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RICHARDS stretch open cunt the way


My story begins when I was still married to my first husband. He and I had
been having a hard time living with each other. I suspected that he'd been
having affairs and although he didn't know it, I'd been having thoughts
about what life would be like as a single girl. Although I was thirty
years old, I'd never been with a man other than my husband. We'd met as
teenagers and married in our early twenties.

I am a small-built woman (small breasts and a neat and taut bottom) with
a slim figure that I work at keeping in trim. I have shoulder length
blonde hair and green eyes. People say I'm attractive and I like to think
that I know how to use clothes and makeup to show off my best features. I
get the odd compliment but its not like everyone turns to look at me when I
walk into a room or anything. I don't think of myself as anything special,
but rather as a pleasant, intelligent and well-groomed woman. My husband
liked me to dress well and so I usually had nice clothes to wear even to
work. I preferred short skirts and light blouses.

I usually follow the guys and girls from work to a pub on Friday after
work. Back then; Friday was pub night, my husband and I would go out
separately with our friends from work. One guy from work, Richard, was
especially fun and always trying to get me to be a bit naughty. I enjoyed
being flirty with him. Nothing serious, just a kiss or two and maybe let
him "accidentally" touch my breast through my clothes.

One Friday night, only Richard and I wanted to go to the pub. Richard
suggested that I follow with him to Southtown. That's a long way from
where we work in Coast City and an even longer distance from my home. I
don't really know why, but I agreed to go with him anyway. In the car on
the way to the pub, I started to talk about how things weren't working out
at home. Nothing personal, just a little about how we never did anything
together and that I didn't like my husbands friends. Richard didn't say
much, but I felt like he sympathised.

When we got to the pub Richard introduced me to some of his friends and
we got to talking, dancing, drinking (of course) and generally having fun.
During the course of the night I realised that Richard's friends didn't
know that I was married and I didn't say anything either. As usual, after
a couple of hours, Richard started his flirting with me. I don't know why,
but on this night, I responded more than usual. Before too long we started
to kiss a lot. There was real passion in those kisses. Richard's friends
wanted to go home, but I sure didn't.

"Can't we stay here a little longer?" I asked him.

"OK," he said, "we'll stay out for a while but I want to go somewhere a
bit quieter. I know a coffee shop not far from here."

Once at the coffee shop I realised why Richard had chosen it. It was a
series of small rooms with booths where a couple could be together
relatively privately. We chose a booth and I sat down beside Richard
instead of opposite him as I usually would. When we got our coffee, I
decided to order cake as well. I still wasn't ready for this night to end
and a little piece of cake can last a long time if you eat slowly.

"Having a good time tonight?" He asked me with a warm smile and put his
arm around my waist.

"You know I am." I said and moved in closer to him.

I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me gently. His tongue
flicked out and I opened my mouth and let him kiss me deeper. Because I
wanted to keep on kissing him, I stretched out my tongue and explored his
mouth with it. God, I was feeling so excited!

"Mmm, you're a pretty good kisser, I bet you've had lots of practice." I
said while letting my eyes slide down his chest to his crotch. I pushed my
chest against his side and let my hand touch him low on his stomach. His
hips rose slightly off the bench seat and I knew that he wanted me to move
my hand even lower. Feeling brave, I did so. My hand was now just inches
above the bulge in his pants.

"So how come you don't have a girlfriend?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh but I do," he replied.

He hadn't told me he'd gotten himself a girlfriend. I was jealous. My
eyes must have given away the disappointment I felt, because he continued

I let my fingertips trace a line along the beltline of his trousers and
smiled at him.

"Richard," I flirted with him, feeling openly pleased, "I can't be your
girlfriend. I'm a married woman."

I hadn't taken my hand away from his lower abdomen and I noticed that
the bulge in Richard's pants was becoming larger with each passing second.

"Yeah, but when we're out like this tonight, it doesn't feel like it
would be wrong to describe you that way. And I think that you like to
pretend that you're a single girl when you're out with me."

"Oh no," I answered, "I like to pretend that I'm with you." When I said
that, I realised that it was true. I kissed him again, holding nothing
back this time.

We broke off the kiss when the waiter came with our cake and I mumbled
something about cold coffee. I took up my cup and began to sip at it.
Richard did likewise but I saw that he was a bit disappointed.

"Don't sulk." I said.

"I'm not," he replied, "but I am a bit frustrated."

