense of disapproval of the
situation, but there was none.

"Whatever you'd like to do, Uncle Ken, we'll do...whatever you'd like."

Whispering aloud to us that we should all go the bedroom, we stopped at
the kitchen and bathroom for pitstops. Amy was all over Ken, kissing and
groping him, as Ashley walked with me arm-to-shoulder near them.

"Would you like to play with my cunny some like mommy and Aunt Amy do,
Uncle Ken?"

"Sure, Ashley, I'd like that..."

Leaning back into my chest as I lay atop the bed resting up at an angle
with pillows underneath my back and neck, Amy spread her niece Ashley's
legs for Ken's view and touch. He seemed mesmerized by her pure girlish
essence, just gazing at her tiny slit like he had never seen a pussy before. Come to think of it, he probably had never seen a six-year-old's
one, not even in pictures. His fingers gently rubbed up and down its
length, stopping for a second every now and then to massage the bud of her
tiny clit.

Ash leaned around a bit to suck on one of my breasts as Ken continued
his easy play with her pussy, Amy scooting around to take Ken's half-hard
in her hand as she kneeled close to him and kissed him. His finger easing
into a her an inch or so making her jump breaking her enjoyment for a sec',
looking up at me breaking her suck of my nipple my little darling asked me
"Mommy, can I play with Uncle Ken now?"

"Sure, Darling, if you'd like, I know he'd like that".

Ken and I traded places, his legs opening wide for Ashley to scoot
between them as he laid back on the pillows, Ash grabbing and jerking on
his cock while smiling and softly laughing, it's hardness and size
increasing as she did.

"Mommy, it's growing so big!"

"Yes, Darling, like I explained to you before, that's what happens with
men's penises, when you touch or suck them or put them in your cunny, they
get big..."

"That's neat-o, looks like Uncle Ken likes it!..." she said
as Ken just smiled at her as he rubbed her flat chest with the back of his
hand in a gesture of genuine affection.

"Yes, he likes it...why don't you suck on it some, like I showed you
last week, suck on it like it's a big finger, he'll like it.."

"You sure, Mommy?"

"Yes, Ashley, I'll like it, I promise you." Ken interjected.

Amy moved around the rub Ashley's back and play with her butt some as
she leaned forward to suck my uncle-brother's cock, her mouth barely being
able to take much more than his head and a little of it's length, as I
rolled over closer to Ken, kissing him, putting my hand on my daughter's
head as she sucked her first man off, his hand joining mine in an
finger-intertwined embrace atop her head as she picked up her sucking pace
some. Amy kissing her sweetly down her back and around and on her pussy as
Ken and I continued our loving smooch while Ashley managed to take half his
length bobbing up and down on it, Ken not being able to stand it any longer
spurting a weak gusher in her open mouth, she squealing with delight as Amy
and I both encouraged her to swallow it all as best she could.

His hard didn't drop a fraction of an inch. Ashley didn't move,
continuing a slower lick of it. Amy nuzzled Ash a little, half-asking
half-telling her "move over, Ashley, Aunt Amy wants some of that cock,

My perverted little sister closed Ken's legs up and straddled his pole.
My hand caressed her face. She turned to kiss my fingers sliding down the
smoothness of her cheek as she slowly began riding him. I didn't mind.
Ken and I had done everything either or both of us had wanted to do
already, and it's not like, like we like to say, that the rules apply to us
anyway. I wasn't jealous at all.

Ashley snuggled next to Uncle Ken on the other side of him, watching
with fascination.

"Is that how men and woman make love, Mommy?"

"Yes, Baby, one way among many, but yes, a man's penis goes inside a
woman's vagina, that's how a man and a woman make love..."

"Neat...can Uncle Ken make love to me, too, Mommy?" she asked sincerely
as Amy leaned forward towards us, my free hand cupping a breast as Ashley
did similarly with her other one.

"No, Darling, you're too young still, it would hurt you if he tried,
maybe when you're older and more developed, okay?..."

From the inches across the divide of Ken's chest that separated us she
shot me a look of real disappointment, like she had been told she couldn't
have a favorite toy that she had been wanting.

"...but there's lots of things we'll probably do today, me you Aunt Amy
and Uncle Ken, you can stay and play with the three of us for the rest of
the afternoon before Aunt Amy has to go home, okay?"

" 'K, I guess so..."

Nudging Ken flatter on the bed, I straddled his face with my crotch so I
could face my horny sister Amy. Strange. We had been together sexually
for three days now, and this was the first time he had eaten my pussy. I
knew he liked to eat pussy from what he told me over the years, but for
some reason we had done almost literally everything but this weekend. He
gave okay, but not great, head. After ten or fifteen minutes I could tell
his tongue was giving out, his pace and force of it weakening. Ashley
whispered in my ear that she wanted to take my place. I nodded okay.

