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Archived Sex Stories

RIVALS video that your husband was editing


The Rivals
by Stormbringer
It's the perfect day for getting some sun, thought Julie Sommers as she
stretched out on the cot in her backyard. She took a sip of iced tea and
set it on the grass next to her. Julie ran her hands through her long
brown hair and felt how warm the sun had made her curls. She gave up
trying to read her trashy romance and decided to just lay back and enjoy
the day. As the sun reached its peak, it started getting hotter and
sweat trickled down her nearly nude body. She reached down and grabbed
an ice cube from her glass of tea and ran it over her chest. The ice
helped cool her as she slowly moved it over the tops of her large
breasts. She was wearing a small blue bikini with a top that was barely
a pair of nipple patches on her full breasts. She sighed contentedly as
the ice melted and ran down her flat stomach and into her belly button.
The ice had caused her nipples to harden. They were longer then most
women and stretched out the thin material of her bikini top. The
friction of her nipples on the bikini aroused her and she wished her
husband wasn't away on business. Of course, if he was home she wouldn't
be wearing the scandalous little thong bikini. She was uncomfortable
exposing herself and only felt safe when she was alone and surrounded by
the large fence in their backyard.

Julie's husband George, was trying to get promoted to Vice President in
the advertising firm he worked for. The job was up for grabs between
George and two other men, Jack and Daryl. Both of George's rivals were
good looking and charming, so George tried to make up for his bumbling
manner and dumpy looks by working harder. As a consequence, he was out
of town at least several days a week.

Julie sighed, missing her husband. They had met at church, Julie's
father, the Reverend Anderson, had introduced her to the shy and quiet
George Sommers five years ago when George was forty-five and Julie was
twenty-eight. Reverend Anderson was overprotective of his daughter and
had spirited her off to an all-girls private school as soon as she was
old enough to attend. Her father had kept one eye on her after she
graduated and had also kept one eye out for a suitable husband. He had
decided George was an honest and decent man who would protect his
daughter from the evils of the world.

George wasn't as decent as the Reverend would have hoped, much to
Julie's delight.
His previous wife had taught him many things about fun in the bedroom
before she passed away and Julie found herself learning all sorts of fun
stuff, like oral sex for instance. George told her that it would be
difficult, but she had easily taken his five inch penis into her mouth
and it had only been a couple minutes before he warned her he was about
to orgasm. She had quickly removed it from her mouth and watched three
or four drops of semen trickle out of the grape sized head of his penis.

Sex had been fairly common when they were newly-weds. George had taken
her virginity on their wedding night and they had even made love again
three days later. Then it was once a week, then very two weeks, and now
it was down to about once every two months ever since he had turned
fifty. Julie was still young and needful at 32 and she missed those wild
days of weekly sex.

Her caring husband recognized her loneliness and had convinced her to
let him videotape the last time they had made love as a way to spice up
their sex life. It had aroused her to see herself on the tv screen, but
it hadn't resulted in any increased sex drive on George's part. He had
destroyed the tape soon afterwards.


Julie was almost asleep on the cot when she heard the doorbell ring. She
got up and looked around for her robe, realizing that she had left it
upstairs as she hadn't expected any company. The bell rang again and she
figured it would just be some salesman whom she could ask to come back
later. She positioned her body behind the door and opened it peeking
around at her visitor.

Standing on her steps was probably the biggest man she had ever seen in
her life. He was about 6'6" and covered in muscles. He had a flat nose
and his skin was a dark black color.
He was actually quite handsome and had an infectious grin that stopped
her from feeling threatened by his size. Behind him was another big,
handsome man. He was white, and also extremely well-built, looking small
only when compared to the black man before him.

"Hi there," said the black man, grinning at her peeking around the door
at him. "Are you George's daughter?"

Julie found herself grinning back. "No, I'm his wife," she laughed. For
some reason they seemed surprised when she said that.

"Oh sorry Mrs Sommers," the black man said. "I'm Daryl and this is
Jack." He motioned at Jack and calmly strolled into her house.

