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RINGER panties last even they


Copyright Notice:

Copyright Hecate 2001
This story may be downloaded for personal use.
It may not be reposted without permission.
Placing this story on a website other than one
which is entirely free is forbidden. The story
may be placed on an entirely free website
subject to the author's agreement. The
author's rights pursuant to the Berne
Convention shall in no way be abrogated by any
permissions given, or by any unauthorised
publication. All Rights Reserved.


This story contains scenes of an adult nature
and should not be made available to minors in
any jurisdiction. The author shall not be
responsible for the breaking of any local,
national or international laws by anyone who
in any way makes use of this story. Please
follow the laws of your particular country,
region or local area and do not download this
story if it is illegal to do so where you
These stories was written as part of a Hopper
Swap, where two writers get together and use
two story ideas, one from each writer and make
them into a story. The other writer on this
occasion was SaraH. We had one week to write
the story. I've put the story ideas at the end
so they don't spoil the story.
Ringer(nc, toys, latex, hum, BDSM lite)
By Hecate (

"I tell you it *isn't* like that!" shouted
Marlene. "Once you get married, it's forever,
it's not just until someone else attracts your

"You have no idea what *men* are *really*
like," protested Callie. "Why do you think *I*
dumped so many, and why I now don't have a

"You just had bad luck. Vince isn't like
that, and when I marry him he won't go chasing
after anyone!"

Callie could almost hear her stomp her foot.
Marlene was a good friend of hers, but at
eighteen, was five years younger than Callie.
She just didn't realise what the score was.
Well, thought Callie, I'm going to show her.
But how? Then she had an idea.

"What if I can prove to you that marriages
break up easily, on only a suspicion? Because
women have learnt that that there's no smoke
without fire, and that men will screw anyone
that makes an offer."

Marlene looked dubious. "And exactly how are
you going to do that?"

"Just watch..." said Callie.

Marlene saw her get the phone book and flip
through it. Callie called a number, and
mumbled wrong number a couple of times, and
then she must have hit on what she wanted.

In quite a sultry voice she said, "Beth?"


"I'm sorry to bother you, really. But...
well... could you tell Stevie I really enjoyed
our time together a few nights ago? It
was soooo hot! Thanks."

Marlene looked aghast at Callie. "That's a
HORRIBLE thing to do! Anyway, it won't work
for anyone who's got a good marriage!"

"You'll see," said Callie. "After a few days
of calls with me hanging up every time she's
on, she'll begin to wonder about him. I'll bet
we see a divorce notice in weeks!" she said,

"You're just plain WRONG! That's really EVIL!"
said Marlene, as she stormed out of the
apartment slamming the door behind her.

Callie smiled to herself; Marlene would see
she was right and call off this stupid
marriage. Anyway, she imagined as her mind
drifted, why can't I have her? She startled
herself with this thought, and examined
herself inwardly.

She'd never realised that she was attracted to
Marlene. She'd had a short fling with a woman
at college, but she always thought of herself
as straight. She mentally shrugged. There was
nothing in it she was sure - just her mind

Over the next few days she kept up her
campaign until it was 'their' Friday night
again. Marlene was still mad at her and wasn't
coming round for their usual evening together,
so she went to the supermarket to buy a meal
for one. She couldn't be bothered to cook
properly if she was going to be on her own.

She returned home feeling slightly nervous. In
the car park she could have sworn someone was
following her, but when she looked back there
was only another woman getting into a car. She
cautioned herself to be less twitchy about
these things. Sometimes, when she was outside
she felt a bit paranoid. Of course, she told
herself, she was just being sensible.

She microwaved her meal and then sat in front
of the tv and started watching some
documentary. She didn't really pay much
attention to it; she was thinking more about
whether she should make any more calls.

A noise made her jump. It sounded like it came
from the kitchen. She didn't worry. The door
was securely locked and only Marlene had a

She finished her meal and put the tray on a
table. She was about to get up when she heard
the front door slam open. In terror, she
looked down the hallway as she saw a figure
dressed in black marching towards her. She
could see it was a woman with short black hair
cut in a bob, but the dark clothing stopped
her seeing anything else. The woman looked

Callie started to scream, but it choked in her
throat; she sat back hard in her chair almost
wedged into the corner. Of course, that meant
she didn't see another woman come out of the
kitchen holding a bottle and a cloth.

