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RIVALS camera grunt and shoot off into


Rivals {John Jabbin} {Fdom rape F/F M+}

I've received some good feedback on my stories so far,
especially some very good ideas for new stories. This
is another that is based on a request from a reader.

The only reason I post these stories is so that people
will tell me what they think of them. If you want to
read more, you ought to pay the price by letting me
know you liked this twisted tale. Writers need
feedback in order to become better writers. If you
don't let us know what you like, don't complain that
there are no good stories. Any comments, bad or good,
are welcome. Write me at the e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

The knock came at the door. I guess this is showtime.
No backing out now. I looked one last time into the
mirror. Everything looked great. The campy dominatrix
outfit fit perfectly. The look of black patent leather
was becoming, I think. The whisper-thin black silk
panties that matched were already soaking wet between
my legs. I quickly rechecked the mask that covered the
top half of my face but left my mouth exposed. Finally,
I tightened up the scanty outer wrap and answered the door.

"Hello, gentlemen," I welcomed the three men, my voice
full of irony. These certainly were no gentlemen.
"Bring her this way."

The two beefy underlings were carrying a young woman
between them. They threw her down unceremoniously onto
the sofa in the rented condo. Her head rolled to the
side like a broken doll. I should take care of
business first, but seeing her like this, I couldn't
resist gloating a bit.

I straddled her legs and sat down in her lap facing
her. I took her pretty face in my hands and stared
into the glazed, unresponsive eyes of my worst rival.

JoAnn Robinson had everything going for her. She was
young, pretty and smart. She was also a distant
relative of the Senior Vice President. There was only
one real problem this lovely young woman had. She had
made an enemy of me. Her first big promotion had been
to a position that should have gone to me. Most women
would have just redoubled their efforts to work
harder. I decided to break the spirit of my rival once
for all.

She was so perfect: honey blond hair; a sharp,
delicate nose; piercing blue eyes and full, gorgeous
lips. I covered those delicious folds of flesh with my
own and kissed her slack lips fully, pressing my
tongue into her mouth, reveling over the violation of
my enemy. As I pulled back, I took her puffy bottom
lip between my teeth and bit her. It was a measure of
her sedation that she only moaned. Somehow I stopped
myself before I broke the skin or drew blood.

Ahh ... my vagina was on fire. I wanted this bitch
right now. But first I had to deal with these men. It
was hard to pull myself off of her.

"Mr. Rose," I began, addressing the ringleader. "did
you bring everything as you were instructed?"

I turned to face them, three hungry predators. They
looked like ravenous beasts -- hard muscled with erect
cocks. The only thing that held them at bay was their
fear of and allegiance to their boss. I had dealt with
one of the top crime bosses in the city. I knew he
would send dependable men.

Mr. Rose, the little one, spoke up.

"Yes, Ma'am. We have the video cameras and everything
else you requested. As you can see, the boys can't
wait to get started."

"'The boys' will wait until I tell them. I have Mr.
Carlinelli's assurances that you will follow my
instructions to the letter. I assure you Sir; if you
and these two handsome men follow my instructions,
everyone will leave here satisfied. Are we clear?"

"Yes Ma'am, though I kind of doubt our guest will be
leaving satisfied," he snickered maliciously.

"Speaking of our 'guest,' she's under too deep. I want
her awake and responsive. She doesn't have to be
totally conscious, but I want her following orders and
feeling pain. I'd hate to think we would go through
these exercises and her not be awake enough to
appreciate her plight."

"I have the stimulant right here ... uhh ... Ma'am.
This should bring her around."

As he was sticking the needle in JoAnn's arm, the
beefcakes began unloading the video equipment. I'm not
sure if they were smart enough to set it up, but they
did look nice and chunky as I had requested.

"Call me Ms. X, Mr. Rose. Mr. Carlinelli assured me
that you know how to run the video equipment."

"Oh, yes Ma'am, Ms. X. I've shot footage with the
best porno directors in the city. And I've done
freelance work for Mr. Carlinelli before. He's always
been satisfied with my work."

