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REVISITED thick foaming lotion that cause tingles


The Bride's Head Revisited--Stepdaughter's Awakening

by Jason D L (;,,
and (M/f, M+/fF+, F+/f, first, teen, mild inc, NC, light bond,

As I am sure you know, this story is purely fantasy, and while some
might appreciate the concepts implied and explored within this story, I
might remind you that some are illegal and others open to various
interpretations as to the author's sanity and morality, as well as the
readers'. That being said enjoy the story for what it is, entertainment.
Author's note: all rights reserved, with the exception of forwarding this
story, intact as it appears without expurgation or omission to friends via
email. Any other use save posting by ASSM on their websites is prohibited
and will be vigorously discouraged. Apologies for any offense taken, but
if you are not the type to enjoy such a story then please do not read it.
As well if you are prohibited by your nation, state, religion, or family from reading such material, then by all means do not. This is an adult
story so those not of voting age, this means you.

She was sure she had heard wrongly. Surely Becca and Lissa were joking
when they mentioned that Milla's daughter, Marisa, was to be rid of her
maidenhead tomorrow and started bearing. She had only been here for 5
months now, and only 4 of them in the house with the rest of the family,
for that is what she has become a part of here. Still she didn't think
that a girl of 17 years, for today WAS her birthday, would actually be
treated anyway like she or--apparently as well--the other wives had. Her
hand crept to her stomach as she thot of the welcome the other women of the
household had given her when she had been introduced to the wives' room
after her week in the basement. Her mind cheered even tho outwardly she
remained expressionless, for she rarely ever smiled, as she thot of the
first night her husband--for lack of a better term---took her aching,
needing sex, removing her restraints there and replacing with his manhood
the bulk of the plug which had stayed with her as she was gentled first by
him, then her fellow wives. A sweet feeling filled her as she worked
alongside the women who had become her confidants and allies, hanging
clothes and even talking kindly to Milla, who had held her chin and urged
her submission to her husband's eldest son. Now, however, Lizbet has begun
to fear again, for herself no longer as she has adjusted to her home and
family as she did the name they had christened her with on her emergence
into the home life. Lizbet's fear now is for Marisa, and how this "ridding
of her maidenhead" would be accomplished. When she whispers her concern to
Becca, the youngest in age and closest to her, she involuntarily smiles as
Becca reminds her of what she tasted during her initiation into the family life, and doesn't she want the same for Marisa, especially as she was ripe
for the picking and her brother was surveying her charms a bit too much for

When Becca explained to her exactly what would happen and Lissa moved
closer to both hear and add to the explanation, Milla shot the three of
them a pointed glance and nodded her head back towards the counters they
were preparing the meal on. When she realized they were still talking
excitedly in whispers, and a heat was evident on the newest bride's face,
Milla edged closer to listen to their subdued in volume but animated in
tone conversation. When she overheard", and then he must take her like
Husband took you that first night", she interrupted, telling them to wait
til this evening and she would tell them all together. Lizbet tingled at
the implications of the "all together" promise from Milla. Knowing this
meant that Husband was probably marshalling his reserves, as he did once in
awhile when a special evening was to happen, Lizbet wondered what that
meant. More specifically, she wondered what was waiting in the wings for
her sweet little friend, who called her Mummy, in deference to her status
as Husband's newest wife. Even though they were not so very far apart in
age, Lizbet ached in sympathy for her little step-daughter, as at least
when Husband had taken her, she had been with men before him. If what her
sisterwives had said is true, then poor little Marisa had a very hard day
ahead of her indeed, followed by harder days to come.