The grin left Julie's face when they walked into her house uninvited,
just like they owned the place. Well, she could either hide behind the
door or she could excuse herself and go grab her robe. Her nipples were
sticking out a little bit, embarrassing her as she shut the door.
"Please excuse my appearance, I've been laying out."

Julie was startled by their reaction. Their grins turned to looks of
shock and she thought their eyes would pop out of their heads when they
saw her little bikini. Both pairs of eyes traveled up and down her
figure, coming to rest on her large breasts. She felt a shiver travel up
her spine and flushed with embarrassment as her nipples grew fully
erect, pushing out her bikini top about three quarters of an inch. Must
have the air conditioner up too high, she thought. "Excuse me while I
run upstairs and change," she said, more then a little uncomfortable by
their stares.

The black man's grin was back in a heartbeat. "Don't bother Mrs
Sommers," said Daryl taking her hand in his. "We're just here to pick up
a video that your husband was editing. An important client just flew in
to town and needs to see it right away. Didn't George call you?"

"No," she answered, looking at how her tiny hand disappeared into his
big black one. He was absolutely huge. The top of her head reached his
chest and looking down, she saw that his shoe size must be about 18". He
was well dressed, in a tailored suit, though his pants were kind of
deformed in the front around the crotch. Her husbands pants were better
sized. There were no lumps in George's until you reached his knobby
knees. Maybe, she thought, the lumpy crotch was some new style because
she saw that Jack had one too, when she shook his hand.

So these were her husband's rivals for the vice presidency. According to
George they were complete jerks and thoroughly unscrupulous. She
wondered how much of his dislike was jealously, because they were
everything her husband wasn't. Tall compared to short, well-built
compared to pudgy, young with nice hair compared to gray and balding.
They also exuded an aura of complete self-confidence. According to
George they had bedded most of the women at the firm, though she didn't
believe that people engaged in that sort of behavior. "I'll show you
where my husband keeps his equipment," she said, leading them toward the
living room.

Daryl and Jack exchanged a knowing glance and then stared at her firm,
naked ass thrusting upward from out of her thong. They were both still
in shock over their wimpy co-worker scoring a babe like this.

"His stuff is in there," she said showing them the living room. "I don't
know where the video is, but there's the tv and vcr if you need them.
I'm going to go grab a robe."

"Don't go to any trouble, Mrs Sommers," said Jack.

"Call me Julie," she replied, "and I'll just be a moment." Julie left
the living room and was heading for the stairs when the phone rang. She
reversed course and answered it on the third ring. It was George telling
her to expect company.


Jack rummaged through the stack of video tapes, while Daryl planted his
big frame on the couch. Jack found one with their client's name on it
and was reaching for it when Daryl distracted him. "I'd sure love to
fuck that sexy bitch," Daryl said, looking out at Julie in the next room
talking on the phone.

"You can say that again," Jack replied, grabbing a tape. He inserted it
into the vcr and Daryl hit play on the remote. The image on the screen
showed a lingerie clad Julie looking nervously at the camera. Daryl and
Jack exchanged a look of excitement and leaned forward to get closer to
the tv. Julie was wearing a see-thru teddy, that showed everything.

"Man, will you get a load of them big tits," said Jack staring in awe at
the screen.

"Yeah, and look at those long nipples," replied Daryl.


Julie leaned on the kitchen table as she talked to her husband. George
was filling her in on the little bits and pieces of his trip that always
bored her to death. She said, "yes" or mumbled something every few
sentences to keep him moving towards ending the conversation, so that
she could hurry up and cover her body. She looked down at her voluptuous
figure and was proud of what she saw. Her husbands co-workers had seemed
to like what they saw too. She thought of herself standing before the
two muscular men wearing almost nothing and another shiver went up her
spine. Better turn down that air conditioner, she thought.

She glanced into the next room at Jack and Daryl sitting on the couch
together riveted to the tv, and she shyly glanced down when Daryl turned
to look in her direction. Something caught her attention while she was
glancing down, and she noticed her bikini bottoms were soaking wet.
Talking to George must be exciting her, she thought glancing over at
Daryl again.