She mounted his face as I rolled of him, breaking my kisses and gropings
of Amy as she continued to ride his cock atop him. Amy and Ash embraced as
she and I had done, Ash always loving to fondle and suck on her Aunt's and
my tits. That continued for a while before Ashley rolled off him for a
second, whispering in my ear "Mommy, you and Aunt Amy suck my cunny a whole
lot better than Uncle Ken does..."

"I know, Baby, but don't tell him that, don't hurt his feelings, okay?"
I whispered back.

"Okay, Mommy...Aunt Amy sure does enjoy putting his pee-pee inside her,
doesn't she?"

"Yes, Honey, she does...Uncle Ken's a great lover, he's much better than
most men...he just doesn't suck cunnys all that well, I'm afraid...." we
both laughing at that as our whispers drew a mild head roll of Ken to us a
couple of feet away on the bed.

"Suck Mommy's cunny some, okay, Darling?"

"Okay, Mommy".

Scooting beside Ken on the bed, my sweet of sweets prostrated herself
between my legs, gently frigging my cunt as her tongue found my clit.
Doing that, Amy and Ken switched placed, he getting on top of her
missionary-style, her mouth and mine and Ken's meeting in a three-way kiss
as he made love to her and my Ashley made oral love to me.

The pace of his pounding of Amy increased. Ashley smiled at me as I
smiled back at her, her easy and practiced eating of me continuing as our
four bodies scooted closer and closer to each other in absolute comfort
level with each other. Amy came as she grabbed his hips, pulling him deep
inside her, lust filling her eyes so full that it overflowed to Ash and me,
my hands grasping Ash's face and pulling her head even harder and tighter
to my open cunt as she lay between my legs, something I don't normally do
because while pleasant and all our mutual sexplay seldom ever gets that
hot, with Amy maybe maybe even usually sometimes but seldom if ever with my
own daughter, but watching my hypersexual unk-bro fuck my sister silly
beside me just blew my cork.

"Amy, you've had enough, get off Ken, NOW!" I only half-jokingly barked
at her.

"No way, Sis, no way...damn you were right...Ken's beyond belief...two
hours now and still going like the damn Energizer bunny..."

"...and he came to see me, Sis, not you, I only invited you over to have
some fun with us, not hog that permanent hard cock of his..." Ken's eyes
beginning to cut back and forth at us not sure if we were playing or
serious, expecting a catfight to erupt at any second, Ashley giggling
between my legs as she stopped her cuntlick of me to watch our floorshow.

"Okay...okay...another few minutes with him first?....I gotta go home
soon anyway..."

" 'K..."

Amy rolled over on all fours, nudging Ash out from between my legs, her
tongue finding my clit and labia. Ken moved over to her and began slowly
fucking from behind, Ashley scooting beside him to rub her Aunt's pussy and
play with Ken's cock some as he poked it in and out of Amy. I just closed
my eyes and enjoyed my Sister's always-good head.

Ken complained that his forty-something knees were beginning to hurt after ten or fifteen minutes, so he picked up his pace and furiously banged
Amy to get his big come, we all collapsing together in a pile on the bed.

The clock read five twenty-four. "Uncle Ken, thanks..."

"'re welcome, Amy, maybe we can all do this again sometime..."

"...sure...thanks again...I'm glad to know you're as kinky as Sis and
Ash and I are...I do want some more of that everhard cock next time you're
back in town..."

"....anytime, Amy, anytime..."

"...see ya' Sis, see ya' Ash, bye guys..." she finished as she stretched
her body up and out of the bed, retrieving her clothes from a pile in the
corner where they had originally landed hours earlier when she first
arrived with Ashley before Ken and I got back, she leaning back into us to
give us all quick kisses before leaving.

That night we called out for take-out pizza, Ashley's favorite, from
Bill's Fish Tacos & Pizzas which was just up the block. Steven arrived
back from work to see us half-dressed in the living room watching tv and
scarfing our pizzas down and immediately headed to his room without so much
of a how-do-you-do.

Back in my bedroom, I made sweet love to Ken as Ashley watched and
touched as wished. Watched a lot, touched some. She asked me, asked us
again if Ken couldn't make love to her too, but we again sweetly fussed at
her that she was simply too young, that her vagina wasn't nearly developed
enough to take his size. She did suck him off a couple of more times as I
took my bathroom breaks. Uncle Ken really seemed to enjoy my precious
daughter sucking him off as much as he did me, I think. That's okay. It's
not like we're normal or anything. Grin. Nine then ten o'clock came and
went. Past Ashley's bedtime by two hours, and she also had school the next
day. It took another hour of trying to shoo her to bed before she finally
gave in, and then I really had to lay down the law with her. I didn't want
to deny her her time with her great-uncle or me or us three as a threesome,
but she really did need to get some sleep, not like I knew she would sleep
much that night.