The rest of the day rushed by, Marisa's small celebratory dessert being
passed around and quickly consumed, three pies between 15 children and four
adults gone all too soon, as rapidly as all their meals together were.
With mealtime past and the older kids settled in for an hour or two of
television, Lizbet and Lissa herded the youngest children upstairs to the
baths, taking turns as they did so in the girls' bathroom to shower along
with them. Her body tingling, Lizbet shepherded the youngest boys to bed
while Lissa settled the girls in, both meeting in the hallway at nearly the
same time. When they stumbled back down the stairs, excited and dressed in
their nightrobes, Milla gathered Marisa and walked her upstairs,
instructing the older kids to watch more of the program they were
enthralled in. Becca moved to gather Lizbet and Lissa to her and whispered
that right now Milla was helping Marisa bathe and informing her of what she
would wear when she left the fenced-in yard tomorrow. At the news of her
leaving the yard with her father, and guessing apparently the significance
of this somehow, the surprised squeal of terror floated down the stairs,
making Husband look at the three wives still downstairs and smile knowingly
at them.

The oldest son, John, looked over his shoulder, smiling at his father with an expectant look in his eyes. With Husband's firm shaking of his
head no, Lizbet was secretly pleased that this manboy's obvious wish to be
included in some fashion in the morning's events was denied. When Marisa
was safely ensconced in the wives' room, the older children were herded
upstairs by Becca, Lizbet and Lissa staying behind to settle Husband for
the evening, and were then surprised to find him oddly ready for bed,
obviously wanting the morning to come and settle his daughter's Firstday
quickly. The two wives rushed upstairs to their room, hearing the older children in the showers as they softly opened the door to their room,
seeing Marisa in the arms of her Mother, muttering about her fear and
hiccuping out questions that Milla answered quite honestly. Motioning to
the two of them with one hand, Milla indicated for them to strip to their
normal sleeping attire, their own soft skin. When she turned Marisa around
and showed her the natural beauty of two of her other mothers embracing
nude on their bed, Milla smiled at the betraying evidence of Marisa's
desire flaring, the young woman's nipples stiff and tight beneath her robe,
rubbing against her Mother's side as she watched the two lithe mature bodies, swollen with the first months of pregnancy.

Lizbet remained ignorant of her step-daughter's gaze, knowing only the
burning of Lissa's lips on her face and neck, and the joy of Lissa's
familiar hands caressing her smooth breasts, rounding belly, and hairless
mons. The women had shown her how to ease her travails with a razor with a
quicker, more efficient method of removing the hair, one that required less
effort each time it was don, and she revelled in the feel of herself on
those few occasions when she was not being pleasured by her sister-wives.

With the third pair of hands now caressing her body, feeling out those
responsive places, Lizbet recognizes her closest friend, Becca, slipping
her body alongside the two of them in the oversized bed. Hearing Milla
telling Marisa to be quiet and still and stay right here in this bed and
watch, Lizbet aches with the knowledge that the four of them will truly be
finding bliss together without interruption, as she knows Marisa enough to
be sure the girl, scared as she is, won't disobey her Mother. The feeling
of Becca's lips between the backs of her thighs and hearing marisa's gasp
of amazement, knowing her little precious one is watching her be loved by
her favoritest woman, sends Lizbet thru the wall to her first of many
climaxes that evening, with the promise of so much more pleasure and
excitement tomorrow. Her last thot is that she will get to be one of the
people to witness Marisa's awakening.

The insistent light of the morning Sun sears Lizbet's eyes as she moves
sleepily beneath her fellow bedmates' bodies, noticing the absence of
Milla's weight on her shoulder. Stirring enough to rouse Becca from her
sleep on her other shoulder, Lizbet spies the missing mother cradling the
head of her still sniffling daughter to her bosom. The girl had cried
several times throughout the night, prompting them all to wake and comfort
her, her eyes wide at their comfort in nudity and the touch of their hands
on her hair soothing the worry from her til she slept again, only to awaken
when the unknown captured her imagination and she started awake again. Now
the girl slept in relative peace again and the house remained quiet, the
women rising to do what they always did, donning robes to prepare the
kitchen for breakfast, but this time with the difference of one mother at a
time going upstairs to help Marisa bathe again,joining her in the tub one
after another and pampering her, soothing her nerves while the aromas of
cooked food wafted upstairs to rouse Husband. As her bath was finally
finished, she was dressed in the simplest of chemises, a thin slip of
muslin that draped over her body, suggesting the outlines of breast and
hips, and unknown to her catching the sunlight from the overhead skylight
and revealing her every attribute clearly, down to the shadowed crease and
the tuft of hair between her legs.