"Honey, I wish we could go back to making love once a month," Julie was
saying to the screen.

The picture moved up and down as the cameraman nodded and they heard
George say "We'll see. Now come kneel before me." Julie smiled shyly and
walked towards the screen. The picture angled down as she kneeled before
George's pants. She unbuttoned his trousers and pulled the zipper down
while looking up at the camera. She reached into the opening of his
boxers and seemed to search around, finally pulling out the most
pathetic little dick that either of the two men had ever seen.
Daryl and Jack laughed at the sight of her tugging on it with one of her
hands, trying to make him hard.

"Promise me you'll erase this after we watch it," she said looking up at
her husband.

"Of course, dear," said George zooming in on his flaccid little penis.
It didn't look very large in full magnification either.

"If that little thing was as black as my cock, it would look like a
magic marker," said Daryl, and they both laughed at the comparison.

Finally, his penis seemed to stiffen under Julie's tugs and she leaned
forward and planted her lips on the little round head. She parted her
lips and inserted the limp little noodle inside her mouth. Jack and
Daryl both reached down and adjusted their stiff cocks as they watched
the hot Mrs Sommers giving her husband a blowjob. She easily
deep-throated it and removed most, keeping her lips squeezed around his
head. This occurred six times before George said, "Slow down honey, I'm
almost ready."

"What a fucking wimp,"said Daryl.


Julie finally got her husband off the phone and hung up. She looked into
the living room at the two men. They sure seemed to be enjoying the
video. They were alternately staring intently at the screen or laughing
at what they saw. She decided to check up on them before going up for
her robe.

On screen, George had set the camera on a stand and pointed it at the
bed. He wobbled his pudgy body over to the bed and laid down, holding
his little five inch penis up with his hands. Julie still on her knees
wiped off her mouth with the back of her hand and stood up approaching
her husband.

Julie entered the room and she seemed to startle Jack. Daryl calmly
smiled at her and said, "Julie would you be so kind as to get me a glass
of water?"

"Sure Daryl," she replied. "Would you like anything Jack?" Jack just
shook his head, no and she walked off to the kitchen. Funny, she
thought, but those lumps in their crotches look even bigger when their
sitting down.

They watched her straddle her husband and she smiled as his penis slid
inside her vagina. She had an expression of deep concentration on her
face and her brows furrowed as she asked, "George, are there any penises
bigger then yours?"

George seemed to look worried before answering her, "Not many dear, I"m
considered very well hung. Why do you ask?"

"I just think that if I could get maybe another inch, I could have an

Daryl whistled through his teeth when he heard that. "I gotta fuck this
bitch," he said.

"Yeah, me too," said Jack. "That would really screw old George over.
Fucking his wife and one of us stealing the vice presidency from him."

They watched Julie riding her husband on the tv. He came after about six
strokes. They heard a thump behind them, just as George said he was

Julie had returned with a glass of water and dropped it when she saw
what they were watching. She gasped in horror at the thought of her
husband's co-workers watching her lingerie covered body making love to
her husband. George was sure going to catch hell from her when he got

"You jerks," she screamed. "How could you watch that. George promised me
he'd erase it."

They watched the thong slide up between her ass cheeks as she bent over
to eject the tape.

"Your husband obviously lied to you, just like he lied to you about a
lot of things, said Jack slowly."

She angrily spun around. "What do you mean by that?"

"This thing needs some air. Your fuck video's got my cock all swollen,"
Jack said unbuttoning his pants.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" she said nervously. His foul
language bothered her, but his actions were starting to scare her. He
had unzipped his pants and was struggling with something. Daryl had
stood up and was walking around the coffee table towards her. She felt
trapped and was about to run when Jack pulled out the biggest penis she
had ever seen. It was at least eight inches long and very big around. He
let it hang down between his legs over the edge of the couch.

Jack sighed with relief when he freed his cock. He started tugging on
the end of it as he stood up. It started swelling even bigger and
rapidly turned to steel in his hands.

"That thing can't be real," she said in amazement. It wasn't all limp
like her husbands and now that it was completely hard, she guessed it
was about ten inches long and twice as fat as her husbands. "There can't
be penises that large."