Saying this, he raised his hips off the seat again and tried to pull at
his trousers so that his erection wasn't quite so strained. I couldn't
help myself and giggled.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"You" I said and reached over and gave him a firm squeeze through his
pants. I heard the way his breathing stopped.

I looked up at him, smiled and said, "Kiss me again, I liked that."

Richard didn't have to be asked twice and swivelled in the seat so that
he could half face me. He placed his hands on either side of my waist and
kissed me with an open mouth. I felt how my crotch had warmed up and that
my nipples had started to harden.

Richard let his hands start to glide up towards the undersides of my
breasts. I didn't try to stop him, as I would normally have done.
Instead, I broke off the kiss and looked down at his pants. His erection
was now clearly visible.

"Sweetie," I said with what I hoped was a flirty twinkle in my eye, "you
really need to do something about that, what if someone sees?" So saying, I
traced the down the length of the bulge with the nail of my index finger.

Richard reddened and tried to adjust his pants, to no avail. He let his
left hand rest in his lap, trying to hide the bulge.

I looked at him and felt an enormous attraction to this man. He was so
sweet. Even now, he hadn't tried to press the issue and get me to sleep
with him.

"Come here silly." I chided softly. I kissed him again softly and this
time, I kept my eyes open. I took his right hand in my left and placed it
on my rib cage so that his thumb and forefinger caressed the underside of
my breast. I noticed the way his left hand had begun moving in his lap.
His hand moved upwards to caress my breast and my already swollen nipple. I
felt as if it would burst. Desire ran through me like a lava flow, pooling
somewhere deep in my pussy. My labia filled with overheated blood and
ached to be spread open. I squeezed my thighs together and felt how the
warm wetness began to spread out to my panties.

Finally, he said it. "Come home to my place."

I nodded and we left quickly after paying the bill walking hand in hand
to the car. It was still only about 10:30 pm and the warm summer night air
did nothing to cool me off.

Once back at Richard's place, things became a bit awkward. I'd never
been to his house before and the ride home had given me time to think a
little about what I was doing. Richard sensed this and instead of
continuing where we'd left off, he asked me if I wanted a drink. Sitting
in his living room on the sofa, it seemed that the coffee shop was a dream.
On the other hand, I couldn't forget how much I wanted to make the dream
come true. I snuck a look at Richards pants. I could see a small, dark
spot of wetness from pre-cum. It made me horny again.

Without a word, I moved closer to him and put my arms around his neck. I
kissed him. I knew that this time there would not be any chance to break
off. Richard moved his right hand quickly to my breast. My nipple
responded and I felt how his hand cupped the entire breast. He squeezed
firmly and let it slide out of his hand slowly. My hard nipple was the
last to leave his fingers. I was vaguely aware that my breathing was a
kind of panting, sighing intake of air that was making me feel
light-headed. Richard moved his hand inside my blouse and tried to feel his
way inside the bra cup. Brazenly, I leaned back and undid a couple of

Richard moved over so that he was lying half beside me and half on top
of me. I could feel his hard-on pressing against my hip and I spread my
knees apart a little, so that he could move his leg between mine. He began
kissing my neck and throat. I started to move my hips back and forth,
letting my cunt rub against his leg. He opened my blouse completely and I
reached around behind my back and opened my bra. I didn't take it off. He
pushed my bra upwards so that my tits were showing and I reached down and
began fumbling with his belt. This was not a particularly successful
effort and I could feel my frustration rising. I reached down further and
pressed my hand firmly against his cock. It was longer than my husbands
but not as thick. I rubbed his length with my hand, feeling a growing
sense of delight in my boldness. Richard sat up and undid his pants
without taking them off.

"Wait a moment." I half gasped.

I stood up and took off my clothes. Richard started to do likewise,
removing his shirt and tie. He tried to grab for me but I didn't let him.

When I was down to my panties, with my bra hanging loosely around my
shoulders, I asked hoarsely "Where is the bedroom?"

Richard led me there. I slid out of the rest of my clothing and pushed
him back on to the bed and started to kiss him again. My cunt was really
hot now. I could feel how swollen my pussy lips were. My clit hardened
was almost unbearably hot. The juices flowing from my hole made me all
slippery between the lips. Now that my panties no longer confined me, my
pussy sort of ached for something to put pressure on it. Though I
desperately wanted to play with myself, I couldn't quite work up the
courage to do it. I'd never masturbated for my husband and even if I'd
never been this hot before, I couldn't quite break out of my old shell.