When Marisa made her way downstairs with her Mother, the younger
children were all gathered round the table, eating with Father, while the
older children rustled upstairs doing chores around the house and in the
inner yard. Nervous, she moved towards the table to eat, restrained by
Milla's hand and led to the counter, where the other mother-wives were
gathered, handing her a glass of orange juice and one of milk, giving her
only a dry piece of toast to settle her nervous stomach. Lizbet looked at
the girl's shaking face and whispered quickly in Becca's ear, who just as
promptly nudged Lissa towards the girl with the gift of a pair of
hand-woven shoes, to wear for her short journey with her Father. When
Husband quickly stood and clapped his hands for the children;'s attention,
Lizbet heard he quick stomping clatter of the older children assembling at
the table, while Becca and Lissa gathered up the youngest children and
moved them off towards the playroom, the littlest needing a trip to the
lavatory for cleanup. Husband's voice was unusually thick this morning,
and Lizbet swore she saw a little emotional evidence of moisture as he
gazed fondly on his daughter.

"Listen, children of ours," Husband began," for today is a most special
day for Marisa. Today she meets her first mate and starts the course
towards making you all aunts and uncles, with new blood to raise here with

Hearing the confirmation of her belief from the one man she thot would
give her reprieve, Marisa sagged a bit, until she caught the smirking gaze
of her oldest brother, smiling at her pale acceptance of their Father's
announcement. Straightening her back, Marisa moved towards her father and,
placing her short, round fingers in his hand, smiles up at her father and
shyly announces her readiness to go. Walking from the room, Marisa turns
to smile at her sisters and mothers and leaves the house with her Father,
the older children making to get up from the table as she goes but ordered
to sit quickly by Milla, a voice they all respond to nearly as readily as
Husband's. Lizbet, looking to Milla for permission to do what the four
mothers all wanted to do, as it seemed the older children did as well,
scurried upstairs and to the highest floor of the house, looking out the
wide window there as Marisa walked along with Husband towards the common
area of the grouping of houses, the Sun shining thru her thin chemise and
revealing her bottom and even a peek of her mature sex thru the back of her

Waiting for her mate and her favored step-daughter were the other older men of the group Husband belonged to, as well as several older sons who
devoured the pretty form of Marisa with their hungry eyes, several of the
older men casting a lingering glance as well. The group closed around the
two from her Family, and, long minutes later, the two of them moved back
out of the crowd, followed by a young man and his Father, who came to the
front door even as Husband led Marisa to door she herself had entered so
many weeks before.

Sending the older children upstairs, Milla went to welcome the two men,
young and old as Lizbet scurried along behind the older children, leading
the girls with the youngest children into her and the other wives room and
locking the door with the key that Husband had entrusted her with. She
began smiling as Lissa and Becca emerged from the playroom, locking the
older boys and middle children in there together, the older boys under
orders and pain of Husband's reprisal if the kids found any trouble or came
to any harm. The three of them scurried back downstairs together, meeting
Milla in the parlor with the two men and the watchful gaze of Husband, who
smiling for once, invited them all to share in the wine he and Milla were
pouring for this toasting of the future.