Jack laughed and started approaching her. "Oh it's real Julie and this
isn't a penis, it's a cock. That little thing between your husbands legs
is a penis and a little boys penis at that. A big cock like this could
give you that extra inch you need to cum and then some."

Julie shivered at the thought of having a cock that large in her vagina.
She realized the situation was rapidly getting out of hand and she
turned to run, but felt Daryl's hands grab her bare arms, holding her

Jack came over and stood before her as she struggled in Daryl's arms.
She felt the strong black man pushing her down and she dropped to her
knees. Jack's incredible cock swayed seductively right in front of her
face. He stepped closer and positioned the tip of his cock on her lips.
Her lips quivered, but she held them shut and scrunched up her face,
shaking her head, no. She held her mouth firmly closed as Jack tried to
push his cock between her lips several times, to no avail.

"Your loss bitch," he said stepping back. "This may be your only chance
to try a man sized cock for a change."

"Her loss," added Daryl. "She probably couldn't handle it anyway."

"I could handle it," she said defiantly. "I just can't cheat on George.
It's a sin."

"Yeah right, said Daryl sarcastically as he let go of her shoulders.
"Your just using that as an excuse. Everyone knows that a blow job isn't

Jack saw her hesitate as she continued staring at his cock in awe.
"Nobody has to know Julie," he said.

"Ok," she said, "I'll prove it. I'll put it in my mouth just to show you
I can do it, but I'm not going to suck on it and don't you dare orgasm
in my mouth."

Jack eagerly nodded and she turned to look at his massive cock again.
She steadied herself and reached out a hand, touching a cock for the
first time in her life. She couldn't resist measuring it with her hands
and brought her other hand up to do so. Her fist couldn't close entirely
around his cock and it took three of her hands to reach from the base to
the tip. A cock is so much different from a penis, she thought. It's so
big and thick. If George's penis could only get this hard, I could
probably have an orgasm.

Jack stepped closer and she parted her lips. This was going to be harder
than she thought as she stretched her jaw out and took the fat head in
her mouth. The dry skin scraped her lips, and not being a quitter, Julie
decided it needed some lubrication. She removed the head from her mouth
and licked around the tip with her tongue, before moving on to the
crown. She lifted it up and licked under the base and up and down the
sides, noticing how big and heavy his testicles were. She was startled
to hear a contented moan escape her lips.

She decided it had enough lubrication and once again put the head into
her mouth. She squeezed her lips around the ridge and for some reason
found her tongue teasing the head in her mouth, tasting his salty
pre-cum. Julie relaxed her jaw and pushed her head into his crotch
swallowing about four inches. She started to gag and removed it to gasp
for air.

"I knew she couldn't do it," said Jack looking over at Daryl.

Julie gave him an evil stare and tried again. She lovingly licked around
the head and once again took him in her mouth. She swallowed about five
inches this time, about the length of her husband's, but the thickness
made it a lot more difficult. She squeezed her lips tight around his
cock and removed most of it, before going down on him again. She
realized that she was actually sucking him off, not just putting it in
her mouth but figured this was the only way she could prove to them that
she could do it.
It seemed to take forever, but after about fifteen minutes she was able
to get about nine inches into her mouth and throat.

She felt Daryl untie her bikini top and figured, why not? His big hands
grabbed her bikini bottoms but she smacked his hand away. She moaned as
Daryl satisfied himself with reaching around her back and playing with
her nipples as she sucked his friend off.

Julie removed the cock from her mouth and with a look of determination,
went down on him again, this time forcing all ten inches into her
throat. For some reason, she didn't stop and she continued sucking on
his cock. She felt guilty, but he had said it wasn't cheaing. It was
more satisfying giving her husband's rival a blow job then it was having
sex with George. There was something wonderful and natural about having
something so big and powerful in her mouth.