The woman in black marched right up to her,
leant over and said in a sharp voice: "*You*
must be Callie! I'm Beth! And this is

That was the last thing Callie remembered as
the cloth in the other woman's hand came round
from behind and was held firmly over her mouth
and nose as she tried to struggle while the
Beth woman held her down.

When Callie woke the first thing she realised
was that she wasn't in her flat anymore. She
was sitting on a stiff-backed chair in a room
that smelt of... what? She wasn't sure. And
she couldn't see because she'd been
blindfolded. She tried hard not to get too
frightened and to keep herself under control.

That got harder with the second thing she
realised. She was naked! Well, apart from the
blindfold and the ties round her arms, legs
and elbows.

She couldn't hear much because of the
blindfold, but she suddenly realised what the
room smelt of - woman. A woman who was
sexually aroused. Not her, surely! She didn't
feel like she was, as she tried to concentrate
on what she was feeling. No, it definitely
wasn't her, but the room reeked of it.

She heard a door open and then two sets of
feet clicking towards her across what was
obviously an uncarpeted floor.

"Well, well, you're awake then."

Callie immediately recognised Beth's voice.
She'd only heard it once, but she wasn't
likely to forget it.

"When can we play?" said a softer voice. Also

Oh god, thought Callie, I've been phoning a
couple of dykes! And what did she mean by

"Soon, sweetheart," said Beth. "First I'm sure
Callie wants to know what's going on, don't

Callie nodded. Her mouth was dry. "Can I have
some water please," she said.

"Of course. Stevie will go and get you some,
won't you Stevie?"

Callie heard her mutter something like "Yes,
Mistress," and she wondered what the hell
she'd got herself into.

"Right," said Beth. While she's getting you
the water, let's remove the blindfold. Shut
your eyes and open them slowly so the light
doesn't hurt them."

Callie felt the blindfold being removed. She
gradually opened her eyes thinking, well, she
seems to be quite kind anyway.

As her eyes adjusted to the light, she looked
up and saw Beth standing in front of her. She
wasn't dressed in the dark clothes she'd had
on before, but she was still in black. Callie
gasped. Beth was dressed in a one-piece which
would have covered her breasts had there not
been semi-circles cut out of it. Callie's eyes
travelled downward. She saw that the vee where
the teddy, (that was the only word she could
think of to describe it), curved between her
legs revealing an open crotch. This was
complemented with black, stay-up stockings.

Beth was quite tall, and looked strong. Above
all she looked... the only word that came to
mind was - commanding.

Then Callie looked round the room. There were
some rugs, but it was mainly linoleum. It was
the furniture though that made her gasp again:
an x-shaped cross against a wall. Something
that looked like one of those things you jump
over in a school gym. Items of clothing hung
from the walls, seemingly in a similar
material to the outfit Beth was wearing, a
table laid out with what looked like a
collection of vibrators... it went on. Callie

Beth smiled, showing her teeth. "You like our
little playroom then?"

Before she could answer Stevie walked in
carrying a tray with a water jug and glass.
Callie thought she looked gorgeous, but she
was dressed in an odd way too. Very odd, in
fact. Callie looked more closely as Stevie
walked towards her. Oh, my god, she thought,
she's dressed like a maid! But in the same
material that Beth had on. Sort of slinky and
shiny and tight. And the dress was really
short. She couldn't bend over in it without
showing everything! Callie was worried now. As
she placed the tray on the small table next to
Callie, she came very close. Callie could
smell the material. It was latex. She
recognised it because she had bought a blue
latex dress to wow one of her ex's.

"Callie!" Callie turned round sharply to look
at Beth, obeying her instinctively.