"Excellent! I'll start while you set up. I'm a bit
anxious to get going. There are drinks in the
refrigerator. Nothing alcoholic. I want 'the boys' at
the top of their game. But we have a long afternoon
ahead. Anytime anyone needs a break, feel free to take
one. Does everyone understand their role?"

Mr. Rose and the boys agreed that they did. I had the
nearest stud pick up JoAnn and carry her into the
bedroom that I had carefully selected and prepared.

The room had plenty of natural light coming through
the windows. It should be excellent for photography.
In addition, there was a king-sized bed that I had
pulled into the center of the room. The supplies that
I had brought were in a bag that sat on a small end
table in the corner.

I couldn't keep my hands off of her any longer. She
was lying on her back, so I straddled her body and
gave her another long, loving kiss. This time she
began to struggle against me weakly and groaned as I
bit her upper lip. I ripped her blouse open, sending
buttons flying across the room. I was surprised to see
her bra still on and intact. I had assumed they would
feel her up more vigorously on the way over. It was
good to see that I was dealing with professionals.

I shredded and pealed the rest of her clothes, making
fast work of having my toy naked as quickly as I
could. As I tore the clothes off of her, she became
more and more defensive. She meekly attempted to
prevent me pulling her skirt off. When that was
unsuccessful, she mildly tried to prevent the removal
of her panties. Soon, she was naked and defenseless
on the bed.

I rose, looking at my reflection in the mirror. The
mask was in place. Mr. Rose was setting up the video equipment. He said it would
be ready in just a couple
of minutes. The two studs had both removed their
shirts and pants. They waited in their underpants,
both of them erect and ready. One wore boxers, the
other briefs. They both looked scrumptious. I hadn't
planned to use them myself, but now I was

JoAnn looked truly delicious, too. She was trim and
fit, a youthful twenty-nine. Her breasts were neither
too big nor too little, perfectly plump and perfectly
pointy. Her hips flared delightfully and she had kept
her pubic hair trimmed neatly, but full. It was the
same color as her hair. She was a natural beauty, my
JoAnn. I wished I had her figure. I really think she
had gotten that promotion through her looks. I was
ready to make her pay for being such a gorgeous bitch!

I walked on the other side of the bed from the men and
removed my outer wrap. I heard one of the studs gasp.
I smiled, thanking him for the compliment, but then
gave a serious look to make sure they stayed focused
on their business. I really wanted to remove my
panties, but I still wasn't sure if I should risk it
with these men.

So I crawled up on the bed with JoAnn feeling my
panties wet and sticky between my legs. I kissed her
again, on the mouth and on the neck. Then I straddled
her face facing her body. I looked down between my legs
at her precious, innocent face. There was just the hint
of anxiety on it. It was time to give JoAnn a rather
rude awakening.

I lowered myself on JoAnn's face, covering her pretty
mouth with my crotch and pushing backward until her
nose was buried in the crack of my bottom. As soon as
I blocked her airways she began to struggle. I tried
to hold her jaw closed, but it was difficult. At
first, her weak struggle felt nice against my pussy.
Soon she was fighting for air and she was bucking
against me so hard that it was almost painful for me
to stay on top of her. I eased up, and as she gulped
for breath, I quickly grabbed her nipples and twisted
them both hard.

As she began her first scream, I settled back on her
face again. I wasn't trying to block her airway now
though, only muffle the noise. I laughed at my own
thoughts. Muffle her screams -- with my muff! How

After her scream died down, I rose off of her and
instructed the studs to hold down her arms. They got
on either side of her and I knelt between her legs and
examined her pretty vagina and bottom. I held one of
her legs under my arm and began to slide my finger
into her vagina.

She started to squirm as my finger began to violate
her. I pressed into her pulpy cunt. At first, it was
warm, but slightly dry. I worked my finger in gently,
sliding it in and out of my rival. Her struggles
became less frantic as the two men bore down on her.
Soon I was able to use another finger as well and they
began to glide between her labia on the slick moisture
her pussy was producing. I started to rub her clit
with my thumb and she tossed her hips to try to
prevent it. The movements were similar to what she
would be doing had she enjoyed it and I was pleased
when I noticed Mr. Rose had already began to shoot
tape. He had pulled in for a close-up of my fingers
fucking her. I gave him a good show.