"You love sucking on that cock, don't you," Jack said looking down at

"Yes, damn it, I love sucking on your big cock," she said removing it
from her mouth for a second. It was acting funny. His cock was swelling
up even bigger and it seemed to throb in her mouth. She thought he might
be getting close to orgasm as his cock was jumping in her mouth. Julie
wanted to watch his semen trickle out and started removing it from her

Only the head was left, when Jack grabbed the back of her head and
thrust forward a couple of inches. His cock seemed to leap in her mouth
and she felt his hot semen burst from his cock, it quickly filled her
mouth, surprising her. She tried not to swallow, but he continued to
pump his seed into her mouth until it trickled out the sides. She
swallowed, trying to breathe through her nose. Julie would never admit
it to these two jerks, but she loved having him cum in her mouth. She
wished she could be kneeling before him with his cock filling her mouth
full of seed, forever.

She thought he was finished, but Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth
and sprayed a final blast of sperm all over her face. Julie considered
that moment to be her big cock baptism. If Jack knocked on her door
tomorrow, she'd be on her knees sucking on his cock as soon as he was

"Not bad," said Daryl, "but can you handle something really big.

She moved her sperm covered face over to look at Daryl. The black man had stripped, while she sucked off Jack. His body was absolutely
incredible. He was covered in muscles from his neck to his legs, but the
most impressive muscle was the gigantic black cock jutting out over a
foot from his crotch. "Y-yes, I'd like to give it a try, please," she
whispered licking sperm off her lips.

Daryl walked over to her and held his cock before her mouth. It was a
little over twelve inches in length and it's girth was even bigger then
Jacks. "Now that's a cock," she said in awe of it, "It's so big and

Black is beautiful, Bitch," he said, forcing it past her lips. "Now quit
gawkin' and start suckin'.

Julie went to work on his cock. If Jack hadn't already stretched out her
jaw there would have been no way she could have taken this black
monster. She loved Daryl's cock more then anything else in the world.
She didn't deserve to suck off something so perfect, but she resolved to
try her darndest.

Julie had licked and sucked his magnificent black rod for over half an
hour when she was interrupted by Jack trying to remove her bikini
bottoms. She reluctantly paused worshipping Daryl's cock and looked back
at Jack. She was surprised that he had stripped naked for some reason,
and then amazed to see that his cock was fully erect again. "No Jack,"
she said. "Leave my panties on, I'll only make love to my husband."

Jack watched her return her attention to Daryl's cock. It was swelling
up larger and Jack knew his buddy was close to cumming. He looked down
at the thong disappearing into her perfect ass. If she thought a thin
piece of cloth was going to protect her chastity, she had another think

"I think you like showing off your body to men," said Jack, hooking his
finger into her thong. "That's why you didn't make the time to put your
robe on."

She was trying to shake her head no, but Daryl had grabbed the sides of
her head and was fucking her mouth as he approached orgasm. Jack was
impressed to see that she had managed to take Daryl's entire foot long
dong in her throat. Jack pulled the thong aside and looked at her pussy.
It was lubricated and ready. She had a big clit and it was already
engorged. Her labia was spread open and spasming. Jack had never seen a
woman more ready to get fucked.

He positioned the head of his cock just outside the entrance to her wet
pussy. She was still struggling and he said, "Don't worry Julie, I'm not
going to make love to you." She seemed to relax a bit and he pushed the
head into her. "I'm going to fuck you."

Julie felt him penetrate her and struggled even harder to escape Daryl's
grasp on her head. He gave a mighty bellow and she felt the giant black
cock in her throat erupt as he came. He deposited a huge load directly
into her belly.

Jack had pushed about five inches inside her. "You ready for that extra
inch you been craving bitch. Well here it is."

Daryl slid his, still exploding cock out of her throat. His sperm filled
her mouth and then he was out, spraying her face just as Jack thrust
forward and she was cumming, cumming for the first time in her life and
it was wonderful.. As she received her second baptism of sperm, Julie
was born again. She wondered how she had managed to live without having
an orgasm. She planted loving kisses all over Daryl's shrinking cock.

Daryl stepped away from her. He looked down at Jack holding her thong
aside as he fucked her with about seven inches of his cock. Daryl
decided to help his buddy and reached down , hooked his fingers into her
bikini bottom, and ripped it off. He sat down and watched Jack loosening
her up for him.