"Let me tell you why you're here and how. You
made those nasty phone calls, but you didn't
think about Caller ID. So we knew your number.
As it happens, we didn't need to know much
more. Your friend Marlene came to your
apartment one day when you were out, and went
though your phone list until she found us.
Then she rang us on Wednesday evening, right
after your call, in fact. She told us what was
going on and offered us your keys... And the
rest you can guess. Perhaps you should have
thought through you're 'idea' a bit more?"

Callie looked aghast. She was horrified.
Marlene had betrayed her. Why? She was only
trying to stop her from making a mistake. And
she could see Beth was angry. She wasn't
surprised, but she'd never intended...

Beth started speaking again. "So, now you're
here and we're going to have a fun time this
weekend. Only Marlene would notice you were
missing and, well... And pretty soon you're
going to be doing things you've probably never
even have thought of, and doing them

"Never!" said Callie.

Beth just smiled. Callie looked at Stevie who
had remained quiet; she was grinning from ear
to ear. Callie quailed inside, but was
determined not to show it.

"Stevie is going to untie you now. You can
struggle all you like, but she's very strong.
We both work out and keep in shape. And
there's always me if you become too awkward.
So, you make your own mind up. You won't get
out of here. Only we have the key. So why
don't you just relax and enjoy what's to

Callie could hear the laughter in her voice
and almost snapped at her. But she thought it
would be better to bide her time. So she
acquiesced. Just for now, she thought.

Stevie untied her from the chair and lifted
her up. Callie started to relax until she felt
cuffs slipped over her wrists and locked.
Still, she was much more mobile now, and if
there was a chance she thought she could take

Beth said sweetly, "Perhaps, you'd like a few

Callie nodded and said, "Yes, please," like
this was all normal, not really thinking what
*sort* of clothes.

"Good. Stevie will walk you over to our
wardrobe. Then we'll select some things for
you. I'm sure you'll enjoy them!"

By now Beth was almost leering and left Callie
wondering where all this was leading. She
wasn't stupid. She saw what they were wearing.
But if wearing a few clothes would keep them
happy then she was all for it.

Beth opened the cupboard. All Callie could see
was wall-to-wall black latex. The smell was
almost overpowering.

Beth rummaged around in there and came out
with a few items.

"Ok," said Beth, "now we'll fit them on. We'll
need to talc them and you a bit as we do it,
so don't be worried."

It was fine at first. The latex garter belt,
then the latex stockings and the latex gloves
that covered most of her arms. She became more
perturbed when they fitted the latex bra. It
was all right when they put it on - until Beth
started pinching her nipples. She started
struggling then, at least until she felt
Stevie behind her, wrench her shoulders back,
pushing her breasts out and making it painful
to resist. Oh, she complained, but eventually,
the bra was on her, and her nipples were
pointing out nicely through the small holes in
the bra cup. And the way those small holes
gripped, Callie knew her nipples weren't going
soft at any time soon.

The last item was in Beth's hands. Some
panties at last, even if they were latex. She
put her foot through each hole and Beth pulled
them up her legs. As she did so, Callie
realised that she was feeling something inside
the panties brushing against her leg. She
started to panic a bit. She even managed to
pull away from Stevie a little before Beth
grabbed her as well.

Beth commanded her to hold still, not that she
could do much else. When she did, Beth let go
and stood back looking at her, now almost
completely covered in latex garments, and with
a pair of latex panties half way up her

"So, you want to make it difficult? Ok.
Stevie, take her to the table."

Stevie dragged her across the room as she had
problems walking in those panties. Her wrist
cuffs were then attached to clips behind her,
pulling her arms up. Now she couldn't move her
upper body.

Callie had given up being frightened and was
more concerned at not getting Beth angry. When
Beth told her to open her legs the panties
were pulled up a little further. She did so,
and felt Beth reach between her thighs and oil
something there. But it wasn't what she
thought. Callie was surprised to find it was
soft, more like a hollowed out dildo than the
solid one she was expecting. She became
startled as the front was pushed into her and
the panties pulled up further at the front.

Next, Stevie turned her round and the same
process occurred again. Callie wasn't
bothered, she quite enjoyed having her ass
played with, and the soft thing that was
pushed into her when the panties were pulled
up at the back wasn't a problem. Nor when the
panties were pulled up tightly at the front,
that is, until she realised that she'd got
quite turned on with all the attention to her
sensitive regions.