Wine drained, the four women moved downstairs to care for the young Marisa, who they found shivering on the mattress, her gaze darting around
the room she had greeted Lizbet in only four short months before. Her eyes
turned pleading to her Mother, begging Milla to release her, but the
smiling face of the eldest sister-wife merely moved to capture Marisa's
free leg and remove the hand-woven shoe from it, slipping in its place a
warm silk calf-high stocking, held there by a light pink thin elastic
garter, the young woman jerking slightly as Lissa treats her cuffed foot to
the same change of clothing. When the two women lift the chemise over her
hips, Marisa makes to protest, but only shivers as she sees the pan of
water and her Father's, her mothers' Husband's straight razor. The heated
water is sponged over her thigh's fronts and under her arms, followed by a
thick foaming lotion that cause tingles to race up to the base of her spine
and the back of her neck. The hair swiftly shaven from her underarms and
the soft thin down scraped from her thighs, Marisa protests as she is
reminded that her mothers are bare everywhere, and softly moans in denial
Her chemise lifted off and her upper body pushed flat on the mattress, her
free leg is stretched away from her trapped one.

When she is turned first to her side, Marisa is confused and mumbles so
til she is reminded with an amused murmur from Milla that her mother knows
of the inherited hair she sports back there. To her gasping protests her
bottom is spread open and she is first rinsed, then lotioned, then shaven
clean between the cheeks of her bottom and around her cringing bottomhole.
Looking relieved at the end of this indignity, Marisa looks into Lizbet's
eyes, and the confusion on her face at her mothers' amusement over her
embarrassment causes Lizbet to chuckle softly, followed by the other
mothers as they appreciate Marisa's true and total innocence. Lizbet
thinks there are several entertaining possibilities for Marisa, and wonders
at the possibilities for the daughter or son she carries in her belly now,
whether the lifestyle she is coming to understand will be possible for her
and the other mothers' children to enjoy.

When her mother rolls her back over, Marisa burns with blushes as she
realizes that her days of privacy from others' eyes are over. Lizbet
wonders quietly to herself as she sees the surrender to her mothers'
attentions whether the girl realizes just what other privacies she will
soon lose forever. With the soothing touch of the water and then the
fingers of her mother working the lotion thru the hair covering her
untouched innocence, Marisa shudders with pleasure and barely flinches as
the hair is first clipped close the razored away, saving unnecessary passes
with the razor over the sensitive flesh. When she is baby smooth and
clean, Lizbet smiles when she realizes Marisa is so immersed in the feel of
the fingers holding and positioning her sex for the razor. In fact, she
barely notices when the flesh is bare and the fingers stop their subtle
touch and go directly for arousal, but she does notice Lissa and Becca
moving to cradle her head and hold her arms as they angle her upper body
from the floor. She even turns her head up to them when they ask her for a
kiss. Lizbet has to hold tightly to her, however, when she takes her leg
and moves it up and back til her heel is hovering over her hip and her knee
is pressed against an erect nipple, the manacled leg held out at a crook as
the three women and her mother move her and the mattress.

She fights their positioning her, for just a moment though, as Husband,
with his uncanny timing, pushes the door open fast, so it bangas against
the wall of the little room. Flinching and obviously worried about her
future, Marisa's eyes widen as the boy who followed her and her father home
from this morning's walk follows in behind and closes the door, then moving
to stand beside her father at the foot of the mattress on which she is
laying. Husband smiles down at his daughter, telling her what she strains
in the women's hands to hear, "My eldest daughter, you are now old enough
in the eyes of we men, the leaders of this community of ours, to become a
true woman and servant of your family. As you were born to us you cannot
become a wife to a man of this community, as we Fathers are loathe to lose
all our children, so we have pacted together to only bring and take to wife women of the outside world. However, you must become a woman and serve
this household as a true child of our world. You will bear me
grandchildren, by whichever male is most ready to begin his life as a full
member of the community, and young Roland here is due to begin his house
and works for the community, soon even to have his first bride. His gift
to the other men of the community will be to father children for those of
us with daughters come of age. Starting with you, my daughter, that is.
He will stay with us every afternoon til you bleed or no. If you do not
bleed on time, the doctor will come and assure you are quick with his seed.
If you bleed, we will continue for another month with his aid. If after
that you do not catch with his child, we must needs release him and find a
mate more compatible with your body. But Roland is strong and virile,
aren't you Roland? Perhaps you had best show your promised mate how