"Do you like being fucked by a real man's cock," Jack said as he pushed
eight inches in.

Julie tried to answer him, but another orgasm racked her body with
pleasure. She did like being fucked and she especially liked being
fucked by a big cock from behind, while on her knees. She came again
when he worked nine inches inside.

There was a little pain as he pushed his entire ten inch cock into her,
but she screamed out, "Yes I love your cock. Fuck me hard with your big

Jack started slamming his entire length in and out of her. He had never
seen a woman look so happy as Julie did looking over her shoulder at his
grunting body. She had several more orgasms while he fucked her and he
felt the sperm churning in his balls until his seed was rushing up his
cock and exploding from the tip deep inside her pussy. She had her
biggest orgasm so far, as he sprayed her insides with sperm, and his
cock plopped out of her as she collapsed forward onto her belly. Jack
struggled over towards the couch and collapsed next to Daryl.

Daryl had been tugging on his black rod, while they were fucking on the
floor before him. It was fully erect again and he stood up and walked
over to the semi-comatose girl.

Daryl rolled her over and spread her legs. He kneeled between her spread
legs and looked at the sperm pouring out of her gaping wide pussy. He
threw her legs over his arms and lifted her up until his cock was
pointed at her pussy. He decided to take advantage of her comatose state
and shoved forward, watching about 8 inches disappear into her until he
hit resistance. His powerful thrust displaced a lot of Jack's sperm and
it sprayed out over her thighs. She grunted in her sleep as he slammed a
little more into her.

She awoke screaming at ten inches. Tears were rolling down her eyes, but
he mercilessly continued to work more of his cock into her, until it was
buried to the hilt.

He held it in and waited for her to get used to his size. He felt sorry
for her in a way. men like he and Jack were rare and she would only be
satisfied by a big cock from now on. Her pussy was permanently stretched
out by now and she probably wouldn't ever be able to feel her husband
inside her again. Daryl didn't feel guilty though, he had a bullies
typical dislike for those smaller and weaker then themselves, and he
hated her husband with a passion. She also had the hottest, wettest
pussy he had ever fucked and he knew he'd come back for more once in a

Julie had ceased crying and she was huffing and puffing like a woman
giving birth. He could also feel her pussy muscles relaxing and she was
starting to moan in between her deep breaths. Daryl began fucking her
slowly while keeping about half his cock inside her. She closed her eyes
and shuddered in orgasm.

When she opened them, she stared at Daryl with a look filled with such
love and adoration, that it unnerved him a little.

Daryl began fucking her hard with his entire cock. She just continued to
stare in awe at him and every now and then she'd scream and cum. He saw
that Jack was ready to go again and Daryl leaned forward and rolled over
so that Julie was riding his cock.

Jack walked over and kneeled behind her ass, looking at the cute little
rosebud of her rectum. He watched her open her eyes in shock as Daryl
worked a big black finger into her ass. Julie seemed to hesitate and
then she was pushing her ass back into his finger trying to get more.
Julie moaned feeling Daryl move his finger around in her ass. For some
reason Daryl pulled his cock out of her pussy, but quickly slammed about
ten inches back in.

She realized that Daryl's cock was actually sliding up and down her
belly. Confused, she looked over her shoulder and saw that Jack was
fucking her again. She didn't think that it was possible for a man to
get an erection more then once a week, let alone three times in one day.

Jack thought his cock was well lubricated and he pulled it out, watching
Daryl quickly slide his back in. Daryl removed his finger from Julie's
ass and Jack immediately laid the head of his cock up against it. Daryl
was holding her cheeks spread wide for him and Jack pushed down,
watching his cock head disappear in her bung hole.

Julie was in the throws of another orgasm and didn't realize what was
happening until too late. "Oooo, oooo, oooo, ooow," her moans of
pleasure changed to screams of pain. "Ow, ow, ahh." She briefly passed
out again, whether from the pleasure or pain, she couldn't remember.