"Lie there, just like that." I commanded.

I kissed his throat then moved my kisses down to Richard's chest and
pushed at his pants so that he could kick them off. Through his boxer
shorts, his cock looked even longer than I imagined.

I could smell the manly scent rising from him. "God you smell so good!"
I nearly screamed the words.

I pulled the shorts down and off his legs.

"Let me be the leader here." It was more of an instruction than a

Getting on to my hands and knees at the foot of the bed, I looked up at
him, straight into his beautiful eyes. His cock was as rigid as a steel
pole. Still looking up at him I leaned forward and licked along the shaft.
Richard reached down to my hips and pulled me around so that we were
head to foot, me kneeling over him. I licked his cock and sucked the tip
with pursed lips.

I felt how his hands moved between my thighs and his fingertips caressed
my cuntlips. With the tips of his fingers he began pulling the lips apart
and as he did so, he dipped the forefinger of either hand into the opening.

"Yes, keep doing that, just like that" I begged. I was so excited that
this was happening. I was brazen, wanton. I was taking control of my life
and beginning a sexual liaison with an attractive and sensitive man in the
full knowledge of the hurt this would cause my marriage. The thrill of
being so careless with my emotional life took hold of me and swept me up in
an overheated wind of carnal lust.

I felt how Richard smeared my cunt juices around all over my cuntlips. I
moaned uncontrollably and put my own hand between my legs to begin touching
my clit.

"Fuck me." The words were whispered from the mouth of someone else,
someone new. Richard's fingers began moving rhythmically between my
cuntlips pressing my clit and touching the edges of my cunt hole. I drew a
hand that had been tickling my clit to my mouth and smeared cunt juice on
my lips.

Richards cock, just a few inches from my face, was glistening with
pre-cum. I reached over to it and began licking around the head. He tried
to move his hips so that I would have his cock in my mouth, but I wouldn't
let him.

"No," said with the other woman's voice, "not yet. I want this to go

I began moving my hand up and down, stretching the skin of his cock in
time with the movements of his fingers in my cunt. His cock, already so
hard, began to throb. I let my mouth glide down as far as I could, but try
as I might, I could not get the whole length in without feeling a gagging

"Damn it," the voice had a sobbing quality to it now, "please, I want to
let you fuck my throat," it said. I plunged my mouth down on to his cock
again and felt how it slid in, deeper and deeper. I didn't stop when I
felt the gag reflex this time, instead I concentrated on relaxing. Richard
pushed at the back of my head and raised his hips. My mouth was being
violated, but it felt wonderful. Richard's fingers were now at the opening
of my cunt hole but instead of penetrating me, he began stretching my cunt apart so that even the hole was stretched. I was surprised at how good
that felt. I knew that he was able to see my entire cunt, even the hole. I
imagined that he could even see inside of my cunthole a little way. I was
grinding my hips back and forward. He was letting his fingers dip into me
a little way with every back thrust while at the same time keeping the
pressure on to stretch the hole. I needed release.

I lifted my head and groaned with pleasure. His cock was now an angry
red colour and I began pumping it with my fist while sucking up and down
the length from the base of the shaft to the tip. I was sure that if I
came now I wouldn't be able to stop myself from screaming aloud.

"Stop," he grunted "I won't be able to hold back if you don't."

Richard thrust a finger into my cunt while his other hand played with my
clit. My stretched out cunthole did nothing to resist when he pushed a
second finger into me. I wanted him to stretch me even more. To my
delighted gasping, Richard began using his thumbs to stimulate my clit
while he pushed two fingers of his left hand deep into my dripping snatch.

"Use me." I gasped loudly.

He introduced a third and fourth finger into my cunt and I pushed
against them so that they disappeared into me up to the bottom set of

"Stretch my cunt. Fuck me with your whole hand." I pleaded.

I began to cum. The contractions of my pussy were so hard that they
were pushing Richard's hand out. I nearly cried with the strength of the
feelings that were washing through my entire body.

Quickly turning around, I slid my hot wet cunt down on to Richards pole.
When my husband and I made love, I never vocalised. I could orgasm without
a whimper, just breathing hard. I don't know what came over me this night,
but I began to say things. Words that I've never used.

I half-yelled deliriously, "Fuck my cunt. I'm yours. I'm your fucking,
whoring slave. Treat me like a slut. Make me do perverse things. My cunt is ready for everything you can give it. cum in me and on me. Shove your
beautiful cock in my pussy and bite my tits."