One of the studs remarked that she seemed to like it.
The other described her as, "a fucking whore." I could
tell though, she hadn't surrendered to it yet.

Pressing firmly on the insides of her thighs, I bent
down and kissed her nether lips. It was a dangerous
thing to do while in a roomful of horny men, but I had
to have a taste of her before the two studs had use of
her pussy. They exclaimed and encouraged me as I
worked my tongue in and around her tender vagina. I
made no attempt to pleasure her. I simply wanted to
experience her fully with my mouth. After her taste
was firmly imprinted on my consciousness, I pulled
back and bit her clitoris as hard as I had bit the lips
of her mouth earlier.

She screamed and squealed, my captive did, until one
of the studs blocked her mouth. My hope is that he was
filling her mouth with his cock, but since I hadn't
instructed him to do that yet, he probably wasn't.

Sadly, there was only so much thrill I could get from
her tender flesh between my teeth. As I rose off of
her, the studs looked at me warily, unsure about my
viciousness. Mr. Rose seemed to be enjoying himself,
though. Even holding the camera steady on his
shoulder, his cock was out and he was manipulating it.

So I directed the studs to begin their work on JoAnn.

"One of you at the head, the other at the tail. Flip
her over on her stomach and get to work."

They rolled her over with their big, strong hands and
then removed their underwear. How convenient! One of
them was circumcised and the other was not.
Immediately I began to think of them as "Cut" and

From my bag I retrieved and threw a quantity of
condoms on the bed. "Cum in her mouth and on the
outside all you want. In her cunt and her ass, you
have to wear a condom," I instructed. They looked
disappointed, but they would obey. They had already
received the same instructions from their boss.

The condoms were not for JoAnn's protection. They were
for mine. I'd be using her cunt and her ass for my own
pleasure later. I didn't want them filled with some
stranger's spunk.

I returned to my bag and retrieved a riding crop. The
boys didn't notice. They were busy with the initial
penetration of JoAnn. Mr. Cut began to shove a rather
long cock down her throat. Mr. Uncut's was not as
long, but was much thicker. His prize was her vagina.

She struggled a bit. It was really quite fruitless.
Eventually she surrendered to her fate, though a
little too quickly for me. By then she became the
perfect receptacle for their forceful thrusting.

I walked around the bed, encouraging the boys not to
be gentle with her. I loved to stroke their hard-
muscled backs as they fucked into her. The first time
I gently stroked their backs and legs with the crop,
they looked at me warily. But I reassured them that
the crop was only for our victim.

I bent down and looked at the lovely JoAnn. Such an
intelligent, pretty girl. I must say, she didn't look
very threatening with a large cock being stuffed down
her throat. Her eyes were bulging. Her nose was
running Her cheeks caved in and expanded out
delightfully depending on the placement of the penis
at the time.

I instructed Mr. Cut to press in fully and hold
himself deep in her throat. He did so enthusiastically
and it was wondrous to see her struggle to breathe. I
put the crop between her forehead and his abdomen and
used it to gently to direct him when he should ease up
and when he should push back in.

Mr. Cut must have liked being directed because,
astonishingly enough, he came before Mr. Uncut. He
began to cum in her mouth and I directed him to shoot
his sperm on her face. I yanked her hair back
viciously, holding her firm as he smeared his sticky
cock on her face and in her hair. For the first time,
I could clearly hear her sobs. They sounded wonderful.

I decided she was making too much noise though. I had
made sure there were no neighbors in the immediate
condos, but one never can be too careful. So I
retrieved the ball gag from my bag and strapped it on
my lovely.

That having been accomplished, I set to work to truly
torture JoAnn. Mr. Uncut was nearing his orgasm. In
order to assist him, I pulled up on her hair again and
aimed a slap of the riding crop directly on JoAnn's
lovely breasts. She bucked back hard against her
lover, enhancing his pleasure. There's nothing like a
lively girl to make a man cum hard!