With Husband's words, Lizbet turns her head to watch Marisa's face at
her first sight of a grown male presented in arousal. She watches Milla
scurry to the side of her daughter's body and move to place a quick kiss on
Marisa's face before standing and moving to embrace Husband and watch the
progress of her cherished girl's initiation. Looking to husband for
permission, Roland moves to kneel between Marisa's legs, or rather where
they would be if both were free to cradle him in to her body's embrace.
Lizbet turns her eyes from the young man's stomach, watching the changing
look on Marisa's face as he releases his member from the confines of his
trousers. The curiosity and fear warring over Marisa's countenance brought
a bubble of laughter to Lizbet's throat, which she quickly suppressed to
just dancing light in her eyes.

Meeting the other wives' faces one after the other, she saw their
appreciative smiles and singular amusement at both she and Marisa's
reactions, and meeting Husband's eyes warily, was suddenly amazed at the
indulgent grin which seemed to give her permission to look away to her own
discretionary satisfaction. Glancing back to young Roland's lower stomach,
Lizbet sighed in appreciation, Marisa's first lover having a cock not as
thick and long as her Father's, but quite more than she herself had taken
up until her arrival here in the community. Watching as he positioned the
head against Marisa's smooth young innocent vulva, Lizbet held tightly to
Marisa's leg and ankle, watching as the young girl shrieked at the first
stretching pressure of his entry, the slipping of him into her to the
barrier of her hymen sending a shudder thru the tight flesh of her thighs
and stomach.

Marisa pleaded for her Father's or mothers' help, for mercy from this
experience, but her mother and other mothers simply sent her looks of
encouragement, while her father sternly ordered her to be obedient and
participate in her first mating. Confused by this, Marisa began to
protest, quieted by Becca's timely whisper in her ear, prompting her to
bend the leg Lizbet held and rest it against Roland's side, urging her limb
from Lizbet's grasp and moving her ankle to rest behind the small of his
back. A slight tensing of her stomach was the only sign of her fear as
Roland took advantage of her quiescence and the easing of the stricture of
her nervous sex, spearing quickly into her young body, sundering her
maidenhead and driving the full weight of his prick into her taut, toned
body, sending the scream of her virginity's defeat thru the room, tears
rolling from the corners of her eyes.

Lizbet felt the jerking of Marisa's leg in her grasp, and watched
unbelieving as the girl, in her shock and anguish, lifted up from the
grasps of the two mothers at her arms.She then collapsed back as the young man pushed the head of his member fully within her, burying himself within
her body and beginning to roll his hips and move within her, causing aches
within her that robbed her of her strength. The two mothers at her head
cradled the helpless girl as the man moved his body over her, Lizbet
struggling to keep Marisa's leg raised back so the penetrating cock would
ease its stretching aching somewhat, watching as the boy quickened his
thrusts inside the young woman and groaned quickly, shuddering his orgasm
and finishing all too quickly inside her. Lizbet urged young Roland with
her shoulder and smiled as she saw Husband reaching to lift him by his
shoulders, admonishing the young man for his impatience even as the two
women at Marisa's head cradled the sobbing teen at their breasts, Becca
opening her blouse and offering the incoherent girl a nipple to suckle,
placating the girl with the memory of another time, nursing as a child.
The girl stiffened in shock, however, when she felt Lizbet's hands moving
the warm, moist towel against the ravaged folds of her newly christened
sex, sponging away the last traces of the boy's seed and remnants of her

Still holding the free leg of Marisa up and back towards her body,
Lizbet glances towards Milla where she stood by Husband, seeking permission
to do what she had wanted so for so long now, and had become almost
obsessed with since she learned of today's events. Watching with a smile,
Milla and Husband both nodded eagerly to her and their hands were inside
the clothes of the other, Husband's hand busy between Milla's legs and
Milla drawing Husband's familiar member out and bending over to capture it
in her lips. Marisa looked towards the two other mothers and smiled when
she saw their hands beneath each other's skirts as well, both with breasts bared and cradling Marisa's head back and forth between them. Seeing the
girl distracted by the comforting sensations of her two mothers' care,
Lizbet leaned forward and captured Marisa's humid, inflamed sex with her