Jack noticed her go limp and took advantage of it. He slowly pushed his
cock in. Once the thick part under the head had stretched her out as it
slid inside, it got easier. He tried several times, but couldn't get
more then eight inches in her.

Julie awoke to a fading pain in her rectum. It felt like her crotch was
being split in two, but her body was changing to accommodate the
invaders. Daryl had never quit fucking her while she was passed out, and
when she gave a soft moan, he picked up his pace, fucking her hard. Jack
started working the big cock in her ass. It felt like their cocks were
rubbing against each other, fighting for room in her crotch. They tried
different rhythms, each of them feeling wonderful to her. They
alternated thrusts for a while, then switched to slamming their cocks
into her, together. She came constantly.

She wanted to scream out her love to the two men. She wanted to tell
them that she loved both their cocks. She wanted to tell them that her
body was theirs whenever they wanted it, but the only words she could
get out were grunts and moans.

After what seemed an eternity, their cocks started pushing against each
other, and she felt Daryl's massive cock hosing his sperm deep in her
pussy. Jack's exploded too, before Daryl's had completely finished, and
she felt his sperm filling up her ass hole. A bunch of orgasm's hit
Julie like a series of firecrackers and she screamed out her joy too the

When they had finished cumming, Jack pulled out and Daryl roughly pushed
her over onto the floor, where she lay spread-eagled in a state of

"Please don't leave yet," she begged after she had recovered.

"Sorry Julie," said Jack. "We're late getting the video back to work as
it is. He grabbed the correct video out of the pile.

"But, you haven't fucked my ass yet," she pleaded looking at Daryl.

"It can't be done," he said. "I've tried many times, and no woman has
been able to take it."

"I'd like to try," she said, still kneeling before him.

"Maybe next time," he said.

An absolute expression of joy rolled over her face, when he said there
would be a next time.
She saw that they were leaving and begged, "please, at least kiss me
before you go."
Daryl and Jack both wrinkled up their noses and left laughing. Dejected,
Julie walked over to the mirror, and didn't recognize the image staring
back at her. Her face was caked with their sperm and it matted her hair
in places. She gasped in shock at the slut reflected back at her.

Julie couldn't resist looking, and she felt Jack's sperm squirting out
of her ass as she ran up the stairs. She grabbed a hand mirror and held
it between her legs. More sperm covered her ass, thighs, and pussy, but
the thing that horrified her the most were the two gaping holes between
her legs. Her labia was spread and her pussy was now a hole about the
size of a half dollar. It appeared permanently stretched out. She
watched her rectum slowly closing up until it stopped at about a
quarters diameter. How would she explain this to George? How could she
live from now on without big cocks?


George called her that night. He seemed very excited. "Hi George. How's
Kansas?" she asked, trying to make small talk.

"Try how's Texas, dear," he replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You are talking to the new Vice President.

Those two jerks were so late getting to the office, that the client got
pissed off and flew back to Texas. I hopped on a plane and flew to meet
him on my own initiative. I convinced him to sign with us and saved the
day. Those two losers are now unemployed."

"That's great dear," she replied, feeling sorry for Jack and Daryl, but
realizing that they now had their days free until they found another

They made small talk for a little while, discussing all the things they
could do with the extra money, before saying their good-byes and hanging
up the phone.


George felt a little guilty after hanging up, but mostly he was
satisfied with himself. Knowing Jack and Daryl's nature, it hadn't been
hard to trick them into fucking his wife. If the rumors about their
penises were true, he knew things would never go back to normal. Losing
his wife was nothing compared to a $130,000 yearly salary, and he didn't
like sex all that much anyway. Besides, if he ever got the urge, and
provided they hadn't moved up to the bedroom, he could masturbate to the
video from the camera he had hidden in the living room.

It would also keep his wife in line. Reverend Anderson wouldn't want to
see what a slut his daughter had become, would he? George could also use
his beautiful wife as incentive for certain, reluctant clients. Yes, all
in all, a very profitable day, he thought climbing into his motel room
bed. His mind was already focusing on his next goal of becoming Chief
Executive Officer, as he drifted off to sleep.


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