As I slapped her breasts again, I heard Mr. Rose
behind the camera grunt and shoot off into a rag he
held in his hand for just that occasion. At least he
was thoughtful. Perhaps the carpet wouldn't be coated
with semen before we were through.

All the men had experienced their first orgasms and I
was still frightfully stimulated. I went to my bag and
retrieved my butterfly vibrator that I could palm in
my hand. I instructed the boys to freely use her cunt
and ass and retired to the bathroom adjacent to the

With the door cracked, I could still hear JoAnn's
muffled screams as I began to stimulate myself. Within
seconds, on its lowest setting, the butterfly brought
me to a teeth-rattling orgasm as I sat with my feet
propped up against the bathtub.

When I came out, JoAnn was sandwiched between two
studs. I believe it was Cut in her cunt and Uncut in
her ass, but I couldn't be sure. I couldn't tell
them apart without looking at their dicks.

After returning my lover to my bag, I walked over to
the bed and knelt beside the thrusting bodies. With my
hand in her hair, I pulled JoAnn's face around and
looked her in the eyes. They were glazed over -- the
pupils dilated somewhat. I don't think she was
actually experiencing the pain and the humiliation
directly. She looked as though she was in a continual
state of suffering through which each unique sensation
barely registered.

There was no sense in torturing her more. Her mind was
probably already raped. Still, the boys needed to be
sated or they might come after me. So, I let them have
their fun. After he came the second time holding the
camera, I even suggested to Mr. Rose that he could
take turns on her without filming it. He was most
grateful and within ten minutes he was blissfully
humping away in JoAnn's ass.

Over the course of two hours, the three of them used
twelve condoms. That's not how many times they came.
After I stopped beating her, I suggested they remove
the ball gag and use their cocks to quiet her.
Especially after they had just used her anus. They
were happy to comply.

Eventually though, even these virile sex professionals
grew weary. When they were done, I suggested they pack
up and I paid them a hefty bonus for their work as Mr.
Carlinelli had suggested. I confiscated all of the
videotape, even going so far as to inspect their
belongings to be sure I had it all. Mr. Rose
especially enjoyed the pat-down search I made of his

They left JoAnn with me, with Mr. Rose agreeing that
he would return in two hours to retrieve her. After
seeing them out the door and double-locking it, I took
a short break and had refreshments. I couldn't stand
waiting long, though. I was still feeling very
stimulated. My first orgasm was a faint memory.

I checked on JoAnn. She was weak and appeared
lifeless. I raised her arm and it immediately flopped
down on the bed. I rolled her over on her back so I
could look at her while I took off the Halloween
costume. As much as I enjoyed the look of the
leathers, being nude felt so much better.

However, I left the mask on, even though it itched a
bit. She might still be floating in and out of
consciousness. If she survived the night, it wouldn't
do to have her remembering my face as I tortured her.

From my bag I laid out the stun gun -- covered up,
just in case she were to come awake -- and the piece
de resistance, the double-headed strap-on dildo with
harness. I anxiously fitted the harness and then,
leaning back on the bed, inserted the smaller end of
the dildo into my eager vagina.

Finally! It felt good to be filled! Before I strapped
it in place, I stroked the long monster in and out of
my cunt. I stopped before I pushed myself over the
edge. I wanted to save that for my playmate.

I spread JoAnn's limp legs apart and crawled on top of
her. She looked up at me, but she looked incoherent.
Spreading her red, swollen labia with both hands, I
inserted the head of the dildo into her. Then, holding
her hips, I pushed in.

When JoAnn had first come to me, I had remarked how
tight and fit her body seemed. Now though, lying on
top of her, she was soft and limp. It was like sinking
into a large pillow. She was warm and I hugged her
like a big pillow as my hips began to fuck into her.
She was oblivious to it all. I only managed to get a
small grunt from her when I slammed her more roughly
than was pleasurable to me.