Richard slammed his hips against mine and began fucking me harder than I
would ever have believed it was possible to do. Still it wasn't enough.
Why couldn't his cock be thicker and even longer?

I ground down on him, wanted him to stab his cock up into my heart and
kill the pathetic, stunted girl that until now had lived inside me. I
would become this other person that had taken hold of my body.

I leaned forward so that his mouth could reach my tits. I felt the
sharp edges of his teeth biting my nipple and the pain was intensely
pleasurable. I started coming and Richard blew his wad, filling me with
his seed. Each pulse of his throbbing pole shot through me like fiery
electricity, making me cum harder and longer than I'd ever been able to

Richard pushed me from the side to get me to lie down.

"Oh shit, I don't think I'm going to be able to move again." He panted.

I lay on my back with my knees wide apart.

"You don't think we're finished yet do you?" I asked. "Here, let me
wake you up a bit."

I swivelled around so that we were once again head to toe.

I could feel his eyes on my cunt as though he could touch me physically
just by looking at me. I was so aroused and I kept trying to think of
sluttier things to do. Richard thought I wanted him to lick my cunt but I
pushed him back.

I raised myself on one elbow. Staring him in the yes, I reached down
and began rubbing myself. I pushed one, two, then three fingers into my
cunt and then I started licking them. There was no turning back now. I
would do every slutty thing I'd ever thought of and things that I hadn't
ever thought of before.

"I want you to watch me." I said, and rolled over on to my shoulder and
knees with my arse in the air.

I took my index finger, which was wet with cunt juice and began playing
with my arsehole. At the same time, I began rubbing my clitoris with the
fingers of my other hand.

"Do you like it when I play with myself Richard?" I asked.

I had never even wanted to have my arsehole touched before, but now, on
this magical erotic night, I could think of nothing else so pleasing than
pushing my finger into my arse. This wasn't enough though. I wanted
Richard to violate my arsehole and I told him so.

"Push your finger into my arsehole and finger fuck me." I demanded.

Richard, my lovely gentle Richard, looked doubtful. I took his hand and
guided it to where I wanted it. His cock must have been sore it was so
hard. I let go of my clit and raising myself on one elbow again, I sucked his cock into my mouth. I could feel the palm of Richard's hand on my arse
cheek and his probing finger in my arsehole. In seconds, I began to shake
uncontrollably, quivering with orgasm after orgasm. It took only a couple
of strokes of my mouth up and down on Richards cock before I could feel
that he too was going to come.

I'd always hated fellatio and never let my husband come in my mouth.
Tonight though, I wanted to taste Richards cum. I didn't even stop my
sucking when I felt the first spurt into my mouth. I let my lover spend
himself completely in my mouth. Richard's hands had left me and so turned
a little more towards him and kissed him. There on my tongue and lips was
the cum that he had just spurted in my mouth. I pushed him backwards and
let his cum dribble out of my mouth. I spread it over my face and then,
moving my hands down I pushed my fingers back in between my legs. I was a
slut and loving it!

Richard had moved back up the bed and was reaching out for me to do the
same. However, I was still not ready to do that. His cock had softened
and was lying half hard on his thigh. I looked around the room and saw a
bottle of deodorant on the night table. Without even thinking, I reached
for it. It was shaped like a cock. I pressed it into my cunt and began
using the bottle like a dildo. It was cold and hard. I had never
experienced anything like the arousal I was feeling tonight.

At home, I have a vibrator but this deo bottle was entirely different. I
wanted Richard to see how raw and debased I had become and so I remained on
my knees in front of him. The damn thing wasn't thick enough. I needed to
be stretched wide and penetrated deeply. There was a wine bottle out in
the living room.

"Wait here." I panted.

I ran out and got it and came back in the bedroom to see that Richard
had propped himself up in bed with a couple of pillows. I took the wine
bottle and pushed the neck all the way into my cunt so that it was really
deeply inside me. Then I started humping it, the way that women hump
dildos and things in a porno movie. Richard began to play with himself as
well. I wanted to push the bottle further in but I was worried about doing
internal damage. I shuddered to another tumultuous orgasm. I pulled the
bottle out again with a sigh.

Now I began rubbing my cunt up and down. I took my fingers and spread
the cunt hole and now I could feel my climax coming. I began to cum hard.
I came and came. I didn't care about my husband. I would let Richard do
anything with me for as long as he wanted to. Richard's cock was at full
attention again and I pushed myself over him. The juice from my cunt was
making slushy, squishy, gooey sounds as we fucked.