She realised now, that between the two of
them, she wasn't going to escape this. But she
wouldn't give in; they'd have to force her to
do anything.

They unlocked Callie from the clips and she
was almost carried over to the x-shaped cross.
A wrist was cuffed to each of the upper arms
of the cross, and then ankle cuffs were used
to secure her to the bottom ones.

Beth moved back and stood looking at her;
Stevie stood behind Beth. Callie felt a little
scared, a little light-headed and quite

Stevie, who had seemed to be so quiet to
Callie, looked at her with that hunger again,
and said in small voice, "Mistress, can I play

Beth turned to her and said silkily, "Yes, now
you can. I'll just watch for the moment,

Callie knew this must've all been planned, but
all the same she shivered slightly as Stevie
advanced on her...

Stevie started to kiss her. Callie remembered
what it was like when this had happened before
with the girl at college. She wasn't
restrained then of course.

It was nice. She enjoyed it. Stevie was a good
kisser. Their tongues played, darting round
each other's mouths, caressing like wet silk.
Stevie began playing with her nipples, already
erect and poking through those holes in the
latex. She pinched them quite hard, making
Callie try and pull back, but the effect
seemed to be to make her feel more aroused.
She had to admit she was enjoying this, though
she'd never give in to them, or admit it.

Then, Stevie stopped kissing her and began to
lick and suck the nipples instead. First she
would nibble them and pull them quite hard.
Then she sucked, quite hard again. When she
seemed satisfied, she licked them, over and
over. Callie didn't think her nipples had ever
seemed this big or as hard. And the sensations
were out of this world.

Next, Callie felt fingers playing with her
cunt, sometimes being inserted in the rubber
sleeve inside her, now caressing her cunt from
the outside, then the inside again.

Callie began to boil over; the sensation of
the latex rubbing against her wet cunt was
incredible. As her lips swelled inside the
latex, being held tightly, the friction
magnified every touch, every stroke, every
caress. When her clit grew, pushing against
the latex, every movement of the fabric
stroked it to bring even greater sensations
arcing through her body.

Stevie stopped. Callie was acutely
disappointed. Stevie went to the side and
picked up what looked like a cat-o'-nine-tails
that was hanging on the wall. As aroused as
she was, dripping into the latex panties,
Callie started shouting, "NO. NO, NO, NO"

Beth looked amused, Stevie intoxicated.

Stevie came towards Callie and lifted her
right arm, then whooshed down with the cat,
right on her left nipple. Callie shrank back.
Then something strange happened. Callie
realised that the cat was latex, and that
although it stung slightly, it felt
marvellous. Stevie swung again, this time at
the other nipple. Callie didn't move this
time. Stevie repeated it. How many times?
Callie lost count. But by the time Stevie
stopped, Callie was pushing her breasts
towards the cat, asking for it, if not
vocally, then by posture.

Callie felt her body beginning to spasm. She
knew she was getting close to coming. Beth and
Stevie came forward and unlocked her from the
cross, and then they bent her over, locking
her hands much lower down, and then locking
her feet to the same place. She could sway
slightly, but she couldn't otherwise move.

She felt hands caress her ass where the latex
was stretched over it, then fingers invade her
ass and her cunt at the same time, caressing
her though the latex. Her body started
rocking, then the fingers stopped again.
Callie, unable to see, heard steps go towards
the wall again and then come back. She felt
something more solid resting on her ass. Thin,
tapering. They were going to cane her!! She
tried to protest, but in the position she was,
she could hardly shout at all. Hands started
caressing her cunt again, then they stopped
and the cane was lifted.


The first stroke seared into her ass.

Thwack! Thwack!

Then another and another.

She screamed each time. Then more, until her
ass felt like it was burning all over.

It stopped again.

She felt the hands caressing her again, and
she realised that the burning had suffused
into a heat which was inflaming her cunt,
making her so wet she could feel the latex
slipping against her skin as she was caressed
from behind. Several times they brought her to
the edge, the hands finding all her sensitive
spots. All she could see were four pairs of
legs behind as she began losing control.