With her off to bed finally, Ken and I began our long-denied lovemaking
time together. No major fireworks, no bells, no whistles, just perfectly
sweet and easy lovemaking, brother to sister, uncle to niece.

The next day waking up early as Steven tramped around stompingly
seemingly to wake us up, we showered together and made a little love before
breakfast but I could tell things had changed. Hopefully for the better,
but things had changed for sure.

Instead of staying in bed all day and screwing our brains out further,
Ken asked me if I wouldn't like to do something different, anything, just
something different. I asked him if we could go trail-busting with rental
dune buggies.

We drove north on '12 towards Mojave to a trailbike and buggy rental and
riding ranch for about half an hour, getting there finding out that they
were closed on Mondays. Shit. As we were getting ready to leave, a newish
Explorer pulled up to the thick metal cattle gate and a bearded guy opened
the padlocks and let himself in. Ken walked up to him and asked if he was
the owner, he replying in the affirmative, Ken trying to get to him to rent
us a buggy but he not relenting on the fact they were closed.

Ken had a look of total disappointment in his eyes. I told him I knew
of a special place we could go to. Another twenty minute ride down '12 and
cross-country on some washboard roads that were more ruts than roads, the
oilpan being bumped hard a couple of times, we came to a dead-end in the

"Now what?" he asked.

"Just trust do trust me, don't you, Ken?"

"Of course I trust you, 'Chele..."

"Then follow me..."

The highing midday desert sun broke sweatbeads on both of us as I guided
him past two promontory short-buttes and around and down and up a goat path
to where the relatively flat moonscape of the desert opened up to reveal a
large dry valley below us. Motioning him over to a ledgy cliff which stuck
out over a hundred foot plus drop of the rocky valley floor below us, the
far edge of the shallow valley being way off to the distant horizon,
sunlight reflected and refracted off the rocks like so many prisms, filling
the sky and our eyes with surreal spectra of love and trust and eternity.

Putting my arms around his neck, kissing him, he held me close and
kissed and hugged me close back. We smiled at each other through our
kisses. It felt like the first time we had kissed just four days ago, only
better this time. Different, yes, but better.

I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock once more to suck on it.
Sharp gravels gave notice to me of their presence under the knees of my
jeans. I didn't care. His hands gently grasped the sides of my face as he
began a slow fuck of my face. My hands pushed his butt closer to me still.

Sweat poured down my forehead and face. We didn't have a blanket to
make love on. I didn't care. Unbuttoning my denim blouse, I freed my
unbra'd tits and fucked his cock between them. He didn't hold back at all
as his tit fuck of me continued, my tongue occasionally lapping at his cock
too. Kneeling down to kiss the top of my head, a more geyser-like spurt of
come splattered on my face, my hand wiping it up and my tongue making a
show of licking it off as he looked down at me. In the distance across the
canyon, a lone hawk cried a cry of love for it's mate. I knew exactly how
she felt.

That night, we made snail-love, trying to make love as slow and
deliberate as possible all night long, savoring the sensuality of being
together more than the raw sexuality of it all. We were two different and
unique beings, two among four of our sibling group. No, the rules really
didn't apply to us. Our own rules did.

Ashley joined us for about half an hour after she did her homework. Ken
confessed that he still had a tiny problem or two playing with Ash since
she was only six, but after seeing her with me and Amy and all yesterday
and seeing how truly well-adjusted and happy she was, that his anger at mom for sexualizing us at such a young age each and his never stated anger at
me for sexualizing Ashley like mom had done us was basically gone. For the
longest while, he and Ashley just held each other in each other's arms on
the bed as I smooched them both, loving them both. Then he gave her one
more quick lesson on how to jack a man off more properly, she delighting in
making him come just by using her hands, before I scooted her off to bed.
Then we went back to our slo-mo lovemaking, like only a truly hypersexual
man can do with a woman, for the rest of the night.

As we kissed good-bye at 7AM that next morning, he having to drive back
to San Diego to begin his consulting gig that had allowed him to spend some
long-awaited time with me finally after all these fourteen years, his hand
sighingly slipped from mine as he turned his back to me heading to his car,
he blowing me one last uncle-and-brother kiss as another distant hawk cried
her cry again for her mate.


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