I pressed my lips to his ear, "Come inside me."

"No." whispered Richard hoarsely with the same voice of desire that I
heard from my own throat.

"Do it." I pleaded. "Come in my cunt." He began to cum again. My clit
burned and my cunt was a raging fire.

"No, I've got a better idea." He grunted.

Instead of letting himself come, he grabbed the base of his cock firmly.
"Good," I said, "you're good for more."

Richard pushed me off the bed and stood with me at the side of the bed.

"Get on the floor." he instructed.

"Lie on your back on the floor."

I didn't know what he wanted, but I was eager to let him do anything.
He took his cock and pointed it at my face. Within a couple of strokes, it
started to squirt come. I was surprised but I didn't move. I let the come
splash on to my face and soak my hair. I opened my mouth and he came on my
tongue. Never in my life would I have believed that I would allow such a
thing, let alone find it so erotic.

My hands moved automatically to my cunt and I let my fingers stroke my
clit and cuntlips. I started coming again. Richard's come was all over my
face, but I didn't care because the feeling of being so slutty was driving
me insane.

Richard watched while I began to cum again. I let myself go so
completely that I was afraid I would piss as well.

"Aargh," I grunted incoherently when the last convulsion was over. "I
can't believe I could come again, I've never been so turned on in my entire

Richard's cock began to wake to life for the last time that night. I
wanted him to use it on me but I was aware of how covered in ejaculate I

"Lets shower." I said.

He led the way to the shower. I let the hot water rain down on me from
above. I turned my face up to the spray and imagined the last dregs of the
old me running down the drain with the water that was flowing over me.

Richard took a bottle of shampoo and began lathering my hair. I took
the shampoo from his hand and pushed my bottom against him.

"Fuck me in the from behind." I told him, while spreading shampoo all
over my arse hole.

Richard started to push his now stiff cock into my back entrance. I
guess that it was because all the muscles in the lower half of my body were
so tired, that I could relax my sphincter so easily. The pain of his entry
was in any case much less than I'd expected.

To make his entrance easier, I put one foot up on the edge of the
bathtub. His cock could reach quite a long way in to my arsehole. I took
the shower nozzle and played it against my pussy.

"Yes my love," I encouraged him, "press your cock all the way in."

Richard's hands squeezed my small tits and I bit my bottom lip feeling
the sweet hot pain of his cock nearly splitting my ring muscle. I started
coming again for the last time that night and that triggered Richard as
well. His spasms were short-lived and not half as powerful as they had
been earlier.

Richard pulled his cock from my arse and I could feel the way that my
ring muscle spasmed. I collapsed to a sitting position on the floor, the
shower nozzle flailing about beside me. Richard turned off the water and
pulled me to my feet. He kissed me softly.

"I don't want you to go." He whispered. "I want you to be mine, your
body to only be for me."

"I promise that I am yours to do with what you will, whenever you want."
I replied. "I would do anything for you."

Richard and I embraced a little before he fell asleep on the bed. I
snuck away out to the car and drove home with his cum still trickling from
my pussy and arse. My hair was still wet when I got home and I was glad to
see that my husband was asleep so that I wouldn't have to explain. I
climbed into bed beside him, but couldn't sleep. My thoughts were with
Richard. I reached down and tried to stretch open my cunt the way that he
had done.

My husband woke. It must have been my movements that disturbed him.
The fool asked where I'd been. I said at the pub. He said that they'd
shut ages ago. "We went for coffee after." I said feeling superior and
contemptuous of him. I didn't really care if he believed me. To my
amazement, he didn't seem to think it strange that coffee had taken "ages".
Unfortunately for me, he was feeling horny and tried to play with my
pussy. I kept my legs together but when he asked if I wanted to "make
love", I said yes, and pulled him on to me. The fool didn't even realise
he was fucking Richards sperm filled whore. His cock was already hard and
it slipped into me easily as I was lubricated with the remnants of
Richard's seed. I whispered, "fuck me fuck me fuck me" but I was thinking
of Richard and felt, incredibly, how I started to come again. He came
quickly as he always did. I rolled away. He didn't notice my wet hair and
fell quickly asleep. Silently, I laughed at him in my newfound confidence.
I would make sure that Richard's cum was always in my cunt when I fucked my
husband from now on.


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