By the fourth or fifth time, Callie didn't
know which, they brought her so close. And
then she felt the cane again and again, and it
thrashed into her hard, repeatedly, and she
felt herself coming like she'd never come
before, screaming, unlike anything ever
before, "Yes,yesyesyeysyeyes

If Beth and Stevie hadn't held her, she felt
sure she'd have fallen sideways. The
restriction though seemed to add to the
pleasure. She'd never come by being caned
before or any other way other than through
'normal' sex. She couldn't believe what had
happened. But she was still determined not to
give in.

They unlocked her from that position and took
her back to the cross. This time they just
chained her wrists to it.

Beth stared at her. Callie was sweating from
the orgasm she'd had, still panting slightly,
her nipples a dark red, her mouth and lips
still slightly swollen, and a red flush from
her breasts to her neck.

"Well," said Beth, "Still saying you won't do
anything willingly that we ask?"

Callie looked her straight in the eyes.
"Never." She tried to spit at her, but it
came as a sort of gasping, whispering sound.
She repeated herself, it was better the second

"I see," said Beth questioningly. "Well, we'd
better leave you alone to think about it
hadn't we? Of course, we wouldn't like to
waste the state you're in. I would think
you're still pretty aroused?"

Callie just looked, not saying anything,
though she knew Beth was right.

While Stevie was locking her feet to the cross
again, Beth went back to the cupboard and
pulled out another latex item. Callie was too
exhausted to fight.

Callie tried to struggle when Beth placed a
half mask with a long thin tube over her head,
but she was no longer able to resist.

The mask covered her nose and mouth and had a
tube that went into the middle of the mask and
hung down. Callie bent her head to watch as
the end of tube, which seemed to have a small
round end on it, was pushed into the top of
her latex panties. She felt the end being
pushed into the mouth of her cunt inside the
rubber 'sleeve' that was already there.

Then Beth went to the table and acme back with
two dildos. One short and slim, one a fatter
longer one. Callie didn't have to be a rocket
scientist to guess where they were going, and
she was right. The fatter one was pushed into
the sleeve inside her cunt. They adjusted the
tube so that it was just lying on top of the
sleeved dildo. Stevie bent down and pushed the
other one into the sleeve in her ass.

Then something Callie hadn't expected. She saw
them pick up some wires off the table and plug
them into the back of each dildo. Callie
quickly realised that they were actually
vibrators. They surprised her again when they
plugged the wires, first into a wall socket,
and then another wire from each vibrator went
into a laptop computer that had been placed on
the table. Finally, another wire from the
computer was somehow attached to the front of
the facemask. Callie couldn't really see or
understand what they were doing there. Both
women went back to the computer and were
hitting keys. Callie had no idea what they
were up to.

Stevie stayed by the computer. Beth walked up
to her.

"Callie, we've decided to give you a few hours
to think it over. In case you're wondering..."
Beth stopped and laughed, "... of course you
are! Well, the tube going into your mask will
fill your nose with your own scent. The two
vibrators are set up in a special way. The
computer will control when they run and when
they stop according to what we've set up. The
small ball on the end of the tube measures
you're wetness and, well, you'll see..."

With that she marched off, motioning Stevie to
come with her. Callie watched as they both
left the room and Beth turned out the light.

It was pitch black. The room had no windows.
Callie stood there supported by the cross. She
could feel the vibrators, and her ass was
still stinging from the caning.

She felt a buzzing start between her legs.
First the one in her ass, then the one in her
cunt. She started to get wet. Then the buzzing
stopped for a few moments, and then started
again. The more it happened, the more aroused
she got. After half-an-hour she was almost
screaming to come. But they always switched
off when she was nearly there.

Her hands and feet were tied. The vibrators
were on, and then they were off. Then on
again. She could do nothing about that, or the
mask on her face. The hose led down into her
latex panties. All she could smell was latex
and her own arousal. Such exquisite agony.

And she had to wait till daybreak...