The double-headed dildo was awkward to use. I don't
imagine it's like having a real penis. It was more the
psychological thrill of fucking her that I enjoyed.
Still, it had a knob on my end that was designed to
rub against my clitoris. That was beginning to feel
nice, but I needed more.

I reached between us and felt the base of the
extension that was inside JoAnn. After searching the
slickened surface with my fingertips, I finally found
the ring that, when twisted, employed the vibrating
element. I engaged JoAnn's vibrator on full and
stuffed it back into her.

I've never really enjoyed a vibrator in my own vagina.
I love to hold them against my clit, of course, and I
enjoy a dildo in me that isn't vibrating. But the
direct stimulation of a vibrating dildo is too much
for me. But I was enjoying this!

First of all, it was also vibrating the little knob
that was stimulating my clit. That felt delightful.
Second, the vibrations along the shaft were more
indirect. Even deep in my vagina where the dildo was
in me too, it felt nice. But most of all, the
stimulation of the vibrator in JoAnn was finally
drawing a reaction from her abused body.

She began to draw up in the middle, almost like a
convulsion. It might not have been a conscious action.
Perhaps her body was just trying to protect itself. In
any case, feeling her move and squirm beneath me sent
me over the edge.

I grabbed onto JoAnn as wave after wave of orgasm
washed through me. My cunt gripped the dildo and
squeezed. God, how I wished it was Mr. Cut's long,
hard cock in me! I held onto the soft, pliable girl
beneath me and took a mouthful of girl-tit and bit
down firmly in my ecstasy.

Now that was an excellent climax! The best I had
experienced in ages. I silently congratulated JoAnn as
I pulled out of her and shut off the vibrator. I was
nearing the end of my energy, but there were several
more goals I wanted to accomplish.

Without removing the dildo, I awkwardly retrieved the
crop and proceeded to slap and torture JoAnn's
breasts, belly and cunt. She hardly responded at all,
except the first time I struck a sensitive spot. Then,
just because I knew I would regret it if I didn't do
it, I rolled JoAnn over and inserted the dildo into
her ass.

I fucked into JoAnn's ass, not really deriving much
physical pleasure from it, but it was the ultimate
psychological expression of my dominance of her. Even
if she found some way to survive the abuse and return
to her job, I would always have the satisfaction of
knowing that I had fucked her in the most degrading
possible fashion. After I satisfied myself, I withdrew
from her ass and then moved to her front where I thrust
the hard, synthetic cock into her mouth.

JoAnn gagged and coughed. I felt the vibrations of her
cough through the dildo deep in me. I pushed it deeper
in her mouth. After a moment, I pulled back, allowing
her to gasp for breath and then reached underneath her
jaw to feel near her tonsils. Then I thrust into
her again until I could feel the head of the dildo in
her throat. She gagged again, then retched. As her
face turned bright red, I pulled out of her mouth and
allowed her live.

I removed the dildo from my pussy and began to clean
up my toys. I packed everything away except the crop
and a pair of long, disposable gloves. Donning the
gloves, I retrieved the condoms from the trashcan and
squeezed the men's semen out of them, smearing the
gooey mess onto JoAnn's face and into her cunt.

Then I cleaned myself up, packed everything away, and
did a final visual check of the room. It was a mess,
but Mr. Rose would take care of anything that needed
to be cleaned. He had orders to take JoAnn home and
dump her off on her own doorstep. It was likely that
with the drugs she had been given before and what he
would give her at the end, she may remember none of
this. Even if she recovered, I could always leak an
edited copy of the videotapes against her. Or I could
just enjoy them myself.

I looked down on my rival one last time. She was bruised
and battered. I blew her a kiss, slapped her formerly
perfect tits hard with the crop, and left her to her fate.

In the front room, I removed my mask and put it away
in my bag. I took out a hat and pulled it down low
over my face to hide my appearance from anyone who
might see me leaving. Then I left, leaving the door
unlocked. Mr. Rose was due in five minutes. He would
clean up the mess.

All the way home I thought about what might happen if
four or five men walked by and found the door ajar and
decided to take advantage of her plight. Now there's a
delicious thought!


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