Hearing Marisa's gasp, Lizbet raised her eyes and gazed across the
girl's slightly rounded belly and firm, tightened breasts to meet the
girl's shocked eyes, her mind suddenly clear and sharp, realizing what she
had been doing since the shock of her first encounter with Roland. Marisa,
raging with embarrassment, tried her best to worm from the three mothers'
grasp, her body betraying in its agitated state with a roll of her hips
against the lips and tongue teasing her sex. Lizbet inhaled the scent of
the young woman's arousal, her natural essence finally coming to the fore
as she is teased to heightened desire. The delicate droplets falling on
her tongue speak of the lack of control the young girl had over her
sexuality, the shock of the past minutes and the strangeness of her
mothers' sudden interest in her young body not enough to stem the feelings
she had before felt only in the solitude of a young girl's bed. Lizbet
smiled against the girls swollen labia as she felt the hard bud of
tightened passion grow very hard and then a mist of the salt-sweetness she
had been draining from her stepdaughter so slowly rained over her mouth and
nose while a sudden surprised squeal came from Marisa's mouth.

Looking towards the other two mothers', Lissa and Becca still embracing
each other and the girl, Lizbet smiled as she saw the two shudder together
with the girl in a triple orgasm, the three bodies shaking in much the same
fashion. Chewing harder on the girl, Lizbet prolonged Marisa's orgasm
until she heard Milla and Husband, both beyond excited at the witness of
their daughter's first coupling and first orgasm following after, crying
out in orgasm. Husband rarely expressed himself so verbally when not in
the midst of the four of the women together, but Lizbet heard his growling
release clearly as Milla shrilled along with her eldest girl.

Finally releasing Marisa's leg, Lizbet nuzzled contentedly into the
sensitive sweet silkiness of her stepdaughter's pussy, enjoying the taste
of the newly-made woman, fully inducted into her status as member of their
circle of motherhood, or soon to be. The babe within her kicked and Marisa
saw Becca rubbing her own belly speculatively. Meanwhile, Husband toed the
young man Roland up off the floor, and, handing him a towel from a small
folding table by the wall, ordered him to strip and clean himself for the
next coupling. Lizbet smiled as she watched Marisa's eyes open in surprise
at her Father's announcement, her mouth coming open to protest but silenced
by Lissa as Husband silently ordered her quiet with the look of his gaze.
Encouraged by a nod of Milla, Lizbet, still aching for release removed her
hand from her needing cunny and rose to walk to the head of the mattress.

Struggling slightly, Marisa was turned to her belly by her two mothers'
gentle but firm hands, and raised to her knees by Milla's, her very own
Mother's firm grip. Lizbet appreciated the tableau as Husband kneeled down
to talk to his oldest daughter, her smiling widening at the shocked but
then pleased look on Marisa's face. Shyly looking at Lizbet's face, the
young woman nodded to the question in her stepmother's eyes as she sat down
on the mattress and raised her skirt enough to scoot forward and cover the
girl's head with it, planting the cruz of her legs against the face of the
girl even as the young man, Roland, moved to kneel behind his future
child's mother.

Lizbet smiled to herself at the future, which months before during her
induction into this family of strangers had seemed so bleak. With the
tentative touch of the untried tongue of her stepdaughter, and the
responding kick of her babe at the shudders it brought thru her body,
Lizbet knew that fate had dealt her a strange and exciting fate, one that
would never bore her or depress her. She welcomed the old chinese curse
which seemed to be on her now, "May you live in interesting times."

----END!!--- (Jason D L --,, JasonDkEldar or


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