She felt the cool air rather than heard the
door open. She'd lost track of time. Was it
morning? What day was it? Why couldn't she

Footsteps. Two people. Maybe. She couldn't
concentrate. She couldn't think. All she knew
was she wanted to come. Over and over. She was
so wet with the constant arousal it had leaked
down one side of her latex panties and dripped
down her leg.

Maybe they'd let her come? Would they? Please?
She couldn't speak. She couldn't do anything.
Please, PLEASE, let them make me come.

She heard a voice. It was Beth's. She could
recognise that voice.

"Callie, it's a nice morning. I expect you'd
like to be able to go and see the sun? What's
that? Oh, the mask. Of course. How silly of
me. Here let me unstrap it for you. There,
that's better. Now, as I was saying, breakfast
on the porch in the sun?"

Callie struggled to get her saliva going.
Eventually she looked at Beth and whispered,
"Please, please let me COME. PLEASE!"

"I don't know," said Beth menacingly, "you
haven't been co-operative so far. Maybe you'd
like to tell me if..."

So quickly, it even surprised her, Callie shot
back, "Anything!"

Beth smiled. "You mean you'll be co-operative
for the rest of the weekend and do anything we

"YES!!" Callie almost screamed.

"Hold that thought," said Beth, and walked out
of the room. Callie expected her to bring
Stevie into the room with her. Instead,
another figure entered. *Very* definitely a
woman, cased from head to toe in latex. They
both stood in front of Callie. It wasn't
Stevie. Too short and the wrong colour hair.

Beth looked at Callie again "Now tell me what
you want!"

Callie was completely defeated. "I want to

"And you'll behave in any way we ask for the
rest of the weekend and do anything we want?"


"Say it!"

"I'll do anything you want and behave anyway
you want for the whole weekend if you'll JUST

Beth walked over to the computer, and pressed
a key. All the while this had been going on,
the vibrators had continued there on and off.
Now they speeded up.

Callie felt herself getting to the edge. She
was almost there. Beth hit another key,
looked at her and said, "You're sure?"

This time Callie screamed her YES so loudly
her throat hurt.

Beth hit a key again. The vibrations continued
and Callie came, so much more than she had
when they'd started. She felt like she was
exploding inside. She writhed against the
chains holding her, coming over and over and
over. Her whole self felt as if it resided in
her cunt. She screamed as she filled the latex
panties with even more juice. Finally she
collapsed, hanging down, held by the chains.

The visitor removed the latex helmet from her
head and walked up to Callie whose head was
bowed. Callie just about registered the high-
heeled shoes in her vision.

She felt the visitor grab her hair and pull
her head up, and say, "I'm going to have great
fun with you this weekend. We all are. And I
told you I'd have no problems with Vince!"

Callie's eyes refocused as she heard the
familiar voice and she saw Marlene's face
grinning at her.

"Callie, you really made the biggest mistake
ever when you phoned my friends..."

After that weekend though, Callie never
thought of it as a mistake at all.

If you want to comment on this story, please
contact Hecate at
More Hecate stories at Hecate
Or at

The story idea from me was:

This is from a short i.e. 50 word story
contest. It leaves everything very open. The
background I have to it is a woman being
dominated by another, probably nc, maybe she's
being trained? Not sure as yet, but the piece

Her hands were tied. The vibrator was on, and
then it was off. Then on again. She could do
nothing about it. And the mask on her face.
The hose led down into her latex panties. All
she could smell was latex and her own arousal.
Such exquisite agony

The story idea from SaraH was:

A young girl (18 or so) wants to prove to her
friend, about to get married, that any
marriage can be easily broken. She calls
random numbers in the phone book that have
husband and wife listings (i.e. Smith, Bob and
Jane). She ends up with Lisa and Terry (or
some even more androgynous male/female name)
and when a woman answers, she says, "Lisa?"
"Yes?" "I'm sorry to bother you, really.
But... well... could you tell Terry I really
enjoyed our time together a few nights ago? It
was soooo hot! Thanks." She hangs up. She
begins to call and hang up when Lisa answers
over the next few days.

Little does she know that Terry is a woman,
and they have Caller ID. And revenge and
punishment are dishes served quite hot, in
this case.


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